The Interpreter

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Cheating, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Foot Fetish, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He needed an interpreter to help him close the deal with a Korean business man. Xin Yi was his choice of young lady to help, and showed her appreciation for a great night at dinner with him and the business man and his wife. He was a little shocked when the wife joined them for a threesome the next morning.

Ed was a 55 year old successful business man who had made his fortune by making some astute investments in Asia. He was on the cusp of sealing another deal with a South Korean business - all he had to do was meet the CEO ... to get his seal of approval.

The problem was that the CEO spoke very little English, so he would need an interpreter to help him.

He was pondering his problem whilst eating his lunch at his favourite cafe when it all became clear to him. It was so simple - he just needed Xin Yi to agree to help him.

Xin Yi was the young 20 year old Korean lady who served him lunch most days. He had struck up a short conversation on most occasions whilst he waited. Today the conversation centred on his need for a dinner companion and interpreter.

He was quite surprised when she agreed to help him.

He organised for his personal assistant to work with Xin Yi to make it all happen ... including dress shopping and beauty parlour visit.

Later that evening Ed collected her from the adjoining hotel suite. He had booked adjoining suites in the hotel where the dinner was being held. His PA helped his young dinner partner get ready for the evening.

When the door opened between their suites, he was stunned at the metamorphosis that the young lady had undertaken. He now knew that her work uniform did absolutely no justice to her stunning figure.

She was 5ft 5ins tall - a few inches taller that night in her stilettos. The dress was an amazing black number that showed off her beautiful legs and the inner curves of her rounded breasts - no bra to harness or hide them. Her face was made up wonderfully with her hair beautifully done.

His personal assistant had done a wonderful job preparing her for the evening, including briefing her on the people that they would be having dinner with.

The dinner went off superbly with Xin Yi doing a magnificent job, including talking animately with Mi Na the younger wife of the CEO, and sharing laughs with her ... and even the CEO.

A handshake at the end of the dinner sealed the deal. Breakfast at 9:00 AM would follow the next day just to socialise.

Upon returning to his suite, Ed and Xin Yi collapsed on the lounge after their dinner guests had departed.

This is what happened next.

“Thank you ... I can never repay you enough for your company and help tonight” he told her as they sat side by side, her hip brushing lightly against his as they sat close together.

“Your welcome ... I had so much fun” she replied. He loved hearing her slightly accented English, but was curious about the conversations at dinner involving her native language.

“I’m curious ... you and his wife had a lot to say to each other ... and I had the distinct feeling that I was the subject of your conversation” Ed asked. “I noted you both looking my way a lot”.

Xin Yi laughed and smiled “That was so perceptive of you ... you are very good at reading people” she commented as she stood up, and climbed onto his lap. Ed as very surprised, with his cock coming to life in his trousers under her wiggling ass.

They just watched each other for a few moments ... waiting to see who would make the first move. It was her - she leant forward and gently kissed Ed on the lips for a couple of seconds.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening” she told him.

Sitting back, and wiggling against his hardening cock she spoke “Mi Na told me that she had had an American lover before she married her husband. She told me that the sex between them was just out of this world compared to her Korean husband.”

Xin Yi continued “She told me that I needed to have sex with you ... to experience the difference”.

She paused and waited for Ed’s reaction.

Ed was just speechless for the moment - something not normally the case. His lack of speech was made up for by drawing her into a longer and more passionate kiss. When they finally broke to catch their breathes, she sat back wiggling her ass against his trouser trapped and now very hard cock.

He moved his hands to her shoulders, pushing the fine dress straps off her delicate shoulders, allowing the dress to fall, catching momentarily on her breasts before dropping to pool around her waist.

“Magnificent ... beautiful” he commented with his hands cupping her firm rounded breasts with their tiny dark nipples. He played with them whilst again kissing her, parting her lips with his inquisitive tongue.

When the kiss was broken this time, his mouth found its way to her breasts, licking and sucking on her hard little nipples.

“Uh ... oh ... ohhhhhhhh!!!!” she moaned as he switched back and forth between them. Her breasts were so firm that it was impossible to bring her nipples together to suck them as one.

“Undress for me” he whispered into one of her breasts.

Reluctantly she sat back on his lap, breaking contact with his lips for the moment. She slipped off his lap and stood in front of him, releasing the belt at the waist of her dress, and pushing it down over her hips to pool around her ankles at her bare feet.

Ed was again surprised ... she was without panties. Her mound had just a thin landing strip of black hair, with the remainder of her mound and pussy lips completely devoid of hair.

“Oh ... that looks delicious ... good enough to eat” he commented in an appreciative low voice.

Xin Yi smiled and chuckled.

“Why does that comment amuse you?” he asked with some curiosity.

“Someone else has snacked on it already tonight” she replied, stunning Ed with her revelation.

Ed looked at her with a questioning look, unable to put his question into words. After a short pause she answered his unasked question with “Yes ... Mi Na loves to eat pussy ... she had a quick snack in the bathroom during dinner ... and kept my panties as a souvenir”.

That information had Ed appraising the CEO’s wife in a completely different light.

Xin Yi interrupted his thoughts when she continued with “Did you know that she is the real owner of the company? ... It’s her money in the company”.

Ed’s mind was racing, thinking of many new things to consider in this investment. Xin Yi interrupted his thoughts when she said “Pleasure now ... business later”. She leant over and started to undo the belt on his trousers, running her free hand over the substantial bulge in his trousers.

“Lets swap positions” Ed suggested. Quickly they changed, Ed stood in front of her as she sat on the edge of the lounge, watching all of his movements closely. With his belt undone, he released the button and zipper, allowing the trousers to fall to his feet. He bent down and removed them and his socks, leaving him in just his tented boxer shorts.

When he went to push them down, she stopped him saying “I want to do that”. He stopped and stepped forward, coming to within easy reach of her. Hooking her fingers in the waistband she dragged them downwards, catching on his erect cock momentarily before it popped free.

“Oh ... that’s big ... and beautiful” she commented with her hand grasping it by the base.

She moved her face closer, close enough to rub his cock across her cheeks, and her closed lips. The softness of her lips excited him greatly.

“Lick me ... suck me” he moaned.

She parted her lips, and fed the head just between her lips, her tongue licking the tip and pushing into his piss slit, fucking it with the tip of her tongue.

“Fuck me ... where did you learn that?” he groaned. She just looked up at him and winked, and not answering him - too busy licking to waste time answering. She sucked the top couple of inches with increasing lip pressure and tongue action ... pushing him towards a cum explosion at a great rate of knots.

“I’ll cum if you keep that up” he warned her. She just sucked with more enthusiasm, massaging his big balls whilst ministering to his cock.

“Aghhhh ... oh fuck ... cumming!!!!!” Ed shouted, dumping a huge load of cum into her mouth, with it sliding down her throat as she swallowed enthusiastically. When his cum torrent had finally abated, he drew her to her feet, kissing her passionately - not afraid of tasting any of his own cum that may still be lingering on her lips.

Ed carefully turned them around until he could ease her back onto the lounge. Kneeling between her thighs, he parted her legs, positioning her feet on the edge of the seat, and opening up access to her delicious looking and very wet pussy.

“Seconds is ok by me” he told her, referring to her pussy licking earlier in the evening at the hands (and tongue) of the CEO’s wife. He finished the sentence by burying his tongue between her slightly parted and engorged lips.

“Aghhhh ... oh fuck ... oh fuck” she gasped, running her hand through his hair whilst he attended to her wetness, sliding his tongue up and down between her lips, and poking it into her tight entry before retracing its path back to her erect clit.

“Oh ... oh ... oh ... oh fuck” she wailed, announcing the arrival of her orgasm. Her hips bucked against his face, driving her pussy against his lips and tongue, and painting his face with her sticky juices.

He looked up from between her thighs, catching her attention and asking “Did Mi Na make you cum like that?”

A goofy smile was the only response that she gave him.

With her orgasm on the wane, he went back to licking, moving his attention to her clit whilst slipping a finger into her tight canal. The combination of finger fucking her, and licking her clit soon had her on the precipice of another major cum explosion.

Having been well trained by a previous lover Ed crooked his finger inside her pussy in search of her g-spot - results were immediate. A massive cum explosion, her pussy grabbing and squeezing at his finger with her juices deluging his fingers and hand.

This cum high hung around longer than the previous one, giving him the opportunity to kneel closer to her. Cock in hand, he positioned the head at her tight wet pussy canal entry- then with a slow and steady force he slid it into her.

He could feel every little undulation inside her as his cock slid deeper. The tightness that encircled his fat cock was amazing. Within a minute he was fully embedded in her. He struggled not to explode on the spot.

“Ed ... I’m not protected” she gasped when she realized that she had been penetrated.

“Yours is the first condomless cock ever inside me” she added. She looked just a little worried.

“I’m sorry I should have asked ... I’m clean ... and I’m sterile courtesy of a vasectomy” Ed informed her as he started to reluctantly withdraw from her clinging hot sheath.

“Stop ... stop ... stay in me ... it’s ok” she gasped, her eyes rolling at the exquisite sensations coursing through her body.

“I trust you ... besides I’ve always wanted to fuck without a condom, but I’ve been too worried about the consequences ... now is the perfect time to do it” she explained quite hurriedly.

Ed slipped back into her ... back fully into her wonderful responsive pussy sheath. He put his arms around her neck, pulling her into a passionate kiss whilst their joined bodies fucked with short and sharp fuck strokes.

When not kissing her on the lips, he was nibbling on her ear and the delicate skin under the lobe.

“Let’s get more comfortable” he suggested after a few minutes of intense fucking. She nodded in agreement.

He picked her up still impaled on his fleshy rod, and carefully carried her into the bedroom where he backed onto the kingsized bed, positioning her on top of him in the cowgirl position. They wiggled together, moving him further onto the bed and allowing her free reign to fuck up and down on his shaft.

His hands slipped up from her hips to under her firm rounded breasts where his fingers could tease her hard little nipples as she rode him with increasing vigor. He could feel his balls getting hotter, and his cock harder - he was on the verge of his first cum for ages.

“Gonna cum soon ... cum in you” he growled.

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