Truth and Dare

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Workplace, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Grant and Adina had been working together for some time, and during a long work session on a Saturday they decided to pass the time by playing "Truth AND Dare". The truths involved her all over tan, and the length of his cock. The dares would be very easy to guess given the "truths".

Grant and Adina had worked all night Friday night and it was well into Saturday morning as they waited for the phone call to say that the computer system upgrade was completed. They were alone in the building, no one would be around until Monday morning.

They had resorted to telling stories and jokes to stay awake ... with the latest means of staying awake being “Truth and Dare”. The first few rounds had been fairly innocent until Grant upped the ante with his “Truth” question to Adina.

“Do you have an all-over tan?” was his question.

He had been curious - all of her skin that he had seen was tanned, including the tops of her ample breasts.

“Of course it is” Adina blurted out ... not thinking of the “Dare” that might follow.

“Prove it” was the rapid response from Grant.

That took her aback a little, and she hesitated.

“C’mon ... or are you chickening out?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

She stared at him for a moment before she slowly started to remove her dress. Once off it revealed a matching thong and bra set.

“Satisfied?” she asked.

“No ... all of it” he responded.

Reluctantly she released the bra to reveal tanned breast with dark nipples. Slipping the thong off revealed a clean-shaven mound.

“Don’t get any ideas pencil dick ... no cock less than 9 inches get inside this pretty little pussy” she gleefully retorted.

“My turn now” she trumpeted.

“Truth now ... how long is your dick?” she asked.

Grant smiled - he had hoped that this was going to be her question.

“Hmmm... 6 inches” he responded then paused for a moment, long enough for her to smirk, then he continued with “ ... when soft ... and 11 inches when hard”.

The smile disappeared off her face.

“So ... what’s your dare then?” he taunted her.

“Prove it” she replied, somewhat less sure of herself.

Grant was quickly down to his tented undershorts. She could see that there was something quite substantial in there.

Sensing her unease he asked her ‘What would you like me to do with the extra 2 inches when I fuck you?”

While she tried to find a reply, he slipped off the shorts to set free his fleshy monster, and stepped forward to be within touching distance of her.

“Would you like to feel if its real?” he asked.

Almost automatically her hand grasped his long fat cock, feeling its weight and its size. Grant put his hand behind her neck and drew her into a passionate tongue-filled kiss.

The other hand went to cup her firm ass cheek, grabbing at it and pulling her closer, bringing his long fat cock into contact with her smooth skin. With her free hand now on the back of his neck, he slipped that hand down to her ass cheeks - now groping her ass with two hands.

After a short time, he picked her up and lifted her to sit onto the edge of the desk. He pulled up a chair and sat between her legs, pushing them wider apart to give him full access to her delicious pussy.

He could see the beads of wetness clinging to her fleshy lips.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“This” was his simple reply just before burying his tongue between them, licking at her tasty juices, and teasing her aroused little clitty.

“Oh ... oh my god...” she gasped “You shouldn’t be doing that” she added. He just ignored her, and continued with his licking, and now adding short tongue thrusts into her tight pussy canal entry.

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