Worlds Apart
Chapter 1: Best Friends

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Best Friends - Lizka is the daughter of Borealan diplomats, raised on Earth and immersed in human culture. Jamie is a human with a burgeoning love for the feline alien that he's afraid to express. When an upheaval forces the two to confront their feelings, they must make the most of what little time they have.

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“Why are you crying?” Jamie asked, sidling up beside the strange girl as she sat alone on the swing set. She wasn’t swinging, she was just dangling with her paw-like feet off the ground, gripping the chains with her clawed hands and looking sullen. The sounds of children laughing carried over from the other side of the playground, but she was not participating. The round, furry ears on the top of her head swiveled, and she looked up at him with her green, feline eyes. She rubbed her running nose with the back of her furry arm and sniffed noisily.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m Jamie,” he replied, hanging from the metal A-frame of the swing set. He didn’t know what to make of this girl, she was short and pudgy, with a layer of fine, sandy-colored hair that covered her body. She wore a blue sundress with yellow duck patterns on it, and her furry cheeks were matted with tears. She had a long, fluffy tail that trailed on the ground behind her as she swayed on her seat. She looked like a little lion, Jamie mused, he had seen them in his alphabet book.

The girl sniffed loudly again, wiping her pink, cat-like nose.

“Those other kids were making fun of me.”

“How come?”

“Because I have a tail,” she replied hesitantly, almost as if she were afraid that Jamie would follow suit if he noticed it. He leaned around to see it, and she returned her gaze to the ground.

“That’s pretty cool,” the boy replied, “I wish I had a tail.”

“You do?” The girl seemed to perk up a little, her ears rising to their full height.

“The best animals all have tails,” he reaffirmed, starting to count on his stubby fingers. “Tigers, dinosaurs, sharks, snakes...”

“Snakes only have a tail,” she giggled, rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah, but snakes are pretty cool.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say, and hooked his thumbs through the suspenders of the denim overalls he was wearing as he bobbed on the spot. She seemed happier now though, watching him expectantly with her reflective pupils. Jamie didn’t care that she looked different, he just wanted to cheer her up.

“Want me to push you?” She nodded, and he walked behind her, careful to avoid stepping on her tail. He put his hands on her back, giving her a good shove, and she started to swing backwards and forwards. He kept it up, getting a good rhythm going, but not wanting to send her too high. The boys liked to go as high as they could, then jump off, but girls usually got scared.

“What’s your name?” he asked, noting that her ears had turned all the way around to track his voice.

“Liz,” she replied, the mop of blonde hair on her head flowing behind her as she swung.

“I’m six and a half,” Jamie stated proudly, “how old are you?”

“I’m five.”

“Is it your first day at school?”


“I was scared when I first came to school,” he said, giving her another shove to keep her going. “I didn’t have any friends at first. I can be your friend, if you want.” Liz tuned her head to peer back at him.

“You mean it? Nobody else wants to be my friend. The girls teased me and said I looked like a cat. They won’t play with me.”

“Well you do,” he started, then continued hurriedly as she began to pout. “But I like cats.”

She smiled, and turned her head back towards her front, starting to swing her feet in time with his pushes. After a few minutes a gaggle of half a dozen boys walked over to see what hey were doing, Tyler at their head. Jamie didn’t like Tyler, he was a mean kid, and he was big. He liked to shove people and start fights a recess. He was always hogging the swing set with his friends, trying to send eachother up and over the bar. Liz’s expression fell as she saw them approach, her ears flattening against her head and her tail drooping.

“I want a turn on the swing set, Jamie,” Tyler said. He stood in front of Liz’s swing so that she had to slow herself and stop.

“There are two, you can use the other one,” Jamie replied.

“I said I want a turn,” Tyler reiterated, more sternly this time. Liz’s lower lip began to tremble and she looked as if she might start to cry again. She turned back to Jamie, unsure of what to do.

“Well you can’t have a turn yet, we’re not done with it.” Tyler circled around Liz and stood before Jamie, a head taller than him, squaring up for a fight. Jamie held his ground, growing angrier as Liz became more distressed.

“I said scram,” Tyler spat, and shoved him. Jamie stumbled but didn’t fall, staggering backwards a few paces. Liz slunk off the seat and covered her ears with her fluffy hands, eyes darting between the two boys as fat tears rolled down her pudgy cheeks. Now they had done it, he had just succeeded in cheering her up and now they had undone all of his work. Jamie’s face reddened, his knuckles white as he balled his fists.

“Back off, Tyler.”

“Or what,” the taller boy sneered, “you gonna go crying to the teacher?”

“No I’m gonna beat your ass.” Tyler seemed a little taken aback, then turned to his friends, laughing. They joined in, the chorus of jeering children frightened Liz as she looked on.

“You trying to impress your new girlfriend, Jamie? Why don’t you marry her if you like her so much?” Tyler turned his attention to Liz, and walked over to stand in front of her, cocking his head curiously. “What’s wrong with her anyway? She got a disease or something?” He tugged one of her ears between his thumb and forefinger, and she wailed her displeasure.

“Hey!” Jamie bellowed, “leave her alone.”

Tyler released the girl’s ear and marched back over to him, shoving him violently to the ground. Jamie fell on his rear, kicking up a cloud of dust.

“Stay down unless you want to get beat,” Tyler snarled, and turned his back to Jamie, making a beeline towards Liz who was beside herself. “Go play somewhere else, freak.” She shut her eyes and shook her head, her chest heaving as she sobbed. Jamie saw red, lifting a nearby rock off the ground and leaping to his feet. He charged Tyler from behind before any of his friends could react, slamming the rock into the back of his head. He fell heavily to the floor, groaning as blood matted his dark hair. He rolled over and made to stand up, but Jamie caught his nose with a swift kick, knocking him back down. He gave him another good kick to the ribs with his scuffed sneakers, then Tyler scrambled free, stumbling away towards the school building. Now who was going crying to teacher? The other boys scattered, not wanting to get in trouble too, and Jamie dropped the bloodied rock at his feet.

Liz shuffled up next to him, sniffing and drying her eyes on the collar of her duck pattern dress. She hid slightly behind him, taking his hand. Her fingers were thick and furry, there were only four of them, and she wrapped her flexible tail around his waist. She was clinging to him like a baby monkey.

“I’m sorry he scared you,” Jamie said, “Tyler is a bully.”

“I’m ok...”

“Want to go back on the swings?”

She nodded, smiling up at him.

Jamie waited for Liz on the steps outside of the science building, she should be finishing her exobiology class right about now. He rested his hands on the straps of his backpack, feeling the heat of the sun on his face and listening to the wind rustle the leaves of the trees that were dotted around the campus. He heard a bell ring, and a short while later a torrent of students flooded out of the doors and down the steps, eager to put the school day behind them. He saw Liz emerge, her golden hair blowing in the light breeze. He remembered her as a kitten, when they had met that day at the swing set. She had been short and fat, covered in sandy fur from her head to the tip of her tail. As she had matured, she had grown out of her puppy fat, and the hair had receded from her face and torso revealing coffee-colored skin beneath. Only her lower arms, lower legs and her long tail were still coated in a layer of silky hair. Borealans were basically humanoid, a species evolved from a feline ancestor that had taken a fairly convergent evolutionary path, at least that’s what she told him when her pink nose wasn’t buried in one of her textbooks. Her father was an ambassador living on Earth, and he had brought his family with him in order to learn about the local culture, putting his daughter through the human school system as part of his commitment. Jamie had met her parents, they were massive and intimidating at eight feet, but their daughter’s infatuation with Jamie had seen them warm up to him quickly and they now treated him as a member of their family.

At sixteen years old Liz was still short by Borealan standards, her parents promised her a growth spurt when she reached the right age, but for now she was only about five feet six inches. Jamie had sprouted in his adolescence, dwarfing his friend at six feet one inch, and he never missed an opportunity to tease her about it. She would probably have the last laugh when she reached the size of her kin, but for now Jamie was a head taller than her.

She waved to him with her clawed hand, pulling the strap of her book bag over the shoulder of her turtleneck sweater. Jamie didn’t think of her as an alien, not really. He had known her for most of his life. Her dress sense, accent, mannerisms, they were all so distinctly human that if it wasn’t for her appearance you wouldn’t be able to tell that she wasn’t an Earth native. A few people still gave her shit about her planet of origin, calling her names like ‘E.T’ or ‘Garfield’, but never within earshot of Jamie. He had made it abundantly clear that anyone who wanted to give Liz a hard time had to go through him first, he was on the track team and was one of the largest students at the school, he was not above knocking out a few teeth to keep xenophobes off her back.

Most people knew about the races of the multi-species Coalition to which Earth belonged at this point, it was taught in schools and you couldn’t watch a minute of television without seeing an alien, but to have one actually living on Earth among humans was a novelty to which not everyone had become accustomed.

Liz trotted over to walk beside him, looking up at him with her reflective, green eyes.

“Hi Jamie, you done with your classes?”

“Yeah, I finished last period, but I thought I’d wait for you.”

She seemed pleased as she took his hand and trotted at his side, keeping up with the taller boy easily with her long, loping strides. Her parents told him that Borealis had a higher gravity than Earth, although despite Jamie trying to get her into sports in order to leverage her natural strength, she was a total bookworm. The only physical activity she seemed to enjoy was Aikido, some far East martial art that she said was good exercise, but he suspected that she had taken up because of her problems with bullying in her youth. She took classes at a local gym every Wednesday and was getting pretty good from what she told him.

Like many second generation immigrants she seemed fascinated with her culture of origin, and it caused Jamie to wonder if it made her experience of life any harder to be so far removed from it. Her parents appeared to have brought much of their culture with them, however. Their house was filled with strange pieces of art and decorative tapestries, busts, sculptures, even odd pelts from unidentifiable alien wildlife.

“You want to get some food?” Jamie asked, and she nodded. The girl could eat, despite her smaller stature she easily outpaced Jamie when it came to dining, often consuming three or four human portions whenever the mood took her. It was a source of minor embarrassment to her, but she never seemed to gain any weight. Must be her alien metabolism, Jamie had theorized. She had an odd palate too, she seemed to favor fat and salt over sugar, in fact he couldn’t remember one instance where she had ordered something sweet like a dessert or a soda, at least not in his company. Wherever all those empty calories were going, they were going fast.

They left the school campus and made their way towards the residential district where they both lived, there was a diner on the way where they liked to stop, it was usually fairly quiet and nobody bothered Liz. Traffic hurried past them on the adjacent road, rush hour clogging the lanes as people tried to get home after a long day of work. Shuttles and maglev buses crowded the skies overhead, weaving between the skyscrapers and the pedestrian walkways that networked the upper floors. Jamie and Liz preferred to walk rather than to ride the buses that transported much of the school’s population to and from their homes, it was nice to take a break from the rat race of the city and just enjoy the lack of stimulation for a while. There were never many people crowding the streets, despite the slew of road and air traffic. They walked beneath rows of trees that lined the street, their colors now changing from green to rich shades of red and brown as the seasons turned, Liz kicked through the piles of shedded foliage gleefully with her paw-like feet. She never wore shoes, although she had adopted human clothing styles, whatever boots they might be able to make that would fit would probably only look strange and draw further attention to her.

They arrived at the diner, its large glass window and flickering, pink neon sign a deliberate throwback to vintage styles. Jamie opened the door for Liz, she ducked under his arm and made her way to their preferred booth at the back. The staff knew them here, and that seemed to set Liz more at ease, she was always on edge whenever they went somewhere new where people might stare at her.

A waitress walked over to take their orders, clad in a pink, knee-length uniform with a white apron tied around her waist. It was quiet today and they were the only couple in the diner. Well, he shouldn’t use the word ‘couple’. They had been best friends since childhood, inseparable but not romantically involved. He had often thought about it, but he didn’t know if their species were even compatible. How would he broach the subject, what would their parents say? Jamie was pretty popular with girls, he was tall and athletic, but he had never had eyes for anyone besides Liz. He remained staunchly celibate, much to the dismay of his female classmates. Rumors circulated of course that he and Liz were an item, but he wasn’t sure that anyone really believed them, it was just juvenile teasing. In his eyes Liz was still the little girl who had been crying in the playground, someone who needed his protection and his friendship, he couldn’t bring himself to risk spoiling that for her.

“Hi, I’d like the double cheeseburger and a side of wings, with a glass of water please,” Liz said, handing the laminated menu that had been waiting on the table up to the waitress. She wrote the order down on her notepad then turned to Jamie.

“What’ll it be?”

“Just a root beer float for me, thanks.”

The waitress nodded and recorder his order, walking back over to the counter, her red heels clicking on the tile floor. Jamie lurched as he felt Liz nudge him with her tail below the table.

“You won’t grow up big and strong if you don’t eat,” she joked.

“I think I’ll manage,” he chuckled, turning his attention to the cars that jammed the road outside the long window.

“Something the matter? You’ve been pretty distant today,” she said, concern creeping into her voice. Jamie snapped out of his daydream and tried to play it off, stretching his long arms above his head.

“Just had a long day is all, practice ran later than usual.”

“I see, I’ve had a long day too. We’re covering Krell now, we’ve finished on Borealans and Betelgeusians. Miss Connor said I was a big help, she let me bring in some photos of me when I was a kitten to show the class how my people shed our fur as we age. I can’t believe how fat I was back then, do you remember?”

“Yeah, you were a cute kid. I remember when you hit puberty and you came crying to me because you thought you were going bald.” She feigned outrage and batted at him with her furry hand.

“I was distraught! I was convinced I would end up looking like your dad!”

“Luckily I have my mother’s hair.”

“I wish you wouldn’t cut it,” Liz stated, eyeing his blonde fuzz. “When you let it grow out you almost look like one of us.” Jamie ran his fingers through it absent-mindedly as she watched him with her emerald eyes.

“Well the coach won’t let us have long hair, might get caught on something, but I’ll take your fashion advice into account.” Liz dressed very much like a human, she preferred long sleeved tops like hoodies or sweaters so that she could conceal the fur on her forearms, and she wore loose fitting jogging pants that would let her digitigrade legs bend at the heel joint. She loved winter, the cold allowed her to wear gloves and a hat that further concealed her alien features and gave her a boost in confidence that Jamie found endearing. Her parents had garments that they had brought with them in preparation for her growing up, but she refused to be seen in them, finding that they made her stand out more than she already did. They were also oddly revealing which made her uncomfortable, so she had reported to Jamie, as he had never seen her wearing them.

She was a meek girl, very much a product of her environment. From what Jamie had been told by her parents, and what he had learned in classes, the Borealans were a martial race. They were described as muscle-bound warriors, always depicted as the tip of the spear in Coalition military engagements.

“Well, Mom and Dad have been hinting that we might be going back to Borealis some time soon, to visit maybe. They’ve been pretty tight lipped about it and they haven’t given me anything concrete, but that’s the impression I get lately. I’ve never been before, but I’ve read all about it, I’d be excited to see it for myself.”

The waitress brought them their orders, and Liz leaned back to let the woman set a plate of food in front of her, licking her chops eagerly. She lifted her burger in her claws and took a large, wet bite, smacking her lips as she chewed. Jamie sucked a mouthful of his float through a straw, and she continued.

“Do you think your parents would let you come with us,” she added, talking around a mouthful of cheese and meat. “I hear the environment is pretty hostile for humans there, but you can stay ground-side for like five or six months without having any medical problems. You wouldn’t fare any worse than me, I grew up in Earth standard gravity so it will be an adjustment for me too. I have denser bones and reinforced joints though.”

He considered for a moment, resting his chin on his hand as he stirred the icecream in his drink with the thick straw.

“Probably not, I’d miss loads of practice.” He hoped that if she did end up visiting, it wouldn’t be for too long. They had never been apart more than a week or two for the ten years they had known eachother. The idea of the small, meek girl exploring a planet full of monstrous warriors without him there to look out for her knotted his stomach. She had wanted to vacation there for a long time though, and he had to be supportive. “You’ll have to send me vidlogs.”

She nodded enthusiastically, taking another bite of her meal.

“I don’t know how developed the planet is, and I don’t think they’d give us access to the superlight relay, if Borealis even has one. But if I can call you, I will.” She finished off her burger and licked the grease from her furry fingers with her rough tongue like a cat bathing itself, then started on the little basket of chicken wings. She could really pack it away when she got hungry. “Anyway, I’m not even sure that’s what they’re planning, but my birthday isn’t far off. Wouldn’t that be cool, if I got jump freighter tickets for my birthday?”

Jamie nodded, he didn’t think it was cool, but she was happy and he didn’t want to burst her bubble by being negative. She wouldn’t be gone too long, in any case, she had schoolwork too and she was at the top of her class in exobiology and exolinguistics. She was practically cheating with her intimate knowledge of their language, gleaned from sessions with her parents. She was shaping up to be a diplomat like her father.

“I just hope they don’t plan to marry me off to some damned ladder-climbing socialite,” she laughed, putting down her wing and poising to imitate her mother’s voice. “Oh Lizka, you must start thinking about your social standing! How will you find a strong mate to give you a litter if you’re at the bottom of the hierarchy?” She chuckled at her own joke, and turned her attention back to her food. “I swear, my parents act like our culture is beyond reproach, but sometimes they behave like ... like some pack of wild dogs.” She noticed that Jamie was grimacing, and tapped his leg with her dexterous tail. “I’m only joking, Jamie. I’ve read about how Borealans court and that’s just ... not for me.”

She finished off her food, then waited patiently for Jamie to drink his float, making idle small talk before they paid their bill and headed out.

Liz’s father opened the front door to their house as he saw the pair walking up their paved driveway. The dwelling had been specially constructed for the ambassador and his family by the UN, in order for him to live comfortably near enough to the embassy to be able to commute. It was a strange amalgam of human and alien architecture. The front that faced the street was of the same rectangular, prefab design as the other houses on the block, but it had a domed roof and was somewhat larger than average. It was only upon walking up to the porch that you realized the door was almost nine feet tall and twice as wide as a standard one. If one was to look at the structure from an angle that showed the back of the house leading into the garden, they would see arches made to mimic stone and a windowless face.

“Greetings, James,” her father boomed in his strange accent, his baritone voice almost deep enough to make Jamie’s teeth vibrate. He was so tall and broad-shouldered that he completely filled the doorway, and was wearing clothing in the style of his homeworld. He sported a long open-necked tunic made from blue, floaty fabric and shorts that ended at his knees, all embroidered with fine threads of gold and red wound into decorative patterns. He was the same color as his daughter, sandy blonde like a lion with caramel skin, and a mane of long hair to match. His wife was paler, with orange hair like a tiger, though she didn’t seem to be home right now.

Jamie didn’t plan to stay, and so returned the greeting then waved goodbye to Liz, setting off back to his own house. It was fairly out of his way to walk Liz home every day, but he knew that she appreciated it, and he enjoyed her company.

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