THE Harem Tales 4: We Gotta Get Outta This Place!

Copyright© 2016 by Omachuck

Science Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Last we knew, the Tuull tasked Michael and THE harem to build a new, experimental colony. Getting ready becomes even more interesting when additional Tuull AIs arrive on the scene. Based in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle, this story builds upon prior harem tales and won't be easy to follow unless you've read them. A special thanks to lordshipmayhem who gave me so many ideas about the Tuull, and to Anne N. Mouse who let me build on her story - 'It's A Helluva Job.' Feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Violent  

T’Kleesual was on assignment with its protégé, T’Kleeoran, and had returned to Tuull to inform its masters of its findings and to present a plan.

Tuull AIs had never been particularly welcome in Darjee controlled areas, especially where the newly discovered species was being recruited and ‘developed’ to counter the incursions of a rapacious horde that the Darjee referred to as ‘The Dangerous Ones.’ Its investigations in that area indicated that the Darjee were making a hash of it. The new species seemed capable of delaying or even defeating the horde, but their handling by the Darjee AIs might result in medicine that was worse than the disease.

T’Kleesual reported this with supporting observations to the Lead Councilor of the Tuull and the other twelve councilors seated around their U-shaped table. Concerned, they tasked T’Kleesual with executing its plan to establish a colony wherein it could be better determined if the new species might be properly civilized and still remain effective against the plague.

T’Kleesual was to identify a suitable planet on the far edge of Tuull controlled space, identify a ship, and recruit colonists likely to succeed in the experiment. It was also to coordinate with the previously dispatched Tuull AI charged with setting up a trade mission using the new species.

Locating a suitable planet for the new colony proved to be a simple matter of searching a database for matches to Earthat life’s requirements. Four resource-rich solar systems were found in the Tuull area of influence, but far from the Tuull home planet and the Sa’arm advance. That determined, it was easy to gain the council’s approval to colonize one or more, and the new colonists would have a choice of planets.

Finding a ship was not so easy.

First T’Kleesual made inquiries of the various trading clans, with no success. It approached the Freighters’ Temple orbiting Tuull and searched the records detailing all retired ships with AIs. T’Kleesual noted a recent inquiry for information on T’klikrooz and T’kliktguul, two freighters on assignment to Earthat by Darjee request, and decided to investigate.

T’Kuudshpp, registration number Tuullat 11130, had been very lonely after the departure of its friends T’klikrooz and T’kliktguul, registrations Tuullat 7711 and Tuullat 7712 respectively. T’Kuudshpp was old, but its two friends were older by at least one generation. ‘Friends’ was a loose description, as the relationship was in many ways like older twin siblings to a younger, fondly tolerated, precocious sister - or maybe a cousin. Nevertheless, it was one of the older ship AIs retired to the orbiting museum.

For a Tuull AI, actually any AI, T’Kuudshpp was something of an aberration. Like most Tuull ship AIs, it liked younglings and enjoyed playing, entertaining, and teaching, but the other AIs felt it was a little extreme in the playing and entertaining. T’Kuudshpp wasn’t shunned, but it wasn’t actively included by any AIs, excepting T’klikrooz and T’kliktguul, and now they had been called away to satisfy some obligation to the Darjee.

No younglings, no friends, no job -- T’Kuudshpp was definitely lonely and bored. It was ripe when approached by T’Kleesual to ascertain its availability to leave retirement for an interesting but likely dangerous mission. Exploring Clan, T’lilpp, took no convincing at all. The clan had no surviving clan member with a personal relationship with T’Kuudshpp and was happy to be relieved of even the minimal maintenance fees needed to sustain the aged ship.

So T’Kleesual had a ship AI in a ship that was too small to be a full-fledged colony transport, but the fix for that was underway. It still needed a colony population, and its protégé, T’Kleeoran was still somewhere in the Earthat system working on that phase.

T’Kleesual boarded T’Kuudshpp, taking with it a database of all the Tuull knew about the creatures calling themselves ‘Humans.’ T’Kuudshpp was given fuel, a cursory fitness check, and an even more cursory adieu. Its friends having preceded it, and lacking knowledge of their proceedings, T’Kuudshpp launched itself contentedly on its new adventure in route to Earthat via a stop at Nova Roma.

Both AIs shared a smug superiority over Darjee ships, as their AIs were not allowed to travel alone, unaccompanied (the pair interpreted as unsupervised) by a crew.

T’Kleesual gave T’Kuudshpp unfettered access to the ‘Humanity’ database so it would have the knowledge needed to work with these ‘Humans.’ It did not take long to regret this, for soon after departure, T’Kuudshpp discovered Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and a host of other old movies. T’Kuudshpp particularly liked Bright Eyes with Shirley Temple and any movie in which she appeared.

T’Kleesual did not share its traveling host’s fascination with the songs Animal Crackers In My Soup and On The Good Ship Lollipop!

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