Suzy and Skye

by murrayphillips

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Desc: Sex Story: Suzy, a middle aged MILF turns the tables on me after I fucked her daughter

Suzy was the part owner of my local newsagency. She had bought with her then husband some 10 years earlier, but since the divorce they had remained owners making sure they worked separate shifts. Suzy and her ex had a daughter, Skye who was 15.

Suzy was gorgeous. Around mid-forties, about 5’8” tall, slim and petite with a soft warm beautiful face and a lovely wistful smile. She wore her long auburn hair usually in a pony tail. Best of all she had really tiny tits. You see I just love tiny-titted women! On the other hand Skye was blond with hair mid-way down her back. She was slim with lovely firm B cup tits proudly pushing out any top or T shirt that she wore. She had a nice smile and a pretty face.

A few times over the past moths I had tried to ask Suzy out for a date, but each time she just blew me off without much of an explanation. I cut my losses and gave up until the day I was in the shop and her daughter was talking to a friend.

“See that guy over there” Skye whispered, but loud enough for me to hear “He tried a few times to pick mum up, but she blew him away every time, the loser...” They giggled together looking furtively over towards me. Skye continued “Last time he tried asking her out, mum said no and don’t ask again! Later she said to me ‘What a loser, thinking he would be good enough for me!’” Again they laughed as they looked towards me.

“Fuck!” I thought angrily “Fucking bitch thinks she’s too good for me!”

I waited patiently and over a period of a few weeks, discovering where she lived and what hours she worked. The best time seemed to be Thursday evening as she worked late until 9. Skye worked until 7 and then went straight home. As soon as it was dark, around 6, I drove to Suzy’s house. I parked the car in the next street and finding the house behind hers completely in the dark went through the yard and jumped the back fence into Suzy’s yard. The back door was easy to unlock and open and I went in and sat in the lounge room in the dark. Around 7:15 I heard a key in the lock and the front door open. The hall light went on so I got up quickly and tiptoed over towards the hall. When Skye came into the lounge, I grabbed her making sure one hand went over her mouth. I touched my razor sharp knife to her throat and hissed into her ear. “Make a sound cunt, and I’ll slit your throat. Understand?” She nodded nervously.

Grabbing her by the hair I dragged her into the nearest bedroom and switched on the light that was on the bedside table. I turned her round and grabbed the top of her polo shirt with both hands. Tearing it open I threw it off and grabbed her bra between her tits. I yanked on it so hard that the clasp broke and it came away in my hands. Fuck did she look good! Definitely B cups and what a handful. I squeezed them and kneaded them pinching the nipples. She uttered a low moan as I cupped both her tits. I undid the button on her shorts and yanked them down her long slim legs taking her thong with it. Fuck, she was completely shaved! I threw her back onto the bed and quickly undressed. Mounting her I started sucking on her tits and nipples. I sucked so hard that she had cute little hickies all over them. I grabbed a nipple between my teeth and bit hard. She started to scream but I showed her the knife and she just whimpered. I bit the other nipple for good measure!

I stroked my 8” cock until it was rock hard. Then positioning it at the entrance of her cunt and rammed it all the way home. Luckily I had my hand over her mouth as she started to scream loudly as I popped her cherry. Fuck it felt good. I start pumping in and out of her tight cunt making sure I bottomed out on each stroke. She was one hot fuck! Finally I could hold out no longer and I came in her cunt with a steaming hot load of cum that I drove far up into her cervix. I pulled out but my cock was still hard so I wiped some of the cum down from where it was leaking out of her cunt onto my cock and them jammed my cock up her arse. Again she screamed as I violated her brown hole. She was so tight that after half a dozen strikes I let a second load of cum loose, this time into her tight arse. But this time my cock was spent so I pulled out and fed the shit-covered cock into her mouth and told her to suck. She was reluctant at first, but when showed the knife got down to sucking the cum and shit off my cock.

I gagged her and tied her arms and legs to the posts of the bed. It was now 8:30 and again I waited in the dark for Suzy to arrive home.

Ten past nine and again the door opened. “Skye” she called out “Are you home?” Of course there was no answer. She walked down the hallway and I crept up behind her placing the knife around her neck. “Don’t make a sound” I warned her. She nodded.

“Where’s Skye?” she asked anxiously “Is she alright?”

“I said - Not a sound, bitch” I continued “But I spoke to her a few moments ago and she is tied up at the moment and will see you as soon as she can!”

I led Suzy into the main bedroom. “Skye is next door, all tied up” I told her “Do what you’re told and I’ll release her. Disobey and I’ll fucking rape her cunt and arse!”

Suzy sobbed “I’ll do what you ask.”

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