3 December 2006
Chapter 1

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At 9 am, Dan and Karen woke up in each other’s arms. “This new bed is perfect for sleeping and fucking,” Karen smiled, cuddling against him.

“I figured Vicky would be sleeping with us but she’s spending every night with Scott. Makes a king sized bed almost a waste of space,” he mentioned.

“Oh I think we can manage to find others to share our bed,” she smiled caressing his cock.

They took a sensual shower together soaping each other up. “I think we have an audience,” Karen whispered seeing the two figures of Diane and Brenda by the bathroom door. “Let’s show them what a real blow job is like,” she smiled stroking his cock.

The glass doors didn’t hide the show they put on for their daughters. They fingered each other’s pussies and watched their mom suck off their dad’s cock. Brenda dared Diane to join them in the shower but she didn’t.

Karen gave Dan a long and sensual blowjob. She held her mouth open so the girls could see Dan’s usually strong, thick stream of cum shoot into her mouth and eagerly swallowed every drop.

Brad slept and slept, waking up at 11 am. He lay in bed placing his hands behind his head as an extra pillow. He smiled looking up at the ceiling thinking of Abby and how great he felt inside about her. He played a little on his guitar and sang the sentences he’d written about her. His love song was taking shape but still needed a lot of work.

Brad really appreciated the much larger kitchen of his new home as he fixed himself his customary Sunday morning omelette of ham, cheese, coloured peppers, and mushrooms. He ate quickly and went back to his bedroom. He listened to the noon news and sports, hearing that the River Rats won their game 5-2.

He took out the Name Change Application form and began to fill in the required information. He found areas that his parents will have to complete. He had to quickly hide the application when his mom came to the door for help with some boxes. Dan suggested he do some exercising before going to play his afternoon game.

Brad went to the small exercise room and worked out stretching his muscles and tendons. He could feel the difference in his body with little exercise the past week. He next tried the slap shot machine his dad had made. The wooden hockey stick had a metal square screwed to the shaft close to the blade. A wire cable was attached to a pulley and a weight control, part of the weight lifting machine.

Brad swung the stick as if shooting and could feel the difference with the added weight. After five shots he was already feeling it in his arms and sides. He checked the weight on the rack and it was five pounds. He switched it for a two and a half plate and continued for several rounds of three minutes each from the right and left sides.

“Brad honey, it’s time to go!” Karen yelled down from the kitchen.

“Okay Mom!” he hollered back. Karen gave him a kiss and hug, wishing him good luck at his game. Brad put his hockey gear in the trunk of their new Nissan and they headed off to pick up Abby.

“Dad, when we get to the rink, I’d like you to come to the dressing room with me,” Brad mentioned.

“What for?”

“I have a lot of apologizing to do to my teammates and I’d like you to hear it.”

“I appreciate that Son.”

“And besides, I want to introduce you to my team as my Dad.”

“Thank you very much, I’m already proud of you Brad.”

Dan parked in Abby’s driveway and Brad paused for a moment waiting for his dad to honk the horn. “Number one rule when dating or picking up anyone anytime, always go to the door. Never sit in the car and honk the horn. It’s very disrespectful to the person especially if it’s a girl.”

“You give the impression that you don’t want to be seen by her family,” Dan explained.

“I don’t disrespect Abby at all or her dad,” Brad went to the door and Vicky answered it wearing one of Scott’s shirts with only one button holding it together.

“Plan on spending the whole day in bed?” he kidded.

“That’s the main idea, Scott is an amazing fuck! Molly came right behind her to see who was at the door.

“Looks like Molly has accepted me, she isn’t growling as much and ready to bite my leg off,” he joked of her now wagging her tail.

“You came to the door instead of honking the car horn?” she asked.

“Dad’s suggestion.”

“It’s a good one. I remember dating a guy who had his own car. He sat in the driveway one-time honking and honking the horn for me to come out. He finally came to the door for me. I told him I don’t answer to car horns. If you come to pick me up, have the decency to come to the door, otherwise, don’t bother showing up.”

“What did he do?”

“From then on, he came to the door. He had to otherwise he knew I wouldn’t let him fuck me,” she laughed.

Brad could hear footsteps coming from behind Vicky and Abby came to her side. “Hi Brad,” she beamed. Brad saw Abby holding a folded blanket in front of her. “See you at Brad’s later Vicky,” Abby said kissing her on the cheek.

“You mentioned you’d like to call me Mom.”

“I know and I mean no disrespect but I’d sooner wait until it’s for real, it’ll mean more to me then.”

“I understand honey. Bye, have a good time. And Abby, if you can’t be good, be so bad that it’s great,” she teased.

“Don’t worry, I will,” she replied kissing Brad and taking his hand. Scott came up behind Vicky and undid the only button holding her shirt closed. He pulled it aside revealing her bare tits and pussy to anyone looking, his hands quickly becoming her bra cups. She shrieked and chased him back to the bedroom.

Walking down the driveway, Brad noticed that Abby was wearing another short skirt. He opened the rear passenger door for her and she scooted her ass across the seat placing the blanket against the door.

“Hi Mr. Hayward,” she beamed.

“Hi Abby,” Dan returned. She opened her coat revealing a low cut pink top and her short blue jean skirt.

“You’re going to freeze those pretty legs of yours sitting in the cold stands,” Brad mentioned.

“No, I won’t. I brought two blankets, one for my legs and one to sit on. Besides, when my legs do get cold, I’ve got your Dad’s hands to warm them up,” she replied winking at Dan in the rear view mirror.

“Like my top?” she asked giving a tug on it revealing an ample amount of cleavage to him and Dan in the rear view mirror.

“You’re bad Abby.”

“I know,” she replied with her sexy smile. “I’m not wearing a bra or panties either,” she said letting Dan hear her statement.

Abby held hands with Brad keeping them high on her bare leg, “Who are you playing against?” she asked.

“We’re playing the Bellville Dragons. Our teams are only ten points apart in the standings. Jake Campbell is their Captain and best player. He and I have played a lot against each other quite a number of times,” Brad explained already starting to prepare himself mentally for the game.

“Tell me a little about your hockey?” Abby asked as Dan drove to Belleville. “How many games do you play in a season?”

“Forty-six, we’re half way through our season with today’s game.”

“How many points do you have?”

“Thirty-nine, twenty-nine goals and ten assists,” he said proudly.

“1.70 points per game,” she stated.

“How do you do that so quickly?” Brad asked wrinkling his brow.

“Half of forty-six is twenty-three divided by thirty-nine. Told you math comes easy to me,” she smiled, kissing his cheek.

Dan arrived at the rink and they walked against the cold early December wind, “Where are we going to sit?” Abby asked Dan as they entered the inside.

“I’d like to sit at that end so we can watch Brad and his team score in the first and third periods. Most everyone tries to crowd around the benches under the heaters,” Dan said pointing across the rink to the bulky elements hanging from the ceiling.

“I want to introduce Dad to my team first so I’ll see you after the game,” Brad said giving Abby a kiss. “I usually meet Mom in the foyer after I’ve changed.”

“Okay, we’ll meet you there,” Dan agreed.

“Remember to concentrate on your game and not me like we agreed. I love you, Brad. I’ll be with you, here inside,” she said placing her right hand over his heart.

“Why don’t you find us a place to sit, Abby. Would you like a hot chocolate?”

“Yes I would, thank you,” she smiled. Brad gave Abby another kiss and escorted Dan towards the team dressing room, “And drink a lot of water!” she yelled to him. Brad raised his stick acknowledging hearing her, “And do a lot of stretches!” he lifted his stick again.

“Now Son you are about halfway through your season. The OHL teams will soon start scouting players for the next draft and likely have already started. The secret is to play within your game. If you know a scout is watching your game, play the same way you always do. I know it’s hard not to try and impress them and put on a show but that can backfire on you too.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

Abby, carrying her blankets scanned the partially empty stands. She spied where she wanted her and Dan to sit and made her way there. Many male eyes appreciated her slim legs exposed under her short skirt and low cleavage under her open coat.

Brad opened the door to the musty smelling dressing room. It was full of organized confusion as the players, in various stages of changing their clothes, prepared for the game. The players spotted Brad and the room went suddenly quiet.

“I heard you guys won yesterday without me, way to go,” he said to everyone. Dan could sense the animosity towards Brad from the players as he scanned the room. Yesterday’s game was the first Brad had missed since joining the River Rats, three seasons ago.

Brad dropped his gear and walked Dan over to a man talking to the goalie. “Hi coach,” Brad said to get his attention.

“Hi Brad,” he smiled.

“Coach, this is my Dad, Dan Hayward.”

“Hi Dan, I’m Dave Bennett,” he smiled offering his hand him. Dave knew that Brad’s Dad, Steve, was dead so he was a little curious why he introduced this guy as his Dad.

“Coach, I’d like to talk to the team if it’s all right with you.”

“Sure, Brad. Listen up, I want everyone’s attention!” Dave bellowed loudly and the room fell obediently silent. All the players looked at Coach as Brad stepped forward.

“First of all, congratulations on your good win yesterday. This man beside me is my Dad, Dan Hayward.”

“Hi guys,” he said waving his hand.

“I thought you told us that your Dad died in a car crash.” a voice from the corner said loudly.

“I found out last weekend that Mr. Hayward is my real biological father, not Steve Miller.” The resemblance of the two was instantaneous. “The second thing I want to say is that I owe each and every one of you an apology for the way I have acted as a teammate and Captain. It took a puck practically taking my head off for me to realize what an ass I’ve been.”

A player with an ‘A’ on the left top of his sweater, stood up and came forward. He held out his right hand to Dan. “I’m Scott, thank you, sir. Glad to see someone finally knocked some sense into Brad’s head.” Scott shook Dan’s hand. Everyone gave a cautious, supportive laugh to his comment as he returned to his place on the bench. Dan saw Scott’s last name, Warren, above his number 16.

“I now realize that I’ve been selfish and arrogant to you guys. No wonder you don’t want to support me on the ice and I don’t blame you one bit. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to prove to you that I’m a changed player, a changed person. If you think after today’s game that I’m truly not worthy of wearing the ‘C, ‘ I’ll gladly give it back to the coach.”

There was a pause of silence as Brad’s statement soaked in. “Well Brad, actions speak louder than words,” Scott remarked making a space on the bench beside him.

Scott was one of Brad’s good friends on and off the ice and went to the same high school. He was one of the best defensemen in the league and like Brad was hoping to make the jump to the Ontario Hockey League next season.

Brad gave Scott a concerned look as he emptied his hockey bag and he thought he could smell the distinct odour of stale alcohol emanating from him. It wasn’t the first time he got a whiff of that odour from him in the last few months.

“I’ll give Brad credit, it took a lot of guts to give a speech like that to his teammates. I’ve been trying to get him to come around for some time too. He seems to always play with a chip on his shoulder,” Dave mentioned in a low voice to Dan.

“I noticed that too and addressed his shitty attitude. I had better go,” Dan said shaking Dave’s hand.

“Okay guys listen up like I said yesterday, there will be OHL scouts at today’s game. Remember what I told you before, just play within your game and don’t do anything fancy. Being fancy only causes mistakes,” the coach lectured. Brad looked at his dad, the coach’s warning almost word for word as his. He waved to Brad and left the room.

Dan went and bought himself a large hot coffee and a large hot chocolate for Abby. He made his way to the top, along the grey painted walkway and searched for her. Dan didn’t know that a pretty brunette seated several rows below had spotted him and recognized him as her transit bus driver.

The hockey rink was small only seating about 1,500 people. Dan passed by a guy at center ice who had a digital video camera set up on a tripod figuring he was a scout or one of the assistant coaches. He expected Abby to be sitting near the other fans close to the heaters and continued searching for her.

There, off to the right and below was Abby sitting all alone. Dan could see her looking around trying to spot him. She flashed her wickedly beautiful smile and waved him over. He stepped down several rows, careful as he walked, not to spill their hot liquids.

As he approached Abby, he could see she had a blanket lying on the cold wooden bench with an empty place for him next to her. She had a second blanket covering her from the waist to the cement floor.

“Why are you sitting way over here by yourself?” he asked handing Abby her hot chocolate.

“Thank you,” she said taking the cup from Dan. “I wanted us to have some privacy so we can talk about anything we like while we watch the game,” she smiled.

Dan sat on her right and Abby pulled the blanket away from her waist revealing her bare legs to Dan. She must have adjusted the shortness of her skirt a dozen times trying to find the perfect position for Dan to see her slender, sexy legs.

“It’s a good thing you brought those blankets. Beautiful legs like those would get cold in no time,” Dan observed.

“Oh I’m certain my legs won’t get cold,” she said cupping her hot chocolate and taking a sip.

“Why’s that?” Dan asked sipping his coffee.

“Because I’ll have your hands to keep my legs nice and warm,” she smiled in anticipation. She covered his waist and legs with half the blanket. Abby took Dan’s left hand and slipped it under the blanket, boldly placing it on her right knee. She held his hand in place a moment to make sure he didn’t move it.

“Your hand is warm from the hot drink. It feels nice on my knee,” she smiled. Abby then placed her right hand Dan’s left knee, “And your hand feels nice on my knee.”

Dan caught Abby looking at him. She took her hand from his knee and her fingers combed his greying temple below his ball cap, “What is it?”

“You ... are a very handsome man,” she smiled. “I bet you don’t have any problem picking up women.”

“What makes you think that? Looks aren’t everything, you know. I can’t get a woman into bed by just smiling at her.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I would imagine women have let you fuck them because you could be the twin brother of Tom Hanks and that’s the closest they’d be to a real movie star.” Abby put her hand back on Dan’s left leg only higher above the knee. She looked at him again. “I’d go to bed with you, Mr. Hayward if you asked me to,” she smiled to him.

Dan took a moment to tell Abby about Brad’s speech to his teammates. Several minutes later the players came onto the ice for their customary warm-up. Abby cheered and clapped loudly when she saw her Brad come onto the ice. Unlike junior hockey, Brad’s level did a short warm up then got ready to play, no cleaning the ice surface before.

She beamed brightly intently watching him. It was difficult to see his face as all midget aged players must wear a wire face protector. Dan smiled sipping his coffee looking at Abby watching Brad.

“I’m going to have a talk with that man of mine. You call that a warm up?!” she yelled, concerned for his conditioning, “I do more stretching for my yoga than he just did. He’s going injure himself if he doesn’t prepare better.”

When they asked everyone to stand for the anthem, Abby felt the cool arena air on her legs. She knew people would be looking at her long legs in this cold arena but she didn’t mind it. Abby began to sing along and looked up at Dan when he remained silent.

“True patriot love... ,” Dan began and Abby smiled.

“That’s better,” she smiled.

“You do have a very nice voice,” he complimented.

“Thank you,” she leaned her head on his shoulder.

The anthem over, they sat down. Abby cuddled closer to Dan their left and right legs touching from the knees up and she covered them with the blanket. Dan had held his coffee in his left hand during the anthem letting it warm up again. Abby made Dan switch the coffee to his right hand and placed his left under the blanket only much higher on her leg. She rubbed his hand up and down her soft skin.

The referee dropped the puck to start the game and Brad took immediate control of his team on the ice. His new found inspiration, from his Dad and Abby, drove him to a higher level. From the face off, the Dragons dumped the puck into his end. They gave chase to the Rats end and Scott dug the puck out of the right corner.

He spotted Brad above the right circle and fed him a pass on the fly. Brad streaked up the right boards avoiding a body check from the left winger and pulled up short of the left circle. He shuffled the puck forehand to backhand waiting for his mates to gain a position as the left defenseman closed on him. He passed the puck back to Scott who returned the puck to Brad. He one-timed a precision pass to his left winger who scored top shelf off the perfect pass.

“Beautiful shot!” Brad exclaimed skating to the scorer to congratulate him. “Great work guys way to go!” Abby and Dan yelled and clapped for Brad and the team. First, assist for Brad.

“Wow, that was fast!” Abby said of the quick 1-0 score.

“Brad did a great setup for the goal,” Dan remarked. Abby cupped her hot chocolate to warm her hands getting up the nerve to start her intended seduction of Dan. The play continued and they watched the game.

Brad jumped over the boards for his next shift replacing his teammate and flew down the right wing. His centerman fed him a pass just over the blue line. Abby put her right hand back under the blanket on Dan’s knee.

“Go, Brad, go!” she encouraged hitting Dan’s knee in excitement. Brad cut hard left trying to beat the defenseman and tried to go five-hole on the goalie. The goalie was good and stopped Brad’s scoring attempt.

“Oh ... oh so close!” she said and slid her hand half way up Dan’s leg. She patted the spot then rubbed it and left her hand there. “My legs are already getting cold,” she said looking at him.

“I guess it’s my job to keep them warm?”

“You bet it is,” she smiled. Dan finished the last of his coffee and put his hand under the blanket on Abby’s knee.

“I guess I’ll have to drink a lot of coffees to put a warm hand on your legs,” he joked.

“I don’t want you to leave unless you have to. I’m sure you know how to warm a woman up?” she smiled moving Dan’s hand higher on her leg. She had left her coat undone all along and gave her top a little tug down. They smiled at each other as she revealed a deeper cleavage to his eyes.

As the game continued, Abby slowly inched her hand higher up Dan’s leg. Abby had her legs spread wider inviting Dan’s hand higher. In her opinion, Dan was moving his hand up towards her waiting pussy agonizingly slow. She didn’t look at Dan while she moved her hand like she’d done with Vicky towards her pussy.

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