Let It Snow
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Ma/Ma, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Rough, Spanking, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Harem, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Swinging, Anal Sex, Analingus, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, First, Fisting, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Squirting, Voyeurism, Pegging, Nudism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Doctor Abraham Rosenfeld and his wife Tricia have multiple lovers as it is, but one snowy, bleak day during the Christmas break leads to things getting closer with his stepdaughters, all of whom adore him. To make things even wilder, his neighbors get in on the fun as they are trapped inside by the snow with little to do but fuck.

The blizzard was not the fun kind from Dairy Queen, of course. Even if not technically a blizzard by scientific terms, in our town in our part of Ohio, it damn sure felt like it. You try shoveling out the snow the next day, especially if you’re a forty-year old asthmatic in a household full of ladies, with not a son in sight! Ha, I didn’t think so, either! Granted, it was partly my own fault, since I married into such a household full of women, but you try refusing not one, but eight of the most wonderful girls in the world (the mother and seven daughters), with grey eyes that they could bat at you and charm their way into your soul? Yeah, exactly what I thought!

Okay, so, anyway, to be fair, my eldest stepdaughter, Fanny, was at least something of a tomboy despite her old-fashioned name. She didn’t hesitate to help me out as I tried to keep a handle on the snow and at least clear enough of a path to get to and from school for her little sisters, all of whom were at least in middle school, if not junior or high school itself. Only Fanny was fully of age, mind you, attending community college this year (and you guessed it, she chose that despite high grades because she didn’t want to leave our happy hearth and home).

“There, that’s enough for now. You need to enjoy your Christmas break, not spend the whole time shoveling snow with your old man,” I gruffly remarked, but Fanny would hear none of it.

“See? Even you know that you’re my father, not just my stepfather! You’ve raised me since I was eight, when Mum had enough of that tosser in Sydney and gave him the boot! And I’ll be damned if I sit on my bum and let my wonderful Yank Daddy do all of the hard work of shoveling this bloody crap out of our way! It’s my holiday and I shall spend it as I please!” Fanny asserted (did I mention that they and their mother were Australian).

“Told ya, love! Our little girl is joined to you at the hip! She’s just like her sweet Dad, the only Daddy that even counts to her. And Jerry really IS a tosser, if you ask me, a real daft piece of shit!” my lovely wife Tricia agreed with our firstborn as she embraced us both.

I was a bit shocked at the blunt remark, since Tricia had never bad-mouthed her ex in front of our children before, but Fanny just shrugged and kissed me on the lips, as did her mother. I should mention that Tricia had every reason to hate Jerry Duncan, since the man beaten his wife up for daring to get her tubes tied after the youngest, Sarah, was born. There were moments that my wife regretted getting sterilized after we got together, but I had always told her that her health, the reason for her operation, was more important than the ego trip of knocking her up. This was in stark contrast to a man who had kept his wife pregnant every year of their marriage until she tired of it and was unable to handle it anymore. Even so, not a mean word had passed her lips about him as the girls grew up, just because Tricia hadn’t wanted to destroy the parental bond, which was all the more reason that this comment had astonished me.

“Darling, I know that you’re stunned, but this is just between the three of us, and Fanny knows what Jerry is by now. There is no parental bond left to save or to wreck, trust me. He’s a bum and we might as well admit it. He wanted those children so bloody much, and yet when the time came to be a father to them, not a hide or hair of him. He just left them for us to raise instead. Fanny is old enough to remember him, as are Emma, Kay, and Selena, though thankfully not as much. Susan, Philippa, and Sarah were at least spared that. You’re the only father that they have ever known, thank God! Sarah’s about as Yank as any of us get, thanks to you, not that I mind. It’s quite charming in that it reminds me of you,” my wonderful wife (and yes, you’d think that she was wonderful, too, if you knew her) praised me openly in front of our daughter.

“Well, what’s done is done. Let’s go inside and have something hot to drink and eat,” I encouraged my wife and eldest daughter (the “step” part increasingly seemed out of place) as we walked back to the house.

“Come on, Daddy, have some hot cocoa! Susie, Sarah, and I made it special for you with marshmallows and everything!” Philippa, or Pippa, as she was often called, told me with a very sweet kiss to the face, while they ganged-up to hug me tight.

“Don’t worry, they’ve gotten a lot better, dear,” Tricia reassured me with a serious kiss of her own, one that had our daughters grinning from ear to ear.

“I would say, ‘get a room, ‘ Mum and Dad, but I actually find it sweet and sexy that you two are such lovebirds! I don’t get why my classmates think that it’s icky. I think that it’s nice myself,” Emma, the second eldest, told me as she plated some freshly baked cookies for us all.

“Sounds amazing, but I must relieve my poor bladder first, as it is ready to burst!” I realized aloud, as the girls naturally made way for me.

“I wonder what they would say if they knew about you fucking Rachel and Rebecca Cohen now and then,” Tricia whispered as she followed me to the bathroom, “Like that time that you put it up Rachel’s arse while licking Rebecca’s bum. I loved how you did that, lying on your back, pleasing our neighbors so much. Or that time that you screwed Vicki Pappas during her monthly, since Stavros wouldn’t do her in that hole during her period. He seemed content with mine instead. I know that was the only time that we’ve slept with them, so far, but they’ve been asking for a repeat.”

“I wouldn’t object, and not just during that time of the month, but I wouldn’t want to pressure them. So, what made you join me in the john?” I teased my wife, who waited until I did my business and washed my hands to unzip my pants and start sucking me like nobody’s business.

“The fact that my sweet hubby is such a great Dad and husband, not to mention the neighborhood stud. He knows how to keep all the sheilas happy,” Tricia said as she kept giving me head with incredible, insatiable hunger.

“I’m a real lucky bastard, having such an understanding wife, though admittedly, you have your own fun now and then, I’ve noticed. I don’t mind that, either. If you had insisted on fidelity all these years, that would make me more jealous, but as long as you are so generous and willing to share, why shouldn’t I be? I hate double standards. If you’re faithful, so am I, and vice versa,” I said as I caressed her lovely head of auburn hair.

“Hey, I’m a voyeur, love. I get off on watching you with other women, and I suppose that I’ve got a little exhibitionist in me, too. Enough to enjoy being watched with men like Stavros and women like the Cohens. Admit it, seeing me lick Rachel’s and Rebecca’s quims and bums was a real turn-on, doesn’t it?” Tricia winked as she kept sucking my dick.

“And having them eat you out, too,” I pointed out as I now held her head lovingly, but otherwise let her suck me as much as she wanted, “And they say that gingers are the jealous types.”

“We can be, but that’s just because of how passionate we are. That same passion can be turned in another direction, toward enjoying the pleasures and happiness of the man that I love, and being utterly loyal to him, as opposed to being faithful, which is not the same thing. I adore and worship you, darling. It’s just how I am,” Tricia swore as she fondled my balls to get me to the point and make me cum down her throat.

“Thank you, darling! I needed that treat,” my wife told me with a snowball, which I gladly accepted as a sign of love.

As we returned and sat down to eat and drink as we planned, I wasn’t too surprised that the girls had suddenly ceased speaking to each other, as if they were talking to me. Nor was Tricia shocked by Fanny abruptly planting her fine ass on my lap, while giggling a bit and drinking her cocoa greedily. It was all seemingly playful, but the envious looks on Emma’s and Kay’s faces were hard to ignore, as was the feeling of Fanny’s bare bottom against my crotch, as she clearly went commando. I could feel the goosebumps on her butt as she didn’t exactly sit still. I also noted the fact that Fanny had been wearing comfortable, warm clothing outside, but now only had on her skirt, blouse, and long socks.

I did my best not to pay too much attention to Fanny’s bizarre behavior, but the following situation combined with it to make me feel very tense. First, before I could put away the empty mug of the very delicious hot cocoa, Kay snatched it out of my hands and brought me some hot cider in its place. Then, to further confuse me, Selena, my quietest, middle daughter, brought up the matter of what happened in the bathroom as a topic of discussion and speculation.

“So, did Mum give you a hummer in the loo, Dad?” Selena smiled as she asked me directly about her own mother giving me oral sex ... This from my fifteen year old daughter!

“Before you answer, I must warn you that the cider is hard, just like you!” Fanny laughed, drawing attention to both the alcoholic nature of the beverage and also my dick, which had grown stiff again as it rested against her crack.

“Okay, I gather that you figured out that something sexual happened in the bathroom, but can we leave it at that?” I asked, trying not to be explicit around my girls, especially the twelve-year old Sarah, the baby of the family.

The third aspect of this sequence of events which seemed strange to me was that Tricia showed no embarrassment, shock, or disapproval of Selena’s line of questioning at all. In fact, she grinned rather inappropriately, at least from my perspective, as if pleased and proud at what her daughter, or rather our daughter, had just inquired of me. Nor did she object to the way that Fanny kept rubbing, now grinding, her bottom against my cock, with only my pants and underwear as protection against direct, skin-to-skin contact with her crack and her asshole. Tricia wasn’t naive or stupid. She had to have known what Fanny was doing, yet she didn’t speak a word and I dared not for fear that Sarah might learn what was going on, too.

I suffered in silence for a bit (though I enjoyed it more than I should in a way), even as my wife brazenly confessed, “Well, if he shan’t say, I shall. You girls need to know that your parents are very much in love, and yes, lust, with each other. Yes, I was going down on your father in the head. He gave me a special treat, too, one that is nice and rich in protein.”

“So, is Daddy cut?” Emma bluntly asked Tricia, making me blush a bit.

“Yes, he’s been circumcised, a long time ago. Your father’s Jewish, after all. He had his bris done years ago, according to his religion,” my wife reminded them.

“Which is why we celebrate Hanukkah as well as Christmas despite not being Jewish ourselves, and I personally think that the menorah is a nice extra touch, even if Daddy isn’t kosher and doesn’t go to temple very often,” Kay spoke up, “I kind of like that Daddy is Jewish. He looks cute in that yarmulke, don’t you think, Mum?”

“Yes, that and the beard. I love Daddy’s beard!” Fanny said, tugging on it, “It’s like Santa Claus’s, but brown instead of white. Nice and furry. Warm, like the man. Hot, also like the man.”

This really made me blush, especially as Fanny became bolder about her teasing and flirting, even feeding me my cookies rather than letting me feed myself, as well as dry humping herself on my dick. This last part had me about ready to cum in my pants, yet not a word was raised in objection, and it was far too late to speak up without drawing Sarah’s attention to it. When Tricia winked at me in a smile of impish mischief, I was aware that she knew exactly what our daughter’s intentions were and she wasn’t about to save my virtue from the incestuous assault.

Instead, just to keep me from speaking up, Tricia began feeding me my cup of cider and giving me repeated kisses on the mouth, with plenty of tongue, all the way pretending not to know that our daughter was giving me a lap dance to rival any stripper’s. Far from being fooled, though, Emma and Kay were now openly licking their lips, and it was only a matter of time before Selena, Susie, Pippa, and even Sarah all caught on, of course. As the booze hit me, though, I stopped caring as much, even as Tricia hugged me and feigned ignorance of Fanny’s lust for me.

When Emma and Kay started slipping their hands into their sweatpants, I just about lost it, but I forced myself back from the edge, holding on by sheer willpower from cumming in my underwear. When Selena broke out into a cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” though, she did so in such a suggestive manner, one that I thought would surely be too much even for Tricia (it wasn’t), that I lost all self-control and came at last, causing a wet spot in my boxers and an undeniable smell.

“Oh, did Daddy leak? Did I do that?” Fanny put on her most innocent smile and mooned us all for a second as she placed her panties on my lap for a second to my utter amazement.

“You know full well what you did, daughter, so make it up to Daddy! He’s only human, after all!” Tricia mockingly chided Fanny, but with a tone that suggested pride in her ability to get me to that point.

“How should I make it up to him, Mum?” Fanny acted coy.

“Help him out of his cum-stained boxers and into something ... more comfortable. Sarah, turn your head. Oh, and put his boxers in the dirty clothes hamper, love,” my wife actually urged our daughter to undress me, getting me naked below the waist.

Tricia herself removed her sweats and put a blanket over us so that she could snuggle with me half-naked on the sofa, even putting Fanny’s panties beneath my head just on top of the pillows. Then she rubbed her legs against mine and handed me the TV remote so that I could pick a show, acting as if it were perfectly normal for us to cuddle, naked from the waist down, under a blanket after intentionally exposing me to even Sarah! Yes, the youngest had predictably failed to turn her head in time and instead of acting disgusted, seemed rather amused by the whole experience.

“My God, our daughters just saw my dick! Even Sarah!” I spoke in what was supposed to be a whisper, but carried nonetheless.

“Oh, it won’t kill her to see it. She’ll be riding it when she comes of age, so she might as know about it in a mechanical sense already. Let’s not forget, our little girl is growing up, dear, very fast!” my wife was very calm about the whole thing, while patiently waiting as I channel surfed for something appropriate for the holidays.

I naturally assumed that by “it,” Tricia meant the penis in a generic sense, not my personal peter, but it was nonetheless a rather odd response to my objection. Things got even weirder when Fanny returned and pouted until her mother actually let her back onto the couch to snuggle up with us under the blanket, while I lay there too stunned to protest. I could now feel both Tricia’s pussy and Fanny’s brushing against me, the former in the front, the latter from behind me, resting against my ass. Somehow, during the whole laying down process, Fanny had lost her skirt and was completely bottomless, something that really drew attention to us and seemed far over the line, but there wasn’t a single critical remark expressed or even a hint of scolding from my wife or me.

The girls, even Sarah, seemed to act as if this were perfectly normal, which made me feel like I was in some alternate universe where it was common for half-naked daughters to press their twats against their father’s bare butts. We watched a bit of TV together and everything about the whole scene was typical seasonal domesticity, yet here I was sandwiched between my wife’s private parts and my daughter’s, with my own brushing awkwardly against the former as she acted as if she didn’t know that Fanny was half-naked under the covers with us. The ladies even carried on gossip, small talk, commentary about the movies, and everything for the next hour or so, well into the late morning, as if totally unaware that the firstborn was spooning me on the same couch where I cuddled her mother.

“So, Mum, remember that time that you had me watch my sisters while the Cohens came over to visit us? And then there were the Pappases. What were those about, anyway? Why did you need a babysitter during those times?” Fanny asked innocently, but the tone suggested that she knew fully the reason for both visits.

“Oh, that was so that Daddy could fuck the Cohens on the first occasion, and so that he could screw Vicki Pappas while I did it with Stavros on the second,” Tricia spoke with shocking candor, much to my surprise.

“Thought as much! So, how were the Cohen girls and Vicki Pappas in bed, Daddy? For that matter, how was Stavros Pappas in bed, Mum?” Emma now asked us directly, taking over from her elder sister.

“Well ... they were ... pretty ... good,” I coughed as I blushed and nearly spat out my cider.

“So was Stavros, though not as good as your father, I assure you. Suffice it to say that both sets want an encore and I’m in favor of it myself,” my wife admitted to them, “With the Pappases, it was because Vicki was on the rag and Stavros didn’t like bloody quim. So, your father filled in, as you can see. I could have made up a story, which your father probably would have preferred, but it’s high time that you lasses knew what a stud your father really is, that darling man!”

“And what did you do during the Cohen visit, Mum?” Kay now asked her.

“Lesbian sex, when I wasn’t enjoying sloppy seconds with your father, of course,” Tricia was even more brazen now, making my eyes bug out, “You girls might as well know by now that I’m bisexual and I like to watch ... and to be watched.”

“So, it was an orgy both times! Maybe you should invite all four of them over soon at once and do a six-way!” Selena interjected, shocking me completely, “Sorry, Daddy, but I’ve read literary porn and even seen some videos that weren’t technically legal for me to watch, and frankly, I find the idea of orgies very stimulating. Just because I’m a shy, quiet type most of the time doesn’t mean that I’m unaware of things.”

“And to think that most kids are creeped out that their parents even have a sex life with each other, let alone with others,” I chuckled, but that only got me a little fondling on my cock, balls, and ass in response.

“We’re not ‘most kids, ‘ though, Daddy! We think that you’re a bloody god and Mum is a goddess! Why do you think that none of us want to leave home or date guys our own age!” Susan now stunned me with a confession of her own.

“Face it, Daddy, you’re sexy as hell! So is Mum!” Fanny told us as she brushed her tits against my back through my sweatshirt.

“Oh, crying out loud, just fuck the girl already! She needs it, Abraham!” Tricia used my actual name for once instead, “Sorry, love, but seeing this sexual tension build, as much as it excites me, is too much to bear without doing something about it. I want to watch my husband fuck our daughter ... How about it, darling? As a favor to me, shag Fanny good and take her cherry quim at last! I’d rather that you were her first than some clueless male virgin who should be giving up his own cherry to his Mum instead of fumbling with a teenage girl!”

“Okay, but it had best be in bed!” I carried Fanny off to the master bedroom, while her mother took her panties with her and helped spread her legs for me as I tasted Fanny’s cunt for the first time in our lives.

It was soon apparent that we had an audience, of course, as I began licking away at Fanny’s slick folds and sucking on her clit, which made her putty in my hands. I couldn’t help but notice the absence of any pubic hair whatsoever, which was also true of my wife now, much to my surprise. This seemed to be too much of a coincidence, just as the tomboyish Fanny suddenly acting all girly on the couch had been. I wasn’t sure what exactly was up, but by the time that I slid my dick inside Fanny’s slippery twat, bareback no less, to begin fucking her, I was confident that this was a set-up of some kind and I had fallen into it.

The lack of a hymen was no shock, despite Fanny’s virginal status, given that the hymen was easy to tear and break, especially for an athletic girl like Fanny. It also made the sex less painful and more pleasurable for her, which was a relief, of course. We didn’t just fuck, of course. We actually made love this first time, missionary-style, my lips pressed to hers, my chest against her bosom, as I entered my daughter repeatedly and had my way with her in full view of my wife and my other six daughters. I had definitely crossed a line now, hadn’t I?

I also realized that the hard cider had lowered my inhibitions and that this was a deliberate ploy to do just that. My wife and daughters had somehow connived to weaken my resistance to the point that they could get me to bed Fanny first, probably as a way to put me in bed with all of my girls before too long. I just wasn’t sure why exactly or what kind of timetable they had in mind, but for now, they had gotten their way with me in terms of my firstborn. I was now balls deep inside my daughter Fanny, even if technically she was still just my stepdaughter.

It was surprisingly not long before Fanny came, of course, aided perhaps by the taboo nature of being fucked by her own father in front of her mother and sisters. She came all over my dick with her juices, prompting me to shoot my seed up inside her pussy toward her womb. I slumped on top of Fanny, resting my head on her shoulders and kissing her neck, while she lay there with a satisfied smile on her face. We dozed off under the comforter for a little while, my daughter and me, still half-naked as we enjoyed the touch of each other’s skin on us and the warmth of each other’s body.

I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and brunch being brought to the bed, while my wife slipped under the covers with Fanny and me. The TV was turned on and all of the girls were camping out in the master bedroom again, watching it with us. My firstborn, who I had known since she was eight, was now a very eager eighteen year old and lay there snuggled up with her mother and me, enjoying our intimacy under the heat of the blankets and bedsheets. I also realized that I was entirely nude by now, so someone must have undressed me in my sleep, and in fact, both Tricia and Fanny was naked as jaybirds, too.

What struck me most about this moment was the utter normalcy of it and how it even somehow felt natural to be watching Christmas/holiday movies with my family while my wife and daughter applied their naked bodies to my own for body heat. My other daughters, other than a little teasing, acted as if they were used to seeing me naked with their sister as well as their mother every day instead of this being a fluke or a new arrangement. As we huddled together for warmth while it snowed fiercely outside, it dawned on me that there was no avoiding what would happen next this winter and following ones ... sooner or later, I would be in bed with all of them, though I was determined to hold with Sarah until she got a bit older.

“You know, I love this deal, because our birds will never leave the nest now. Why should they? They can have Daddy’s dick instead of other boys’ whenever they wish, can’t they? Maybe they can even try Stavros now and then, because at least he is good in the sack and an older, married man, which is incredibly hot, just not as great as you, of course. Their Daddy has the best cock of all, wouldn’t you agree, Fanny?” Tricia now openly admitted what she wanted: our daughters as my own personal harem.

“Um, most of our daughters are underage, dear,” I observed as a rather weak last objection, not that it would pass muster ... it just had to be said for the record.

“I know, but they will get older, and as they do, they can join us in bed. In the meantime, they can watch and learn, among other things. Besides, I looked it up. The age of consent here is sixteen, though there is that pesky bit about you being in a position of authority, which only matters until they’re eighteen. You’ve broken no laws at all with Fanny, at least, though society might well frown on it, and as for abusing your parental power with Emma and Kay, that’s a laugh. They’re more likely to be the aggressors, and if anyone in authority is encouraging them, it’s me, and who can prove that, or would even believe it?” Tricia utterly destroyed that argument in seconds, being the keen mind that she was as a high school biology teacher.

“God, you sound like a lawyer, dear! Anyone, you are quite persuasive when you wish to be, aren’t you? You’ve been wanting this for a while, then, I take it,” I confronted her directly about it and she smiled at me.

“Well, yes, love! I suppose that I do sound like a barrister, but is that a bad thing in this case? My lord, I earnestly submit that you should boff your own daughters! It’s simply all the rage. In the future, every man shall shag his own daughters and every woman her own sons! Well, every straight man and woman, that is. Or bi ones like yours truly, darling!” my wife licked her lips at the idea of me screwing my girls.

“In any case, Daddy, you don’t want to play favorites, do you?” Emma pouted and batted her eyes at me while Tricia and Fanny kissed my face repeatedly, “It’s only right that what one of your girls gets, the others get as well.”

“We will need to draw a line somewhere, but otherwise, I agree. No favoritism, so where to draw the line?” I observed while kissing Tricia and Fanny both with plenty of tongue now.

“How about different things at different points. True, it would still be illegal, but it would be a matter of proving it, right? If no one complains and we all stick to our stories, keep things hush-hush and all that jazz, who could ever know? We would just avoid any sex tapes or anything else that smacks of boasting or making anything public. The only other evidence would be DNA from children, and if we hold off getting anyone pregnant until they are legal, what’s the risk? So far, we could focus on getting Fanny knocked up, and then Emma could get her turn afterward, for instance,” Tricia smiled wickedly as she brought up the elephant in the room: pregnancy.

“Wait, you want me to knock our daughters up, too!” I nearly coughed up my eggs and orange juice at that point.

“Well, sure, they’ll want children eventually, and if they’re never moving out, they’ll have all the security and stability that they could ever need, plus I love the idea that you could finally mix your genes with mine, even if a generation apart. I would get a kick out of knowing that my own husband bred our daughters and made our grandchildren with them. They would be children and siblings to our girls all at once, wouldn’t they? Furthermore, I also got my tubes untied, so as to have you breed me at last. The medical science is improved enough now that we could reduce the risks considerably at last. Oh, and I asked Jerry to sign away his parental rights, to which he has agreed. This way, you could formally adopt our girls, too,” Tricia waxed triumphant in her tone as she openly declared her intentions to put me out to stud for our family.

“Would you want me to breed this last one if she turns out to be a girl, once she comes of age?” I chuckled now.

“Sure, why not! It would be very hot to see you breed your flesh and blood at last, too!” Tricia told me in front of our daughters, all of whom grinned at that remark.

“No bloody favorites, Daddy! All for one and one for all! Besides, if it’s a boy, he should fuck Mum,” Fanny suggested, while the girls all nodded in approval.

“Okay, but only once he’s of the right age. We should also agree on the right age. Sixteen, I think,” I countered, making the eldest three girls wink at me while the younger four frowned and pouted at being left out of the action.

“How about this? Eighteen for vaginal, since it can produce babies, sixteen for anal, since it’s pretty intense, and thirteen for oral. Sorry, Sarah, love, but you know that it’s less than a year away, anyway. I just don’t think that a twelve-year old needs to be doing that just yet. We can transition our way to the main event, as it were. And before you complain about Fanny, remember that she had to wait until almost nineteen to do anything at all with her sweet Daddy,” Tricia proposed, using her clever brain again.

“It’s okay, I will wait, even if I don’t like it too much. It’s less than a year, as you said, Mom,” Sarah agreed, sounding more American than the rest of us.

“See, now there speaks the logical daughter of a forensic pathologist who just happens to be the chief medical examiner for the whole county,” Tricia commented on my job, which I thought was strange, but whatever.

“I’m not sure of the relevance of that, but I’ll take it,” I chuckled, while my wife and daughter started fondling my dick aggressively.

“Well, it’s just amusing that you dissect bodies for a living, corpses no less, but you’re still a bit uneasy about screwing your own daughters because of lingering taboos. Don’t worry, though. You heard Sarah. She’ll wait for the dodgy stuff, but there’s no reason that she can’t kiss you on the lips, is there? Besides, I think that she knows about the birds and bees by now, from even before witnessing her Daddy in bed with her sister. Knowing Sarah, she already jills off a bit, which is healthy for a girl her age. Anyway, think of all those nice, morally upright people who missed their chance for some kinky, naughty fun like we have and they’re just as dead, either way,” Tricia explained, while groping me in front of our daughters, even as Fanny scooted over to let Emma join us in bed.

“Almost time for you to use Emma’s bum, isn’t it? We’ll have to get you nice and stiff again, but it shan’t hurt you to touch what is now yours, wouldn’t you agree?” Tricia encouraged me to fondle Emma’s ass while the three of them groped me repeatedly.

“Just bear in mind that this is entirely voluntary. You don’t have to do this, none of you do, and I will still love you the same if you do or don’t, just so you know. I still love you as my girls, whatever happens between us,” I reminded the ladies, “Just as I still love Tricia. Even if our marriage fell apart and we both remarried, I would still love her deep down.”

“Love, I appreciate the sentiment, especially about my girls, but there is no bloody way in hell that I would remarry if you divorced me. I would stick around, seduce you, and you know that I can, I just have to wear you down, and then I would simply become your mistress. If your new wife didn’t like it, tough shit, as you Yanks like to say!” Tricia snickered as she began rimming me openly, with the comforter tossed aside, so that the girls could watch her lick my ass.

Meanwhile, Fanny had my dick in her mouth and she wasn’t coming up for air, either. The fact that said prick had just been in her pussy didn’t seem to faze her, even as I spread Emma’s cheeks to rim her nice and long. My second daughter soon began pushing desperately back at me with her butt, giving me the chance to really sample the flavors of her crack. She must have washed it pretty damn well, because it was a delicious bottom, I had to admit to myself. This oral orgy continued for a good bit, which made me glad that the food had been put aside on a stable surface, so that it wouldn’t be knocked over from how much excitement happened on the bed right then, even as the other girls watched the four of us together.

It wasn’t too much longer before my cock was nice and hard again, even as Fanny began applying some lube to my cock and Tricia did the same to Emma’s bottom. My second daughter knew what was coming, and while she shivered, I could smell her arousal, too, as I eased my cock, inches at a time, into her booty. Far from resenting or resisting me, Emma began aggressively thrusting her body up against mine, trying to take even more of my dick inside her. It was surreal. I had already fucked my eldest daughter in front of the whole immediate family and now I was sodomizing the second eldest with the aid of her elder sister and their mother, my own dear wife.

“I think that you’re going to get a lot of arse this coming year, Daddy. You can just tell that Emma loves it up the bum, don’t you, Sis?” Fanny encouraged us, while offering her pussy for Emma to eat while their mother resumed licking my butt and my taint.

To say that Emma’s cherry ass was tight would be to greatly underrate things. She had her muscles clenched on my cock at all times, squeezing the holy hell out of my prick as it probed ever deeper in her bottom. It felt like a glove, a nice, slick glove that trapped my dick at whatever point it could until I was able, in stages, to go further inside her. It would be hard to fully grasp the intensity of the act of butt-fucking my teenage daughter without first doing her that way oneself. I could say with all certainty, though, that she was into it every bit as much as I was and this fact was made plainer as she moaned and shivered with every stroke into her body. It felt as if I had mined my way to a precious treasure that was her incredible moment of bliss from having me so deeply, so intimately know her inside and out. I was well aware also of just how much I had learned about my sweet ladies from this holiday seduction and orgy so far.

As Emma screamed her orgasm, I felt my own coming hard on its heels and I shot out a load of good, thick cum inside her colon, darting toward her bowels. I pulled out of my freshly fucked second daughter and she gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips to thank me for ridding her of at least one of her virginities, helping make a grown woman out of her. I eagerly reciprocated said kiss, even as I watched Fanny make out with her own mother in front of all of us, sharing the taste of my ass and my cock with her, too.

I needed a chance to recover, so I went to the shower and turned on the nice, hot water jets, only to have my beloved wife join me there. She seemed to realize that I wasn’t ready up for more sex again just yet, married, adulterous, or incestuous, but she seemed to delight in knowing what I had just done to two of her daughters ... er, our daughters. She kissed me several times all over my lips, my face, my neck, and even my chest, while putting her arms around my waist to show her serious affection for me.

“Oh, love, I simply worship you now! Maybe the Christians found the wrong Jew to claim as their God, because you look quite divine and I never met that Jesus guy! Our girls are going to be absolutely ecstatic in their new lives of servicing their Daddy! Yes, I know that they’re a bit old to be calling you that by society’s notions of things, but they don’t care. You’re Daddy. You’ve always been Daddy to them. They have a bond with you that can never be broken, no matter what. I’m even more in love with you, Doctor Abraham Rosenfeld, than I have ever been in our marriage and before that! You are the Sun to my Moon, my personal Lord and Savior, and I don’t care if I burn in Hell for saying that, because it’s true, blasphemy or not!” Tricia waxed not only poetic, but downright heretical and idolatrous in her adulation and desire.

“Well, I’m a rather secular Jew, so that might explain my not protesting as much as I should. It’s flattering as hell to hear such praise, anyway. Especially from someone who knows that I don’t always squeeze the toothpaste right, that I still have horrible table manners at times, and that I sometimes fart during sex. It’s a good thing that I haven’t done so while you’ve rimmed me, at least,” I chuckled as I grabbed her hips and buns to show my own appreciation of my dear Aussie wife.

“Hey, you have a human meat suit, but you’re still a fucking god, at least to me and our girls! By the way, Vicki Pappas said in a private chat later that not even Stavros had ever given her three orgasms during sex, but you did. Admittedly, it was partly because she burned the hottest in her lust during her period, unlike many girls, but still ... that’s a new record for her in her marriage.

“She said that Stavros was still her favorite, because they were still in love, and also because he was willing to let you do his wife during her monthly when he couldn’t bring himself to do so. She said that it didn’t matter that he fucked me, since he was so understanding about her needs and it was the least that she could do for him in return. He didn’t just allow her sex during the period, but also he permitted her to act on her lust for you, after all.

“I have to confess, he’s the closest man to you in terms of sexually satisfying a woman, because he’s so loving and yet so rough when he needs to be. But even Stavros holds no candle to you, babe. No one could get my fanny as wet as you do, darling husband, no one at all! He’s an eight or nine. You’re at least a ten, maybe an eleven or even twelve at your best.

“Anyway, they want to make this a regular thing, swapping during her period, maybe even every day of it, if possible, because of how horny and insatiable Vicki apparently gets during her monthly. According to Stavros, he can tell that she’s climbing the walls for sex whenever she gets like that. Both of them are agreed, also, that he should keep fucking me during that time while you fuck her, and that so far, they want to keep it to the four of us, at least for now. They might change their minds later, though,” Tricia continued her report, her words and her hands both working me up closer to stiffness again.

“I agree, we totally should hook up with them again, but they can’t know about the girls. Not right now. It’s too risky. We’ll have to be very careful when they visit,” I observed, adding, “I’ll just have to make it up to them later, of course.”

“Oh, that you will, mister, knowing our sweet daughters, for sure! They’ll be after their pound of flesh for sure then! Just don’t forget about me, your loving wife, during all of this humping, especially since I’m going to do my level best to slip the Cohen sisters back into your bed whenever I can, too. All that I ask in return is my fair share of Daddy dick in my quim and my arse ... and my mouth! How about that, Daddy? Mind if I call you that now and then? I’d love to pretend that I’m your even older daughter at times, and that you’re my sweet Daddy, spanking and fucking me into next week!” Tricia made her brazen love and lust for me even more obvious as she started sucking me off in the shower!

Just then, the shower curtain was pulled a little, and Kay slipped into the shower with us. I’m not quite sure how, but I started washing my third daughter and my wife ended up bent over with my cock inside her as she took over the washing part with Kay. One thing led to another, and my wife’s tongue was soon inside Kay’s twat while I rammed Tricia mercilessly in the shower. We turned off the jets, pulled out of the shower, and dried off, but the girls were soon side by side at the faucet, my dick invading mother and daughter in turns, each stroke going into a different lady.

Tricia and Kay were soon making out like crazy as I fucked them next to each other, my prick soon soaked with both ladies’ juices on every thrust. Whichever one I didn’t fuck, I spanked, so both of them soon had very dark pink buns as a result by the end of the romp, which took quite a while, since I had more self-control than usual. Even so, as both girls moaned, I came deep inside Kay and realized with a shock that I had just broken one of our new rules by screwing sixteen year old Kay before she was eighteen.

“Wow ... I did it, didn’t I? I fucked Kay too young! She’s supposed to only get it anally, but that would be unsanitary, to pass from ass to pussy, you know,” I thought aloud.

“Screw those rules. Just don’t fuck or lick Sarah or make her go down on you. Not until she’s thirteen. I think that all of the other rules are silly, in hindsight. From now on, everything goes for everyone but Sarah, and then only until she’s thirteen. After that, she’s fair game, too. Deal?” my wife put out her hand, to which Kay added hers, and then I piled mine on top.

“Deal!” I exclaimed.

“Deal!” Kay echoed with a grin.

“Besides, I had plenty of chances to object, and I just plain encouraged you instead. Anyway, you’re the boss. All that I ask from you is that you don’t touch Sarah sexually until she’s thirteen and that you don’t neglect or abuse me or anyone else here. Everything else? Well, Daddy decides and you’re Daddy, darling! From now on, you rule the roost unquestionably and you decide who gets to wear knickers and when to part us from our pants. I would like to recommend that we not try to insult Sarah’s intelligence or hide anything from her. She shan’t talk, I imagine, not if we make plain to her what’s at stake. The last thing that she would ever want is for Daddy to go to jail and be buggered by his cellmates,” Tricia urged me, kissing me repeatedly while Kay did some sort of calculation before screaming with joy.

“What’s the matter, Kay?” I asked her directly, but calmly.

“Today was one of my fertile days! You knocked me up! Daddy put his seed inside me and it will grow, dear Daddy, it will grow! I can’t wait to show up to school with a baby bump and have people wonder who’s the Daddy! I shall never tell them, as much as I’m proud of it being you! Thank you, Mum! Thank you, Daddy! Yessss!” Kay screamed and rushed to tell the others, putting a frown and scowl on Emma’s face.

“Relax, we’ve changed the rules, dear Emma! From now on, everyone’s fair game but Sarah, and once she turns thirteen, she’ll be kosher, too!” I assured them to calm the down.

“So, I’m left completely out for now, but on my thirteenth birthday, I get it all? Including your fine dick inside my pussy? Mmmmm ... it’s gonna suck for these last several months, watching on the outside, but I’ll just jill off to thinking about the best birthday gift ever! The gift of sweet Daddy-daughter sex! I hope that they all get preggers from you, Daddy, and that I get in the family way as well! It won’t matter, because we’re a family and we’ll raise the brats as a family, together, right?” Sarah hugged me tightly as she reacted to the news with surprising happiness.

“You know that I’d never leave you out of something if I didn’t have to, baby. There, there’s that the right attitude. That’s nice and cheerful, just as Daddy’s little princess should be. That’s what Sarah means, after all, in Hebrew. ‘Princess.’ I don’t usually approve of calling girls that, but in your case, it fits. Yes, we shall raise all of the children together, as a family, or tribe in this case, and we shall never neglect or abuse our kids. We’ll just take turns with the parenting duties, that’s all. And you won’t neglect your schooling, either. All of you will graduate high school with damn good grades, too. All of you girls really want to stay home with us for life, then?” I wanted to clarify if that was what they truly desired.

“Hell, yes, Daddy!” Selena spoke her mind, despite normally being a quiet one, “All the sex that a girl could want, all the hugs, kisses, and attention. The chance to bear children to a man that we know will never leave us. What girl in her right mind would give that up for some punk who’s fixated on video games and stupid rap music and will never hold down a steady job?”

“True, those boys need tutoring from older women before they can understand how to treat the ladies. That’s what I think. Young men should fuck older women. Older men should fuck younger women. And older men should fuck older women. But boys should keep their paws off girls. Just because if a girl my age gets pregnant, it should always be to a man old enough to provide for the baby, not some scared youth who doesn’t have the means to take care of the kid,” Emma chimed in, making it clear that she wanted me in her pussy very soon.

“Yeah, society has it ass backwards. Instead of encouraging ‘Romeo and Juliet’ crap with their laws, they need to favor May-December romances that ensure if that babies are born, the fathers can provide for them. Meanwhile, the boys can screw each other and their mothers, just keep their hands off their sisters!” Fanny said her piece as well, “And then they wonder why so many young moms are on welfare! Yeah, the older, stabler, more mature men who could help provide the support are scared away by their dumbass laws and taboos.”

I wasn’t sure that I entirely agreed with the rash and generalistic way that these sentiments were expressed, but I agreed with the general thrust that there was a lot of benefit to society (and to me) from the practice of older men with younger women, while younger men slept with older women. Admittedly, there was a feminist argument that women should just not have families until able to take care of themselves on their own, but I didn’t expect that position to be popular in my household, not among my wife and daughters. Admittedly, these were young women and youth tended to be impulsive know-it-alls, but they did have their points. The laws were structured in such a way as to favor closer age relationships without thinking of the potential drawbacks to such a rigorously enforced preference.

“Well, there is some charm to younger people together, boys and girls, but they would need more mature folks mentoring them and helping them out from inside the family. That was the benefit of larger family groupings, such as clans and tribes, as they had in the Stone Age,” I pointed out at last, making even the girls nod in acknowledgment of my point.

“Sure, if they have older men around to guide them, that helps. If there was an older man like, say, Daddy, around, I might fuck a guy close to my age, as long as Daddy could chase him out if he mistreated me!” Pippa threw in her two cents, drawing general agreement there and also showing that my girls could be reasonable if someone pointed out an alternative perspective.

“Or an older woman around,” Tricia winked at me, licking her lips.

“That, too!” Selena agreed as she pushed me onto the bed and straddled me, grinding her pussy against my dick to get me hard enough for her.

Just then, there was a knock at the door and the girls all got dressed in a hurry, as did Tricia and me, with all evidence of the sexual escapades cleaned up as much as possible. So much for the plans that Selena had for me, but to be fair, I had my doubts that I could get it up again in time. My poor dick needed time to recover, anyway. When I answered the door, it was Vicki and Stavros Pappas, both of whom hugged us with incredible warmth as they brought in some gifts and even some food for our mutual enjoyment.

“We thought that we might surprise you, and frankly, Christmas is just over a week away, guys! Would you mind us hanging out with you for a bit?” Vicki said as she lightly brushed my hand with her own in a deliberate gesture of obvious lust, even as Stavros winked at my wife.

“Oh, that’s perfectly fine. You’re like family to us, right, Daddy?” Fanny spoke aloud, openly flirting with both me and Stavros at once, though mostly with me.

“What she said,” I chuckled, while Tricia nodded and embraced her again.

“How did you get through the snow and ice?” I asked them, quite curious.

“We took the Zamboni,” Stavros joked, “No, actually, we used the new snow tires and thankfully, there is a little respite now, though the weatherman’s warning of a possible snowstorm tonight, too. We might get snowed in.”

There was considerable laughter in response to that joke.

“If you do, me casa es su casa, as they say,” I assured them, getting quite happy looks from Tricia and the girls, despite the possible delays to them and their lusts (the key word being possible, given that we didn’t know their attitudes about incest).

We all had a pretty good time with the Pappases, of course, sharing the food that they brought, though not too much (just enough to recover some lost calories). It was kind of strange, being in the same room as my wife, whom I fucked daily, Vicki, whom I had fucked a couple of times during her period, Stavros, who was married to Vicki and encouraged me to fuck her during her monthly, while he fucked my wife (with my approval), and my seven daughters, three of whom I had already enjoyed sexually. Our girls knew about our escapades with the Pappases, of course, but not vice versa, so that was an interesting level of sexual tension in the air.

Fanny later admitted to me that she had images of me pushing everything off the coffee table and “plowing Vicki right on top of it,” as she put it. Tricia confessed something similar, even as she also imagined sitting bottomless on Stavros’s lap and having him fuck her from beneath. Vicki later told me that she had felt the sexual energy in the air and the faint smell of cum, but she had only been even more excited by it, assuming that it was just me with Tricia. Stavros had confided in us at some point that he noticed how much the girls had grown and how much they lusted after me, but he showed no indication that he knew that I had reciprocated their desires.

The Pappas boy, Demetrios, was spending Christmas with his grandparents, which was another reason why they were eager for our company, feeling that things were too quiet at home. Vicki echoed some of my thoughts later, that the fourteen year old Demetrios (his mother didn’t look old enough to have a kid that age, but then neither did Tricia) would make a great boyfriend for one of the girls (he ended up being a bit more than that, as it turned out), though by one of the girls, I had Tricia in mind as his possible mentor.

Two hours later, not surprisingly, I was in the john, when Tricia walked in on me and told me, in a hushed, but excited voice, “Stavros and Vicki want to get it on with us now, just discreetly. They’re hoping to take turns, have two of us stay with the girls while one half enjoys a brief romp in the master bedroom, and then the other. I think that they’ve figured out that the girls will find out sooner or later, so why hide it so much?”

“What do the girls think of that? In the end, it’s our decision, but I want to at least consider their feelings about waiting outside the bedroom while each of us adults get laid,” I inquired.

“Are you kidding? They love it! It’s going to be so damned hot, the whole idea of you and Vicki together on the same bed where they just had you, plus Stavros and me together on that very bed! I hope that you and Vicki go first. I will be so wet and ready for Stavros if I know that you just fucked his wife!” Tricia blurted, encouraging me.

“Then, let’s set it up, babe! Go tell them that it’s a go!” I said as my wife kissed me eagerly on the lips and rushed outside the bathroom to give the Pappases the great news.

I barely made it out of the restroom before Vicki all but kidnapped me, pulling me into the master bedroom to push me onto the bed and practically rip off my clothes. The next thing that I knew, Vicki was on top of me for several minutes, riding my dick without so much taking off her top. Her panties were off the bed and her jeans were on the floor, even as she claimed my mouth repeatedly with her tongue. She was in such haste that she forgot to close the door, as did I, so the girls (including Tricia) and Stavros could hear her going wild from her impalement by my prick.

The game was up by then, as several of the girls had their fingers inside their pants to jill off, right in front of Stavros, showing that we had no secrets from our daughters. There was no more need to hide or even pretend to hide, so it wasn’t but minutes later that Stavros was inside my wife, nailing her lovely twat loudly enough that I could hear them just as well as they heard me. The whole house sounded like one massive porno, and the next thing that I knew, Emma had a camcorder out in the living room, while Kay put down yet another one to film the action in the master bedroom.

We were all far too excited to care about this, but soon enough, the worries would come. If the public knew that the county coroner was engaged in a sex party of sorts where he swapped wives with a neighbor while his mostly underage stepdaughters watched and even filmed it, they might well want my blood, let alone me out of office. Right then, though, I was now behind Vicki and ravaging her cunt, burying my cut cock past her trimmed, dirty blonde bush.

“Oh, yes! Oh, fucking awesome! I’m not even on the rag, but Stavros and I don’t care anymore. We had the best sex ever when we finished fucking you two and we want more of that ... Both of you whet our appetites so fucking well! We just decided that, ‘fuck it, we’re all adults and why should we deny ourselves fantastic sex with two super amazing friends?’ Right? Fanny said it best. You’re family! We want to be family ... we want you to be family! We’re family, right? Not just friends and neighbors?” Vicki urged me as I grabbed her wonderful hips and ass and screwed the holy hell out of her fine, slender body (a contrast to the delightfully buxom Aussie that I married).

“Well, as I said, my house is your house. I think that we’re possibly going to be snowed in, so just spend the night here and maybe even the next day. I’m on my winter break myself, officially sanctioned by the county, and for all I know, you might be, too. Might as well be for the next day or so, especially if we get snowed in and the kids won’t be able to make it to school. Just be prepared to learn more about us. I don’t think that you can avoid learning that. If we’re family, we can trust you with our secrets and vice versa,” I commented breathlessly as I rammed my neighbor’s wife and listened to her husband plunder my own wife sexually.

“Hey, I’ve given Demetrius handjobs, believe it or not! That’s a crime and Stavros is a lawyer. He knows about the handjobs and, well, we had to deal with it and other things that have happened, but we’re better for it. Let’s just say that I caught him with Demetrius in a very cozy moment under the covers recently, after the handjob incident. He was dry humping our son’s ass! It’s only a step or two until he starts butt-fucking him, and I was incredibly wet when I caught them. There was no hiding it, either. So far, we’ve both decided to send Demetrius to visit my parents while we talk through it, and frankly, it’s almost as good as the sex that happened after we swapped those times when I was on my period!” Vicki confessed dark secrets of her own to me, not wanting to let a desire for leverage get in the way of the growing bond between our families.

“I’ve fucked the Cohen sisters and Tricia has had lesbian sex with them, and I think that, unless I’m mistaken, you and she had lesbian sex a couple times after the swap,” I observed, driving deeper inside Vicki while hearing Stavros pound Tricia.

“Yes, we did. It was yummy and I wouldn’t mind her returning the favor, now that I’m not so bloody,” Vicki moaned as I went as deep as possible inside her doggy-style, “I also want you to fuck me in the ass some time, please. Stavros would like that, too, to put it in Tricia’s butt, if she’s okay with it. He loves anal. So do I. Though I couldn’t do without it in the pussy, too, hence the swap. I was climbing the walls without vaginal sex.”

“I’ve fucked three of my daughters, Vicki, and one of them, Emma, took it in the ass. That’s Fanny, Emma, and Kay so far. The ones that are of legal age, though my being an authority figure arguably makes it still a crime, at least with Emma and Kay. I think that I’m legally in the clear with Fanny. Yes, Tricia knows about it and encouraged it, even, earlier today, on this very bed with two of them. The third, Kay, was in the john, switching back and forth from Tricia to her, from mother to daughter, before I came inside my third daughter’s twat,” I confessed to my own “sex crimes” (if one wanted to believe the state’s bullshit).

“Oh, God, I think that I’m going to have to let Stavros do Demetrius someday, while my son long-dicks me!” Vicki exclaimed, “The idea of you screwing your daughters, that’s hot as the Sun!”

“You should totally do it. Have a threesome with your husband and son. We could film it, too, since we’re already breaking the law. You could film me with every daughter of mine except Sarah. We’re not touching her until her thirteenth birthday. I do have morals of my own, just not the same as the state’s. For me, thirteen is the proper age of consent, not eighteen and certainly not twelve! She does get to watch, though, because it will teach her about sex more realistically than that ‘abstinence-only’ BS that the school system wants to spoon-fed her, courtesy of our religious zealots in charge of the curriculum!” I said while still fucking Vicki, having found another rare person who could keep up a lively discourse in the midst of sexual congress.

“Oh, God, I want to see you inside your daughters, that would be so fucking hot! I would suck your dick and take it deep in me, straight from their juicy little twats! I would love to eat their pussies, too! I would love to see Stavros and Demetrius fuck them, too! Demetrius would make a great boyfriend for one of your ladies!” Vicki panted as I bottomed-out inside her, her orgasm taking hold and making speech harder.

“Sure, Tricia as his girlfriend and mentor, I was thinking the same thing earlier. He could also fuck my daughters, but they will need a special boyfriend, one who could accept that their Daddy won’t stop fucking them! Come to think of it, if Demetrius got to date all seven of them, he probably wouldn’t mind the help, would he?” I grunted as I came inside Vicki at last, finally noticing that everyone else was quiet.

I looked up and saw that Stavros and Tricia were watching us, as were the others, and Stavros’s cum now leaked down my wife’s thighs. He had already finished with her, and from the satisfied smile on her face, she was every bit as pleased as Vicki was with this steamy swap of ours. In fact, Vicki came a fourth time now from knowing that we had been watched (she confessed that she already had three orgasms by then, the third right before me), even as I slipped out of her snatch.

“I confessed what we did to Stavros, by the way. And I know that you confessed it to Vicki, because the whole household heard you and her intense reaction to it. Apparently, we’re not the only incest family. Stavros and Vicki have both done things with their son. What do you think of merging incest families into one? Adding the Cohens, too, for good measure. I already know that Rachel and Rebecca are into incest. They lick each other’s pussies and asses all the time! We could all have one hell of a great family ... We could all bond together, become closer than ever. The only exception is that Sarah would have to wait until she’s thirteen for the sexual part, but the rest of it could happen sooner,” Tricia declared in front of everyone.

“And I think that you should mentor Demetrios sexually, become his girlfriend for a bit, as well as have an affair of sorts with Stavros, while I carry on with Vicki and the Cohens ... and our young ladies here, of course. And while Stavros and Vicki enjoy Demetrios. Perhaps the girls would like to enjoy Demetrios, too. That part was Vicki’s idea, but it makes sense. He would be a great boyfriend for them to share, if they’re interested, as long as he doesn’t mind me fucking them for a long time to come,” I mentioned Vicki’s ideas as well as mine.

“Well, girls? What do you think?” Tricia asked them, getting wolf whistles from the lot of them.

“Could we try Stavros, too? Could the Cohens? Could they try Demetrios, the Cohen sisters, that is?” Fanny suggested.

“Sure, if everyone involved wants it. I don’t want anything forced on anyone. It all has to be consensual, right?” Vicki answered for her part.

“My sentiments exactly,” I chuckled.

“Same here,” Stavros grinned.

“And mine, too,” Tricia echoed us.

“I have one idea that, while a bit shocking, would further bond our families. It’s a brainstorm, as of now. What if, just for the sake of argument, Abe knocked me up and Stavros did the same thing to Tricia? I have been on birth control for a while, but I could quit, and Tricia has confided in me that she is having her tubal ligation reversed. I know that she wants her genes mixed with his, but that could be done through the daughters, anyway. This way, our families will become genetically one over a generation or two, if that’s okay with everyone. By the time that anyone knows anything about it, we’ll be either dead or too old for anyone to care, and I know that the girls won’t want to press charges, nor Demetrios for that matter,” Vicki proposed with obvious delight in the prospect.

“I like that mostly, except that I have waited too long to have Abe’s babies, so perhaps an amendment is in order. Abe has almost certainly impregnated Kay, but he hasn’t so much as touched Emma’s pussy yet. What if Stavros knocked Emma up instead, if she is amenable to that, with the idea that her next baby would be Abe’s, followed by Demetrios, if Emma is alright with that? What this would do for Emma is give her the signal honor of being of the people who help bind the families together.

“What this would do for Stavros is give him her virginity, if I recall correctly. Abe has had Fanny’s virginity and Kay’s, plus Emma’s anal cherry, but not Emma’s. I know that Stavros would treat our little Emma right when taking her maidenhead, too. And it would give her a small, albeit mischievous rather than hostile, because she adores Abe, revenge on her father not taking her vaginal cherry before he took Kay’s. Meanwhile, Abe gets something out of this in getting to impregnate you. Is that acceptable to you guys? Emma? Vicki? Stavros? Abe?” Tricia suggested a rather clever alternative.

“Well, I’m ready to go off the Pill today, and to do this, I would need to consistently take only Stavros’s cock in my cunny for the next few days. After that, Daddy could have me on tap, of course, because the deed is done. I like it myself, if Daddy will pardon my saying so. It’s not that I hate him. Like Mum said, I adore him. I just feel a bit of pain and anger at being left out and this gives me a sense of pride back, especially being one of the people most responsible for linking our wonderful families together. Please don’t take it the wrong way, Daddy. I’m still very much in love with you, but I am hurt that Kay got your dick in her quim before I got it in mine,” Emma assured me with several kisses.

“It’s okay, sweetie. It wasn’t fair to you what happened and it was a breach of my own rules, so I can see you being a bit upset by that. I know that you love me and I love you, too. This will be quite the honor for you, anyway. Go for it. Let Stavros, my best friend and neighbor, a brother in many ways, breed you, sweetheart. I know that he will treat you very well and that you will be in very good hands with such a man as him. Besides, he’s letting me breed his wife and that’s more than worth the gesture in return. Plus, it’s a useful genetic combination, and as a scientist and physician, I can appreciate the value of that,” I told Emma with a butterfly kiss, followed by a steamy French one that made clear that I loved her in both senses of the word.

“I love it! I love the idea of my Stavros breeding a young woman of seventeen! Watching his baby grow inside her will be quite the thrill, and pretty soon, I can remind Demetrios that this will be his baby brother or sister, as will the one growing in my womb, too. If Stavros agrees to this, of course. It’s up to you, honey,” Vicki turned to her husband.

“So, wait, in return for letting my good friend, who is like a brother to me, breed my wife, I get to breed his second eldest daughter? Wow, that is quite a shocking proposal that Vicki and Tricia have made, but I’m game! Are you kidding me? Emma is a knockout, though Vicki and Tricia and all of the rest of you are, too, of course! I just love those freckles and that sandy hair of hers! And, honey, the idea of bedding you repeatedly for a few days, quite the treat! Mind you, I’ll still be fucking others, but the idea of so much sex with you and getting to take your fine cherry ... wow! I just hope that Vicki doesn’t enjoy Abe so much that she forgets me!” Stavros chuckled.

“Hey, sport, you still get to stick it in my mouth and my ass, so don’t worry about me losing my taste for you! I will insist on at least two or three sessions of oral and/or anal sex during our stay here, assuming that we spend the next few days as seems planned. Invest in some blue pills, dear, because having Abe breed me is only going to make me even hornier for you! And when we get back home, you, stud, are reporting straight to bed to fuck my brains out like a good husband should!” Vicki teased her hubby, as she was about as bossy as her son Demetrios, which was not at all.

“Meanwhile, though, it’s only fair that the next daughter get her turn with her Daddy, and that would be Selena. She came close, but it hasn’t happened yet, so how about it, sweetheart? Game to take Selena’s juicy cunny and make it your own? Her heart is already yours. Might as well claim her quim, too,” Tricia put me on the spot, and my dick was ready to recover after such a lengthy discussion of sexual plans and schemes.

It didn’t take Selena long to get me back where I was before, on my tired back as she rode me, her aggression fueled by her frustration at having been interrupted, albeit in a good cause. Her tits waved in my face, of course, as she bounced up and down on my cock, welcoming me inside her warm, wet hole. She also had a feeling of slight embarrassment as she looked ready to confess something. Even so, I wanted to enjoy her body, not encourage her pointless feelings of guilt, so I slipped a finger into her bottom and made her move her hips frantically in response. The heaviest of my daughters, Selena had always felt self-conscious about her ass, but here I was, playing with her least favorite body part and treating it as the glorious booty that it really was.

“Daddy, I’m not a virgin,” Selena gave me the best pouty look.

“Well, obviously not anymore,” I teased her, but she shook her head.

“I lost my virginity when I was thirteen, Daddy. To Principal Garfield Starke. He took my cunny in his office, bent over his desk, after he paddled me for being such a cock tease. What’s more, I agreed to be fucked, partly because I was afraid that no one else would want me and I would die a virgin. I didn’t think that I had really been that bad of a cock tease, given that I was homely and wasn’t likely to turn that many on, but Principal Starke claimed that I had really given some boys ‘blue balls, ‘ if you catch my drift. I didn’t fuck other boys at school, because I didn’t feel like they were good enough for it, but I did let Principal Starke fuck me every day for six weeks, until I turned fourteen, and then I told him no more.

“He wasn’t happy, but he actually took it better than expected. He also told me that I was ‘one cute young lady, and any guy who doesn’t see it is a fool.’ He also advised me to stick to older men, because ‘we can provide better for a child than a boy your age can, ‘ which was almost identical to what we’ve been saying, though frankly, I agree with you that there are exceptions, at least with Demetrios and a few others,” Selena declared while I screwed her cowgirl-style, even as I inched another finger up her butt.

“Oh, God, that’s incredibly hot! Maybe you should let Principal Starke back into your pants, Selena. Think of it. Other people wouldn’t be quite so understanding, and then if he got caught, he’d end up going to prison. Whereas you could keep him happy, not neglect the rest of us if you didn’t wish to, but not tell him a thing, and have all kinds of fun with him, making him think that he had a dirty little secret from his wife and us. When you get pregnant, don’t give him any details, just tell him that you have been intimate with other men and leave it at that. If he objects, point out that he is married and probably still has sexual congress with his own wife, and if he doesn’t, that he should. Unless he’s a bachelor, that is,” Vicki encouraged my daughter, even as I fucked her good and hard from below.

“No, he’s married, though I doubt that I’m the only other girl my age, certainly not by now. He might very well get caught in time, but I wouldn’t mind trying him on again. If Daddy’s okay with it, that is. Maybe my sisters could also seduce him, but pretend not to tell me. After all, I kept his secret for so long and he might well assume that they would, too. Though to be fair to his wife, maybe Daddy, Stavros, and perhaps even Demetrios, should seduce her if possible. Her name is Hillary Starke. She’s actually quite pretty and a bit of a society girl. Anyway, he deserves some strange cunny, but she also deserves some strange dick, right? Who knows, maybe in time we can lure them into our whole way of life and such, right?” Selena answered, licking her lips at the idea of luring her ex-principal back into bed while I seduced his wife (among others).

“I like those ideas for sure, and by all means, renew your hot and heavy affair with your ex-principal, Selena. He’s older and more mature than guys your own age, though Demetrios is better than most boys. I love the idea of all of my daughters in turn sleeping with him, while we men entice his wife into sexual intimacy with us. I’m not sure if it will work, but it would be a delicious prank to pull, plus fair to her, as Selena noted. She shouldn’t be faithful if hubby isn’t, right? If they find out about each other, well, we can then try to get them to work it out, if possible. I don’t condemn adultery, far from it, but I regard both kinds as equally delicious, whether the man’s cheating or the woman is, better yet if both are or if one or both know about it,” I concurred as Selena moved her hips yet again for my deepest stroke yet, bottoming out inside her.

“Are you ready for my seed, daughter?” I asked her, knowing that it would get her off, and sure enough, it made her gush on my cock, seconds before I shot my load as far into her twat as I could send it.

“What does that tell you, Daddy?” Selena told me with kisses to my face, adding, “I can’t wait to have your baby!”

“Alright, Stavros, are you ready for what comes next?” I grinned.

Stavros chuckled, picked Emma up, and carried her over the threshold into her own bedroom, where he lay her on the bed and stripped her down to her panties before yanking them off with his teeth. Emma squealed, giggled, and turned over onto her back before raising her legs and putting them up on a still naked Stavros’s shoulders. In scant seconds, my neighbor was balls deep inside my second daughter, his furious strokes pushing him further and harder every single time. She was incredibly wet and I could sense that this was exactly what my Emma wanted, so I was glad for both of them.

I caught Vicki and Tricia both watching and jilling off to the sight of Stavros screwing Emma very hard indeed. I put my arms around their waists and they reacted by all but dragging me to bed in the master bedroom to suck my dick back to stiffness and ride my face in a back and forth swap intended to ensure that all three of us were ready for the threesome sure to follow. That I had just screwed Selena was an even bigger turn-on for us, and my sexy middle daughter only fed into that by parading around naked in the house, proudly displaying my cum as it leaked down her thighs. She later told me that she had never felt so sexually satisfied or so much like a woman in her entire life than then, with my jizz visible, plain evidence that I enjoyed her plump flesh.

“Selena, sweetie, why don’t you let your sisters lick your body? Girls, you want to lick Selena’s body? Sarah, you can make out with her while your sisters lick other parts, if you wish. No reason to exclude you from the kissing, anyway,” I urged the other girls, making them all quite happy, especially for Sarah, who for once wasn’t excluded from the bacchanalia, even if her role was rather PG.

The next thing that I knew, Selena was buried under a pile of girls, tongues running all along her flesh, much to her gratification. Meanwhile, Stavros kept pronging Emma on the bed, even as I got busy rimming Vicki and enjoying Tricia’s tongue on the head of my cock. Mrs. Pappas’s bottom was absolutely delicious, of course, and I think that she was in her own private heaven as I licked her butt without mercy. For her part, Tricia began to deep-throat me, lovingly servicing me with her mouth with the clear purpose of making me stiff as could be.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud scream, as Emma came from Stavros taking her tight, teenage twat, and then we heard a shudder and grunt as Stavros spent his seed into her cunt. Just then, Vicki came as well, exulting in my lips and tongue as I licked her ass for the wonderful dessert that it was. I had lost track of time, as had others, but enough time had passed by now, due to my devouring of Vicki and Tricia’s eager suction on me, that I began to recover a little.

Even so, to give it even more time and to enjoy the action that I was really into right then, I reversed things and started rimming Tricia, while inviting Vicki to do whatever she wanted with her mouth to me. What she chose next was phenomenal, as she parted my cheeks to rim me with every bit as much gusto as I gave to her. I had assumed that she wanted to suck my cock, but she proved far kinkier than that, worshiping my ass just as I had with hers. I felt such a chill and shiver up my spine, as my neighbor’s wife tongued my crack as if it were nothing new.

“She does that to me every chance she gets, buddy. Trust me, Vicki loves rimming more than most sex acts, I think. Giving and receiving rimjobs, in fact. You lick her ass and she’ll lick yours with equal enthusiasm. I’ve lost track of how many times she has done that to me, so much so that I always keep my butt clean, just to make sure that she doesn’t get sick. And as for sucking dick, she’ll do that with delight, too, but her passion for analingus is hard to match!” Stavros admitted proudly, as his wife winked at him between licks of my asshole, “And if you’re good enough at licking her butt, she’ll be your sex slave for life, I think.”

“You should know. I never refuse you, do I? Seriously, I never refuse Stavros sex. Ever. For any reason. I find a way to make it happen. From now on, if it’s okay with him, it’s the same rule for Abe, too. No refusals. Ever. You guys want to fuck me, you get my booty on tap. Period. Permanent, lifelong sexual plaything to both of you ... and to Tricia, too, if that’s okay. I’ll be available for her sexual needs on demand for life as well, if she doesn’t mind,” Vicki offered the three of us.

“What if we wanted you to be available on demand for the whole family? Would you agree to that?” I teased her now, even as she kept licking my butt, and I heard an audible moan in response, followed by a shiver.

“Oh, God, yes! But to do that, to make it work, I’ll need to give up working a regular job, maybe have to turn to something else, especially if I want to have time for motherhood. You guys won’t interfere with my maternal duties, I hope, especially not with me about to have Abe’s baby,” Vicki pleaded, as she just plain kept rimming me, even as I drove Tricia crazy with my tongue.

“I’m a lawyer, dear, and we’ll all have money we can throw around. If you want to be a sexual pet, aside from your motherhood, you know, a shared plaything, we can certainly swing it on our three incomes together, plus any work that you might have, say, as a camgirl during certain hours or something. We would just have to control the setting, of course, so that some family secrets don’t come out onscreen,” Stavros grinned at that idea, “As for motherhood, that obviously comes first. After that, though, you’re willing to be a family fucktoy, so that’s what you’ll be. Well, aside from agreeing to only let Abe breed you this time.”

By now, I was quite eager and ready, and so I invaded Vicki with every bit as much ardor and vigor as I could manage, even as Emma started playing with my ass and Tricia toyed with Vicki’s. Pretty soon, Stavros had his cock shoved down Vicki’s throat, holding her head to make her suck him good and long as I screwed her luscious twat again. As we spit-roasted Vicki, she became even more soaked than usual, her pussy unable to hold back from my every stroke as I long dicked her.

“Vicki has a very nice arse, too! I’m going to love having this on tap, baby! I’m going to rim you a lot more than you ever imagined, love!” Tricia warned Vicki as she began fingering and tonguing her booty with a vengeance.

Vicki’s muffled cries of pleasure, especially once Emma joined her mother in tasting her ass, were just too amazing to ignore, and with every thrust, both Stavros and I came closer to spilling our spunk inside her at last. We were both very sore guys, but then the ladies were kinda sore, too, and we all knew that we’d have to eat soon. It was getting dark, snowy, and very windy outside, and the weather alert that appeared on the TV made it apparent that we were going to actually be snowed in as we feared (or was that hoped).

In the meantime, Sarah got somehow stuck under the pile of bodies and had to extricate herself from the frenzy of eager tongues, so as not to become the object of her sisters’ lust. Even so, the ladies kept up the licking and kissing with a fury, and while I set a strict rule of no sexual contact, I feared that she might have accidentally tasted and been tasted by her sisters nonetheless. Even so, that was unintentional, so we had to let that slide, unlike intentional touching, which would have had real consequences for the girls in question. One thing was sure: Sarah showed every sign that, for her, thirteen couldn’t come a moment too soon.

When, at long last, we finally came together, Vicki especially, we were all drained and hungry, so there was only one thing left to do: get something together to eat, while we sat and discussed the effects of our wild escapades so far ... and the cold, bleak reality of being snowed in, of course. As we did so, one thought definitely fit our mood, as the Christmas carol declared, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

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