Elaine's Dad
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elaine's sordid love affair with her Dad becomes an obsession she can't escape. A heartwarming tale of incest for Dads everywhere.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Incest   Father   Bestiality  

As Elaine Ascot picked up the envelope from the door-mat she recognise her father’s handwriting. It was a birthday card he’d airmailed her from England.

As she opened it she realised it was a year or more since she’d seen him. The front of the card showed a snazzy sexy dolly-girl holding a champagne glass aloft while a saucy mongrel doggy stood against her thigh eagerly trying to reach it. The connotation was easily read; she was the ‘dolly girl’ and Dan was the saucy mongrel.

It neatly conveyed their relationship: even though she was over 30 and Dan 52. Inside he’d pasted a small snap of himself. His confident gaze seemed to declare; ‘ Hey, I’m still a handsome devil; even with this steely-grey hair!’

Along with the birthday greeting was a message that he would ‘phone on her birthday with a proposition. Something had stirred the scoundrel she mused, why did he suddenly need to sweet-talk her?

Memories of being alone with him sent a tiny buzz through her cunt.

In The Past:

At the outset Dan Ascot had been an ordinary decent man at heart.

Well, at least he’d married Margot; the girl he’d accidental put in the family way.

She had been a bright girl at grammar school and had gone on to secretarial collage with an eye on a managerial career: then Dan ... and the unwanted baby.

Her parents were furious and never forgave him; and neither did Margot for that matter.

Then he’d responded to his country’s call; serving as a soldier in the war.

But he’d seen very little action in North Africa apart from a close mate being killed from a single bomb at base camp which was just bad luck really because Dan had decided to go to the bordello to watch a young Moroccan beauty perform a bestiality act; with a donkey.

Sensual music had played as she’d lain on a bench terrified, her legs tethered apart.

The animal was lead in to her; its cock already long and stiff. The tension amongst the men had soared.

It’s cock was poked into her and as her tiny waist writhed in ecstasy she’d gradually been encouraged by ribald onlookers to take the entire shaft.

As the animal jerked its load into her she’d cried out.

Her bawdy audience responded appreciatively; throwing money gifts.

A slave-boy had pulled the drooling cock from her ruined tush and led away the animal.

A curtain fell. It was sensational.

That had been the highlight of Dan’s war really; witnessing that exotic olive skinned girl loving that animal. It had been something out of the ordinary that had made him feel a man of the world.

Then after some years they were all shipped back to England for demobilisation and returning to civilian life. But much had changed and Dan felt awkward as he made up the garden path to knock on Margot’s new little house, for they’d exchanged only a few letters during those army years.

Margot opened the door to welcome him. She appeared slim yet shapely with her auburn hair pinned up at the back showing off her white graceful neck; yet her frosty demeanour had always seemed to offset her looks.

“Welcome back soldier!” Margot greeted as she lightly embraced him in the hallway of her neat little home.

“Thanks Margot, its good to be back; you look wonderful.” Dan planted his lips on hers; delivering a full lengthy kiss.

Margot pulled away turning to the girl, “ And you remember Elaine your daughter here Dan?”

Dan felt flummoxed.

He’d not given much thought to the six-year old nuisance of yesteryear. Now here was a 12 year old beauty. Rich brown hair framed her freckled face and sparkling dark brown eyes gazed into his.

She was slim yet reached her mothers shoulder; having outgrown the school-dress she wore, budding nipples thrust at the bodice.

Her mother tugged her forward, “Give your Dad a kiss Elaine and bring him into the parlour,” she’d said turning away frigidly; typical of her mother’s unloving nature towards her.

Dan held her shoulders warmly though and smiled.

Elaine had never kissed anyone and awed by the kiss her mother received, expected the same.

As Dan lent forward her lips fell warm and lusciously onto his. Dan responded, pulling her in closer; his testicles somersaulted and both were a bit dazed.

Margot called back, “ Come into the parlour and make yourself comfy Dad.”

Dan had never been called Dad before. It added to his confusion and made him feel awkward; being home was going to be nothing like he imagined.

Margot had given a lot of thought since learning of Dan’s Demob.

Like a few other friends at the office she had built up a life for herself over the years.

The war had bought her some independence even though she was stuck with kid.

Why, she had set herself up in this modern little house; leaving the old rooms Dan rented before.

And yes, she had one or two men-friends.

Her chap drove rather a posh car in which she had been taken to restaurants.

Dan just wasn’t in the same class.

But he was the Father and now perhaps he could do some of the looking after. That would be just fine. But she couldn’t just start sleeping with him at the drop of a hat; not after all these years.

What would her chap say? Margot wanted to leave her messy past behind.

After she’d given Dan a meal she sent Elaine into the garden.

Then over a pot of tea Margot diplomatically spelt out to Dan about immediate sleeping arrangements; that she needed time to get use to the idea of sharing a home with him. In return he should be a helpful Father to the child by minding out for her; when she was absent from home and busy with her own life.

If he agreed then he would be welcome. It was that simple.

Dan felt deflated and even a bit humiliated but understood her logic; and it was awkward for him to protest. Margot had the whip hand; for now. She also had Elaine.

The real surprise for Dan was learning that his bed would be situated in Elaine’s bedroom!

Apparently that had some alcove space where he could be billeted for now. And so it was.

Dan slumbered well in his alcove bed and Elaine and Dan became cosy room mates in no time.

In the morning she’d chatter away to him as he watched her get dressed; he, stroking his shaft beneath his bed-covers.

Elaine guessed what he was doing and it excited her.

Mornings were his very own schoolgirl striptease: hopping out bed she takes off her pyjama leggings. She has no sense of modesty. Rubbing her gorgeous fuckable arse while she seeks out her knickers; glimpses of her snatch as she pulls them on to stand before him with her small tits on display. Dan’s cock pulsed and oozed.

Elaine was neither a child nor a woman but a delectable sexual creature who was eager for her new guardian’s attention. Dan simply had to grin and bear it!

Another morning when she’d risen, slipped out of bed and stretched her body before him Dan had slipped out of bed naked.

Elaine had seen his erection which made her stop and stare.

Casually Dan had picked up her school knickers chuckling, “Come on slow coach, step into these and I’ll get your fresh blouse.”

He’d bent before her, his face just inches from her snatch.

She obediently stepped into her knickers; her cheeks colouring up and for the first time Dan felt in control of her. He’d hoisted them up resting his hands on her waist. He felt her trembling.

In squatting Dan’s cock had sprung loose; It’s head glistening against Elaine.

Her loins tingled strangely. She felt dizzy.

Dan eased her to him, “ A kiss before you go to the bathroom.”

She complied with parted lips and as their tongues twisted Dan lightly placed her hand onto his cock.

Elaine turned away and going into the bathroom, locked the door.

She gave her clitoris a hard time with the toothbrush before climaxing at much the same time as her father did in the bedroom.

In the present:

Dan Ascot stood amongst other pensive people eagerly awaiting arrivals from Flight BA 132 at Heathrow. Then passengers began trailing out like uncaged rabbits into the daylight. Then through the yells and hugs he saw his Elaine; 5: 6’’, bobbed auburn hair, slim and trim and as sexy as ever.

Elaine then saw her father and their eyes met and held until they embraced.

“How’s my dolly girl?” He murmured in her ear; his her hips pressed into him.

Their kiss was one of lovers; not that anyone around them noticed or cared.

Eager to escape the bedlam of Heathrow, they made for Dan’s car and drove away from the airport. After twenty miles they pulled in to a peaceful upmarket roadside restaurant.

They necked a little in the car-park; exploring each other before going into the restaurant.

Once inside and seated Dan got busy ordering their meal. Elaine disappeared into the rest-room to freshen-up. She looked herself in the mirror and pondered how she got to this point.

Dan had sprung this escapade on her with his birthday phone call just a few weeks ago and here she was back in England. It just showed how easily led she was by him she thought.

As ever Dan had sweet talked her; but this time the rewards on offer were extremely lavish. Dan claimed that pulling this deal off would make them very wealthy.

So Elaine found herself applying for ‘compassionate leave’ from her job at the Institute to be with ‘family’ back home in England. But now she needed answers to questions she’d stored up.

They were both hungry and didn’t chat that much until finishing their meal.

Then Elaine took a sip of her Chardonnay while looking Dan saying softly,

“OK Dan. What have you been hiding from me about this wonderful scheme of yours?”

He gaze at her openly, his hand came onto hers and he began revealing details.

“Your right, it is time to get things clear because this is an opportunity of a lifetime Elaine.

Recently I was approached by a Russian businessman I’ve know well. He put an unusual deal to me. His elderly ailing father desperately needed British citizenship to avoid being deported. If he was sent back home, he faced dying alone, or worse.” Dan paused:

“So is this old man a criminal or something?” said Elaine

“Well we don’t know that.” countered Dan, but I do know that this businessman is prepared to to pay an tremendous sum to avoid the extradition of his father; and we can bring that about for him Elaine.

“How on earth can we do that between us?” she asked.

“By making him a British citizen through marriage Elaine.”

Her eyes gazed at him in wonderment as the penny dropped, “Oh My God ... your off your rocker Dan!” she said softly.

“Well; all it takes is for you to sign a certificate after a short ceremony, in exchange for stock and property deeds worth millions.” Dan declared.

“Oh I see! I become a dying man’s bride and you do what precisely father?”

“I would have seen to all the important business contract process that makes it work securely.”

Elaine starred in silence as she took in Dan’s details; that she was to be an English bride to an old oriental gentleman; securing his British citizenship and rewarding her with riches – seemed strait forward enough she thought sarcastically.

They journeyed on and within the hour Dan signed the register at the reception desk of Andover’s Royal Oak Hotel. The clerk stifle a sneer at the pair being Mr & Mrs Ascot.

The room-maid though, upon presenting the room with a grand four-poster bed, envied Elaine. Was she in love, or on the game the maid wondered. Either way the maid would have willingly swapped places; the gentleman looked quite dishy.

Elaine left Dan to tip the maid and disappeared into the large bathroom. She began running a bath and stripping off. She needed a long hot soak.

Dan though went up to the waiting maid. Then pulling a twenty from his wallet, kissed her lightly on the lips and tucked the bill under skirt; into her panties.

They had gone down to dinner in the hotel restaurant; its sombre lighting and service delivering an elegant meal over which they anticipated the prospect of the night ahead.

Both agreed that the four-poster bed should be taken full advantage of: subsequently Elaine later found herself suspended naked and spread-eagled between them; enduring some exquisite punishment laid on rather heavily by her father; before drilling her with his purple penis.

Then came an unexpected rap on their door: it was the night manager, investigating the row they’d been making. Dan who’d answered the door almost naked and perspiring profusely, apologised. The manager peering into the room saw Elaine still strung-up suspended; love-juice hanging from her cunt.

“Are you all right madam?” he inquired.

“Oh! yes, thank you.” she smiled weakly.

“Well if you wouldn’t mind keeping the noise down; thank you madam.”

In the past:

On her thirteenth birthday Dan had taken Elaine shopping. Together they chose her a new fashion dress.

Wearing that dress with high heels made Elaine feel sophisticated and Dan had told her she looked a proper grown-up dolly-bird; which thrilled Elaine.

Just to prove it Dan said he would take her to the cinema to see an adult film but she had to keep it secret from Margot or it could really be trouble for them. Elaine was thrilled at the prospect.

When the evening came Margot was pleased they’d set off together to see a stage show at Elaine’s school. It suited Margot because her chap was taking her to have dinner at the hotel where they would stay overnight.

During the bus ride Elaine had slipped into her new stilettos and dabbed on make-up before the bus dropped them near the Troxy cinema in town. Dan’s cock had cranked just watching her. He’d taken her hand as she got from the bus and she put her arm through his as they strolled along.

In the dark they were just another couple out on a date.

“Well I think we’ve time for a drink in The Crown before we go in? “ Dan suggested.

“Oh, go into a pub, that’s so cool! Elaine enthused.

“Come on then, and just act like its normal for you being in there.” laughed Dan.

The Crown was busy yet cosy inside with after office workers enjoying that heady interlude before duty at home.

Dan seated Elaine at a corner table and went to the bar and ordered from the barman:

“I’ll have large gin & tonic and give me a tonic with lemon slice for the girl.”

Both drinks looked the same and at the table he handed Elaine the double gin.

“Just sip it slowly OK?”

“OK I will,” she giggled sipping the gin; taking in her surroundings she sipped again confiding softly, “ Just fancy, I’m in a pub with a handsome man.”

For a moment Dan wondered if she was sincere.

Then her eyes had met his and he realised she was. This was like her first date.

That’s how it felt for Dan too and he had the best girl in the world. Then he said “Hey we should get moving!” As Elaine drained her glass she felt the gin scorch her throat.

In the foyer of The Troxy cinema Dan got seats for the upper circle.

Elaine felt so excited. Dan took her hand and they climbed the curving carpeted staircase that led to the darkened circle. A film was running. An usherette greeted them with her torch shone on the ground.

Dan murmured something to the lady.

She led them up to the rear double seats; hardly anyone there and Dan passed her a fiver tip.

Dan’s heart thumped nervously. He looked cautiously around. No one even near them.

His arm went round his daughter and rested on her far shoulder and the aroma of her perfume reached him. Had she wanted to entice him Dan wondered?

She did not react; her eyes were fix on the cinema screen.

Then his hand went beneath her arm with a suggestive squeeze.

Elaine just watched the film.

Dan felt alarmed; had he made a disastrous misjudgement?

So much rested on this moment.

Suddenly Elaine had rested her head alongside him.

Dan sighed in joy and relief. Then her head came onto his chest.

The danger was past.

Dan’s hand fondled her small breast and her head nuzzled against him.

His cock needed a lot more room.

Elaine too was hot.

Her face came round to meet his; her lips were his to kiss; and he could smell the gin on her breath.

His hand lowered slowly over her breast down to her groin. If she had been naked his fingers could have easily entered her.

She stiffened with pleasure; a small moan now escaping her lips.

Taking her lovely head in his hand he put his lips to hers.

It was a deep romantic kiss that took their breath away.

The film on the screen swirled on as their hands explored each other.

Her hand had found his cock which was on the point of snapping.

Grunting, he dropped his zip.

Within a few minutes it was in her mouth.

Now it was Dan’s eyes that were fixed on the screen.

In the present:

Elaine and Dan had dressed for the part and it was a smart grey chauffeur-driven limousine that collected them from The Royal Oak Hotel the following day for the wedding.

The drive to the Civic Offices were no more than a five minute drive where they were received by the waiting Mr Frederick Putniks and his elderly bride-groom father Ferdinand.

In a way he was a bit like she expected thought Elaine. Wrinkled thin and nervous. His father quite the opposite; big, broad and confident. They all smiled politely as they formerly shook hands before entering the Registry Office.

Although the civil service was short it was nonetheless still touching thought Elaine as Ferdinand sweetly kissed her as they were pronounced man and wife.

The marriage certificate was officially singed by all and issued. Frederick and Dan who had been witnesses warmly congratulated the couple before setting off for the small private reception at a nearby Inn.

Their reception was a business meeting of two lawyers and a cameraman to record the consummation of the marriage requiring a sex act between the couple to be witnessed.

Elaine was unprepared for a sexual act being part of the process; certainly not in the presence of onlookers but the lawyer explained it was essential.

An expansive leather sofa provided the only means on which they could perform.

The couple were required to be semi-naked and the pair sheepishly undress for the performance.

Elaine looked fetching in her black panties and bra but struck a contrast with the frailty of the scrawny old man in white vest and briefs. She shuddered wondering how she could bring herself to copulate with him.

Dan also felt uncomfortable at this point and just wanted this messy part of the deal over with.

The elderly Ferdinand felt exposed and timid faced with such a task even though the woman was very attractive.

His son Frederick could see there could be a problem with the consummation and made a suggestion to Dan.

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