Journey to Eden
Cast of Characters

Seth -- leader of the Group

Leana -- Seth’s wife

Dann -- Seth’s adopted son and apprentice, now a hunter.

Tia -- Seth’s daughter

Doe -- one of the original Group (Ran’s widow)

Aard -- survivor of the attack, Dann’s apprentice

Jord – Co-leader of the Village, Jona’s husband

Jona – Co-leader of the Village, Jord’s wife

Meta – (May-ta) Daughter of Jona and Jord

Sal -- old hunter, Jord’s mentor.

Rand – leader of the village youth, son of Jord and Jona

G’arg (One-Ear) – one of the Drogs

G’hoad -- a leader of the Others

Brgghhh the Lion \

Ylva the Black Wolf Three of the ‘Elders’

Aigle the Eagle /

Further characters will be introduced in the text as we meet them.

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