A Colte Family Vacation
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Mister Arioch

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sarah Colte's naughty misadventures continue! This time, she and her brother Bobby decide to take a little trip to visit their straight-laced cousins. and to show them just how close family can really get! NOTE: This is a direct sequel to "Fun with the Colte Family". Although it's not necessary to read that story first, it's highly recommended. Parts of this story probably won't make sense unless you've read that one first.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cousins   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Anal Sex   Analingus   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Lactation   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Public Sex  

“I’m really excited, sis,” Bobby whispered into Sarah’s ear. “I can’t wait to knock you up.”

Sarah didn’t answer right away. Instead, she idly twirled strands of her blonde hair between her fingers, pretending she hadn’t heard her younger brother, crossing and uncrossing her legs restlessly as she sat in the cramped chair by the window. She and Bobby had been sitting on the airplane for the better part of an hour, taking off just a little while before, and had just gotten to a smooth cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, finally on their way to beginning a rather unusual summer vacation together.

Wearing just a simple white blouse and a short black denim miniskirt that showed off her long, slender legs, Sarah looked mostly like any other typical slim, attractive blonde teenage girl. Nothing about her beautiful appearance betrayed the fact that she loved getting naked and spreading those very same slender legs wide open for her three brothers – often, for all three of them at the same time – and letting all of them fuck all of her hot, slutty holes again and again, until she was ready to pass out from depraved exhaustion.

That, and she loved fucking Duke, her big, beautiful Labrador retriever, as well.

That, and she loved having sex with her gorgeous mother Judy, too ... most of the time while her brothers were also with them in bed, or by the pool outside the house, or wherever it was that they happened to be fucking.

Which could be a lot of places, since they liked to fuck.

A lot.

And just from looking at the pretty blonde teenager, none of the other passengers on the plane probably would’ve ever guessed in a million years that she’d just given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl four months earlier ... and that her older brother Chris was also the baby’s father. The only hint that alluded to the sexy sixteen-year-old’s recent motherhood were her breasts, no longer small and perky, but big and firm and gorgeously round ... and often swollen with milk. She hadn’t gained terribly much weight while she was pregnant – she’d eaten well, with no weird cravings or binges, and between the Yoga classes she’d taken and the marathon fuck sessions she’d continued having with her family while she was pregnant, she’d stayed in great shape. Only her full, milk-laden tits and a few faint, barely-even-there stretch marks on her taut, flat tummy gave any indication that she’d even given birth in the first place.

So much has changed, so fast, Sarah thought wonderingly. She absently ran her hand down the front of her blouse, idly admiring how toned she’d gotten her abs again ... it hadn’t been easy. But it’d been worth it. So much ... it almost seems like a dream sometimes ... but it’s the best, dirtiest dream ever...

But it wasn’t a dream. It would only be another four months until Sarah turned seventeen, but for the naughty blonde teenager, the past year-and-a-half of her life had been nothing short of an amazing, sexually depraved whirlwind. It almost seemed like a lifetime ago to Sarah, back when she’d discovered that their family dog Duke had quite a talented tongue – and, a little later, quite a talented cock as well. Letting the big Labrador retriever fuck her to many, many loud, screaming orgasms had been incredible ... except she hadn’t been careful enough about her dalliances with a dog, and her older brother Chris had caught her in the act with Duke doing all sort of depraved, disgusting things.

Fortunately, all Chris wanted in exchange for keeping her naughty little secret was for her to give him some blowjobs. Since Sarah loved giving head and swallowing cum, that wasn’t too much of a problem. Of course, one thing led to another, and the blowjobs quickly turned to Sarah fucking her brother as well as blowing him ... and soon after that, he was fucking her other older brother – Chris’ twin Adam – as well. It’d all been beautifully filthy and incredibly exciting, fucking her brothers, fucking the dog, letting them all use her as their slutty, sexy fuck toy, making all their depraved fantasies come true...

... and when her sexy brothers had even started fucking their beautiful, horny mother as well, and when her younger brother Bobby had started joining in all of the carnal fun as well, it was like Sarah thought – a dream come true. A beautifully perverted, depraved, incestuous dream ... but the most wonderful dream nonetheless.

But like most dreams, that one needed to come to an end eventually. In Sarah’s case, it wasn’t quite over, but it wasn’t quite the same, either. The days of blissfully non-stop fucking were over. Her brother Adam had gone off to college, as had her brother Chris. She’d given birth to a beautiful little baby girl ... and her mother Judy had given birth to a healthy baby boy just a few weeks later, both the result of being knocked up by the horny boys of the house. And while Judy was just as much a filthy, horny slut as her daughter Sarah, she’d been adamant about making a few changes around the house after the babies were born.

No more fucking whenever and wherever we want, Judy had sternly told her teenage children, when Sarah and her newborn had gotten back from the hospital. In the bedrooms, yes. In our naughty little playroom and dungeon in the basement, absolutely. But not in front of the little ones. They aren’t to know our secrets until they’re older ... until they’re ready. Like you were. Understand?

And Sarah had understood ... but it didn’t change the fact that she was still unbelievably horny all the time. And lonely, a lot of the time. And after giving birth to her little daughter, Sarah spent the first few weeks of motherhood swaying between incredible happiness and incredible frustration, thrilled at times and despairing at others. The blonde teenage beauty loved being a mommy ... she just didn’t always love the sleepless nights that went with it. And her horny little pussy didn’t love her two older brothers leaving the house, leaving her alone in her bed for the first time in ages without a yummy hard cock to suck or fuck whenever she wanted, let alone two of them.

Fortunately ... well, fortunately, Sarah thought she had the most amazing mother in the world. Judy could see how sexually frustrated her sexy teenaged slut of a daughter was becoming. So after things has settled a little bit after the babies were born, Judy had promised Sarah a vacation. A little break, to get away from the stress of being a young teenage mother. A chance to relax, and to focus.

And a few weeks to fuck her brains out, like the randy nympho slut that Sarah was.

Not that her mother was entirely kind. If anything, Sarah kind of admired how wickedly devious her mother could be. The doctors said that Sarah could start having sex again six weeks after her daughter was born ... the vacation wasn’t scheduled until four months later, though. And under her mother’s watchful eye, there was no sex to be had during all that time. Oh, sure, some cocks made their way into Sarah’s mouth for some quick blowjobs – but no fucking. None. By the time she was packing her suitcases and getting ready to go to the airport, Sarah’s legs were almost wobbling uncontrollably, her sopping cunt burning with shameless anticipation at the idea of finally getting to fuck like the dirty little whore she so much wanted to be again.

And again. And again.

And again.

“Well, I’m glad that Mom let you out of school for the extra week after spring break, so you could come with me the whole time,” Sarah said happily. “And I’m glad she said it’s okay if you wind up getting me pregnant, too. Otherwise...” She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Ugh. I can’t imagine sex with a guy that’s not bareback anymore...”

“Me, neither,” Bobby said. “I mean, not the sex with a guy part. But a condom? Eeeesh.” He shook his head in disgust. “It’s one of the things I love about fucking you and Mom – y’know, along with you both being hot and kinky. I’ve never had to wear a rubber with either of you!”

“And you never will,” Sarah murmured contentedly. “Don’t worry.”

“Also, I really thought that Adam would get to make you pregnant next,” Bobby said with a nervous laugh. “Which would’ve been totally cool, don’t get me wrong, but...” He laughed, and gave one of his sister’s hands an affectionate squeeze. “I’m just glad it’s me you chose, and not him.”

Sarah grinned. “Adam loves fucking my ass too much,” she replied softly. “I hope he knocks me up someday, though. But he’s got too much going on right now. I don’t think he even wants to think about being a daddy just yet, not with everything he’s got going on with the San Fernando University swim team. And Chris...” She sighed wistfully... “I know he’s so busy with his own studies up at Billington College. I would’ve loved it if he could’ve gone to Aunt Matilda’s, but there’s no way that’s happening right now.”

“Well, his loss,” Bobby said, shrugging his shoulders. “And Adam’s, too. Me, I’m just happy to be with you. And if you want me to get you pregnant, that’s even better!”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Well, I don’t really know if I want to get pregnant again so soon,” she said. “Let’s just say that if it happens, it happens, and I’ll be really happy. But if it doesn’t, I don’t mind all that much.”

“Well, if it does, I don’t mind, either,” Bobby said. He tried to sound indifferent about it, but Sarah could tell that her younger brother was totally faking that. She knew just that the beautifully obscene thought of him possibly knocking his own sister up was making his dick extra hard for her ... and Sarah was okay with that.

After all, the mere thought of Bobby knocking her up was making her cute little pussy extra wet, too.

Fair was fair, after all.

“You’re okay with just, um, being with me for a while, right?” Bobby continued. “Not being with Mom ... being away from home? Are you going to miss Maddie?”

“Of course I am!” Sarah said indignantly. She gave her brother a light punch in the arm, a slightly wounded look on her pouting, pretty face. “Madeline’s my daughter, of course I’m going to miss her! I’m just ... just...” Sarah let out a slow, tired sigh, her slender shoulders slumping as she sat back in her seat. “I’m just tired, that’s all. It’s really hard, being a mom. You don’t have to do any of the late night feedings, or hold her when she cries ... you don’t even have to do any of that with Tyler. Mom’s way too nice to you. She doesn’t even make you change diapers...”

“I know,” Bobby admitted, a slight look of embarrassment on his face. “Mom’s, um, really good to me like that.” He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “She says I’m not ready to be a good dad just yet. She says I should just enjoy being a teenage kid instead.”

“Mom’s right,” Sarah replied tenderly. “You should enjoy it. And you’ll be a great dad – someday. But right now, just have fun. Me, I, um ... well, I’m glad Mom offered to take care of Maddie while we go away. I love her so much, but I ... I just need a ... a break.” There was more than a hint of guilt in the stressed teenage girl’s voice.

Bobby squeezed her hand again reassuringly, which made Sarah feel better. “Don’t worry,” he said. “You’re doing a great job with her. And Mom wants you – wants us – to have fun. Everything’s going to be great on this vacation.”

“Thanks,” Sarah murmured. “I hope so. And besides, it’s been so long since I’ve had sex ... well, at least a nice hard cock fucking my pussy, anyway. “ Which was true. Sarah had continued having all sorts of filthy sex with all three of her brothers right up until the day before she’d gone to the hospital to give birth to her sweet little baby, but since then ... well, apart from occasionally sucking Bobby’s cock – and sucking Duke’s one day, too, when the big Labrador retriever had come whimpering into her bedroom one night, his huge red doggie dick rock hard and aching for attention – her slutty pussy hadn’t been fucked in months. The only attention it had gotten was from her fingers and from Duke’s tongue a few times.

Sarah just wanted to fuck so, so bad ... she almost couldn’t stand it anymore, she felt like her whole body was about to explode...

“Well, I think I can help you out with that part, sis,” Bobby said with a smirk. “Wanna sit on my lap? Maybe we can start a little early...”

Sarah made a face. “I wish,” she said. “But it’s not like we’re alone here.” She craned her head up a little, glancing around the inside of the big jet. There were barely any passengers on board the airliner, maybe only a dozen or so, mostly up in first class ... and none were within ten rows of her and Bobby. Two flight attendants roamed occasionally up and down the aisle, but apart from that, the plane was dead quiet. Almost empty, but almost wasn’t good enough for what Sarah knew Bobby had in mind.

“I guess you’re right,” Bobby grumbled, shifting about uneasily in his seat. “Still ... you wish Chris was here, instead of me? Be honest.”

“Um ... a little,” Sarah admitted. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love all of you ... and I love being with you and Adam as much as when I’m with Chris.” She let out a soft, dreamy sigh. “But Chris is really special to me. I’m in love with him ... I even think I’m going to marry him someday. Mom even said we can, too, when he’s done with college ... and when she thinks we’re both ready.”

“Oh,” Bobby said quietly. “That’s, uh, cool. I guess.”

Seeing the slightly dejected look on Bobby’s face, Sarah gently stroked a small, slender finger across her brother’s cheek and beneath his chin. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you right now, Bobby,” she softly. “And for the new few weeks, too. I mean, if I really didn’t, we wouldn’t be sitting here on this plane together.” Her finger slid down Bobby’s chest, down along his purple polo shirt to his jeans ... where she gave the yummy bulge between her brother’s legs a quick, teasing squeeze. “I’ve really been looking forward to this ... having all sorts of super awesome naughty fun with you.”

“Oh,” Bobby said again. There was some hope in his voice this time, though. “That’s ... well, who am I kidding? That’s awesome. Thanks, Sarah.” Gratefully, he put his hand on his sister’s thigh, giving it a warm caress just above the knee. “I just wish we didn’t have to go out to the middle of Bumblefuck to have to take a vacation together, though. I mean, seriously? Why out to Aunt Matilda’s stupid farm? There’s nothing to do out there!”

“Because we’re fifteen and sixteen years old, Bobby,” Sarah replied wryly. “It’s not exactly like Mom could send us off to Las Vegas hotel or a Caribbean resort or something. It’s easy for all of us to do whatever we want at home, where no one can see us, but once we leave...” Sarah gave a pensive shake of her head. “If we get ever caught together, um, doing stuff, or get in trouble ... that’s not just bad for you and me, but for Mom, and the rest of the family. All the naughty fun we get to have all the time could all go away, just like that.”

“I guess,” Bobby grumbled. “But still ... Aunt Matilda’s place?” He made a sour face. “Bor-ing. I mean, why bother sending us anywhere, then? There’s nothing to do on that big house of theirs in the middle of nowhere, on the side of that stupid mountain.”

“Besides doing each other, you mean?” Sarah said with a naughty giggle. “Seriously, it won’t be that bad. We’re getting to stay Aunt Matilda’s guest house, not in the main house. So we make nice with cousin Elizabeth and her boring husband George during the day, maybe even hang out a little with cousin Frances like a normal family would ... and then when everyone goes to bed, we get to fuck like horny rabbits in every single room of that fancy guest house of theirs.”

Bobby laughed. “Well, when you put it that way ... I guess it’s not so bad, huh?” He leaned up close to Sarah, his hot breath brushing against her slender neck as he moved in to kiss her ... and to his surprise, he found Sarah’s hand up against his cheek, gently but firmly pushing his face away from hers.

“Not ... not here,” Sarah said softly. “I know that there’s almost nobody on this plane ... but almost isn’t good enough. I know you want to ... you have no idea how much I want to as well. But we can’t. Not yet.” She carefully leaned out into the aisle, looking up towards the cockpit and then back towards of the tail of the plane before gazing seriously at her younger brother’s bewildered face. “One thing we promised Mom before we left is that we wouldn’t get in trouble. We can’t get in trouble. And I think you kissing me like most brothers probably don’t kiss their sisters might get us in trouble, if somebody saw it.”

“Sorry,” Bobby said apologetically, as he sat back in his seat. But Sarah could see the wicked gleam in her younger brother’s eyes. She could see that he wasn’t terribly sorry at all.

Oh, this whole trip is going to be trouble, I just know it, Sarah thought. Which made her more than a little nervous, and more than a lot excited. I just hope I can keep Bobby from tempting me too much...

“Besides, we’re not going to get in trouble,” Bobby continued earnestly. “I’ll just, um, be a little more careful ... I promise.” He slid his hand further up his sister’s thigh, up beneath the hem of her black denim mini-skirt. Sarah knew she should stop him ... but she didn’t. Instead, she spread her legs slightly further apart, welcoming his hand as he shoved it deep between her thighs ... and let out a throaty little gasp as his fingers found one of the surprises she’d planned for her sexy brother.

“Dirty fucking slut,” Bobby whispered admiringly, “I knew you wouldn’t be wearing any panties.” His fingertips grazed lightly over her neatly trimmed blonde curls that framed her creamy slit. “And ... wow. You grew your pussy hair back?”

“Yep,” Sarah replied. “I trimmed my pubes into a nice landing strip ... I thought it looked hot.” She put her hand over his wrist, feeling it through the cloth of her miniskirt, welcoming his exploring hand as his fingers wandered over her mons, letting him feel the soft, wispy hairs of her neatly-manicured blonde bush. “I want you to see it ... I wanna get naked for you so bad, you have no idea ... I hope you like it”

“You kidding?” Bobby said. “I fucking love it, sis. Then again ... who am I kidding? I love everything about this trip, I don’t care where the fuck it is.” He pushed his hand a little further up Sarah’s skirt, and made her shiver with delight as he pushed his middle finger into the slick, wet entrance to her sex. “I want you naked – to get naked with you – so much, too. And I get you all to myself, without having to share you – every night, and every day, when I can – for two whole weeks. I get to fuck you as much as I want, in all of your hot, sexy holes ... I do, right? As much as I want?”

“Absolutely,” Sarah purred softly, wriggling about in her seat as her brother pumped his finger slowly in and out of her slippery slit. “You better.” There was a time, not all that long ago, where the very thought of having sex with Bobby would’ve made Sarah want to vomit. He’d been her annoying brat of a kid brother, the one always making wisecracks and teasing or insulting her, picking on her at every possible opportunity.

It had only been after Sarah discovered that Bobby had been fucking their mother that even the thought of having his cock buried inside her tight little twat had seemed like an interesting possibility ... and then, after actually watching him fuck their slut of a mother to one screaming orgasm after another, it seemed like a great idea. And the few times she’d let him stick inside her hot, willing holes so far had been great so far...

... and she was excited to see what would happen now. Just the two of them.

Bobby also probably also figured out, Sarah thought wryly, that the nicer he is to me, the more I let him do really, really nasty perverted and disgusting things to me. Not that Sarah ever planned on actually saying no to Bobby about, well, anything. At all. Of all her brothers, Bobby probably had the kinkiest imagination of the three ... and he’d had a lot of time to think about what he wanted to do to his sexy sister in the bedroom. Months, in fact.

Months to dream of every naughty fantasy, every twisted desire that he’d ever wanted to do to – and with – her.

Sarah couldn’t wait to see what her perverted brother had dreamed up.

“Cool,” Bobby said eagerly. He slid his finger back out of his sister’s tight twat, sucking her lewd juices off of it before folding his hands together placidly in his lap. “This is gonna be great.”

“I know it is... ohhhhhh,” Sarah replied, smiling as she squirmed about in her seat some more. Bobby’s finger wiggling in her cunt had felt just fucking amazing ... and was driving her even wilder than she ever could’ve imagined. She wanted to fuck so, so, bad... “But I think going there might be better than we might think. I was thinking about it, and I don’t think Mom sent us out to Aunt Matilda’s house just so we...” Her voice trailed off as one of the flight attendants walked by, glasses clinking together as the attendant pushed along a cart of drinks.

“ ... we could just what?” Bobby asked.

“Could just fuck, silly,” Sarah replied quietly, once the attendant had moved into first class. “I think Mom wants us to do that, sure, but I think there might be another reason we’re going there, too.”

“Like what?”

“Mom didn’t tell me,” Sarah said, looking a bit perplexed. “I can guess what it is, but I don’t want to say, since I’m probably wrong.” But if I’m right, it’s really, really kinky ... and awesome, she added silently, but she didn’t actually tell her brother that. She didn’t want to get his hopes – or his cock – up about anything.

“We’ll see, I guess,” Bobby said, shrugging. “Hey, you know what our cousin Elizabeth has? A Great Dane. A really huge one, black and white, it’s called a harlequin breed or something. She was telling me all about it at her wedding. It’s named Merlin. It was supposed to be a show dog, but it grew too big to win competition. So I bet it’s almost too big, um, everywhere.”

Sarah’s mouth fell open wide in surprise ... and then, she brazenly licked her lips. “Really?” she asked delightedly. “Oh, shit ... are you kidding?” She pumped her fists, making her brother chuckle in disbelief as she kicked her feet in glee against the seat in front of her. “Please tell me you’re not kidding. I swear to god, I’ll punch you in the face if you –”

“Not kidding at all,” Bobby replied. He solemnly held up one hand. “I swear. Chris even asked me for videos if you can, uh, convince Merlin to –”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Sarah said determinedly. “I’ll convince the big puppy, believe me.” If the naughty blonde teenage girl had one depraved desire that she loved more than just about anything else, it was fucking dogs. She loved getting naked for her four-legged lovers, letting them mount her like a bitch in heat, letting them rut away at her tender pink pussy with their big red doggie dicks until they filled her up with their canine sperm ... it was so filthy, and so wonderful. And it’d been such a long time since she’d done it with a dog, she’d thought that she would have to wait until her naughty vacation with Bobby was over before she could again...

... except now... Merlin.

Such a great name for a lover.

Sarah had to fight hard to control herself. She just wanted to close her eyes and finger herself right there in her seat to a gloriously filthy orgasm, imagining fucking the giant Great Dane while she sucked her brother Bobby’s cock, letting him take videos of her doing the most nasty and disgusting things she could imagine to both of them...

“Christ, I can’t wait until we get to their house now,” Sarah whispered, her young voice practically shaking with shameless desire. “Shit, his cock’s probably even bigger than Duke’s ... when do we land?”

“Not for another three hours,” Bobby said. “Relax. Flight just started.” He held up his wrist in front of his sister’s big blue eyes, letting her see his watch. “And then it’s maybe an hour’s drive to Aunt Matilda’s after that. Not counting if we have to wait for them.”

“Shit,” Sarah said glumly. “That’s so not fair.” She fidgeted despondently in her seat, feeling the warmth burning more and more between her restless thighs, thinking about how much longer she needed to wait to get the fucking that she so badly craved. “I hate waiting, I hate it so much...”

“Oh, I wasn’t planning on waiting until we got to Aunt Matilda’s place,” Bobby said, chuckling softly. “I figured we could, y’know, have some fun right here. Why not start off out vacation with something exciting, huh?” He jerked a thumb up towards the front of the airplane. “Where nobody can see us, that’s what you said, right? Well, I don’t think anyone would see us together in that bathroom up by first class. Not if we made it quick.”

“What... here?” Sarah whispered excitedly. She glanced nervously around the cabin of the plane again, her big blue eyes shining with excitement. The flight attendants were nowhere in sight. “Seriously ... you want to join the Mile High Club? We can’t do that, Bobby ... it sounds hot, but someone’ll catch us.”

“Like who?” Bobby replied, snorting in disdain. “There’s, like, nobody on this flight. Just a few old people way up in first class who are all asleep, and a few more a couple of rows behind us ... and they all look like they just want to left alone.” He craned his neck around, nodding as he looked all around the airplane once more, making doubly sure that the few other passengers on the plane were either bored or sleeping, and not paying attention to the quietly-chatting teenagers in Row Eleven in the slightest. “Bet nobody would really notice if we snuck up there ... c’mon, sis, please? It’d be so much fun...”

“Well...” Sarah said awkwardly, trying to find a reason to tell Bobby no ... and really struggling to find one. It’d been so, so long since she’d gotten a nice, hard, nasty fucking ... and just the thought of her brother sticking his yummy cock into her sex-starved pussy practically had her creaming herself already. Not to mention that the thought of fucking Bobby in an airplane at thirty thousand feet did sound kind of hot.

“Well, what?” Bobby asked. “Do you want to, or not?”

Sarah paused ... and then nodded quickly, before she changed her mind. She knew all the reasons why doing something like this was an absolutely terrible idea – fuck, she’d even explained them to Bobby out loud just a few minutes before. But the naughty, sinful heat that burned so deliciously between her slender thighs was starting to rage like an inferno. Her steaming cunt was practically dripping like a faucet, utterly drenched with raw, carnal desire...

“Go on up to the bathroom,” Bobby murmured softly into Sarah’s ear. “Wait a few minutes. I’ll knock on the door twice, you knock back once, and I’ll knock twice again. That way you’ll know it’s me. And then ... well, then I think you can figure out the rest.”

“Okay,” Sarah whispered back. “Let’s ... let’s do this.” She stood up from her seat, not looking at Bobby, trying not to think about anything at all. Instead, she simply smoothed out her miniskirt, and then excitedly, she wandered up the aisle, fighting the urge to just sprint as fast as she possibly could to the lavatory. She kept her eyes focused on the narrow aisle in front of her, watching the toes of her sneakers as she walked quickly towards the front of the plane, not daring to turn her head or look around at anything – or anyone else. She knew she’d lose her nerve if someone looked at her the wrong way, or if she had the slightest amount of time to seriously think about what she and Bobby were going to do, she’d probably chicken out...

... and by the time Sarah stepped into the empty little bathroom and closed the door behind her, she knew she couldn’t turn back.

The lavatory was ridiculously tiny and cramped – barely big enough for one slender teenage girl to stand in, let alone big enough for a teenage boy and girl to have some naughty fun. There was a teeny metal toilet, an even teenier metal sink ... and that was about it. Sarah decided not to worry about it. Instead, she happily unbuttoned her miniskirt, shoving it down around her ankles in a puddle of denim. Her fingers flew over the buttons of her blouse, the smile on her pretty face growing wider and wider as she stripped down to just her underwear and her little white tennis sneakers.

And as her blouse fell to the floor with her miniskirt in a crumpled heap, Sarah looked over her shoulder, stealing a look at herself in the small, smudgy mirror that was mounted over the tiny bathroom sink. What she saw in the mirror was someone who she hadn’t seen in a while ... and Sarah was glad to see her. She saw a slim, petite blonde teenage beauty staring back at her, a beauty with dazzling sapphire eyes and a dimpled smile that melted the hearts and stirred the cocks of boys and men alike ... and a pair of round, firm, spectacular tits that were screaming to be released from the wispy white lace bra that contained them.

And the gorgeous teenage blonde girl didn’t look tired, or scared, or lonely, or any of the other jumbled and sad emotions that Sarah had felt at times over the past few months. The blonde girl looked happy, and excited...

... and damn hot.

And really damn eager to fuck.

Knock. Knock.

Excitedly, Sarah leaned forward, rapping the knuckles of her small, shaking hand back against the door. Knock.

Knock. Knock.

Quickly, Sarah unlocked the bathroom door, and opened it up just a crack. In a flash, Bobby slipped inside with her, brother and sister practically on top of each other already in the cramped, tiny lavatory without even trying to have sex. Bobby grinned lasciviously at Sarah, but didn’t say anything – instead, he just quickly turned around, making sure to firmly lock the bathroom door behind him.

Sarah’s mouth was practically watering as her little brother casually yanked down his jeans and boxers in a puddle around his ankles, staring hungrily at his big, luscious hard cock. I have to admit, Sarah thought, admiring the sight of her brother’s body - and especially the sight jutting out proudly between his legs - Bobby’s kind of hot.

The past year had been pretty good to Bobby. He’d grown two inches in height, and Sarah was pretty sure his cock had grown an extra mouth-watering inch as well. And considering that it had been pretty generously sized before his recent growth spurt, that was damn impressive. Also impressive was the fact that he wasn’t quite as skinny as he’d been a year ago – he’d been working out with his older brothers before they’d gone off to college, and he’d managed to put on a fair bit of muscle. Between that and joining the track team at school, he’d gotten in really great shape...

... and Sarah found herself wondering what he’d look like when all of his clothes were finally off. We’ll have to make a video for Mom, Sarah thought dreamily, I bet she’d love to watch it...

“Not much room in here, huh?” Bobby said, looking quickly around the bathroom. “Doesn’t matter, that’s what makes it fun.”

“Don’t worry,” Sarah replied impishly to Bobby. “I can make a little more room for us.” Reaching down, the horny blonde teenage girl grabbed her left ankle ... and then lifted her left leg high in the air, practically doing a standing split in the cramped airplane lavatory as she brought her ankle up close to her ear. She grinned lewdly at Bobby, leaning back slightly against the bathroom wall, even as she brazenly displayed her pussy to her younger brother.

Wow, good thing Mom signed me up for those Yoga lessons after I had Maddie, Sarah thought happily. Being flexible is so going to come in handy the next few weeks...

“Holy fucking shit, sis,” Bobby said admiringly, as his eyes feasted on the sight of his sexy sister’s nubile body, “I had no idea you were that fucking flexible.” To Sarah’s surprise, her younger brother immediately dropped to his knees in front of her ... and before she even knew what was happening, she watched in gleeful disbelief as he eagerly buried his face between her thighs. In a flash, his tongue parted the soft blonde hairs framing her moist slit, burying itself into her hot little fuckhole.

“Bobby, we... uunnnhh!!! ... we don’t have time for ... for... ooohhh!!! ... ohmigod, right there, lover!!!” Sarah gasped loudly, her eyes glassy with perverted pleasure as she shamelessly humped her wet, slick cunt against her brother’s ravenous face. She bit her lip – hard – as his tongue found her aching clit, slurping and sucking on it with utter joy. Her older brothers Adam and Chris usually weren’t all that into eating pussy ... but Bobby absolutely loved it. And as Bobby slurped and slobbered over her creamy slit with great enthusiasm, she found herself grinding her crotch shamelessly against her brother’s gobbling face, loving every second of his mouth so wantonly pleasuring her.

“Like... mmmnnnfff ... like that, huh?” Bobby asked, his voice partly muffled by his sister’s creamy cunt. “You’ve... ssslllppp ... you’ve got the tastiest pussy, even better than Mom’s... ttthhhlllppp...” Gazing up at his gleefully horny sister, his tongue slithered and wiggled lewdly inside her hot, musky depths, his hands gripping her bare, slender as he ate her out. Sarah writhed on the sink in utterly debauched delight, loving the pleasure that her little brother’s mouth was bringing her pussy. Her cunt was drenched with desire, practically frothing as her naughty fuckjuices leaked out of her slick hole, and Bobby eagerly lapped it up, feasting on her muff like it was the best tasting thing in the whole fucking world.

“Oh Bobby, that feels so fucking... ooohhh!!!“ Sarah’s knuckles turned white as she gripped the edge of the bathroom sink hard with her other hand, struggling to keep her balance as the tip of his tongue teased her clit once more. It’d been a long time since she’d felt like this – on the edge of completely losing control, exploding in orgasmic bliss, her pussy burning with raw desire, her tits tingling and every nerve in her body feeling electric. Already, she was on the verge of cumming, find that sweet release that she so desperately craved...

... so when Bobby pulled his face away from Sarah’s dripping slit, she groaned in utter frustration.

Not too loudly, though.

After all, Sarah kind of knew what that meant instead.

Mmmmnnngghh ... I wish you could cum hard all over my face,” Bobby murmured, as his mouth reluctantly left his sister’s damp golden muff. He slowly rose to his feet, his cheeks and chin still glistening wetly with her cuntcream. “Soon, I guess. Wish we had more time, but...” His voice trailed off as he held the base of his cock in his hand, guiding it to Sarah’s slippery slit. Gently, he traced the tip of his cock up and down the entrance to her moist sex, making Sarah gasp with frustration. “Mmmmm ... so just how bad do you want this, anyway?”

“Stop teasing me,” Sarah hissed at her little brother, “and... ohhhhhhh... “ She let out a moan of wanton lust as the fat tip of Bobby’s cock abruptly parted her glistening pussylips, his massive length sliding easily into her hot, sultry depths until he was buried balls-deep inside of her. She shivered in sinful delight as she felt her brother’s cockhead brush up playfully against the entrance to her womb, her slick, sodden cunt gripping his invading length like a glove as he filled her completely.

And then ... Bobby pulled himself right back out of her, and then slowly began thrusting in and out of Sarah’s tight honeypot, slow and steady, not fucking her with wild abandon, like she’d almost expected. No, his deliciously hard dick slid with deliberate slowness in and out of her, inching inside her luxuriously, letting the sugary walls of her sweet cunt hug his jutting erection as he pushed himself back deeper and deeper inside of her. Their noses touched as they started to fuck, brother and sister staring into each other’s eyes with uncontrollable smiles on their young, flushed faces, both completely in heaven as their bodies yielded to depraved pleasure.

“So good,” Sarah whispered, as Bobby’s thrusts inside her began to quicken, “I’ve missed this so much, yes, ohhhh, yessss... “ Her big eyes welled with tears of joy as her brother fucked her, scarcely able to believe how fantastic his big hard cock felt inside of her ... and how right it felt, too. It was all so new and exciting to her. After all, she’d let Bobby fuck her a few times well after she’d been knocked up by her brother Chris ... but never before then. It was the first time Bobby had ever gotten to fuck her without a swell to her belly, and god did it feel incredible.

I don’t know why I ever didn’t want Bobby to fuck me, Sarah thought dizzily, his cock feels so good inside me ... so perfect... And from the glazed, unashamed look of raw lust that Sarah saw in her horny little brother’s eyes, she knew Bobby felt the same way, too. She could tell that finally having his hot sister’s pussy all to himself, to ravage and fuck to his heart’s content ... well, she could tell that Bobby was really enjoying being with her, too.

“Mine,” Bobby growled softly, as he wrapped one arm around her slender waist, pulling her closer to him so her tits squashed against his chest. Her pressed his mouth close to her ear, his hot breath brushing against her cheek. “You’re my little fucktoy this vacation ... mine. Mine. Mine. And I’m going to fuck you like the dirty cockteasing slut you are ... as. Much. As. I. Want.”

Each of those last words that came out of Bobby’s mouth was punctuated with an extra hard, rough, emphatic thrust of his cock inside Sarah’s pussy ... and Sarah loved it.

“Mmm-hmm,” she breathed, nodding excitedly, “as much as you want ... my pussy, my ass, my mouth ... my body, it’s yours, all yours... mmmmm!!!

With that, Sarah moaned softly as Bobby started to pound away faster at her pussy, fucking her really good, not holding back any more in the slightest. She gasped as his cock slammed away at her, the pace of his jackhammering thrusts inside of her quickening in a frenzy, each thrust making the deliciously naughty, tingling warmth burning inside her teenage pussy grow and burn even more. Finally having Bobby’s big dick inside her cock-starved cunt, finally fucking her nice and hard and nasty, just like she’d been dreaming about for weeks, it got Sarah hot. Really hot.

As in, Sarah’s steaming teenage cunt was already just about ready to explode in utter ecstasy.

Ohmigod, Sarah thought excitedly, this is really happening ... I’d almost forgotten how good this feels ... so, so good...

“Fuck me, Bobby,” Sarah blurted out, “ohmigod, I’ve needed this ... OOOHHHH!!! ... so fucking bad, fuck me, fuck me like a whore, that’s it, ooohhh, ohhhh, OHHHHMMMmmmfff...”

Bobby’s hand suddenly covered Sarah’s mouth, silencing her wanton cries of lewd bliss, which had grown, well, loud. Super loud. A look of odd concern and amusement crossed Bobby’s young face ... although the rhythmic thrusts of his glistening cock inside his horny sister’s pussy never stopped or slowed, not for an instant. Sarah couldn’t tell if her little brother was mad at her or not.

To be honest, she didn’t really care.

She just wanted her brother to keep fucking the shit out of her.

“Jeez, Sarah!” Bobby hissed in a stage whisper, even as his cock kept sliding in out of her, his hips busily slamming against her nubile body. “You’re such a dirty skank ... what’s wrong with you? Keep it down, huh?” His hand remained firmly over his sister’s mouth ... even as his cock kept relentlessly sliding in and out of her creamy cunt with smooth, powerful strokes. “We don’t... uunngghh!!! ... oh, shit, just shut up and fuck, okay?”

Sarah nodded ... mostly, though, because she didn’t want her brother to stop fucking her. A soft, decadent whimper escaped her lips, but that was all.

“Good slut,” Bobby said, giving an approving nod. Lazily, he slipped his hand away from her mouth, and slid it down behind her back. With a deft, delicate twist of his fingers, he undid the clasp of his sister’s bra. It fell away, letting her bare, beautiful tits spill out freely. “Besides, I wanna suck on those amazing tits of yours...”

Sarah let out a soft moan as her brother’s lips found one of her big, round breasts, his teeth raking lightly over the hard nipple before he started to noisily suck on it. She squirmed in wicked delight as breast milk spilled out onto her brother’s fluttering tongue, even as his cock kept hammering away with reckless abandon at her gooey twat.

“God, Bobby, y-y-yeah,” Sarah whispered weakly, her voice shaking as his mouth pleasured her swollen tits. “I... ohhhhhh...” She’d never felt anything like it before, but she was completely loving it. Having her tits sucked like that while also getting fucked rotten was indescribably awesome. Goosebumps covered her whole body as Bobby greedily drank a mouthful of tit milk from one perky breast, then the other, his mouth wandering happily between her jiggling tits as he pounded away at her pussy.

“So... uunngghh!!! ... so fucking tasty,” Bobby gasped, as he gave his sister’s pussy a couple of extra slow, hard thrusts, making her squeal as he rammed his rock hard dick up to the hilt inside of her, slamming her back against the cramped bathroom wall. “You nasty little bitch... uunngghh!!! ... do you... ahhh!!! ... you want a taste, too?”

And before Sarah could even really understand what her brother was asking, he abruptly leaned forward, shoving his tongue inside her surprised mouth in a raw, passionate kiss. A lewd mix of breast milk and pussy juice spilled into Sarah’s mouth as his tongue intertwined with his ... and Sarah kissed him hard right back, savoring every drop of that beautifully perverted taste.

And as brother and sister continued to share their delectably incestuous kiss, the lavatory basically fell silent, with only the wet squelching sound of Bobby’s cock pistoning in and out of Sarah’s sopping pussy filling the air, along with the occasional slapping of his balls against her lean, creamy thighs. They kissed and fucked in a wicked frenzy, their bodies grinding in rhythm together against each other, not thinking or caring at all about anything in the world except how fucking good what they were doing was making them feel, completely lost in their gloriously filthy, perverse pleasures of the flesh...

... and Sarah couldn’t hold back any longer. Surrendering herself completely to sin, her lithe, lean body bucked and shuddered as she suddenly came, a powerful and violent orgasm wracking her sweet teenage pussy like an earthquake. If her brother’s tongue hadn’t still been shoved in her mouth, she would’ve screamed loud enough to be heard by everyone on the plane. As it was, she raked her fingernails hard down Bobby’s back, hard enough to wonder if maybe she’d torn his shirt, or drawn blood. Not that she particularly cared. All that she knew was it the hardest she’d cum in such a long time, her exploding cunt spasming wildly around Bobby’s length as he continued to relentlessly fuck her, gushing like a geyser all over him, and down her spread thighs...

... it was utterly incredible.

And even in her euphoric bliss, Sarah was dimly aware of her brother’s prick beginning to throb and pulse inside of her as well ... and knew that he was about to cum, too.

“Yeah, Sarah, yeahhhh... “ Bobby muttered thickly, as he finally broke off his kiss with his sister, “I’m gonna ... gonna... uuunnnggghhh!!!“ With a low, bestial grunt, Bobby thrust himself fully inside of his sister with one hard, final stroke ... and then let out a soft, low moan as he came inside his slutty sister’s pussy, with spurt after lovely spurt of his hot jism spilling messily deep inside of her warm, sultry depths, letting his seed fill her completely. Sarah whimpered and sighed happily as the snug walls of her sugary cunt continued to hug her brother’s pulsing cock, loving how it throbbed deep inside of her, milking as much of his incestuous baby batter out of his spurting manhood as she could. It was something she’d sorely missed, that sinfully sweet sensation of sticky warmth spreading inside of her, dripping deep messily inside her...

... Sarah couldn’t get enough of it. She knew she’d never get enough of it.


“That ... that was awesome,” Bobby panted, his face still flush with desire as he finally broke off his deep, incestuous kiss with his sister, his short dark hair disheveled in a mess. “Fucking you is ... shit, Sarah, it’s the best!”

Slowly, Bobby pulled himself out of Sarah’s freshly-fucked twat, his long, softening cock still coated with a sinful mix of her lewd fuckjuices and his own. Gleaming, glistening white drops of sperm dripped from the tip of his dick to the toes of his sneakers. Mischievously, he put one hand beneath his sister’s trembling chin, gently holding her slender neck ... and with his other hand, he gave her face a hard, playful slap, just hard enough to sting ... and to leave a faint red mark on her pretty cheek.

Sarah’s eyes widened in surprise ... just as the big, uncontrollable smile on her face widened even more.

“Good slut,” Bobby repeated happily. He gave Sarah a second slap to the face, one a little more gentle. “You like that, don’t you?”

Sarah nodded, even as the warmth spread across her cheek. Eagerly.

“Awesome.” Bobby’s hand dropped away from Sarah’s neck. “God, I can’t wait to get you alone in a bedroom with me for a few hours.” Awkwardly, he pulled up his boxers with one hand, tucking his dick back beneath them with the other before managing to pull his jeans up as well.

“I ... I, I, Bobby, wow, I...” Sarah leaned back hard against the tiny sink in the lavatory, her pert, bare bottom resting on its edge as she struggled to speak. Words still escaped her. Fuck, just simple thoughts escaped her. All she knew was that her sexy little brother hadn’t just fucked her hard, the way she’d been dreaming about ... it’d been better than that. He’d awakened something in her. She didn’t just merely want to fuck Bobby anymore, she desperately wanted to be a dirty, disgusting slut for him, his dirty, disgusting slut, dressing like one, fucking like one, doing whatever he wanted...

“Ssssshhhhh,” Bobby said, pressing a finger to his dazed sister’s lips. He grinned crookedly at her, and tucked his shirt back in. “I know. You don’t have to say anything. Just remember, wait a minute or two, okay? I’ll see you back at our seats.”

And with that, Bobby slipped out the door, closing it gently but firmly behind him.

Sarah stared in wide-eyed wonder at the bathroom door as Bobby closed it behind him, her heart still beating wildly inside her ample chest like a tribal drum as she struggled to catch her breath. She could scarcely believe what had just happened...

... except she knew that it had.

We really did it, Sarah thought dreamily. I can’t believe ... that was crazy ... probably stupid ... but that was so, so good...

Sarah opened the bathroom door, then quickly slammed it shut again as she felt cool air wash over her bare, sweaty skin. Oh, right, she thought. Clothes would help...

With her hands shaking, Sarah somehow managed to pick her clothes up off the floor She even managed to button up half her blouse before she realized that she’d totally mismatched half the buttons ... and that she’d also forgotten to put her bra back on. With a sheepish shake of her head, she struggled to put all of her clothes on properly, taking a long, long moment to look at herself again in the mirror once she was finally done.

Looks like I got hit by a train, Sarah thought dizzily. Her hair was a frazzled wreck, and even though her clothes were on right, she thought she looked like a totally disheveled mess. Nervously, she stepped out of the bathroom, wobbling unsteadily as she walked back up the aisle to her seat, her face flushed with wanton joy, still lightheaded and giddy from the delightfully filthy orgasm she’d just had. She could still feel some of Bobby’s warm, creamy semen dribbling out of her pussy and down the insides of her thighs as she walked, feeling one drop trickle down to the inside of her knee... it feels so fucking amazing, the randy blonde teenager thought in dreamy disbelief. I can’t believe we really just did that ... ohmigod, this is going to be the best vacation ever...

With a contented sigh, Sarah plopped back into her seat in row ten, sprawling out in a sweaty, satisfied mess. She glanced over at Bobby, who was busy pretending to read a magazine. With a smile, Sarah reached into her purse, taking out a tissue to wipe up some of the cum that had run down her legs. She’d just finished stuffing the tissue down in the bottom of her purse and was about to also pretend to read a magazine when she heard someone cough politely but firmly.

Someone standing right next to her.

“Exactly what were you two doing by the lavatory, hmm?” a voice suddenly asked.

Sarah looked up. A flight attendant stood next to her seat, arms folded sternly across her chest as she scowled down at her and Bobby.

“I ... what?” Sarah asked, pretending to be confused. Not that it was all that hard to pretend. In her current state of post-orgasmic bliss, it was hard to keep her mind focused on anything apart from how absolutely fucking good she felt. “What do you mean?”

“I saw you go up there,” the flight attendant said flatly. “You first, then him. You were there an awfully long time.” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously at Sarah. “What were you up to?”

“Oh, nothing,” Bobby said, before Sarah could even say a word. He put down his magazine and beamed pleasantly at the attendant. “My sister told me that she was going to freshen up her makeup after we took off, but I realized that she forgot her purse after she left. So I just brought it up to her.”

“Really?” The flight attendant’s lip curled slightly in disdain as she continued to gaze down at Bobby and Sarah. “I’m supposed to believe that? You’re brother and sister, huh? Not boyfriend and girlfriend?”

“Oh, yes,” Sarah said brightly. “Brother and sister. That’s us.” She reached down into her purse, and took out their boarding passes, handing them over to the attendant. The flight attendant didn’t say anything. Instead, she simply scowled as she slowly read the names on the boarding passes. A long, long, uncomfortable moment passed before the attendant wordlessly handed them back, offering nothing but an arched eyebrow and a withering sniff of disdain before turning on her heel and walking away.

“Wow,” Bobby muttered under his breath. “Guess somebody else needs to get laid, huh?”

Sarah giggled. “Yeah,” she said. “I know two people who don’t, though.”

“Kind of,” Bobby replied. “I know two people who probably want to get laid again, though.” He put his magazine on the empty seat next to him, and then he stood up for a moment, reaching into the overhead compartment above to take out a nice, big blanket. Sitting back down, he spread the blanket across his lap, and then smiled and winked at his sister.

Sarah smiled and winked back.

She put her head under the blanket, and rested her pretty face right in Bobby’s lap. She decided to be a good sister.

Like, really good.

And it wasn’t long before Bobby’s sticky, dripping cock was nice and clean again.

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