Lost Toys 6: Expanding Influence
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, NonConsensual, Fiction, Cuckold, BDSM, MaleDom, Group Sex, Harem, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Matthew is moving forward with his plans to build something with all of the girls and women he has taken. He wants his girls at their best and the Forefront Foundation can lift them up and provide them with the skills and education he wants for them. If only the charity wasn't controlled by his enemy.

June Foster - Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

Things had been settling back into routine until Carmen strode through the office doors. “Morning June!”

“It’s July,” I joked, as I always did. I’d let it die by August.

“Is that a new top? You look cute,” She went from cheerful to excited.

“Yeah, newish. I hadn’t worn it to work yet,” I smiled, “You look like you hit the salon. I love your hair.”

“Oh I did and thank you,” She grinned, “Today’s a big day.”

“I wish I had your attitude.”

“I’ve got just the thing to perk you up coming by in a bit,” She smiled and glanced over her shoulder from the back offices, “Just you wait.”

“On pins and needles,” I said cheerfully. I turned back to my double triple. Caffeine and sugar were my gods. The morning crawled onward. Our office work was mostly calling investors. Carmen was liquid silk on a phone and pure charm in person. I had other duties. I worked mostly reception but I did some of the general question and answer stuff for people looking into the charity. I had been hired to work the website but we had outsourced that some time ago and I was stuck playing girl Friday to everyone and especially to Gabrielle. My morning was dull that day. I troubleshooted an aunt through the web forms to get her niece signed up for consideration, but the truth was, we were mostly done allocating for the 2015-2016 school year. If we gave out more than a couple of $500 dollar grants, I’d be surprised. I was mostly through the Herald crossword when the phone rang.

“You’ve reached The Forefront Foundation. My name is June. How may I direct your call?” I manifested my falsest perk.

“Hi, Ms Foster, it’s Thomas Welles, calling for the dragon lady.” My day was feeling brighter. I hadn’t got to talk to our charming PI since Gabrielle’s last chewing out by legal.

“Tom, hi, yeah, about that,” I smiled wanly, “You know that our lawyers asked you to go through them.”

“I know, it’s just, that, well, I’ve did some digging into that lawyer that took over for Mrs Faraday. I don’t like him.” No one liked him. Dalton was braindead. I couldn’t imagine him being more of an errand boy, except that his name was right in the law firm. Dalton West. When there’s trouble, you call D W. They didn’t use that slogan, but I heard it every time.

“Oh why not sugar?”

“I saw some bruises on that attaché of his. Ms Donaldson.”

“Nadine?” I hadn’t seen her back since the whole dead pedophile benefactor thing. I was almost afraid that Forefront was a front but Tom had said there was no evidence that Gabrielle’s dad touched anything at the charity. Good thing too. There were all kinds of teens and young women coming through here. And since when did she work with Dalton. I thought his paralegal was a cute Chinese girl. “That’s where she got off to?”

“Yes. She used to work with Forefront.”

“Well sure, after Dragon Daddy passed away a couple of the girls here fell off the radar.” I missed Lucy, she was a laugh, “Nadine used to be our Vice President of Operations. We’ve been running ragged without her.”

“I see ... The other women he has attending him. Maxine Gaye, Lucy Kobayashi, Bryn Valparine and Florence Rutger. Any of those familiar?”

“Lucy for certain. I don’t know the other names,” I considered, “No word on Wanda Eckles maybe?”

“No, she left Halifax months ago,” He replied. I could hear the keys of computer, he was typing or searching something as we spoke. I never knew him not to put his full purpose into a conversation, “I was expecting Ms Valparine to raise red flags as well.”

“Sorry sweetheart. I don’t know the name,” I made a note to ask Ms Collins ... No, Carmen about Maxine, Bryn and Florence. She’d know and I’d pass the info back to Tom.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t look like things are above board with our Mr Cooke,” He explained. Cooke was one of the co-council that had visited when we were still working directly with Rickie Faraday. I had to have a head for names, “I should talk to Gabriel face to face, but discreetly. Can you have her meet me?”

“Yes, if you’re curious about a good meeting place, Ms Collins has had a weird obsession with Flynn’s down on Dresden Row,” I suggested, “We had breakfast there a couple of weeks ago. The potato pancakes. My God.”

“Uh, no, and she’ll know why,” He seemed impatient with me and that could’ve ruined my day. Except, I had just decided on where I was going for lunch, “We’ll meet at the Starbucks a few doors down. I’ll be there running through documents until seven.”

“Long day.” I sympathized.

“They always are. Bye bye, Junebug.” And my grin was back. No one called me Junebug but a couple of ex-boyfriends. I put a stop to that pretty quickly, most of the time.

“Thank you for calling Forefront,” I had to say for my job. For me, I followed up with, “Bye bye Tim.”

I wasn’t in a hurry to rush this information to Gabrielle. I’d rather walk it to her office than page her. She would move quicker on it that way. I’d made it my duty to discover all the ways to get her out of the office. I stood up from my chair. I had a bounce in my step as I moved toward Gabrielle’s office. Carmen was hanging out against the jamb into the back of the office. Whitney zipped by to washroom.

“You’re not leaving are you June?” She smiled, “Matthew was coming by and I was hoping to introduce you.”

“No just got to talk to the boss lady,” I smirked, “And maybe I should dodge this Matthew again. I don’t want to end up a mopey mess like Whitney.”

“She’ll be happy when she sees him again,” Her eyes had a frightening sincerity to them, “We all will be.”

“Sounds like a cult leader or something,” I stepped past her, “Oh well, I’ll be sure to say hi.”

“Hi to whom?” Gabrielle demanded, dragging out the m in whom to prove her snootiness. Her office door was open and she probably started listening in when I had said “Boss lady.” “And shouldn’t you be at the front desk? You can page me on the phone.”

“It’s Matthew,” Carmen bubbled, “I’ve set up a meet for a couple of girls he suggested.”

“Oh, and Whitney OK’ed them?” I asked knowing just how long the drawn out process could take. Gabrielle was storming past me and she had my elbow before I had my answer.

“Get your purse. We’re leaving.”

Whitney St Jean - Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

I was livid with Carmen. I was wearing a light sleeveless white top and a boring slate skirt. I was here to work. She could have told me Matthew had returned. That Matthew was coming! I would have dressed better. I would have done more to my hair that shove it through an elastic. Bitch!

I couldn’t do much in the washroom with it. There was a change of clothes in my office but it was to look more professional not more flirty. Goddammit. At least I had worn my fuck me shoes. I had been favoring heels since I had met him. I pulled out my hair and did what I could but I wasn’t prepared. What the hell was wrong with me?

“What’s going on?” I asked. The office had deserted during my little foray into the washroom.

“Gabrielle panicked again. Dragged June off and--”

We turned when we heard the glass door open. There he was. He swaggered into the offices like owned the place. I hated him. I had never felt so happy. He looked good. I like tall guys. His hair was nice. He was freshly shaved unlike last time. He was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He had on a pair of loafers. He looked good, but he had something I wasn’t thrilled about.

He had three vapid looking girls following him. Two blondes and a brunette. Tiny girls, teenagers. All gorgeous.

“Which one’s the sister?” I asked Carmen wondering how to safely direct my scowl.

“None, the brunette is Tiffany Luck, the short blonde is--”

“Matth--Mr Reid, you’re back,” I spoke excitedly over Carmen as he approached us.

“Hello Wendy,” He smiled and he opened his arms. I stepped into the hug.

“Whitney,” I murmured. I was hurt. Like grade 8 seeing my best friend making out with the boy I liked but had never talked to hurt.

“You look great,” He smiled as two of his teen girls walked up on either side of him. Was he fucking everything? He had, we had, I had fucked that little Alice girl last time he was here. That was bad. I almost resigned over that. Olive talked me down. He turned to the short blonde, “Doesn’t she look good, Raena?”

“She looks hot,” The little blonde mustered her bravado. She tried to stare me down hungrily but it wasn’t her.

“Thank you?” I worried.

“Are all the women here as pretty as the restaurant?” Tiffany asked like she was on some sort of tour or something. She smiled.

“Yes, obviously,” He closed up against me. I can’t believe I let him put his arm around me. I took a deep breath.

“I’m upset with you.” I admitted.

“C’mon girls, let me take you in the back, Matthew will join us soon,” Carmen waved the teeny boppers on. I could’ve kissed her. I hoped I wouldn’t.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” The taller blonde grinned.

“Go on Courtney,” He swatted her ass, then he turned to me as Carmen led the three of them into conference room two. The one you couldn’t see from the front desk. He brushed my hair back over my ear, “What’s got you upset, Whitney?”

“I was...” Starting this conversation wrong. “The last time you were here, we were together.”

“And it was great,” He smiled, “We’ll do it again. I promise.”


“Oh my God! You’re here!” We turned to the door. Olive had arrived. Last time, Gabrielle had squirrelled her off too. What was happening. She was crying, almost. Joyful tear welled in her eyes. Her hand stayed hooked to the knob. Olive Collins was Gabrielle’s mother. Why did Gabrielle keep running from him?

“Hey Matthew,” Carmen ducked her head out, “We need Whitney’s signature and--”

“Come here Carmen,” He gestured. Carmen walked over to join us. Olive was waiting, just inside the office door, staring at Matthew. Feeling something stronger than I had ever felt. I just worried. I watched.

“Who is she?” Matthew demanded. He pointed at Olive, no, he pointed at the fat gold bracelets so many of the women here wore. I was excited that I had something a unique in my thin silver tennis bracelet.

“Matthew, Olive is like Sara, Phoebe and me. Will you--”

He shut her off nodding. He was squeezing my shoulders thinking. I settled my hand on his.

“Um,” He looked over Olive, the eldest one working here since Nadine had vanished. I think she was 37. Our current manager, her daughter, was 25, “Yeah, I ... Well, I don’t--You know what, OK. Olive, I’m taking your bracelets and you. I’ll keep you.”

“Keep you? What’s that mean?”

“We’re all his slaves.” I jumped, the little teeny boppers had come out to see. The brunette purred into giggling.

“Slaves? No?” But it hit me. Like something going slack in my guts. I wasn’t my own anymore. I remembered this infernal cartoon jingle from when i was a kid. My body’s nobody’s body but m--Matthew’s. I reswallowed some of my breakfast.

“Yeah, cool, huh,” Courtney, the taller blonde, she was almost 5’4”, “How many guys can get away with that?”

“Matthew?” I hesitated.

“I don’t like seeing you as slaves but you are mine,” he beamed, “In every sense of the word.”

“But...” He turned and walked me to the conference room. Courtney escorted Olive to the washroom. She needed more than a quick fix of her face. I wobbled in my heels. I could run in heels, and I was unsteady walking half held up by ... by my Master?

“Carmen said she had to initial a couple of places and sign this forum,” Tiffany swirled our A-05s on the table, “And then Courtney and Misty’s set like we are.”

“No Misty wanted the residence ones too,” He sighed, “I’ll bring her by when she’s not blasted with codeine to show her all this anyways.”

I sat down, almost on autopilot. The pen on the table was Carmen’s. I normally would steal it from her, just some silly office joking we did. I dropped it back on the table.

“So that’s it?” Courtney asked at the door. She pushed in Olive, naked except her gold bracelets. They seemed magnetically locked behind her. She was smiling and dropped to her knees right in front of Matthew. Have you ever seen a zipper opened with teeth? It’s freaky.

“We can’t, someone could just walk in. There are windows!” I hissed stepping back and away from Matthew’s cocksure smirk.

“Of course we can,” He promised, “But if it makes you feel better. You can watch the front desk until it’s your turn.”

“I don’t want to leave,” I fearfully admitted, “Where’s Carmen?”

Gabrielle Collins - Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

“Gabrielle,” Carmen caught up to me in the underground parking. Goddammit, it was like our elevator had stopped on all 17 floors and hers on none, “Why do you keep running away?”

“I’m not going to be one of you,” I was sick of this and hungry for it all at once. I knew what I deserved. I knew what I could have. She was so happy about it. Happy for a minute, miserable for a month.

“Well, of course not,” She laughed as if I was claiming the sky was made out of crushed blueberries, “You were His daughter. Never one of us. He can’t just give you a bracelet.”

“What’s going? Are you on drugs?” June was frustrated and nearing pissed. Whatever, I wasn’t going to go without the second set of hands. I wouldn’t allow that.

“Oh, I won’t take drugs,” Carmen parroted. I had a quarter pound of marijuana at my apartment, just to spite Dad. He avoided drugs because he wanted to avoid scrutiny. He didn’t give two shits about the dangers of anything. I always hoped the cigarettes would get him. Slow enough he could pass on his secrets, and painful enough to quit fighting and go to a clinic. Fucking slippery shower floor.

I ignored Carmen and headed to my car. A pair of vans were driving too quickly around while searching for parking spots. I rolled my eyes and hurried out of the thoroughfare, dragging June by her elbow. Sadly, Carmen made it too.

“What the hell was up with your pervert Dad?” June demanded, great she was usually happy enough to shake off the curiosity and leave those questions to the lawyers, “And this Matthew now?”

“Look, June, my father had a way to get people to do what he wanted. It was supposed to go to me,” I grumbled, “Somehow, Matthew has stolen that from me. I don’t want him using it on you or mom.”

“What like some kind of mind control raygun?”

“No, he hated guns, he made certain that guns around him would--”

“Shut up Carmen.”

“Look, you’re overreacting,” Carmen didn’t listen to me. I hated this change in the sluts. Almost enough to miss my Dad and his new projects, “Just come up and meet Matthew. He’s a very different man than Him.”

“Yeah?” I asked incredulous.

“What would you have done with it?” June asked us, “I mean if you could convince people to do stuff for you? I think I’d collect chefs.”

“I’d leave,” I explained, “Somewhere without snow.”

“You want to be like Her don’t you?” Carmen nodded.

“Why not? Why shouldn’t I be? Why should I stay boxed up in Halifax like Dad!” I slammed my hand down on the hood of my car and turned to Carmen, “I’d talk to Uncle Elias and work out a way to ditch this corner of nowhere.”

“Who’s Fournier?” June asked and withered as I glared at her.

“Halifax isn’t so bad. In the summer,” Carmen was kept warm by her little grave robbing boyfriend. I sure as shit wouldn’t have taken any of Dad’s leavings with me. Not even Phoebe.

“Look, Carmen, once the auditors finish up and my abandoned siblings figure out what abandoned gets them, I’m going to make sure whatever Matthew took from my Dad to get his power, cops, lawyers or going to make him give it back to me.”

“No they’re not. The only thing he took from the house was Phoebe and some Things,” Carmen shook her head, “It’s not about something. He’s just a superior man.”

“And one of those Things,” I snapped, “Is mine!”

June nearly took off. I stepped forward, almost thinking about straight punching Carmen in the jaw. I had never punched someone before. Besides that, I’m a 10 year old girl and I like Jimmy shoulder punch I so often did in elementary. I opened my fist. What would be the point? Carmen was too brain-addled to be worth it.

“Um, hi, can we help you?” June asked over my shoulder. I turned to but hardly saw who it was. Strong hands and rough silver closed on my neck. I screamed. The kind of scream I didn’t look forward to screaming.

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