Charlie's Angels
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Coercion, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, School, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Aunt, First, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Transformation,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is my first story, so be forewarned: The story of Charles Daniel Walker, a sixteen year old, happy go lucky teenager who finds a Lucky Charm - two of them in fact. His life will never be the same from that day on.

“Charles Daniel Walker, you need to get up right this minute, you promised your Aunt Carol you’d spade her flower beds this morning, and she’ll be expecting you,” Mom said as she shook me.

“Aw Mom, it’s still early, I was sleeping so good,” I yawned and sat up in bed.

“Well, she’s expecting you and she’ll have your breakfast ready by the time you get there, now shake a leg and get going,” Mom said as she walked out. ‘Damn, Mom looks too good to be a mom’ I thought, watching her sexy butt sway as she walked through my bedroom door and turned down the hall.

I threw the sheet back and looked at my naked hard cock. ‘Shit, I bet Mom saw my woody’ I thought as I pulled my underwear on and grabbed my jeans. I went to the bathroom I share with my older sister Julie, to take my morning leak and brush my teeth.

Mom was drinking coffee when I got to the kitchen. She was wearing one of my faded football jerseys from last year, with my jersey number on it and a pair of my sweat pants I had cut off, she looked good sitting there. I knew she didn’t have any underwear on, she never does on weekends. Almost as if she knows how she affects me when she dresses like that.

Mom’s 38 and her sister, my Aunt Carol, is 37. They both look good and all my friends swear that mom must have been a Playboy model when she was younger. When they see Aunt Carol and mom together, they really go ape-shit over them. Mom and Aunt Carol both have huge breasts that seem to defy gravity. I looked at Mom’s bra once and the tag had 38D on it

“We’ll be back about 2:00 this afternoon, tell Aunt Carol I’ll see her Sunday when she comes over,” Mom said.

“OK Mom, see you when you get back, where’s Julie anyway?” I asked. She and mom were going to the mall shopping for school clothes today.

“She ran over to see if Mandy is ready, she’s going with us.”

Mandy Martin lives three doors down and she’s Julie’s best friend. She’s one of the best looking girls in our school and she knows it too. She always acts as if I’m not even in the house when she comes over.

Snooty Bitch.

Julie and I always get along great as long as Mandy isn’t around, then Julie acts just like her, as if I were scum on a sewage pond.

Julie and Mandy are seniors and co-captains of the senior football cheerleaders. This makes them a step above a lowly sophomore, even if he is a brother to one and a pretty damned good 10th grade quarterback. No matter either that he’s a straight ‘A’ student, making the honor roll since grade one, as if any of that shit mattered to them.

“Charlie, get your butt back here and give me a kiss before you walk out,” Mom scolded me, with a smile on her face and turned her head for me to kiss her cheek.

I grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her on her mouth, ramming my tongue between her lips. I knew she hated for me to do this, but I always did it, just to hear her fuss.

“Dammit Boy! I’m your Mom. Stop doing that,” she said, laughing and swatting my butt as I walked away.

“Bye Mom, you love it and you know you do,” I said, laughing with her.

I grabbed the garden spade from the storage building and headed down the street with it over my shoulder, whistling like I was headed off to work.

Aunt Carol lives just four blocks over from us, she bought the house last month from an older couple who were moving to Florida. I met the couple once when Aunt Carol wanted me to take a look under the house before she signed the papers. They seemed strange to me and the old woman wore all kinds of beads and trinkets around her neck and on her wrists, with at least one ring on each finger.

Her husband had small, identical tattoos on each side of his neck, of a black angel in a black robe and I wondered if they were involved in some kind of black magic shit, the way they looked and acted. Aunt Carol laughed at me when I said something to her and Mom about it.

I propped the spade against the wall by Aunt Carol’s kitchen door and rang the doorbell, then walked on in as I always did. Aunt Carol was bent over the stove, looking in the oven when I went in.

“Nice butt,” I said as I patted her on her behind. She was wearing one of my old faded team jerseys like Mom was. No wonder I can never find one to wear. The difference was, this was all Aunt Carol had on and I saw her sexy butt when the shirt flew up as I patted her backside. When she turned to look at me, I saw her huge, heavy breasts, swing and sway under the shirt, then come to a sudden stop, pointing right up at my face. I often wondered how in the hell women can have tits like hers and Mom’s and they still stand proud and point in the right direction.

“You handsome, sweet talking devil. You know just what to say to a girl to make her swoon and fall for your sexy ass,” she said as she grabbed me and hugged me to her giant tits. Damn, if she wasn’t my Aunt, I’d love to tackle her, and her two closest friends.

“You drive me crazy with your sexy hot body, Aunt Carol. I just can’t help myself,” I said as I ran my hands up and down her back and cupped her sexy butt cheeks before she pushed me back and grabbed my shoulders to turned me around to sit at the table, laughing as she always does when I grope her butt.

“Smells good, what’re we having?” I said.

“Hot biscuits, eggs, hash browns and gravy,” she answered as she placed a big platter on the table, then reached back to get the biscuits and put them in front of me.

“What are your Mom and Julie doing today since they don’t have you to wait on them hand and foot?” Aunt Carol asked.

“They’re going to the mall to buy Julie some school clothes.”

“School clothes? It’s just the middle of July,” she said.

“Well, school starts the third week of August, we start football practice in three weeks,” I informed her.

“I was hoping all of you could go up to the lake and spend a week with me before you and Julie go back to school. I need to get with your mom about it.”

“I’d love to Aunt Carol, but getting Julie to give up her Kingdom here in the civilized world would be about the same odds as winning the lottery.”

“She’s a sweet girl, Charlie. You both just pick on each other too much, she’d go if I asked her.”

“I know she’s sweet, we get along great until she and Mandy get together, then I’m manure under their feet.”

“Speaking of manure, I had twenty bags of cow manure delivered yesterday from the garden center. Would you mind spreading it over the flower beds then turn it under with your shovel?”

“For you I will Aunt Carol. I always dig your shit.”

“Charlie, I love your crazy ass, you’re such a mess. I dig your shit too, Hon.” She laughed with me.

“Who’s the lucky girl you’re not telling me about these days?” She asked.

“No luck with the girls. I mean, I get dates, but no steady.”

“You just play the field, Hon, you’re too young to be tied down with just one girl anyway.”

“That’s what I keep telling myself, but nearly all my friends have steadies and it makes me wonder if I have what it takes to get a full time girlfriend.” I was serious now.

“Believe me Charlie, you’ve got what it takes. If you weren’t my nephew, I’d throw your sexy butt on the table and ravish your hard young body right now.”

“You’re my aunt and you just say those things. I’d let you though, I’ve never been ravished before,” I added and we both laughed.

We talked and had fun as we finished our breakfast. Well, I finished mine, Aunt Carol drank orange juice and ate toast, then drank a cup of coffee.

I ate all the rest.

When we were through, we put the dishes in the dishwasher and she walked barefoot out with me, carrying a big mug of hot coffee. I looked at her shirt and wondered if she remembered she had no panties on. Oh well, that’s for her to worry about and me to watch out for a flash. I picked up my garden spade and followed her sexy butt as she talked and walked in front of me. I could see her sexy cheeks peek out from under her shirt each time she took a step.

She showed me the flowerbeds in front of her house she wanted me to dig up, mixing in the manure as I did. Then we walked around to the back where there was a small wooden deck with flower beds on both sides. There were more bags of cow manure stacked here.

“I’ll start here Aunt Carol, it won’t me take long. If you have something else you need to do, just go ahead.”

“I’ll stay and keep you company, I like watching handsome young men work,” she laughed. She sat on the wooden steps to the deck and leaned back with her elbows on the step above her.

I ripped open a plastic bag of manure with my spade and shook the contents out over the flower bed.

It had been ‘cooked’ according to the bag and the smell was somewhat milder than I had expected. I dumped two more bags over the soil of the flower bed and started digging, turning the rich soil as I did, to cover the fresh manure.

Aunt Carol sat and drank her coffee as she watched me, I looked at her a few times, hoping to get a flash up her legs as she sat on the steps.

When I had the first flower bed dug up and the soil turned, I walked in front of my aunt to the other side of the steps. I glanced down as she moved her legs just a bit. Her shirt came up, exposing her clean shaven pussy for just a second. I looked up at her and we both smiled, I think I may have blushed too, my face felt warm.

The thought of my aunt’s hairless pussy was burning in my mind as I shoveled the next flower bed; mixing in the rest of the manure and smoothing it all out before we walked back to the front yard.

The two flowerbeds in front were twice as large as the ones in back and it took a lot more manure and a lot more digging.

I was busy with dumping the bags of manure when I heard someone yell to my aunt. I turned to see the man across the street picking up his morning paper at the end of his driveway. He was dressed in his PJ’s and waving at Aunt Carol. She waved back and I saw her full buttocks as she stood with her back to me and her other hand over her crotch to keep from flashing her neighbor.

“I guess I had better put some shorts on, before any more of the neighbors begin stirring this morning.” She turned and hurried to the front door, her shirt tail flashing her butt cheeks as she walked quickly.

Man, my aunt is one sexy woman. I know she teases me with the way she dresses when I’m here, but I love the teasing and the glimpses of her naked body. I think she loves doing it as much as I love looking.

When I finished with tilling the flowerbeds and had scrubbed off my old leather boots as best I could, I went to the hose bib on the side of the house and washed the dirt off my spade.

The smell of cow shit was stronger than before and I had gotten it all the way up the handle.

While washing the sharp spade, I noticed a sparkle on the backside of the blade, up near the top. There was a small black object stuck tightly to the steel blade and I raked my hand across it as I washed with the hose. It slid over a little, but was still stuck to the blade.

I raised my blade to look closer and it looked like some kind of trinket. Maybe the previous owner had lost it while tending her flowers, I thought as I pulled it off. It was magnetic and when I washed it under the flow of the garden hose, I saw it was an angel.

A black angel, the shape and size of the ones tattooed on the old man’s neck. I rubbed the smooth object through my fingers as the water ran over it. All of a sudden it slipped from my fingers and fell back into the flower bed, almost as if it had taken a dive. The water had made mud in the freshly turned soil and cow shit, so I sifted my fingers through the funky mixture until I felt it. I was glad, for some reason I wanted to get a better look at this black angel and see what it was that had glinted at me in the first place.

I brought it up to wash it once more and damned if there wasn’t two of them now. They were identical. This was weird, but I smiled at the thought of the first one diving back to the shitty soil to find it’s mate so they both could be saved from being covered in cow shit forever.

When I had both of them washed and as clean as I could get them, I saw there was some sort of tiny jewels embedded in the faces to make their eyes. The jewels must have been diamond particles, the way they glinted in the light when I turned them from side to side. They were still stuck back to back, a little off kilter and I pulled them apart to look on the backside of them.

They felt warm to the touch and when I pulled the two of them apart, they became even warmer. I lay them both in the palm of my hand and they jumped together, back to back. I smiled and slipped them into my jeans pocket just as Aunt Carol came back out with some shorts on under her shirt. Dang it, the show is over. I was enjoying seeing her butt, maybe she’ll bend over and I can see her huge titties, I thought.

“Sorry to have taken so long, but Candace called and we talked about meeting at the lake house next Tuesday. She asked me if I thought you’d ride up with me on Monday, so I wouldn’t have to ride alone. She told me she’d like to see you before she goes to England to continue her studies,” She told me.

“Heck yeah, I’ll have to ask Mom though; but I’d love to go with you. How long will you and Candy be there?”

I thought of Candy, Aunt Carol’s twenty three old step-daughter.

She had always been a bookworm and was now studying to become an archeologist. I hope I can get her to help me take the subjects I need to go into that profession, or even anthropology. My academic advisor said I had the mind for it, I just needed to apply it.

“We can go up on Monday, then she’ll be there Tuesday. She has to leave Friday morning for St. Louis to catch her flight to New York. I’m glad you’re going, you’ll be good company for her. She needs to relax and let her hair down and have fun while she’s there, she’s always so serious about life. She loves to swim and lay in the sun though. Charlie, please get her to just be a girl, swim with her and go for a ride on the boat. I’m afraid she takes life way too seriously.”

“I’ll ask Mom when they get back from shopping. When did you want all of us to go up there for a week? It’ll have to be soon because of football practice and Julie starting cheerleader practice the middle of August,” I said.

“Tell Liz I’ll come over for dinner Sunday as usual and we can try to work out a time when we’ll all be able to go up together like we used to do when Dan was alive,” She said and I heard a sad tone to her voice as she spoke of her husband that had died last year of cancer.

“I will Aunt Carol and I know she’ll let me ride up with you to see Candy. Thanks for asking me and thank Candy for suggesting it too.”

“I will, you be sure to thank her personally when we get there. Like I said, she has always thought of you as if you were her own brother.

“You slip off those dirty boots and go wash up, I’ll roll the hose back,” she said as she spread her legs wide so she could bend over and reach the hose reel, straddling the place where I had ran so much water.

I watched as she bent from the waist, her shorts tight across her sexy butt. Her loose, oversize shirt dropping down at the waist. I stepped to the side, wishing I could get at least peek at my Aunts big tits as she bent forward.

Man was I ever shocked, I could see all the way to her neck, between her legs, right up between her huge titties. Even her fat nipples were visible.

My dick jerked and I felt warm all over my crotch as I watched her big tits swing back and forth while she reeled in the hose and fastened it up. I felt the warmth coming from the magnets as I looked at my Aunts huge tits. I got hard as a rock when the heat built up so much it was burning my leg through my jeans pockets. I slipped my hand inside and felt the heat.

Pushing one Angel apart from the other, I pulled it out and put one in each pocket, thinking this would stop the heat. It did, but man, the weird feelings that went through me at that very second. I took my fingers off the magnet and it dropped to the bottom of my pocket. My dick jerked so hard I looked to see if it had somehow come out of my jeans. My balls were jerking and my whole crotch area felt so warm, it felt like I was on fire.

I slipped my boots off and walked into her kitchen in my socks, not wanting to dirty up her always spotless home. I washed my hands in her kitchen sink and dried them with paper towels. I had to see what was going on in my jeans. Hell, I knew this was just two black magnets, not some kind of black magic shit. I sucked my belly in and ran my hand down inside my waist band, into my underwear. Did I ever get the shock of my life as I felt my dick.

I ran down the hall to Aunt Carol’s bathroom, slamming the door and locking it. I had my jeans down below my crotch in a second as I pulled my underwear down to get a look at myself. I was standing in front of the mirror looking down at my dick, then up to meet the reflection of my own eyes in the mirror.

My hands were shaking as I reached down to take hold of my swollen dick. When I realized it was real, that it was connected to my belly and it really was mine, I pulled on it and felt it swell even more. I wasn’t able to get my fingers around it and it was at least eight inches long. I looked in the mirror again and smiled as the warmth spread all over me again and my cock jerked hard.

I heard Aunt Carol come in the back door and started pulling my jeans up.

My cock swung hard to the left, then slapped back to the right just as hard. I felt like it was being pulled each way, that there was a struggle to get my cock to stay on one side, then the other. I thought of the magnets and reached both hands into my pockets and pulled them out. As I held them at the tops of my jeans pockets, they flew from my hands and went right at each other, slamming into the sides of my swollen cock.

One was stuck on each side as they clung to my flesh like I was made of hard steel. I pulled one off and it flew from my fingers back to stick directly across from the other one. A soothing feeling came over me and I started coming all in the sink as Aunt Carol called for me.

I must have shot over a cupful, or it looked and felt like it, before it stopped splashing the back of the sink and dribbling down the drain as I turned the hot water on. Shit, I was weak in the knees there for a minute.

I grinned at myself in the mirror with a foolish looking wide grin, then washed my cock in warm water. The magnets relaxed their pressure against the sides of my still swollen shaft and I felt the magnetic field lessen as they cooled off to a warm, soothing sensation.

I pulled the magnets off my half erect dick, smiling once more at the size and length of it. I wish it was at least two more inches longer, hell why not an even foot long, since I’m wishing. I grinned at my thoughts, fastened my jeans and went back to the kitchen.

“Thanks Charlie, you know how much I appreciate you coming over to help me. I want to pay you for this and I don’t want any sass from you either.” She pulled two, one hundred dollar bills from her tight shorts pocket and handed me.

“Aunt Carol, I...”

“Hush your mouth Charles Daniel Walker, I want you to have this. I would’ve had to pay some smelly old man to dig up my garden and I’d much rather watch your sexy ass do it for me. Besides, I can afford to give my favorite nephew a little money to help him with his expenses,” she said as she smiled and hugged me.

“I’m your only nephew, and you know I’d do this for free. I love you and I think you’re the sexiest woman alive, along with my own mom,” I added.

“Thank you Charlie, you always make me feel so good when you’re here. I love the way you look at me, even if it is with a leering grin when you do.” She laughed and hugged me tighter between her huge breasts.

I felt the magnets begin to warm up again and wondered just what was going on as my aunt pressed herself tighter to me and held me like this for at least a minute. I held her with my arms under hers, reaching back to run my hands up and down her back as she cooed and hummed against my shoulder.

My dick was hard and bigger around than my shovel handle. I know she must have felt me as she pressed her groin tighter to me.

“Charlie, you’d better get out of here before I forget you’re my sister’s son and ravage your sexy body. Do you realize how much I wanted to do that just now? It’s been over two years since I’ve even allowed myself to feel a sexual urge. Here I am hunching my nephew like a teenage girl ready to get fucked. Oops, sorry, that slipped out.” She giggled. She sounded so good as she laughed at herself for being open about her feelings.

“No problem, besides you feel better than any girl I’ve ever been close to. I say fuck too when I get excited like that,” I said.

She was still pressed against me and as she bumped me hard with her pubic bone, she asked, “Is that thing real, or do you have that shovel handle in your jeans?”

“It’s real, I’m proud to say.” I smiled that she had said the same thing I thought.

“Damn Charlie, I’m proud for you too. Tell Liz I’ll see her Sunday; now you get out of here. Go buy your Mom and Julie something nice, they’ll both love you for it.” She kissed me on the cheek and bumped her pussy against me once more before we pulled back.

“Thanks Aunt Carol, for letting me be the one to help you, you don’t have to ever pay me again either. I enjoy doing things for you and I enjoy your company when I come over,” I said as I kissed her cheek and turned to leave.


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