You Won Me - You Fuck Me
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Revenge, Brother, Sister, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Fisting, Lactation, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Foot Fetish, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jed worked in a bakery with Synden and her husband. The husband was a problem gambler, and lost her to Jed as part of a poker hand pot. She demanded to be fucked in revenge - he took her away for the weekend. They fucked and fell in love.... and she fell in love with his sister to make it a threeway relationship.

“You won me ... now I want to be fucked” the beautiful naked blonde lady, standing just three feet in front of me, demanded.

She was right - I had won her courtesy of her drunkard loser of a husband who had made her part of a poker game pot during the previous evening. She was pissed off at him ... big time.

My name is Jed, single and 40 years of age. I have kept myself fit and haven’t been short of female company since my divorce was finalized 10 years ago.

I have lusted after this 35 year old lady ever since I started to work for her and her husband in their bakery. Her name was Synden, and she was a tall slim blonde with nice curves dominated by her 38C breasts.

I had wondered what she looked like naked ... and now I knew. They lived in the flat next door. Both flats were on the floor above their bakery. After I had shown her unto my flat, she had just dropped her robe to the floor.

“Well ... am I fuckable?” she asked advancing on me until her breasts touched my bare chest - I just had my shorts on at the time. She placed a hand behind my head, and drew my lips to hers. My hands went immediate to her firm bare ass, pulling her tightly against me.

The kiss went on for what seemed like minutes. I slipped a hand from her ass to between us, cupping her neatly trimmed pussy bush, and slipping a finger between her wet lips and into her tight pussy canal.

My god ... she had a wonderful feeling pussy ... wet and tight. I finger-fucked her whilst we continued to kiss ... until she exploded in orgasm, clenching my finger and drenching it with her juices.

“Let’s get out of here ... I want to take you somewhere else ... and I will fuck you...”.

I paused for a moment before adding “That’s if you still want me to”. I hoped that she wasn’t going to change her mind.

She gave me a gentle kiss, and responded “Yes ... that’s what I still want”.

Ten minutes later Synden was perched on the back of my Harley as we sped away from the bakery, heading towards the beachside suburbs. It was a fifteen minute ride there - I was loving every minute of it, her firm breasts pressed against my back with her arms wrapped around my chest.

We rode into the middle of the commercial centre, turning into a driveway that took us under the building to a secure carpark. Down the ramp, and into a locked parking space we rode, parking the bike beside a Mustang convertible.

Dismounting we hung our leather coats on the hooks in the garage, and made our way to the lift. I swiped my security card to summon it and soon we were heading upwards.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“All will be revealed in a moment” I assured her, slipping my arm around her waist to draw her close again. She slipped her arm around my waist too, pressing her full breast into my side.

The lift doors opened and we stepped out into a massive apartment.

“Wow...” she gasped taking in the ocean views through the glass doors that opened out onto the balcony. She walked slowly through the apartment taking in the layout and the furnishings which were very upmarket.

“Who lives here?” she asked.

“It’s mine” I admitted. She gave me a very strange querying look.

I went on to explain that I owned the apartment but only lived there on weekends, spending my weeknights in the flat next to theirs above the bakery.

“How can you afford this ... we don’t pay you much at all” she asked.

I apologized for being secretive, and I hesitated to continue.

“There’s more to tell isn’t there?” she prompted me as she stood close ... facing me with her hands resting on my shoulders.

“I hope you don’t hate me for this ... but in all honesty...”. I paused lost for words momentarily.

“I have secretly admired ... no lusted over you since I met you” I admitted somewhat sheepishly.

“So I have stayed close to you ... Sorry” I said, looking down to the floor, hoping that her reaction would not be too harsh.

“Oh my god ... I’ve never suspected anything ... but now that I know it explains some of your actions”.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me into another passionate kiss. when we finally broke the kiss, she whispered “I still want you to fuck me. We can talk more later ... now it’s time for sex”.

We both laughed.

Synden was naked on my huge bed in the airy master bedroom, watching me as I undressed. I was down to my undershorts ... and they were tented courtesy of my massive erection.

“What have you in those shorts?” she cheekily asked, pointing at the tenting that pushed the fabric inches away away from the waistband.

I paused a moment.

“C’mon ... I’m waiting to see what I’ve caused”. She giggled, and I just fell more in love with her. She was a very beautiful lady, so full of happiness at the moment ... a big difference to what I saw when she was with her husband.

“Since you asked so nicely” I replied.

I hooked my fingers in the waistband and pushed them down, momentarily catching on my cock before it popped free and the shorts fell to around my ankles. I stepped out of them. My cock bobbled about in the breeze, pointing upwards at about 45 degrees.

“My god ... come here I want a closer look at that monster”.

My monster ... as she called it was 9 inches long and as fat as her slim wrist. It was throbbing and super hard at the moment.

I climbed up onto the bed, and laid beside her. Her hands went immediately to my cock, grasping it firmly in her soft hand.

“It’s big ... soft yet hard” she commented whilst working her hand up and down on my shaft.

I nibbled at her earlobe, licking and nibbling her neck below the lobe before bringing my lips back to hers. She wiggled closer, close enough for the tip of my cock to rub against her clit.

“Oh ... oh...” she moaned into my lips, her arousal levels skyrocketing with the stimulation of her clit. After she had enjoyed herself for a short while I climbed over her, taking up position between her spread thighs with my cock nudging between her wet lips. Her hand directed it to her tight canal entry.

“Fuck me ... fuck me now” she urged me.

I pushed into her ... encountering some tightness and resistance before sliding deeper and deeper ... until my balls rested against her ass.

“Aghhhhhh ... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!” she shouted.

I remained still and deep inside her ... allowing her time to adjust to my cock. I could feel little spasms getting stronger until she exploded in a huge cum.

“Oh fuck ... oh god ... that’s never happened so quick before” she groaned whilst pushing her hips against mine until her cum started to recede.

I licked up her legs by the ankles, placing them over my shoulders and leaning forward - doubling her over, with my cock sliding just millimeters deeper into her. I brought my lips to hers, resuming our tongue-filled kisses whilst grinding my cock deep inside her.

“Fuck ... this is good ... I’ve dreamt about this” I moaned into her lips.

My imagination hadn’t foreseen how good this would feel. I’d dreamt of how I would seduce her, but the reality of her asking to be fucked was just so far from what I’d ever contemplated.

“Good eh?” she asked, but didn’t wait for my reply when she continued with “I’d say fucking amazing ... I’ve never cum so hard and fast ... and sex has never lasted this long ... ever”.

“I’m nowhere near finished” I assured her.

“Fuck me ... fuck me harder” she wailed.

For the next 10 minutes I fucked her - slow then fast, deep then shallow - mixing it up and bringing her to the brink and then easing back repeatedly.

“I need to cum ... stop teasing me” she demanded, albeit playfully.

I silenced her with a kiss, and then proceeded to fuck her harder and harder. The temperature in my balls rocketed up ... and I exploded in her just as she orgasmed again. We came together - it was massive and full of passion.

I stayed on top of her - my spent cock started to soften and slowly slide from her tightness. I kissed her tenderly, touching her face and neck gently.

“I love you” escaped from my lips. I hoped that she wouldn’t be scared by my admission. She looked intently at me, not responding for the moment. I could see that she was thinking.

“Jed ... there is something special between us ... I want to explore it further this weekend ... it might be love but give me the chance to be sure” she honestly replied.

I nodded and smiled back at her, kissing her tenderly again.

“And yes ... I’m staying for the whole weekend with you” she added pulling me down onto her.

We finally moved off her, and laid beside her ... entwined - her full breasts pressed into my chest, and her leg carelessly draped across my thighs, resting on my soft cock. I had my arm around her holding her close - my hand resting on her firm ass.

She rested her head on my chest.

“Did that live up to your expectations?” she asked quietly.

“Fuck yes ... exceeded them by a mile” I responded adding “ ... and we have all weekend to set new goals and expectations”.

“We do” was her simple response.

It was early evening, and we hadn’t eaten yet ... not food anyway. The business area in the street below had shops and restaurants so finding some food would not be a problem. I did however have a shop downstairs that I wanted to visit before food.

It came as no surprise what I had to say next... “Beautiful fucking has made me hungry ... let’s get showered and go get some food”.

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