Hot Momma's Revenge Fuck

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Revenge, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish, Public Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Melanie was the 35 year old mother of three children. He was 60 years old and met her in a crowded bar where they started their foreplay, and finished it off in his suite upstairs. She was pissed at her husband, and he was the lucky man who helped her get her revenge, but she underestimated how much she would enjoy the experience.

It was an amazing feeling ... a post-orgasmic spasming pussy massaging the length of my 60 year old cockshaft. It was buried to the balls in a 35 year old mother of three children - a 15 year old girl, and a set of 13 year old twin boys.

This was a revenge fuck. I was in the right place at the right time when Melanie wanted to punish her husband. I didn’t care about the reason - I was just enjoying the spoils.

It all started an hour ago when my friend Nora introduced me to Melanie.

We started out seated in a bar area, giving me a wonderful view of her smooth long legs. She caught me more than once glancing at them. As the bar area filled, and others arrived we stood closer to the bar.

We established a common ground - she was a financial adviser and I was a small business owner. We talked shop for a while before the conversation turned more personal and risqué - she started to flirt with me.

Melanie was a tall slim brunette with straight hair to just below her shoulder line. She was wearing an orange coloured sparkly dress - with a hemline just below her ass cheeks. Needless to say, that showed off plenty of her beautiful legs ... and had her tugging at the hemline often during our conversation.

I decided that I was a “leg man” for the evening, although her bustline wasn’t at all shabby.

After about 45 minutes of conversation, the bar area became very crowded when the Chinese New Year was being welcomed in by a group of lion dancers. It was so crowded that Melanie was pressed against me, her firm breasts against my chest, and with her lips near my ear to make herself heard above the noise.

I decided to take a risk - the conversation had been quite sexy and risqué so I slipped a hand onto the back of her naked thigh, feeling her soft skin.

She didn’t object ... so I slipped it higher onto her ass cheek just below the hemline of her dress. No panties encountered ... had me thinking that she was probably wearing a g-string.

“You are so fucking sexy” I almost had to shout into her ear.

She smiled - she surprised me when she gave me a quick and gentle kiss on the lips.

With the movement of the crowd around us, Melanie shifted a little, with my hand slipping from her ass cheek to between her parted thighs. My hand was now cupping her pussy through her damp panties - panties that felt very brief and lacy.

I was buoyed by her lack of complaint - she just pushed her pussy against my cupping hand. I ran my fingers across her damp panty gusset, and feeling bold I slipped it under the material and between her sopping wet pussy lips.

Slipping a finger deeper and into her tight pussy canal, I finger-fucked her in the middle of this crowded room ... only the two of us knowing what was happening.

“My cock will feel much better ... and bigger” I informed her when I licked and nibbled her earlobe.

She continued to wiggle about on my finger ... responding with another quick kiss on my lips.

Sensing that now was the time to act, I dragged her out of the crowd holding her hand, and making our way to the elevators. Once inside and on the way to my 10th floor room, I pulled her into a passionate kiss, holding her by the ass cheeks against my half-hard cock.

Her hand slipped up behind my neck, making sure that I wasn’t going anywhere. Her tongue was actively trying to find its way into my throat. This was one sexy hot momma.

Once inside the room, divesting her of her sexy dress and underwear was my immediate mission.

“Fuck me ... you are a fucking sexy momma” I told her, crab-walking her back to the bed, and laying her back on its center. I stood at the end of the bed, and quickly stripped ... setting free my long fat cock.

“Oh ... you’re big ... I didn’t expect that” she observed as I walked around to the bedside table to retrieve my cock ring and the tube of lube that I’d been using earlier. Whilst she watched closely, I slipped on the ring over my shaft and balls. I accentuated further the thickness of my cock. I lubed it from top to bottom - she was tight even after birthing three children, and any assistance in penetrating her would be most welcome.

Kneeling between her parted thighs, I nudged it between her sopping wet lips ... and buried it in her tight wetness in one continuous thrust.

This probably took her by surprise ... I wasn’t giving her a chance to change her mind.

Her orgasm was big and quick ... hitting almost as soon as I fully penetrated her. Her juices streamed down my cockshaft, and across by bloated balls.

It took her a couple of minutes to recover from her orgasmic high, and when she did she gasped “Condom!!! ... you’re not wearing one” in a panic.

I wanted to keep fucking this sexy momma so I needed to reassure her quickly with “I’m clean... , and I’ve been shooting blanks for many years”.

She settled noticeably on hearing my assurance, and actually pushed her pussy harder against my embedded cock, wrapping her shapely legs around my waist. I leant forward, bringing my lips back into contact with hers, with tongues again boring into each other’s throats.

It was a bump and grind fuck for the next ten minutes or so ... enjoying the feeling of skin against skin ... and talking dirty to each other when our lips weren’t sealed together.

“My god ... you haven’t cum yet” she blurted out suddenly. She had cum about five times so far.

“I’m lucky if my husband lasts 30 seconds these days ... and lucky if I get to cum at all” she honestly shared with me. We had been fucking for about 15 minutes so far.

“I feel so full and stretched ... and I’m not feeling at all guilty about enjoying this” she added.

After a short pause she added “But this is a one timer only ... any more and you will spoil me forever for him”. She looked at me looking for my agreement - I nodded to her and that made her happy - she smiled.

“Lets change it up” I suggested.

Still embedded in her, I knelt between her legs, looping her ankles over my shoulders and locking my arms around her upper thighs ... lifting her ass off the bed. My cock slid a few millimeters deeper into her.

“Oh god” she moaned as I flexed my cock inside her, fucking her with the smallest of movements.

I fucked her steadily, kissing her slim ankles with her feet in close proximity to my face. I love it when a woman has looked after her feet - these were slim and sexy and well maintained with pale pink toenail polish.

I slipped her big toe between my lips, licking and sucking it with immediate effect.

“Fuck ... what are you doing to me?” she gasped ... then screamed announcing a massive cum. Her pussy juices flooded my shaft and dropped to be bedding below us, adding to the already large wet spot there.

Switching between feet and different toes had her on a long-lasting high. The clenching of her pussy was pushing me closer and closer to my own cum explosion.

“Yes ... yes ... just about there” I moaned.

“Cum in me ... fill me with your hot cum” she wailed.

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