Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Family hire a motorhome and find things take an odd turn as Mum and Dad rediscover their sex appeal and the children discover they fancy each other

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft  

“Come on, it’ll be fun” said Dad showing them the brochure. The motorhome looked to Thomas like a mobile prison.

“Cooped up with you three in a big plastic box having to listen to your awful seventies music? Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to do for two weeks ... TWO WEEKS! Two weeks of Katy making jokes at my expense and you and Mum holding hands and stuff. Couldn’t I just stay home or –”

“NO!” Mum and Dad chimed in chorus. He’d asked this about every two or three days since Easter. He was fourteen and really thought he’d be able to cope with the house on his own. He’d even thought it through: fourteen days required seven pairs of pants (two days each), five pairs of socks (three days each), two t-shirts and a pair of jeans. What was the problem? And he cooked sometimes already, for fourteen days he could probably use the same plate every night and wash up maybe on the last day. He couldn’t see how that wasn’t a workable solution. Katy did, that’s why she made jokes at his expense. Mum smiled indulgently. Thomas had come along nearly exactly one year after Katy and had arrived nearly a month early. Hospital, incubators and “no more children Mrs Jones” meant he was still her special baby and she let him off a lot. Dad was more realistic and envisioned hedonistic parties of boys and pubescent young girls, and angry parents wanting to know why their daughter was pregnant at thirteen and ... Dad’s get so uptight.

Katy had met a Norwegian boy once and he was dishy – alright she used the current fad word of the day at the time, which happened to be ‘grill’ for no reason that anybody could remember. She was up for an adventure if they all looked like him. She knew they didn’t, but a girl could dream.

Thomas was a normal, healthy fourteen year old now. Health problems when he was younger had given way to a normally developed male body who now noticed his sister’s curves and shape; he was also normal in realising that sisters were off the menu, but her friends weren’t and he definitely lusted after some of them. He had had the occasional nightime masturbatory session with one or two imaginary versions of Katy’s friends. But he was also happy to dream about girls in his class, and the new teacher who joined to teach Biology of all things. Several boys had made the same crude jokes about wanting to understand her biology more.

Having a looker for an older sister meant that some boys also tried making friends with him to get to her; both he and Katy were well aware of that and played things safe. They might be daggers between them, but that was within the family; outside they looked out for each other. Like the time Katy had clearly been drinking at a party. Thomas acted up deliberately so the parents focused on him. She was grateful and remembered that.

Mum and Dad had married young, had children fairly young and had the usual bumps and problems; they had stayed together for the children in the worst passages and now had come out the other side stronger, happier, and much more loving than many of their childrens’ friends’ parents. This sometimes embarrassed them, but Katy was happy that her parents were not separated like many of her friends.

They flew to Oslo and then got an internal flight further North. There they picked up the Fiat Motorhome. Officially a six person, there was a double bed over the driver and bunks at the back. The bunks had a curtain that hung from floor to ceiling about two feet from the bunks – this was instead of separate curtains for each bunk. The double had a curtain too but only across the top. The driver and front passenger section had a separate curtain to pull over. In the middle the table could convert to a second double bed; but six people would have to be really good friends to cope. The toilet was also a wetroom, allowing a slightly larger shower area than usual but with the down side (as Katy pointed out) that the toilet could be soaked after someone showered – she spoke quietly to Thomas “we’d never know if you just peed on the seat would we?”. They both laughed.

The kitchen was really the corridor between the two ‘bedrooms’, it had two rings and a small oven. “Oh, there’s no microwave” said Mum, who had hoped to get away with a lot of heating up pre-prepared, shop-bought, meals. “Too costly to run if you aren’t hooked up on a campsite.” Responded Thomas, who was at least looking forward to camping in rough areas. Katy was less convinced at the idea of washing or showering in the van rather than a women-only shower block. Mum and Dad were just excited to be doing something different to the usual self-catering, static holidays they’d had.

“Who gets the top bunk?” Asked Thomas “Toss for it” said Dad and Katy won. Mum immediately chimed in “Maybe you could swap over mid way?” This was what she did, she always tried to make things better for little Tommy (as she saw it). “Nah, s’fine. Katy won, she can keep it” said Thomas. Katy remembered that later, Thomas wasn’t the sulking pre-teen anymore, he took a more grown-up view of things. She could see Mum’s ‘little Tommy’ view was starting to annoy him where before he had played on it sometimes.

They didn’t go far that first day, and by common consent that first night at least would be on a campsite. Dad had found driving what he nearly called a ‘fucking tank’ and managed to change to ‘flipping tank’ mid-word, quite stressful. He was used to a Ford family car, now he felt 20 feet up in the air and driving a 10 tonne truck. “It will get easier, I’m sure” said Mum, “Maybe I can help too? I’m sure I could cope” Since her role was meant to be navigator, and she was hopeless at reading maps; all three wondered if that might not be better. Thomas and Katy had helped with the navigation last year, which meant they’d said ‘left here’ when Mum was suggesting it might be 2 more miles to the turn; that kind of thing. This year the two of them had studied the maps and decided between them they would hijack a lot of the navigation “to avoid getting to the equator instead of the Arctic”. “Oh, ha ha” responded their mother.

They stopped off at a supermarket and bought food then checked in for the night. They picked a spot away from the main camping areas. Katy and Thomas went off to explore “Take your time, no hurry to rush back” their Mum and Dad said.

“I feel a bit guilty” said Katy “Maybe we should offer to help make the meal”. They turned and noticed the van appeared to be rocking very gently.

“Very soft suspension isn’t it?” Thomas said and then noticed the sceptical face on his sister “What? Oh ... oh no. They aren’t are they?”

“I think so. We’ll walk on I think” So they explored the site, walked into the local shops and generally made sure they didn’t get back too early. When they got back the two older people looked happy and content. Mum was unpacking and Dad was cooking – something only experienced when Mum was visiting one of the grandparents usually, and even then ‘cooking’ often meant ‘take out pizza’.

“Hi, well? What have you found?”

“Tried to speak Scandiwegian to them but they all speak English, seems we took the wrong turn and we’re really in Harwich” No-one alluded to the already made (and remade) bed in the double at the front.

It had been a long day and they all opted for an early night to get an early start and head North. They all went over to the toilets together, which maybe was a mistake as it meant they were all ready to get undressed at the same time. Katy bagsed the toilet/shower and Thomas pulled the curtain on their bunks. He made sure he was in bed before Katy pulled open the curtain and started to climb up the ladder. At that point Thomas realised a bonus for being below. As she climbed up her knees lifted the hem of her nightdress. At Thomas’s head level her raised knee gave a clear and very close view of his sister’s knickers; he saw the lacy fabric curve round between her legs and distinctly saw the slight raising into two ridges made by the flesh beneath. Katy looked down and saw where he was looking and whispered “Pervert” with a smile. He looked at her, embarrassed, and then realised she wasn’t objecting to his gaze.

They lay in their beds and Mum and Dad came and said good night and then pulled the curtain back over. After reading for a while they turned out their lights and Thomas realised the curtain left a thin crack at the bottom where it didn’t hang quite straight. He idly watched from his darkened space, all but invisible. Mum and Dad looked tired and finally opted also to get ready. Dad had to go to the toilets again and, whilst he was gone, Mum undressed.

Since there was silence from the bunks she assumed they were both asleep and removed her top to show off her breasts – still held in place by a bra until, to Tom’s amazement, she just took that off too. ‘Do women not wear a bra in bed then?’ he wondered, then he realised he was seeing his mother’s naked breasts for probably the first time since he was two. She had, from an objective point of view, good knockers, he thought. They were firm and ... oh no, so was he! He was getting a hardon looking at his mother’s tits! But he didn’t look away or shout “I can see you”; he just watched. As he watched she pulled off her skirt, stood in her pants (large, motherly ones, not like Katy’s skimpy pair – that thought didn’t help his erection), smiled and then pulled them off too. Now he knew she usually kept them on at night! He looked at her, facing down the motorhome towards where she thought her children were sleeping, she had a thick forest of curly hair. He knew he shouldn’t look, he knew it was wrong but he also knew he’d never forget his view of a first full-frontal nude woman in the flesh, ever. Even if it was his mum, she was fit, not much over weight and definitely worth a view. Then she climbed up their steps to the double bed, displaying her bottom to a very appreciative and approving son. By the time Dad returned and the van started rocking gently again; it wasn’t just the two adults having sex as silently as possible. Tom was rubbing himself quietly and holding his breath so as not to call out when he came, he wiped up the mess with his pants and realised that 7 pairs might not be enough if they couldn’t be worn a second day.

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