Adventures of a Plumber
Chapter 1


Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a plumber gets lucky with a young customer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys  

It was my last job of the week, and what a crap week it had been so far nothing but blocked bogs and leaky taps. The latest office works order showed that this one was a little more up my street. It was a broken boiler, I hoped for an easy fix and early finish to start the weekend.

The vans built in satnav got me to the address without any wrong turns. I grabbed my toolbox from the back and ran through the winter rain to the front door.

After a couple of rings on the bell the door was opened by a cute young girl, I put her at around 20 maybe 21. She had a pretty smile, bright cherry red lips and dark-rimmed glasses. She was dressed in jeans and a jumper. She was slim but with curves. She looked very tasty indeed. She invited me in with a cheeky smile.

I was unsure if she was the homeowner or the home owner’s daughter.

“Hello there, I am Becky,” she said as she led me into the kitchen, I scoped her butt as she walked in front of me, it looked very nice indeed, her tight denim jeans showed it off nicely.

As I followed her I thought to myself this job needs to have some perks and checking out a client’s arse can’t be against company policy I am sure!

“Hi I am Zak” I replied, “it’s nice to meet you, so tell me what’s the problem?”

“Well I have no hot water or heating, and as you can imagine its bloody freezing!” she said as she picked up the kettle and started to fill it from the tap.

The boiler was an old model; a wall hung type I was familiar with, so I opened the case and started to check the settings on the master control panel.

“So would you like tea or coffee?” Becky asked, again that cute smile, she seemed to smile with her lips and eyes at the same time; it was a smile that really lit up the room.

“Oh, there’s no need really...” I started to say.

“Look its bloody freezing in here, we both need something to warm us up” she laughed. She had a dirty laugh but was both dirty and infectious.

“Okay coffee would be great please, “I said appreciatively.

“How do you take it?” she asked with a coy smile.

“Black please no sugar” I replied.

I soon realised that the settings on the boiler were all good, so I started to run some diagnostic checks. Becky sat at the kitchen table on her laptop and occasionally making notes on a pad. I stole a few glances at her, she was a gorgeous looking girl, and it made me wish I was twenty years younger.

Her jeans showed off her shapely legs and rounded ass to perfection. Her lips seemed to pout as she read whatever was on the laptop’s screen, lips that were deep red and very sexy. Every now and then the tip of her tongue would flit across them in a very suggestive but perhaps unconscious way.

It took twenty minutes and trip to the van for a spare master control switch to get the old boiler to start to fire up. It gurgled a bit but was soon humming away quite nicely. I checked some settings and altered a few to make it work to its optimum levels.

I soon had it purring and watched as the temperature gauge drifted up to the ideal heat setting.

“So Zak how long will it take to warm enough water for a shower?” she asked, looking at me over the top of her glasses. She was sucking on her pen and to be fair it made me twitch a little if you know what I mean.

“Oh with this model, only fifteen to twenty minutes or so, “I said as I knelt down to tidy up my tools.

“Good, we have time for another coffee then, “she said, she leaned over me and grabbed my coffee mug and I felt the swell of her breasts against me. She made coffee and I starred at her gorgeous bum. Then I sat at the table and started doing the mountain of paperwork that seems to come with every job these days. Timesheets and parts lists, a breakdown of what had I done etc.

We chatted as we drank our brews. She asked about my job, what was I doing at the weekend and she told me all about hers. It was a twenty minutes later before I ran the hot tap. It ran cold at first but soon steamy hot water filled the sink.

“Hey Zak, don’t waste it I have not had a shower for two days, “Becky said laughing.

I touched the kitchen radiator it was not cold but was not as hot as I would have expected.

“So Becky would you like me to check your radiators?” I asked as I sipped my coffee.

She gave me a strange smile and tilted her head back in thought.

“Oh yes I would love you too please” she giggled, “Is it okay for me to jump in the shower?”

“Of course, I will be a while yet” I replied.

“Great, I am going out into town in an hour and need to get a wiggle on!” and with that, she was off up the stairs. Some young buck was going to have a great time tonight I thought as I drained my coffee cup, the lucky bastard!

I went out to the van to get my radiator bleeding kit and when I got back to the kitchen I could hear the shower running in the bathroom above me. Becky was singing to herself as she showered, oh to be young again and heading for a night on the tiles.

The kitchen radiator was full of air and took a while to bleed, but once done it took only a few minutes before the heat started to emanate from it. I then moved into the lounge and both of the radiators in there were also cold. After a good bleed, they took another ten minutes to warm up. I heard the shower stopping and doors opening and closing as I guessed Becky was moving from the bathroom to the bedroom.

My mind wandered and I wondered what she looked like naked and again my cock twitched and stirred in my boxers I stood at the foot of the stairs and called up to her.

“Becky do you have any radiators up there that are still cold” I shouted up to her.

I heard her shuffling around and then her head appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Yes all three are cold, can you come and do your magic please?” she giggled.

She had that just out of the shower look, bright and shiny with damp hair, she looked a million dollars. I went upstairs and she showed me the three rooms, her bedroom, the bathroom and the spare room. She was wrapped up in a short dressing gown that clung tightly to the gentle curves of her body. My trousers tightened as she bent over in the spare room to shift some books from in front of the radiator and the gown tightened and became sheer over her gorgeous buttocks.

My head told me that I was an old fool as she was twenty years my junior, but my cock told me that that did not matter. Becky left me to do the radiator and I heard the sound of her hair dryer and more singing. The bathroom radiator was also cold so I bleed that as well. I saw that she had yet to tidy up after her shower. Her jeans and jumper were folded up on a chair in the corner and on the floor were a lacy black bra and pair of lacy black panties.

As I bled the system I stared at them, the more I stared the more I imagined her wearing them and my cock jerked in my trousers. I imagined her slipping them off exposing her body and my cock started to harden.

I heard a phone ringing and then Becky ran out of her room and headed down the stairs. I heard heated words and Becky telling someone to fuck off a few times before she came back up the stairs. Her bedroom door banged shut and I heard another tirade of four-letter words bouncing around her room.

I left her to it for ten minutes before I knocked on the door to her bedroom, it had all gone silent.

“Becky do you want me to do your radiator now?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes please come on in Zak” she called back.

She was lying on the bed, her robe loosely covering her. She was angry I could tell that from her face. I knelt in front of the radiator and started to bleed it. The noise of the air escaping and the bubbling of the water filled the void.

“So are you okay chuck? “I enquired over my shoulder.

“Yes sorry about that, just some annoying boy letting me down ... AGAIN” she said, her voice catching in her throat. “He’s a complete prick...”

There was a little venom in her voice and a little anger and lot of sadness.

“Well I think he must be mad to miss out on a night out with a gorgeous young lady like you “I replied.

“Thank you for saying that,” she said, and I felt her standing behind me. “Do you really think I am gorgeous?”

“seriously, you need to ask, you’re a gorgeous sexy young lady, makes me wish I was twenty years’ younger” I replied, as I tightened up the bleed nipple on the radiator, at the same time wondering if I had said too much.

“Well thank you for saying so,” she said.

I turned to reply and was looking directly at her naked stomach, her robe was gaping open to reveal a pair of skimpy, lacy white panties and a lacy bra what covered her boobs but was sheer enough to show her cute little nipples.

I looked up and down and up and down again, taking in the full sight of a very sexy girl in her skimpy undies.

I started to talk but the words caught in my throat. My words turned into an embarrassing cough,

Becky just giggled

“Sorry have I embarrassed you...” she said looking down at me,

“Well, I would be embarrassed if I stood up” I replied, in my head, many scenarios were whizzing round. Some were good and some were bad and some were very bad indeed.

“ ... and tell me, Zak, why would that be?” Becky purred looking down into my eyes.

The world seemed to suddenly start to spin at a hundred miles a second. It seemed to take me ages to reply when in reality it took about two seconds.

“You really want to know?” I said looking up at her.

“Yes, I do...” Becky’s voice was low and sultry.

I stood up and took her hand in mine and put it on my trousers over my now obvious erection.

“Mmm mm that feels nice and hard, did I do that?” She gasped, stroked it gently

“Yes, yes that’s all your work” I sighed, as I felt her grasp my rod and rubbed it through my trousers.

“That feels very nice indeed, “she said as she stroked my erection, her eyes boring into mine.

“So does that “I replied.

She reached past me and touched the top of the radiator.

“So that’s hot, that means your job done,” she said as he stroked my cock harder and firmer.

“yes, yes...” I stuttered

“Well zak the plumber, I want to suck your cock, “she said, our eyes locked onto each other. “Would you mind if I sucked your cock?”

“I think you know the answer to that” I replied “but I really need to take a shower first”

“Don’t be too long “she replied as she let go of my dick,” there are spare towels on the rail in the bathroom.”

I stripped off my dirty work clothes and jumped into the shower and soaped up. I soaped and rinsed a couple of times before turning the water off and towelling myself down. I wrapped the towel around my waist and made my way back to her bedroom.

She had turned off the lights and there was only the glow of a bedside lamp in the room. She was face down on the bed and I sat on the side of it. I ran my hand down the soft skin of her back, from the nape of her neck down over her bra strap and over her panties. Her young taught skin was soft to touch, firm flesh, I kissed a line down her spine, and she smelt divine.

I cupped and squeezed one of her firm buttocks, she murmured and I squeeze again. First one buttock and then the other. My fingers gripped and kneaded her firm downy ass flesh. Becky had the most amazing firm ass. Round and firm and sexy, my hands could not keep off it.

I dipped my head and bit one peachy bum cheek through her lacy panties. She gasped so I bit harder. I kissed the soft peachy skin, occasionally nibbling at her flesh.

“Take them off for me! “She told me and she lifted her hips to accommodate.

I pulled the panties down over her legs and tossed them on the floor. Then I moved to the foot of the bed, slipped off the towel I was wearing and started to kiss her carves. I kissed the backs of her kneecaps. I kissed and licked the smooth strong skin of her firm thighs. As I got higher up her thighs she opened her legs wider. This girl knew what she wanted and knew how to get it.

I could smell her excitement as I got closer to her ass and feel her heat. I was now kneeling between her thighs and my face was an inch from her bum. I took one buttock in each hand and opened them wide.

Her rosebud asshole was gorgeous, as sexy as hell, I blew over it then ran my tongue around its rim gently, Becky groaned and I licked all around it again a little harder this time. My tongue ran circles around her asshole leaving a snail trail of saliva in its wake.

She let out a little sigh as I ran the broad tip of my tongue over the brown puckered skin over her asshole, I let some saliva dribble out of my mouth onto her arse, to use as a lubricant, before I started to use more force, pushing my tongue up her arse hole. She sighed out loud as I rimmed her cute asshole harder and harder. My tongue wiggled and squirmed against her and I felt Becky pushing back at me as I did it. The tip was driving into her and she was pushing back at it.

I let one of my hands slide between her legs and cup her pussy, she was a smooth as an egg. And she was wet very wet. I pulled my hand back and licked her juices from it, she tasted great.

I pushed my hand back under her and slide two fingers deep into her pussy as I started to lick her arsehole harder and faster. My fingers started to fuck her with deep steady thrusts, deep and hard in a steady rhythm. Her pussy was so very tight and I could feel the soft velvety walls squeezing again my fingers. Every time I drove them into her she let out a contented sigh.

Her ass was gorgeous. I lapped at it, I licked at it, I slid my lips over it and sucked on it, I kissed and licked for all I was worth and it was obvious she loved it as much as I was. Her hips were bucking beneath me and her moans and groans filled the room. I slipped my fingers from her and started to work on her clit as I sucked her ass.

She let out a low load groan as my fingers worked a figure of eight patterns over the little nub. I worked on it hard for a few minutes then soft for a few minutes, I alternated the speed and pressure as I worked on her.

Becky came with a deep moan and I felt her body tense up, the room was filled with the smell of her orgasm, I felt her tighten, relax and tighten beneath me as her climax shredded through her slim lithe body. My hand was soaked with her juices, hot and sticky girl cum. Her body quivered with the aftermath of her orgasm, I felt her pussy clamp down on my digits as I fingered her.

I slipped my fingers off her clit, they were shiny with her juices and I sucked them clean, she tasted like nectar. I wanted more much more, so I grabbed her hips and flipped her over, before slipping my hands under her thighs, I lifted them up and out, exposing her womanhood to me in all its glory. Her cunt looked delicious, fresh and pink and smooth. I leaned in for a closer look; Becky’s legs came to rest on my shoulders.

Them without hesitation I ran my tongue along her wet slit, licking up her juices. I used long slow broad sweeps of my tongue to hover up her essence. She let out a series of low moans as I went about my work. I licked and sucked on the delicate folds of her pussy, working my way up and down her slit. I sucked her licked her tongued her, tasted her and drank from her.

I used my fingers to open the petals of her flower and started to lick deeper inside her, relishing her goo, savouring her thick cum, sucking it into my mouth and swallowing it down like my life depended on it. I felt her hand on the back of my head as I licked and kissed her quim, as I sucked her lust-thickened lips into my mouth. I started to dart my tongue deeper and deeper into her, tongue fucking her tight little hole. I could feel the heat of her excitement as I worked harder and harder on her pussy.

Again Becky started to let out low noises that echoed around the room, her hands guided my head, pushed me this way and that, pushed me closer to her sex.

My face was soaked with her juices, I heard her as she called out for me to eater her harder and deeper. She begged me not to stop so I carried on with more vigour. I wanted her to cum for me again and again so as I ate her and I used two fingers to massage her clit. I was rubbing it in tight little circles.

The smell and taste of her tight little pussy were driving me wild, the more I tasted the more I wanted. This young girl was highly addictive.

“Oh fuck Oh Fuck Oh fuck “she murmured over and over again.

I kept my tongue working on her as she thrashed around below me. Becky’s second climax was a full blown affair, her hips rose up against me and she called out with desire as her body was consumed by her climax. I looked up at her gorgeous face and she was chewing on her bottom lip, her eyes closed as she moaned and groaned. She body was shaking and her breath was coming in short bursts. Her language would have shamed a Docker as she lay back with my head between her thighs.

Her body took a while to settle down and by the time it had, I was laying in the bed beside her.

“Fuck me, wow most people can’t get me off that way,” she said as she kissed me hard on the lips we kissed for a while before she knelt up beside me and cast off her bra. Becky had great tits, pink and proud, firm and full, capped with gorgeous little nipples.

She leaned over and brushed them over my face, I cupped one perfect breast in each hand and sucked her nipples until they became erect between my lips, I gently nibbled on one then the other. I let my teeth graze over the tips making her groan. I rolled her back and leaned over her kissed the curves of her breast, her nipples attracted lots of my attention, I kissed and sucked them, I circled them with my tongue as I caressed and stroked her firm orbs.

I repositioned myself so I could get better access, slipping between her legs. I kissed and sucked on her firm titties for a while, feasting on the firm flesh, gorging myself on her hard nipples.

I knelt up between her thighs and admired the view; she really was a hot girl. She was a sexy as hell, lying there, with a look of lust on her face.

My cock was like a bar of steel, I looked at it, Becky looked at it and then she took it in one hand and rubbed the mushroom shaped head up and down her wet slit. Up and down she rubbed it, rubbing my precum into her lips. Her hand was like a silky vice around my organ.

“So do you really want to fuck me Zak?” she asked as she stroked it up and down her pussy lips.

“Yes Becky, yes I really do, “I said, and as she held me I pushed forward and my cock entered her slowly.

I held the head of my cock between her tight pussy lips and savoured the feeling before I slid its length all the way into her, held it there for no more than 5 seconds and pulled all the way out until my cock head rested on her pussy. I did this a couple more times before my body took over and I started to drive my cock deep and hard into her tight pussy. I lifted her legs up so they draped over my shoulders and I started to fuck her hard and deep, driving into her wet velvety pussy for all I was worth.

The noise and the sensation of my cock driving into her wet pussy were amazing, the smell of our lust was in my nose and on my lips, and I could taste the excitement in the air.

I started to slow the pace down, wanting to make it last as long as I could, I had not fucked for a while, that combined with how sexy Becky was meant, I was sure, it would not be long before my balls boiled over and I shot my load. The pace became slower and slower as I enjoyed the feeling of her tightness around my shaft.

I reached down and as I fucked her I used the tips of my fingers to massage her clit, rubbing, and stroking it. All the time my erection was sliding in and out of her. I looked down at my cock, shiny and slick with her juices. Her tight pussy was gripping me as I ran my cock in and out of her. She massaged my hardness with her pussy as I fucked her.

I could feel the muscles of her tight quim pulsing and clenching around my shaft.

I tried to keep the pace slow, tried to enjoy it as long as I could but soon the pleasure of being inside this sexy young lady took over and my body seemed to develop a life all of its own, ignoring what my brain was telling it.

I was soon fucking her hard again, deep long strokes deep hard and long, and my balls bouncing off her ass as I fucked her harder and harder.

I had been looking down to where our bodies met, enjoying the view of my cock plundering her pussy and her voice made me look up, she called out for me to fill her with spunk.

Becky was massaging and mauling her own tits, fondling them and plucking at her big nipples. She was working on them, her eyes closed, all the time she was letting out moans and groans, she was letting the pleasure take over her whole body.

The site of her playing with her boobs made me fuck her harder and deeper. I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew I was near to my own climax. I frigged her clitty harder and harder as I fucked her. My cock driving in and out of her tight cunt, I watched as my fingers worked on her, as my erection drove deep into her and I felt my balls boiling as my cum started to erupt and my dick started to swell and I shot string after string of cum deep into her.

I kept driving until every drop of cum had been blasted deep into her, she came seconds later as I rolled her clit between my fingers, her pussy tightened around my cock and the whole of her body started to twitched and quiver. Her eyes were suddenly wide open and she said one word...

“fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” she made it last for ages as her climax rippled through her body. I could feel her cunt contracting around my softening cock. She rode out the orgasm as I watched, watch a smile appear and disappear on her lips, watched as her eyes opened wide and clamped shut again. Her firm fit young body quivered until the pleasure seeped from her body, like electricity through an earthing rod.

When she had stopped quivering I dropped her legs off my shoulders and leaned forward, kissing Becky on the lips. She kissed me back, hard, her tongue in my mouth.

“Wow, “she said, “Zak that was like so intense...”

“Good, glad to be of service, “I said as I slid my cock from her now, very wet and very stick and very creamy pussy, and lay beside her.

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