Anna Meets Old Men in the Pub
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife returns to pub were she was fucked by 3 old men

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Son   Brother   Father   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Double Penetration   Oral Sex  

Following the experience in the pub last week I couldn’t wait for Wednesday to come. Every time I thought about Ron’s massive dong my fanny would get wet and I’d end up having a wank. David had tested me in the office all week and had shagged me at every opportunity, Mike had fucked the living daylights out of me when I arrived home covered in cum and had continued to do so at every opportunity!

At last Wednesday arrived, I awoke early and dressed accordingly, I wanted to be fucked like a dirty slut and I wanted everyone to know.

I put on a pair of red open crotch( or fuck me know, as I call them) knickers, red bra and suspenders belt, red heels, a good 4”, a tight grey skirt, which came about 3” above my knees and a tight fitting white shirt with buttons up the front, all that was missing was having “fuck me” written in lipstick on my forehead and arse for that matter!!

When I arrived at the office David laughed, “ you’re fucking gagging for Ron’s knob, aren’t you “he said. I walked over to David and kissed him, my tongue went straight in his mouth, David’s hand went up my skirt, I parted my legs slightly and his fingers found my minge. My cunt was sopping as the dirty bastard fingered me while I snogged him.

David pulled his zip down and said “suck me Anna, let me give you your first load of the day, as those old fuckers will use you as a cum bath later and you’re dying for it”.

I sucked David as he fingered my hole, I came all over his hand and he came in my mouth, I swallowed the lot.

About 1pm David called me and we left the office, as we got in the car, I said to David, “ I’m fucking creaming already” I pulled my skirt up and shoved 2 fingers up my snatch, “you dirty cunt” David said, I pulled my fingers out my hole and let David lick them as we drove.

We arrived at the pub and entered the bar, Ron and John were there, along with another really old bloke who they introduced as Harry. Harry had two Alsatian dogs with him.

“Bloody hell Ron, she looks a right goer “Harry said, “ yes, she loves prick, don’t you Anna” Ron replied, “ yes Harry” I replied, “I’m a filthy fucking slut and am dying for Ron’s knob”. I crossed my legs and my skirt went well above my stocking tops, “like the view”I said, I then uncrossed my legs and sat with them apart, my cunt flaps were poking out the gap in my knicks, I was fucking soaking.

One of Harry’s dogs jumped up and was straining on it’s lead, “ it can smell your fanny” Harry said, “let the fucker loose then I said” as I opened my legs further showing my bulging cunt.

The dog bounded across and started licking my cunt, fucking hell, it’s rough tongue was gorgeous, it was right up my soaking wet slit.

Looking at the four blokes I could feel feel that I was going to cum, “oh fuck “I shouted and sprayed cunt juice all over the fucking dog.

The dog went mad and it’s tongue went right up my hole.

The other dog could smell my sex and Harry let it off it’s lead, the dog bounded across and jumped onto the seat beside me. I was leaning back on the seat with my legs spread wide as the dog licked my twat, I grabbed the other dogs cock and at first just the pink end came out of it’s sheaf.

I started to massage it’s dick and the dog started to jerk, then the whole of it’s dong came out of it’s sheaf. Christ, there was 9inch of dog dong in my hand plus it’s pink balls, it was so hot, it was fucking steaming and pre cum was already dripping off the end.

“Watch this you fuckers” I said and started to suck the dogs knob!!

I pulled the dog on the seat closer to me and started to lick up and down it’s dong, it’ s cock was red hot and had a salty taste. I was looking directly at Ron and Harry as I put the tip of my tongue on it’s cum hole. My cunt was being licked like nothing on earth and fanny juice was pouring out of me from the tonguing I was getting, I didn’t care, I was being a fucking slut and was loving it. As I wrapped my lips round the dogs knob I thought Ron and Harry were going to explode, their eyes were in fucking stalks!

John had his prick out and was wanking himself doolaly whilst calling me a filthy slag, amongst other niceties! I kept on looking at Ron and Harry and deliberately made slurping noises has I sucked on it’s cock. I pulled it’s dong from my mouth and licked it’s balls, the dog went fucking mad at this and plastered me in cum, the fucking thing spunked all over my face and hair, I only managed suck the last drops off it!

John couldn’t help himself and moved closer to me, he was about 3 foot from me when he shot a massive load of jizz, it landed on my blouse, coating me.

What a sight I looked, dog spunk on my face and in my hair, spunk covering my blouse, skirt round my waist and stocking clad legs wide open as a fucking dog licked my gash!

Harry stood and dropped his trousers and pants, his knob was rock hard with a fat bell end. He moved towards me and pulled the dog off me, my cunt was bright red and gaping as he pulled me up from the chair and bent me over. He rammed his prick up me right up to his balls which were banging my clit. I heard him shout to Ron, “you’re right mate, am balls deep and not touching the fucking sides” he might not have touched the sides but the pounding he was giving me was awesome, he was banging my cervix!

“Am going to fill your slut cunt “he shouted and emptied his bollocks up me, I felt load after load of hot sticky cum fill my belly.

He pulled out and told me to get on my knees, as I got on my knees I could feel his spunk gushing out of me when the dog that had been licking my minge rammed it’s dong up me. My eyes watered had the dog swelled, and then knotted in me, it felt as though I’d a litre bottle of coke up my twat. I couldn’t move and was squealing all kinds of filth like a dirty fucking pig as David moved in front of me and started to fuck my spunk covered face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Ron had got undressed, the sight of his magnificent knob made me cum, he walked over to me and straddled me, fuckin’ hell, I was being torn apart his he shoved his prick up my arsehole. Bloody hell, I had a prick in each hole and one was a fuckin’ dogs, god it felt good!!

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