Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Aunt, Grand Parent, Interracial, Black Male, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Tit-Fucking, Voyeurism, BBW, Big Breasts, Hairy,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A magazine photographer hits on a domestic situation that envelopes him with two mature very fat women and two youths.

“My that’s a pretty hat,” Col said pleasantly.

“It’s not a hat, it’s a bra,” lisped the little girl.

“Who is it Lana?” came the voice from inside.

“It’s a man Grandma,” shouted Lana.

“That’s a hat. You wear hats on your head,” persisted Col with a gentle smile. “It’s on your head ... er! Oh now I see.”

The young photographer grinned as he recognised the stitching, the straps and the peculiar shape of what he thought was a pink satin hat, the rest of which was hanging down the side of the cute little girl’s shoulder. It certainly fitted over her brown curls very well and with some spare. He heard noises inside and called out.

“Mrs McRory, it’s me Col Brownside from the magazine Shape Up.”

A large mature woman moved heavily through the hallway of the semi detached house, blocking the light from the open kitchen at the back. Bleached blonde hair just reaching to her shoulders framed a happy smiling face, set off by gentle eyes which in turn tended to distract from a large hooked nose. She blinked in the fierce sunlight behind him as her eyes registered on Col.

“Oh hello, I’m Shoran, Marianne’s Mum. She is late back but phoned minutes ago to tell you to wait – sorry,” said the fat woman. “Come in - mind Lana, let the gentleman get in.”

Col flashed his ID card and was allowed in to the front room, which was Bohemian in design and spirit. He put his bags down at the side and sat on a throw covered sofa opposite the window. Lana leaned against his knee, still wearing the huge brassiere as Shoran went to the kitchen and made the cup of tea she offered and he accepted. He placed his hand on Lana’s head and felt the smooth material of the hammock like underwear. Lana gazed at him with dark brooding eyes. He imagined the boobs that would be stored in the bra and thought about them being the size of the child’s head. He stared at the little girl. His gaze dipped from the grubby vest, to her lower torso which was encased in white panties, which hung creased and low below her little buttoned navel.

“And how old are you Lana?” he asked.

“Not telling,” came the reply as she remained close to him. “How old are you?”

“Very old,” he grinned.

The two smiled at each other but didn’t speak anymore. Col although professionally slightly embarrassed at the kid’s forward attitude. He shook his head in a weary way and tried to think of the job ahead and wondered how his pal Michael or Michelle as she prefers to be known would react. He dismissed the lurid thoughts and quietly waited with the child. She was just friendly without being precocious.

Shoran waddled back in with a tray and stood in front of the big bay window as he placed a table where she asked him to. Before Shoran placed the tray down, with the bright light behind her bulk he saw her silhouette through the thin material of her loose, flowing, dress. Huge fat thighs merged together, ripples of midriff flowed into one and her tits sagged over her belly. It did look like she wore no underwear. She bent and down her loose low neckline, he saw the massive outline of her tits slide forward and hang. Definitely no bra.

“Phew! It’s so hot. I can’t really stand this weather,” moaned Shoran, pouring the tea and giving him eyefuls down the front of her dress.

“Now then – musn’t complain,” Col chided her pleasantly.

Shoran smiled as he watched her tits swing about and he saw the flesh of her belly between them, confirming his doubts about her upper undies. He wouldn’t get a chance to check her lower portion he reckoned, although he would like to. Col liked huge women. Fat and with big bosoms were his thing. His current girlfriend Megan was thirty nine years old, fourteen years older than him and she was the magazine marketing manager. She tipped the scales at 250 pounds sporting a forty two F cup pair of bazongers. Shoran would be bigger than that and her extra maturity attracted Col. She wasn’t ugly – far from it and her infectious smile was a sure winner. He always wanted to shag a much older woman and Shoran would be ideal, but he dreamed as she broke his thoughts.

“Look at her. Isn’t she awful?” chuckled Shoran, pointing at Lana.

“No she’s cute. Nice coloured bra,” he added. “Not hers of course.”

Shoran giggled and shook her head.

“It’s one of Marianne’s old ones for the charity shop. Not sure they will accept it though - undies you know. I was ironing the stuff off the line when you came ... No - I mean her walking round half naked,” she added, nodding at the child realising his misunderstanding.

“Ah! I see. Well she’s entitled to in her own house. I do it all the time in my pad and my girlfriend does,” he told her. “She will stop soon enough though.”

“Oh I’m not sure. Marianne hardly wears anything herself and especially in the summer. Lana just copies her,” said Shoran. “I wish I could, but it’s not a pretty sight.”

“Oh I don’t know,” Col smiled.

Shoran glanced at him coyly but didn’t respond with a reaction. She changed the subject.

“My house is too exposed anyway.”

“Where is that?” Col asked.

“You’re not going to peep on me are you?” she screeched with mirth. “Oo! That would be naughty.”

“Weeelll!” Col drawled winking at her and kidding her, raising one eyebrow. “No - just interested.”

“Oh pity,” Shoran murmured very quietly, then louder. “It’s over the other side of Hamble, not far.”

“Views of the river?” Col asked.

“Yes, beautiful from the top shelf of the wardrobe, “she giggled. “But those sailors with their binoculars – you know,” she chuckled throatily.

Col nodded and sipped the tea. A car halted outside, Shoran peered behind her through the lace curtains as did Col and he could see a woman climb out.

“Here she is now. Not too bad,” Shoran glanced at her watch.

“I’ve got all afternoon now. Last appointment,” said Col.

“Good,” she murmured as they heard the front door open.

Lana flew out of the room and loud welcomes and greetings took place out of sight. A red haired young woman entered the room, grinning vivaciously. Wild frizzy styled locks cascaded lower than her shoulders. A green and black shirt hung loose outside a long flowing black skirt which reached down to brightly painted toenails peeping from open toed sandals.

“Hi I’m Marianne,” said the new arrival. “Mum made you welcome?”

“Hello – I am Col. Yes very much so. Got the tea and the chat,” Col answered as he stood and shook her warm, strong hand.

“Plenty of chat where Shoran is around,” chuckled Marianne. “Lovely mum to have don’t you think?”

“I’ll say so,” Col agreed eyeing up Marianne’s full flowing breast sway behind the shirt. “Hot enough for you?”

“Phew! Yeah, I love it – the heat and the freedom. Everyone’s that much happier yeah?” asked Marianne, sitting next to him on the sofa.

Lana played happily at her feet.

“Look at her with my old bra,” Marianne laughed. “Forty four F cup that is.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Col. “Looks a magnificent garment whatever the size.”

“Cost a packet. It’s satin. My skin you see. That’s all I can bear against it – apart from fresh air that is,” Marianne chuckled cheekily. “The material and the size. Not your average off the shelf item.”

“Yes I know, my girlfriend is a large girl,” he told them.

“Oh of course - Megan Parlour from the magazine yes?” said Marianne. “She called me the other day. Came to the house couple of weeks ago.”

Col nodded.

“I’m here for the pictures she asked for,” he added.

“Why not a female by the way? Photographer...” asked Shoran.

“Oh mum. It doesn’t matter. He is their staff photographer. Seen it all before I’ll bet. I don’t mind,” said Marianne pleasantly answering for him.

“This is my Daddy,” announced Lana brandishing a snapshot at Col.

“Where did you... ?” spluttered Marianne until she was interrupted by her mother.

“Been rummaging in my bag round there,” Shoran said, nodding round the side of the sofa. “Give it to me darling.”

Marianne by then had taken the snapshot and grimaced as Col peered over her shoulder at the family photo.

“Nice shot. Lovely looking family,” he told her.

“Not any more – now he’s effing gone,” she muttered. “Why have you got this in your bag Mum?”

“Don’t know, must have forgotten it, glad Lana found it” said Shoran obliquely. “I’ll dump it and get another of you two. Give it me.”

Marianne grimaced again and handed the snap to Shoran who rumbled up and grabbed her handbag, giving Col more tempting views down her front. She certainly was a big lady. She took the tray of cups and stuff outside, calling Lana to help her. Marianne waited until they left the room and spoke.

“She’s great is Mum. Helps a lot round here of course with Lana and allows me to get on with my job.”

“You’re in the car finance business aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yeah! But part time. Look - what shots do you want? I’m only asking as the boss has asked me to go in and do some data entry when I’m available and I could do with the cash,” she explained

“Thought I would go back in this afternoon while Mum is here.”

“Oh! The usual. Bit of a pose in your best street or office gear, your house wear and maybe a swimsuit or undies ... but that’s not essential,” Col added quickly.

“Hmm! I see. Well for a start I haven’t got a swimsuit – yet. Got loads of undies of course. Really enjoyed buying new stuff after those horrors,” Marianne giggled picking up the pink bra that Lana had left behind. “OK lets get on with it. Let me slip into my best gear as you call it and I’ll give you a shout upstairs. That OK?”

He nodded and sat back as she got up and left the room. Col heard her calling to Shoran and Lana. Shoran came back in a minute later without the child.

“Cocked that up – the photo,” she said quietly with a doubtful grimace. “She’s still upset with Andy and he’s been gone five months now. Sends her money for Lana, no problem there but he hasn’t been near the place since then. Should have had a different photo but I like that one of them all...”

Col listened and watched as the older woman’s mind seemed to drift into some distant reverie with a big sigh.

“What happened ... er! Between them?”

“Another woman,” whispered Shoran. “She doesn’t know that though - so shushhh!”

Her fingers went to her lips in the time honoured gesture for conspiracy, he nodded.

“If you don’t mind me saying so. Must be one hell of a woman to tease him away from her. She’s pretty and strong to have done what she did,” said Col quietly.

Shoran seemed to preen for a second, sitting slightly straighter in her chair until she spoke.

“Oh you mean the weight loss. Yes. Isn’t she brilliant?”

“From 295 pounds to 156. That’s a lot – one hell of a lot. Megan told me. That’s why she’s won the prize and I am here,” Col told Shoran, who nodded and then leaned towards him.

Her dress hung open, her tits rested on her knees and her cleavage cut right up into her neck emphasised by the multiple flesh creases on her chest.

“That’s one of the problems. Andy’s problems. He loves - no absolutely adores big girls. Like she was. He thought she was his Venus. His absolute goddess and now she isn’t. He married her when she was about 200 pounds. Can you see? He likes them big and he’s got one to replace her...” Shoran suddenly stopped and grimaced. “Sorry I shouldn’t be telling you all this. Marianne doesn’t know anything about that OK?”

Col nodded gravely and promised silence, wondering how Shoran knew, as a voice filtered through. It was Marianne calling him. Shoran joined him when he got gathered his stuff and got to the bottom of the stairs and shouted.

“Do you want me to come up too?”

“No it’s OK Mum thanks. I’ll be alright. I’ve got clothes on you know,” the last words accompanied by a chuckle.

“Well knowing you in this house, that surprises me,” giggled Shoran loudly, nudging Col with her elbow as he indicated with his eyes for permission to go upstairs.

He looked forward to the job ahead. Megan was away at a marketing seminar and he wondered how long he could last without a sight of her big fat pussy and muscular arsehole.

In the bedroom, Marianne stood waiting in a smart navy blue tailored suit, bare tanned legs and high heels. Col whistled with surprise and approval as he set his camera bags down. She chuckled and struck some poses as he sorted his gear and got ready for the photo session, setting up his tripod. Lana dashed freely in and out, ignoring Marianne’s words not to get in the way and leaving them in peace. Col told her it didn’t bother him as he finally got Marianne to pose the way he wanted. He rattled off a few shots and then she took her jacket off.

Her cream tight fitting blouse stretched over her full bounteous breasts, the clear outline of her brassiere showing through. Noting how well stacked she was, he got more shots, including some in profile until Lana turned up again. This time she was wearing the pink bra on her head again.

“Isn’t she something else?” Col laughed.

“Yeah! Mum – come and get her will you,” shouted Marianne, grabbing the underwear much to the child’s annoyance.

Shoran arrived, puffing and panting to take the protesting kid away. Marianne fingered the bra.

‘Outsize mail order. 58 inch boobs in those days,” she mused loudly.

“What are you now ... sorry, didn’t mean...” stuttered Col.

“It’s OK Col. 44 inch, 38 D cup. Better eh?” Marianne laughed, breathing in and sticking her magnificent chest out. “The fellas like them I can tell you. I always liked them too and glad the weight didn’t fall off them too much.”

“I can see why, “Col breathed changing a film. “Some normal house wear now maybe? I’ll go outside while you change.”

He left the bedroom and closed the door behind him and waited on the landing. Silence reigned downstairs but he could hear voices behind a door at the end of the landing and he guessed Shoran was inside with Lana. Some washing was draped over the banister rail and he glanced at the outsize panties and brassieres hung there. Large, white, plain, women’s pants and two huge bras mystified him. They were not Marianne’s garments surely, he pondered. She would have more taste and delicacy and the size – he glanced swiftly at the labels, not Marianne’s size at all.

“Ready Col thanks,” shouted Marianne.

He re-entered her room and gasped. Marianne stood in a skimpy tee-shirt and bikini bottoms. The jut of her breasts through the shirt, emphasised by simply enormous nipples stunned him and he gazed open mouthed for a second until she giggled.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t taken these kind of shots Col,” she murmured.

“No – it’s just ... well I don’t know. Right let’s get you posed right Marianne,” he spluttered angling some mini spot lights.

Marianne preened and posed and did just that little bit more than he wanted. Not for his sake were the poses too revealing, he loved them, but the magazine couldn’t have used them, with her nipples peeping out, the top of her arse crack above the bikini and the way the gusset had gathered up in what was evidently a large pussy crack at the front, perfect camel toe. That, he could airbrush out although he wouldn’t for his own collection. He did take several shots of her, which Marianne loved. The attention and her pride overshadowed Col’s surreptitious shots, which the magazine would not see.

“This your normal housewear Marianne?” he asked as he told her that was all.

“No, usually less,” she trilled. “Want some undie shots? Like I said I haven’t got a swimsuit.”

“No that’s fine thanks,” he told her, beginning to pack his gear away.

“Your mag doesn’t do nudey ones do they. Wouldn’t mind some of those myself – money wise,” she whispered to him as if people were listening. “Now I’m going to be public in your magazine, I bet I’ll get other people, like the tabloids wanting me to do them. Nice money I expect.”

“Probably, but not my style,” Col told her zipping his cases.

‘S’funny but I would trust you to take them you know. At least I know you ... and Megan of course - sort of. I have this instinct about people and I like you,” Marianne added as an afterthought, her fingers inside the top of the bikini.

Surely she wasn’t going to pull them down? Col thought.

Col sensed she was offering to go topless and whatever else, just for him. His professional mind wrestled with his male instincts. He had the time, but her mum and the kid were in and didn’t she say she was going back to work. Logic and his obvious reticence entered Marianne’s mind at the same time and she announced she would dress and go back to work, if that was alright with him. Col left her – agreeing, and went downstairs to be greeted by a slyly grinning Shoran who ushered him back into the front room.

“I have put Lana down for her afternoon sleep,” she told him. “You not rushing off are you? Tea?”

“That would be nice thanks,” answered Col.

Shoran visibly fluttered with pleasure at his acceptance and left him as Marianne arrived downstairs. He got her to sign some forms and left some papers with her. Marianne left the house minutes later telling Col that Shoran would be in charge until she got back from the office. Her mum came back into the front room and placed the tray on the table and then shut the door behind her. She plonked herself heavily down beside Col who budged along the sofa to make more room for her. As she poured the drinks, she slyly glanced at him and smiled.

“You’re a naughty boy Col,” she murmured with a smile.

“What do you mean Shoran?”

“I saw you upstairs...”

“Hey, it was only photographs as authorised you know th...”

“I’m not talking about photos.”

“Anyway you weren’t in the room.”

“No but I was in Lana’s room and was coming out and I saw you on the landing – yeah?”

Col’s face fell and he clapped his hand over his mouth in despair.

“Oh my god!” he spluttered.

“Yes, the underwear, my underwear Col. I saw you taking a peep,” she giggled. “Naughty boy.”

“I am sorry Shoran. It was just that although it was nice stuff, they seemed wrong...”

“You imagined they would be Marianne’s.”

“At first yes, then I saw the labels.”

“I’m rather pleased you didn’t pick them up and sniff them Col. Now that would be nasty. But at least they were clean.”

“Oh no Shoran. Please don’t think of me that way.”

“My hubby did all over the place. Wherever we or he stayed he had to raid the wash baskets for dirty underwear. Relatives, friends - all of them he sniffed” she told him. “Even after I kept catching him at it over the years he still had to do it. Mind you he was a randy little bastard.”

“Er! Where is he? At home?”

“Yes home for pervs. Six feet under. God rest his soul. Buried him ten years ago. Never knew Lana,” she added wistfully.

“Sorry,” Col mumbled.

“It’s OK. Anyway, I get the impression you like us large ladies,” Shoran preened.

“Could say that. Got to really, to photo them and do them justice. Have you met Megan, my girlfriend?” he asked.

“No but Marianne told me about her. Big girl eh?”

“Yeah. Love her to bits – all of her,” he chuckled, pleased to be off the underwear subject.

“Job in a million then – yours?” said Shoran.

“It’s not bad,” he replied sheepishly.

“Snapping all those big models and people like Marianne. You did her before she lost the weight didn’t you?”

“I photographed her yes, if that’s what you mean,” Col answered guardedly.

“Well of course you didn’t do her,” shrieked Shoran, her wobbling upsetting Col’s nearly empty cup and saucer. “But I bet you would like to.”

Col gasped and placed his tremblingly drink down. He peered at the mature woman’s grinning face. She kept up the smile as he shook his head in puzzlement.

“But that’s your daughter Shoran,” said Col.

“Would you then?” she challenged. “Like to do her?”

He spluttered, coughed and swallowed and lowered his head. Shoran bent her head down to gaze up at him demanding an answer. Her dress front fell away and he saw acres of tit flesh creased across her chest and swallowed again. That was nice.

“If you mean - would I like to make love to her ... then I suppose the answer is yes. Yes I would, but it’s not even in the frame and totally out of the question,” Col said as dignified as he could. “I have a lovely girlfriend thankyou.”

“Andy had a lovely wife in Marianne but he strayed from the nest,” Shoran told him, moving the coffee table away. “And you know why.”

“Yes you told me – because of her weight loss. But she is still very attractive Shoran.”

“But he likes really big women Col - mature. That’s the point, just like you.”

“Hmm! Yes I do.”

“Like me?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say ... well. It’s sort of different isn’t it?”

“Why, because I’m a lot older than you or Andy?” Shoran giggled.

“Can’t speak for Andy, but age doesn’t matter to me,” Col said positively.

“I am fifty two – my age that is. The bra is fifty G cup ... but you know that already,” chuckled Shoran as her eyes went upwards. “On the landing ... you know. Big girl.”

Col nodded sheepishly.

“How old are you Col?” she answered gently, placing a chubby be-ringed hand on his arm.

“Twenty five,” he squeaked.

“Age doesn’t matter to you does it? Even if I am over twice your age,” Shoran murmured softly, taking his hand and placing it on her knee. “I’m a big woman Col. A very big woman.”

“Oh my god Shoran. Don’t please,” he squawked.

“Squeeze that lovely fat knee Col. See how giving it is and imagine all those other places you could squeeze. You’d never get round them all in one day would you?” she breathed, her face close to his ear. “You could do me ... I mean photograph me if you like – today.”

She drew his hand up her thigh and he felt the heat through the flimsy dress.

“Battery I’m afraid,” he rasped lying, his throat parched.

“Give me an audition for next time couldn’t you? Weigh me up, if you see what I mean,” she said, pressing his hand on her thigh.

“Shoran please. This is not right ... Oh my God!” Col gasped, fuck she would have a lot to weigh up.

In a flick of a second, she had undone the top button of her dress and dropped her dress front and unearthed a mammoth left tit, that hung over the tightly stretched material. Shoran cupped it and offered it to him. The pale, pearlescent mammary was blue veined and bulbous with a low slung pale pink nipple that didn’t project from the glistening white surface. Her teat was surrounded by many little, almost identical versions of her nipple set in a pale six inch wide oval shaped areolae. The upper slopes of her breast looked like a ski piste map with the criss-crossing lines of stretch marks and veins.

“Try that for size Col,” she whispered taking his damp hand and replacing her cupping hand with his. “What do they say? You don’t get many of these to the pound.”

He gulped and felt the soft wobble of her enormous bust, it’s heat burning his palm, it’s weight heavy and full in his hand which started to stroke the acres of tit flesh she offered him. Seconds later, with more deft movements, Shoran had unleashed her right tit and it too spilled happily out, clashing together unfettered by the stitches and seams of her open dress. With a shrug, Shoran made the material fall away to her waist as Col, brought his other hand into play. The rolls of her fat terraced down her belly into a huge overhang that nearly covered her thighs to her knees.

Col was in paradise as he gazed at the mountainous flesh of this forward mature woman. Stretch marks across her lower belly created a sort of road map effect that all led to a fold down the middle of her bellydown to the joint of her flabby legs.

“Am I a good subject for your camera Col ... that’s if you had film in it?” she chuckled as his hands roamed over her laid back body.

“Oh yes Shoran, you are beautiful,” he squeaked.

“Want to see how I would look totally nude, just for an idea of a pose? Hypothetically speaking of course,” she grinned, with a cute wink.

He nodded and let her lever her great frame up and stand in front of him. The light from the front window was shut out as her bulk towered over Col and he looked up at her mammoth bazongers quivering above him as she endeavoured to roll her dress down. Her tits slammed together and were squeezed into unfathomable shapes as she wrestled with it, but the cotton could not stretch itself over her hips. In desperation, Shoran tugged hard and there was a sharp splitting noise and the persistent but overloaded seam gave way and her dress tore down one side.

With nothing more than a slightly annoyed grimace and shrug, Shoran rolled the tortured garment down and kicked it off her feet as her whole body rolled and wobbled to Col’s delight. Gloriously naked, Shoran posed before him, adopting the sort of glamour girl positions she thought he would recognise. He did but was not interested in the poses. Col was aware of his rising erection and what sort of fuck she would be.

Big women were his speciality and desire and he had had his fair share of them over the years, but none as old and upfront as Shoran. With a little yelp he leaned forward and grabbed her thighs, pulling her to him burying his head in the lardy folds of her belly. He drank in her body odours, licking the dimpled, ample flesh, finding new sweaty creases of barely seen skin as she shuffled forward in triumph, patting his head as she would a good little boy.

Col’s hands groped her huge buttocks, the back of her thighs, her hips and the vastly padded rolls of her stomach. Shoran reached down and hoisted his logo embroidered polo shirt over his head. Skin to skin he crumpled his sturdy rugby playing, muscular body into her lower torso, loving the contact, the heat generated and her willingness to let him indulge in pure contact. His squeaks and gasps of pleasure were softened by the volume of opulent flesh that stifled them and Shoran revelled in the adoring nature in which he saw her. She loosened his grasp to his annoyance until she managed to bend down and slap her big knockers around his head. Col thrust his face into them as Shoran manipulated them round his slavering face, licking the sweaty area of under bosom which had been long hidden below their massive droop. Her breasts fell and slid over his face like two softening balloons as Col’s tongue sought out her nipples.

Shoran’s back was killing her and she slid down to lay heavily alongside him.

“Your pants Col. Take your pants off darling,” she urged him.

In a flash, Col was naked, even his socks which was a habit from Megan’s influence. As the black socks were kicked off, the image of his gorgeous girlfriend shot through him and he stalled for a split second. The image was swept from his mind by Shoran pouncing joyfully on his cock which stuck rigidly up his belly. She swallowed him, all seven inches of fat dick disappeared into her waiting mouth as she swamped him. Col fondled and stroked the mountainous range of her body, laid partly alongside him as she gobbled sumptuously on his stiffy. He couldn’t reach round her buttocks or belly to find her cunt. Not could he find his way into her arse crack such was the distance round the immense bulk of his mature seductress.

His head lay back as he blissfully gave in to her searching mouth, while he stroked her soft pliant body.

“I want to fuck you Shoran,” he gasped.

“Me too Col, let me lay down on the floor,” she replied.

“No – please, lay back on the sofa,” he told her.

With the utmost difficulty, she did so and he was faced with her arms beckoning him as he surveyed the verdant landscape of her fifty two year old lusting body. While she mewed in a wanton cat like way, he feasted on the slack splay of her enormous boobs which had slunk to her sides and were half tucked under the folding hang of her bingo wings. Her rippling belly had evened out in the stretched lay and he saw the deep pit of her navel amidst it’s own crease. His gaze lowered to her crotch at the same time Shoran – who decided she wanted him a bit quicker than he was contemplating, dropped her hands to the pouch of stomach which remained obstinately concealing her cunt.

Her hands probed into the squashy pouch and soon Col saw the meaty mouth of her sex opened amongst the sparse but widely spread mat of her greying pubic hairs. The size of her gash excited him as it seemed smaller than expected and was framed by two thin, almost sliced strips of florid coloured labia which were forced back by her fingers.

“Col ... please darling. Fuck me,” she pleaded.

He need no second request, noticing that her juices were assembling in a bubble at the base of her snatch. With a cry of delight in discovering such a hot, mature, fat wet woman with so bounteous a body, Col levered down over Shoran, her arms pulling him into her fat as he thrust his cock into the pudding like vee of her groin. His dick missed her small hole initially and he paused while he used his hand aimed. With another cry, he sank onto Shoran as he felt his prick slice into the heat of her open twat. She was surprisingly tight and he wondered if it was some time before she had been fucked, but she certainly was lubricated as Col found he could slide in and out at will.

“Nothing like a big mature cock inside me. Oh how I’ve waited for this Col,” she murmured in his ears.

“More like a big mature woman Shoran, I’m only a kid compared to you, in the nicest possible way” he gasped as he rammed hard at her wobbling frame. “You’re perfect. I adore big women and you’re the best.”

“I like the young ones though Col. Oo! Do that again,” she urged.

He altered the angle again and rubbed his pubic mound over hers, which had obviously inflamed her clitoris. Shoran shuddered with delight as their hairs rasped together. He wallowed in the mounds of her boobs as they flopped about him like buoys tossed on a sea of blubber. She pushed them up under him, letting Col feel the fullness of the huge hangers like a pair of ball bearings he could slide on.

Happily they fucked each other, Shoran giving as good as she got with urges, squeals and slaps on Col’s ramming arse as he shafted her full length with each stroke, loving the way his ballocks slapped on her butt. Suddenly his cum bubbled and rose. He let it erupt into Shoran’s sloppy minge with violent shudders and cries of pleasure. She hugged him tight, squeezing his dick in her snatch, draining every drop from his engorged knob. Col dropped onto her flab, exhausted but happy as he panted heavily. She soothed his wracked body with coos in his ear and strokes on his back. She grasped his buttocks and pulled at them, opening them wide and shunting his body up her. Her fingers found his arsehole and she played on it accompanied by his giggles and muted protests.

“That was so good Col,” Shoran breathed as his face finally rose, grinning down at her. “Thanks.”

“Not too quick I hope?” he queried.

“Perfect. I love it hard and fast and vigorous. Typical young fuck. Love it - adore it,” Shoran enthused happily.

In consideration he slid off, but there was hardly room on the sofa for him too, so Col ended up sitting on the floor beside her as she sat up and spread her legs. Her belly rolls cascaded down and shielded her crotch. Col happily fondled the stretch marked folds as Shoran lay back and revelled in his after play. They dripped with sweat.

“You prefer young men then?” he asked.

“Oh yes, the younger the better,” Shoran chuckled. “I’ve had a few since...”

“Your husband... ?”

“Bert died ten years ago from cancer. Too young, forty eight - the poor man, to go like that. But he smoked heavily and got heart disease and that was that.”


“It’s OK. I missed his sex although he was pervy. I told you about him sniffing knickers. He was immensely strong, but small. I mean not big like me – average like you. Normal you know? But he loved big girls and made sure I was well happy with his fucking.”

“You’re very candid about it Shoran.”

“Well you’ve got to be honest. I just crave fucking. Had my share since then I’ll tell you, Bert would understand.”

They chuckled heartily together, Col watching her immense body wobble like a jelly with each throaty cackle.

“The young men. Is that what you go for all the time?” he prompted, getting up and sitting beside Shoran. His arm snaked round her shoulders as his spare hand cupped her tits.

“Yes. It’s simple,” she responded, snuggling into his embrace. “I wait for them to come on to me. It’s amazing how many are like you and love the bigger mature woman. It’s great I don’t go short for much time.”

“What’s the youngest you’ve had?”

“Oo! That would be giving the game away.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been a bit naughty really. What would you say if I said sixteen?”

“Wow! Someone as young as that? I can’t imagine they would have the same taste as me.”

“Well it grew in you Col didn’t it?”

“Yeah! But only when I’d gone through the field - you know? and got to about eighteen.”

“What if I said younger?”

“Fuck! Go on.”


“Jesus! That’s illegal for a start. Was he any good?”

“You won’t shop me will you?”

“Of course not you silly woman,” Col comforted her, lifting her left breast and kissing it.

“Even younger. It’s ever so naughty.”

“Fucking hell Shoran. What have you done?” he shrieked. “Tell me.”

“It’s when I was a teacher. Two boys came on strong and I was hot and well it just happened.”

“How old were they?”

“You’ll still like me Col?”

He nodded and kissed her mouth gently. Shoran sighed and frowned, thinking about his sincerity.

“It was a long time ago. They were ... well – never mind. I was in Kenya. It was a local school.”

“Ah! Black kids.”

She nodded and grinned sheepishly.

“That’s why there is no problem in comeback you see. They can’t trace me really and they wouldn’t complain like the kids do over here. I treated them very well too.”

“Go on. I’m stunned.”

“They were young though. Isn’t that awful?”

He shook his head in wonderment as a grin spread over his face.

“Incredible,” Col gushed. “Could they satisfy you Shoran?”

“Oh yes. No problem there. But it was me who knew how to bring me on. They just supplied the tools – so to speak,” she trilled, her whole body shaking with mirth.

“I mean what were their cocks like?” Col asked.

“Big enough. They had the vigour too, once I had taught them a bit of pacing themselves. I had them several times and they got very good at it.”

“Fucking hell. You evil bitch,” Col chuckled pleasantly. “Hey! look at your nipples. You’re getting turned on.”

They both fondled Shoran’s bazongers, finding that indeed her teats had grown into firm buds and surrounding them were wrinkled darker areolae, that made her breast flesh look like parchment.

“I had a young girl once,” declared Col suddenly. “I was twenty and she was a big girl. Big hips, legs and waist but small tits. She came to my office on work experience. She came on to me, so I fucked her. She was OK but very naïve although she is a bit of a slag now. Works for the group in one of the motor magazines. Goes round the shows and gets laid. Well known for it, but I was one of her first.”

“Well there you go, we’ve both been a bit naughty in our time,” Shoran chuckled.

“Can you kneel up for me Shoran?” asked Col. “Like doggy style.”

“For my young man anything,” she declared pleasantly.

“I want my big momma up on her hand and knees so I can suck her pussy and lick her bum,” Col laughed as she shuffled heavily round.

Shoran snicked with him between pants of effort until finally she was kneeling along the suffering sofa. Her belly hung down, nearly brushing the pink rose patterned upholstery. Shoran’s thighs were like trunks of old gnarled trees and her tits slapped and wobbled until she stilled. Col watched with satisfaction as the huge bulk of womanhood waited for his attention. He moved round behind her and saw how her cunt seemed to be stretched extra long below the crease of her arse crack. This was melded together and he couldn’t see her anus.

Gently he stroked the lardy mass of her buttocks, ignoring the two large pimples that marred the flabby pillows until he started to spread her cheeks. The flesh between seemed to take ages to part. It was pink and seemed to be slightly inflamed and was very sticky. Eventually her arsehole was revealed and Col murmured approval at its neatness. Just a gathered collection of puckered wrinkles leading to the star of a centre except for one larger fold which created a sort of ridge all the way to her juicy labia. There wasn’t much hair in there – Col noticed, as he leaned forward to lick at Shoran’s fundament.

Sloppy noises started to emanate from her rear and she sighed with pleasure as Col lapped on her musky tasting bum. Shoran lowered her elbows and rested her head on her forearms in an attempt to raise her butt. She moved a soft cushion to one side to lower her head further. Her breasts billowed out with her upper torso weight squashing them. As Col started to finger the leaking pit of her cunt, his ears virtually muffled by Shoran’s buttocks, they didn’t hear the door open.

“Grandma!” cried Rob in anguish, as he stood in the doorway.

Col and Shoran looked up in amazement as they saw two boys with eyes bogglingly open, staring open mouthed at the sex scene. Col in his shock and sudden movement to stand and grab his clothes round his cock erected crotch, did however glimpse that the lad behind the one who called out was rubbing the front of his jeans.

“Rob. What are you doing here?” spluttered Shoran, trying to get into an upright position, while unsuccessfully shielding her big knockers from the two boys.

“Who is that?” gasped Rob menacingly.

“A friend of mine that’s all. Why didn’t you knock?” Shoran countered.

“Got a key haven’t I? Auntie Marianne asked if I could come round and sort out her computer – anytime,” Rob answered defiantly. “Didn’t see your car anyway. Where’s Lana?”

“The car is in for a MOT. They will bring it back at five. She’s in bed,” replied Shoran calmly, fiddling with her torn dress held in front of her. “Who is this?”

“Byron, my mate,” said Rob.

“Seen enough Byron?” she said glaring at the fidgeting youth.

The young, very tall black lad gulped and tried to look away, having difficulty with dragging his eyes away from the huge sexy woman.

“I’d better go Shoran,” said Col, who had quietly got dressed.

“No. No need. I am allowed to have friends in this world,” she responded, putting her hand on his arm. “It’s OK really.”

“Grandma!” whined Rob, nodding at her.

She saw that her dress had fallen aside and her huge belly and her right tit was again exposed.

“Oh! He’s seen me naked hundreds of times Col. Have bathed him since he was a baby. Got in the bath with him. It was easier - he was such a naughty wriggler,” Shoran, said brightly.

Byron sniggered until Rob glared at him.

“But Byron shouldn’t see you naked Grandma,” said Rob thoughtfully.

“It’s alright Rob,” grunted Byron - smiling. “It’s OK.”

“It’s not OK. First you see her getting her fu ... well doing things with him and then she shows you her tits,” Rob argued forcefully, grimacing at Col.

“I don’t think your Grandma meant to,” said Col quietly. “It was an accident.”

“You’re too young for her anyway,” challenged Rob in a gabbling, changing the subject way.

“That’s for me to decide and he isn’t too young. He’s a grown man,” argued Shoran pleasantly. “Look Rob. I’m not going to be interrogated by you. There is nothing wrong with me having a young lover. I am a single person remember. Anyway your friend seems to be rather excited by the whole thing.”

Devilishly, she nodded at Byron’s crotch. His erection jutted sharply up against his baggy combat shorts. Rob whirled round as Byron tried to fumble his cock out of sight. Shoran laughed loudly as Col tried to muffle chuckles.

“He’s only human Robbie darling,” Shoran chuckled. “Bit of tit never did anyone any harm ... Wohoooh!” With that she held out the painfully inadequate dress and posed model like making her boobs wobble frantically.

“Fucking hell,” mumbled Byron.

“Grandma...” bleated Rob, hopping from one foot to the other.

Col noticed her show piece was making Rob very uncomfortable and then noticed the inevitable surge of erect penile tissue straining at his black denim baggies.

“She’s lovely,” murmured Byron, rubbing his crotch.

“Shut it Byron,” mumbled Rob. “It’s my Grandma you’re ogling.”

“And why not?” said Col quietly. “You’re right Byron, she is lovely and I should know.”

The black lad grinned.

“Rob seems to like the view also Shoran,” prompted Col as she stood, puffing with effort - blatantly naked, after putting the dress down.

With a squeak, the lad tried to hide his tent pole looking structure as Shoran stepped towards him. She reached out as he tried to back off, but his exit was foiled by Byron who was up for as much sighting of her massive body as possible. As she grabbed her grandson’s crotch, Rob yelped, almost simultaneously echoed by Byron when she grabbed his crotch too. The black lad grinned as Rob almost swooned.

“Rob has always liked the view, haven’t you darling?” she asked him gently, nudging him with her left breast. “Shall we tell Col about it?”

“No - you can’t Grandma,” Rob squawked as she fondled his hidden but very evident erection.

Col noticed that he didn’t exactly fight her off, although he wriggled with discomfort.

“You’re like my Auntie Letitia,” sighed Byron, happily jutting his crotch forward to let her stroke him as long as she wanted. “She is a big woman too. I like her lots.”

“And does she do that to you Byron?” Col inquired pointedly. “I’ll bet she doesn’t.”

“Well...” Byron paused.

“Shut it Byron,” shouted Rob loudly.

The black lad gulped and looked fearfully at his pal, who glared at him.

“Oh do tell us Byron,” murmured Shoran, transferring all of her attentions to Byron.

Rob menaced his friend with all the violent stares he could muster, but Byron was lost in soft tits being pushed against him, two hands searching his crotch as Col looked on in astonishment. Rob’s eyes swivelled from Shoran to Col, almost as if asking for Col’s intervention, but Col detected a sign of jealousy too in his Grandma’s antics with Byron.

“My my Byron. What a big boy,” whispered Shoran in appreciative tones.

The four people were suddenly hushed as the sight of Byron’s gleaming dark brown cock loomed up through her fist. He was certainly big for his age and Col’s gaze slipped to the youth’s feet, seeing the outsize Reebok trainers. Big feet, big dick was the way Col saw these things. Col was stunned yet intrigued at the old woman’s actions and what she revealed in her fist, but also what she had mentioned earlier. He recalled her earlier comments about liking youngsters.

“You said Rob liked the view Shoran. Of you – do you mean? Why? How?” asked Col.

“Let’s put it this way Col. He seems to be around when I take a bath. I stay here lots and he visits lots and when he comes and stays with me particularly. The odd door creaking slightly, some doors left just a bit open, heavy breathing – you know,” suggested Shoran, wanking Byron’s cock slowly. “I know he peeps on me.”

“You peep on your Grandma Rob?” squeaked Byron. “Cool!”

“Cool – It’s disgraceful,” spouted Col.

“Aaarrghhhh!” exclaimed Rob, who almost burst into tears as he walked to a chair and slumped ashamedly into it, head in hands and groaning.

“Rob darling. Don’t worry. I don’t mind you youngsters learning about bodies that way,” said Shoran quietly as she left Byron with his dick quivering upright and joined her grandson at the chair.

Byron’s eyes swivelled in bewilderment from his now unattended, but very turned on crotch, to Col who shrugged his shoulders, to the family couple across the room. Byron finally rested his eyes on her enormous pale butt which billowed upwards at him as Shoran bent to comfort the guilt stricken youth. He could just about see between her fat thighs - the underhang of her belly and beyond that the sway of her mammaries as she stroked Rob’s head.

“I learned that way,” muttered Byron daringly, walking further into the room – his dick quivering with each step.

“What - peeping?” asked Col, sitting down.

“Yeah, on my Auntie and then she told me she would teach me things and she did,” Byron giggled and then after a huge smile and obviously unable to contain himself, he grabbed his dick and wanked it forcefully, as the words came tumbling out. It was like a release, but full of mirth and delight, as if he recognised a safe situation.

“And she taught Rob too hehehe,” he shrieked.

“What?” exploded Shoran. “Is this true?”

She stood, suddenly immense in injured presence as well as bulk, her jowls quivering as much as her tits, belly and buttocks as she silently demanded Rob explain. The lad shook his head and slowly raised his tormented face and peered at Byron with disbelief.

“You stupid fucker...”

“Hey! Language Robert,” admonished Shoran. “Tell me now.”

“Look I’ll leave you to it Shoran. It’s getting a bit personal and the family you know...” suggested Col.

She wobbled to him and sat heavily next to him. The furniture creaked as she settled and folded her arms squashing her vast bosoms. Her face spoke a thousand words as she glared at Rob and then Byron, who stood sheepishly watching his erection fade.

“You stay put Col if you don’t mind,” she said pleasantly, if a little firmly. “Come on Rob, tell me or I’ll get Byron to spill the beans.”

Again Rob looked at his pal, who looked out of the window trying to be unconcerned as he stuffed his flaccid dick away. There was a huge sigh from Rob, who wrung his hands, stared at his bitten down nails, ran his hand through his gelled spiky hair and seemingly got up the courage to speak.

“His Auntie Letitia taught us about sex, that’s all,” he told them.

“What about sex?” asked Shoran.

“All about it ... you know doing it and things...”

“What things?”


“You’ve seen her naked then?”


“You touched her?”



“In her bedroom.”

“You know what I mean.”

“All over. She showed us how.”

“She touched you?”


“All over?”


“You liked it?”

There was a pause and a glance between Byron and Rob before Rob continued.

“Suppose so.”

“And Byron did it too?”

“Yes – course he did.”

The black boy grinned and nodded enthusiastically.

“Obviously,” murmured Shoran with a grin at Col.

“Do you know what Col was doing to me?”



“Licking you Grandma – licking you for fu ... sake.”

“Told you once,” she raised her hand and threatened him, then altered her tone. “You lick Byron’s auntie and she licks you?”


The exasperation and shame were evident in Rob’s tortured confession as silence reigned in the quiet front room. Col asked his age.

“Nearly fifteen - why?” came a snarling response.

“Don’t be rude to Col He’s only asking.”

“It’s just to mention that I learned things from a friend of my mum’s when I was fifteen,” announced Col.

“Cool!” murmured Byron, leaning on the window cill.

“It’s often the best way. Saves all that groping round with girls you don’t know and don’t care about and vice versa,” added Col.

“Yeah man!” said Byron.

An approving glance flashed from Shoran to Col.

“Yeah you’re probably right,” she told him. “So what do we do now?”

“Dunno,” muttered Rob.

“We fucked my Auntie too,” exploded Byron, unable to contain himself.

“Fuck you Byron. We’re finished,” retorted Rob in disgust.

“Swearing like that Rob. I won’t allow it,” admonished Shoran sternly. “Wait till later. And I can tell you, you won’t like it.”

“Well he said it,” moaned Rob, obviously suffering under his Grandma’s status.

“Fucking someone is an expression of sex, not a swear word. Am I right Col?”

Col nodded and grinned at her indignant righteousness. She winked at him and nudged his arm. He watched her tits roll and spotted that her nipples were on the rise. Whether her line of conversation was intentional to stimulate her sexuality once more, Col didn’t know, but it was certainly having that effect – maybe just adrenaline. Suddenly a loud trilling tune disturbed the almost cosy confessional atmosphere in the room. Byron answered his mobile.

“Ooh! Muuuum!” he moaned. “Not now.”

Rob glanced at his pal as Col and Shoran sat patiently quiet.

“No it’s not. I’m busy,” Byron blurted. “Busy, just busy ... Never mind.”

Shoran nodded at her nipples and Col chuckled as they both reached full button stand.

“I’m wet again,” she whispered. “Aren’t I naughty?”

Byron slammed his mobile shut and swore gently.

“Gotta go. What a minging bummer,” he muttered. “Catch you Rob?”

His tentative and hopeful farewell got a brusque grunt and dismissive wave and he left, slouching across the room and taking one last long lingering glance at the mountain of naked flesh that was Shoran. With a grin, she opened her legs slightly, giving him hope but there was no way he would see into the fleshy crevasse she indicated.

“Got to pee,” said Rob, getting up and leaving the room as Shoran told him to come straight back afterwards.

She grabbed Col’s hand and thrust it into her crotch and after fumbling past several rolls of belly - assisted by her splayed legs and levering her butt upwards, he finally found her sloppy cunt. He fingered her happily, Shoran laying back luxuriously until he heard footsteps on the stairs and Rob obediently came back. They scrambled just to sit up.

“Lana is asleep,” he grunted as he sat and watched Shoran reposition her legs, unaware of the couple’s play in his absence.

“Good. I knew she would be out cold, she played hard this morning. Now Rob. What are we going to do with you?” said Shoran.

“For one thing, I wish you would put some clothes on Grandma,” he told her firmly.

“I like being naked Rob. Col likes me naked don’t you?” she asked, getting a nod and a smile from the young photographer. “I thought you liked me naked Rob. You like to watch me with no clothes on.”

“Buuut!” Rob whined. “That’s different. You’re not like this, with people.”

“Doesn’t matter. You like to look at my tits don’t you?”

Silence, until she giggled watching Col sniff and lick his fingers. She returned to quizzing Rob.

“You do, I know you do - like to look at these,” Shoran prompted hoisting her boobs and cupping them like two over ripe water melons.

Col wasn’t sure where all this was going and why she continued tormenting Rob, but while he was in doubt of her motives if he had indeed read her the wrong way - he liked her daring and the lingering views of her vast bulk, longer than he expected on this surprising work day. He was thankful he had finished his assignments and could relax.

“Big aren’t they?” she giggled rolling them so they clashed together.

“Yeah!” Rob murmured “Suppose so,” crossing and uncrossing his legs.

“Biggest you have ever seen Rob?”

Col glanced at Shoran - unsure. She nudged him and nodded with narrowed eyes. He looked at Rob who was half watching, his head angled to the floor but his eyes riveted on his Grandma.

“Maybe we shouldn’t go this way Shoran,” Col, whispered. “I mean ... you know...”

“I just wondered how they compared with Byron’s Auntie Letitia, that’s all,” she interrupted, weighing her tits. “What do you think Rob?”

“Much bigger,” the lad blurted. “Yours are much bigger Grandma.”

“And you fucked her too?”

Rob twisted and writhed in absolute embarrassment while Shoran waited patiently for an answer to the sudden unexpected question. Col nudged Shoran and grimaced that she shouldn’t continue, but she shook her head and smiled slightly as if to say it will be alright. In the ensuing silence, Rob looked over at the mature naked woman confronting him. His eyes slid to Col, then back to Shoran who sat back with her arms folded, her nipples pointing over the top of her flabby arms and an expectant expression on her face.

“You did didn’t you Rob?” she prompted gently and sympathetically, leaning forward so that her arms fell away and her mammaries fell onto her knees. “How old is she?”

“Not sure Grandma, but I know she has seven children, two not long ago” murmured Rob, biting his lip.

“Well you fucked a woman that has seven children. She would teach you a thing or two eh?” trilled Shoran lightly. “I only have two and one is your mother - Marianne’s sister,” she added for Col’s benefit.

“You’re not mad at me for doing it?” Rob asked incredulously. “For fucking her?”

“Of course not darling,” Shoran answered. “You liked it?”

Rob breathed a huge sigh, nodded and grinned.

“Yeah it was cool. I thought you’d be mad. We’ve done it loads of times,” he added.

“Have you now. Both together - I mean while Byron was in the room too?” she asked, glancing triumphantly at Col, who sat shaking his head in amused mystification.

“Yeah! Sometimes and sometimes on my own. I don’t mind, but I did prefer it on my own. It’s cool,” he added.

“So you shouldn’t be so upset when you see your old Granny doing it should you?”

“No s’pose not,” Rob chuntered quietly.

“Because we’re going to do it again aren’t we Col?” she chuckled.

“What now?” Rob and Col squeaked simultaneously.

Shoran laughed merrily.

“Worn you out have I Col? There you are Rob - surprising what an old woman can do eh?”

Rob looked on obliquely as Col responded.

“Not saying that Shoran. It’s just that I meant you know...” he nodded towards the youngster.

“Yes I know. Not in front of him. I didn’t mean that. But we are aren’t we?”

“Oh yes. You know me and big lovely women,” Col chuckled with enthusiasm, to Rob’s obvious distaste.

“Oh don’t turn your nose up like that,” Shoran admonished Rob. “He says I am lovely you see? I am happy with that whatever my age. And when you get older and more street wise you’ll understand, that that big thing you have poking out at me will want to try all sorts of girls, thin and fat and in between and of course not forgetting your mate, black Hos.” She giggled at Col and Rob’s surprise when she used a street term.

Rob hurriedly shut his legs and winced as he realised his relaxed state had allowed him to settle more comfortably, with his legs open and laying back in his chair. He had to adjust his trousers to release his cock which had been compressed and nearly bent in half in his attempt to hide his erection. Shoran and Col looked on in amused silence at Rob’s embarrassed discomfort. Col excused himself and finally left the house with definite promises to visit Shoran again and give her another good seeing to - as she put it. Rob got on with the computer problem in Marianne’s office. Shoran dressed and got on with housework. No more was said in the McRory household about the afternoon situation, but many thoughts buzzed in both the young and the old heads.

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