Who Are They?

by HAL

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Rape, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A very short story about a garrison seeking to control a conquered town by threats and coercion

“Who are they?”

“The women in white sir?”

“No, the fucking donkeys they’re sitting on ... Yes of course the women in white!”

“They’re the Vessels sir”


“They’re the Vessels sir”

“Yes, I heard you the first time. I meant what the frigging, fuck are they? You are starting to annoy me sergeant”

“Yes, sir, sorry sir”

A young soldier stepped forward, one of the 10 he had been allocated to secure this weird little town that had far too many nice buildings for its EOFR situation “I believe I can explain sir, I used to be part of their cult”

“Speak then soldier”

“They are Vessels sir, they-”


“Yes, sir I was just going on to explain, they serve in the temple” he pointed at the building with a decoration of points and spires “there are twelve, each year one retires and appoints another to replace them. They are the vessels of the Gods sir, when someone has a question that needs answering one of these will go into a trance and speaks as a god to answer it”

“That works does it?”

“They believe so. It has been practiced in this region for 400 or more years.”

“Sir!” the sergeant intervened


“No sir, I was reminding the soldier to call you sir”


“Yes sir?”

“Go and bawl those men for something, anything!” The sergeant went off, happy to do something he knew well.

“They are virgins sir, have to be to speak as God, God doesn’t work through polluted women”

“And they have to be appointed by another Vessel?”

“Oh yes ... sir” The office waved the belated ‘sir’ away “They have to pass the vessel-ship on you see?”

“Why did you leave?”

“Well, ... it’s all crap isn’t it? Begging your pardon sir”

“Yes, but if they believe it! Bring me one of them”

A girl was pulled into his presence, the two soldiers with her dismissed and she stood, terrified, yet erect.

“So, you are a virgin, Vessel?” she said nothing. She said nothing as he tore off her shift, revealing her milk white flesh, her large red disks on her breasts rose and fell as her breathing got heavier, that was the only indication of her rising panic. He had to admire her self-control. Her loin cloth was a simple long bandage perhaps the width of a hand, wound twice round her waist then passed between her legs and round her waist again before tucking it into the waistband. Pulling the tuck out, it unravelled and fell to the ground. She still said nothing.

Her pubic hair, a mass of curls of the same red colour as the curly locks in her head, hid the slit that she knew now was about to be violated. He pushed her onto her back on the bed and simply released his erect cock, not bothering to even remove his ceremonial knife, he lay atop her, reached between her legs and found her slit. At last she gasped a little as his fingers roughly pulled her open and equally roughly rammed himself inside. Yet, she did not scream or cry, she lay like a red-headed alabaster doll as he grunted and strained inside her, finally releasing his climax and his white fluids to invade her. He pulled out and saw the blood on the bed, she wasn’t bleeding much, but it was clear nothing had ever opened her before. She lay, eyes tight shut.

“You aren’t a Vessel anymore. But you can be a messenger.

Tell your priests that unless they co-operate I’ll rape a Vessel each day until, in twelve days, there’ll be none left, and that; I think; is the end of your poxy religion isn’t it?”

At last he evoked a response, she rushed at him with her finger nails oustretched to tear out his eyes. To rape her was one thing, to destroy the religion, that was another. He laughed, grabbed her arm, twisted it and turned her and pushed her back onto the bed face down, holding her there. Then he called in the soldier who had first given him the key to success “Soldier! She’ll be a little unwilling I think, I’ll send the message myself. Her cunt is bit used, but her arse is still pristine if you fancy it”

25 yards from the tent he heard a scream from the girl. He was tempted to put his head back in to see what the soldier had managed to do get a loud verbal response where he had failed, but it was just idle curiosity. He had better things to do.

The message to the priests was sent, they didn’t reply.

The next day a pretty brunette was brought to him, perhaps fifteen years old. She was not the strong silent type. She started by cursing him in the name of the gods she served, promising all sorts of retribution if he touched her. Later she begged for mercy, tears rolling down her pretty face. She’d get used to it in time, after some of his small garrison had used her too. Meanwhile she was his to play with. The priests, he realised, didn’t actually care about this girl as a person; like him they saw her as a symbol. These Vessels of God were used, just as he was using them; they were just a mouthpiece for a male dominated religion. He was doing them all a favour really.

He started tearing off her clothes, she struggled and screamed. Pushing her towards the bed, he finally got her loin cloth off. Pushing face down onto the bed, he used the cloth to tie her hands behind her back. Up to now he’d said virtually nothing, but she had shouted and screamed curses at him. Now as she became more disabled, as he knelt on her back, holding her down he leant in.

“Listen, you bitch. Your screaming isn’t helping. You carry on and I’ll gag you, that’s all”

“So, I should stop calling the wrath of the gods on you so you feel better? May the God of virtue bring a plague and pestilence upon goooror-” He cut the loose end of the loin cloth tape (and, he noted wryly, the more stained end) and rammed it into her mouth, hard!

“That’s better, ironic really. I was thinking of making a more compliant girl suck me off, instead you’re sucking your own leakage. Looks like you didn’t wipe your arse properly either” The girl realised now what the foul taste was and struggled even more. He turned her over and slapped her three times viciously across the face. Her cheek went red, bright red, he hadn’t held back, her tears were now tears of pain. Still, worse was to come. “Now, you gonna shut up?” Her eyes were blurred with tears but she nodded. He pulled out the cloth.

“Please, please, not this. I’m dedicated to the temple, there are lots of others –”

“So you’d rather I raped some other innocent? Nice.”

“Please, I beg you. I’m only fifteen” He’d been right about the age then, she’ll probably have a long life as a whore then, if she survives the first few involuntary fucks.

“You want the gag back?” She shook her head “Then shut the fuck up. I thought the other one was bad when she said nothing, but your whining is infinitely worse” At that he pushed his pricked deep inside her in one, sudden, hymen tearing, vagina stretching, painful thrust. She screamed in pain. He reckoned he’d allow that one.

Ten minutes later he was done. She was lying like a rag on the bed, still weeping softly. He was up and dressed (well, his cock was back in his trousers). “It isn’t personal, but your priests are being very uncooperative”

As he left he said to the guard “Put her back, give her a day or two to recover, then draw lots. 5 at the most before she’s delivered to the whorehouse”

He wasn’t of himself a cruel man. He had a job to do and these virgins were what would later become known as ‘collateral damage’. Damage and destruction that was essential to the process, but not directly involved in the war. The war in this case was to pull the priests into line; for the priests were the key to controlling this area. Ninety percent of the population in these parts followed the Oracle Vessels of the Gods religion. They would happily die for it if told to. He had made one, brief attempt to meet the chief priest and been told that this person could not contaminate his pureness with the presence of an unbeliever. Even then he hadn’t taken offence, he had thought that now the onus was on the religious elite to find some way of establishing communication. They hadn’t. So he had raped one of their Vessels, having been told there could only be twelve and when there were none then the religion withered. He had sent a message to the priests who were not so pure that they could not listen to his messenger. They had received the message in silence and responded with silence. He had upped the ante with a second Vessel removed.

Still the priests ignored his request for a meeting, he repeated the message and was momentarily outraged when the messenger was literally kicked out of the PriestenRaum (the committee room for priestly considerations). “I’m sorry, soldier, I hadn’t expected them to be so rude. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. This fucking eofr is getting on my nerves now”

“Eofr sir?”

“End Of the Fucking Road, a place that even beggars avoid. Oh! You!” His original informant was walking past.

“Yes sir? Can I help?”

“Yes. Why is this bastard place here?”

“It was the place where the God of Perpetual Happiness transmitted the Scrolls of Perfection to the first of the pure Vessels.” He noticed his commanding officer making a wry face “Heh! Sir! I’m just repeating the story, don’t blame me!”

“Relax, thank you soldier” he turned to the messenger “Come back here at 2 bells tomorrow morning, you can have first go after me on the next Vessel”

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