Jo's Surprise

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Pedo Sex Story: I city girl visits her uncle's farm for her birthday surprise and learns in a totally practical way how animals breed.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Mult   Pedophilia   Fiction   Farming   Zoophilia   Slut Wife   Incest   Uncle   Niece   Aunt   Bestiality   First   Small Breasts   .

Author’s note. This is very first bestial story, written many years ago, in fact the very first erotic story. Quite where it came from in the dark side of my mind I don’t know, but it was probably prompted by something I saw on the internet ... where else? I guess it’s a stroker if you are into bestiality

Jo was told to hurry by her father. Her fourteenth birthday surprise was waiting at Uncle Ed’s. When the chubby, plain, bespectacled little blonde girl and her parents arrived at the remote farm one sunny Saturday, she threw herself at the man-mountain which was her uncle. Ed scooped her up easily and she gripped her legs round her favourite uncle, as the families proceeded to the barn. His massive gnarled hand cupped Jo’s meaty buttocks and his crotch stirred as usual at the heat generated, wondering what male bastard would be the first to violate his loving niece. Much was the time she had spent with him and his wife Bet at their picturesque farm. He had watched discreetly, as his wife and Jo had skinny-dipped in the lake, her wonderful firm fleshed limbs exciting him, making him retreat to a shady spot and wank his load.

Each time, the pitiful size of his dick had made him think that although it could never pleasure Bet to her full extent, it could well pleasure little Jo but he always chastised himself for such lewd and taboo thoughts ... but it wouldn’t hurt her surely? But he always made sure Bet was well seen to and he mused on these happier and much safer thoughts as they entered the barn. With great ceremony, after Jo had taken the usual peep at the lambs and Ed’s stallion Skew, Harry, her father showed her the surprise. The cutest little chestnut pony thrilled Jo and she whooped and cried with happiness, rushing to her mum Kathy and dad Harry, then Bet and Ed, alternating with strokes and cuddles of the docile gelding she immediately named Blaze to suit the marking on it’s handsome head.

Jo’s parents announced they had to leave for a lunch appointment and kissed Jo goodbye. She would stay with her uncle and aunt until the following day, a quite normal occurrence. As she waved them off, Ed took her overnight bag into the house as Bet answered the many questions the young girl threw at her about Blaze. Inside the old farmhouse, Ed climbed heavily up the stairs to the guest bedroom, prepared for Jo. An intriguing bit of lace stuck out of her bag as Ed tossed it onto the bed. Guiltily, he opened it and peered inside. The lace was a tiny fringe to a little pair of panties, obviously brand new, the labels were still attached. The soft white material tempted his rough hands and he picked up the delicate garment and ran it over his face. It was something he often did with Bet’s knickers too, but more often they would be her soiled ones in the wash basket.

However, these fresh, stain free panties thrilled his senses as he suddenly, although for the first time, guiltily wondered what Jo’s little fanny would feel like. Bet’s great snatch, with long labia flaps, all crusty with her frequent dampness and covered in a thick thatch of dense black hair, had kept him happy over thirty odd years, especially just after she had been riding. She would rush to find him, shamefully neglecting to clean down her mount, just so the massive flow of cunt juice created by the thrust of her groin down on the saddle would excite her and Ed to great sexual athletics. Now Ed, in the quiet solitude of the pretty back bedroom, thought about those pleasures as he lightly licked at the clean towelled gusset of his niece’s undies. Why had he got these dreams of a young body and the curiosity about illegal sex, he didn’t know, but he liked them.

In the barn, Bet was explaining all the bits of tack to Jo who pondered on the mass of leather, buckles, bits and snaffles, seeing how bright and clean they all looked and breathing in the heady odours of straw, leather soap, polish and horse flesh. She had often ridden up with Ed and Bet, in front of them on the saddle, when she was little, but she had never really expressed any desire for a pony until over the last year, prompted by Janine her best friend who had got one for her birthday. As for the tack and the ways and means of keeping, feeding, cleaning and maintaining animals, this had never entered her head, but Bet now deemed it necessary to introduce her to the fundamentals.

Ed joined them again, hopeful his face didn’t display his naughty pleasures. Jo pushed her gold rimmed glasses up her pert nose and pointed to a complicated piece of harness, questioning its purpose and it was suddenly Bet’s turn to take on an embarrassed smile and stutter that it was only used occasionally and Jo would never need it anyway. Bet glanced with a smile at Ed as she spoke, he grinned back at her and fondled the various straps making up the object in question. “It’s a special harness I designed and had made, to help Auntie Bet with one of her riding habits,” he told Jo. “Oh Ed must you?” Bet reproached him. “Jo wants to learn about grooming Blaze don’t you dear?” Jo nodded eagerly and Bet went to the tack room to get materials. Ed sauntered over to Skew’s stall and patted him as Jo followed him. The huge animal tossed its head and clattered the floor with his big hooves. Ed noticed something and glanced down at Jo, who had noticed the same thing and was peering under Skew’s belly too. About 6 inches of his cock hung out, wobbling as the great stallion moved restlessly. The pink and black colouring of the stallion’s penis naturally attracted attention and the two watched as Skew set his hind legs apart and seconds later a gusher of hot steaming horse piss flooded the stall and drained into the gully.

Jo squeaked with surprise at the start hoping Skew wouldn’t splash them. Ed chuckled. The urination took ages and she smiled up at her uncle as he let his hand stray round her shoulders, pulling her gently to him as if to be safe from Skew’s toilet. She had accepted the natural function and his comfort before, as she sidled compliantly closer to Ed’s thick thigh. Ed grinned “Its only pee after all, everything has to do it sometime,” he told her. “It’s odd that humans always locked themselves away when they peed, animals didn’t bother,” said Jo sensibly. “I don’t mind if anyone pees in front of me, or the other way around. Privacy is not always that available and convenient,” added Ed. Jo nodded a sort of agreement as Bet bustled back into the barn and got Blaze out. Ed fiddled with some hay sacks.

Brushing, combing and cleaning hooves was all explained, in great detail to a very interested Jo, who watched and practised on Blaze. She noticed one bucket of water that hadn’t been touched yet until Bet announced that the last thing to do for your horse, especially boy horses, was to clean their sheath. Jo looked on quizically as Bet pulled on a pair of thin lubricated rubber gloves. She bent under Blaze and fondled the bundle of floppy black horse flesh, concealing his penis. Bet inserted her hand inside the folds and slowly dragged Blaze’s sticky black cock out. Jo gasped in astonishment. Obligingly he let it dangle as Bet reached for the bucket and gently sponged the 18 inches clean. “Bet always makes sure she does this for all her boys,” said Ed joining them. “What boys?” asked Jo. “The boy horses and the boy dogs, any other boys on the farm, you know?” he suggested. The city girl frowned and then smiled, getting the gist of his words. “Oh I see.” Bet giggled as Jo peered intently, noticing the considerable amount of gungy stuff that came off her pony’s dick. Bet explained that the lump on the end was called the rose. “It doesn’t look much like one Auntie Bet,” said Jo seriously, then she suddenly asked them. “Do you clean Uncle Ed’s rose as well? I mean he is a boy so to speak.” The two adults gasped, glanced at each other, then burst into laughter, but not answering. The chore was hurried through with not an embarrassed silence but a tense one, but with no further awkwardness.

“I think I’d better go shopping,” announced Bet finally, sorting the tack cleaning stuff and packing it away as Ed and Jo helped. Aunty Bet left. They stayed in the barn with Blaze, who was spotless. Jo stroked her horse proudly. “Damn! She could have got you some new proper jodhpurs,” Ed grumbled as Bet drove away in the Land Rover. “Has Auntie Bet got any old ones for the time being?” suggested Jo. Ed’s mind went into overdrive. They were alone, for hours, was there an opportunity to see some of Jo’s little body?

Hurriedly he bustled Jo across the yard and indoors, then upstairs to rummage through an old clothes cupboard. The sight of her young backside as she bent over the lower drawers turned him on and he knelt down low to the floor, saying he thought he had dropped some buttons and looked up her skirt. He couldn’t see to the top but her thick thighs looked peachy as they curved up to her buttocks. He wondered if he could just have a little look and feel ... Why did he keep getting these urges?

Trying to dismiss them and being halted in his lewd ideas by Jo unearthing a pair of riding breeches, he suggested she tried them on. He nodded encouragement and was spellbound as she slipped her skirt off without any prompting. Her pale blue and white patterned knickers were tight over her bulky bum and round belly. Ed immediately homed in on the bulge of her pubic mound. Seconds later she wore the breeches and almost filled them, but not tight enough, for he liked to see tightly stretched jodhpurs on women’s bums. Jo was also too swift with her dressing for his liking. He suggested there may be more and again she slipped them off, transfixing Ed’s gratified gaze as she rummaged through the stuffy collection.

They had been followed everywhere by Butch, Ed’s black and white collie, an obedient dog who was well used to Jo and vice versa. As Ed gazed at the excited girl’s upraised rump in the cotton coverall knickers and rubbed his crotch, pressurising his hardening prick, he noticed with amusement that Butch had taken an interest in the girl’s rear end as well. The dog sniffed the air, then stepped closer, sniffed again and as Ed watched fascinated, knowing Butch’s interests in female crotches, the dog rammed his nose into Jo’s panty clad crotch. She screamed with surprise and leapt up, as Ed feigned anger and chastised the hound.

Complaining that it was cold, Jo stood with her legs locked together and her hands protecting her genital area. Ed dismissed it as dogs like to sniff and had Butch spoiled her panties? The girl felt herself, passing her hand over her genital area and declared no as Ed fondled the dog’s ears who sat quietly. Jo then noticed that the dog’s cock was protruding from the curly hair of his belly. The bright red prong like thing was growing as she stared at the lump on the end, which finished in a sort of point. “Is that Butch’s rose Uncle Ed?” she asked innocently. Ed peered down and chuckled knowingly. He was not totally surprised to see a randy dog beside him. “Well I don’t think they call that a rose my dear, but yes – and Auntie Bet does clean it for him,” he told her. He didn’t add that Bet did it before going down on the lusty hound and sucking Butch’s jism dry, although that wasn’t always the case. If she was really randy, she would persuade Butch to get his hard on and lock her fifty-two-year-old cunt round the sticky red prong.

Ed’s mind raced over the many times Bet and he had fun with the various male members of the farm animals. He also recalled the time some years ago that one of the previous dogs, another collie called Pebbles had tried to mount a young girl who visited the farm one day. The girl had been one of the party of distressed children whose actual ages were much more than their mental age. Bet was in charge of the party and this girl had taken ill and left her and a young boy in the farm kitchen not knowing Ed during his afternoon rest had had a few secret drinks. The girl had been about fifteen with the most enormously developed tits for that age. His mind had deteriorated swiftly, partly by watching a sexy school serial on the TV that Saturday afternoon called Harry and Cosh. The star of the show was a delicious girl and he had got excited over her. He started to show his cock to the innocent sickly girl, the boy watched dumbly on and how he had persuaded her to feel it, just before Pebbles had tried to jump her bones. Now with these memories searing through his brain and not able to contain himself further, the plain minded farmer blurted out that Jo could find out a really big birthday secret.

Excitedly, she pleaded to hear and he bade her sit on his lap. Jo willingly did so and his burly great hand wrapped over her hot thighs. He budged her back so she would put weight on his dick, which was now hard against his belly. The secret he would disclose would also be their secret, nobody must ever know and she must never tell anyone, no matter who. In return for Jo’s willing nods and promises, her uncle said he would buy her a completely new set of riding gear. He reminded her about Bet washing all the ‘boy’s’ roses then whispered to her.

“She washes mine too – well I’m a boy,” he chuckled to Jo’s gasp of surprise. “In fact mine needs a wash at the moment. Although Auntie Bet is away, I really should have it done, but I’m not sure and it’s always been done for me, what do you think? Could you do it?” Jo frowned and said she didn’t know really, but if it needed doing, why not? She was curious to see if it was different to Blaze and Butch’s. Ed’s mind jumped with joy. No reproachful thoughts, no guilt, just pure evil incestual lust overcame him and he bustled Jo over to the wash basin. He unzipped and slapped out his hard cock, hearing her gasp. Comments about its funny shape and difference to the animals shot from her as Ed ran the hot tap and soaped his hands. Clumsily he washed his 5 inch weenie which was lost in his big mitt. At least Jo wouldn’t put its size down, like some women would, he thought, as he glanced at her fascinated face.

“What does it feel like? I mean it’s a lot different to Blaze’s and Skew’s,” she queried. “Why don’t you find out darling, I mean I’m not sure I’m doing it right. It needs a woman’s touch,” he suggested, offering his soapy cock to her. He nearly went into orbit, as without protest or disgust, Jo started to soap up and rub her hands over his shaft. Ed gulped and sighed as her small hands made his dick look larger. “Whoops!” he cried as some soap splashed onto her glasses. He wiped it off and she smiled sweetly. “Of course you know what these things are for don’t you?” he asked tentatively, pointing to his cock. “You know babies and things...” Her solemn nod answered him so he explained how his seed would rush out of the funny little slit. He told her the baby seed needed to come out when washing, to sort of clean the tubes inside. “Wow! I didn’t realise. Why don’t we do that too? How?” she asked. Ed grabbed her hand and squeezed it telling Jo to repeat that until it happened. Suddenly his spunk gushed out, splashing great thick gobs of it round the basin and onto her forearm. She gulped and gasped at its profuse spoutings. Ed was proud of that part of his cock prowess at least. “Well I suppose you’d better wash it again my dear,” panted Ed in ecstasy. Again Jo washed his tool, watching it subside and together they dabbed it dry. Butch trotted around panting and sniffing various things. “Does Butch’s thing need cleaning? I like doing it,” she queried full of enthusiasm.

Eagerly, the collie was grabbed by Ed, as Jo prepared some fresh warm water. Soon Ed had got the dog erect, to Jo’s fascinated view and Butch lay back, one of his back legs twitching happily as the girl swabbed the canine cock clean. “Do I wash that sort of white pink lump at the bottom?” she asked. “Yes, firmly but gently. If you do it right, Butch’s seed will be cleaned out too,” answered Ed, wondering where he could lead this situation. His mind boggled. Sure enough with Ed’s help and urgings, Butch obliged her eager hands and fingers, the thin grey fluid spilling onto his hairy belly and undercarriage, which Jo dutifully, wiped clean. As Jo swabbed the bowl and put the soap to one side, Ed watched her rotund knicker clad bottom wobble and considered his next move. Could things progress even further? He again emphasised the secretive nature of what they were doing. Jo seemed happy and he carried on with his daringly dangerous plan.

“What about you. Do you wash your bits ... down there? What you call it? Because you won’t have a rose,” he asked nodding to Jo’s crotch. “When Auntie Bet needs it, I have a special way of doing it for her. She loves it.” Jo frowned and walked thoughtfully to the clothes cupboard. He reckoned she was thinking and in turn worried that he had gone too far. But no - Jo turned and spoke. “Well if you have a special way. Can I see? I call it my front bottom,” she giggled. Ed’s mind sizzled. God – he loved her throaty giggles. Why was he doing this? Why was it so easy? What would she react like? How far could he go? Fuck it! He nonchalantly told her take her knickers off, pretending to be unconcerned, filling the sink again. “Butch does a bit of the cleaning when Auntie Bet gets washed you know,” he ventured. Jo didn’t react. “Anyway get undressed. Don’t mind me. I’m just your old uncle.”

Jo gasped at the mention of Butch and Bet in the same context and shook her head in amazement as Ed fiddled with the taps. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched her undies slide down her chubby legs, the generous curves of her buttocks unfettered below the hem of her tee shirt. She lay on the bed as he told her, her legs opened on his instructions and he gazed on the peachy bulge of her tiny twat. Butch came to sniff again and she closed her legs until Ed told her not to. He licked his lips as he stared rapturously at the tight plain unblemished slit until it disappeared into the crevice of her arse. There was light dusting of pubic hair, making him think about his wife’s hirsute snatch. “What Butch does for Auntie Bet is that he licks her bits. His tongue makes the cleaning easier as its texture makes the skin different,” he told her, desperately making things up as he garbled on, waiting for Jo to leap away as he allowed the dog to nose towards her thighs “It’s OK if that’s the way Auntie Bet does it,” she giggled as Butch’s hair tickled her thighs.

Soon his pink tongue lapped furiously at Jo’s fourteen year old pussy. Ed queried how she felt as Jo, propped up on her elbows, stared intently at the sloppy licking Butch was doing between her legs... “It’s very nice. It makes me sort of tingly. I rub myself there sometimes, on my front bottom but don’t tell anybody. It gets tingly too when I rub it, but I don’t know why,” she confided seriously. Ed nodded caringly and smiled inwardly, knowing all of his naughty, taboo dreams were simply coming true. He felt under Butch’s belly and sure enough, there was the well trained erection again. How Bet would love it now. All their work with the dogs paid off and now was proving a bonus as the intelligent collie recognised all the signs, smells and prompts. She would hold her cunt lips wide, exposing the thick lump of her clitty as the hound rasped it. Its nose would batter the nerve ends, the cold contrasting with the dog’s hot breath and searing tongue.

But of course, Butch would then mount her as Ed wanked his pisser trying to time his cumming with the dog and his wife. Sometimes he would delay, with great difficulty, then turn her over and ram his prick straight into her soaking turd tunnel, making Bet yelp initially then urging him on as he battered her bum, while she would flick her ever hungry clitty with her fingers. Bet’s climaxes rolled on for ages, whilst Ed would cum in about two minutes. Butch’s saliva mixed with Bet’s pussy pourings were an ideal lubricant for his forced entry into her brown eye, as it was protected by the same thick wiry black forest that roamed round her crotch and up her lower belly.

“Gosh! Look at you again Uncle Ed,” Jo pointed at her uncle’s crotch, her eyes heavy with pleasure as Butch eagerly slavered at her little minge. “This is so nice.” Ed was hard again and he grinned stupidly, pulling on his cock asking if she would help him once more. He pushed Butch away saying the proper wash could start. Starting to wash her with the soap and water, very very slowly, he got her to hold his cock. Ed knew from experience he wouldn’t cum again, at least for another hour or so, that was one of the reasons he and Bet had decided on the animal assistance in the early days. His wife’s fuck appetite was huge.

As he caressed the silken softness of his niece’s cunt with gentle soaped cloth, he splayed the slit slightly. Jo watched, her arms propped, her eyes heavy. She told him it was nice and she liked the special secret thing, with Butch and were there any more. Ed told her there were plenty and got her to turn and kneel on all fours. Now her brown eye came into view, above the puffy pinkness of her gleamingly clean cunt slit. Butch sniffed around again, but Ed pushed him away. He leaned forward and sniffed at her. She couldn’t see, but he could detect a slight musky odour although she was perfectly clean. The slightly puckered orifice, in its little hollow of pink, dark, wrinkles looked so cute and he washed it carefully. He dabbed her dry and let her sit up and asked about her sex education. She knew a lot about the production cycle and told him that some of her friends had put things inside their “front bottoms” as she called. She had been tempted to do so but hadn’t dared and didn’t like to ask the friends and her mum and dad seemed always busy when she mentioned it. As they chatted, Jo absent-mindedly fondled Ed’s tool, even letting Butch sniff and lap at her cunt. Playfully she bent Ed’s dick downwards, getting Butch to lap at his bell end. She giggled heartily. Ed lied to her that what she was doing was the first time it had happened with a little girl and she was very special to find that out. He wondered on the moment to suggest that he fucked her, then the phone rang. He swore under his breath, leaping slightly with the shock as much as Jo.

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