Kristy Is in Control
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Interracial, White Female, Hispanic Male, Oral Sex,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kristy is a teenage girl who is realizing what she wants

Kristy Thomson was unhappy. She was home now after her second date with Raul. By the end of September, she was dating Raul Hernandez, star tight end on the football team. He had not been too surprised that he had only to ask her once, and she agreed to go out with him. Raul had been confident about his chances with her, he had already plucked 3 cherries the previous year, from eager football fans.

She had let him take her up to the overlook, she knew what usually happened there. She had already decided to fuck him tonight. He had been suggestive on their first date and she and he had made out in his back seat. Kristy had let him get a quick feel of her tits before she moved his hands.

By the end of the second date, they were up at the overlook again. Raul had wasted no time once they had parked in leaning over and kissing her again. He pulled her tight to him, his hands sliding down over her back, to her hips and slipped under her shirt at the front. This time, Kristy did not pull his hands away when he moved to touch her breasts.

Kristy had worn a front clasp bra on the date, to be ready. Raul had been confused when he was reaching under her shirt, looking for the clasp. She had let him try, thinking he would try the front eventually. After 5 minutes, he gave up and just tried pushing her bra up over her tits.

Kristy managed to get a hand up and release the clasp, allowing the bra to slide to the sides. Raul had been very appreciative of her assistance, using one hand to reach up and cup her right breast. He was quick to find her nipples and certainly seemed to like how they stuck out a good half inch. Raul seemed to think that her nipples were some form of dials, and twisting them, and pinching them was going to feel good for her.

Initially it had been not too bad, the feeling of another person’s hands on her tits had been very exciting. But his awkward squeezing and pinching, soon started to take the joy out of the whole thing. She would have said something, but he kept her mouth busy with his sloppy kissing.

Kristy let Raul talk her into giving him a blowjob. He then had them shift to the back seat and quickly opened his pants, and pushed them down past his knees, dragging his jockeys with them. It had been fascinating for her. He had been a little smaller than she had hoped. His cock was about 5-6 inches long and about one inch thick, distinctly average. The shaft was straight and fairly smooth, he was circumcised, she had not considered that. Up so close the purple tone to the head was much more colourful than she had expected.

She had watched some porn before and had an idea of what it should look like. She had tried to take her time, experience the smell, taste and texture of him. She had started by gently gripping his shaft and rubbing the head across her lips. But Raul wasn’t being too patient.

After a minute of her attention to his aroused cock, he forced her head down and fucked into her mouth. His hips bucked up from the backseat, driving his cock deeper into her mouth. It was just long enough that the head reached the back of her mouth, but did not force itself into her throat. Kristy initially tried to push back, but he was too strong and kept pulling her head up and down.

She reached between his legs and felt for his balls. Kristy briefly thought about giving them a good squeeze to get his attention, but as she didn’t really want to hurt him, even now. He was not long enough to block her breathing and aside from him controlling her head, she was enjoying the feeling of sucking his cock.

She let him continue for another minute, running her fingers over his balls. She could feel his ball sack getting tighter, he was obviously racing to cum now. She wanted to feel him shoot off, though her expectations for what it would be like had become lowered by her experience so far.

She focused on working her fingers, caressing his balls. She ran her tongue over the head of his cock, sliding over the piss slit and pressing down over the sensitive spot just under the crown.


Kristy could feel his legs tensing, his pushing and pulling was becoming erratic, then he just held her head in place while his hips pumped and spasmed. She could feel his cum shooting into her mouth ... one ... twothree ... a fourth shot, her mouth was feeling a little full now. She swallowed his cum, rather liking the texture and salty flavour.

His hands relaxed and she pulled her head up, letting his cock drop from her mouth. Kristy did not mind that he came in her mouth, but she was annoyed that he just did it with no consideration for her. She noticed that his cock did get a little softer, but was still rather firm.

She moved up to kiss him, and figured it would soon be her time to get some attention. He avoided her lips, using his hands to keep her face away.

“Babe ... stop that! At least rinse your mouth first.” his reluctance to kiss her very clear.

When she opened her mouth to say something, he seemed surprised.

“You swallowed babe ... nice! You know cum helps with acne, the more you swallow, the less acne you will have to deal with.” he had spoken quickly, speaking over whatever she wanted to say. He had said the last with a straight face, like he believed what he was saying.

Kristy was a little surprised to hear him say such a stupid thing. Did he actually expect her to believe that? Before she could decide one way or the other, he was already pushing her head down again. She could see his cock was fully erect once more, bouncing with his heartbeat.

Kristy was not sure what she wanted to do, but she did not fight him as he pushed her back down. Soon his hard cock was pressing against her lips and she still was not sure what she wanted to do. She opened her mouth after he bumped her lips a couple times and let him slide his cock back into her mouth.

Raul gripped both sides of her head and started fucking her mouth, barely giving her time to breath on the outstroke. Kristy did not appreciate his controlling this, but it seemed to be really getting to him. Raul was pumping at full speed, small moans and grunts constantly coming from him. At this point Kristy just wanted him to finish.

Kristy had done her research on what felt good to a guy, she did not like not knowing how to do something. Now that she wanted him to finish quickly, she put what she knew to work. She knew that trying to control the pace would be a waste of time, he was just stronger than her.

Kristy reached one hand between his legs, and gently grasped his balls. Her other hand she placed on his thigh, running her fingertips up and down, occasionally sliding to his inner thigh. Kristy used just her fingertips to caress his balls, feeling them shift and move in his sack. Using a gentle ‘come hither’ motion with her fingers along the bottom of his balls seemed to work best, as his fucking got faster and more frantic.

It was only a matter of a minute of this caress, with her tongue running constantly along the bottom of his shaft, slipping over the head when it was pulling out. She could taste the precum leaking continuously from his cock. In other circumstances, she might have enjoyed this, but now it was just an effort to get him off.

Then Raul was clutching her hair, holding her face buried in his crotch, his cock completely in her mouth. There was a slight tickle where it reached the back of her tongue, just at the opening of her throat. Kristy could feel the pulses of cum move along the bottom of his cock through her tongue. The shaft twitched and spasmed, but she could barely taste the cum.

She had started swallowing immediately, it was not long, no more than 12 to 15 seconds, and he was finished shooting. Raul’s hands relaxed from their clutch, letting her pull her head back. She pulled off his cock, it immediately continued to droop until it was lying along his thigh.

Raul was taking deep breaths and leaning back against the seat, he looked a little wiped out. He was obviously out of it a little, still recovering.

“Oh baby, you make me feel so good. I would never have guessed you had skills like this.”

Kristy was not interested in his compliments, she realized he would not be returning the favour any time soon. Raul made a couple comments about playing a bit longer, but that no longer mattered to her, she could only assume that he would be just as considerate fucking her, as he had been with the blowjob.

She refused to continue making out with Raul after that. He tried to convince her, but with the pressure in his balls reduced, he did not press too hard. Raul was confident that she would be calling him again for another date soon enough, and he would get her out of her pants then. If he could get a glimpse of her thoughts, he would have tried harder this time.

Now Kristy was home, and quite disappointed. She was sure that if he had just let her do what she had wanted, they both would have had a good time. He had been just too strong for her to stop him from taking control though. She decided that next time she would not make that mistake.

Kristy had blossomed early, shooting up to 6’ by the time she was 15. She had blue eyes, that could look grey when she was angry. Her hair was straight, and deep black. She never had that awkward phase that so many quickly growing teens had. By 16 she had an athletic figure, 37 hips, 24 waist and 38c breasts. She was in excellent shape, and took pride in the way her breasts stood out from her chest with no support required.

She had always been active (horseback riding, archery, soccer, karate), and this allowed her to grow into her maturing body gracefully. she took after her father that way, he had always been there for her, an unrestrained cheer squad for her, no matter what she did.

Her father was only a couple inches taller than her, and both of them towered over her mother, who stood at 5’5”. It helped that she excelled in everything she started, she was center on her soccer team, as well as team captain. She had her first black belt at the age of 14, by 16 she was ranked 2nd degree black. She had won regional archery tournaments for the last 2 years, but had always placed within the top 3 from the beginning.

When she returned to school on Monday morning, she knew she would have to let Raul know that there would be no third date. She shared a class with Raul first thing that morning, but aside from a polite nod when she first entered the classroom, she ignored him. She could hear some chatter and occasional chuckles from his direction during the class. He always sat with some teammates.

The rest of her morning was uneventful and she could not think of a solution. She was so focused on it that Mr. Teller, her Maths teacher, had to speak to her twice about a problem in class.

During lunch Raul tried to speak with her and was very suggestive that they should go out again on the next weekend. Kristy was not interested and made a point of shutting down his advances immediately. He tried to convince her it would be a great weekend, he knew where a party was being held. When that didn’t work, he tried to tell her everyone expected they would be going to the party ... as he had already told his friends (who would also be there) that she would be going with him.

Kristy got a little upset at this presumption on his part and emphatically declined his invitation. Raul could tell she was very unhappy with him and thought he knew why. He smiled widely and stepped close, putting his hands on her upper arms, and trying pull her into a hug. He was saying that next weekend he would make sure to make time for her and give her lots of attention.

Kristy tried to move away, but he wouldn’t let her, keeping a firm grip and continuing to talk about spending quality time together, as he held her close. Kristy had had enough.

The knee to the groin was enough to get him to let go.

Kristy had not kneed him hard, just enough to be serious. Raul had immediately pushed her away, bending forward and cupping his groin protectively.

“WHAT THE HELL?!?” he managed to strangle out.

“I said ‘no’, I meant ‘no’. You can find someone else to go with, I have had enough of you.” Kristy turned to walk away.

She felt his hand on her upper arm, gripping tightly, he spun her back to face him.

“YOU DON’T G...” was all he got out before Kristy’s foot impacted the side of his head.

Raul obviously did not know that Kristy had been studying karate for many years. Her father had been a practitioner for most of his life, and had insisted his little girl take it up early too. At 16 she was a rated 2nd degree black belt, she could easily qualify for higher, but her father wanted her to get more experience before testing up.

Her kick was ... restrained. She knew she could lay him out on the floor, and probably send him to the hospital with a broken neck. He was not worth the hassle. So she just gave him a light thump, enough to rattle his brain a little. It did have the added benefit of having him stagger backward a few steps, too far to grab her again.

“Don’t touch me! You don’t ever touch me without my permission!” Kristy stood and stared at him.

Raul was very confused. He was not completely sure what happened, he thought she might have hit him ... somehow, but it was not clear. The thought that she had hit him, embarrassed him. No one put hands on him and got away with it. She was cute, but no chika gets to do that to him.

Raul started moving toward Kristy again. Kristy could see that he was angry and seeing his hands curl into fists, told her all she needed. He was a lot slower than the guys she normally sparred with. She let him close a couple steps, then showed him her fast side kick. She made sure to complete the follow through.

Raul saw her start to move, next thing he knows, her foot is in his stomach, and his lungs are venting all the air he has. He folds over the foot, as his feet leave the ground. He gets airborn for a few feet, until he reaches the hallway wall, where he impacts with a thud, bouncing his head off the wall, and drops to the floor.

Raul does not want to move, his stomach is trying surging and spinning, his abdomen is a mass of pain. He moves his head to look up, but quickly drops his eyes as his stomach loses the will to resist, and his lunch spews over his legs and the floor.

“Don’t talk to me again Raul.” with that, Kristy turns her back to him, and walks away, moving through the stunned crowd.

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