Slavery and Love


Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Fiction, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: she needed a cure for her emotional pain- slavery and love became her answer

Fear gripped her and wouldn’t let go. She was terrified of the fear itself and how it could immobilize her.

Drugs didn’t work. In fact, medication of any kind seemed to make it worse. Alcohol worked for a little while, but produced a different kind of paralysis.

In the face of all of this, hypnosis seemed to be a very attractive alternative solution. How to use it most effectively in order to release her from her fears, and allow her to have a life in which she could move and feel safe was my challenge. I wanted her to feel safe and loved as my wife or my concubine. We had not yet decided what kind of relationship we would ultimately have.

I wanted her to be enabled to use her performance in either role to be the vehicle by which she held her fear at bay. This was the challenge I gave to the hypnotherapist.

“I want you to tell her that her fears no longer control her. Tell her that she is free from them. Make her believe that she is loved by me, and that because I love her, she is completely safe. Keep repeating that mantra, that as long as she knows she is loved by me, she is completely safe. Nothing can harm her. There is nothing to fear.” And then I began to add the sexual aspect of what I hoped for to the hypnotic assignment.

“Tell her that my seed is yummy. Impress upon her that it is the most delicious thing she has ever tasted. Tell her that it is my seed, and the essence of who I am. It is the most crucial part of my soul. Make her know that when she swallows it, she has the essence of my love inside of her, keeping her safe. Impress upon her strongly, that she will be able to feel my cum inside of her, in her belly for at least one day after she has swallowed it; and that as long as she can feel it inside of her, no panic attack is able to touch her, because she is safe. She is loved, and that this type of love protects her from fear.”

“Make her understand that the moment she loves most and needs most, is that moment when my seed begins to flow into her mouth. First, it’s the most delicious thing she’s ever tasted, and that as she swallows it, she feels safety and relaxation spreading through her entire body. Impress upon her that it is my cum that redeems her soul from fear.”

The hypnotist told me that she could accomplish this in one three hour session, but that she would need to reinforce that suggestion for an entire week of three hour sessions, in order for the adjustment to take hold long in a permanent way. She told me that the anxiety and panic attacks would cease immediately. Also, my little Rachel would begin asking to suck, and would swallow my seed hungrily right away, and that she would love it. She also said that my little girl would feel a compulsion, possibly for the rest of her life, to swallow my seed once or twice a week, at a minimum. She said if she went more than a few days without doing so, that she would begin feeling the panic attacks return, and soon would feel compelled to have to swallow cum in order to stop the fear from taking hold of her. She told me that if I was not present, or able to give her cum to swallow, she would eventually feel irresistibly compelled to swallow cum from some other man.

She also told me that her fee for this week’s regimen of hypnotic adjustment would be $5,000. paid in advance. She asked me if there was any other behavior that I would like my lover to embrace.

I told her that I would like my little girl to feel that getting spanked by me was an additional sign of my love for her. I told her that I would like her to only be able to experience an orgasm after a thorough spanking; and that these orgasms would be extreme, leaving her both feeling loved and safe; and that after her orgasm I might choose to climax in her mouth. I wanted her to need a thorough spanking, 150 whacks or more, sometimes completely naked, almost always bare bottom, leaving her bare bottom bright red, a minimum of twice a week. I wanted it to be an additional proof of my love for her. I wanted her to feel more internally secure, because she was being spanked often. I wanted her to cry like a little girl, and feel better for it. She told me that would be easy to add, and make permanent, unless she was re-adjusted, during the same week’s sessions. She said that this additional adjustment would cost an additional $5,000.- also payable in advance. She asked if there was any additional behavior I wanted my little girl to be adjusted for.

I told her that I would periodically be away, and that during those periods, I understood that my little girl would have a compulsion to swallow the cum of other men, and that she should allow herself to do that. But I wanted her to feel guilty for doing so, and to feel fear about it, in the form of anxiety attacks, until she confessed it to me, and asked to be punished. This particular punishment was to be more than a thorough spanking. This was to be a whipping with a belt or a very thorough paddling, usually administered to her when she was completely naked. Both forms of punishment would yield welts or bruises that would last for days. During this particular punishment, I wanted her to apologize profusely, and beg me to forgive her, and afterwards, to thoroughly sodomize her.

Finally, I wanted her to need to be sodomized at least once every couple of weeks, as a means of expressing her love for me, also an additional means of holding her panic attacks at bay. I wanted her to have tremendous orgasms as she received anal sex, and of course, feel more secure afterwards.

The hypnotist listened to all of this and told me, “I can make her this way for you, and it will be permanent, unless she is re-adjusted. In the future we can make any additions to her compulsions and needs that you might wish. We can do this all in one week’s treatment, for four hours a day. The cost for this therapy- all the things you desire, will be $25,000., half in advance, and the balance before the final session of the last treatment.”

I wrote her the check for $12,500, and my little girl, Rachel, began her first four hour hypnotherapy session. I visited a fine art museum in the city during her session.

Chapter 2 She was released from her first therapy session at 3:00 PM, looking completely relaxed, and showing none of the tell-tale signs of the terrible anxiety, that had been torturing her for the past many months.

I asked her how she felt, and she told me that she felt better than she had in years. The hypnotist asked if she could have a moment to speak to me privately before we left for that day.

I stepped away for a moment, and she told me that Rachel would want and need to swallow some of my seed within the next couple of hours, definitely before the evening commenced. She also said, “Don’t hesitate to give her orders. Later tonight she’s going to need a spanking. She’ll ask you for it, probably at dinner. This time, give her more than 150 whacks. It’s important to solidify the adjustment we’ve just given her, and fix the imprint properly. Give her a minimum of 200, and make them hard. Don’t hold back. She’s expecting a spanking- actually craving it. You’ll want her expectation of a spanking in the future to be one of a real spanking, not love-taps. This is the point at which you fix her expectations long term. Make her count them, one at a time. Make her say thank you, anytime she has the chance. Don’t just leave her bottom red tonight, leave finger marks on her bottom and thighs. Definitely make her cry. Afterwards, have her sexually. Start with her vagina, but know that all three of her openings are now on the menu for you- and in any sequence.”

I said goodbye for the day to the hypnotist, and took Rachel back to our hotel suite in Montreal. She was dressed in a business suit, and looked beautiful. I took my jacket off and laid it on the bed. I took her face in my hands, and kissed her passionately on the mouth. I looked her in the face, and gently told her, “Take off all of your clothes right now”.

Without hesitation, she took off her jacket and laid it on the bed. She stepped out of her shoes, opened her pants and took them off, laying them on the bed. She pulled her blouse off over her head, and laid it also on the bed. Her bra and panties followed immediately. She stood in front of me completely naked, alternately looking at me, and then down at the floor.

I took her in my arms again and kissed her, cupping her bottom in my hands, squeezing it. I put the first digit of my finger up into her rectum, and she didn’t resist at all. I lowered my head and kissed her perfect B cup breasts, breathing them in. I continued to explore her body with my hands, almost like it was the first time I had ever touched her like this. Indeed, it was the first time I had ever given her this type of sexual inspection. Finally I told her to get down on her knees in front of me. I opened my pants and took my swollen cock out directly in front of her face, all nine inches. I told her to kiss it, and she put her lips to it. I told her to open her mouth and to take it all the way into her mouth, massaging it all the way with her tongue. I had her make slurping noises as she sucked it. I brought it into the back of her mouth, and told her to swallow it down into her throat. She gagged and was unable to do it, after trying repeatedly. She would have to learn how, and until she did, her upcoming spankings were going to have an instructional aspect. She continued to suck as I guided her head, making sure she used her tongue in conjunction with her lips and mouth, as she slurped and massaged.

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