Goth Twins
Chapter 1 - At the Club

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - At the Club - What happens when a pair of twins who've been very close all their lives get dumped by their respective partners? They decide to go dancing to get the anger and sadness out of their systems. But one secret they've kept from each other is how much they love their sibling. The last barrier between them comes down, and they work to make up for three years of not having each other.

(Marshall’s viewpoint)

It’s the last Friday in March, no school all next week. Spring break before the last run up to graduation. I hit my locker, dump all my books in and just grab my net-book. What homework I have can be done on that. I’m just closing it when Liz walks up. “Hey Mar, ready to party?” she asks.

“You know it. Where you going to be?”

“Steve said he’s got something special for me. I hope it’s nasty,” she grins.

“Well don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, sis.” Liz is my twin sister and there’s not much we keep from each other. I know exactly when she lost her virginity and when she first went down on a guy. She knows when I lost mine and the first time I licked a girl. We’ve been close since forever and share almost everything.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do?” she asks, sticking her tongue out with her stud clicking her teeth.

“Nothing comes to mind,” I wink back at her.

“Then I don’t have much to worry about, do I wombie.” A quick peck on the cheek before she dumps her books into a locker and grabs her net-book. “What’s your plans?”

“Since we got the house to ourselves this weekend, maybe invite Stacy over and really test my bed.”

“Naughty boy,” she grins then giggles. “I might not be home before dawn but if you hear sex noises down the hall, ignore them.” Then she’s off, skirt swishing around her thighs.

Parents were gone for the weekend and we’re both eighteen as of two weeks ago, so no curfew anymore. I think my twin and I are looking forward to the freedom.

“Why can’t you go to Berkley with me?” Stacy pleads. We’re in my car, well the one Liz and I share but I got it this weekend. Stacy’s putting up a fit, not for the first time.

“Because Berkley didn’t offer me anything, I go east and I get a decent scholarship.”

“So that’s more important than me?”

“My parents can’t afford to send me anyplace other than the local university. Berkley is out of our reach so It’s either take the partial out there or do the shit program they got here.”

“You could get student loans.”

“And spend the next twenty years paying them back at the asinine interest they’re charging now? No thanks.”

“So we’re done then!” she almost screams

“We can keep in touch, visit during breaks.”

“Screw that, I need you there with me. If saving a few bucks is more important to you, then we’re done.”

“I’m not going to have that kind of debt hanging over my head before I even get my degree Stace.”

“Fine. Go out east, see if I care.” A short glare from her then, “Take me home Mark.”

“Stacy, we can...”

“Take Me Home!”

I gave up at that point and drove to her parent’s house. She slammed the car door after bailing, it’s a wonder she didn’t break the window. Front door and she’s gone. I wait maybe a minute to see if she’ll change her mind. Then drop the car into gear and go home.

I’m reading Tess, an old favorite, when I hear the front door slam and feet stomping up the stairs. Then another slamming door and I look at the clock in surprise. Liz told me she’d might not be home tonight. I get up and open my door, hers is closed so I walk past the bathroom we share and pause. I don’t hear sex noises, I hear crying.

I don’t even knock, just go in to see her face down, sobbing into her pillow ... Sitting on the edge of the bed, I start softly rubbing her back.

Her head pops up in shock. “Mar? What?”

“What happened sis?”

“Thought you and Stace would be busy.”

“Long story but it’s over. You’re the one turning eyeliner into a black river. What’s going on?”

She half rolls so that she’s on her side, mascara and eyeliner now running down the side of her face. “Steve and I were going to the club when I told him that I was accepted with half scholarship at Salem State. He thought for a moment and the first thing out of his fucking mouth was, ‘So you’re not going with me to A&M as we talked about. Fine, how about we skip the club and have a last fuck before we call it splits?’. He was going to dump me right after fucking me just cause I couldn’t go to A&M with him.”

“So you had him bring you home?”

“Fuck no. Belted him and took the bus. He’s probably spit a couple teeth out already.”

“Means I don’t have to go and break his arms,” I chuckle.

She snickers through her tears. “That’s my little brother, always willing to break someone for me.”

“Do you have to keep reminding me that you came out of mom an hour before I did? I still think you clawed your way past me.”

“Show me the scars,” she teases. The tears are still there but she’s starting to smile. Then there’s a sigh, “Why do guys have to be so fucked in the head?”

“Don’t look at me, I’m a guy so I’ll lie about that.”

“You’re not a guy, you’re my brother. You’re alway nice.”

“Should I do something mean to prove my manhood?”

A slap to my arm. “You do and I’ll put itching powder in your shadow.” A tilt of her head. “Why are you clean faced anyway? Oh, right ... Stacy. What happened there Mar?”

“She put an ultimatum out. I go into debt prison to go to Berkley with her or we’re done. Screw that, a half-ride at Lowell beats that.”

Liz sits up then leans into me, arms around my shoulders. “Oh Mar. I never knew what you saw in her anyway.”

“Maybe cause she was one of the few norms who didn’t look at me like I was going to go all Columbine on her.”

“So we’ve both been screwed over. What do we do, mope around here like a couple of EMOs, listen to Amber Pacific, Ida and the rest?”

“Fuck that,” I say. “I feel like stomping it out.”


“Ya, I was thinking of going there and just keep my space, not even accepting any invites to The Wall. How about it, want to pretend the dance floor is Steve’s face?”

Her smile gets wider. “One thing though,” she says. I nod and she grins. “If any Combichrist comes up, we gotta pair for it.”

“Liz, for tonight if I step with anyone, it’s only gonna be you. You want to pair with someone, I’ll go hold up the bar.”

“Screw that. At least with you I know I’m with someone who knows how to dance.”

“Alright, you fix your face and I’ll go put mine on as well as getting changed.”

“Thread change here too, I’m not wearing this crap to Sub Zero.” A grin. “Got something I put together for there but he always wanted to hit Blitz so never wore it.”

I glance at the clock. “Seven now, we move it and we can be on the floor by eight-thirty.”

“Then we can close it down.”

“Hell ya, stomp it out until two. Lets move it then.”

“Then get out of my room perv,” she chuckles. “Unless you want a show.”

“I’ll wait for the finale.” I say as I peck her cheek and head to my own.

I could hear her take a quick shower while I got myself back together. Then I head downstairs to wait, thinking about the last thing she’d said. It was almost like she was asking me to stay. I toss that thought aside, she’s my twin sister even though she’s uber-hot. No way am I going there.

Creak on the stair as she comes down. “Whatcha think wombie?” she asks and I turn to look. My mantra of ‘She’s your sister’ starts running through my head.

Black suede skirt that sits low on her hips but still barely covers the subject below. Garters peek out from under that and travel a few inches before attaching to the thigh-highs she’s wearing. Not ripped fishnets tonight, but patterned with bats and wolves. Boots almost reaching her knees that I know well, three inch platform with four inch heels.

Above the skirt she’s got a black suede strapless demi-bra on that’s covered, if thats the word, with a sleeveless mesh t-shirt cropped to end just under her pert breasts. She’s got all four of her necklaces on, layered so that the cross is just under her throat followed by the ankh, pentagram and lastly Thor’s Hammer which can’t sit flat as it’s bouncing off her cleavage.

Eyeliner going well beyond the corners and heavy mascara make her exotic with smoky-gray shadow adding to that. Dark purple lip-gloss makes me wonder for a second if her lips taste like plums. I shake that off and finish by seeing that she’s fluffed, teased and sprayed her hair to make a black aura around her head. Nose ring and stud, both lower lip rings, philtrum stud, half a dozen rings and studs in each ear and my god, she’s even put her eyebrow rings back in. I know she missed them, but Steve didn’t like them.

“Guys and femmes are going to be drooling all night sis,” I say as she struts over to me, totally comfortable even seven inches above her normal height.

“Gals and bois gonna be in the same shape,” she coos as she takes a look over me.

Tight leather pants that disappear into buckle boots with a three inch wide base heel. Her boots would have put her a couple inches over me, but I still got one over her with these. Mesh T that’s a size too small fits me like it was painted on. I only got three of my necklaces, pentagram, ankh and Celtic Cross. I’ve also put in all my face metal, been a while and I had to force a couple in but they stopped hurting pretty quickly. I’ve also done up my eyes and put blood-red gloss on my lips.

Her hands go to my waist. “If you weren’t my brother I’d take you to The Wall,” she grins.

‘She’s your sister, she’s your sister’ keeps going through my head but it’s a tough thing. “If you weren’t my sister, I’d let you,” I wink back. Then I raise an eyebrow that’s got a ring through it. “How you gonna keep that skirt from riding up?”

“Who says I want to?” she winks back. I give her a look and she snickers. “The skirt is my belt Mar. Stockings keep the skirt down, skirt keeps the stockings up. Modded it myself.”

“Tramp,” I tease and she nods with her tongue stuck out, skull topped stud instead of a plain silver one clicking over her teeth. “Come on, lets vape and get to the floor.”

She wraps herself around my arm and I have to keep my mantra going as one of her B-cups is pressed against it. Half hour drive and I have to park on the outskirts. Friday night and the place is packed. Pass the check where we both get red wrist-bands, no alcohol for us. The gal checking IDs and giving out bands is looking us both over and licking her lips. She’d like to hit The Wall with either one of us, or maybe both. Then through the doors and we’re assaulted by the sound of Aesthetic Perfection from the sound system.

She starts bopping and I half yell so she can hear me, “Floor first?”

“Na,” she yells back. “AP’s solo stuff and I want nothing but paired stepping tonight.” I shrug and we head to the bar. Tight fit and she squeezes between a pair of gals wearing less than she is, boy shorts and pasties under fishnet mini-dresses. Course knowing this place, the pasties will probably disappear before eleven, ya it’s that rowdy.

If someone screams, the bouncers will have the other person’s head, but long as they don’t drip on the dance floor, pretty much anything goes.

I’m behind her, trying to keep some space, but her hands come back to my hips and she pulls me against her. Turns her head and only half-yells into my ear, “Stay close wombie, I don’t want to lose you to someone else tonight.”

I’m having issues, my cock is making my pants tighter. I’m trying to keep that mantra going but between the noise, her pressing back against me as well as how hot she’s looking tonight it’s difficult. Cokes for both of us and we spin, putting me between the two femmes and her leaning against me. A look from the neighbors at both of us and I put one hand on Liz’s stomach to a wiggle from her that tears at my mantra some more. They still look interested but I’m not interested in any playtime tonight. ‘Except maybe your sister, ‘ part of me whispers. I shake my head and start up my mantra again. They take it as I’m already with someone and shrug.

For the next hour we alternate holding up the bar to dancing the floor. Solo stuff, but the type that lets you play off each other. Then ‘Without Emotion’ starts up and Liz doesn’t even have to drag me to the floor. Other’s make space as we start to mirror each other. The crowd here is good that way, giving pairs room to play off each other, which is why we both like it. Though this is the first time we’ve paired with each other in public.

I lose myself in the dance. She’s the perfect stepping partner as we practiced together and I don’t even have to think about what next. I think the DJ likes what he saw as he spins ‘Sent to Destroy’ right after and we stay out there. Two more after that, including one from EXT!ZE, and we’re both ripped so we head back to the bar.

I’m slouched against the bar, hand on her stomach again. She’s got her legs either side of mine and she’s leaning against me. She has to notice that part of me is not being brotherly, but she doesn’t seem to mind and my mantra is whimpering. She’s steaming-hot and I’ve noticed the guys and femmes staring daggers at me, ‘how dare you keep her to yourself’. But we’re both getting over breakups and while we’ve always been super close we’ve never crossed the line.

“You could still dance with just about anyone,” I say in her ear during a music lull.

She stretches her arms up, turns her head to look at me and grins.

“Fuck them, I’m dancing with the only person I want to tonight.” Then her hands are turning my head and I find out her lips do taste like plums as she pulls me into a sensuous kiss. I have to keep repeating that mantra in my head while part of me wants to shove my tongue down her throat.

When she pulls back a little there’s something in her eyes and I have to swallow hard. “Liz, you’re my sister, you know this is wrong.”

She steps forward, turns then comes back in, now the bulge in my pants is pressing against her mound and I gulp again. Her arms go around my neck and her lips are at my ear. “I liked the other guys and we had fun together but tonight I’m with someone I’ve loved forever. I just didn’t let myself see it before. I love you Mar, society and their rules can go to hell. You say no and I’ll never mention it again. But the only guy for me, the one guy I want to give everything to just happens to be my twin brother.

My mantra screams and dies. Andrea and Stacy were fun, I liked them, but I realize only one girl will ever own my heart. I bring a hand up and touch her cheek. She pulls her head back and I see tears in her eyes. My hand goes behind her neck and I pull her in, tasting her lips with my tongue. She moans, crushes her lips to mine and our tongue-studs start clinking.

We taste each other for a bit before we’re tapped on our shoulders. Break and I turn my head to see the tender. “Take it to a booth, The Wall or order a drink,” she says winking.

I turn back to Liz and there’s a fire in her eyes. I realize that she’s right, society can go fuck themselves. She wants me and I want her. I take her hand in mine and thread us through the crowd but all the booths are full. I look at her with a question and she nods. Back of the club there’s a set of partitions and we take the dogleg through the entrance to The Wall. People want to kiss or fondle a little, that’s fine for the main floor. You want to do something more, you find a booth or come back here. Booths are if you want to be private, The Wall is where you don’t care what you see or who sees you.

There’s a femme leaning against the brick, eyes closed and panting hard. Squatting in front of her is another femme with her face buried between the first one’s thighs. Next to them a guy is pounding his girl while she makes happy squeals and bounces back. In the corner is two bois, one is sucking the other off while his hand works furiously to see if they can cum at the same time. I’d taken Andrea to The Wall once, she’d chickened out as doing it in public squicked her, but we had had times in a booth. Stace had never come with me to Sub-Zero.

We find a bare space, she puts my back to the brick and shoves her tongue into my mouth again. I just let go and start tongue wrestling with her while my hands go under her skirt to find bare skin. She’s in a thong and damn does my sister’s ass feel good in my hands. Her legs go either side of mine and she starts grinding her mound against my raging hard cock. Hottest femme I know, most beautiful girl I know, and now I’m going to be getting it on with her.

I dip my fingers into her crack and lower ... and don’t find anything between me and her. I pull back and look at her. “When did you dump the crotch wear?”

She chuckles. “I never had any on. I got so fucking tired of guys who I don’t really care about me that I decided to find out how you felt. Wanted to be ready for anything, even The Wall.”

“What if I’d sent the wrong signals?” I asked.

“Then we would have gone home, I would have quietly cried myself to sleep and sworn off cock for the rest of my life.”

“You have any idea how many times I jerked myself off wishing it was your hand doing it? Or wishing it was you I was with in bed instead of Andrea or Stacy?”

Her hand comes up to my cheek. “Anytime I was getting fucked it was your face I wanted to see, your cock I wanted in me...” She shivers as I slip a finger between her labia from behind. “I wanted you to be my first but didn’t know how to tell you. Now I know you want me as much as I want you.” Her hand comes between us down low and she grips my hard cock through my pants. “This is what I want in me, this is what I want to suck clean after it fucks me silly. I’ve loved you forever Mar, now I want to show you just how much.”

Her lips latch on mine again and she moans into my mouth as I slip a finger into her and start slowly finger fucking her. She unzips my pants and puts her hand inside. The hell with anyone else, I’ve loved my sister forever as well but always had to quash exactly how I felt because I didn’t know how she’d take it. Now I do know and I want to bury my tongue and my cock where my finger is now.

She pulls my cock out and presses the tip against her bare mound. Breaking our kiss she moans in my ear, “I need it right here wombie. Later we’ll take our time but right now I want you to just fuck me.”

I pull my finger out, she hooks a leg over my hip and guides me in. She’s so fucking tight and I moan in her ear, “I ain’t lasting long.”

A groan in mine and she says, “Later you will. Do it Mar, fill my hungry cunt with my brother’s cum. I want to feel it dripping down my legs.” Then she’s moving against me, fucking me instead of the other way around. I groan and grab her ass, pulling her hard onto me.

A few more pumps by her and I feel like I’m spewing gallons into her pussy. She shivers as I bump against her cervix and I feel her tighten more around my cock with a moan. When I’m spent I just hold her ass, pressing her mound against me while I feel myself go soft inside her. “Oh fuck, Mar,” she breathes in my ear. “That was so fucking hot. Knocking on the inside door and knowing it was my twin filling me made me cum.”

We’re both panting and I pull my head back to look at her. We didn’t just nudge our toes across the line, we leaped far beyond it. Her eyes and smile tell me that she’d do it again in a heartbeat ... and I would too. She may be my sister but I’ve had a crush on her for years. Now we’ve joined, well and truly.

My soft cock slips out of her and she looks down at her tits pressed against my chest. “You need a clean-up,” she coos and squats down to take me into her mouth. She sucks and licks our combined cum off my soft cock then stuffs me back into my pants and zips me up. A glimpse of her hairless mound, my cum dripping onto the floor from inside her, then she slides up my body until we’re nose to nose again.

“Later I’m going to get that direct from the source,” she says.

Knowing it’s mine and she loves it tosses the last bit of worry from my mind. We shared space in mom for just over eight months, now we’re going to share everything. I pull her lips to mine and taste my cum on her tongue. When we break she looks at me wide eyed. “What?” I ask.

“None of the other guys would do that. If there was even a chance they’d taste themselves, they made me rinse my mouth out before they’d kiss me.”

I give her another tongue-probing kiss then say, “I ain’t no boi, but my own ain’t bad.”

She gives a soft moan. “I can’t wait to see how my pussy tastes on your tongue,” she coos.

We vacate the spot we’re taking up, and a pair of guys slip in right away. Other side of the partition, we grab drinks then she spots an open booth and drags me over to it closing the curtain. That puts up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign here, closed booths are like The Wall but for privacy if you don’t want everyone seeing. The table is further away from the bench than at regular places and she takes advantage of that. Putting me in first then sitting in my lap, her legs to either side of mine and resting her back against my chest.

One of my hands comes around to rub her tummy a bit before drifting up to squeeze a tit through her suede bra. She leans forward and I worry for a split second before she unhooks the clasp, tosses her bra on the bench next to us and leans back again. “If you’re gonna play with them, then play with them,” she chuckles.

My hand goes up to find a rock hard nipple with a ring through it, which I tug, tweak and pinch to soft moans from her. Then I notice over her shoulder that she’s diddling herself, two fingers stuffed up her cunt and her thumb rubbing her clit which is poking out of it’s hood. She’s got a ring there too. “Let me do that,” I purr into her ear as my other hand goes between her legs.

A whimper and her hand comes out, offering me her dripping fingers. I suck on them then lick them clean before crooning in her ear, “I’m going to enjoy having my face buried in your pussy, twin. You taste wonderful.” She coos again then moans as I stuff two fingers up her and find her clit with my thumb.

“Oh god yes,” she pants. “Frig me wombie, make your sister cum.”

I continue to play with her tits as I finger fuck her, finding her spongy G-Spot and rubbing that as my thumb attacks her clit. She’s trembling but not out of any type of fear, but from the orgasm I’m rising her to.

She’s vocal with ‘Oh fuck’ or ‘Right there’ as I play. Then she tenses up and moans, “Fucking shit”. Then stuffs her fist in her mouth to muffle the scream she lets out. I keep going, prolonging her orgasm until her other hand locks on my wrist and I stop moving both hands.

She twitches a few times in my lap then goes almost limp, hand falling from her mouth and head lolling back on my shoulder. I hold her close while she pants and recovers. Then her head turns to me and she’s smiling. “Holy shit bro.”

“That was so hot to watch,” I say. “Seeing your face and looking past your tits to see that it’s my hand making you pant and squirm.”

“Never did that with Stacy or Andrea?”

“Nope, they always wanted me to be kissing them while my hand was down there. I was never able to watch.”

She wiggles in my lap. “You can watch yourself fingering me anytime you want Mar.”

I’m still cupping a breast and I look down to see her nipples standing high and proud. “You got the greatest tits I know sis,” I say, running my thumb over one as she purrs. Then I lean in and nibble on her neck.



“Let’s say fuck it to the club tonight.”

“Want to go home?”

Her head turns and she’s got a look of lust. “I want to see you naked, I want to suck your cock and I want you to fuck my ass.” She kisses me hard, tongues merging for a bit. “I want every hole filled with my brother’s cum.”

“I want a taste of your pussy, not just a lick and a promise. I want to bury my tongue in your hole and suck on your clit until you scream.”

She doesn’t even bother putting her bra back on, just grabs it and dives out of the booth dragging me behind her. At the car she shoves me against it and we tongue wrestle some more. On the drive home she hikes her skirt up and diddles herself while I have a tough time keeping us on the road.

Once in the front door I’m slammed against the wall and she grinds herself against my cock while we kiss again. Then upstairs to my bedroom, she slams the door shut even though the ‘rents won’t be home until Sunday eve. Then we’re molded together again, tongues and hands exploring each other.

I pull her mesh top off. My T gets stripped from me and we’re skin to skin, her nipple rings pressed against me. I kiss down her neck, across her collarbone and find her breast. She’s panting as I lick and suck the soft skin of her pert B-Cups then my lips close around a hard nipple and she moans, “Oh yes, suck it Mar, feels so good.” I lick and suck it, catch the ring between my teeth and tug gently to another moan. Go to the other one and give it the same treatment.

My cock is begging for release and if it was Andrea or Stacy, I’d let it out and get right to the main event. But this is my sister, who I’ve loved forever. I want to make her feel loved. We’d had a quick fuck and diddle at the club, now I want to make love to her. I go to my knees, hands sliding down over her skirt. A glance up and she’s watching me, lust and love in her eyes. I unzip her boots and help her out of them then run my hands up her stocking covered legs as I stand back up. I cup her cheeks as my lips find hers again and knead them as we taste each others tongues.

When we break the kiss she’s panting. “Oh god Mar, I’m so fucking wet.”

“We have plenty of time sis.” Then my lips are back on her tits as I gently lay her back on my bed. I straddle her legs and bring my hands up. One plays with the breast I’m not suckling while the other goes up to softly stroke the side of her face. Her head turns to kiss my palm and her tongue goes between my fingers as she licks and sucks on them. I start kissing down her taunt stomach. I tease her navel with my tongue to a soft giggle, the piercing there with the chain and dangling coffin looking so cute.

Then my lips are lower, traveling across the waist of her skirt from hip to hip and she’s cooing. The zipper is dead-center front and I slide it down, folding back the edges to see her bare mound again, the lips below are pulsing. I lean in and run my tongue across her mound to a moan from her, she’s silky smooth so must have touched herself up recently. I kiss and lick her mons edging down slowly as her fingers run through my hair.

“Oh fuck Mar,” she pants. “Such a tease.”

“I want this to be memorable for both of us sis,” I say and she moans again. I go back to my explorations, my legs still outside hers holding her thighs closed. I’d seen her from above, but I hold back opening her just yet, I’m teasing myself as much as I’m teasing her. I want this moment burned into my head. My tongue slips down to flick her clit ring then down her wet lips, tasting her direct for the first time and my mouth waters. Finally I lift a knee, put a hand between her legs and gently push one aside. She follows my lead, not tossing herself wide open at once, but slowly parting her thighs and pulling back her knees.

It’s like a flower opening as her outer labia separate and the soft folds of her inner lips come into view. “Beautiful,” I mutter and her fingers run through my hair. I look up and she’s smiling, her eyes filled with more than lust and need. She’s pouring her love for me out through them as well. I match that, putting all I have into my gaze back as I lean in and run my tongue all the way from her rosebud to her clit. She moans, eye’s locked on mine while I put my tongue out and circle the entrance to her cunt.

Her panting gets harder as I tease her with my tongue, fucking her with it one moment then flicking her clit the next. Occasionally I go further down and rim her asshole. She’s shivering and pleading with me. “Please Mar ... eat me out ... make me cum ... taste your sisters juices.”

I break the eye contact and dive into heaven, she’s so sweet on my tongue I could stay down here forever. That it’s my twin sisters pussy I got my lips and tongue on doesn’t even phase me anymore. She’s the one I love, the one I want to make happy. I stop taking it slow and work to bring her up quickly. Her heels lock around my back and her hands pull me harder against her cunt. I fuck her with my tongue then bring a hand up and stuff two fingers into it. My mouth finds her clit, the hood pulled back and it’s like a miniature penis it’s so swollen. I suck it, lick it and nibble it while she bucks against my face.

Then it happens. Her cunt clenches my fingers and she pushes herself hard against my mouth. My hand and chin get drenched as a low growl then a soft scream comes from her throat. I hook my other arm around her thigh and my fingers find her clit as my lips relinquish it. I lick and suck her sweetness, my tongue forcing it’s way into her hole next to my fingers as I keep her orgasm going.

Eventually she’s whimpering and pushing my head away. I stop my assault on her clit, lift my head and ease my fingers out of her hole. Looking at her, she’s got her eyes clamped shut and her perfect breasts are shuddering as her breath comes in rapid gasps.

I slip over her leg and slide up next to her. When I wrap my arms around her and give a gentle tug, she half rolls and snuggles in, her face buried in my neck and her breasts pressed to my chest. My neck is warmed by her rapid breathing and she’s quietly moaning as well.

After a while her breathing slows and her head lifts up and I see half glazed eyes, like she’d been smoking weed.

“Oh my fucking god,” she mutters.

“You have any idea how beautiful you are when you cum?” I softly ask as I stroke the side of her face.

A soft giggle. “You can make me beautiful anytime you like,” she purrs.

Closing the distance I plant a soft kiss on her lips. She responds in kind and we spend some time just kissing and caressing each other. Not the frantic ‘fuck each others mouths’ like earlier, just tender touches of our tongues and soft licks of each others lips.

“Holy shit Mar,” she eventually says, eyes clear again. “You eat pussy like a lez. Where the fuck you learn that?”

“Lots of practice mainly, but tonight I had special inspiration.” Her eyes ask a question and I kiss her and smile. “The girl I’ve loved as long as I can remember was in my bed so of course I had to do my best.”

“You wore me out. I wanted to taste you but right now I don’t know if I can even move.”

“We’ve got all the time in the world, twin. Sleep with me tonight, tomorrow’s a new day.”

Her smile lights up my world and we spend some more time just kissing. I help her up and turn down the covers then lay her back.

I remove her skirt, stockings and take her necklaces and the piercings she removes to her room and into her box. I come back and she’s watching with doe soft eyes as I remove my boots, socks and pants.

My own piercings and necklaces go in my box and when I take the two steps to the bed her eyes go lower. “That looks so delicious,” she croons. I glance down and I’m hard, waving at her.

I kill the light and slip in beside her, moonlight shining though the window. “It’ll always be there for you Liz.” I kiss her soft and tender. “Only for you.”

A soft sigh from her. “Oh Mar, my wombie, my love. No other guy is going to get what you get ever again.” She kisses me, short and sweet but full of promise. “We’ve been at arms length since we came out of mom. Now nothing will separate us again.”

We kiss, cuddle and caress for a while more, then snuggle up. My shoulder is her pillow as she lies on her side against me. My arms are around her, her leg tossed over one of mine. I kiss her forehead. “I love you Lizzie.”

“I love you too Mar,” is her sleepy response. Before long her breathing slows and she’s asleep. I’m smiling down at her peaceful face, a faint smile on her lips.

She’s my sister, I’ve loved her since ... forever. Maybe even before we came out of mom. She’s also now my lover and my love which is so wrong. But it feels perfect. Society can go fuck itself. They always talk about finding your one, true love. I’ve found mine and it’s my twin, and the only way you’ll get me away from her is if you kill me.

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