by Sailbad

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Mind Control, Horror, Aliens, non-anthro, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A companion story to Ovi-Surrogate, Shelly finds she is not alone in her service to the strange, alien forest dwellers. She witnesses another young woman providing for their reproductive needs.

Shelley was low on supplies. She needed to go down to the village to collect her mail and pick up some essentials. It was not too often that she left her cabin here on the outskirts of the Brazilian savannah. She had lost all faith in humanity after her bitter divorce and now thrived on independence and trusted only her seclusion. Nonetheless, she had needs and they necessitated a periodic trip to the village on the river. The local people scattered sparsely about the area had a deep, superstitious fear and respect for her so she really was not too afraid to move about the region alone. Shelley was a Bearer.

She always tucked her hair up under an old straw hat and then donned an old tattered shirt and a beat-up pair of canvas trousers. It made her look like a little old man from a distance, no need to attract undue attention to herself, a lone female, superstitions or not. It was a day’s round trip journey so she started out early. She dragged her rickety two-wheeled cart from the underbrush and trudged up the path to the road. It was a fair day and she lost herself in her thoughts as she walked.

It was about an hour into her walk when Shelley crossed the path that led down to the old woman’s house. The old woman lived with her young granddaughter in a shack a short distance from the main road to the village. Shelley always stopped to check on them when she passed to see if they needed anything. She pushed her cart into the bushes and started down the path to the old woman’s house.

About three-quarters of the way to the shack Shelley came to something hung on a bush beside the path. It was a dress. Shelley recognized it as one the young girl wore. It was draped over the bush as if put there deliberately. Shelley assumed it was hung there to dry and went on to the house.

Shelley called out when she came in sight of the shack but nothing stirred. She walked up to the porch and found the door open. She called again but got no response. She stepped up onto the porch and peered into the doorway. She could faintly hear what sounded like a rapid muttering. She stood at the door trying to adjust her eyes to the light and then she saw her.

The old woman was kneeling on the floor in the corner of the room, rocking back and forth, clutching her rosary beads, and hastily uttering her Hail Marys. She was obviously very upset about something. Shelley stepped slowly into the room and approached her. Seeing Shelley the woman frantically crawled toward her and reached out to her. Shelley knelt in front of the woman, braced her shoulders, and tried to understand what was wrong. Shelley did not speak much Portuguese but she could make out ‘forest’ and ‘demons’. Shelley asked, “Maria?” trying to find out about the woman’s granddaughter and the woman just broke down crying and talking more about demons but Shelley finally picked out the term ‘Bearer’. The girl was a Bearer! She’d been called for her union!

Shelley hugged the poor woman and rose to her feet. She moved toward the door and the woman clung to her legs, urgently trying to keep Shelley from going outside saying ‘no’ and ‘demons’. Shelley braced the woman’s shoulders again and pulled herself away, leaving the woman wailing on the floor.

Stepping into the open, Shelley looked out into the forest. The creatures were out there someplace implanting the girl. She knew she had nothing to fear from them if she respected their seclusion. She knew what the girl would be experiencing, rapture like human sex could never be. She just smiled to herself and proceeded back up the path toward the road.

She reached the point where she found the dress draped over the bush and then something suddenly hit her. Arousal. Shelley was overwhelmed with a mysterious urge that was luring her. She stopped and sniffed the air around her. It was coming from the right. She realized what it was almost immediately. It was the pheromones they used to summon her into the forest for a mating encounter. ‘They’, of course, were the strange alien creatures of the forest, those unearthly, octopus-like beings unknown to the civilized world that inhabited these forests. Creatures that maintained a bestial, symbiotic relationship with local human females, the Bearers, to mate and produce their young. The same creatures that once a month lured Shelley into the forest to implant an ovum in her uterus and then impregnate her.

Without thinking she plunged into the undergrowth, seeking out that irresistible call and the familiar delight waiting at the source. Shelley started unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it over her shoulders almost giddy with anticipation. She paused to reacquire the scent and then resumed her search. The only apprehension in her was how she would be received. These may not be her mating pair and that it wasn’t her time of the month. Shelley didn’t care; the pull was too strong. She started to unfasten her trousers for she sensed she was close now.

Suddenly she heard a loud gasp followed by a lilting, young voice uttering words she could not understand. Shelley quietly turned toward the sound and slowly crept around a bush. There, in a clearing a few feet away was the girl, her naked skin glowed in the dim forest light. She was already lying on her back with her legs spread and her knees up. Shelley froze. This was not her ritual, it was not her time, and she must not intrude. Interference at this point would not only disturb their reproductive rites, but she could also endanger herself. She knew the creatures were very strong and there was no telling what they might do to an interloper.

Shelley melted back into the shadows. As afraid as she was of being detected, she was still drawn to the strong scent of the pheromones the creatures were exuding to lure and subdue the girl now in their possession. Resolved to stay back, Shelley took up a good vantage position and used this opportunity to witness the ritual from a fresh perspective. Shelley stood toward where the girl’s feet were pointed and slightly to one side. The creatures must have just arrived because the procedure was just beginning. Two of the creatures were positioned at the girl’s side, even with her chest and two more were between the girl’s feet. In the dim light she could make out the shapes of the creatures. They were roughly shaped like octopuses with a body about a third of a meter in diameter, six snake-like tentacles, and a smaller, special function appendage at the back of their bodies. They had large black eyes mounted on the top front of their bodies and a smooth, clammy, leathery skin. She could tell the males from the females by their seventh, ‘stinger’ tendril. The female’s was larger and housed her ovum depositor and the male’s was narrower and more deft.

The two creatures between the girl’s legs were the mating pair while the two at the girl’s sides, the guardians, were there to restrain her during the process. Both of these creatures were males and they were just laying hold of the girl. They anchored themselves to nearby growth with their strong tentacles and wound a tendril each around the girl’s wrists and just above her knees. They didn’t draw her tight, she had plenty of slack to move her arms and legs, and she was bound just to control any violent thrashing. The female creature approached the girl’s crotch, its tendrils slithered and rolled over the ground to propel her up to the girl’s pelvis, which the female heaved herself upon and settled. The girl lifted her head to watch as the female lay herself squarely just above the pubic patch. The female’s middle tentacles crept around the waist of the girl and the hind-most tentacles wrapped around her upper thighs. The stinger that was arched over the female’s body curled the other way and arched downward to the girl’s sex. As the stinger came in contact with her vulva it started to secrete a thick fluid from the tip. The girl dropped her head and rolled it from side to side as the tendril’s tip pushed into her thick, wild, curly mat of pubic hair and started to smear it slowly up and down the slit of her labia. Her young, pert breasts danced and jiggled in unison on her chest as she moved, her nipples and areolas hardened to sharp points.

Shelley slowly let go of her pants, which fell around her ankles and pushed her hands down into the front of her panties almost subconsciously. She knew the delights that were in store for the girl and she was living vicariously through her as she watched. Two of her middle fingers of one hand slipped into her vagina as two other fingers on her other hand surrounded her clitoral hood and ground slow circles. She heard the girl cry, “Ai. Ai, sin. Ai, min.” and then the heavy chemical potion of pheromones released with the creature’s secretions hit her. A sudden wave of ecstasy swept over her as the scent triggered a surprise orgasm. The suddenness robbed Shelley of her strength and she fell to her knees.

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