Better Than Boyfriends

by uksnowy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Zoophilia, Bestiality, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young zoo worker is tempted by the animal interest in her and her in it and gets her boss and his dog aroused.

The letter had stunned Lara. Ken had found a new love which was enough of a shock, but for him to state he had found gay love and a boyfriend so soon shook her rigid. For two years they seemed supremely happy. Village children without the intellect to proceed into higher education, they had always managed to find employment locally until Ken had gone to Southampton for a job at a new shopping mall. With no vehicle and a tortuous bus time table, he had decided to lodge in the city with work mates.

That had been four months ago and in the meantime, Lara had secured a new job at the Paulwell tourist park/zoo and was attached to the elephant house under Erik, the keeper of the five huge beast and the two babies. Initially in the new arrangement Ken would get a lift back to the village and they would spend happy hours shagging in their favourite spots out in the open air. Lara loved shagging having been introduced to it by her twin brother John when they were ten years old.From the night John had suggested they play doctors and nurses, leading onto Daddies and Mummies, which was the occasion when he actually put his fingers inside her baby pussy, Lara had taken to sex in all it’s variations. By she was eleven, she was blowing several village boys and had taken John’s cock in both her cunt and arsehole. It was he who suggested they use rubbers and she was glad of the idea, not allowing any of the other lads to fuck her cunt without one. Being so well built and strong she could lay the law down with them. Most of them gave in and wore condoms for a chance to stuff her ready and willing body, and those that didn’t were offered her bum.

Ken’s letter had caused Lara much distress and she had taken the next day off work, such was her sadness and heartache. Erik had seemed sympathetic on the day she had received the letter, noticing her distress and had put his arms round her shoulders when she sobbed out the full story. Allowing her to go home early and not report the next day, the tall, lanky, mahogany tanned German had enjoyed the sight of Lara’s cute bouncy tits He got several glimpses down the front of her shirt at the billowing little boobs and their upright nipples. Erik liked small tits. Pleased that his new seventeen year old, pear shaped assistant wore no brassiere, unlike Ingrid his domineering wife who cased her slender body in all sorts of stiff formidable underwear even during the summer months, Erik took pleasure in secretly observing Lara’s free and easy actions. Her fat butt wobbled in the official issue baggy combats or shorts she normally wore and Erik would watch the line of her full cut knickers cut over the plump chunks of her buttocks. Erik liked large females, as indeed Ingrid had been when they married. Since her dieting had become an obsession he had seen her body reduce from 300 odd pounds down to the 140 it was now. His fervour for her body had waned with her weight loss and at her age of fifty eight years her desire for him had reduced dramatically coinciding with her menopause. Erik who was the same age - now relied on masturbation, stimulated by porno videos.

Two weeks had passed since Lara’s bad day and this particular morning at 6.30 she was tempted to whistle as she led the two juvenile male elephants to the lake for their morning wash. Erik followed with the convoy of fully grown beast and cheekily compared Lara’s rump with the grey wrinkled undulating animals alongside her. The sun was hot already and Lara loved these summer mornings in the open air and was thinking there was a life beyond Ken after all. At the lake, Lara needed no persuasion to get Raj and Khan splash to their hearts content. They loved their morning ritual. Invariably she would get splashed herself and Erik would watch from his position amongst the mature animals as her shirt became increasingly transparent. Lara was certainly happier these days he felt, as he saw the smile on her face grow broader, from the odd little startled and quizzical looks and gestures she first gave off as the two young elephants snorted and blew water everywhere. Waist deep, the cool water lapping at her through her khaki shorts, Lara had felt some rather disturbing touches below the surface and slowly started to think that there was more in the lake than the elephants and keepers.

Raj was very close to her and his trunk waved around, creating a wash as it surged through the water until it raised almost triumphantly and blew the fountain over his back while she scrubbed him with the long handled broom. But now and then, Lara felt the touches on her leg and between her thighs giving her some cause for concern until she realised it was Raj being a bit too cosy with his keeper - using his trunk. However, Lara had had no sexual contact since Ken had ditched her and the large but delicately manoeuvred elephant trunk was playing such lovely vibes on her soft inner thighs. Her worries turned to gratitude to the young beast and she smiled realising that there was still a response in her body after so much neglect. She made a mental note to maybe ask Erik about the mating of the elephants and did it happen at the zoo. She was intrigued at what an elephant’s erect cock looked like, having seen flaccid versions aimlessly getting an airing quite often.

Erik noticed the way her features were changing as he went about his cleaning duties on the bigger animals and particularly how Lara’s nipples had started to bulge and seem to try and pierce her uniform shirt which clung so sensuously to her bulky torso. He could see the full outline of her tits, guessing they were no more than small handfuls and drooped outwards. He moved closer and caught sight of the keenly wrinkled saucers her nipples were set in. Lara squealed delightedly and then flushed with embarrassment as she realised that Erik was so close, but what else could she do? The naughty Raj had actually put the nozzle of his trunk over her cunt and blown gently. Water and bubbles titillated her starved snatch and Lara liked the sensation. Erik spotted her pleasure as the bubbles broke all round her.

‘You like zer bubbles Lara?’ he asked gently.

‘Oh yes Mr Erik. It’s just Raj playing you know, ‘ she added guiltily.

‘You haf zer looks of zer vater baby, ‘ he chuckled, his eyes roaming over her chest.

She peered down and shuddered with both the shock of the innocent exposure and the thrill of how hard her nipples looked. Ken would sometimes rub them with ice cubes to get them this hard and it was only Raj’s naughty underwater goings on that had got her so turned on. He was a frisky young man, she thought.

‘I’d better go and get changed Mr Erik. All right?’ she asked.

‘Ve had better finish zis first Lara, ‘ he insisted firmly, not inclined to spoil his own morning pleasures.

‘Yes Mr Erik, ‘ Lara, answered dutifully and not at all unhappy as little Raj was making her cunt sing with his fumbling and snorting.

She was having difficulty getting on with her job Erik noticed and rightly guessed what was happening beneath the surface. His own sexual thoughts were bubbling as well as the water and his cock hardened at the image of an elephant trunk seeking through the nooks and crannies of such a young and surely very tender and untried minge. He wondered if there was a way of getting the deliciously plump Lara on the receiving end of his dick which was now hardening at the thought.

Lara, suddenly curious about Raj’s sexuality - had in her own way found another chance of heightening the sumptuous sexiness of the unusual situation, having moved round behind Raj. Interested in most things sexual and being a country girl, she had seen the mating of dogs in the street, sheep and chickens, bulls in fields - this particularly turning both Ken and her on. Lara wondered about Raj’s sexuality. She liked to play with men’s tools and nuts. Where his trunk couldn’t quite reach her crotch, she could reach his.

It had been a fleeting idea through her simple mind at what would happen if she fondled the beast’s ballocks, so she tried it. Out of sight of Erik who was earnestly scrubbing King - the big bull chief of the pack, she slid her hand between Raj’s legs and found the heavy bulge of the elephant’s testicles. She smoothed her palm over them, Raj ignoring the unusual approach, happy in his water sports as she felt their solidity, their roundness and the way they were tightly bunched together. Also they didn’t dangle loose like men’s balls Lara noticed. Promising herself more time to dwell on the animal’s genitals tomorrow, she determined to give herself a good feel and play with her cunt on her lunchtime break.

Realising she was getting behind in her chores, the simple village lass resumed the laborious scrub down of Raj and Khan the other juvenile animal. Erik nodded, smiled and lingered to glance at Lara’s perky nippled chest, whenever they faced as they moved round the elephant family. Lara wondered about, then committed herself to feeling Raj’s cock one day. All she had ever seen of it was his dark floppy sheath which waggled funnily as he walked around. Back at the elephant park, the animals were fed and freed in their compound ready for the hordes of tourists in the busy summer holiday. Lara let her shirt dry naturally as much as possible in the sunshine, thinking she was going to be very sweaty anyway and busied herself mucking out the huge piles of elephant shit, her mind switching to the size of their arseholes when she pondered on the melon size lumps she was having to brush away and shovel into a skip. She had plenty of time to think about her break period ahead and dealt with laying the plans for her investigation on how an elephant had so aroused her. Erik dealt with a health and safety inspector.

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