Swing Friends
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Four couples are swing friends. Their families are about to become swing families. this is their Story. Some of my other stories will interweave with this one down the line.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Swinging   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Water Sports  

Amy Johnson got in the car, looking a little flushed. “Did you know your son is feeling his mother up,” she asked her husband?

“So it’s my son now, huh? What do you mean, feeling you up,” he asked?

“He has been coming up behind me to give me a hug, and rubbing his cock on my ass. When he hugs me like that, his hands come up under my boobs so he can feel those. And he rubs his body up against me when he passes me in the doors, which he has been doing a lot lately.”

Adam Johnson looked at his wife smiling. “Honey, this is a phase all boys go through. Their mother is the closest female around, and they love them. You, are a little hard to hug and not feel your boobs.” He smiled at his wife, looking at her boobs. “They’re a little on the huge side. Did you know you have fantastic tits dear,” smiling at her again?

She glared at her husband, “you mean you don’t care he has a thing for feeling me up?”

He glared back at her, “you could always tell him to cut it out’”

She sunk back into the seat, her shoulders slumping and her head down. She was hoping he would put a stop to it. Meekly she stated “You know I can’t tell him no. Couldn’t you tell him to stop?”

Adam leaned over to kiss his wife, and put his hand up her skirt. He knew his wife would allow their son anything he wanted. He knew her history. She had fucked both her brothers, two of her cousins, and anybody he told her to. He had a hard on just thinking of his son driving his cock into his mother.

His hand reached his pantie less pussy. She was soaked, leaking even. “Oh my god, you can’t tell him no, because you are too excited.” Adam touched her soaked pussy and she came on contact, soaking his fingers, through her skirt all the way to the seat.

He pulled his finger out of her pussy and tried to insert them into her mouth. She clenched her teeth to keep her mouth closed. He used his other hand to pinch her nipple, and the mouth opened with a moan of pleasure. He kept the pressure up on the nipple as she sucked the pussy juice off his fingers. Eyes closed, mouth closed, and her head back, Adam knew she was going to cum again. She just couldn’t help herself.

The satiated look of orgasm, she stopped sucking his fingers, opened her eyes, “you bastard, my dress is soaked in the back and my breath and clothes stink like pussy. How am I supposed to talk to anybody about PTO business smelling like a slut?”

Adam smiled again, leaned over and kissed her deep. “You are a slut dear, my slut, and you will do it because I tell you to do it, just like you always do. I love you dear.” He kissed her again, started the engine, back the car out and headed to the church, where the PTO meeting was.

Amy smiled to herself, it was no secret to her friends, she was her husband’s submissive slut. She would play the brat and act defiant, but she would do anything her husband told her to do. It wasn’t the first time she had wet her dress with cum, it wouldn’t be the last time either. Two months ago at the outdoor arts festival he even made her pee in her jeans and walk around for another hour. All her friends saw her, even talked to her.

Amy sat back and dreamed of the incest that had always been a fantasy they had played with. She frequently called Adam, Ian, when they fucked. In the back of her mind she always wondered when the time came and Ian was old enough, would she cross that line. Riding in the car to the meeting, she consciously decided that if Adam wanted her to cross it she would. She smiled. Just thinking about fucking her son made her nipples tingle, and her pussy vibrate. She ran her hand up her thigh, under her dress, and brought herself off again.

This time, it was her fingers that she sucked the juice off of. All three fingers that she had put up herself. The wet spot on her dress, was now so big, it covered her entire ass. And that was no small ass. Her dress was a light blue knit, and even when it would dry, their friends and probably the rest of the people at the meeting would know the stain was cum.

Three of the men at this meeting knew her well enough that they could bend her over a table any time they wanted and fuck her, with Adams blessing. It was their swing group. The four couples traveled all over the country fucking their brains out. But would they have the balls to fuck her in front of the rest of the people at this meeting? She giggled to herself, and doubted it. She had always fantasized about being taken in public. Not just a swing meeting but in front of a non-suspecting public, maybe someday she would get her wish, but she doubted today.

They had to live with these people. They liked living here in the township. They had moved into the township, out of the village 3 months ago. It was because of their lifestyle. The people in the township were tolerant of their lifestyle, and the way they dressed and acted, but she didn’t want to push the limits past their breaking point.

When they arrived at the church, the other cars were driving up too. Adam saw the Collins and pulled the Jeep into the spot next to them. Melanie or Mel as everyone called her got out of their car with one tit hanging out of her halter top. Adam opened his door, “you might want to put that away,” he said motioning at her top.

Mel gave John, her husband, a look. “Were you going to tell me I was flashing everybody, or just let me flash away?”

She was like Amy. She would act the indignant wife, but if John had told her to leave it out she would have. It was the reason all four couples like hanging out together. All four women were submissive slaves for their husbands. Masochistic to a degree, Amy being a total pain slut. All of them like to be spanked to be bruised, Amy to the point of crying. Hot wax all around, bound with rope and hung up in the air. And anybody that their husband told them to fuck they would.

Adam and John walked toward the building, Mel came running around the car, her tits flailing and falling out of her top. “Amy, Amy” she called excitedly. “I did it, I did it.” Her voice excited her eyes sparkling, her body language showing a heightened sexual look. Amy looked at her, motioning she should probably put her tits away, “what did you do, Mel?”

Mel grabbed Amy’s arm pulled her into an embrace, in almost a whisper, “I fucked Troy today,” and then giggled excitedly. “He has been feeling me up for two weeks. I mentioned it to John. He made me wear a nighty that didn’t hide anything, and told me to seduce him and fuck him. So I did.”

Amy couldn’t move. Her brain told her to walk into the church, but her feet said no. She could feel Mel’s arm holding her fast up against her body. She could feel the soft pillowy tits of Mel up against her arm and tits, and she could hear Mel talk about fucking her own son, she just could get her body to respond.

“Amy, Amy, did you hear me.”

“Yea, I heard you, I just couldn’t,” Amy’s brain froze again. She was a little jealous of her friend that she was first. The first to get her son. They had all talked about it, and fantasized about it, and probably had decided they would if their husbands wanted, but none of them had done it. That was until now. “I couldn’t make my voice work,” Amy said. She looked dazed, as she was trying to talk. “I can’t believe you did it.” She kind of stuttered. Finally, realization set in along with excitement. “you have to tell me all about it, how did it happen, who made the first move.” Then she lowered her voice to almost a whisper, excitedly she asked, “how big is his cock,” she giggled.

A relieved Mel was afraid that fucking her own son would cause problems with her friend. It is one thing to talk about incest and fantasize about it, but to actually fuck her son was a scary thought. She was afraid her friend wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

“Let’s go sit over here.” Said Amy pulling Mel towards the bench. “Let’s so sit in the garden and talk.” That is when Amy told Mel about Ian feeling her up. It was also when she suggested the husbands probably put them up to it. “What is this meeting all about,” Mel asked.

“They are talking about starting a charter school, and hiring a new minister for our church,” Amy responded. “Apparently there are about 100 kids in the township that don’t want to go to the village school anymore. They need about 125 students to make it work, and it is being debated whether they want to proceed or not. They have found a minister that they think will be able to deal with our small congregation, and our values, without telling us, we are all going to Hell.”

Mel giggled, “you mean he won’t make me wear panties to church.”

Amy was giggling at Mel’s comment. Mel wasn’t the smartest person, and was kind of naïve. She really didn’t keep up with what was going on around her. She would just do what John wanted her to do. Amy continued, “SHE was let go from the Methodist, because, apparently, SHE couldn’t keep her panties on. It was rumored she had several affairs with married men of the congregation. Nobody was talking about it, but she wasn’t given a congregation at the last district meeting they held.” Amy was going to explain, but Mel’s eyes had glassed over, not really caring about district meetings, or getting a congregation. Amy let it drop.

“So Miss Mel, tell me how you got to fuck your son, and I want all the dirty details.”

“It started about two weeks ago. He started with the hugs and compliments about how nice I looked. He started spending time with me. Cooking, cleaning, and the such. More hugs, then the kisses started to get more erotic. He was kissing me on the lips, telling me how sexy I looked.”

“At first I was very suspicious. Then I didn’t care, it felt nice to be appreciated. The tongue came next. The hugs became erotic, touching my ass, then my tits. When I talked to John, he told me all boys want to feel up their mothers. If it made me nervous,” Mel said. “John told me, I should tell him to stop.”

This was all too familiar to Amy. Since just this day on the way here, her husband told her it was her job to stop her son from playing with her. She was betting the husbands had discussed and decided the get the kids involved in the sex. It was then the next thought hit her. After she gave her son sex, was her daughter next, and maybe the kids of the others in their group. Adam had mentioned getting a dog, was the dog included in this new life? After all they had fantasized about that too.

Amy tried to keep the tingles out of her pussy, she just couldn’t. It had been her fantasy doing a dog, and Adam had encouraged her fantasies. Now it appeared another fantasy was going to become reality.

“Amy are you listening, don’t you want to hear my story.”

“Sorry Mel I was just thinking. When was the first time he kissed you on the mouth,” Amy Asked.

“It was a week ago. We were in the kitchen, getting breakfast. He told me how much he appreciated the care I took to make sure we ate good. He leaned in and gave me a peck on the mouth and told me thank you. He gave me 4 more short dry kisses that day. From that day forward the kisses were always on the mouth. Two days ago he came home from school, put his books down and hugged me. It was the first time he held me by my ass. This time he put his tongue on my lips, so I open my mouth and let him put his tongue in my mouth. He told me he had the prettiest, sexiest mom in the world.” Mel was just beaming when she thought about being the prettiest and sexiest mom in the world.

“When John came home, I told him all about what was going on. John just grabbed me kissed me and told me how lucky I was to have a son that loved me so much. Amy, John was excited about what was going on. He was so hard and big, it must of hurt. He was pushing his cock into me. He took me to the bedroom, stripped me down and raped me. Oh My God, he hadn’t fucked me like that in 5 years.”

Amy head was in a fog listening to Mel. Her pussy was running like a faucet. She was cumming so much she was making a puddle on the bench. She forgot about any impropriety of being in the church garden in front of God and country, lifted her dress above her waist and brought herself off with her fingers.

Mel watched her friend get so excited she was shaking. She continued with her story. “John told me I could do anything I wanted with Troy. He told me Troy loved me so much I should encourage him. When I went to get dressed, He handed me a shirt dress and said to leave the underwear off. He went to the kitchen to get a snack. When I entered the kitchen to finish dinner he unbuttoned the top 3 buttons and the bottom 3 buttons on my dress. That only left 3 buttons buttoned. I leaned over to get the food out of the oven and my boobs fell out of the dress.” Mel giggled, “I almost burned my boobs. Johns only comment was I had better be careful.”

“For the next two days I never wore a bra or panties. Troy took that as a sign that he could touch. Even put his hand inside the clothes. He explored everywhere. Amy I have had so many orgasms, that just thinking about what is going to happen gets me going. Troy had kept his exploring between himself and me. He never did it in front of his father, until last night. After dinner watching TV, and before his father got to the family room, he had his hand underneath my dress in my pussy. He heard his father coming and went to remove his hand, but I wouldn’t let him. I grabbed his wrist, and squeezed my legs together to hold his hand there. He looked really scared. He was looking me in the eyes with the fear that God was going to strike him dead. I just winked and smiled at him, told him everything was going to be alright. John walked into the room sat down on the other side of me, put his hand up my dress with his son’s hand and they made me soak the couch. Oh God was it exciting.”

Maybe a little too exciting for Troy. After a bit he rushed out of the room to his bedroom, not to be seen in the family room anymore that night.”

Amy and Mel were both staring into the atmosphere. Eyes glazed over, pussies drenching clothes and the bench. Mel continue, “John told me to go find out if Troy was ok. I was so scared I had scarred him for life, that I just didn’t want to go. I finally got up. My knees we so weak that I had a hard time walking. When I knocked on the door, my stomach was doing jumping jacks. I heard a very weak come in, so I slowly twisted the knob, and gently pushed the door open. He was sitting on the bed, his zipper was still down and there were cum spots on the floor. He must have cum a bunch, because there was a lot on the floor.”

“I finally got the nerve to walk to the bed, knees knocking the whole time. You OK, I asked him? He couldn’t even look at me. I was so nervous, even my voice was shaking. May I sit down? He could only nod, he still couldn’t look at me. I pulled his head down to my breast held him and rocked him. “There is nothing to get embarrassed about. Even your father has to cum when he plays in my honey pot. That’s what your father calls my pussy when it is as wet as what you made it. I liked you playing with it, I told him. My pussy liked it too. That’s why it was so wet.”

Mel looked over into Amy eyes to see if she was still ok with this. She reached over and took her hands and held them in her lap. She continued, “We were giggling at my honey pot, but he at least could look at me. He finally told me he was afraid his dad was going to kill him for playing in it.” Amy giggled at that. “He was embarrassed at what was going to happen if he kept playing in it. He had got so excited he was going to cum in his pants in front of us. He just wasn’t ready for that. I held him a bit longer to make sure he was ok. I kissed him on the lips and told him it was time for bed, and that we would talk more in the morning.”

Amy looked into Mel’s eyes, It was Amy who came to the conclusion, “if he thought his father was going to kill him, that means the dad’s didn’t cook this up. It means the boy’s probably cooked this whole feel up the mom’s themselves.” Both of the women were in deep thought over that. It was an awkward silence, that both moms wondered about what precipitated them to feel they could get away with this type of activity.

It was Amy who began to giggle first. “Those little shits know how submissive we are. They will stop at practically nothing if they get away with this.”

“Troy already has,” Mel bluntly stated. “I woke up this morning, John had left to go golfing already. I got a cup of coffee, was sitting in my nighty trying to imagine what the conversation was going to go like. Troy apparently beat me to the punch. He came in with his cock making his jockey’s sticking straight out. He bent over, gently put his hand on the back of my head, and held it while he kissed me. My god Amy, it was a great kiss. It was gentle it was long, and was it wet! I creamed my panties it was so passionate. My submissive nature kicked in and decided right then he could do anything he wanted.”

Mel continued, “I don’t know if he pulled his cock out or it worked itself out by itself, but it ended up in my mouth filling it up with cum. Very delicious cum I might add. I know I am a bit prejudicial because of who he is and the circumstances, but it was delicious. I swallowed every last drop. It was he who took my hand, and guided me down the hall to his bedroom. I ended up on my back with his cock buried deep inside me. Amy I forgot how fast teens can recover and fuck again. He came three times and I lost count how many times I came. It was wonderful”

Amy was speechless. Mel then made the recommendation, “If the boys cooked this up, Ian will be relentless in pursuing you. He will be boosted by the knowledge that Troy had so much success in getting into my pussy. You should go with it. Let him fuck your brains out. It will be orgasmic.”

There was another silent pause as Mel let Amy think about what she said. Amy was shaking she was so horny. “Adam is taking Beth to his mother’s tomorrow. He took a couple of days off to help her get things to the dump and Good Will. My biggest concern is if I can wait till tomorrow. My god look at me.” Amy lifted her dress up to show Mel just how wet she was. The dress couldn’t even soak it all up. There was a puddle at the base of her bald pussy.

Mel made her put her dress down. There were people starting to come out of the meeting, and she thought a little decorum was needed. This probably was not the right time for Amy to be flashing her pussy. They made small talk instead of erotic talk with so many people now milling around.

Their two husbands and the other two couples, that were part of their swing group came out together. The two women who had suffered through the meeting, started sniffing around. Amy and Mel both lost it and started laughing uncontrollably.

It was John who brought up that they as a group were going to the pizza place for dinner. Both Amy and Mel whispered in their husband’s ears. They both were informing their respective husband they needed to stop at home and change. “We will be right behind you, we have to stop home,” Adam said. John repeated the same statement. Jack, one of the other husbands said, “Then, we will see you in about 30 minutes at the restaurant.” They all nodded and left to get in their cars to meet up later.

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