Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Fisting, Masturbation, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After studying psychology and wanting the neighbors wife badly, I experimented on her and others. Eventually they all became mine.

Melvin Lowry sat on his couch pondering his successful experiment earlier that morning. He lived in an okay lower middle class neighborhood since his divorce. He got fat and was nothing to look at. He did not have anyone he would call a friend but his neighbors would all describe him as a nice guy. The members of the large Church he often attended would have also described him as being an okay person but a bit of introvert. They all would describe him as a very good listener but not much of a talker.

Melvin was not all that interested in what people thought about him. He was interested in what people thought. In fact he had completed a rather extensive study of psychology and was always watching and carefully listening to people. During the course of his investigation into the human mind he came across several possibilities of directly conversing with the unconscious. Under the right conditions one could theoretically take control of another person with their permission.

Melvin had worked out a program and had some very good results. He was able to create a musical like program that allowed him to delve directly into one’s unconscious. It works by using two specific tonal frequencies played on the right and left channel of a stereo sound track. The interplay of these frequencies made the person’s unconscious very receptive to various subliminal messages under the music. Also, as the program progressed he found that not so subliminal messages would be accepted.

Melvin had tried these out on himself with only partial success. He found that by just knowing what the programs contain this immunized him to a large degree to the effects. Now after attempting to use the program on himself a number of times the program no longer had any effect.

He wanted to experiment on someone else and this morning he got the opportunity. He was working in his yard when his neighbor, Mrs. Smythe, called to him.

“Melvin could you do me a very large favor?”

“Sure, what can I do for you?” he replied.

“Leah’s friend cannot take her to school this morning and I have an appointment in the other direction. I hate to ask you but could you drive her to school,” she asked.

“Sure,” Melvin was not doing anything special and would enjoy the 20 minute drive. It was then the idea arose to experiment on Leah.

“Give me a couple minutes and I will be ready,” he said and went into the house to get his newest CD. This one had a number of strong messages related to control.

“Hi, Leah,” Melvin said as she approached his car. She was a pretty 18 year old senior. She was wearing a blue skirt and white blouse.

“Hi, Mr. Lowry,” Leah said as she opened the car door.

Melvin had already begun the music as they pulled out of the driveway.

“That is oldies music,” Leah said as she adjusted the seatbelt.

“Yeah, it is some of the 60’s I have been listening to. It is on the right side but it grows on you,” he replied.

As they drove Melvin kept watching Leah without being too obvious. When they began she was very talkative but then the talk slowed. After about 10 minutes she was now quiet looking straight ahead with a kind of stupid grin on her face.

“Leah, are you okay?” Melvin asked.

“Yes, Mr. Lowry,” she said in a dull voice unlike her normal perky voice.

“Is there something the matter?” Melvin asked.

“No, Mr. Lowry I’m fine,” Leah said again in the dull voice.

Melvin decided to try something. “Leah, lift your arm,” he said.

Leah without question lifted her left arm and held it in front of her.

“Leah, lift your left leg.”

Leah lifted her left leg as high as she could in the car. She sat staring ahead with her left arm extended in front of her and her left leg touching the dash of the car.

“Leah, are you okay?” Melvin asked in amazement.

“Yes, Mr. Lowry,” Leah said in the dull voice.

“Anything strange going on Leah?” he asked.

“No, Mr. Lowry,” she replied.

“Put your arm and leg down.”

They were a little over half way to the school and had plenty of time before school began. Melvin decided to pull over in the park for a few minutes to fully test his nearly gained control over Leah.

“Leah, turn and face me.”

She complied with the dumb smile on her face.

“Leah, raise your left leg on the car seat.”

Leah raised her left leg onto the car giving Melvin a good look at her blue panties.

Melvin could not believe what was happening. He also felt a budge beginning to develop in his pants.

“Leah, let me see your pussy,” he said nervous that this might be enough to awaken the young girl from her trance.

Leah continued to smile and reached down. She pulled her skirt up and moved her panties aside to give Melvin an unobstructed view of her pink pussy lips and small patch of neatly trimmed public hair.

“Very nice,” Melvin commented.

Leah said nothing.

“Leah, do you like to rub your pussy?” he asked.

“Yes, Mr. Lowry, I like to rub my pussy,” she said in an uninterested voice. “Are you a virgin” Melvin asked. “No Mr. Lowry” she said.

Melvin wished he had thought to bring his camera but knew they did not have much time and he did not want to explain why Leah was late to school. However, he did want something to memorize his first success with his new program.

“Leah, take off your panties and give them to me,” he instructed.

Leah squirmed around and slid her panties over her shoes. She handed them to him. Melvin took a quick sniff and then put them in his pocket.

“Okay, Leah. Thanks for the show but we need to get you to school, come by today after school and I will play with your pussy. “ Melvin said as they drove away. “Ok.” Said Leah.

He did not know what was going to happen as he turned off the CD and turned on the regular radio program. Leah did not do anything for a few minutes and then began to look around. She did not look disturbed.

“Are you okay Leah?”

“Yes, Mr. Allen, I’m fine. Why do you ask?” she quizzed.

“Oh nothing. You were just so quiet.”

“No, there is nothing wrong. I feel great.”

It was not until she got up to get out of the car that Leah noticed there was something missing. She felt a cool air next to her soft skin under her skirt. She could not believe that she had forgotten to put on panties this morning. Leah spent the day panty less and found she kind of liked the feeling.

Melvin was very excited over his little experiment. He could not believe it worked as well as it did. He also could not believe that he had just viewed a young girl’s pussy. As he pulled into the garage he had a full blown erection that was demanding attention. As he walked into his kitchen he quickly pumped a load on the kitchen floor. He then settled back to think about his next move.

Melvin often thought about the human dilemma. There were the basic animalistic urges and desires everyone had somewhere in their minds. Then there were the many rationalizations everyone makes to demonstrate our advanced civilized minds. He noticed many that attended his Church that used the worse kind of reaction formation defenses to be vehemently opposed to those desires and impulses they most desperately wanted. Melvin felt that anytime one had extreme feelings about a subject particularly of a sexual nature, it demonstrated an unconscious desire for that very thing. The most homophobic person was the one who was most insecure about their sexuality. The person who felt sex was only for propagation was the one who had the strongest sexual impulses for pure pleasure.

Melvin wanted to use his new technology to test some of his theories. He also wanted to have a bit of fun, more fun than just jerking off on the kitchen floor.

Melvin’s next opportunity presented itself about a week later. He was attending to some Church business when he found himself alone with Olivia. They were in the back of the Church and no one else was present. Melvin had his portable CD player with him. Melvin was in his van and his van had previously been set up for his next experiment. However, this time Melvin wanted to use the fear factor to see how someone would react. He also had to acknowledge how much he liked the idea of dominating someone.

Olivia was just such a person. She was nice enough but had pledged to remain a virgin until marriage. His Church had such a program mainly for teenagers but Olivia, now 32, lead the program and preached the message of no sex without marriage. Melvin felt Olivia had many pent up sexual desires and she would be perfect for his investigation.

Without warning Melvin played the music and Olivia fell almost instantly. He duct taped her hands and used duct tape to tie her feet. Olivia was taking totally by surprise so she did not even think to scream until she felt the duct tape go over her mouth. Then it was too late. She was aware but wasn’t. It was a very weird feeling.

“Olivia, we are going to do a little experiment,” Melvin said to Olivia as he bound her feet together and lifted her into the back of the van.

“Please let me go,” Olivia tearfully pleaded as Melvin took the tape off her mouth.

“Not just yet,” Melvin said as he finished adjusting the rope that secured Olivia firmly to two trees. Her arms and legs were stretched out between two small pines leaving her standing with her legs spread and arms stretching between the two trees. Olivia wore a plain multicolored dressed that draped to slightly below her knees.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whimpered.

“No, I don’t plan to hurt you. I just want to have a little look at those tits,” he said as he cupped her left breast and squeezed.

“Ohhhhh,” Olivia could not believe what was happenings. Just an hour ago she was working at the Church and now this man she thought she knew had abducted her.

“Let’s see what we have here,” Melvin said as he unbuttoned Olivia’s blouse exposing the white lace of her bra. “Oh, very nice,” he said admiring the rosy flesh beneath her blouse. He already had a hard erection that was noticeable through his pants.

“Oh, you must let me go, you can’t do this Melvin” Olivia said in desperation. She had noticed the budge in his pants.

“Not just yet,” Melvin replied. Olivia’s blouse was now unbuttoned her bra revealed to the world. She could not believe it as the man reached under her dress and quickly cut her panties on each side allowing them to drop to the ground below. Melvin was enjoying the power trip he was having and he was keenly conscious of Olivia’s every reactions.

“No, you can’t do that,” Olivia said as she felt her panties fall off her body.

“Ah, it looks as if I can do this,” Melvin said in a matter of fact tone of voice. With that he lifted her dress up and squatted so he had direct view of her pink pussy. “What a pretty pussy you have,” he commented.

“No, you are not supposed to see me. Let me go. Melvin this is not right. No one has ever seen me like this.” Olivia was becoming quite agitated and screamed for help.

“Your screams hurt my ears and they are not helping anything. There is no one for miles around here. So be quiet. Also, it is about time someone took a look at this pretty pussy,” the man said in a stern voice.

Olivia stopped screaming afraid she might agitate Melvin to the point he would hurt her. She did not want to think about what was going to happen.

“Now let me finish exposing various parts of your body and we can begin,” Melvin said as he pinned her skirt up above her waste so her pussy and the large patch of pubic hair was plainly visible. He then slipped her breasts out of the bra leaving the bra to support Olivia’s 36C breasts.

He stepped back and said, “That looks just right.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” Olivia muttered not knowing what was next. She could feel the cool air passing between her legs to her most sensitive and private areas. She had never been so exposed to another person.

Melvin walked over to his van and removed a video camera. “Now we will have a little talk,” he said as he put the camera on a tripod and focused it at Olivia.

“Olivia, how does it feel to have your pussy for the entire world to see?” Melvin calmly asked.

“Why are you doing this?” Olivia pleaded.

“Please answer the question,” Melvin replied.

“It feels terrible. I can’t stand this. It is not right,” she cried.

“Would you like for me to publish these pictures over the internet for everyone to see?” Melvin asked.

“No, you can’t do that. What would my friends, my parents think?”

“I don’t know, what would they think?”

“They would think I had gone crazy. Please just let me go and I will never tell anyone about this,” she said.

“What will you let me do if I let you go?” Melvin asked.

“What do you mean?” Olivia knew what he meant.

“What is in it for me if I let you go?”

“I will not let you have sex with me if that is what you mean.”

“Will you suck my dick?” Melvin asked with a smile.

“No, I would never do such a disgusting thing. You will have to kill me first,” Olivia said and meant it.

Melvin noted this and according to his theory this meant that some part of Olivia felt just the opposite.

“What about letting me fuck your butt hole?” Melvin inquired.

“You a disgusting human being and I hate you,” Olivia screamed with vengeance.

“Ok, that is enough questions. I am going to let you go but not until after we are finished here,” Melvin said as he walked over to her. He took the camera and got a very close shot of her face, then moved down to her breasts, and then to her pussy. He moved around back and raised her dress taking a shot of her butt. “Nice ass,” he commented as she felt him spread her ass cheeks to get a good shot of her puckered anus.

“Ok, I think I got good pictures all around,” he said. He then took a walkman-like device out of his bag and put the earphones on Olivia. As he pushed the button Olivia heard very strange music. It seems to have an effect all over her. Her head began to spin and her stomach began to feel funny.

“You can hear my voice since I am networked into your headphones. This is not your usual musical; this is a very special computer generated tape. It can affect the way you think and what you remember about things. So I want to both remember and forget what is happening. However, if there is a next time I ask you to come with me you will come with me with no hesitation. Do you understand, Olivia?”

Olivia felt really strange. She did not understand what he was saying but then she also seemed to understand it as she heard herself almost automatically say, “Yes I understand.” What was stranger was she knew that she was agreeing to this evil man’s request.

“All I have to do is to say, Come, and you will come with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she answered again on some level realizing the agreement she was making but that did not seem to matter.

“Okay I am going to untie your hands and you will obey me,” Melvin commanded in a stronger voice.

“Yes, I will do as you say,” Olivia said as she felt her hands being untied. She had no desire whatsoever to escape. She just wanted to be here, now, and do whatever the man wanted her to do. Yet, deep down she hated this man and what he was doing to her.

“Bend over,” the man commanded.

Olivia bent over; her feet still tied, and explored her ass to the man. She could feel him touching her ass cheeks and felt something cold that he rubbed on her. She shuttered as she felt the man moisten her anus and shuttered again as she felt his finger intrude into her bowels.

“Olivia, what you are going to feel will be the most wonderful feeling you have ever experienced. Your pussy will tingle and almost explode with pleasure as I stick my dick up your ass. Do you understand?” the man asked.

“Yes, I understand,” Olivia said and could not believe how excited she had just become. Olivia had very few sexual experiences. She had never had sex with a man but had masturbated a few times. Each time she had felt extremely guilty and vowed to never do it again. However, she would always have another weak moment and find her hand working her clit into an intense orgasm. Of course, the more pleasure she derived the more guilt she felt later.

Olivia was feeling really good right now. Even though the guilt never really left her, at times it fell far into her unconscious. This was one of those times as she felt a firm pressure on her anus as Melvin pushed his dick into her most private opening. There was some pain but the pain only intensified the pleasurable sensation emulating from her pussy. Her pussy was buzzing with a frenzy of sensations she had never known. She could not believe the intensity of the feelings and her pussy was not even being touched. She felt she might pass out from the intense pleasure the man’s cock provided as it entered into her body.

The man suddenly stopped his motion and said, “Olivia, I am now the one. Whenever I say something you will not question it, whether today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, you will do what I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Olivia managed to answer fighting the fog of pleasure that had her trapped in this man’s power.

She could feel his cock break the seal of her anus and force itself deep inside. As the man began to push in and out, rocking back and forth, Olivia exploded with an orgasm of an intensity she had never known. She was in pure bliss as she felt the man’s cock erupt deep within her bowels. She swooned in delight as she felt the warm flow of his cum as his pulsating cock pumped out its load. Olivia could barely manage to stand as her body trembled from what she had just experienced. The anal intrusion had given pleasure she had never known. She was in deep appreciation and even awe of her hated capturer. But Olivia also felt a strange sense of extreme guilt and shame somewhere deep within her mind. Something was wrong but she just did not care. Her pleasure was complete and easily kept these thoughts in the deep recesses of her unconscious.

“Ok, I am going to untie your legs and we can leave,” the man said as if he had just finished mowing the yard.

Olivia was disappointed that it was over but felt she would not be able to stand in this position much longer. Her legs felt weak and her body trembled as the man untied her feet. He readjusted her dress over her panty less pussy and helped her put her breasts back into her bra.

“There you go. I think you are ready. Get in the van.” Olivia did as instructed.

“Okay, we are finished for today. How do you feel?”

“I feel great,” she replied and really did.

“Okay, shortly I am going to remove the headphones and you will return to a normal level of consciousness. I want you to remember this event and particularly the extreme pleasure that you derived. You will be powerless to tell anyone of this event. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she answered in a dreamy sort of voice.

“You are going to feel very conflicted about what happened. You are going to both hate and love what I did to you. Both of these feelings exist in you and I want to know how you handle them. I want you to keep a journal particularly information about your sexual feelings. Write down any kinds of feelings of guilt or shame and if you should masturbate I want a record of your fantasies during the masturbation. Will you do this for me?” Melvin asked in a firm tone.

“Yes, I will do what you want,” Olivia answered.

“Ok, when I take these headphones off you will return to normal consciousness. However, you will also remain very sexually fulfilled and sexually stimulated even though you will have whatever other emotions that would normally arise in you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” Olivia replied.

Melvin reached over and removed the headphones from Olivia’s ears. He watched as he eyes began to change and looked directly at him.

“How do you feel Olivia?” Melvin asked.

“I hate you for what you did. I can’t believe you stuck that thing in me. I want to kill you but I can’t believe how good you made me feel. Damn it, what did you do to me?” Olivia said as she put her hands to her face and began to sob.

“I just released a few things in your mind that needed to be released. You will be okay,” Melvin said in a reassuring manner.

“What are you going to do with those videos?”

The next week was mostly uneventful for Olivia at work. However, at home things were very different. Olivia masturbated every night that week. In the past she would never have even thought of such behavior as being possible for her. Olivia also remembered to write of her experiences in her secret journal for Melvin.

“Dear Journal,” she wrote as her first entry. “I just finished having a wonderful sexual experience with myself. It took about 30 minutes of rubbing my pussy to obtain an orgasm that lasted about several minutes. It was very nice. I feel very guilty that I even did it but even more so because while I rubbed myself I was thinking about Melvin. My feeling of guilt and shame made me even hornier. The guiltier I feel the more I want to touch myself and that just increases the guilt. I can’t believe this circle I am in.”

“Dear Journal, I just finished masturbating again. I can’t believe I continue to do this. It feels really great but I am disgusted with myself. This time I thought about being naked at the beach. All the men would see me and want to touch me. I can’t believe that I liked that image but it was a great turn on.”

“Dear Journal, Here I go again. I just finished masturbating thinking about Melvin fucking me in the butt. I have never had real sex but today I used a small cucumber and put it inside me. It was a very intense experience and I loved it but know that it is wrong. I just can’t stop doing it. I wonder what Melvin will say when he reads this. I can’t believe that I look forward to showing him this journal and telling him how I feel about my sex.”

On Sunday Olivia dressed in her normal conservative dress for Mass with one major difference. While dressing she suddenly decided to not wear panties. Olivia could not believe she did this but also could not believe the sensual feelings she had as she walked into the Church. She could feel her pussy moisten as she walked to her normal seat in the sanctuary. She sat with her normal crowd that included a few teenagers who were in her Sunday School Class and two other women her age. Olivia wondered if she was the only one not wearing panties.

“Dear Journal, “I just can’t believe what I just did. I went to Mass without panties and it was totally exciting. When I arrived home from Mass and I could not control myself. I began to touch myself as soon as I walked inside. I lifted my dress and began to rub my already moistened pussy. My clit was already swollen and very sensitive. Then I can’t believe I began to think about Father Leo. His image popped into my mind and as soon as it did I began to cum. I could not stop myself. I did not want to stop myself. It was the most intense orgasm I have had since Melvin fucked me in the ass. I really feel bad but even as I write this my pussy is itching again and I can’t get Father Leo out of my mind.”

During the week that Olivia wrote in her Journal, Melvin was pondering over what his next move was. He was thoroughly enjoying his research. It was both an intellectual stimulating experience and of course like every man he liked to empty his nuts. In fact Melvin had masturbated everyday since his affair with Olivia’s ass. It seems as if his libido had returned. After his wife had left, Melvin had mostly lost his desire for women. Now it had returned and he was anxious to formulate his next experiment since the one with Olivia went so well.

Melvin did not make it to Mass but made a mental note to check on Olivia in the near future to see if she was keeping her journal. He was very interested in visiting her conflicted mind and exploring her various cognitions. He hypothesized it would be very interesting and hot. For now though he decided a trip to the mall might give him some insight into where his investigation should proceed. He decided to take his boom box and a few special CD’s.

The largest mall was located about 15 minutes south of Melvin’s house. It had a very nice park around it. Here people would walk and skate on the nice sidewalks that were covered by large oak trees. It was a very pleasant place that many people enjoyed.

Melvin had prepared a special program on one of his CD’s that he wanted to try on a group of people. It had special messages on it that he theorized would have special appeal to individuals whose major defense against forbidden sexual impulses was reaction formation. He carried his small boom box and sat down under a tree next to one of the major pathways. He turned on the music loud enough it could be heard within a 10 or 20 yards and sat back to see what would happen.

Several people passed without given him notice. Then a woman that looked to be in her 40’s slowed her pace dramatically as she passed and he could see a dreamy sort of look appear on her face as she passed. He noted her hand casually drop and quickly touch herself between the legs. As he watched she passed on and almost stumbled. As she got out of range of the music she looked around for a moment. She saw Melvin sitting there watching her and she blushed and then quickly proceeded with her walk.

Melvin was surprised to see her pass again. This time she stopped when she heard the music and walked over to Melvin.

“What kind of music is that you are playing?” she asked.

“Just some alternate Jazz that I like,” he replied noting that her hand was hanging down dangerously closed to her crotch.

“It is really different,” she said.

“Yeah, I like it,” he replied as he noticed her face begin a pink flushed look. Also her hand was now touching her running shorts between her legs. As Melvin watched she began to rub her crotch. At this point though she saw Melvin watching her and looked down to observe herself rubbing her pussy in public.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” she said and quickly moved on. Melvin did not see her again.

A man who looked about 30 approached the perimeter of the music and stopped. He looked and saw Melvin and walked over to him.

Melvin said, “Hi, how’s it going?”

The man looked at Melvin and said, “Okay, I guess. I feel kind of funny.”

“What do you mean?” Melvin inquired.

“I don’t know. It feels strange talking to you, I like the music,” the man said quietly.

Melvin had not really considered the idea that men would be just as affected as women. But in the interest of his research he decided to pursue the matter.

“So tell me what is your name?”

“Jack,” the man answered.

“Well Jack those are some nice shorts you have on.”


Melvin decided to test his theories on Jack. “Come over here on the other side of these bushes for a minute,” Melvin instructed.

Jack followed.

“What do you think of gay people?”

“They all ought to be hung,” he said with an angry scowl. “I hate fags.”

“Sounds like reaction formation,” Melvin noted to himself.

They were now pretty much hidden by the trees and bushes from the other walkers.

“Pull down your shorts,” Melvin commanded wondering how this would work on a guy who said he hated Gays.

The man pulled down his short and jock strap revealing a 6 inch limp dick.

“So you ever suck one of those?” Melvin asked.

“No, well yes, no, I shouldn’t have,” the man stuttered. He was obviously disturbed by the question

“What are you trying to say?”

“When I was a kid my older brother made me suck him. Then my friend Tommy and I use to play these games where we would suck each other off.”

“Tell me about the games?” Melvin questioned further.

“We would play strip poker or some other game till one of us was naked. Then we would either get into a wrestling match or something where we would be close to each other. By then our dicks would be hard and we would see who could cum first. Sometimes we would shoot our loads on each other, we sometimes humped on each other, and sometimes one of us would the suck the other,” Jack explained.

“Do you like the taste of cum?”

“Yes I love it. We used to shoot off in our ice cream and eat it. Sometimes when I cooked at home I shoot off in the gravy and then serve it to the rest of the family,” Jack confessed.

“Really, do you ever do that now?” Jack asked finding the discussion very interesting. He also noticed that Jack’s dick was sticking straight out. He also noticed that his dick was hard in his pants.

“I can’t believe I am telling you all this,” the man said with a brief shocked expression that soon settled back into a dreamy look. “Yes, I do that often now. People do not know my famous barbeque sauce has about a quarter cup of sperm in every batch. People love it. Sometimes I also will prepare cheese noodles for my daughter and her friends. I will give that a good dose of sperm right at the end and stir it in good. They all love my noodles. I get some turned on watching them eat my sperm seasoned food.”

Melvin was learning things about himself during this investigation. He was quite turned on by the man’s story. Melvin had never had any type of sex with another guy but wondered about it now. However, he had to be careful since this area was patrolled rather well.

“Is there anything else you do that is a bit out of the ordinary?” Melvin asked.

“I guess you might say that my liking to peek at my daughter when she is naked is out of the ordinary,” Jack replied.

“Tell me about her.”

“My daughter just turned 18 and will graduate this year. She has a nice body that is very trim,” Jack explained.

“She have nice boobies?” Melvin quizzed.

“Oh yeah, they are perfect and just about every time I have seen them their nipples were nice and perky,” Jack said.

“How about her pussy? Have you seen that?”

“Yeah, it has a small patch of neatly trimmed hair and pretty pink lips,” Jack said with a smile on his face. He was really enjoying telling Melvin all these forbidden things.

“She sounds great,” Melvin said when he made a decision.

“Come over to me,” Melvin instructed as he pulled down his pants revealing his hard cock.

“Jack I want to give you a little present. Get on your knees and suck my cock,” Melvin commanded. Melvin had never had a guy suck him off but decided this was a good time to begin.

Jack hesitated a moment and then knelt beside Melvin. He then took Melvin’s dick inside his mouth and began to suck.

“Now when you feel me cum, I want you to swallow all of it. When you feel me begin to cum it will be a major turn-on for you and you will also cum. Do you understand?”

“Ugggggg,” was all he could say since his mouth was full of Melvin’s cock.

This experience was quickly getting to Melvin. This first time experience for Melvin was a turn on and Jack was doing a good job. Melvin had never done anything like this particularly out in the open on public property and this fact added to the excitement. Melvin quickly began to feel his balls contract and that familiar rush begin. True to his instruction Jack swallowed the ample amount of cum and as Melvin’s cock pumped it first load, Jack’s dick also erupted.

When they were through Melvin pulled up his pants and instructed Jack to do the same.

“Clean up your face,” Melvin said as he led Jack back to where they were originally standing. Jack used his hand and licked the remainder of the cum off his face. He then wiped his own dick and licked up some of that cum also.

“Jack you will remember this and you will remember how good it was for me to have control over you. When we meet again the same will be true. I now want you to begin keeping a log of the various sexual experiences you have. They can be shooting off in food, having sex with your wife, masturbating, watching your daughter, or whatever you do that’s related to sex. I also want to know about any conflicts you might have regarding these feelings and acts. Keep a secret journal of these events and then a month from today bring me that journal. We can meet right here.”

“Do you understand?” Melvin asked

“Yes, I understand. I will keep the journal,” Jack replied.

With that Melvin turned off the music. The dreamy look faded from Jack’s face. He looked around, licked his lips, and looked at Melvin. “What on earth just happened?”

“I don’t know, what do you think happened?”

“I sucked you off, and then came myself,” Jack said in disbelief.

“Ok, if that is what you think then I guess so,” Melvin said with a smile.

“Go home and keep that journal for me. I can’t wait to hear more about your sperm seasoned food and your peeking on your daughter,” Melvin said and turned to walk away.

Melvin turned and saw Jack just standing there with a dumb look on his face.

This certainly had been another interesting day. However, he still wanted to go by Olivia’s and see what she had written. It was a short drive to her apartment. She greeted him at the door with a very confused look on her face. It was both friendly and hateful at the same time. Melvin felt the conflict as he entered but knew his research must continue.

“Hi Olivia,” he said as he entered the apartment.

“Hi, Melvin,” Olivia said hating it that her pussy was already responding to his mere presence. She could feel her little clit become puffy.

“Let’s see the journal,” Melvin asked making the assumption she completed her task.

Olivia went in the bedroom and brought back a small notebook. It had several entries and Melvin sat and read them.

“Wow that is really something you have the hots for Father Leo.” Melvin was even surprised by this.

Olivia’s face had turned a deep pink and she felt the embarrassment rise through her body. It was made even worse by the intense itch she was having between her legs.

“Do you ever go to confession with Father Leo?” Melvin asked.

“Yes, sometimes,” Olivia could not believe how turned on she was by allowing Melvin to read her most intimate thoughts.

“When will be your next confessional,” Melvin asked already formulating his next move.

“Thursday, I think,” she answered.

“Ok, then on Thursday go to confession. While there tell Father Leo that you have suddenly developed an irresistible desire to masturbate. Tell him how you love to rub your pussy but feel this is wrong. Also tell him that you now don’t wear panties at all. Don’t wear any panties to confession and inform him of that. You might find you want to rub your pussy while talking to him. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” Olivia said fighting the urge to let her hand slip between her legs.

“And I want a full report of what he says, what you say, how you act, and how you felt. Is that understood?” Melvin finished with his instructions.

“Yes,” Olivia answered.

“Ok I have to go but I will be back for the report sometime after Thursday,” Melvin said as he got up to go. Melvin would have liked to taken a few privileges with Olivia but he had just shot his load and he was feeling quite content.

Olivia was upset as she let Melvin out the door. She wanted to perform for him. She wanted him to see her pussy and then maybe even another ass fucking. She could not believe how much she liked this. As he walked to his car the postman stopped and delivered Olivia a small package. Olivia knew what it was.

As soon as Melvin left Olivia quickly shed her clothing. She had been shopping the previous week on the Internet. She could have never gone in a store and bought such a thing. Olivia quickly opened the package to reveal two different vibrators shaped remarkably like a penis. There was also a butt plug that Olivia could not wait to insert. It filled her very full and she came almost instantly before she could even begin to use the vibrators.

Olivia spent the remainder of the afternoon in ecstasy. Her guilt only served to further the pleasurable sensations. Her thoughts of Father Leo simply added to the fun but she was afraid there would be a price to be paid for this decadent joy she was feeling.

Olivia was also worried over the consequences of her next confession with Father Leo.

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