The Volley Ball Team
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Alvin Leader

Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dad is traveling in Alaska with his daughter's volley ball team and has to spend the night in an Alaskan hotel.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Pedophilia   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Water Sports  

The volleyball team was on their way to Juneau from Anchorage to compete in the State Regionals. The weather turned bad right after Glennallen and became worst as the nine-passenger van made its way toward the Canadian Border. Ray, the driver and assistant coach, knew that he could not hope to keep the van on the road for much longer. The weather was a mixture of freezing rain and gusts of wind that exceeded fifty miles an hour.

There was a rustic old log hotel just up the road and Ray thought that he could make it that far if he wasn’t blown off the road. Judging by the number of electric wires that were down, Ray knew that the power would be out at the “Copper River Inn.”

Finally the old weathered logs of the exterior of the lodge loom up ahead.

“Are we going to stay “there?” Tracy said with a hint of resentment in her voice.

Tracy was Ray’s fourteen-year-old daughter; she and five other girls in the van made up one half of the Volleyball team; the rest of the team was going to fly down to Juneau. The girls with Ray thought that it would be fun to drive the van down to Hanes and take the Ferry to Juneau. Then the van could be used in Juneau to get around.

The other girls, Marie, Jenny, Cathy, Joan and Kitty made up the rest of the group.

Ray pulled up in front of the darkened Lodge. It was clear that there was no one inside but there was a light coming from the small camping trailer in back of the lodge.

Ray got out of the van and knocked on the trailer door. The door opened and Ray recognized the owner.

“Hi Peggy.” Ray said.

“Well hello stranger; what brings you out in this god forsaken weather?” Peggy was a very large woman who stood almost six-foot tall and almost six foot around.

“Hi gorgeous, I’m on my way to Juneau with my daughters soccer team and we need a place to stay the night if it’s okay.”

“Why sure it’s okay, but we don’t have any power except for my little generator. The big generator is on the fritz.” Peggy said.

“I guess we will have to make do; where do you want us to bunk?” Ray asked.

“You can take the master suite on the first floor; it has a fire place in the main bedroom and we have enough power to run a couple of electric heaters and the Jacuzzi. There will be plenty of hot water from the generator manifold heater but I don’t think that the two electric heaters will keep you warm enough in this weather. But there is plenty of wood in the wood box so fire up the fireplace in the room with two double beds and if you keep the doors open you might be able to keep the single bed room warm also.” Peggy explained.

“By the way how many of you are there?” Peggy asked.

“There are seven of us.” Ray replied.

“I guess it’s going to be cozy but you should survive the night. If it gets too crowded you can come over and bunk with me.” Peggy said laughing.

“Thanks for the offer but I had better stay close to the girls.” Ray said.

Ray left the camper and went to the truck to get the girls. He explained to them about the limited power available and the possibility that the rooms would be cold. Everyone was so tired that all they wanted to do was crawl into a bed, even if they had to share it with someone.

They went to the rooms and turned on the lights; the rooms were larger than expected. There was enough room to spread sleeping bags around the beds so that they would not have to crowd onto the two beds assuming Ray would have the single room.

Ray cranked up the portable electric heaters in each room and investigated the adjoining bathroom. The bathroom was large also; it had a shower stall and a two-person Jacuzzi tub.

The girls pushed in behind him as he surveyed the facilities.

“Wow look at the tub, this is going to be fun.” Jenny said. “I can’t wait to get naked.” Jenny was always saying things like that to shock people; she especially enjoyed shocking Ray.

“It’s too cold to get naked.” Marie said. Marie was shy, and was always embarrassed at some of the things that Jenny would say.

“It will get warm after I get the fire started.” Ray said as he left to get the wood.

Before he could get by the crowd at the door to leave, he could hear the toilet seat cover go up and then the sound of someone urinating. He couldn’t help himself he looked back in the room to see his daughter sitting on the toilet with her slacks around her ankles. She was facing straight at him and didn’t bother to close her legs while she peed.

“Tracy; Your dad is still in the room, you could have waited.” Marie scolded.

“Oh no I couldn’t.” Tracy said. “Besides he’s my dad, he sees me naked all the time, it doesn’t bother him; does it daddy?”

Ray could not take his eyes away from his daughter. It was a second or so before he could answer her.

“Eh, oh yes I see her naked all the time.” Ray stammered.

Of course this was not true, although Tracy would run around the house wearing very little; Ray would always find something to do away from her until she got dressed. He suspected that she was trying to tease him with her developing body.

Since her mother died three years ago, Tracy and Ray lived alone.

“Oh boy does this mean that we can be naked too.” Jenny said.

“Jenny stop that kind of talk, you’ll embarrass Ray.” Marie, always the prude stated.

“I think that it would be fun to go naked while we were here.” Joan said. Joan was standing next to Kitty whom everyone knew that Joan was having a lesbian relationship with.

“It would have to be a hell of a lot warmer in here before I went naked.” Said Cathy, who usually was soft spoken and quiet.

Just then Ray arrived with an armload of wood.

“Can we help with the wood Dad?” Tracy said.

“Yes honey, that would be great, then I can get the fire started while you guys get more wood. By the time the girls came back with all the wood that they could carry, Ray had fingers of flame licking up through the wood skillfully placed in the hearth. Soon the fire became audible as the flames began to roar.

“Wow, feel that heat, we will be able to do what we said we were going to do.” Jenny said.

“And what was that?” Ray asked.

“We’re going to get naked when the room warms up aren’t we girls.” Jenny replied.

A resounding YES was emitted from the group even if Marie’s response was quite a bit less than the others.

“Well you girls do what you want but lets wait until I get settled in the other room first.” Ray suggested.

Despite the roaring fire the room was still quite cool. The electric heater was glowing red in its effort to add to the heat.

“If you girls don’t mind I will take a shower first then I will go into my own room while you do what ever it is that you want to do.” Ray said.

“Okay dad you first for the shower.” Tracy said

“Then I think that I’ll use the Jacuzzi.” Ray said.

Ray put his duffel bag in the single room and began to fill the tub. He left the doors open to both rooms to allow the heat from the fireplace to take the chill off. He hoped that the generator could handle the heaters and the Jacuzzi pumps with no trouble. He placed the second electric heater in the bathroom and closed the door to his room before he began getting ready for the tub. The tub filled rapidly and the heat from the water warmed the room enough to be able to close the door to the double room and the heat from the fireplace. He noticed that just before he closed the door to the large bedroom, the girls had shed their coats and were in the process of; in fact becoming naked. Tracy had made the most progress in that she was down to her bra and panties. As he closed the door Tracy was facing him and reaching behind her to unfasten her bra. Her face showed her disappointment when Ray closed the door before she could release her young developing breasts to his view.

Between the hot water and the electric heater the bathroom became quite warm and definitely humid.

Ray pealed off the last of his cloths and slid under the water.

“Ahhhhhh,” He could not help himself but sigh a loud acknowledgement of the heavenly feeling of the hot water.

After a time heard a lot of giggling from next door, the there was a knock at the bathroom door.

“Dad, Jenny has to use the toilet, can she come in?” Tracy said.

“Just a minute and I’ll get out.” Ray offered.

“You don’t have to do that dad, just cover your eyes, she trusts you.” Tracy offered.

“Okay then come on in.” Ray placed a washcloth over his groin even though the swirling water hid everything under the water. He placed a hand towel over his eyes and lay back in the contoured seat to enjoy the bubbles.

Ray heard the door open and sensed the presents of someone in the room.

“Daddy we all have to go, is it alright if we all use the john?” Tracy said.

“I don’t care honey, I am perfectly comfortable.” Ray said.

Ray could feel them entering the room. When they passed in front of the heater, he could feel the interruption in the radiant heat waves. As near as he could tell all the girls had entered the room. He suspected that they were up to something.

What Ray couldn’t see was that half the girls were naked. Tracy of course, Jenny and Joan were devoid of clothing. The raging fire in their room soon brought the temperature up to above eighty degrees which was added incentive for the girls to get naked. Ray could feel the heat from the fireplace follow the girls as they entered the bathroom. Marie wore a T-shirt and shorts while Kitty just wore a T-shirt. Cathy, the girl blessed with very large breasts, still wore her sweatshirt and slacks.

Kitty was the first to use the facilities. Judging by the sound of her elimination, she really had to go. She gathered her T-shirt in front of her before sitting down and relieving herself.

“Wow girl, you got some pressure there.” Jenny chided her teammate.

“Hurry up I’m next.” Joan demanded.

As soon as one torrent of urine was done flowing, another one started its music in the bowl.

“Isn’t it hot pissing in the same room as Ray.” Jenny said as if Ray wasn’t there.

“It sure makes me hot to be naked in front of him.” Joan said.

The conversation went on about how excited the girls were getting which caused Ray to get a little aroused himself.

The moving water had dislodged his washcloth from his crotch but he didn’t get concerned because of the bubbles which made it impossible for the girls to see his growing erection.

Then someone shut the bubbles and water jets off. The clear spring water went still and the view the girls had of Ray’s manhood was almost unobstructed.

“Girls, that was not nice, please turn on the jets.” Ray pleaded as he searched for the errant wash cloth. He didn’t know that the washcloth had already been removed from the tub. After searching for it for a time, Ray decided to replace it with the towel he had wrapped around his head. He removed the towel but before he could cover himself, the towel was jerked from his grasp. He had no choice but to cover himself with both hands. He couldn’t help but notice that the feel of his hand over his full erection was giving him a pleasant sensation. His hands began to stroke himself rather than covering himself.

The girls had grouped themselves around the tub and were enjoying watching Ray’s hands around his penis.

“Please girls, if you are all done using the john, please let me finish my bath.” Ray pleaded as he sat up with his eyes closed. He was afraid that he might deposit something into the water if they didn’t leave soon.

“Can we join you Ray?” Jenny asked.

“Definitely not, now please leave.” Ray tried to sound authoritative but it didn’t come across that way.

The girls sensed that Ray was having fun even if he didn’t open his eyes.

“Opps.” Jenny shouted.

Ray felt the water rock as someone entered the tub. By the sound and feel of the disturbance, the entry was not voluntary. However Ray did open his eyes.

He was greeted by the sight of his lovely daughter sitting across from him in the tub, her hair wet from the dunking she suffered as she was lifted and dumped into the tub on top of her father.

Ray felt her fall on top of him. As she reached out to grab something to break her fall, she found Ray’s erection with her left hand and grabbed on to it to keep herself from going under. She kept her hold for a moment before righting herself and finding the other formed seat opposite Ray in the tub.

“Wow dad, did we do that.” Tracy said referring to his organ.

“Tracy honey please get out of the tub, you’re embarrassing me.” Ray pleaded.

At first Ray tried to keep his eyes closed as he pleaded with his daughter to leave but finally he opened them and drank in the beauty of this lovely young woman that was sitting in the tube opposite him; his beautiful young daughter. Tracy warmed under his gaze. This was something that she wanted for sometime. Her dad was admiring her naked body and it was obvious that her beauty effected him. The other girls became somewhat uneasy about what was transpiring between this man and his daughter as they stared into each other’s eyes. Finally, Jenny broke the mood.

“Do you two want to be alone?” She asked.

The rest of the girls could not keep their eyes from the bulbous purple head that reached for the surface of the water. Ray did nothing to hide himself. Tracy did nothing to cover herself either. She just relaxed back into the molded backrest, her arms resting on top of the tub. Her breasts were well above the water. Her nipples were hard and her flesh was flushed from the hot water and the effect of her loving father’s gaze.

“Hello, earth to Tracy and Ray.” Jenny broke in again.

“Yes what.” Tracy barked back at her.

“Do you two want to be alone?” Jenny repeated.

“No of course not, what do you think that we are going to do it?” Tracy replied. “How sick.” She added.

“We do this all the time at home, don’t we dad.” Tracy said.

Ray did not answer.

“You don’t have a Jacuzzi at home, Tracy.” Kitty said, as her eyes remained on the creature just below the waterline.

“Dad and I take showers all the time, don’t we dad.” Tracy said.

Still Ray didn’t answer right away.

Finally he replied. “Yes dear, all the time.” Not too very convincingly.

“I bet.” Jenny said.

Finally Ray’s gaze left Tracy and he began to look at the other treasures that were around him.

Jenny had perky little breasts that jiggled provocatively as she moved and she moved often just to feel them wiggle free of any restricting clothing. Since all the girls where kneeling next to the tub, Ray could not see more than just their breasts. Jenny wanted him to see all of her naked body. The three girls that still wore clothes began to feel left out of the experience that the naked girls were having. They wanted to be naked too but could not see a way to do it with out embarrassment.

Jenny gave them the incentive that they needed.

“Come on you guys, shed those clothes, it’s too hot for clothes in here.” Indeed it was getting very hot. Everyone was sweating.

Marie was the first to stand up. She slid down her shorts and then her panties. Then she pulled off the T-shirt over her head and stood there. She looked at Ray as he scanned her body from head to toe. Her skin was effected by his scrutiny by blushing from head to toe. After watching him ogle her for some time, she shuttered with a mini orgasm. She felt so unnerved that she went to the toilet to relieve the tension and her bladder. Again there was the music of female piss splashing into the bowl. Tracy understood what had happened to Marie and she felt a bit jealous. Then it was Kitty’s turn to strip for her coach. She, being the tomboy, unceremoniously chucked off the shirt and stood there waiting for Ray to examine her as he did Marie. She was flat chested and was self-conscious about it. Ray could see that she was not happy with her lack of chest and he made an effort to give her the same attention that he gave Marie. She appreciated his leer and moved closer to give him a better view. She stood right next to him as close as she could without getting into the tub with him. Ray stared right into her wisp of pubic hair; He could smell the aroused woman’s odor wafting from between her legs. She parted her legs slightly until the swollen pink lips could be seen, opening as if a flower opening in the morning sun.

“Daddy, what are you doing, she has her pussy practically in your face.” Tracy complained.

Ray ignored Tracy’s concern and just stared into the pink folds. Kitty began rocking her hips toward Ray’s face, coming closer and closer with each forward motion. Ray moved closer also. Then as it was destine to happen Ray’s nose and Kitty’s pubis, made contact. Kitty held herself against Ray’s nose until the tingling hint of an orgasm made her body shudder.

Ray felt and sensed her release and backed away; things were getting out of hand, he thought. “Girls, you had better get out of here and let me finish my bath before something happens that could ruin all our lives.” Ray warned. “Oh daddy, no one will tell that you saw us naked.” Tracy reasoned.

Ray fought with his conscious, he certainly enjoyed seeing the girls naked; except for Cathy who kept her large bosom under wraps. Surely the girls would keep silent about what happened here tonight; after all he wasn’t going to screw them. The thought of appearing in court and being sentenced, turn his temptation into reason. He found the towel and pulled it over his head and slumped down into the water.

“Good bye girls, its time for me to finish my bath.”

Ray did not attempt to cover himself; his erection was quite evident to the dozen eyes that were rooted to examining it. In fact, when he slumped down in the hot tub, the head of his one eyed monster would occasionally appear above the surface. When this would happen, the girls would giggle at the sight. Ray could feel himself emerge above the water and he could hear the effect that it had on the girls. He enjoyed having them look. He could not see where taking a bath could be construed as any kind of sexual abuse. It probably would do them some good to see a man’s erection, even his own daughter would benefit from the anatomy lesson. He remained relaxed in the tub. He slid down even more until his nose was in danger of going under. This caused his cock to be even more exposed. The girls remained and stared. Tracy leaned over and brought her face within inches of her father’s penis in a mocked attempt to perform oral sex. The other girls tried to stifle their reaction. Tracy opened her mouth as if to place it over the purple head bobbing in the water. The girls could hardly contain themselves with audible reactions. Tracy raised her head up and attempted to silence them with a finger across her mouth. The girls became silent. Tracy returned to mocking the act of sucking her father’s penis. When she was almost in contact with the soft head, and where she intended to stop her silly joke; Jenny pushed her head down with a great deal of force; so much so that Tracy had her father’s cock all the way down her throat before she could react. Tracy immediately drew back her head. Ray rose out of the water to see what had happened. The girls broke out laughing so hard that were rolling on the bathroom floor. Even Tracy began to laugh. Ray was dumfounded for a short time, not knowing what really happened, --before long he too had to laugh at the joke; even if he didn’t quite know exactly what had transpired.

“How did it feel Ray; to get a blow job from your own daughter.” Jenny said between bouts of laughter.

“Sorry dad, I didn’t mean to do it, Jenny pushed my head down on it.” Tracy explained as she was laughing.

Ray of course had sat up when he felt his manhood being devoured, which returned his masculine display back under him and under water.

“I thought that “Jaws” had got me.” He jokingly replied.

Again the laughter rose up in the room. As the girls regained their composure, they returned to the side of the tub; some sitting on the edge, some kneeling with their chins on their arms; all eyes were fixed on Ray; staring at where his cock might reappear. All except Cathy, she sat a little back from the rest; she wasn’t sure exactly what to make of what was going on.

Tracy was bent over also; straining for a glimpse of the tasty morsel that had just been in her mouth. “Are you girls ever going to let me finish my bath alone?” Ray asked in mock exasperation.

“I don’t think that you want us to leave, Ray.” Jenny said. “Do you want us to wash your back?” She added.

Without waiting for an answer Tracy grabbed a sponge and a bar of soap and began to wash her dad’s shoulder. Marie picked up the soap and began to wash the other shoulder. Jenny not to be outdone, used the towel that Ray had used to cover his head, and began washing his back. Kitty found some shampoo and began a scalp massage. Ray was slowly being lulled into a trance of total relaxation.

Soon, Ray’s body was being manipulated by busy hands; until he was again laying back against the form fitting tub. His feet were lifted above the water and lovingly washed. His legs were next to be cleaned. He felt all of their hands concentrating on his legs and then he felt soapy hands caressing his rigid cock. Hands were in a competition to gain control more of the surface of his member. Then there were hands exploring his testicles, inquisitive hands that felt the size, hefted the weight and tested to see how far that they could be move from side to side. Some one had pulled the drain for a short time, in order to expose more of Ray’s anatomy. Ray felt a little chill from the lack of water but his erection did not subside. Dribbles of precum could be seen oozing out of the head of his painfully hard dick. The girls explored more, even his ass was fair game for their prodding. Ten busy hands were competing for areas to wash and examine. It was logical that they would have to go to more forbidden places. Ray’s legs were lifted and spread to gain access to his neither region. After a complete look at the puckered orifice, someone entered with a soap-covered finger. Ray moaned at the intrusion. He lifted his head from the relaxing headrest and opened his eyes to see who might have been so bold as to rape his ass hole. There was Tracy working her index finger in and out of his ass. The sight and feeling that she was giving him caused his seed to spill creating the most explosive orgasm of his life. There were hands on his cock at the time and they were the first to feel his hot spunk but soon all of the girls had deposits on them on one place or another.

Tracy, ceremoniously took her finger out of her father’s ass, long enough to capture a wad of cum on the end of the finger that had been in her dad’s ass. She brought the sample to her mouth and licked it clean. The four other girls looked in awe at their friend who was obviously more sexually experienced then they.

Ray’s orgasm brought back to him a feeling of good sense and guilt.

“Now girls, see what you have done, you have all had participated in a sexual act with an instructor. I could loose my job and go to jail for this.” Ray lamented.

“Daddy why don’t we call this a sex education class and what we just did was a lab experiment.” Tracy offered.

“Yes, we could all ask questions and you could answer them for us.” Jenny chimed in.

Without waiting for Ray to agree, the questions began.

“Could you answer a question for me?” Marie asked.

“I’ll try.” Ray answered.

“Why don’t I have tits as big as the other girls?”

After thinking over the proposal of educating the girls Ray decided that it might be fun.

“Honey, your day will come.”—The girls all laughed at my unintentional pun. “What I mean is that your breast will develop a little later, that’s all. Be patient they will get there. Besides many men like small breasts better and I know that all men like all breasts no matter how big they are.” Ray said.

“What do men like as far as feel, do they like soft breast or hard breasts?” Jenny asked.

“Again, men like all breasts wither they are hard or soft; however I don’t ever remember feeling any hard ones.” Ray explained.

“Are mine soft daddy?” Tracy said as she pushed them up and outwards for him to touch.

“Oh honey I couldn’t touch you.” Ray tried to sound sincere but the look in his eyes as he stared into her nipples gave him away.

“Go ahead daddy, you know you want to.” Tracy teased.

Ray reached up and took one of his daughter’s breasts in each hand. The effect of his touch was the same for both of them. They both closed their eyes and rolled their heads back, letting the sheer enjoyment of his hands on her soft virgin skin surge through their bodies.

Ray squeezed the soft flesh and pinched the rigid nipples, soon he became more aggressive in his caress, noting that Tracy became more aroused and vocal the harder he squeezed and pinched. Soon he was mauling each orb, distorting their shape until his actions resembled someone torturing a captive slave. Tracy began to moan continuously as her breasts were mauled. Finally the pleasure was too much for her to bear; she screamed and fell back in the hot water, her body quivering from the intense orgasm.

Ray stared at the limp form of his offspring; she was beautiful; her skin was red from the water and the sexual act that she had just experienced. The other girls were struck silent. Their own bodies were aroused by the display of a father pleasuring his daughter and extreme pleasure it was. They envied their teammate, they wanted to feel what she had just felt. There was silence for quite some time before Tracy opened her eyes and smiled a dreamy smile that reflected the degree of pleasure she had just experienced.

Her first action after stretching as if she had just awakened from a long sleep was to throw her arms around her dad and hug him.

“Oh thank you daddy, that was the most wonderful feeling that I have ever felt. I am so lucky to have a dad that is willing to pleasure me that way.” Tracy was gushing her praise and covering his face with kisses as she spoke.

“Well I guess you are welcome honey, I was so glad to be of service.” Ray replied.

All this time, Cathy remained in the background watching the activities of the naked people in front of her. Her body was in turmoil; her panties were wet from arousal and her large breasts were aching from the rigid nipples that poked out from her bra. She was not tormented by making the decision of joining the group or not, she knew that she wanted to get naked and participate; she was as always embarrassed by the size of her enormous breasts. She would never get naked in the shower room, she would always wait until there was no one around before she would get undressed. The girls knew that she was shy but they didn’t know exactly what she was shy about and generally left her alone.

Cathy approached the group for the first time and looked over the shoulders of the other girls and peered into the tub.

“Ccccan I see too?” Cathy stammered.

The girls parted, giving her ample room to see into the tub. Cathy kneeled on the floor and looked at the semi erect penis of her coach.

“It was a lot bigger before.” Jenny said.

“Oh yes it was almost twice as big. Isn’t it the cutest thing that you have ever seen.” Tracy said.

Everyone waited for Cathy to reply. After a long spell of silence, Cathy realized that they were waiting for a reaction from her.

“I’m sorry, what was the question?” Cathy asked as she looked up at the faces of her companions for just a moment before looking back at Ray’s cock as it grew.

“Its getting bigger.” Cathy observed. “How does it do that?” She asked.

By the inflection in Cathy’s voice, one might think that she was in fact asking a question in class about a subject that she had a great degree of interest in.

“Go ahead dad, tell her how it works.” Tracy said.

“This ought to be good.” Jenny interjected.

All eyes were on Ray’s crotch, including Ray’s, as they waited for his explanation.

“I don’t quite know where to begin; I guess I’ll start by saying that it gets “big” when there are six pretty girls looking at it and washing it. And if those girls wash it hard enough and stick their fingers in my ass then this thing goes off and sprays seamen all over, which is what happened tonight.” Ray said. “Is there anything else you want to know?”

Cathy thought for a moment, the others were waiting for her to ask the next question; they thought that her questions would a lot more fun than anything they might ask.

After a while, Cathy realized that she would be the only one asking questions.

“I guess I want to know what it feels like?” Cathy asked.

“Can I touch it?” Cathy was looking at Tracy for permission, as if it was her penis.

“Sure, go ahead.” Tracy said.

“Wait, don’t I have anything to say about it.” Ray asked.

“We know that you won’t mind, you’re a man.” Jenny said. “Well can she touch it?” Jenny asked.

“In the interest of science Ray, this is just a science lab, remember.” Marie reminded him.

“Well okay then touch away.” Ray offered.

Cathy’s hand was slow to approach the purple head. After the first contact of finger to pee hole, she withdrew her finger to examine the clear liquid that bubbled on the tip.

“What’s this stuff pee?” She asked.

“No dear, that’s there to lubricate the entrance to a women’s vagina.” Ray explained.

“Its nothing, see.” Jenny took Cathy’s hand and licked off the goo from her finger.

“Oh wow, it’s edible?” Cathy said.

“Of course it is, what do you think you get when you give blow jobs. Jenny said further.

“Blow jobs?” Cathy said.

“Yes oral sex, haven’t you ever heard of oral sex?” Tracy said.

“I guess not.” Cathy reached back for another sample of pre-cum as she answered. She looked at the substance a moment before she placed her finger in her mouth. Everyone watched for her reaction. It took some time before she showed any sign of approval or disgust. She clearly indicated her approval by going after another sample. The girls all cheered her on when the second sample went into her mouth. For the first time in her life, Cathy felt that she was one of them. And for the first time ever, they all felt for the first time that she had come out of her shell.

Cathy went again to the well for more goo. Each time she consumed another gob the girls cheered. Tracy reached over and began milking the source of the nectar; the result was that streams of goo began oozing down the length of Ray’s shaft. Then all the girls went for their share to sample. Tracy was too busy milking to get her own sample so Jenny offered to feed her some of her share. Soon all the girls were ooooing and ahhhing the wonderful flavor coming from Ray’s cock.

Finally Ray had to push Tracy’s hand away from his member.

“You had better stop that honey, or you will be getting a lot more of my stuff to taste.” Ray warned.

“It’s okay daddy, we want to taste all of what you have to offer. Don’t we girls?”

There was a resounding yes from everyone except Cathy of course, she was still a bit behind the curve.

“So this is what oral sex is?” Cathy said in all innocence.

The hearty laughter indicated to Cathy that she had said something that was all wrong.

“Okay then what is it then.” She demanded.

“We’re sorry Cathy honey, its not your fault that you don’t know, we’ll try not to laugh but please believe that we love you for your innocence.” Jenny explained. “Does anyone want to explain what oral sex is?”

“Kitty and I could demonstrate our version.” Joan said.

Everyone was interested in a demonstration of the two girls getting it on. In fact the attention went from Ray’s erect organ to Joan and Kitty. Cathy was puzzled as to what the two girls could do to explain oral sex. She was soon to find out.

Kitty, anxious to be able to be intimate with her lover amongst her friends, hopped up on the edge of the tub and leaned back spreading her legs. All eyes were on the pink folds of her pussy as it opened wide, inviting anyone or anything inside its opening. Joan knelt down in front of Kitty. She placed her hands on either side of Kitty’s rump. Kitty widened her legs in anticipation of the loving that she had become accustomed to from her lover. Joan moved ever so slowly as she brushed the insides of Kitty’s thighs with her lips. First one side then the next. Joan blew hot breath across the parting lips of her lover before she opened her mouth and extended her tongue out as far as it could go and made contact with the pink finger of flesh that rose out of the folds of Kitty’s flower.

Kitty moaned and rocked forward in an attempt to slam her pussy against Joan’s face. Joan was quicker and moved back before contact could be made.

“Dam you Joan quit teasing me, you know I hate that, now lick me like I like it.” Kitty demanded.

Joan laughed as she backed away. The other girls and Ray were too mesmerized at the vision of pure sex that the two girls portrayed to laugh or react in any way.

Joan went back to the intersection of Kitty’s legs and planted gentle kisses all over her pubic area. Kitty moaned again.

“Yesssss, yesssss do me, do me harder, lick me, lick me, please.” Kitty was begging now but her lover did not respond with anything but gentle touches and kisses.

Joan raised her head and looked at Cathy.

“This is our type of oral sex Cathy, would you like to try it?” Joan asked.

Cathy’s face turned red even more red then it was. It took a minute for her to respond.

“What do you do, just kiss her down there?” Cathy asked.

“Well when we really get going, I try to bury my tongue as deep as I can in her.” Joan said.

“I don’t know if I could do that.” Cathy said. “But I would like to look at her down there if I could.”

“Be my guest.” Joan said as she backed away from Kitty.

“But first you have to get naked.” Tracy demanded.

“I couldn’t.” Cathy said with panic in her voice. “I am so ugly, my breasts are so big that they hang down like an old woman’s.”

“Let us be the judge of that.” Jenny said.

Jenny helped Cathy to her feet and was joined by Tracy. They lifted the sweat soaked sweatshirt over Cathy’s head. Cathy wore an old woman’s bra with no lace or frills. It was made to hold up a great weight and flatten down the mass that it held up. The two girls then undid her slacks and rolled them down her legs. Cathy cooperated by stepping out of them. Then came the cotton underpants, again these were designed for an older woman. Then came the big unveiling. When Tracy undid the clasps in the back, Cathy’s reaction was to reach up and hold the cups to her breasts. She looked terrified. Tracy and Joan gently took her wrists and brought them to her sides. The garment fell to the floor, reveling the most perfectly formed breasts that Ray or anybody else had ever seen. They were large that was a fact but they jutted straight out more than down. The nipples were located on the top of the tip of her cone shaped breasts and they pointed not straight out but to the side. In a word they were awesome.

Cathy’s eyes were pointed down at the floor, she was waiting for the teasing that surely must come after anyone saw how deformed that she was. Tracy was the first to come out of shock.

“Oh my god, Cathy they are the most beautiful breasts that I have ever seen.”

Everyone then joined in with the praise of her mammary glands. Then everyone turned to Ray even Cathy looked at him. They were waiting for his evaluation. Ray looked at each pretty young face before turning to Cathy with his comment.

“Cathy, the good lord has blessed you with the most beautiful bust line that I have ever seen; you have nothing to be ashamed of. I think that you can see by everyone’s reaction that we all agree. I don’t know where you ever got the idea that they were anything else but beautiful.” Ray said.

The girls nodded their agreement.

“My daddy always tells me that they are ugly, he is always telling me to put more clothes to hide how big they are. He even has me show them to him so that he can see if they are getting bigger or not.” Cathy explained.

“Where is your mother when this happens?” Ray asked.

“She don’t dare say anything, in fact daddy has her bare her chest too to see if she is getting bigger and so that he can compare her breasts to mine. He says that my breasts should look like her tiny ones.” Cathy said.

“Does he ever touch you?” Tracy asked.

“Yes sometimes he does; he says that if he rubs them they will get smaller. Sometimes he lets my little brother rub them. Sometimes they get very sore from both of them touching them. He lets my brother rub my mother’s breasts too.”

“Cathy, that’s not right you know, your father has no right tell you that you’re ugly nor, does he have the right to touch you.” Tracy said.

“But you let your dad touch you and you enjoyed it.” Cathy said.

“Yes but I have been trying to get my dad to touch them for years, your dad is forcing you to do it. That’s the difference.” Tracy said.

“I want your dad to touch mine.” Marie said

They all looked at Marie in surprise, she didn’t seem so very shy anymore.

“He can touch mine too.” Jenny said.

“Mine too.” Kitty and Joan joined in.


Everyone turned to her still sitting on the edge of the tub with her legs wide apart. Her opening was wide open and pink in anticipation of some attention.

“Were sorry honey, but we had to get Cathy naked first.” Joan said.

Joan resumed her position in front of her lover before she remembered that Cathy was going to try licking Kitty’s pussy.

“I’m sorry Cathy were you going to try this?” Joan said as she move away from Kitty.

“I’m not sure of what to do but I would like to try.”

Cathy replaced Joan in front of Kitty’s outspread legs.

Tracy moved over in the tub and sat on her father’s lap to get a better view. Ray’s penis had gone down out of sheer fatigue so Tracy didn’t have an obstruction in his lap to contend with.

Cathy moved her face closer to Kitty’s pussy. She took a deep breath and took in the aroma of Kitty’s aroused essence.

“What do I do just kiss it?” Cathy asked.

“Do what ever comes naturally.” Joan said.

Cathy moved closer until her nose brushed against Kitty’s clit.

“Oh god yes, Cathy, touch me there.” Kitty pleaded.

Cathy liked that she had brought pleasure to her friend so she nestled her nose back in the same spot and moved around brushing against the little red knob as she moved. Kitty cried out at the stimulation.

“Oh god yes you gorgeous creature, do me, do me good.”

Cathy felt good about what she was doing, she was pleasing her friend and getting a great deal of pleasure herself. All she had to do was touch Kitty with her nose down there and move it around. As she moved her nose across Kitty’s clit, her lips came in contact with Kitty’s open vagina. The juices flowed across her lips and into her into her mouth. Before she could react to this messy development she found herself tasting the fluid. It was not bad, in fact that she tasted it gave her some deranged pleasure. She found herself reaching out with her tongue for another taste. When her tongue came in contact with Kitty’s clit, Kitty screamed out loud.

“I love this pussy-licker.” Kitty yelled.

All the other girls applauded Cathy and encouraged her to do Kitty good.

“Lick her pussy Cathy, make her cum.” They shouted.

Cathy didn’t know what cum was but it must be a good thing.

“Suck the juices out of her.” Joan shouted. “She likes that.”

All the shouts of encouragement was making Kitty hotter and hotter.

“Lick me Cathy, lick me good, lick me good and I will do the same to you.” Kitty promised.

Cathy paused in her exploration of her friend’s crotch at the thought of having this done to her. She decided that she would like that. She dove in to her task with added zeal. Soon she was lapping at the engorged opening with sucking sounds and moans of her own at the pleasure she was receiving. Then Kitty screamed her notice to the world that she was experiencing her sweet release. She grabbed the back of Cathy’s head and rocked back and forth as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body. When the pleasures finally subsided Kitty lifted the face of her lover and licked the juices from around Cathy’s mouth before she gave her a soulful kiss.

Cathy was close to coming herself; she knew something was happening to her; something strange and wonderful, maybe she was about to have the same type of fit of pleasure that Kitty had just had.

“Thank you my dear friend, you have just performed oral sex on your first girl, you were quite good at it I might add.” Kitty said.

All the while that the group was watching Cathy’s first sexual experience, Tracy was feeling her father grow harder as Kitty approached her orgasm. She felt the staff of life prod it’s way between her legs as she sat on her father’s lap. Ray was too engrossed in watching the girls to notice. Tracy kept moving her position until she felt the swollen head pass between the lips of her pussy. She moved ever so slowly until she was in a position to allow her father’s penis to enter her. Ray was too distracted to notice what was happening. Soon Tracy felt her pussy stretch around the intruder. She rocked back and forth as if to get more comfortable which caused her to become completely impaled on her dad’s cock. She could feel the purple head against her hymen. She rocked again in an attempt to break her cherry. Ray finally realized what was happing.

“Tracy, what are you doing?” He screamed.

“I’m trying to screw my dad, if you must know.” Tracy said.

“Tracy are you fucking your dad?” Jenny asked.

“I’m trying to but I can’t seem to get it by my cherry.” Tracy said.

Every eye turned to Tracy, they strained to see the penetration. Tracy swiveled on her father’s lap and spread her legs in an attempt show her friends her father’s cock hanging out of her pussy. When she leaned back against the side of the tub the girls could see the shaft of male flesh deeply embedded in her.

“MY god, she is getting fucked by her dad.” Marie said.

“Holy cow how does it feel.” Joan said.

“It feels groovy, he’s not all the way in yet, he hasn’t broken my cherry yet, but it feels real good.” Tracy said.

“Tracy get up now before I cum and get you pregnant.” Ray pleaded. He attempted to lift her off of him but she sat harder down upon him.

“No dad not until you break my cherry.” Tracy insisted.

“NO! I can’t do this honey it isn’t right.” He again pleaded.

Finally Ray roll away from her and she fell off his lap and his penis fell out of her.

“Oh darn, daddy why won’t you do me, I want you too, I want you to be my first.” Tracy said.

“I can’t honey, what if you became pregnant.”

“Would you do me if we had protection?” She asked.

“I still don’t think that it’s right.” Ray said hesitantly.

“But you’ll do it, you’ll do it won’t you?” She asked excitedly.

“We’ll see honey, but not in front of everybody, okay?” Ray conceded.

“Okay daddy, not in front of everybody, just my friends.” She said.

“Okay, Tracy’s going to get boinked by her dad.” Jenny shouted. They all cheered.

“NO!, NO!, girls Tracy is not going to get boinked, as you say, by her dad.” Ray insisted.

“You already had it all the way in her.” Marie noted.

“Yea dad, you screwed me tonight and I had your cock in my mouth, all the way down my throat; what else is there.” Tracy boasted.

“You even twisted my tits so hard that I came.” She added further.

“I know, I know but they were accidents, I didn’t know that my penis was in you when you were sitting on my lap, and you had my cock in your mouth when Jenny pushed your head down on me. They were all accidents, except your breasts I did that on purpose. I hope I didn’t hurt you. I kind of got carried away.” Ray explained.

Tracy went to Ray and hugged him around the neck and kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m not sorry about anything that has happened tonight, you have made me very happy and I want more, more love making and I want you to be my first.” Tracy said.

“Hey everybody, I have some more questions about sex to ask.” Cathy said breaking in the tender moment.

“Okay Cathy what do you need to know.” Ray replied.

“That little thing that made Kitty so excited when I licked it, what is it?” Cathy asked.

“That little thing is called the clitoris. When it is touched it swells and feels good, when a woman is having sex. Have you ever masturbated?” Ray asked.

“No my dad would kill me if he caught me.” Cathy said.

“Well the clitoris is located at the top of your opening behind a fold of skin.”

The girls had stood up and were spreading their legs as they opened the lips of their pussys to show Cathy exactly where their clitorises were. Tracy stayed on Ray’s lap during the discussion.

“Daddy show her where mine is.” Tracy offered as she lay back and spread her legs. Reluctantly Ray gazed down at the downy covered slit between his daughter’s legs.

“Go ahead dad open me up and show her.” Tracy urged.

Tracy grabbed the backs of her knees and lay back further. Her pussy opened up fully and her little rectum was fully exposed. There was no doubt where her clitoris was, it was fully engorged and out in the open. Ray pointed to the little knob.

“Here is Tracy’s clit, see how red and big it is, that is a sign that she is sexually excited.”

“She ain’t the only one.” Jenny said as she exposed her crotch for all to see.

Ray continued his demonstration.

“When I touch Tracy’s clit she should feel a pleasant feeling.” Ray wiggled his finger across the red knob.

“Ho daddy, that feels sooooo good.” Tracy said.

The other girls began doing the same thing to themselves. Cathy stepped up to the tub and put one leg on the edge.

“Can you show me where mine is?” Cathy asked.

Ray withdrew his finger from Tracy to assist Cathy.

“Daddy don’t stop.” Tracy protested.

“I’ll be right back honey, just let me help Cathy.” Ray said.

Ray reached out and gently probed the nest of pubic hair until he found the entrance to Cathy’s virgin pussy. There was plenty of moisture there and his finger slid in with out any trouble. Cathy moaned and reached down to cup Ray’s hand and forced it tighter against her mound.

“OH that feels so good, is that what sex is like?” Cathy asked.

“It gets much better Cathy but we haven’t found your clit yet.” Ray said.

Cathy released the hold of Ray’s hand and allowed him the freedom to continue his search

Ray enjoyed the feeling of the warm wet orifice and he didn’t want to hurry to her clit. She was reacting to his finger in every way possible, she moaned and moved and generally showed signs of complete enjoyment of what he was doing. She bent over slightly and with her hand, guided Ray’s mouth to one of her massive breasts. Tracy was also close enough so that she took advantage and slipped the other nipple in her mouth. Ray finally found Cathy’s clit, it was large and protruded out almost an inch. When he first touched it, Cathy lost her balance and her foot slipped off the edge of the tub and went in the water. She ended up sitting on Ray’s hand on the edge of the tub. The other girls reaction was to hold her from falling so they grabbed her and held on to her for a moment. Then after she was stable and sitting on the tub they continued holding her but they began caressing her, all over her body. Loving hands and swaying breasts surrounded Cathy. She reached out and brought hands to her breasts and in return there were breasts placed to her lips. She leaned back so that I could resume playing with her clit. When I progressed to where I rolled her little button between my thumb and forefinger, she had the first orgasm of her young life. Her first reaction was violent shudder followed by a deep down guttural moan after which she lost conciseness for a second or two. When her eyes opened, she reached out for the bodies that were close to her and hugged them to her.

“I love you all, thank you for making me feel special tonight.” She said.

The girls all kissed and hugged and cried for the happiness of their friend.

Ray did not want to break the spell but he had some urgent needs.

“Girls please leave for a moment while I use the facilities.” He announced.

At first the girls started to leave the room until Jenny stopped them.

“Hey girls, did you ever see a man piss before?” She asked.

They all shook their heads.

“Well don’t you think that it would be informative to watch Ray piss?” Jenny said.

They all filed back into the room and stood around the toilet.

“I won’t be able to go with you watching.” Ray said as he got out of the tub.

“We’ll wait, you will have to go sometime.” Tracy said.

Ray walked to the bowl, he still had half a hard-on. Not only did the girls stand to watch him, they kneeled down with their faces just inches from his now flaccid cock. Ray stood there for a moment and nothing happened. He was surprised that it wouldn’t start, he really had to go bad. Marie went over to the sink and ran some water. That seemed to do the trick. His stream started to trickle out then it got stronger. As his piss stream grew in strength the girl’s faces got closer to source. Tracy reached out to hold the end of her dad’s cock with her thumb and forefinger.

“Let me hold it for you dad.” She offered.

At first Tracy directed the stream around the inside of the bowl. Then she flick the stream towards Jenny; she got a few drops to splash on Jenny’s chin and neck.

“Hey don’t pee on me.” Jenny protested, but she didn’t move away, she just rubbed the hot liquid down her throat to her breasts.

Cathy was aroused at the sight of Jenny being peed on and she wanted it to happen to her. Cathy moved forward, pushing Marie out of the way. She leaned forward enough so that one of her breasts went into the stream. Tracy who still held control of the stream aimed the stream at the upturned nipple. Cathy held her breast steady allowing the urine to saturate her upper body and hands.

“Oh god this feels so nasty.” Cathy said.

Soon other breasts were being offered for the drenching. Tracy tried to get them all but Ray ran out before all were served.

Ray shook off the last drops of urine. The drops flew off in all directions and landed on everyone crowded around the toilet. The recipient savored each drop of urine. They all rubbed the warm liquid into their skins after seeing Tracy do it.

“Doesn’t the smell of Ray’s piss just drive you wild?” Jenny said.

“It sure have an effect on me.” Kitty said. “It makes me horny.” She added.

Ray noticed Cathy who had stepped back away from the group; as was her usual behavior before tonight. She stood next to the door and was rubbing her hand over the spot where Ray’s piss had covered her breasts. She raised her fingers to her nose and drank in the aroma. Her eyes were closed and she was obviously enjoying the smell.

“Cathy, don’t back away from the crowd, honey, you are one of the gang step over here.” Ray said.

Cathy went over to where Ray was standing. Her eyes strayed to Ray’s crotch and were held there.

“I don’t mean to be anti-social but I feel so ashamed that I liked being peed on so much.” She confessed.

“Don’t feel bad, there are a lot of things that turn people on that may seem strange.” Ray said.

“Is there anyone else here that enjoyed being pissed on?” Ray asked.

As is the habit of students they all raised their hands in reply. Some raised their hands faster than others. Tracy’s hand shot right up. Jenny was the second to agree. Soon all hands were in the air in agreement.

“There you see they all liked it.” Ray observed.

“I think that I enjoyed seeing your piss all over Cathy’s tits more than being pissed on.” Kitty said.

“Yea dad, let us know when you have to go again, we can take turns being your personal urinal.” Tracy said.

“You girls are too much, I didn’t know that this team was a bunch of perverts.” Ray said.

“Now if you don’t mind I am going to shower off and go to bed.” Ray said as he stepped into the shower stall.

Ray closed the certain and began to wash himself. As he washed he wondered what was going to become of this night; was he going to loose his job or worse go to jail?

Ray could hear the girls laughing and playing in the hot tub. When he slid the certain back, the girls were all grouped around Joan and Kitty, Kitty was returning the favor that Joan had started for her earlier. Kitty was licking Joan’s pussy with four of their teammates looking at them, their faces so close to the action that they could smell Joan’s excitement.

Ray wrapped a towel around himself and went to his room. He thought about leaving the door open for the heat but he decided to just take the electric heater into his room and shut the door and let the girls have their fun.

Sometime later, after the girls had quieted down, Ray’s door opened and Tracy came in his room.

“Are you awake daddy?” She called out.

Ray rolled over to answer her, he had not fallen asleep as yet.

“Hi honey, no I’m not asleep yet.” He answered.

Tracy padded over to his bed; she was still naked.

“I just came into to kiss you good night and thank you for being such a cool dad.”

She flopped herself half way on the bed; her legs were still on the floor as she lay across her dad’s chest.

“I guess I should thank you for a wonderful but scary experience tonight.” Ray said.

“What do you mean, scary?” She asked.

“I mean we had sex, not only that, we had sex in front of your friends. That scares me.” He said.

“We didn’t have sex, we just played sexy games tonight. After all you didn’t even break my cherry, and you didn’t even come inside me.” Tracy reasoned.

“Yea but I had my dick in just about every orifice you have young lady.” He said.

“Yes and I think that it was great; after this week I won’t have to wear clothes around the house again nor will any of my friends have to wear clothes.”

“Oh god Tracy, I will be walking around with a constant hard on with you girls around.”

“Don’t worry dad we plan to take good care of you, you won’t have a hard on for very long.” Tracy offered.

Ray rolled his eyes at Tracy’s statement; his life had changed forever, he thought.

“You better get to bed now sweetheart, we have to get up early in the morning.”

“Can’t I sleep with you tonight?” She asked.

“No honey definitely not. You go in with the team, at least we will be able to say that we slept apart tonight.” Ray reasoned.

“Okay then but you’ll get cold sleeping alone.” She said.

“I’ll be fine, just give me a kiss good night now.” Ray said.

Tracy leaned over and gave her father a kiss on the mouth. She held the kiss for a long time and began probing his lips with her tongue. Ray accepted her tongue and met it with his own. Soon they were grinding their lips together in a tonguing competition that looked like it would never end. Finally Ray pushed Tracy away. His hands found her jiggling breasts as he pushed. He squeezed them with the same cruel twisting motion that excited her earlier.

“Oh daddy you are going to make me come again.” She screamed.

Ray stopped squeezing and just held her away.

“I’m sorry honey but you turned me on again, We have to get to sleep; now good night.” Ray insisted.

Tracy pouted as she stood up and then smiled at her dad.

“Okay.”--She said. “But you have to do one more thing for me; you have to kiss my titties good night. I want you to kiss my titties goodnight every night from now on.” She insisted.

“Okay if it will get you to go to bed I will kiss your titties.”

Tracy bent over her dad’s face and offered her dangling nipples to him to kiss first the right and then the left. Ray rolled each nipple around his mouth with his tongue before letting it go. Tracy would pull back when he had a grip with his lips and teeth, until the nipple would pop out of his mouth and snap back. It was evident that his innocent daughter loved a little pain in her life.

Ray watched her bounce out of the room.

“I’m leaving the door open so that you won’t freeze to death.” Tracy said as she left.

The problem was, Ray had an unobstructed view of the toilet from his bed. He knew that he should sleep with his back to the door or he would be tempted to watch as each young lady used the facilities.

Ray decided to sleep on his left side and watch. He wasn’t disappointed, soon Cathy came into view; she still was naked. Cathy’s posture had changed since the experiences of earlier in the evening. She did not walk hunched over to hid her assets as she had in the past; now she walked with her shoulders back and her breasts were up and out there for all to see. She looked in at Ray and saw the glint of his opened eyes. She flushed with a warm glow at his leer. She sat on the toilet and brushed her hair as she pissed a heavy stream into the bowl. Her Breasts swayed at each brush stroke. Her legs were wide apart and she leaned back on the wooden seat to give her coach the best view possible.

“Hey quite hogging the bowl.” Joan said as she entered the bathroom.

“You can wait, I’m not quite done yet.” Cathy said.

“Well you’re done pissing, let me have the john.” Joan insisted. Joan was looking into Rays room as she spoke and she could see the glint of his eyes also. She stood where she could be clearly seen by her coach.

“I’m gonna do more than pee, so I’m not done yet.” Cathy said.

“Ouuuu your not going to do anything gross are you?” Joan asked.

“Maybe I am, so you had better leave before the smell gets too bad.” Cathy said as she continued to brush her hair.

Joan didn’t want to leave, she wanted to remain in Ray’s view, she liked being naked and she liked Ray looking at her.

“I have to go and I can’t wait.” Joan said. Having said that, Joan threw her leg over Cathy’s lap and sat down facing her.

“What are you doing?” Cathy demanded.

“I’m going to use the john.” Joan said. And then she began to pee. Cathy’s first reaction was to sit back as far as she could to avoid the stream but after a moment of watching the hot steamy stream she moved her mound into the direct flow. Soon, Joan’s piss was washing over the lips of Cathy’s pussy. Joan cooperated by thrusting her pelvis forward to concentrate her stream against Cathy’s opening. Cathy was approaching her second orgasm when Joan ran out of urine. Cathy was in a panic over the loss of the stimulation of Joan’s piss.

“OH god Joan don’t stop now, I’m almost there.” Cathy yelled.

The other girls came into the room to see what the noise was about.

“What’s going on.” Kitty said as Joan was just climbing away from Cathy’s lap.

“I was pissing on her lap and she almost got off.” Joan explained.

Cathy was fingering herself in a vain attempt to relieve herself.

“Please some one help me, just piss in my lap, I’m almost ready to come.” Cathy’s pleading didn’t sound like a girl was just introduced into sex, she sounded like an old hand at it.

“I guess none of us have to go.” Marie said after glancing at the rest of the girls who were all shaking their heads.

Cathy was desperate; all she wanted was someone to piss on her; that’s the only way she wanted to achieve her orgasm.

“Ray, are you awake?” Jenny called.

Ray at first didn’t answer, but then he mumbled. “I’m awake.”

“Could you please come out here daddy?” Tracy said.

“Tracy, I need my sleep honey can’t it wait till morning?” Ray said.

“No daddy, Cathy needs you to piss on her; hurry daddy she’s almost ready to cum.” Tracy said.

Ray crawled out of his warm bed and padded over to the toilet still naked. He had observed what Joan had done so he didn’t need any instructions as what to do. Again he had difficulty starting his stream. And again someone started the water in the sink. Cathy’s eyes were fixed on Ray’s cock as it dangled in front of her face. She had the overpowering urge to get closer to the pink hatted play toy. Her lips approached the slit in the end of Ray’s cock. As she laid a gentle kiss upon the soft skin Ray’s stream started to flow. It was just a little dribble at first; after all Ray tried to shut off his stream when Cathy’s face was in front of his penis. Yet some urine squirted out against Cathy’s lips. She did not flinch. Her eyes opened wide at the feel of the hot liquid against her face but she did not move away. Soon Ray’s full stream was gushing against Cathy’s face splashing on the other girls who were pressing close to see Ray piss again. All the girls as a unit moved closer; they all wanted some of his urine on them. Ray moved his aim down and away from Cathy’s face and concentrated his stream towards her crotch. Cathy rolled her hips forward to let his stream ripple off her clit. Numerous hands interrupted the stream as the girls bathed themselves with the pungent liquid. When his stream finally stopped, Cathy kissed the last drops that hung from the slit.

Ray unceremoniously shook the last drop from his member and turned to go back to bed.

“Darn’est thing I ever saw.” He said to himself. “Girls loven to get pissed on.”

He looked back as he climbed into bed; the girls were rubbing any excess pee all over their bodies. They seemed to be enthralled by the smell. They sniffed themselves and sniffed each other as if they didn’t want to waste a drop of the golden liquid nor one particle of aroma. Ray crawled into his bed and lay with his back to the bathroom. He was soon asleep.

What ray didn’t know was that the girls continued to enjoy themselves by laying on each other on the tile floor of the bathroom, wallowing around in Ray’s piss. They caressed each other and sucked each others urine soaked breasts. Once Tracy was laying across three other girl’s bodies when she let out a small stream of piss. It ran down her leg and onto Joan’s stomach. Tracy expected some criticism from Joan but all Joan said was;

“OOOhhh thank you Tracy, that feels so hot.”

Soon others were letting loose streams of their own until they were all sloshing around the wet floor in urine. Marie, when she had to go, stood up and stepped over each girl in turn as she let loose a torrid hot stream of piss. Some girls even opened their mouths to taste the nasty flow. After all had emptied their bladders, they mutually masturbated each other to intense orgasms.

Clean up took some time; towels were used to soak up the urine and then the towels were stomped on in the shower until the traces of piss were gone. Some Pine-Sol was used to take the odor away and the result was a bathroom cleaner than before.

The next morning, Ray was up early. After shaving and washing up he got dressed and went outside to see what the weather was like. The ice storm had lasted all night; the roads would be covered with a thick layer of black ice. With the clouds in the sky, the sun would not be melting the roads anytime soon. Ray knocked on the door of Peg’s trailer. Peg answered quickly giving evidence that she had been awake.

“Hi darlin, come on in.” She said. “I guess you didn’t need a warm body to cuddle with last night.”

“No, I was quite warm last night, the fire place kept us quite warm.” Ray said.

“You didn’t get one or two of them girls to sleep with you did you?” Peggy asked.

“No dear, I slept alone.” Ray was glad to be able to say. “But it doesn’t look like we’re not going to be leaving anytime soon; the roads are still iced over. I don’t think that chains would be safe to drive on in this storm.”

“Well you are going to have to eat; how about I fix you guys something and have Megan go over to get you when it’s ready; then you can come over and bring the food back to your rooms. It would be a little cramped to eat in here.”

Megan was Peg’s eleven-year-old daughter. Ray agreed and went back to the hotel with a hot pot of coffee. When he came back to his room he put the coffeepot next to the fire and threw on some more wood in the fireplace. The girls started to stir; the smell of fresh coffee was bringing them out of a sound sleep.

Soon one after the other rose from their beds and shamelessly sat on the toilet facing Ray and pissed.

It was still a little cold in the rooms but the fire was coming alive. The girls huddled under blankets as they sipped their coffee. They enjoyed flashing as much of their naked bodies at Ray as he shaved and cleaned up the rooms.

Soon there was a knock at the door. Megan politely paused for a moment before she entered the rooms. She eyed the girls as they tried to cover themselves with her mouth open in shocked amazement. “They’re naked” She exclaimed.

The girls gave up trying to cover themselves and doffed the blankets altogether.

“It’s too hot in here.” Tracy said as she got up to warm her coffee.

The other girls got up and moved around the room freely too.

Megan starred at them obviously speechless. “We’re a team and that’s what team members do. If it is too hot we go naked.” Tracy explained. “But he’s not naked.” Megan reasoned. “That’s because you were coming to see us.” Ray explained. “If I joined the team could I go naked with you?” Megan pleaded. “Sure when you grow up you can.” Ray said. “I’ll go ask my mom if I can’t be naked with you guys.” With that Megan ran out the door. “Oh great”. Ray said. “Now her mother will call the cops.’ “I’ll go over to smooth things over and bring breakfast over.” Ray said. As Ray walked into Peggy’s trailer, Megan was excitingly begging Peggy to allow her to go naked with the other girls. “Peggy, I can explain.” Ray started to say. He had no idea what he was going to say next. “Ray said that he went naked too, but he said that he was dressed only because I was coming over.” Megan explained. Peggy looked long and hard at Ray before she spoke.

I suppose you got the rooms real hot in there, am I right?” She didn’t wait for a reply. “And I suppose that none of you had your bathing suits. Am I right?”

All Ray could do was nod in compliance. “Well as long as you don’t make a pest of yourself you can join in if they don’t mind.” Peggy said. “What about Ray, can he be naked too. I’ve never seen a man naked before Mom.” Megan asked. “Sure it’s okay honey, it’s about time you learned what men are built liked.” Peggy agreed. “Hell I might even join you myself.” The thought of Peggy’s massive size in the hot tub both excited Ray and filled him with dread. Ray, Peggy and Megan carried the breakfast fixings over to the hotel room. Megan stayed but Peggy said that she would be over to join the group after she had cleaned up the kitchen.

“Do you want me to help you mommy?” Megan asked.

“No honey you stay here and have fun and learn something.” Peggy laughed as she left.

The girls and Ray wolfed down the food. The girls thought that it was handy not to have to worry about stains on their clothes as they ate but they were a little uneasy about having an eleven year old with them. Ray assured them that their mother said it was okay that they were naked and it was okay that I was naked also.

“Well what are you waiting for?” The girls shouted.

“Can I get naked now?” Megan shouted to make herself heard.

“Yes.” Ray said as the team helped him off with his clothes.

Megan was able to strip herself and help with the last of Ray’s garments. She was kneeling at his feet as Ray’s jockeys slid down his legs allowing his erection to bob free. As she pulled them down and off, her head touched the purple monster that was already leaking goo.

Everyone watched as Megan examined her first sight of a man. There was total silence in the room. She moved closer until she was staring into the eye of Ray’s cock. No one knew what to say. Ray’s cock was pulsing with his every heart beat.

Finally Megan spoke. “It’s beautiful, I’ve never seen anything so cute, can I touch it?”

Without waiting for an answer she gently closed her fist around it and squeezed. She then added her other hand around Ray’s cock. The room was still speechless. Megan looked at her new toy from every angle. She lifted it and pulled it from side to side to get a good look. Her attention went to the sack hanging below.

“Are those your nuts?” She asked.

Everybody in the room roared with laughter as she held the delicate eggs in her hand.

Ray was last to laugh at her comment but he was able to answer her finally.

“Yes honey those are my nut, do you like them?”

“Yes, I think that they are so neat and your cock is so pretty I could play with them for ever. Your cock is so soft especially this little hat that it has.”

The rest of the girls were saying to themselves that they thought the same thing when they first felt it.

“If you don’t stop playing with it like that, you are going to get a surprise.” Ray said.

“What kind of surprise?” Megan asked.

“Your new little friend is about to spit at you.” Ray warned her.

“Are you going to pee?”

“No not pee, its called cum, C U M. “ Ray spelled out.

Tracy finally came out of her trance, started when a stranger was giving her own father the pleasures that she wanted to give him.

“No its not pee and it tastes wonderful.” Tracy said.

“Oh goody, can I have some of your CUM?” Megan asked.

“I don’t think that your mother would be pleased that you’re playing with my penis young lady. Megan was in the process of rubbing precum over the length of Ray’s member which was making it slippery and driving him crazy.

“Do you want me to stop?” She teased him. She knew that she was pleasuring him and she enjoyed doing it. She was still kneeling in front of Ray, she was sliding her hands faster now. Her eyes were on his as his knees began to buckle as he approached his release. Once while she increased the tempo the slimy purple head brushed across her cheek. She liked the feeling of the velvety texture on her skin. She decided to keep the unseeing eye against her right cheek as she worked her hand up and down the shaft. Ray’s hands went to the top of her head to steady himself but he also held her face against himself for the increased stimulation of her cheek against his cock afforded him. Almost unconsciously he turned her head until his forward thrusts were jamming his cock against her lips. She didn’t stop working his penis. She allowed her head to be turned towards him. She allowed her head to be tilted upwards until her lips were against the unseeing eye. Then as if it was an inborn instinct, she opened her mouth. She tasted the lubrication that she had been spreading over her prize. The taste was stimulating. She felt herself become wet. She opened more. At first Ray felt her teeth sliding over his cock as she tried to limit how much she allowed in her mouth. Then she opened her mouth wide and let him drive himself into her soft mouth.

Ray moaned and held her head against himself as he began to ejaculate into her virgin mouth. After the first strings of cum went into her mouth, Ray realized what he had done. He immediately pulled back and let the rest of his orgasm spray across Megan’s tiny breasts. Megan let two or three gobs of cum to hit her body before she put her mouth on Ray’s cock again. She didn’t want to waste any more of his cum.

When Megan finally sat back on her heels and looked up at Ray, the rest of the girls began to applause. They then gathered around her and congratulated her for a job well done. Ray was able to make it to the bed where he collapsed.

Just then the door opened and Peggy walked in wearing a one piece bathing suit.

“What was all the excitement about, it sounded like Super bowl Sunday in here.

The girls looked at one another not knowing what to say.

Megan finally spoke up. “They were cheering for me Mommy. I don’t know how to tell you this but Ray allowed me to play with his thing and it spit up all over me. The girls thought that I did a good job and they applauded.”

“Peggy looked over at Ray lying naked on the bed. She admired his equipment and thought that if she played her cards right she might get some of that. This was no time to become upset about a simple hand job even if Megan is only eleven.

“How did my little girl do Ray, did she do you good?”

Ray could not believe what he was hearing, he opened his eyes and starred at Peggy in disbelief.

“She was really great Peggy, you would have been proud of her.” Ray was able to stammer out. Megan seeing that she wasn’t in trouble began to describe to her mother more of what happened.

“Mommy I sucked his pee pee and he CUM in my mouth, it was really fun.” Megan boasted. Peggy had to hold back from reacting like a protective mother, getting mad was not going to get her laid. It already happened so there is nothing to be gained from making a scene. She could even use the event to make sure that she gets laid during this storm.

She would make sure that she controls the situation.

“Megan dear, you must never tell anyone what you did to Ray, it could get him into a lot of trouble, do you understand?”

“Yes mommy, I won’t tell anyone, can we do it again?”

“We’ll see honey, it looks like Ray is going to need some time before he can do anything. You tired him all out.” Peggy explained.

“Now girls lets hit the hot tub and have a party.” Peggy said.

“Mommy, aren’t you going to take your suit off?” Megan said.

“Oh honey, I don’t think anyone wants to see old naked body.”

“Oh Mommy please, I want to see you naked and I’m sure that Ray wants to see you, don’t you Ray.

Ray understood the message that Peggy eluded to, he had better go along with anything that Peggy wants if he wants to stay out of jail.

“I sure would, let me help you out of your suit Peggy.” Ray decided to go all out to please Peggy, besides he was getting a little turned on with the idea of seeing her massive boobs.

Ray approached Peggy from behind. He started to slip the straps off her shoulders, he could feel Peggy shudder with anticipation. He moved slowly, very slowly. Peggy wished that he would hurry, the sooner that she was naked the sooner that she might feel his cock inside her. The suit material slowly slid down her body until almost all of her breasts were exposed. Every eye was no Peggy. Finally the fabric sprang free from Peggy’s nipples which were so aroused that they held on to the material. Ray continued to roll down the suit. Peggy instinctively put her hands over her nipples. Ray paused long enough to pull her hands away.

“Don’t try to hide the merchandise, we want to see all of you.” Ray was not kidding her, despite her large size, she was beautiful. Hard work had kept wrinkles away. Her breasts were very large but they did not sag. They were full and round. Her skin was white and flawless. After she stepped out of her suit, Ray stood up and nuzzled her neck from behind as he held a breast in each hand. Peggy swooned, things were happening faster then she had expected. She could feel herself getting wet. Megan came over to her mother and began running her fingers through her mother’s pubic hair.

“Boy mom you have a lot of hair down there.”

“Oh honey don’t touch me there, I am getting so excited that I am all wet down there.”

However, Peggy spread her legs a little and then a little more to allow slender fingers to play deeper into her opening. Peggy’s hands were busy holding Ray’s hands to her breasts, a feeling she was enjoying very much.

“Lets lay your mother down on the bed Megan then we can all play with her.”

Peggy moaned at Ray’s words, she was going to be made love to by all the members of the Volleyball team.

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