26 December 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Interracial, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dan, Karen, family and friends spend a very interesting Boxing Day together..."So tell me Wendy, when are you going to give Dan his Christmas present?" "What do you mean? I thought we decided not to exchange gifts so I didn't get anything for you and Dan." "But you do have a gift for Dan," Wendy looked at Karen questioning her comment, "A gift you've had with you all your life. It didn't cost you a penny, yet it is priceless."

“Mom, aren’t you ready yet?” Jake yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“Be down in a minute!” Wendy replied checking herself in her bedroom mirror. She had just finished applying a small amount of makeup and topped off her appearance with a good spray of brown sugar and vanilla scented perfume on her neck, between her breasts, and under her short skirt. She gave herself a final check in the mirror.

“Too bad for you Dave, because your loss is now Dan’s gain, for the rest of our lives if things work out the way I hope,” Wendy smiled quietly at her reflection. She wore a bright red Christmassy blouse unbuttoned to show a decent hint of cleavage without being too obvious and a very short black skirt she hadn’t needed to wear for a long time.She couldn’t resist wanting Dan’s eyes on her and unfastened one more button on her blouse. Now she was obviously showing quite a lot of cleavage.

“Dan said I have very sexy legs. Well Daniel my love, you’re going to see as much of my legs as I can show you,” she commented to the non-existent hem then gave her shoulder length, strawberry blonde hair a quick brushing.

“Holy shit Mom!” Jake exclaimed seeing her step down from the bottom step. He looked her over admiring her choice of clothes as well as her figure, “You look fantastic!”

“Thank you, honey.”

“But isn’t it a little cold out to be wearing such a short skirt?” he asked admiring his mom’s long, slender legs and gold necklace accenting her deep cleavage.

“I wanted to look really nice for Brad’s parents,” she defended, “Besides, we’ll be indoors all the time.”

“You mean you want to look really nice for Mr. Hayward!” Jake corrected, teasing her. Wendy’s face began turning red as her sexy, revealing blouse.

“How did he know?” she thought.

“Oh come on Mom, admit it. Ever since you met Mr. Hayward at my hockey game or whenever you go to see him, talk to him or even talk about him, your face lights up like sunshine. Mom, please look at me. I know you and Dad are having serious problems and I’m pretty sure I know why,” he said, keeping his thoughts to himself. “Dad has been seeing another woman for about the last six months.”

Jake knew and wanted to tell his mom but was afraid to. He didn’t want to see his parents end up in divorce like so many of his friends have.

“Christmas dinner at Grandpa’s and Grandma’s was testy, to say the least. You and Dad hardly spoke a word to each other. And you let Aunt Trisha sit with Dad at dinner and on the way home.”

“I know honey, your Dad and I are having problems and I try to keep you kids out of it. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be together as a family but whatever happens I want you to know that none of it is caused by you or Timmy. I’ve pretty much accepted that your dad doesn’t love me anymore. He knows I’ve wanted to have more babies but he doesn’t want any more kids.”

“So you’ve turned to Mr. Hayward in your time of need?”

“What, so he can make babies with me?” Wendy questioned. Then her thoughts wandered, “Hey, that’s not a bad idea. I know Dan would be a great father for our babies.”

“I ... ahh ... umm, I mean you’ve seen him at least a dozen times since you met him and when we did the Living Liver Donor day, you never left his side,” he stammered.

“I haven’t been seeing just him, I also visit his future wife, Karen. I didn’t plan on meeting Dan, Mr. Hayward, it just happened like you said, after your hockey game. You’re the one who suggested I have Karen’s phone number.”

“He makes me feel good about myself, like a woman again. I really like him a lot. He’s certainly very attractive, funny and we have many things in common such as your and Brad’s hockey. And besides Karen and I are becoming really good friends.”

She paused looking at Jake, “I worry about you Mom,” he said hugging her.

“I appreciate your concern but you don’t have to worry about me,” she said returning his hug.

“Are you in love with Mr. Hayward? Because it sure looks like it on your face and the way you act around him,” he asked.

“Shit, how did he figure it out so soon? Does my love for Dan show so obviously? Yes, I am in love with Dan Hayward.”

“That’s none of your business, for now,” she smiled putting on her coat.

“Why are we going over to Brad’s place so early? The hockey game doesn’t come on until nine tonight.”

“Your dad has already gone over to be with your Aunt Trisha for the day, so there’s no reason for us to stay at home,” she reasoned.

“And so you can spend more time with Mr. Hayward, I suppose?” Jake kidded.

“Oh shut up!” she smiled and playfully slapping his right arm. He was right on the mark with that comment. They both laughed which hasn’t been very common in their home lately.

“Are you ready Timmy?” Wendy asked looking upstairs.

“Ready Mom!” he said coming down clutching several of his new toys. They loaded in the car and drove to Dan and Karen’s. Her mind imagined how the day might unfold. She smiled thinking, “One thing is for sure, I’m not leaving Dan and Karen’s home without getting fucked by him and giving him a blowjob, or maybe if I’m lucky, fucked twice.”

The door bell chimed and Dan answered it. “Merry Christmas, twelve noon, as promised!” he smiled accepting Wendy’s courteous hug. She gave him a friendly kiss on the right cheek and a slightly lingering kiss on the lips.

“Mom would have spent the night with you if she could have, she wanted to get here so early!” Jake commented. Wendy blushed as she smiled at Dan.

“The things kids say,” she replied, reasoning his comment.

“Hi Jake, have a good Christmas?”

“Not bad Mr. Hayward but I think today will get a lot better soon for Mom,” he smiled looking at her and accepting Dan’s handshake.

“Hi Timmy,” Dan said scruffing his hair.

“Look what Santa brought me!” he beamed showing Dan several Transformer cars and trucks.

“Remind me to play Transformers with you later,” Dan offered. “Let me take your coat, Wendy.” she unbuttoned it and Dan slid it off her arms. His eyes widened at the beauty that stood before him.

“You ... look rather Christmassy,” he commented admiring her figure. Wendy looked so beautiful and sexy in her red blouse showing so much cleavage and her short, black skirt.

“Hi Wendy, I thought I heard the doorbell, Merry Christmas honey!” Karen said coming to her. Karen was wearing a thin white blouse that accented her beautiful breasts, supported by her cupless bra. She too wore a short black skirt, several inches shorter than Wendy’s. Karen’s advantage was that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

They had a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek and kiss on the lips, their breasts touching lightly. Jake noted they sure seemed friendly towards each other, “It’s nice to see you again so soon,” said Karen.

“I love your sexy skirt and blouse,” Wendy complimented.

“I love yours too,” added Karen, “Hi Jake.”

“Hi, Mrs. Hayward.”

“I love hearing that name, Mrs. Hayward and five days from now it’ll be official,” she beamed.

Jake couldn’t help looking at Karen and her clothing, “You two could almost pass for sisters, you look so much alike with your hair and clothes style.”

“I agree,” Karen smiled hugging Wendy again.

“Hi Jake,” Brad said coming to them.

“Hi Brad,” they exchanged thumb gripping handshakes.

“I got some video games for Christmas, want to play some?”

“Sure,” he replied taking off his coat and boots.

“Well we won’t see them for a long time,” Wendy commented and they laughed. Timmy took off his coat and headed to follow Brad and Jake to the rec room. Alone, Karen moved closer to Wendy.

“We’ve missed you,” she said softly.

“I’ve missed the both of you too even though it’s been only a few days,” she replied then accepted Karen’s tongue into her mouth, “Karen, I need Dan to give me a good fucking before I go home.”

“Oh he will, I’ll make sure of it!” Wendy turned her affection to Dan accepting his tongue and fondling her right tit. Karen smiled watching both of her lovers kiss.

“We definitely need to get you a cupless bra for your beautiful tits,” Karen smiled undoing the next button on Wendy’s blouse. Her breast filled, low cut bra showed easily now in any frontal direction.

“Do you think I’m showing too much tit?” Wendy asked accepting Dan’s gaze.

“Not in this house!” Karen joked.

Diane and Brenda came from their bedroom, fresh after their latest session of love making. They both wore low-cut tops and very short skirts for their parents, “Hi Mrs. Cameron.”

“Hi Diane and Brenda, don’t you both look rather ... identical and please call me Wendy.”

“Don’t all four of us women look ravishing,” Brenda complimented.

“We sure do!” Karen agreed. Dan admired all four beautiful women standing before him.

“Go and say hello to Wendy’s son Jake, he’s in the rec room with Brad,” Karen suggested.

Diane and Brenda went down and said hello to Jake. They both like the handsome looks of the blue eyed blonde teenaged boy. Jake found it difficult to concentrate on playing the hockey video game with Brad’s sisters in the room. They both sat across from Jake and Brad, casually giving them a good view up their skirts. Jake was certain he couldn’t see any panties under their short hems.

Diane and Brenda left together and went to their bedroom to debate who was going to get fucked by Jake first. “Man you sure have a pair of hot looking sisters. And your Mom is pretty hot too. They all could be in Penthouse Magazine with bodies and looks like theirs,” Jake commented.

“Hey Jake, your Mom is pretty hot looking too. I know my dad can’t take his eyes off her.”

Karen led Wendy to the living room offering her a drink. “I’ll have a rye and seven, please. I’m sure I can get away with a few drinks today,” she smiled sitting by the fire.


“The same please, honey.”

“Tell you what Wendy, if you do have too much to drink today, we won’t drive you home. You, Jake and Timmy, will spend the night here.”

“Only if I can sneak into your bedroom and spend the night in bed with you both. Make mine a double ... no a triple,” Wendy corrected with an anticipating smile.

“What sneaking, you’d spend the night in bed with us. Three rye and sevens coming right up.”

Wendy patted the seat to her left and Dan sat beside her. She adjusted her blouse giving Dan a great view of her deep cleavage. She didn’t bother to pull the hem of her skirt politely down, leaving it high up her slim legs. Dan put his right hand on the back of the couch. Wendy cupped Dan’s cheek and her hazel eyes sparkling, she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips.

It only took that kiss and sitting close to Dan for Wendy’s yearning heart to start running into overdrive. She accepted his tongue into her mouth and she guided his left hand inside her blouse. Dan fondled each tit through her bra then slid his hand inside her right bra cup. She moaned softly to his sensual touch.

Karen returned shortly with their drink order. She smiled seeing her Dan and Wendy already starting to have fun. Wendy was becoming more and more comfortable with Karen’s insistence that she and Dan can fuck anytime she wants to. Karen gave them both their drinks and sat on Wendy’s right.

“To best friends and lovers,” Wendy offered, touching their glasses together.

“Best friends and lovers,” Karen repeated and they took a good swig of their drinks.

“Now where were we?” Wendy teasingly asked. “Oh yes... ,” she pulled her blouse open and put Dan’s hand back on her right tit and returned to kissing him. Karen undid another button on Wendy’s blouse and put her hand on Wendy’s left tit. She put her hand over Karen’s, patting it to show her approval. She loved the sensation of two different hands on her tits at the same time.

Karen turned Wendy’s face towards her and took her turn kissing her, “Mmmm, you two are getting me wet already!” Wendy exclaimed softly.

“Let me check out your pussy and see,” Karen said kneeling to the floor.

She moved between Wendy’s legs and put her hands under her skirt. She grabbed the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. She helped by leaning her cute ass from side to side allowing Karen to slide them down her slim legs. Karen held Wendy’s panties up and sure enough, the crotch was stained from her growing excitement. She sniffed the crotch and licked it.

Still, on her knees, Karen pushed up Wendy’s skirt and grabbed her bare ass. She pulled her roughly, closer to the edge of the cushion and spread her legs open. The filtered light from the large dining room window brightened her bare pussy and she spread her lips open.

“I need to eat your fucking cunt!” she said burying her face in her warm, aroma scented flesh.

“Yes, eat my cunt, eat my fucking cunt!” Wendy exclaimed grinding Karen’s head to her. She kissed Dan, feeling his cock hardening as Karen enjoyed her meal.

Brad came upstairs to ask a question and noticed his dad and Wendy kissing and his mom was kneeling between Wendy’s legs. Unseen, he crept back to the rec room. “Dad, is it alright if Jake and I go outside and shoot some pucks?” Brad yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh shit!” Wendy exclaimed frantically pulling her skirt down. She, Karen and Dan scrambled to sit properly on the couch, giggling like teenage kids about to be caught by their parents. Karen quickly stuffed Wendy’s panties between the seat cushions.

“Sure you can, just don’t jump up and down on the ice!” Dan yelled back.

Brad and Jake came upstairs and put on their boots and coats, then went outside. “I think from the way Brad was smiling at us, he saw us having fun,” Karen remarked.

The cold winter air was crisp and clean, the clear sky a brilliant blue. Timmy Decided to stay in the rec room playing video games. After a few minutes, Wendy stood and walked to the large window overlooking the backyard.

“I sure hope they become good friends.”

“Just like we’ve become,” Dan replied standing close to her as Karen disappeared into their bedroom. Wendy returned the smile and took Dan’s hand in hers, feeling that tingling sensation again. She leaned her head against his shoulder and let out a sigh of contentment.

Karen came up behind Dan and Wendy, putting a hand on their waists, “Since those two are outside for a little while, why don’t you two go to the bedroom and have a quick fuck?”

They looked at each other, “You don’t have to tell me twice!” Wendy agreed leading Dan by the hand towards the bedroom.

“I’ll play video games with Timmy so he doesn’t interrupt you,” Karen added going down stairs, “And I left a little present on my dresser for you to wear, Wendy,” she said loudly.

Wendy shrieked quietly peeling off her clothes. Dan had barely pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles when she pulled him onto the bed. She lay spreading her legs holding out her arms. Wendy laughed as he finally kicked his pants off his ankles. Her chest rose and fell rapidly taking Dan’s tongue into her mouth.

“Fuck me, my love,” she softly sighed.

“Fuck, does that ever sound so good, you saying that!” he replied, “But I’m not even hard yet.”

“Put your cock in me and fuck me to get hard,” she urged. Dan did as she wanted and began to fuck Wendy. Her eyes glistened with growing love for her man. “I can feel your cock getting hard inside me.” she smiled, lightly caressing him around his neck.

Her body gently rocked to his increasing fucking rhythm. “I feel so naughty and excited sneaking a fuck like this. It’s like I’m a teenaged girl and my boyfriend and I are having a quick fuck before my parents get home.”

“Your dad would kill me if she found out I’m fucking his beautiful teenaged daughter,” he joked.

“No, he wouldn’t.”

“I’m just kidding.”

“Actually Dan, I’ll be very happy and proud to introduce you to my parents very soon, I hope.”

“Introduce me to your parents as your boyfriend?”

“Yes, if you’ll allow me to.”

“I’d be very proud to be your boyfriend,” he grinned.

“And I’ll be very happy to be your girlfriend,” she said kissing him, “Put your hands under my ass cheeks. I love you fucking me like that,” she urged.

Brad took the two hockey sticks off the top of the net and handed one to Jake. “Wow, your Dad has quite the set up here!” Jake remarked observing the big black net Dan had erected twenty feet above the frozen pool.

“Dad said he was tired of having to pick up all the pucks he shot into the neighbour’s yard.”

“This stick has no curve in the blade,” Jake noticed.

“My dad is predominantly a right-handed shot but is quite ambidextrous.”

“He can shoot a puck left or right handed?” Jake’s eyes widened, “I’ve never heard of that before.”

“Neither have I. I’m trying ... trying to just work on my regular shot,” Brad almost told Jake he was also trying to shoot left along with his normal right but he didn’t want to give away any of his hockey secrets. He dumped out a milk carton of pucks and shared them with Jake. “Jake, you are the first one to know outside of my family and Abby, that I’m changing my last name from Miller to Hayward.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because Dan Hayward is my biological father as well as Diane and Brenda’s, so DNA wise, I’m a Hayward, not a Miller, I’m just making it legal when Mom and Dad get married.”

“Brad Hayward, that has a nice ring to it. What does Abby think?”

“She helped me to fill in parts of the form. She still has this thing, this premonition that we’ll be married some day.”

“Better practice your autographs with your new name,” Jake smiled.

“Thanks for understanding, Jake. Now I have time to tell you about my mom and Dad like I promised.”

He told Jake everything about how Dan and Karen met and her relationship with Laura. Jake began to realize he and Brad had several things in common, especially with his parents probably getting divorced.

“I hated steve a long time for what he did to Mom. And as much as I hated him, I love Dan even more. The 23rd of November was quite an eventful day for me, Diane and Brenda. Imagine him finding out that he’s our real dad to us plus us finding out he was our real dad and not our pretend Uncle.”

“That must have been quite a shock,”Jake mentioned wristing a puck into the net.

“It sure was at first. I asked my mom if that made me a fucking bastard. That comment went over like a lead balloon. But Dad has this ability to make a person see both sides of an argument. I found that he is really easy to talk to about anything, school, hockey, girls, and life in general.”

“Wish my dad was like that,” Jake lamented.

“If there’s anything you’d like to get off your chest or ask he’ll definitely listen. And the same goes for me too. If there’s a subject that you want to talk about, I’ll listen and give you my two cents worth. And I can be trusted to keep personal stuff to myself.”

“Thanks for the offer Brad,” Jake saId shooting several pucks into the net. Brad put a puck off each post and into the net.

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