Slave by Choice
Chapter 1: The Offer

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BDSM Story: Chapter 1: The Offer - A college co-ed offers herself to an older man under a contract. While the contract is in force, she belongs to him in all ways.

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Analingus   Petting   Slow  

(Eric’s viewpoint)

I’m almost at the bottom of a staircase when the doorbell rings. I take the last two steps then four more to the front door. When I open it, on the porch is a woman in her early twenties, average height with a voluptuous build. She’s looking nervous and her cheeks are pink, not just from the chill December air.

“Heidi,” I say. “This is a surprise.”

“May I come in?” she almost pleads.

“Of course.” I hold the screen open for her then close both doors once she’s inside. “Is there a problem?” I ask, her surprise visit has me concerned.

“There might be,” she says. I tilt my head and she asks, “Can we talk ... about last weekend?”

“Sure, come on.” I turn towards the living room after she hangs her coat up on a hook. Turn back and ask, “You want something to drink? Tea, soda?”

“Not right now.”

“Okay.” We go in and she takes a seat on the couch. I consider sitting in my normal chair, but decide to share the couch a little away from her. I pull a knee up to the side so that I’m facing her and ask. “So what’s the problem?”

She’s sitting straight, hands clasped in her lap and staring at them. “You know that I’ve had you, Jonathan and William show me things.”

“Yes, you asked us to take you further down the path.” I give a slight shrug. “I thought Saturday went well, you didn’t complain during our talk down.”

“That’s just it, I’ve enjoyed it all three times. The time with you was ... different though.”

I give her a look. “In what way?”

She turns her head to look at me and there’s tears in the corner of her eyes. “I didn’t want it to end,” she almost whimpers.

I put my leg down, move closer to her and place a hand on her shoulder. “I just tried to make it as real as possible, and a couple times I wasn’t gentle.”

A slight smile with her lower lip caught in her teeth. Then she says, “I know. Three days now and my ass is still feeling that spanking.”

I grin back, “Well you did deserve it.”

Her blush darkens. “That’s the whole point. I think Jonathan and William just went through the motions. They’d punish me if I did something wrong, but not like that.”

“Corner standing or something?”

“Uh-huh. When I got here I was a bit resigned, thought that maybe you’d be like them ... too gentle. Then I overcooked the vegetables to see what kind of punishment I’d get,” her eyes lower and her blush increases. “When you told me to drop my panties and get over your knee I got a little scared ... and wet.”

I bring my other hand up and with a finger under her chin, have her look at me again. “I promised you the whole experience and getting spanked for that kind of mistake would be the norm.” I wink at her. “Besides, you got a wonderful, spankable ass.”

A short giggle from her. Then she licks her lips. “Like I said, I didn’t want to leave.”

I know what she wants, but I’m not going to ask her. “You have something to ask me. Come out with it Heidi.”

She takes a deep breath, lets it out and I see the decision in her eyes. She slips off the couch and goes to her knees in front of me. Bending over, she raises her arms up and crosses her wrists. In a slight stammer she softly says, “I want to wear your collar sir.”

I look down at her and smile. She knows exactly what she’s offering, herself. To become mine in all things. I might have asked her the end of Saturday’s scene, but it’s not done that way. The prospective sub always asks the Top of their choice, not the other way around.

I reach out and wrap her wrists in both of my hands. “We’ll do a trial first, see if we’re as compatible as it seems. If that works, then a longer contract. We need to set up rules and expectations.”

“Yes sir,” she breathes, a slight tremble going through her.

Then something hits me and I raise my hands still gripping her wrists so that she’s forced to lift up a bit and look at me. I tilt my head at her and say, “Over cooking the vegetables wasn’t just a mistake, was it.”

Her eyes go down a bit and she softly says, “No sir.”

“You were testing me, see how far I’d go.” A nod and I sigh. “If I’d known then, the punishment would have been more severe.” She gulps and nods. “Alright, we’ll try this out. I’d like one thing from you though, won’t affect the trial contract, but I want you to do something that proves to me just how much you want this.”

“Anything sir.”

“I want you to take punishment for testing me that way, right now.” Then I release her wrists and sit back to wait. We’re not in scene, we haven’t signed a contract. She would be in her rights to refuse, but now I’m testing her. She says she wants my collar around her neck. How far is she willing to go.

There’s a slight hesitation, a quiver that runs through her. Then she stands and slips off her pumps. Her skirt is unhooked, unzipped and it falls to the floor, puddling around her feet. Trembling fingers go under the waistband of her hiphuggers and she pushes them down. Once past her knees, they join the skirt. She’s panting and a glance shows that her labia are puffing out slightly.

She gets up on the couch, kneels to one side of me then lays across my lap; her hips over a leg with her full, soft ass sticking up. Her arms stretch out and she crosses her wrists again before going still. just a slight trembling betrays her nervousness.

I run a hand over her cheeks and there’s a soft moan from her. Then a hard swat to the left one and she flinches with a gasp but goes still again. A second swat to her right cheek gets the same response. She’s whimpering but I can also see moisture leaking out of her pussy. Her ass is stinging but she’s getting turned on at the same time. I run my hand across her cheeks, watching the hand-prints slowly blossom. Her whimper turns into a soft moaning and I smile as I see her labia pulse.

“Up,” I say. She kneels up but before she can sit, I grab her around the waist and pull her so she’s sitting in my lap. A slight gasp but when my arms go around her, firm but gentle, she sighs and settles in.

“Never test me again,” I say.

Her eyes go soft and she licks her lips. “No sir,” she whispers.

My hand goes up and I pull her head to my shoulder. “You make mistakes and you’ll get punished, but just like Saturday you’ll also be forgiven.” I kiss her forehead and her whole body relaxes.

“Sir is so kind,” she murmurs.

“Now I know winter break starts in a week and a half. We can get things set up before and start when you’re back.”

Another sigh, sounding sad, and she murmurs, “I’m not going home on break ... I’m not going anywhere.”

“Christmas. Time with your family.”

“One hour of family cheer and the rest of the time treated like I was an imposition. Been that way since I was a kid. I haven’t gone home on break since I started here. Even take summer classes so I can graduate early.”

The hand I have at her waist moves to the side of her face. “I’m not going to press for details on why. If you’re willing, you can spend it here instead of in the dorm, we can start the trial over the break.”

Tears appear in her eyes again. “What about your family?”

I sigh. “I’m an only child, so were both of my parents. My dad’s parents are dead, my mom’s live in a retirement community in Tampa Bay.” She looks at me, asking for more. While hardly anyone else knows, I do have to tell her. “My parents were taking a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Flew out of JFK ... on American 587.” She looks confused at that. “It was eight years ago, you might have seen it on the news. It was the flight that crashed in Queens.”

She gasps, “Oh my god.”

My own eyes are burning with tears. “I was a junior at the time, withdrew from that semester to get everything ... settled. Sold the house and all but some mementos. Bought this place and went back to school. Took heavy loads that spring semester and the next year as well as classes during the summer. Stayed in until I had my masters then found a job. Been there ever since.”

She gulps, then asks, “Is that when you got into the scene?”

A snort. “No. I joined the group halfway through my freshman year. Mom and dad never knew, it would have shocked them.” I sigh again. “Since mom’s parents moved south four years ago, my holidays have been spent alone unless one of the other girls has some free time for play.”

Her hand comes up to rest on my cheek and her tears are still flowing. “Why didn’t you ask me over last year ... or spring break?”

“I didn’t know you stuck around, otherwise I might have.”

“Now you know,” she says. “So work up a contract, then I spend break ... here?”

“Standard trial is usually a month, but I know finals are two weeks after break.”

“I’m not worried, I’m pulling A’s and one B in all my classes right now. I can come over after my last class every day that first week back. Then be here when I’m not taking tests the last week.”

“Next semester sign up though,” I say.

“I took summer classes, remember. This is my last semester, I graduate end of next month unless I really screw something up. Already have a job waiting with the county health service. Don’t know my hours there yet, but I can ask.”

“Too much planning yet, little one. For now we just get through that one month trial then see.”

“Yes sir.”

“I do need a couple other things from you.” A questioning look and I grin. “If we’re going to have the full experience, then you need to show me your blood test and prove that you’re on birth control.”

There’s a deep throated growl from her. “No more condoms ... oh fuck.” She starts panting again, then blinks. “What about you?”

I grin. “I just got tested last month. Results are in the desk in my home-office. I can show you right now if you want.”

She actually squirms in my lap a bit before leaning in and trying to devour my tongue. I put my hand behind her head and crush her lips to mine while I shove my tongue as far into her mouth as I can. We stay that way for a bit, my cock getting harder under her thighs, then I grab a handful of hair and pull her back, to a whimper and downcast eyes. “Contract, documentation and then we can play.”

Her voice is soft and throaty. “And then I can ... serve you ... sir.”

I release her hair then stroke it to a soft sigh from her. “In every way possible within your limits.”

She gets a sly smile and I cock my head at her. “I’m going to be changing some things on my checklist. Stuff I was ... interested in but not quite ready for.”

“You don’t have to do that. There’s plenty of things you’ve already rated there that we can do.”

Her breath is soft on my face as she leans in again. “I want to. I know when you have to be firm, you are. But you’re also ... gentle at times. I know it’s no guarantee, you’ll decide if and when, but I want to give you the option.”

I cup the side of her face and stroke her cheek with a thumb, and she melts back against my chest. “Such a sweet girl you are Heidi. So giving.”

“When do we negotiate the contract?” she mumbles.

“We can start now, work things out over the next week.” I pause for a moment. “Except Saturday.” She pulls back and asks a question with her eyes again. I shrug. “I already promised Kisha we’d play on Saturday.”

A giggle from her. “I wouldn’t want to take your play time away from you.” Then she blinks again. “But if we do contract long term...”

I silence her with a finger to her lips. “If we do then my private play time with others will go away.” I draw the finger over her chin and down to where I can just start seeing her cleavage. “But I’d have a warm, soft, cuddly girl here all the time.” I undo one button of her blouse and explore a little more with my finger to a shiver. “A very lovely girl who’s given herself to me.” Another button is opened and now I see the edge of the bra that holds in her lovely double-Ds. I start tracing that edge as I say, “While I’ll be a little sad at losing my other play-mates, I think the reward of having this lovely creature at my beck and call will more than ease that.”

She’s panting a bit at the teasing, then her hand comes up, takes my wrist and pushes my fingers under her bra. I brush her hard nipple and she moans again. Then I grab it between finger and thumb, and pinch hard. A sharp intake of breath from her and she’s staring at me wide-eyed. It’s hard enough to really hurt and she’s gasping. “Rules sweet thing. You never tell me what to do either through words or actions. You can beg, you can plead but I’m the one who decides.”

The pain is apparent in her eyes, but she manages to stammer out, “Yes sir.”

I release her nipple and she moans again. A light brush across it and I pull my fingers out. “Just remember that little one.”

“I will sir,” she whispers. A hard swallow with a nervous look. “May I say something sir?” I nod and she licks her lips. “That hurt ... a lot, but you being so firm with me ... I got so wet.”

I smile, lift my hand and cup her cheek again. “That’s a good girl. Never be ashamed of being wet and horny, no matter the reason.”

She tips her head to nuzzle my hand then turns enough to kiss the palm. We haven’t even negotiated the contract yet and she’s already in sub-mode. She’s a natural, something I saw almost from the time she joined the group almost two years ago.

Her eyes are closed, a soft smile on her lips and I look her over again. Full breasts mostly covered, but I knew what lay beneath her bra.

Perky nipples that weren’t that large, but surrounded by silver-dollar size areola that puffed out when she got excited. There’s a bit of thickness at her waist, but she’s still got an hour-glass figure as her hips are wide. Below that are thick, but smooth and firm thighs. I remember her mentioning that she’d been a dancer since she was little. Wasn’t a member of a troop and didn’t go to classes anymore, but she still practiced. Despite her little belly-roll, she was in better condition than a lot of girls half her size.

Burgundy red hair, pale blue eyes and a sweet face made her gorgeous. I’d been hoping for a while that she’d see in herself what I’d seen and that she’d ask me. Now she had, and this lovely, cuddly young woman was going to be my personal property for a month ... and maybe more after that. I am going to push her, but I’m going to do my best not to scare her off.

I think I’m partially in love with her already, I know I’m in lust with her. To taste her, to take her with nothing between us anymore. To bump against her limits in both pain and pleasure. Even if we don’t contract long-term, this is going to be so good.

Shit, I got some shopping to do, some new toys to torture and tease her with.

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