My First Rape

by Steven Seven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mind Control, Rape, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, First, Oral Sex, Scatology, Water Sports, Small Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man kidnaps a beautiful, 14-year-old, platinum blonde, blue-eyed girl. He aims to rape her, with a special focus on her curvaceous young ass. The man drives the girl to his remote homestead. Along the way, he uses devices to give her pleasure and pain while exposing her to pornographic video programming that tells her what to expect in her new life as his sex slave. Once they arrive at his lair, he hides the girl in a specially prepared underground room. That's when the real fun begins.

CAUTION! Many women and men have rape fantasies. The reality of rape is much different from the fantasy. The author does not condone rape.

I was determined to fuck a 14-year-old girl up the ass.

More than that, I wanted to own the bitch for good and all. Forever. Or for life, at least.

After months of careful planning and target selection, I was ready.

I had singled her out to be my first rape victim. Well, perhaps victim is the wrong word for it. The word “victim” suggests that she is being harmed in some way. That’s not how I see it at all. From my perspective, I am doing this girl a favor. I was not going to simply rape her and then let her go. I was going to take her, and rape her, and enslave her, and keep her as my private property for the rest of her life. The young bitch would “enjoy” a life of sexual slavery inside my harem. Well, my future harem. This cunt would be the first of many. She had no idea yet how lucky she was!

I had searched hard to find just the right bitch. The cunt had to be a young platinum blonde. She had to be beautiful. She had to have blue eyes and pale white skin. She had to be just 14. And a virgin. I located several hundred bitches that could fit the bill in the United States alone. There were thousands more in other countries. Any one of them would do. For now though, I had to pick one to start. That’s how I came to choose a cunt named Wendy to be sex slave #1.

I monitored her for three months. I knew her typical patterns. I knew where she went to school, who her friends were, and where her mother worked. For a while I toyed with the idea of kidnapping both mother and daughter. Her mother was also a platinum blonde, a real looker. That would open up lots of kinky possibilities! But I decided that was a bit too ambitious for my first kidnapping and rape. I’d stick with just the kid by herself first time out.

One night when her mother was out and Wendy was alone, I approached the house from the backyard. I cut the electric power cable. Then I forced the back door open. I was dressed in black. I wore night vision goggles. I was armed with a Taser, and as a backup a bottle of ether. I think Wendy heard me coming, but I managed to get to her before she could send a message on her cell phone. Later I checked to make sure that she hadn’t.

The Taser knocker her out. The young beauty just lay there in her pink t-shirt and matching panties. I was tempted to rape her on the spot. But I kept my cool. I cuffed her hands and ankles. Then I tied coverings over her mouth and eyes, and taped them into place. I stuffed her body into a large duffle bag, hoisted it onto my shoulder, and carried her to my old junker of a car. I drove the car to a place nearby where I had a truck with camper shell waiting. I transferred the girl into the truck, where I had a hidden compartment prepared for her. I put the girl inside and secured her. I injected her with a tiny dose of a mind control drug that weakens the will and make a person easier to influence. The dose was extremely small, so the effects were fairly mild. I could give her more later if needed.

I removed the blindfold from Wendy’s eyes but left the mouth gag in place. I put a pair of headphones over her ears and secured them so they stayed put. I taped some electrodes to particularly sensitive, non-sexual parts of Wendy’s body: her armpits, abdomen, and forearms. I could use these to give her mildly painful electric shocks. I taped a custom-built vibrator over her clitoris. I controlled both the pleasure and pain devices. I could turn them on remotely at will, or allow them to function automatically according to special programming on a small tablet computer I had installed in the compartment with her. I controlled the computer remotely.

Then I began the drive to my rural home. It took over two hours to get there. Wendy would regain consciousness before then. I was prepared for this. I had a microphone inside the compartment where my child prize was hidden. She couldn’t speak clearly. But I could hear her stifled screams and thrashing about. I could even make out a few garbled words. That’s good. I needed to be able to hear when she tried to speak.

Now it was time. I switched on the computer to show Wendy her first training video. She listened through headphones. That’s when my little slave-to-be heard her Master’s voice for the first time.

“Hello Wendy” I said. “This is the greatest day of your life. I have kidnapped you. I am your new Owner. You are my new slave.” The tablet computer screen showed brief images and short video clips of naked white women bowing before white men, kissing their feet, then gazing upward at their Masters with worship in their eyes. (It was important that all the men and women shared the same race as Wendy and me. I needed her to identify her own situation with what she saw in the videos.)

“You will call me Master. I will call you anything I like. Bitch. Cunt. Whore. I have all sorts of lovely names for you. I am going to rape you, Wendy. In every hole. Mouth, cunt, and ass.” Again, the tablet computer screen showed brief images and short video clips of naked white women having oral, vaginal, and anal sex with white men.

“I will probably begin with your ass first. Because it’s so pretty. But I may change my mind and rape your mouth first. Or even your cunt. I can change my mind at any time. You can’t change anything. You are powerless. I am everything. You are nothing.”

I heard Wendy whimpering. She seemed to be saying “No, no, no, no.”

The recording was not over yet, but there was a pause in the sound. I left it there so I could monitor Wendy to hear if she was crying. I heard her whimper. That was a good sign. It was better than yelling. Whimpering cunts were more likely to become submissive slaves without too much physical abuse.

The recording continued. “When I am done raping you, your real training will begin, Wendy. Your slave training. You will learn to obey me ... or suffer the consequences. If you are a good girl and serve your Master well, you will have a good life. If you disobey your Master, or fail to perform well, you will be punished.” The pain electrodes gave Wendy a mild electric shock in her arm pits, abdomen, and forearms while the screen showed women being whipped and beaten. I heard her stifled screams as she thrashed about.

“That was a mild taste of the pain I can inflict on you, Wendy. Real punishments can be much, much worse. You would suffer a lot of pain. You don’t want to suffer pain, do you, Wendy? Of course not. No one does.” There was a brief pause in the audio. I heard Wendy breathing heavily as she anticipated another shock ... that didn’t come.

“Now you will learn how to please me.” The tablet screen showed a woman skillfully sucking a man’s penis then deepthroating it. Wendy’s vibrator buzzed her clitoris. The cocksucking video and the pleasurable stimulation continued for over three minutes.

“If you continue to please me, I will take very good care of you. If not, then I will have to dispose of you. We don’t want that, do we Wendy?” The computer screen showed a shackled, naked woman standing in an open grave, looking up at a man on the ground above who towered above her. The screen suddenly went black.

The recording went silent again. I heard Wendy sobbing pitifully. Then her whimpering became some kind of vocalization. I think she was agreeing that she didn’t want to be punished or killed.

My voice resumed. “You are my property, Wendy. I own you, body and soul. You will serve me for the rest of your life. I will make you do all sorts of sexy, dirty, and disgusting things. And you will thank me for whatever I do to you. Whenever I tell you to do something for me, you will respond by saying ‘Yes, Master’ and then carry out my orders. When I am finished using you for my pleasure, you will say ‘Thank you, Master.’ You will thank me for whatever I made you do. You don’t have to like it. It doesn’t have to feel good to you. It might be very painful for you. Disgusting. Degrading. Yet still you must say ‘Thank you, Master.’ Because you must be grateful to your Master who owns you, no matter what your Master does to you. You want to please your Owner, don’t you Wendy? Answer me. Even through your mouth gag, I can hear you. Tell me ‘Yes, Master, I want to please you.’ Say it.”

Wendy tried to speak. Her words were indistinct, but her meaning was clear. She meant to say “Yes, Master, I want to please you.”

“Good slave Wendy” said my recorded voice. (I could have paused the program at this point if she had not said it. Then I would have restarted it from the beginning.)

“Relax now for a little while, slave. Your training will resume shortly.” The recording continued with some very slow, hypnotically relaxing music. After five minutes, my spoken voice returned, introducing my little slave to the porn video compilation she was about to watch. For the next 20 minutes this teenaged virgin was exposed to some of the most powerful male-dominant, female-submissive sex scenes. There was some vaginal sex. But most of the scenes were of oral and anal sex, with special emphasis on ass-to-mouth blowjobs. There were also scenes of men urinating into women’s mouths, with special emphasis on the scenes where the women swallowed. Throughout the porn sequences, the vibrator kept stimulating Wendy’s clit. She would learn to associate the sex I preferred with her own pleasure (whether or not I stimulated her there in the future).

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