Stranger in the Cabin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story I wrote a while ago and did a little more editing. Hope you enjoy.

I guess like most siblings my sister and I have a normal on and off relationship. There are times we get along great and times we are ready to tear each other’s hair out. When we were younger we seemed to get a long much better, but as we entered high school our discontent with each other seemed to grow. Most of what kept the peace around the house was our different interests. My sister Karen was the little socialite. She spent a lot of time out with her friends doing the cheerleading thing. There was also a line of boys waiting to date her when she decided to give one the chance. I will admit my sister was quite attractive. She stood 5’5 with medium length light brown hair and deep blue eyes. She had a wonderful athletic figure with muscular tan legs and arms, a flat stomach, and some pretty nice firm 36C boobs.

I on the other hand I spent most of my time experimenting with electronics projects, backpacking, and enjoying my small porn collection hidden in my room two to three times a day. I wasn’t exactly the hunky football player but I think I’m pretty good looking. I’m roughly 6’1 with light brown hair that just covers my ears and the same blue eyes as my sister. I weigh in at approximately 175 pounds with a little muscle tone and can produce a nice 8” erection when duty calls. I have dated a few girls and had sex a few times as well. Currently I am in between girlfriends though.

As I said, my relationship with my sister started getting worse when we started high school. By the time she was a freshman in college and I was a senior in high school we didn’t really talk much. My sister seemed to go out of her way to make my life even more miserable. The most recent was when my sister somehow found my porn collection and told my parents about it. Needless to say, mom was pretty pissed about it. Not only did I lose my magazines and movies but also lost the use of the car for a month and my computer time had to be supervised. Frankly I think my mom over reacted a lot!

To add insult to injury, I had one more thing to endure. Every summer my family heads up to a woodland retreat in the mountains. My family rents a two-bedroom cabin for the week and we spend “family time” before school starts. I wasn’t looking forward to spending anytime with my sister after what she had done to me. The worst part would be the “adult sendoff” party the resort threw on Friday night. Typically, my parents would head down to the community center for the resort about 8pm and return home pretty drunk around 2am. This meant my sister and I would be stuck in the cabin together. The cabins were also located far enough apart to ensure privacy and a “woodsy” feeling. I struggled as I packed to try to put a positive spin on what we were embarking on. To add to an already stressful weekend, as we checked in the reception reminded us to keep our cabins locked at night, since there had been a few break-ins in the past couple of months.

As luck would have it, we really didn’t spend that much time as a family. My sister would spend most of her days down by the lake sunning herself in her bikini and teasing the other boys around. I spent a lot of time with my dad canoeing and hiking around the woods. The only bummer was the evenings when we would eat dinner as a family and my parents usually tried to have us play a family game. Two of the nights we would walked down to the community center to watch an outdoor movie, that helped. Of course, being that we only had a two-bedroom cabin meant my sister and I shared a room. Seeing how I was still pretty pissed at my sister, I had a hard time getting to sleep at nights. And to top it off, there really wasn’t any good time or place I could slip off to masturbate. I tried a couple of times in the bathroom, but it always seemed someone would knock telling me to hurry up or something.

When Friday night finally rolled around, I was happy knowing that the week was almost over, but I still had to face the dread of being stuck in the cabin with my sister fighting over the TV.

A little after 8 o’clock my parents gave us each a hug and a kiss as they headed out the door for the half mile walk to their party. Right on cue my sister flopped on the couch and turned on one of her boring “reality” shows. I tried to get her to change it to something we could both agree on, but she refused. Instead of sitting around trying to fight with my sister I decided I would sit on the porch and read one of the books I had brought with me.

A little after 10 I heard the TV turn off. I decided I had had enough for the day as well and went inside to get ready for bed. I had to wait on my sister to finish getting herself ready in the bathroom first, so I went about turning off lights and closing curtains and checking doors. My sister finally came out of the bathroom dressed in her usual bedtime attire which consisted of a tank top, no bra, and a pair of panties. After a week of no porn and no masturbation, I must admit she looked really hot! I quickly brushed my teeth and took a piss before heading in to the bedroom. My sister was already in her bed facing away from me so I slipped off my shorts and shirt and climbed in to my bed wearing only my boxers as normal.

As I lay there drifting off, I couldn’t help but picture the image of my sister being illuminated by the bathroom light as she walked to the bedroom. I swore I could almost completely make out the outline of her breasts floating under the thin tank top. I started to feel a familiar rise in my boxers and I agonized over not having the privacy to stroke myself.

The erotic images in my head were shattered when we heard a crashing sound outside the cabin. Both my sister and I sat up in bed and listened.

“Did you hear that?” my sister asked.

I sat there listening for more noise in the near darkness. “Probably just raccoons,” I tried to reassure her.

Then we heard more noise. This time it almost sounded like someone moving around inside the cabin.

My sister and I quietly got out of bed and opened the door to our room. The sound was a little louder now. It sounded like someone was in the kitchen in the back of the cabin. I looked at my sister and then back out the door. Sitting only a few feet away on the end table was the phone.

As I stood there staring at it I felt my sister brush past me as she tip-toed out toward the table and reached for the receiver.

Just as she picked up the receiver and put it to her ear, a voice broke the silence.

“Put the phone down bitch!” said a shadow in the darkness.

My sister stood frozen cradling the receiver in her hand.

“I said put it down, unless you want know what a bullet feels like.”

Slowly my sister put the phone down and we both stood there waiting to see what would happen next. I winced and squinted my eyes as the light came on, temporarily blinding me. When they adjusted, I could make out the figure on the other side of the living room. He was about my height and a little heavier in appearance. He wore blue jeans and a black turtle neck with a ski mask over his face. All we could really make out was he was white with brown eyes and he was holding a gun.

“Well, well what do we have here?” came his question. “I wasn’t expecting company tonight.”

“We don’t want any trouble,” my sister started. “Just go and we won’t say anything, we promise.”

“Sure”, he responded, “and you call the cops as soon as I walk out that door.”

“Please, we won’t do anything, we promise, just leave!” my sister plead again.

I started to shift uneasily at the door to the bedroom. A creaking from the floorboards alerted our assailant to my presence.

“Hey, come out here where I can see you.” he said, waving his gun about.

I slowly walked out and stood beside my sister. We must have looked like quite a site. Here was my sister in a tank top and panties and me in just my boxers.

“Well isn’t this cute. I hope I didn’t interrupt anything between you and your boyfriend here,” he retorted.

“He’s my brother,” my sister snapped back. I could see her moving her arms up to cover herself up a little. I could also hear the nervousness in her voice.

“Brother huh, well ain’t that special,” he responded.

I was feeling a little exposed standing there in just my boxers.

“So, what am I going to do with you two?” came his dreaded question”

“Just leave!” my sister replied again. “We won’t say anything, just go.”

“You see, I don’t believe you,” he replied. “My better judgment is telling me to kill you both and take what I want.”

I felt a knot in my stomach at the word “kill”.

“No, please, we won’t tell,” plead my sister, her voice trembling more noticeably now. “We’ll do anything, just don’t hurt us.”

There seemed to be a changed in his demeanor with the end of my sister’s last statement. He seemed to relax a and lowered his gun a little and stepped forward. Then he waved his gun again. “Come over here, both of you.”

Slowly my sister and I walked around and stood in the middle of the living room. I stood there with my hands covering my groin and my sister tried to hide her breasts and crotch as well. Our eyes looked down at the ground, trying to hide our fear. The stranger stepped closer to us. He reached out with his gun and put it along my sister’s cheek. I could almost see her body shaking. Slowly he raised my sister’s face to look in to his eyes.

“Such a pretty face you have there. Such a pretty little mouth too,” he commented. “I bet you suck a pretty mean dick.”

I could see the fear on my sister’s face turn to disgust. She jerked her head away quickly.

“Is that what you want, a blow job?” she spat. You could hear the disdain in her voice as the words came out.

“As nice as that sounds missy, it doesn’t really protect me much and would leave a lot of evidence behind,” he chuckled.

“No, I need something to keep me safe after I leave,” he continued. I watched as his eyes ogled up and down my sister’s body. “Yeah, I need something more.”

You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he looked between my sister and me.

“Strip!” he commanded.

My sister’s eyes opened wide at the words. There was almost a disbelief in what she was hearing.

“You heard me bitch, I said take it off!” he repeated.

My sister’s eyes swelled with tears as she slowly pulled the tank top over her head. I watched as her breasts bounced as removed her shirt and dropped it to the floor. They were much more firm than I had imagined. I found myself mesmerized by the site of her breast almost defying gravity. My trance was broken at the sound of our stranger’s voice. “All of it missy, I said strip!”

He once again held the gun up and aimed it as my sister. I watched as tears streamed down my sister’s cheeks as she slowly put her fingers in the elastic of her panties and slowly lowered them. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the tan lines on my sister’s hips and the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair between her legs. I almost felt a little guilty eyeing my sister’s naked form, as well as for the twinge of blood that pulsed in my crotch.

“Mmm, very nice” he commented. “I bet you can do a lot more than suck.”

Then I watched as he fished a phone out from his pocket, aimed it at my sister and took a picture.

“I’ll enjoy that later,” he said. “Now it’s time for you to get to work.”

“Fine,” my sister said through her tears, “just hurry and get it over with.”

My sister took a step towards our intruder. The stranger quickly raised his gun, causing her to stop.

“Whoa there bitch! As much as I would like to, it’s way too risky for me,” he started. “But since you are so anxious, I’ll help you out,” he continued.

“Hey moron!” he said pointing his gun toward me. “Why don’t you get naked too?”

I had a lump in my throat as I stared in disbelief. Why would I need to get naked?

“Go on, hurry up!” he commanded.

I slowly lowered my boxers and felt my face redden as they hit the floor.

“Well, well it seems as though little bro here is a little turned on by all of this or maybe it’s just the site of his big sister naked,” he said as he noticed my semi erect cock.

“I think we can work with that,” he continued. I could almost see him smiling behind his mask. “I think it’s time we make a movie,” he stated.

“OK sister, it’s time to help your little bro out there.”

My sister’s eyes widened with his comments as the reality of what he was implying sunk in.

“No way, he’s my brother!” she objected.

The man took two big strides and placed the gun against my sister’s forehead. My sister closed her eyes and winced in fear as she felt the cold steel on her skin.

“Then there will be two bloody bodies lying here when your parents get back!” he retorted.

The sound of him cocking the pistol was thunderous to my heighten ears. I felt a sinking in my gut as I waited for him to shoot.

“Stop!” my sister cried. “OK, I’ll do it, just stop!”

My sister turned away from the gun and took small steps positioning her in front of me. I could see the tears in her eyes and her body shaking in fear. She looked up at me with a helpless expression on her face.

“Well, go on!” he commanded. “Down on your knees!”

I watched as my sister knelt before me, now face to face with my hardening cock.

“Come on”, he continued, “we don’t have all night and I’m running out of patients.”

Slowly my sister reached out and took my cock in her trembling hand and gave it a small stroke.

The stranger took another step forward and put the gun on the back of my sister’s head. “I said suck it!” he seethed.

My sister’s words were muffled through her crying. “Fine, I’ll do it, just give me a minute.”

As the stranger removed the gun from the back of my sister’s head she slowly opened her mouth and took my cock inside. I closed my eyes and couldn’t help but let out a small moan as I felt the warmth of her mouth on my now, quickly growing member. When I opened my eyes, I could see the stranger with his phone out again, presumably taking a movie.

“There now, isn’t that better?” he questioned.

I stood there a few more minutes as my sister slowly slid my cock in and out of her mouth.

“You look a little uncomfortable there boy,” our assailant stated. “Go sit down on the couch there,” he said pointing to the couch with his gun.

My sister removed my cock from her mouth and remained in the middle of the floor on her knees as I moved over and sat down.

“Well what are you waiting for bitch?” he said staring at my sister. “Get over there and keep sucking!”

My sister crawled over between my legs and returned to sucking on me again. I sat there on the couch with my eyes closed, just feeling what was happening. The sensation was unbelievable with her mouth and hand sliding up and down my shaft. I was almost ashamed to admit that I was starting to feel a build up inside of my balls.

“You look like you are enjoying that there boy,” the stranger said with a chuckle. “Does it feel good having you sister suck your cock?”

I didn’t know what to answer, or even if I should.

Our stranger moved over and repositioned his phone to continue filming us. Then I watched as he reached down with one hand and ran a finger along my sister’s slit. I felt my sister shuttered at his touch.

“Well, well it seems the little slut here might be enjoying this too,” he commented.

My sister removed her mouth from my cock and shot him a look that could vaporize any mere mortal.

“I think it’s time we changed things up a bit,” he started again. “You just stay there like you are little missy, it’s time for little bro to help you out too.”

I wasn’t sure what to say or do. He then instructed me to move out from in front of my sister and get behind her. My sister was still on her knees bent over leaning on the couch. I moved myself behind her. I couldn’t help but admire the sexy figure before me. Her face was facing the cushions. Her back was smooth and tanned. My gaze followed down to her rounded hips and the tan lines from her bikini bottom culminating in the crack of her ass and the soft fuzz that covered the entrance to her womanhood below.

“Well, what are you waiting for, fuck her!” he commanded again. My sister’s head turned back at me and I could see the nervousness in her eyes.

“But... “ I stammered.

“But nothing!” he replied as he stepped over and put the gun again my head. I closed my eyes and waited.

“Go ahead.” came a sound almost in a whimper.

I opened my eyes and saw my sister looking back at me.

“Go ahead, just do it.” she whimpered again. Her eyes were now pleading at me.

I glanced back at the stranger who motioned with his gun for me to continue. I looked back down at my hard cock pointing strait at my sister’s opening. Slowly I moved forward pausing as the head met the entrance.

My sister rolled her head back down in to the couch and put her hands on the back of the cushions. I lowered my hands and grasped her hips as I pushed my way inside.

My sister pussy was wet, and tight, very tight. I slowly inched my way in to her velvet smooth vise. Finally, I felt my shaft fully engulfed within my sister. I pulled back and thrust forward burying myself again. I heard a muffled grunt come from my sister as I hit bottom. Her grunt was echoed by one of my own caused from the incredible feeling of her pussy squeezing me.

“There you go little man,” came the stranger’s voice. “That much better now.”

With the pleasurable feeling of a tight pussy on my cock I had momentarily forgot about the man with the gun. I looked over to see him standing there, phone in hand filming away. I continued to slide in and out of my sister as this masked man filmed us. I tried to block him out of my mind and concentrate on making this last as long as I could.

Then he told me to stop.

I felt a little sad when he told me to pull out of my sister, because he had a “better idea”. He then had my sister roll over on to her back on the couch and positioned me between her legs again.

“If you’re going to fuck her, you might as well see her,” he rambled.

I looked down at my sister before me. Her hair was a mess, her eyes red from tears. In this position her breasts seemed larger than before as they jutted out toward me. I could see all her tan lines and a tight trim job of her pubic hair.

“Go on!” he commanded again.

I watched as my sister closed her eyes and I moved forward sliding my shaft back inside of my sister’s wet pussy.

Again, I would hear muffled crying mixed with soft moans as I continued to fuck my sister. Each of my thrusts caused my sister’s breasts to bounce a little and the expressions constantly changed on her face. I watched as a tear ran down her cheek as she bit her lower lip. I could see the stranger out of the corner of my eye filming away.

“Why don’t you give those titties a squeeze?” came the next request.

“Sure, looks like some fine pussy you have there. I bet you love fucking your sister,” he sneered.

I wasn’t going to lie, my sister’s pussy felt great! Actually, it felt too great! The realization that I was fucking my sister and feeling of her muscles contracting around my shaft started a reaction within me.

“I’m going to cum,” I muttered softly.

My sister’s eyes shot open staring at me. They darted from me to the stranger and back to me.

“Good! Go ahead boy!” demanded our captor, never moving the phone.

I don’t think I could have stopped anything at the point if I wanted to. I felt the tingling of pleasure shutter through my body and the rush of fluids racing up my shaft. I let out a light grunt and groan as I felt my cock explode inside of my sister’s pussy. Each twitch of my muscle and thrust of my cock sent more spurts of liquid in to her tight cavern.

As I felt the last of the spasms subside I slowed my motion and pulled my cock out of my sister.

“That looked good boy, but now it’s time to get you cleaned,” came the voice.

“Climb up there and have big sister suck you clean,” was the command.

I didn’t see any point in resisting any longer. I slowly moved myself up until I was straddling my sister with my deflating cock inches from her face.

My sister looked over at the gunman and the back at me before taking me in to her mouth. I twitched a little as she sucked me in to her mouth again.

“How nice, I see your brother’s cum oozing out of that sweet crack of yours,” the stranger reported.

We heard the intruder stand up as I rolled off my sister. I watched as he walked over and removed the cord from the phone.

“OK you two, if I hear any sirens this video will be all over the internet before I see any of their light,” he told us.

“If you don’t want your faces plastered all over the internet fucking then you’ll keep real quiet about all of this!” he commanded.

We watched as he disappeared in to the kitchen and heard the door open and slam closed.

My sister curled up in to a ball on the couch. I wrapped my arms around my sister to hold her close.

“We can’t tell anyone about this,” she told me.

I quickly agreed this would have to be our secret.

My sister slowly got up, picked up her clothes and went in to the bathroom. I retrieved my boxers but didn’t feel much like sleeping now. I went in to the bedroom and threw on my shorts and shirt. My sister was still in the bathroom, probably cleaning up what was running down her leg. My head was spinning at the events that had just taken place. I needed some fresh air. I slipped on my shoes and walked outside.

The moon was full as I followed a path that leads to the lake. The path ended in a parking area for the docks. As I emerged from the path I could see a car in the parking lot. Sitting on the hood of the car was a figure dressed in black and appeared to be looking at a phone. This must be the dumbest crook around. He had to text someone before doing his “get-away”? I looked around and found a good-sized stick.

Slowly I snuck up to the figure who was obviously more interested in his texting than getting away. I slowly raised the club I had found, ready to strike. As I got within striking distance I stepped on something in the parking lot that made a noticeable snap. The figure turned around and looked at me. I could see his eyes open wide in fear as he dropped his cell phone and raised his hands in fear. I raised the club higher and preparing to beat the crap out of him, then I stopped.

There was something familiar about this thief. Then it hit me. Our intruder was my sister’s friend James, more correctly my sister’s gay friend James.

“Oh shit! stop! Don’t hit me dude!” he cried trying to duck away.

I stepped forward again with my club still head high.

“Don’t do it dude, it wasn’t me, it was your sister!” he plead.

“Bullshit!” I replied trying to find an excuse not to beat him senseless.

“No really, it was all her idea!” he cried.

“What robbing us? Threatening us with a gun?” I demanded.

“Yes, no, I mean...” he stammered.

“You need to do better than that before I kick the shit out of you!” I replied.

“It was all your sister’s idea, the break in, the blow job, all her,” he continued.

“I don’t believe you asshole,” I said as I raised the club again to strike.

I hesitated when I heard a tone from my feet. It was James’s phone. He had dropped it when I first approached.

I bent down, keeping my eye on James as I retrieved the phone. The tone came from a text message delivery.

I decided to open the message and was surprised to see it was from my sister. All it said was, “Night babe.”

I quickly scrolled up through the message to find one that was delivered at 10pm. The conversation read like this. Karen: Looks like we are heading to bed, you should be able to come in about a half hour. James: OK make sure the back door is unlocked. Karen: Will do.

There was a break in the times with the next set of texts being sent only a few minutes before now.

Karen: Hey, thanks a lot! That was amazing! James: No problem, glad I could help. Karen: Having him fuck me was a wonderful surprise. Karen: I had a hard time suppressing my orgasm. Karen: You know how loud I can be. James: You did a great performance in there. Karen: Thanks! See you Monday! Karen: Night babe.

It looked like I had interrupted one of his responses when I came up.

I slowly lowered my club, staring at the phone in disbelief.

“See, I told you man, it was your sister,” he said.

“But why?” I asked.

“Fantasies!” he replied. “She has wanted to know what it would be like to give you a blow job for some time. Well, that and she felt bad about you losing your porn collection,” he continued.

“And the fucking?” I asked.

“It was one of the fantasies she told me about once. I just figured I would help her out a little since the scenario fit,” he answered.

“And the gun?” I demanded.

“Fake. It’s an airsoft one. I just painted over the safety cap. It’s in the car if you want to look!”

My head was spinning. Not only was my life not in danger but my sister had orchestrated this whole thing. I felt a little weak in the legs and leaned over against James’s car.

I looked back at him and he just kind of shrugged a little.

I handed him back his keys and phone and told him he should probably head home. I watched James drive away before I started back up the path toward our cabin. I looked at my watch. It was 12:30am. I still had about a half hour before my parents would be stumbling back. I needed the walk back to sort out my brain and decide how I was going to use this information for my advantage.

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