Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Morgan has been invited to dinner to cement the sale of his business to Raygorn Designs. Having met his host's wife before Morgan is wary of the aggressive maneater. His 18 year old daughter Sally suggests she posed as his date for the evening to put the woman off. Somehow Sally takes the role more seriously than Morgan expected.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Magic   Romantic   BiSexual   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Father   Daughter   Polygamy/Polyamory   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Slow  

The BMW pulled into the car park and rolled to a stop. Morgan Vech looked at his passenger.

“God I wish we didn’t have to do this!” He moaned, The girl sitting beside of him grinned.

“Stop worrying dad. It won’t be that bad.”

Morgan had finalised the sale of his business to Raygorn Designs this afternoon. The dinner this evening at an expensive club was to formally seal the deal. Morgan had always hated this sort of formal event, he would much rather sit at home with a mug of tea and a good book or work on one of his projects.

The dinner was with George and Claire Raygorn, Morgan had met Mrs Raygorn before and her predatory look had disturbed him somewhat. When he had described her to his eighteen year old daughter she suggested she pose as his date for the evening. Feeling more than a little guilty excitement Morgan had agreed.

Morgan helped Sally out of the car and couldn’t help but admire his beautiful daughter. She wore a strapless dress in a deep blue, her golden hair was down and tumbled across her bare shoulders. Sally had a well proportioned pretty face but it was her large eyes that always captivated people, they were the most unusual green eyes Morgan had ever seen.

“You look stunning tonight love.” He said at last.

“Mmmm, he finally noticed.” Sally replied with a laugh. “C’mon let’s get in before you change your mind.”

Smiling Morgan linked arms with his daughter and walked towards the club. He had noticed over the last few months that Sally had not been going out as much as she used too and seemed to prefer to stay at home with him. He figured being close to her father was just part of her way of dealing with her mothers untimely death, Morgan’s way of dealing with his grief had been to throw himself into his work. His company, already successful, had rapidly grown under his unending efforts, it had recently come to Raygorn designs attention and they had made Morgan an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Morgan had by that point worked out his grief and was ready for a fresh start, he was ready for new challenges.

Morgan led Sally into the club and told the concierge that they were here as guests of Mr Raygorn. They were politely shown to a table close to a large dance floor where the Raygorns waited for them. Their host stood as they approached and held his hand out to Morgan. Morgan went to shake hands with the older man.

“George, it’s good to see you again.” Morgan was just about to introduce Sally as his date when she interrupted him.

“Hi you MUST be George, hi ya, and you must be Claire, I’m Mrs Vech, but pleeeze call me Sally.” Morgan was stunned for a moment, Sally was an intelligent well spoken girl with a degree in applied Mathematics, yet now she sounded like a total airhead.

He could see Claire looking annoyed as he greeted her, it obviously wasn’t in her plan to have Morgan’s wife here for the evening. To Morgan’s surprise he enjoyed the meal far more than he had expected to, George was called away from the table several times to take calls and every time Sally was all over him, by the end of the meal Morgan was sure he had more of Sally’s lipstick on his face than she did. All this time Claire was looking more and more annoyed at being ignored until she told her husband she had a headache and to call a taxi for her.

The next time George was called away to the phone Sally pulled Morgan onto the dance floor. There were several other couples dancing to some soft music a band was playing so Morgan didn’t feel too uncomfortable dancing with his daughter.

Morgan held Sally as they danced slowly, he tried to ignore the firm young breasts pressing against his chest, but his body had noticed, Morgan felt his cock stiffen in his trousers. Sally’s head rested on his shoulder and Morgan could feel her warm breath across his neck, he suppressed a groan as he found himself getting turned on by the young woman in his arms.

Sally felt his hardness pressing into her groin and chuckled into Morgan’s ear.

“I think I like being Mrs Vech.” She whispered to him.

Morgan felt goosebumps rise on his neck, “What the hell did Sally mean by that!” he thought.

“Um, wouldn’t that uh be awkward when you’re dating someone.” he stammered.

Sally pulled back and looked Morgan in the eye.

“I’m not dating anyone, Alice and I are waiting for Mr Right before we go all the way.”

“Uh, so um you’re, I guess I um thought you had.” Morgan’s brain was whirling. “Uh I um thought you and Alice um.”

“What gay? no we have fun together, but like I said we are waiting for Mr Right.”

Morgan tried to relax as Sally returned her head to his shoulder.

“So, how will you know when you find him?” he asked curiosly.

“Oh we’ve already found him, the problem is getting him to notice us.” Sally brought her head around to face him again. “We’ve both tried everything we can think off except...”

“Ex...” Morgan was just about to speak when Sally’s mouth covered his, Morgan was stunned as he felt Sally’s tongue slide around in his mouth. When she pulled away they just stared at each other for a moment.

“What, what was that for?” Morgan gasped at last. His cock was painfully hard in his trousers as his daughter held him tightly to her slim body.

“Well we’ve tried every way we can think of to get you to notice us.” Sally said grinning at her stunned father.


“Yeah, me and Alice. You just wait till you see her naked, she has got the sweetest pussy you have ever tasted.”

“Sally!” Morgan groaned as his cock twitched against her.

“Mmm, I guess daddy likes that thought.” she giggled then moved back to kiss him again.

“Jesus Sally, I’m going to have an accident if you keep this up.” Morgan told his daughter when she stopped kissing him.

“No self control daddy?”

“Christ, it’s been four years since I last danced like this with a beautiful woman!” Morgan blushed as he spoke.

“God dad, you mean you haven’t been with anyone since mum?”

“No sweetheart, it took me a long time to get over losing your mum. You know I’ve never been a big one for going to clubs or pubs, so I’ve not been with anyone since.” This time it was Morgan who closed the gap between them, they kissed again as they danced slowly.

When they parted Sally stepped away from Morgan and took his hand. Without saying anything she led him towards the door.

“Are you ok love?” Morgan asked, he was suddenly worried that his daughter was angry with him for kissing her, yet she had been kissing him in the same way.

Sally smiled at her father over her shoulder. “I’m fine Morgan, I just need some fresh air.”

Morgan had no choice but to follow his daughter out to the car park, she led him up to Morgan’s car and pressed him back against it as she kissed him with a hunger that left Morgan breathless. Breaking the kiss Sally dropped to her knees and after a moments fumbling drew his length out from his trousers.

“Oh it’s beautiful!” she whispered, her hot breath bathing his erect cock. She seemed to examine him for a moment before Sally’s soft lips enveloped his bulbous head. Morgan leaned back against the car and groaned as Sally’s tongue explored his glans, at the same time her hand began slowly running up and down his shaft.

Morgan guessed that Sally had never sucked a cock before, but her inexperience wouldn’t be a problem for Morgan. Several years without a woman plus the very thought that it was his own daughter’s lips wrapped around his cock head was enough to bring Morgan to the edge in less than a minute.

“Oh Jesus, I’m gonna cum babe!” He gasped as he felt his balls contract. Morgan expected Sally to take her lips off of him and finish him off in a cloth or a handkerchief, but Sally just increased the suction on his cock as she tried to vacuum out his sperm. Morgan gasped and jerked his hips as he fired his seed into his daughters waiting mouth.

Through the haze of sensations he could hear Sally swallowing hard as his cock fired rope after rope of his come into her throat. The idea that his Sally was swallowing his load intensified his orgasm and left Morgan gasping for breath as he leant heavily on his car.

With a final kiss to the tip of his cock Sally tucked him away and stood in front of her father. She grinned at him.

“Tasty, I liked that.”

Morgan pulled her towards him to kiss her, just before their lips met Morgan saw a thick dribble of his seed at the corner of her mouth. Morgan mentally shrugged, if she could swallow his cum this little bit wouldn’t hurt him. He pulled her tightly to him and kissed her, as their tongues entwined Morgan could taste himself, just the taste of his cum in her mouth had Morgan hard again in moments. Sally groaned and pressed her crotch hard into his crotch. Pulling away she looked at her father.

“You have to wait until we get home for anymore. Now we had better get back to finish our dance.” Sally took Morgan’s hand and started towards the door, Morgan just followed stunned.

When they were back on the dance floor Morgan finally managed to speak.

“Sally I’m sorry, that was so wrong of me.” he whispered holding the girl tightly to him as they swayed to the music.

Sally pulled back and looked him in the eye, for a second Morgan imagined her eyes flashed with anger.

“Don’t you dare!” She hissed. “It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. Don’t you dare say it was wrong! And anyway, how can it be wrong of you, it was me that started that and I finished it.” without waiting for an answer Sally kissed him fiercely, her tongue snaking out to claim his.

“Jesus, I’m so confused. I know it’s wrong to do this but I want you so much.” Morgan gasped as she released his mouth.

“Morgan, I know I’m not really your daughter, so how can it be wrong?”

“You know? How?” Morgan was shocked yet again.

“Mum told me just before she died, I was pretty sure and I asked her, I also told her why I needed to know. She approved of this, although she didn’t know about Alice.”

“She approved, you mean she thought we should...” Morgan trailed off unsure how to put his chaotic thoughts into words.

“I told mum I was certain you were not my father, but I needed to know for sure.” Sally kissed Morgan again. “She wanted to know why, so I told her I loved you and wanted to marry you and have your children. Mum thought it was a great idea and gave me a message to give to you.”

Morgan blinked, “A message?”

“Yep, she told me to tell you not to wait so long this time!”

“I think it’s time we got out of here.” Morgan told Sally

Spotting George returning to their table Morgan led Sally back.

“Morgan, Sally, I am so sorry about this evening, I knew I should have never told the office where I would be.” George said as they approached.

“It’s not a problem, we’ve had a lovely evening, thank you. Um we’ve got to get going now. It’s been nice doing business with you George.” Morgan said smiling.

“You too Morgan, Sally it’s nice to have met you. Well goodnight then.” After handshakes and farewells Morgan and Sally got back to his car.

When the car turned out of the car park Sally looked over to the man she had always called her father.

“Would you tell me?” she asked.

Morgan looked puzzled. “Tell you what?”

“How you ended up living with mum and raising a child who isn’t your own.”

Morgan looked thoughtful for a moment. “I don’t mind, um where do I start.”

“I had been living with foster parents for years. I think I was fifteen when Mary, my foster mother had a heart attack and died. Pete and I were both in a bad way for a while, trying to get over her death. I was supposed to stay with them until I finished college at eighteen, but just after my sixteenth birthday I came home and found that Pete had given in to his grief and had hanged himself in the garage.”

Sally put her hand on Morgan’s arm as he drove. “That must have been tough, loosing them both so quickly.”

“Yeah it was a bit rough, I had been living with them for ten years by then. They had even tried to adopt me, but although they were considered good enough to love and care for me, by the rules they were too old for adoption.”

“God that’s stupid!”

“Yeah but then rules quite often are. What I didn’t know at the time was that when Pete found out they couldn’t adopt me he changed their will to make me the benefactor so when I got to eighteen I would inherit two houses and a reasonable lump of cash. They had never been able to have children and had no one else to leave their money to.”

“It took me a while to get over Pete’s death, it was hard but I could sort of understand it. Mary was and always had been his life, without her he was lost. I know he loved me in his way, but without his Mary he couldn’t cope.” Morgan’s face looked grim. “I know how he felt, I felt the same way when Susan died.”

Sally sighed heavily and rested her head on his shoulder, her hand gently stroked his arm.

“You mean you wanted to...” She asked hesitantly.

Morgan tried to smile at her. “I don’t think it was so much that I wanted to, some days it seemed that it was the only way out of the darkness. But I knew what I had gone through when Pete killed himself and I couldn’t do that to you. Anyway that’s not the story I’m trying to tell.”

“Um, about two months after Pete died I was living in a one bedroom flat, I had managed to get a job working for a small printers. The owner had been a friend of Pete and Mary so he was aware of my position, he had taken me on as an office gofer.”


“Yeah you know go-fer this, go-fer that. Well anyway, they had a lot of computers there for various jobs, office work, typesetting, all sorts. I remember it was a Friday morning that the Pc that ran the colour separation software went pop.”

“The what?” Sally asked confused.

“Uh, you know your printer at home uses a black cartridge and three colour cartridges.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t need a special computer or software to do it.”

“Yeah it does, I installed it for you when you got the machine. Well anyway. With this sort of printing you sort of generate several separate images. One image would only have the red bits, one the blue and so on. Then these images are sent to separate machines in the printer and printed one on top of the other.”

“And this Pc broke yeah.”

“Well someone spilled their coffee on it.”

Morgan pulled into his drive and parked the car.

“Let’s get inside at get a drink before we carry this on.” Morgan said as he opened Sally’s door.

“Ok.” Sally kissed his cheek as she climbed out of the car.

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