27 JAGed Pills
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mother and daughter sign up for an experimental diet, to prevent the son from fattening them up, while taking advantage of his fetish and oversized endowment.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Bestiality   Masturbation   Oral Sex   BBW   Big Breasts   Size  

I did puke, but the damn thing stayed inside of me. Arms wrapped around a porcelain rim, lungs breathing the stench of abdominal juices I had hurled until my gut was sore, I swore, no more. Let this alien, or whatever the fuck it was, have its prize.

I gave up. My friends and colleagues consider me a strong willed person. Men of the stupid sort call me a bitch but always behind my back. My son, Jerry, respected me from the moment I released him from my womb. He didn’t cry at birth. I didn’t fuss over him. I held him and whispered his name, and he started breathing. His respect continued well after his thirteenth birthday, until I decided to lose a little weight. I want to blame his older sister, who’s been the real bitch in our family since she bit into my nipples the first time and every time I fed her, except she was as much a victim as I.

“Mom! I gained two pounds last month!” About a year ago, Rory stormed into my bedroom. “Why are you always forcing food on me?”

I’d endured worse my from my least favorite child. As much as I love Rory, she ran a distant third from two Jerrys: one at his best behavior and another when he occasionally goofed like teenaged boys do. “Oh my fucking gods, I’ll run down to the chic outlet and update your closet.”

“You know what you are, an enabler!” She tried to point a mean finger.

I laughed! “I am, Rory. I’m enabling excellent health with proper nutrition while you grow into an adult. I stock this house with lean proteins, greens as delicious as they get, fruits, and a variety of nuts and grains. You show me one fucking Ding Dong or even a pizza box in this house, and I’ll pay for your liposuction!”

“You think you can just buy your way out of every argument.” She started. She had nothing. She ended with a stamp of her foot.

“Look, sweetheart, at me. I’ve been five foot nine since I started college. Odds are you’ll be taller. Of course you’re gaining weight, but if you can point at one person who called you fat, I’ll drive my SUV over her dog.”

Rory’s real problem was she wanted to be more popular at school. I never had that problem. I never cared about my position among other girls or women, I only cared about cock, starting my second freshman semester. That’s one of the reasons I ended, months from now, obesely bellying up to a toilet. But the main reason was what Rory said next.

“Grandma.” She pouted, her finger pointing arm dropped, pointed to hell.

Then I understood my daughter’s true predicament. “Honey, I’m sorry. If I could get a court order to keep her out of our lives, I would.” I was exaggerating, Mom is more like me than unlike me, but those unlike parts are difficult. “What did she say?”

“Oh, the usual how I looked pretty and how all the boys must be tugging my pony tail and how I could be more popular if I fit a dress two sizes smaller.” Her eyes windowed torment.

“Good news!” I tried. “If that box of your toddler clothes is still in the attic, we won’t have to go shopping.”

She ignored my dig. “Mom, I’m not skinny.”

Looks. The world revolved around looks at her age. Gods. Damn! It’s a new fucking age. “Rory, I wouldn’t care if you couldn’t fit into a sleeping bag. You have power inside you, power to tackle a million opportunities. Don’t look only at the ones your peers care about. Find a dozen different ones that suit you better.” A good lecture I thought.

“Grandma said I’d grow up fat, like you.”

That bust my ovaries. By no medical definition was I fat. Sure, I could pinch more than an inch, but that’s just ‘self-loathing’ bullshit The Man generates to sell fucking carb bombs.

“Rory, did I ever tell you my mother is a cunt?”

She stepped back. “Uh, n-not actually.”

“Did I tell you that she used to put her finger down my throat after cooking and serving the greasiest southern food on the planet? Did I tell you, when I reached puberty, she taught me to masturbate to distract hunger pangs? I would be two inches taller today, if I had metabolized a tenth of the food she stuffed me with and then purged.”

“Then why is she such a lard ass?” My daughter gave her full attention.

“She’s old, and karma is a bitch.” I never would have spoken against my mother, like that, until Rory came to me with the truth about her. “Look at me, your mom. I’m not skinny, but I’m not close to your grandma’s girth.” She looked, tears clearing. “Now think, how many of my friends have visited us in the last week?”

She didn’t have to say. Three: Lana Meryl, Tal Cranford, and Bobbie Trine. I had other close friends, including platonic inclined men and a couple fuck buddies who had never set foot in my house.

“You have friends, friends who care about you, like Julie Herring. Tell mom, is there a friend you particularly want? Is that part of what’s going on?”

“Caroline Gincotter wants a running mate in the next student election.”

I hadn’t met Caroline, but Rory had mentioned her before. I should have paid more attention. I did know something about politics. Looks was its prime directive. “Honey, lets get naked.”

“Mom!” She jumped back.

“Don’t be a fuss pot. Fuss pots don’t get picked as running mates, but I’m going to prove to you, that your body is more than attractive enough to win a student election.” To keep the pressure on her, I unclasp my skirt and let it drop. Then I reached for my blouse.

“What’s gotten in to you? You don’t expose yourself like this?”

Grandma, that’s who had gotten to me, like she always had with her finger in an orifice. “Get doffing, young lady. I’m serious.” I unbuttoned my last and threw off my blouse. “Okay. Bra and panties are serious enough.” Rory knew this was a suspect request, but I hadn’t requested.

I made it a challenge. “Or are you hiding barrels of fat under your tank top and jeans?” She stuck out her tongue and started stripping, awkwardly. A sex starved pedophile wouldn’t have gotten hard from her strip act. She eventually matched my state of dress.

I stood beside her and aimed us at the mirror in my room. “Look, and be real about it. Your mom has a few extra in the belly, but no more than a handbag half full. Look at you and describe yours.”

“Um, I dunno. Maybe like you but a smaller handbag?”

I hugged her. “Girl, what you got wouldn’t be called mad money.” She didn’t get the reference and eyed me suspiciously.

“That’s hardly a pocketbook.”

“But mom, you’ve got tits like two cantaloupes!” That to her was cheating.

In good time. I wanted to say, but that’s what my mother had told her half-starved daughter. I held my tongue.

“I’d be okay with this lump of chub if I had tits to distract from it.” My girl was not a girl anymore.

I spoke to her as an adult. “Honey, I would gladly give you my tits, if the ache in my back went away. You don’t need them!”

“Can I have them?” Jerry peeped in from around my bedroom’s door. His peepers splayed wide.

“Jerry!” Rory ducked behind my bed.

“You leave us this instant, young man!” I shouted.

“I was joking.” He didn’t leave, but he did step back, still half concealed by the door. His eyes didn’t budge from my chest.

“Oh, do you really want to disobey me right now?” I shook a fist.

“No, but Mom, you left your door open and you and Flatfront were yelling...”

“That is not permission to keep staring at your mother in her underwear.” I coughed. My boy’s eyes were glistening with discovery. Seeing him, my heart recalled my first sight of a boy well equipped to do a man’s job.

Rory looked up from the bed between her body and her brother. “I’ll pound you to hamburger if you don’t get out!” ‘Flatfront’ was a new one for her, but he’d called her less clever things. I’m sure she’d memorized them all and imagined cleverer ways to pay him back.

“Okay. Okay.” He threw the door open and turned around. My boy was also half naked. His white briefs jerked left and right from firm cheeks marching away.

“And stay out!” Rory tried, “ ... Pale Eggs!”

We’d both caught a glimpse of the boy’s loins before he turned. Hanging low had been a pair the size of eggs, jumbo if you’d asked me. I might have fainted if Rory had yelled, Pale Bat. My son’s half-hard piece looked like it could hit home runs every inning.

“I hate him.” Rory stated. When I didn’t respond with my usual cattiness, she looked up at me. She cried. “You got off on that?”

I shook my head. “Of course not. What a silly thing to ask.” I couldn’t deny that I had been distracted.

“Entranced is what you were. Gee, that’s pretty sick, Mom.” Rory stood up and fetched her clothes. If she hadn’t slammed my bedroom door behind her, I might have dressed and left as well. I lay myself on my bed and proceeded to lay my pussy with my fingers.

“Gads, you’ve got a big dick, Jerry.” I whispered. That’s all it took, and I was creaming into my hand. I tried to think about the last guy, a decent sort, who fucked me. He was average size, and quite skilled, but after glimpsing that bulge in my son’s shorts, my cunt vetoed any thought of a lesser tool. It was like I was a freshman again. I once hunted big cock on my high school campus.

How had I never known my son was a giant among mortals? It’s not like I had tried to find out. His penis was unremarkable as a baby, not small ever but nothing that would indicate I should have bought him a queen sized bed for him and his siamese twin. I did what I always did when I needed a good talking too, I dialed my mom.

I hung up before before she could answer and instead called Tal. “Ohmygods, Tal, you gotta hear this.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, but-”

“Fine, I’ll call you back. I’ve got a problem with Chaz.” She hung up. Her son required a lot of her attention lately. I called Lana. I first met her sometime after Russ divorced me, at a crafting cafe.

“Lana, you’d never guess it-”

“You’re horny.”

“Bitch.” I almost hung up. “No, I just saw Jerry. Rory and I were discussing our bodies-”

“You made him horny. Look, Francis. If you want to fuck, come over. If you want me to fuck Jerry, send him. I’ve got clay all over my hands, and when I do, you are the only person I take calls from.”

Lana, her clay, and I had spent plenty of time together on her wheel. I considered it something friends should be good for. But this was not the time. “I’m sorry I called. Smooth shaping, Lana.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, pretty much.” I tapped the disconnect button.

My phone rang.

“Francine?” It was Mother.

“I hate you!” I seethed.

“I love you too. How’s my darling granddaughter?”

“She hates you, but she sends her love.”

“Did you just call me?”

“No. It was a butt call.”

“I’m surprised your butt doesn’t ring every hour.”

“Did you tell Rory she was fat, Mother?” I invaded.

“Never! She’s a lovely child. You just need to take charge of how much she eats.”

“You’re poison, Mom. Did you know that?”

“I know that my daughter was harvest queen three years in a row.”

“I just wanted to eat, Mom! I remember gnawing raw pumpkins on the float, before the parade started.”

“You can, now. All you want. I haven’t said a word about what you should eat since you left for college.” She meant she hadn’t said a word about my weight.

“I’m not going to let you abuse Rory.”

“That’s not what you called about. Is it?” How did she know?

“I’m hanging up.”

“If you want your daughter to have the same opportunities that I helped you to get, you’ll listen to me.” She was talking about my three scholarships.

I hung up. I wanted to throw up.

I cried, and then I dressed and left my private room to make supper.

“Wow! Mom! How much cheese did you use?” Jerry marveled at the new taste of his favorite, sausage and vegetable quiche.

“You know, this is really fattening.” Rory looked at me as if I had betrayed her, but she didn’t pick at her food. I gave her an extra slice. “Just for comfort, after taking crap from your grandmother.”

She laughed. “Oh, so you decided to make a meal with lots of eggs and fat sausage to comfort me?”

I smiled back at her. “No, just the extra cheese.”

Jerry didn’t follow what we were really saying. It flew way over his head, but he did know one thing, a particular thing the family had never realized he liked. “Grandma sure is one hot lady.”

“So, after intruding on your mother and your sister, you now want to peep at your granny?”

“I guess so. I saw her talking to Rory, after school.” He held his hands before him, but low. “When she leaned over, her chest expanded like Wow!” He mimicked the physics of my mother’s flabby but huge breasts.

“You admit to being a sneak!” Rory roared. “I am going to pound you.” She reached her fork across the table and snatched her brother’s last bite of quiche. She gobbled it defiantly.

“Since when did my two growing children regress into babyhood?” I carved myself another slice of cheese dripping pie.

“She can have my quiche, Mom. Maybe it’ll help her boobs grow.” He stuck out his tongue.

I looked at the slice I had just served myself. It glistened with delicious fats. All I could think of was, “Mother, you bitch.” I gobbled it down.

“Mom, your tits don’t need that.” Rory exclaimed. She took the pan with the rest of the quiche and laid into it.

It was Jerry who wised up first. “Gee, I’d get sick, if I ate that much.”

“You’re already sick.” Rory mumbled with her mouth full. “Looking at Mom’s tits, and eew, Grandma’s tits!”

“She wore a bra. I’ve seen her bikini at the pool. What’s the matter.”

My bikini was more revealing than what he’d stared at that afternoon, but I hadn’t worn it in a couple years. I was conscious of my figure. The gooey, melting taste in my mouth soured. What had I done, making this horrifically fattening meal?

I decided to go on a diet. “Jerry, I’m giving you cooking duty for dinner. Rory and I will clean up.

A week later, I had gained two pounds.

“Mom! I gained another two pounds!”

“Hush, Rory. You’re still growing.”

“Not in a week!”

“It doesn’t even show, I bet.”

My daughter looked around my room. She shut the door. Then she stripped. She took off everything and stepped in front of my mirror, pinching this and pinching that.

“I dunno. I feel fatter.”

“Two pounds vs. five foot seven, it’s nothing, Sweetheart.” I was less sure about myself. I didn’t take off my clothes, but I pinched and prodded when I thought Rory wasn’t looking. She was entranced by the mirror.

“Please help me lose some weight, Mommy?” She implored. “Just 5 maybe 10 pounds. I promise, I won’t lose an ounce more.”

After taking my own advice to diet, I doubted my effectiveness. I hated diet books. There was one option I hadn’t considered, my ex-husband. We’d parted on poor terms, but we didn’t hate each other. I had hated him for boasting about the gorgeous women he fucked, while I got retreads from dive bars. So much for an open marriage.

Russ did know how to keep trim and fit. He was a swim instructor and a life guard. He had more recently pick up a sales position, as I refused to pay alimony. His company was one of those, fly-by-night genetics research companies who cheated on FDA testing.

“I’ll look into it.”


“But if 10 lbs for a young teen isn’t considered healthy, no deal.”

“Boo!” She started dressing.

Jerry knocked on my door.

Rory dove behind the bed.

I snickered and said, “You might as well come in.”

“Mom!” My daughter huddled naked behind my bed.

Jerry entered wearing the same briefs he’d worn the last time, but nothing more. “I heard you two.”

I couldn’t help but check out his state of arousal. The lump in his pants, this time was impressive but benign. Still, my insides warmed at the memory of what had been.

He continued. “Why do you want to go on diets? The kids at school make more fun of skinny kids than chubby ones.” He amended, “Well unless you’re a complete lard ass.”

His words struck me. It was probably true. American were, overall, heavier than ever. Society’s filters were bound to catch up to reality. Skinny people were the minority. A little weight might be the new ticket to fitting in with everyone else. A terrible thought occurred to me. “Stand up, Rory.” I ordered.

“Hell no!” She clutched the pants she’d snatched before I invited her brother.

I didn’t play around. I grabbed her pants and tugged her up.

“NOO!!” She stood naked before her half dressed brother. She covered herself with her arms.

Before she could sink down again, I commanded. “You stand right there, Rory, and give your brother a good look. He’s right. Nobody in this house needs to lose a crumb of fat.

I wasn’t looking at my daughter, I was looking at my Son. His package twitched but maybe he was embarrassed now. His face reddened. “Do I have to?” He meant look at his sister.

“Yes.” I use my full, mom voice. “You have to be honest and not mean. Is your sister fat?”

He didn’t hesitate. “She’s flatter than flatbread.”

“I’m going to kill you.” Rory stepped out from behind my bed, her embarrassment vanished.

I grabbed her shoulders. “Hold it.” I looked back at Jerry. “I said, don’t be mean.”

“No.” He pouted. “Rory, you’re not fat.”

“Is she skinny?”

“Kinda?” He was honestly unsure.

“There, Rory, your brother has saved both of us from nasty tasting shakes and dancercising music.”

“Can I put my clothes on now?”

“I’ll help you.” I leaned down. As I reached for Rory’s clothes, I heard a mutter. Jerry. I turned my head, looked at him sideways. I saw his briefs tent. I noticed his eyes. He was staring at me. I looked at myself. My chest pushed out my blouse with their maximum extension. My son was a breast man.

“Mom.” He said. “Please don’t lose any weight.” Or was he?

I looked at Rory. She was also staring but at her brother.

Jerry followed my eyes and noticed I was staring at the same thing. It was poking out from behind the elastic band, like broad-necked cobra. The warm feeling in my chest began thumping. Jerry looked down at himself and covered his growing cock. He fled the room.

“Was that-?” Rory whispered. She’d stopped dressing.

“His dick.” I finished.

-- Sister

I stood next to mother. We surveyed the hall my brother had fled down. I wanted to tell someone that I had just seen the largest penis in the world. My brother’s penis was enormous! My mother was the last person I wanted to share that sight with. I took my clothes and hurried to my room. All of a sudden, I didn’t care if my brother saw me naked ever again, especially if I could see him in the same way.

I dumped my clothes in the corner of my room and flounced on my bed. I closed my eyes and tried to remember every curve of his emerging limb. That’s when I remembered. He hadn’t gotten hard when he saw me. He was looking at mother and her disgusting lumps of fat with nipples, as if her blouse and bra had made her look even bigger, leaning over like that.

“Fatter.” The word sprang to mind. I looked at my sad developments. My aroused body had hardened my nipples and warmed my head, but looking at myself, I lost my concentration on my brother’s prick.

Someone knocked. “Rory? I-I wanted to say I’m sorry. I didn’t know you-. I mean I didn’t know Mom would do that.”

“Oh, shut up and come in here!” I was sick of Rory’s apology voice.

The door opened, and he entered.

“Mom shut her door.” He stopped, seeing that I was still naked.

I saw that his penis had retreated, but it wasn’t entirely slack. The boy had blood behind his shorts. “Shut mine, and stop staring.”

“Should I go?”

“I want to talk.”

He shut my door. He sat at my desk, straddling the chair and leaning over the back. I could still see his bulging briefs in the space between the seat and the backrest. “What about?”

“You.” I sat up on my bed, indian style. I didn’t care that my fuzzy cooze was wide open to his gaze.

He looked, but he didn’t stare. “What about?” He asked me directly.

I hemmed and hawed. “Well, it’s about what you’ve got there.” I pointed at his groin.

“Damn thing’s always in the way, uncomfortable, tight, and when it gets-” He stopped.

“It’s okay, brother, I know, It gets hard. I’ve had a boyfriend.”

He blinked. “You mean you- um, and he...”

“Something like that.” I hadn’t actually fucked yet, but we’d explored each other really well, until we both came. Talking about fucking, in sight of the largest penis in the world (well in my world at the time), was making me a little lightheaded. “I guess size isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” I tried.

“The boys in gym class don’t talk to me.” His eyes twinkled. He knew why. “Except for my bud, Hal.” Hal had been his friend for all of middle school.

“I guess I’m not a problem for you.” I looked purposefully at my chest. It wasn’t entirely flat, but it might as well have been.

The dumb lug surprised me. “Hal doesn’t like big tits.” Jerry sounded sorry that he did.

“Did you really get turned on my looking at Mom bending over my clothes?”

“Um, I guess. What I really like-” He stopped. “I think you’re pretty. Everyone does, especially Hal.” He actually reached down and adjusted his mass of flesh through the white fabric.

“Oh, so you do have some feelings about seeing your sister naked.”


“Maybe isn’t good enough, Jerry. A girl likes to be wanted.” I stuck out my tongue.

“You don’t want me to want you.”

“What I want is an equal opportunity.” I licked my lips. “It’s not fair that I’m the only naked one in the room.

“Huh? You want to see me?” He straightened. His fingers stopped poking at his meaty prominence.

“I just mean that it’s not fair.” I gulped. Would he?

“Okay.” He stood and pulled down his shorts, just that fast.

“Ohhh, gods, Brother!” I gasped. What unfurled before me was a miracle of nature. His penis drooped half way to his knee, and it curved out from his pubes by six inches at least! His sack dangled with pool balls inside. I swear.

“That feels lots better.” He smiled. “Thanks, Sis. It was starting to cramp.”

“I’ll -cough- bet.” I swallowed the pint of saliva that had collected in my mouth. “How do you not just go naked around the house?”

“Well, Mom, of course.” He rattled. “But I hadn’t really considered doing that. Should I?”

I had a hunch that seeing her son’s wicked tool every morning and evening and all day on the weekends was not going to bother Mother in any way that she would dislike.

“Well, not when we have company.”

“Of course.”

“And if Mom does mind,” I looked down at my crossed legs. “You can come in here and be naked for me.” I smelled a scent emitted from my open loins. It was rank and hot.

“Gosh.” He stepped closer. “Can I look?”

I turned my head away. “Uh, I guess. But don’t touch me, unless you ask.”


I snatched glances of him peering politely at my snatch. “I mean I might let you touch it, if you let me touch yours.”

He stiffened, blushed. “Oh.” His dick softened a tad. It rebounded. “OH!” His hand reached for his expanding dick, maybe to comfort it or whatever boys do when they see pussy for the first time. He thought better. “M-may I touch, um, you?”

“It’s not as delicate as you might think.” I leered. His big ass cock was really getting to me. “I may not treat yours gently.” I wanted to grab his prick, first to see if my fingers could wrap around it. Then I wanted to pull on it like a motherfucker and make my brother cum.

His first touch was like a dog paw reaching nervously but without the nails. It was about as erotic as dropping a mug in your lap. “Pitchforks, Jerry!” I cursed. “Can your hand bumble any worse?” I took control of his hand and folded his fingers. “There, nudge my camel toe with your knuckles.” That worked, for me at least. I guess it did for him too. He kinda grinned when I moaned. “My turn.” I warned. Finally, I was going to hold that meat bludgeon standing a foot tall from my brother’s crotch.

I was gentle, at first. His cock’s girth warmed my fingers which didn’t quite reach around the base. His ball sack hair tickled my palm. I squeezed him a bit, to test its solidity. I felt it harden under my flexing fingers. That shot a lance of pleasure from my cunt. I was exciting him as much as this cunt fucker was exciting me. His hand was exploring more of my inner lips. He inserted his middle finger but hit the wall between my clit and my fuck hole.

“Lower.” I encouraged. I needed something inside me, or else I’d push my brother to the floor and suck his fat fucker into my cunt. I was certainly juicing enough to let any sized invader take me. His strong digit entered me and wriggled, exploring. It needed to be deeper to hit my G-spot, but I wasn’t in a hurry now. Something was poking my puss, while I started stroking Jerry’s premium cock meat.

“Dang, you’re juicy in there!” He was amazed. “My finger is splooshing around inside you.”

“Try finger fucking me, Brother, like I’m jacking on your fucking fuck pole. I’ll make you juice too.”

“You really going to make me cum? That would be sick good, Rory.” He did match my pumping rhythm.

“Mmmmm.” We shared with each other.

A long minute of flashing fingers passed with stray moans. I shifted on my bed to look at Jerry’s cock up close. I hummed a tune while my hand, barely reaching around its girth, pumped veined skin. “It’s incredible.”

“You feel great, Rore.” He looked over, his fingers kept plunging in and out of my wet hole. It wasn’t the best I’d felt, but his enthusiasm helped. My discarded boyfriend, Todd, always tried to play it cool, but his fingers had learned what Jerry hadn’t. I knew how my brother could make it up to me.

“I need this inside me, Jer.” I opened my mouth.

The door had other plans. Sharp raps cut our building passions. “Hey, have you seen Jerry?”

Stupid, STUPID Jerry leaped away, pulling his meat-cicle away from my drooling lips. His fingers plopped out of my sopping cunt. He dove behind my bed.

I stared at the ceiling and shook my head. “No, Mom. Have you seen a doctor lately? I think you’re obsessing with a sick imagination.”

“Fine. I’ll have you make supper, while I visit Lana.”

Mom was bothered enough to visit the art whore who lived down the street. Ms. Meryl tried to put me on her throwing wheel. I threw up. It wasn’t as if I rejected her. My guts did. Todd had been enough for my early sexual explorations.

I suppose Mother left. Ten seconds of silence gave Jerry enough time to man up. “I’ll make supper. It’s my turn.”

“What?” I caught his arm. “Get back here.” I pulled his smaller body to me and shifted out of the way. His right shoulder hit my bed. I twisted his hips and threw my right leg over his thighs. I did not hesitate, his prick was too big to miss reaching behind myself to plug its head against my wet slit.

“It’s soft.” He reddened.

I smirked. “Think of Mom’s or Grandma’s tits, Jerr. Do it for old flatfront.” My hand resumed firm strokes. I rubbed my cunt up and down Brother’s belly. “I gotta feel you in me.”

He merely looked at my tummy. His half hard cock faded. “I do like you, Sis. I just-”

“You like fat tits!” I spit. His cock went slack. It was still more than an handful, more than three of mine. I pinched my lips together. “What made you so hard, before?”

“I dunno. You, hones- ... and Mom.” He admitted.

I snorted, admitted defeat. “Get up, Jerry. You loser. You don’t realize what you just missed.”

“I want to fuck you, Rory. I do, but I guess Mom scared me.”

“What will get you back in the mood?” I climbed off of my brother’s body.

He looked away and whispered.

“What?” I punched his hip.

“Dinner. Maybe at dinner.” He repeated. Suddenly more worried, he leapt off of my bed and pulled his briefs back on.

I said, “Huh?”

He darted out the door.

Later, Mom was still at Lana’s, I set the table. “Smells good, you sick fuck.”

“I dunno. I added the avocado that was in the fridge, and I made a mistake with the olive oil.”

“Avocado in spaghetti sauce?” I cringed. Only my brother could screw up warming a jar of sauce. At least I had checked in on the noodles. They were fat and soft. Fuck al dente.

The front door opened. “Oh, good. Smells nice.” Mom smiled. Her hands were streaked with gray. “I’ll just freshen up.” She scooted to the bathroom.

Mom shouted. “I called your father. He said there was a new pill, perfectly safe for teenagers. You have to see a special doctor, but it’s all free because it’s in final trials.”

Final trials. Perfectly safe. That sounded fine to me. What did I know about drugs? I hadn’t even smoked weed.

Mother returned to the table just as Jerry carried two pots to the trivets on the table. We sat and thanked him.

“Rory has to wash dishes.” He grabbed a handful of noodles with tongs and then scooped three table spoons of sauce over them.

My turn. I piled the soft strings on my plate and poured sauce from the pan. “You forgot the cheese.” I fetched the canister of parmesan from our fridge and shook a snowstorm over mine.

“Why did I bother to call him?” Mom fussed. “You’ll need a bottle pills to counteract that plate. She heaped noodles and mimicked my plate, with sauce and cheese.

I sucked pasta and slurped sauce. “Mmm. This is good, Jerry. The avocado chunks are super creamy.”

“This is incredibly rich!” Mom licked her lips and stuffed another forkful into her mouth.

“I made a mistake with the olive oil.” He repeated. He was hardly touching his food. My brother squirmed in his seat.

“Silly!” Mom admonished. “You don’t need to add oil to the sauce.” Her sentence ended with an unexpurgated, “Mmmmm.” She chewed, swallowed and forked another tangle.”

I gulped. Jerry’s eyes nearly popped when mom moaned. She missed it, but I watched him like a hawk. Is this what he meant by “Maybe at dinner?”

“It’s really fattening, you idiot.” I tried, stuffing more of his food into my mouth.

He looked like a red beet about to burst.

I leaned over and looked down.

His cock was trying to tear through his pants. Jerry was getting off on getting his mom and me fat!

I swallowed the most delicious bite of food I’d ever eaten. Pushing back in my chair, I jumped up. “I gotta- I mean, I’ll be right back.”

Trotting to my bedroom, I called back. “Jerry, I need you too.” I darted through my door and closed it almost shut. Jerry stuck his head in a few seconds later, to see me tearing off my clothes. Naked, I pulled him inside and shut the door, quietly.

“So that’s why I’ve been gaining weight!” I fumed, kneeling before my sick brother, manipulating his shorts’ button. It flew off and I zipped down. “You’ve been fattening up everything you cook!” His immense prick pushed white cotton against my face. I inhaled. “You get off on making me and Mom fat!” I tugged his briefs down and was rewarded by the brickbat that bludgeoned my nose. I gripped it and rose.

Jerry hadn’t said a word. He let me acuse and acuse without argument. His prick simply got harder and harder.

I pulled him to my bed and threw him down face up.

“Sis! Mom-”

“Shhh!” I squeaked and launched my crotch across his hips. My hand caught the creature known as My Brother’s Cock, and I leaned over Brother’s trembling body and slapped dick against my pussy. “Push, damn you.”

He thrust and I hunched against him. I had broke my hymen with self abuse, years ago. Yet it felt like a ham punched into my cunt. I bit my hand, to silence myself. Fortunately, our seven seconds of dirty talk had made me as wet as Niagara. His cock piled four inches up my fuck cave with the first thrust. I pressed down. Three more inches stuffed me. I wanted to cry and scream. It was wonderful! I closed my eyes and attended every pound of force.

“Okay.” I breathed. “Work with me, you sick fuck.” I shifted forward. Fat cock slicked out of me, inch by inch. I fell back and stuffed myself with more. “Damn!”

Then Jerry pulled. He freed six inches from my cunt. I shifted lower and gobbled it back.

Meat raked my innards. My clit clattered against his girth. “Oh, fuck!”

“I’m fucking you, Rory.” He giggled. His hips pushed even more, most of his footlong prick up his sister’s stuffed hole.

I swooned. My first cum ripped up from my guts and splashed inside my head.

He pulled back, dredging me with cock. I shuddered at its passing. “Yeah, fuck yeah.” I blurted. It took a few more tries until we found a good, common speed. It wasn’t fast, like I always thought fucking should be, but it was cunt curling good. We screwed like caffeinated sloths.

I pulled his hand to my chest. “Think how your nasty food is going to make my tits balloon with fat!”

Jerry pawed my slight breasts. “You gonna burst the biggest bra, Rore. I’m gonna fatten you up and fuck you every time I see you laying around like a beached whale.” His cock sank into me. He dragged it back out.

“I’m going to eat every sick bite of your food, Jerr. You’ll need buckets and buckets for every meal.” I lifted my tail free of eight, thick inches, then I plopped down, cunt gulping my brother’s incredible prick. My lips, upper and lower, drooled.

“Ohhhh- OOOHH! Rory!” He cried. “I-I-” His body stiffened. His cock became iron inside me. He thrust like a spearmen goring a heifer. Prick surged into me, every inch, pounding my cervix. I cried and came. His balls erupted.

Hot cum pressurized my cunt. His cock sealed me like a handball in a firehose. I could feel jets of sperm blasting into my womb. “You’re cumming into my ‘ute’, Jerr.” I hissed. A haze of delicious pleasure surrounded me.

“Gods! it feels good.” He slumped. His prick plugged me and several more spurts filled me.

I fell against him, tits to shirt. I nuzzled my brother’s neck and wriggled my hips. My cunt rippled from continuous orgasms, vacuuming every wriggler out of my brother’s balls.

-- Mom

My hand dripped. Sounds reached me only minutes after my offspring had sprang into my daughter’s room. I didn’t dare to think, but I knew. I crept to the door and heard every word. Jerry was secretly trying to make his sister and I fat. If that’s what made his dick hard, I wasn’t going to complain. I hitched down my slacks and fingered myself until I had cum twice, eavesdropping on their disgusting act of incest.

I was determined to take them in hand, and remind them who ruled their home. That night, I devised the best plan.

“Russ, you asshole!” I whispered into my phone, the next day. “You said the doctor exam was suppose to be free!”

“You didn’t fuck him for it?” He snorted. “I go out of my way, and endangered medical ethics to get you an appointment and a decent lay for once, and you stiff the poor doctor?”

“I did fuck him, idiot!” I fumed. It hadn’t been enough. What I mean is, he had been pretty good, given I’d been sucking cunt for reciprocated satisfaction all last year. Now I was standing outside a door, once more eavesdropping on my daughter, phone to my ear, other hand in my pants. I overhead the doctor complimenting my only daughter on her figure. “Your doc is trying to get into Rory’s underwear.”

“Hng!” That hit him. “I’ll give that quack a piece of my mind, when he delivers my kickback.” My ex, Russ, was always going to come out on top and with a tip, when he asserted himself. But my jealousy for his successes had died forever. He was second rate, compared to his son.

The day had started with promise. We had an appointment at ten. I managed to keep my children from conceiving incestuous grandchildren that morning, though they tested me verily. I dumped Jerry off at school with a note excusing his sister for the day.

There was no waiting at the doctor’s office. A clerk ushered me into a tiny room that looked more like a third world office than a prestigious, genetics researcher’s lab.

“Ms. Bollinger, welcome. I’m Harvey Blaine. Call me Dr. either one. He chuckled.

I refused to smile.

“Before I disrobe you, I’ll explain what this trial is about. Please, sit.” He indicated a stool that was too small for one of my cheeks. I sat and kept quiet.

“Pannusflush is the working name for the drug. It’s derived from natural enzymes that bind to common viruses that all humans carry. The enzymes switch the viruses into a feeding frenzy, tearing fat cells into dead chunks that are swept away by the body’s cleaning systems. They only target white fat, which is the most efficient form of energy storage in mammals. In their fat killing state, the viruses can’t multiply, but they do burn out, as if aging a year in a day.”

“So the first rule is, take only one dose, two tablets, as close to the exact same time every day. The viruses that aren’t affected need time to duplicate. If you take it too often, the viruses will all die and the drug will cease to work.

“If that should happen,” He cautioned, “We can restore your virus balance with fecal implants. There is no danger. The only known side affect is slight hunger pangs. But that won’t be a problem, either. As long as you take the drug properly, you can eat as much as you like. Studies show that the average weight loss was about two pounds a week. This is not a miracle cure, but it’s close.” He grinned. “Do you have any questions?”

I had a doozy. “What about breast fat?”

“Of course.” He stared directly at my tits. “Breasts are targeted by the virus, but I assure you, the effect is primarily restrained to the waist and hips. In fact, I’m being totally honest here, you may find that your calves don’t lose as much weight as your midsection. Anything else?”

It wasn’t great news, about my breasts and calves, but my plan to teach my children a lesson remained sound. I shook my head.

“Good. Then let’s proceed with your examination.” He rushed to get his hands on my blouse and slacks.

I later confessed to Russ, “Okay. He was a good screw. He treated me with more respect than you ever did when I gained weight. Unnnghh!” I groaned. My fingers flashed between my cunt lips as I replayed my previous ten minutes with the doctor, in my head, substituting Rory in my place beneath him. What were they doing in there? I heard whining.

My phone spoke, “You’ll be a hottie again in no time, Fran. Or at least that’s what my contact at Exo-genetics led me to believe.”

I didn’t bother to explain that I didn’t care if I lost weight. The few pounds I gained recently hadn’t changed my figure perceptively. But Russ could smell extra ounces. His dick only got hard for skinny bitches. It was ironic that his son had the opposite fetish. My goal was to humble the two incestuous creatures that had risen in my house, and maybe get some fat sausage fucking out the plan, myself.

My attention fled the phone at my ear to the door at my other ear. I ignored the nonplussed clerk staring at me.

“I’m honestly surprised your mother agreed to enter you in this trial. You’re a very healthy woman.” The good doctor was by no means a gentleman. “Look at how my body is reacting to yours.”

“Fuck that, Asshole!” My daughter countered. “You may have reason to poke and prod me, but if I even see the lips of your cock in a mirror, I’ll start screaming rape.”

I laughed and pulled my fingers from my moist lips below. There would be no second act here. “Goodbye, Russ.” I hung up and grabbed a magazine from the rack. The clerk looked like he wanted to try me as well. I considered it while feigning reading.

My daughter stormed out of the doctor’s office, half her clothes in her hand. “You better fill out that prescription.” She demanded, launching herself at the clerk.

“Uh, the doctor has to sign-”

“Fuck that! I’ll sign it.” Rory grabbed a pen. The clerk pulled a pad from a stack and handed it to her.

We left the strange office, comrades in arms.

“You fucked him, Mom?”

“He wasn’t bad. You might have learned something.”

“Oh, I did.”

“You fucked him! That was mighty quick for a man who just-”

“I learned something, all right.” My daughter interrupted. “How to make a grown man grovel and beg.”

We reached the car, and I drove Rory to school. Then I went to Exo-genetics and filled our prescription. For a rising star of the medical world, it was just six manufactured office buildings on concrete blocks. It was surrounded by an impressive wrought iron fence and well guarded gate. I saw shotguns hanging on the wall, through the guard house window.

I chose to take the drug at 7:30pm. That gave plenty of time for the kids to get home, do their chores and eat supper.

“Remember, you promised not to tell.” I held two tablets over Rory’s outstretched hand. We had slunk into my room for the deed, with a bottle of water.

“Are you kidding? It’s a great plan, Mom! I can hardly wait to see Jerry’s expression when the trial ends.”

We gulped down the drugs and saluted each other with the bottle. “Cheers!”

Jerry made incredible dinners every night for a week. I’ve never eaten so much fatted lamb, and cream soups, and dripping beef ribs and bacon and buttered potatoes and milkshakes in my life. It was heaven in my mouth. Heaven in my ear was listening at my daughter’s door, between 8pm and 8:15pm. Heaven in my cunt was fucking myself with a faux Hitachi Magic Wand while I listened.

Ending the week, Rory and I had gained two pounds.

“What the fuck, Mom?”

“I called the doctor, but was routed to an Exo-genetics call center. There was a recorded message promising that the drug takes time to get up to speed.”

Rory growled, “Maybe we’re eating too much. Jerry’s food is the bomb, Mom.”

“Can you stop?” I returned. “I don’t think I can. These pills really make me hungry. And the doctor said it shouldn’t matter how much we eat.”

“I’m not sure that idiot was a real doctor.” Rory stormed out of my room.

Starting the second week, I put my personal part of the plan to work. After taking the drug together, I confronted her. “Rory, you can’t be fucking your brother!”


“I overheard, last night, again. Are you going to lie to me?”

“Damn, Mom, what took you so long?” She grinned.

“I may be slow, but I’m thorough.” I pulled a plastic case from my pocket. “You have to take one of these, starting tonight.”

“Oh, gods! Birth control?”

“You’re lucky you haven’t caught, yet.” I started. “But we won’t really know if your brother has pregged you for another month or two.”

“Mom, I’m keeping track of my cycle. I know the proven method.”

“Where are you?”

“Almost there. I promise you, I was going to cool it.”

“That thing!” I feigned mock horror. “It’s like a fireplace log, only meant to burn. I’m not taking chances.” I held out the first pill from the case. I didn’t let her out of my room until she took it. She was thrown off guard just enough to skip a night with her brother.

Later, I knocked on his door. “Jerry, I have something to talk about.”

“Uh, just a sec, Mom.” He scrambled.

I didn’t give him half a second. I opened his bedroom door and strode in. It was perfect.

Jerry stood bent over, naked, fumbling for his briefs. His erect cock stood out like an ostrich neck. On his bed was a box of aloe infused tissues.

“Stop.” I crossed my arms over my chest and glared.

The boy straighten and gulped unconsciously at my tone. “But I’m naked.” He whined.

“Good, that salami needs room to hang free.” I chuckled. I killed my laugh. “Your sister says you’ve been sticking that thing in her sex.”

“That’s a lie, Mom.” He tried to stare me down. “Pretty much.” He frowned and reddened.

“Then explain.” I commanded.

“I mean, she- she’s the one who wanted to-”

“Your saying your sister seduced you?” I cried.

“Um, yeah. I guess.” He trembled.

“And you don’t have the spine or even decency to come to me?”


“You would rather take a chance of impregnating your sister with incest, and make human freaks, than come to your mom?”

“What do you mean, come to you?”

“I know why you’ve been trying to fatten up your sister and I.”

My son’s cock lurched.

“That. That thing likes it when you think of us getting fatter and fatter.” I accused. “Doesn’t it!”

He hung his head, but his prick stood like a tree trunk.

“Well, I know exactly how to deal with the likes of you.” I pointed when he raised his face to me.

“Mom-” He started to plead.

“Hush, Jerry!” I pulled my arms out from my robe’s sleeves and shrugged it off of my shoulders. The blue robe fell around my feet and I stood wearing loose, broad panties and a bra I wore for tonight. It was padded to twice my normal size. “I’m going to exercise, Jerry. I’m going to burn off every extra calorie you sneak into our dinners. I’ve seen you take your tiny portion of food while your sister and I stuff ourselves until our plates are clean.”

“Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not going to work. The only way to stop you from fattening us is to keep you out of the kitchen. But you wouldn’t like that. You’ll cook just as much as ever. Instead, I’m going to take every extra calorie out on you.”

He stepped back. “H-how?”

“On the floor, Mister, on your back!” I ordered. “Now!”

Jerry fell to his knees. “No. Please, Mom. I beg you. I’ll be good. I won’t make fattening meals, anymore. I promise!”

“Too late!” I shouted. “Your sister and I gained two pounds in just the last week!”

A ripple of lust shot up from my son’s groin and wobbled his amazing prick.

“On your back.” I dropped to my normal voice.

“Y-yes, Mother.” Jerry might have started crying. His eyes glistened. He sank down and lie before me, on the shag carpeting.

I swallowed the drool in one of my dripping orifices. I straddled my son’s naked width and stuck one finger into my panties. Pulling the cotton panel aside I squatted. “Hold that thing straight and steady, Honey.” I softened.

He must have known how horny his dripping cunt mother was. He used both hands, and blushed beautifully.

I fitted my gaping cunt to his immense cockhead and wriggled until my juices coated it. Then I sank down, impaling my slimy fuck hole with my son’s towering prick.

“OOOOOHHH GODDSSS!!!!” My body bucked before I felt my first, unexpected orgasm wash up from my cunt. I needed prick in me as if the doctor’s had been no more satisfying than my finger. The fattest one ever stabbed my inner recesses and stretched them to their limit. I sank until my cunt had gobbled every inch of my son’s brutal cock. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! UUUUUNNNNGGGG!!” I hollered. “Sweet son, you’re like a titan inside me.” I swam in waves of delirious pleasure. I focused on every forced inch of my invaded insides. The combined feeling of joy and pressure was incredible! I’d never experienced anything like it.

“A-are you okay, Mom?”

I hadn’t moved for nearly a minute. Gradually my head returned to the mundane world. “It’s wonderful, my sweet boy.” I lifted my hips and pulled my cunt slowly off of my son’s mighty prick. When I felt his flared tip tickle my inner lips, I sank back down, drilling incestuous flesh into my fuck hole. “Gonna fuck every calorie away.” I threatened. Up and down, I began my beat, devouring Jerry’s manhood and releasing it. A second, smaller orgasm struck. I mentally batted it aside as unworthy of my intense need. My body worked up speed.

“Fuck me back, Honey. I know you know how.” I called.

His body responded with will. He countered my thrust perfectly. His nights with his sister became my reward. I lifted and he pulled. Prick lurched out of my cunt and was quickly thrown back in. We fucked, increasing our speed and sensations.

“Look at Mamma’s tits, Son. Look how fat you’ve made them with your wicked cooking.” I pushed up my shaking, padded bra. I stuffed them to be larger than my fat mother’s tits.

“I want to squeeze your tits.” He cried.

“Hah!” I laughed. I”m the one who needs exercise. You can stuff your giant meat stick with me, but that’s all. Now look at your mom’s fat, hidden tits and keep on fucking!”

My fat legs and thighs started to ache. I hadn’t done squats in years. I didn’t care, regular orgasms igniting from where cock slicked against my clit and inner walls staved off the burning in my legs.

I managed twenty more squats, heaving my son’s prick in and out of my dripping sex.

“Ohhh, I’m gonna cum, Mom! I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum in your mamma’s cunt, you nasty fat freak!” I accosted. My legs were tiring, but I could feel the best was close. I felt the first twinges of massive arousal expand in my heart.

“UUUUUHHHHHH!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Jerry’s balls boiled over. His cock hosed my pussy walls. My cunt must have been much bigger than my daughter’s. It accommodated Jerry’s cum pressuring washing outside of my womb. No doubt, plenty of my son’s sperm would end inside too. His cum squirted, hot and forcefully for nearly twenty breaths.

As his orgasm waned, mine tipped over. Sex chemicals raced around my mind and body. I screeched and howled. “FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!” My body convulsed on top of my son’s dick. My insides twisted and wrenched at the massive intrusion stuffing them so incredibly. It was as if my cunt was sucking every drop of my son’s incestuous sperm higher into my body. I moaned and swooned. I fell to my knees and kept fucking my son’s prick.

It remained hard, inside me.

“Mom, you’re really heavy.”

I had collapsed on my son’s body. Still conscious, I babbled incoherently. “Blaa, blaa, blaaaa.”

Jerry pushed, ineffectually. “Hard to breathe.”

“Stuff it, Honey.” I countered. “Mamma has to rest for a bit.”

Quiet passed between us. My head cleared. “Keep on thinking about how you’re making me this fat. Keep that prick solid, Son.” I slowly lifted my body up from his. “I’m not done with you.”

He gasped for air.

I’m a full grown woman who loves sex. As long as my son’s cock stayed firm, I was going to fuck it.

I remained on my knees. His prick lay half inside me, fully hard. This time, instead of squats, up and down, I pushed my hips back, angling his rock outcropping into my refreshed cunt. “Mamma’s going for round two.” I sang.

Jerry proved strong, he pushed meaty prick into my rocking hips’ second hunch down. “Gods, I’m going to make you so fat, Mom!”

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