1956 A Family Awakening
Chapter 1

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Incest Taboo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's 1956 and a family is awakening to its sexual life. Mom, a former prostitute, has been suppressing her Exhibitionist and sexual demands until her husband releases her on her family. The whole family joins the fun.

Caution: This Incest Taboo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Uncle   Aunt   Nephew   Grand Parent   InLaws   Group Sex   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Nudism   Prostitution  

It actually started when I was only 4 years old. I got my cousin to pull up her dress and show me what she had between her legs. I was fascinated by what I saw between Orpha’s little legs. It didn’t stop there. Vaginas have been on my mind ever since, but grew into an obsession when I was only 9 years old. I shared my room with my little sister, Shelly, one year younger, and with her lying only ten feet from my bed I would fantasize about her.

When we were young we would take baths together, mom had to heat the water on the wood stove, so anything we could do to save water was used. That continued until I was ten and mom noticed I had a boner, and from that day, Shelly, and mom bathed together and I was alone. I should have been more careful.

Now, that I’m fifteen it’s unbearable. I can’t seem to be able to go more than a couple of hours without pulling on my cock. Now I shoot a copious amount of creamy white jizz into the air. was delighted when I got that great feeling when thick white stuff would shoot into the air. It gets all over the place, and I have an old dish towel hid under my bed that I wipe up with. It’s old, and crusted with dried cum.

“Mom, Andy does it every night.”

“Does what,” mom asks as she serves us breakfast.

“He plays with himself in bed. He is really loud.”

“Loud, in what way?”

“He whimpers, and grunts and then says a dirty word and then he gets something from under his bed.”

Here I am trying to concentrate on my eggs and toast, my head down, my cheeks red. You’ve got to know that the date is April 1956, not like today, when moms would say, ‘that is normal for a boy his age’, oh no to my mother it was something boys just didn’t do, or if they did, nobody was to know.

“Andy, is this true?”

“Yes Mom. I’m sorry. Please don’t tell Dad.”

“You know better than that. I tell your father everything. I’ll keep it between us if you promise not to do it ever again.”

I set there dumbfounded, looking at my two eggs, and a strip of bacon that seemed to be looking back with a back at me with a smile.”

“Well young man, do you promise?”

I sit there quite.

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“But you didn’t answer me. Do you promise to never do that again?”

“I can’t,” I stammered.

“What did you say? I thought you said you couldn’t.”

“I can’t promise,” I said sitting straight in my chair.

“Then I’ll just have to tell your father, and I’m also going to tell him what you just said.”

“Dad does it!”

“What did you say?”

“I said, dad does it.”

“How could you know such a thing?”

“I hear him in the outhouse. He makes the same noise that I make; only he tries to be very quiet. So maybe it’s something men do that woman don’t know about. Maybe it’s okay...”

“We’ll see about that,” Mom said her face turning red. “You shouldn’t be spying on your father. Finish your breakfast.”

“Does Daddy really play with himself?” Shelly whispers.

“Yes,” I whisper back.

Shelly squirms in her chair and dabs her toast into her egg. “Have you seen Daddy’s...”


“Have you seen Daddy’s ... thing?”

“Yeah, a lot.”

“Is it big?”

“Yeah, really big. I’m almost as big, but his is different.”

“How different?”

“His is pointed like. You can’t see the end of his thing until he stops peeing and shakes it. He pulls back the point part and shakes it again, and then it looks round like mine.”

“Wow,” she says. “Wow. I’d like to see that.”

“You see Momma, and I don’t. What’s she like.”

“She has a lot of black hair. I mean a lot. Does Daddy have hair?”

“Yeah, but not on his pecker, just above it, and maybe some on his balls.”

“Wow. I’d like to see that.”

“I’d like to see mom.”

“What are you kids whispering about,” mom asks.

“Nothing,” we say in unison.

“Andy, I need you to go to the woodshed and get some wood for the kitchen stove. I have a lot of baking to do today.”


“Yes, now.”

All of this talk about mom’s pussy and dads cock has made me hard as a rock. I didn’t want to get up from the table until it went down, so I played with the last bit of egg left on my table.

“Finish that egg and get me some wood before the stove goes out and I need to rekindle it.”

Mom was standing between me and the door, I was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, there was no way to hide my raging hard-on except with my hands as I got up from the table and headed toward the door.

“Stop there young man,” mom says staring at my hands covering my crotch. “Are you hiding something?”

“No ma’am.”

“Move your hands.”

Reluctantly I moved my hands to my sides. Now I’ve got to tell you, I have a big dick. I know because the kids next door to us would measure ourselves and I would always win with a seven and a half inch hard on. So the bulge in my pants was very noticeable. Mom hadn’t seen my boner since Shelly complained when I was 13. Over the past four years things, or should I say my ‘cock’ changed.

Mom let out a gasp, as she looked at the bulge. “Shelly, go to the woodshed and get an armful of wood. Andy, go sit down until that ... that,” she said pointing to my crotch. “Goes down.”

Shelly snickered, and headed outside, getting a glance at my crotch. “I told you mamma.”

I headed back to the table. “Shelly say’s you have something hidden under your bed. Go and get it for me.”


“Yes now, and if you don’t bring everything, I’ll know.”

I went upstairs and got the dishtowel, and a “Mickey Spillane” novel, and brought them down to the kitchen. The towel was still wet from my morning deposit. I handed it and the novel to mom.

She took the towel by the corner and held it like you would hold a dead rat by the tail. “My god Andrew how long have you been using this?”

“A while.”

“For quite a while I would imagine, and what is this?” She said holding up the novel.

“Just a book.”

“Hu, just a book.” She opened it to the pages that were worn and bent from over use, and read, as Mike Hammer, the detective said, “I took a drag from my cigarette, it caught in my throat the way I liked, and she turned to me. Her dress was torn, exposing those beautiful orbs. Touch me Mike, ‘ she murmured. I put the butt out with the heal of my shoe, and took her in my arms feeling those beautiful breasts crushed to my chest.”

“Hum ... Just a novel,” mom said. “You like this stuff?”

“Yes ma’am,”

Mom put the book on the table and turned toward the stove still carrying the soiled towel. I was shocked when I saw her bring it to her nose, and then stuffed it into the large pocket on the front of her apron. “Are you decent now?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Then go help your sister with the wood, it takes her all day.”

I got up and left the kitchen as I walked outside past the window, I saw mom take that towel from her pocket and put it to her mouth, immediately my cock got hard again. Mom likes my stuff, she’s tasting it.

Shelly had the ax and was trying to spit some wood. “Nothing’s split, I can’t do it.” She looked down at my crotch, “It’s hard again. Momma let you leave with that,” she continued pointing to my boner.

“It wasn’t like this when I left.”

“It got like that from the house to here? What did you see, a chicken or something that you wanted to put it into?”

“How do you know what a man puts this into?”

“We girls talk. Debbie next door tells me things. She knows a lot.”

“Yeah Dave and Mike’s been doing it to Debbie and Alice for a long time now.”

“Yeah I know they told me. The guys put their Peter’s into them. They said they really like it. I think Mrs. Randal knows.”

“Yeah they’re a weird family, I know Mrs. Randall knows, I saw her watching them. What is weirder is that they fuck the chickens too.”

“I’m going to tell mom.”

“What now? What did I do that you’re going to tell mom.”

“You said the “F” word.”

“It’s not a word; it’s what they do to their animals and sisters. So stay away from them or they’ll try to do it to you.”

“They already asked to seem my coochy.”


“Yeah, that’s what they call my pussy. A Coochy. I wonder where that word came from.”

“And you showed them?”

“No, I told them to look at Debbie and Alice, because mine looks just like them. They said it was different, because it was me. So I said just imagine it’s me, cause you aint’ goin’t see mine.”

“Good for you,” I said

“Do you want to see mine?” she asked as I chopped the wood.

“I’ve seen Debbie’s and Alice’s, so I’ll just imagine it’s yours.” I said laughing.

I loaded her arms with a few sticks of wood. “Wait until momma sees what’s under your bed.”

“She already did. She told me to go and get them.”

“What did she say?”

“Not much, but...”

“But what?”

“Nothing,” I said getting an arm full of wood. “Nothing.”

“No tell me.”

“Okay.” I said, putting the ax down. “After I left the house I looked through the window and mom took that towel that I clean myself with and she put it to her nose and then into her mouth.”

“In her mouth? Yuk.”

“I don’t think it’s yuk, but she’s goin’t tell dad, I just know it.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I wonder what dad will do to you.”

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