Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Magic, Mind Control, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Sister, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Harem, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, First, Oral Sex, Scatology, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Small Breasts, Caution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college student finds a book enchanted by a spirit named Anastasia. She offers him a choice: either three wishes, or unlimited wishes. What's the catch? For unlimited wishes, he must become her consort, and he'll slowly become a sorcerer. What's the attraction? All the women and sex and anything he wants. What's the downside? The more magically powerful he becomes, the less he'll fit into the mundane world. Would you take such a deal? Find out what happens when he does.

I never planned to become a mage. A magician. A sorcerer. It’s not my thing, you know? I was into science fiction, not fantasy. If you had told me, “Steven, you can wield magical powers to obtain all the wealth, power, and fame any man could want” I’d have said “What’s the catch?” Everything comes with a price, you know? Besides, I am not all that greedy, or eager to run the world, or hot to be a celebrity. So I would have said, politely “No, thanks.”

But if you had said “Steven, you can have all the women you like groveling at your feet and begging for sex”, I’d have said “Tell me more!”

That’s my weakness. Sex. It always has been. It probably always will be.

I thought I had taken care of the problem my marrying my girlfriend Gloria when we graduated college, before we started graduate school. She wasn’t the prettiest girl I’d ever had sex with. But she was nice and kind, she had a thick mane of wavy brunette hair, and she had a tremendous pair of tits. (I really like big tits!) And she was totally into me. So I figured it was a better deal to have her in my bed every night than to be chasing tail around campus while working on my advanced degree.

As it turned out, I had underestimated my desire for pushing the sexual envelope and overestimated her willingness to go along with that. She never let me touch her asshole. She performed oral sex only reluctantly, and really gave me a hard time when I told her to swallow. She didn’t even want to have more than one orgasm when we were having regular sex, even though I could have given her a bunch at a time.

So in short, we were not as sexually compatible as I had expected us to be.

And then there were her sisters. My wife Gloria had two younger sisters who were always hanging around our apartment. Kate was 17 and Marilyn was 14. Kate was a petite, blue-eyed blonde with a pretty face and a tight but shapely ass. Mari, as she was called by the family, was a brown-eyed brunette. Although not as cute as Kate, Marilyn had a devastatingly big, beautiful, shapely bottom. I wanted to fuck both those bitches from the first moment I met them.

But no-can-do. I was not about to screw up my situation with Gloria, my big-titted brunette wife, who at least got me laid twice per week.

And then I encountered the book.

It happened on campus. I had a student job working for a professor who was doing some sort of historical and archeological research. He’d been doing fieldwork in the Balkans. That place was still messed up after the fall of ... well, pick a century. The Ottoman Empire. The Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Soviet Union Warsaw Pact. The former Yugoslavia. Geez, what a mess.

Anyway, he had all these boxes with statues, swords, bric-a-brac, and books. I was helping him to catalogue everything. We took photos, wrote descriptions, and assigned unique identifier tags. I was removing a half-meter tall metal statue of a barely clothed young woman from a box when I stopped to admire the piece. The girl was beautiful and sad. She looked like a captive taken in war. As I rotated the statue to look at all sides, it slipped from my hands and crashed to the floor.

“Shit!” I said. Fortunately, I was alone. Quickly, I bent down to retrieve the statue and inspect it for damage. That’s when I noticed that the circular metal base had come loose and something was sticking out. It was the corner of a small book. I saw that the base was not broken. The bottom was made to be removed. Gently, I tugged the base away from the statue and carefully freed the book, which was a little smaller than my hand. It appeared to be bound in pale pink leather. The cover had a geometrical design but no title. I turned the book to look at its spine, and was surprised to see a title in English: BOOK OF WISHES.

I opened the book. And that’s when my world changed. I clearly heard the sound of a bell. Then a golden light shone from the first page of the book, as if I were looking into the rising sun. I heard a woman call my name. “You have freed me, Steven. Thank you. I am boundlessly grateful. I can grant you three wishes, and then you will be free of me. Or...” and here she paused a cooed “ ... you can become my consort, and your wishes will be numberless, and I will grant them all.”

Look, I know how this sounds. Too good to be true, right? In the storybooks, this NEVER ends well.

“Who are you?” I asked. “And what do you want?”

“I am Anastasia” the woman of the book answered. “I died a long time ago. The book you hold is bound in leather made from my skin.”

My hands began to shake. I tried to put the book down, but it stuck to my fingers.

“Do not be frightened, Steven” she said. “No harm will come to you. This is neither a trick nor a trap. If you choose to accept three wishes, I will grant them and then be gone. I will do my best to help you choose wisely and enjoy the results of your wishes. But if you will become my consort, then I will be at your beck and call for life, granting you everything you want. Under one condition.”

Yeah, here it comes, I thought. The trick and the trap.

Anastasia of the book said “The condition is that you have sex with me.”

Hmm. Well, that didn’t sound too bad. But I wasn’t going to have sex with a book.

“Do you have a human body?” I asked.

Anastasia laughed. “I have many bodies. I can inhabit the body of any woman. Or several women at once. I can take over their bodies completely. Or I can lurk within a woman and make her say and do whatever you would like her to. I can place her in thrall to you, Steven.”

Now this was sounding more like it! But I was still suspicious. I needed to find out Anastasia’s angle.

“How do I know I can trust you?” I asked.

“I can only swear to you by all that is Holy that I am telling the truth” Anastasia said.

That’s when it hit me. The question that would trip her up if she was honest but had a secret agenda. I said “Anastasia, let’s say you were in my place. What question should I be asking?”

Anastasia giggled like a teenaged girl. “You are indeed clever and wise, Steven. If I were in your place, I would ask what price I would have to pay for becoming the consort of a magical maiden.”

“OK, Anastasia” I said. “What price would I have to pay for becoming the consort of a magical maiden?”

“You will become a sorcerer. A mage. Every time I grant you a wish beyond the first three, you will accrue some of my power. Eventually, you will become my equal. Then you will be forever changed. You will no longer fit into common society. Ordinary people will be so far beneath you, that you will find them insignificant.”

Well, that didn’t sound so good.

Anastasia continued. “On the other hand, you will live in a world of wonder. There will never again be a boring Sunday.”

I laughed at that. I had just complained to my wife last weekend about how boring our Sunday was.

Anastasia said “You must decide now, Steven. My book will not separate from your hands until you do.”

This is it. Do I take the small potato three wishes, or go for a new life that I cannot properly comprehend yet? Do I go big, or go home?

“Anastasia, do you swear that no harm will come to me, or to anyone else, if I become your consort?” I asked.

“I do so solemnly swear” she said.

“Then I’ll do it. I’ll be your consort” I said.

The book fell from my hands. At the same time, I felt an energy rise up through my arms and fill my body from head to toe. It was warm and friendly and delightful. Inside my head, I heard Anastasia’s voice. ‘The book is empty now. Take it and burn it. You and I are together now, Steven. Let’s go home to your wife, Gloria. I will move into her. I will make her do anything you want.’

In haste, I put the book into my pocket, re-attached the base of the statue, and locked up for the day. I brought the book to a barbeque pit in a nearby park. Using newspaper and a few small pieces of wood, I started a fire. I tossed the book into the fire. The burst into flames and was consumed totally in less than a minute. Then I rushed home so fast, I don’t even remember traveling between campus and the apartment. When I got there, Gloria was putting away some groceries.

“Hi sweets” she said. “Can you help me with these?”

“Sure” I said as I walked up and kissed her on the cheek. Then inside my head I heard a bell. It was the same bell I had heard when I opened Anastasia’s book.

Gloria smiled. But she stopped moving. I heard Anastasia’s voice in my head ‘Watch this.’

Gloria turned to face me. Her grey eyes were wide, pupils dilated. With lips parted slightly, she gave me a smile that was equal parts awe and devotion. “Steve” she said in a throaty voice. “Take me. Please. Let me please you.” Then she put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

Wow! Gloria had NEVER acted this romantic and sexy before!

“Ok, baby” I said as I fondled her big breasts. “Let’s start out with a blowjob. I just want you to suck me off and swallow my cum. I’ll fuck you later. Right now, I just want you to please me.”

Gloria smiled. “Of course, Steve. I’d love to suck you off. I’m so sorry I didn’t do that enough before. I know how much you enjoy it. From now on, you’ll get as many blowjobs as you like. Any time, day or night. I’ll suck and swallow all the time, if you want me to.”

I put my hands on her face and kissed her deeply, entwining our tongues, before saying something more. “That’s good, baby. I may take you up on that. But for tonight, we are going to have lots of sex. Not just one time.”

Gloria smiled. “I can’t wait!” she said eagerly.

We kissed again. Then with an arm around the waist, we walked side by side down the short hallway to the bedroom. We continued to kiss as we undressed one another. When we were done to our underwear, I stopped. Gloria looked at me curiously as she stood there in her white bra and panties. I fondled her breasts.

“Gloria” I said “you know how much I love to play with your tits during sex.”

She smiled. “I have noticed that” she said with a wink.

“And you know that you don’t like me casually feeling up your tits except when we aren’t about to have sex” I said.

Gloria looked contrite. “I’m sorry, Steve. That was horrid of me. I should never have done that. You have every right to touch my breasts whenever you like. I belong to you. My breasts belong to you. You have every right to feel them up any time. Use them any time. Do anything you like with them.” Gloria placed her hands under her breasts and lifted them slightly, hefting her 42-inch E-cups. “These breasts belong to you, Steve. I just carry them around for you.” Then she reached behind her back and undid her bra clasp. Her bra fell to the floor.

I immediately glommed onto Gloria’s massive knockers. Taking one in each hand, I placed my face between them, pressing her warm, white tit flesh against my cheeks. Then I turned my head slightly to the left to kiss and lick one tit, before turning to my right to do the same to the other one. I pulled my head back and took her left nipple into my mouth. I sucked it gently. Then not so gently. Opening my mouth wide, I stuffed as much of her massive tit into my mouth as I possibly could. Then I sucked and sucked. My tongue dallied with her nipple. Then my teeth slowly bit down on Gloria’s soft tit flesh. This always bothered her in the past. She didn’t like the pain of my teeth making slight indentations into her mammaries. But she said nothing this time. In fact, Gloria stroked my head and made soft noises of satisfaction.

“Suck my tits, Steve. They’re your tits now” said Gloria. “Do anything you want with them. Go ahead and bite them. Bite hard. I don’t mind anymore. I know you won’t do any permanent damage. You want your tit property to be undamaged. Just leave some nice teeth marks on my flesh. Give me some love bites. I want to have black and blue bruise marks from your teeth. They’ll remind me of tonight.”

I went at Gloria’s tits like an animal that had finally escaped its leash. I sucked and bit and squeezed and mashed and twisted and yanked her massive tits as if there were not tomorrow and I had to use them to the max, right here, right now. In the past, I never could have gotten away with this. Gloria would have complained in all sorts of ways. But not now. Not today. And never again. From now on, those magnificent white udders on Gloria’s chest were my personal property. I now had exclusively ownership of those 42-inch E-cup mammaries, and from now on I intended to exploit them every day for all they’re worth.

After I had finally slaked my immediate desire to use and abuse Gloria’s tits, it was time to move on to the next activity. We removed the rest of our underwear. Then we lay down on the bed. I was on my back and Gloria beside my left hip.

“May I suck you now, Steve?” she asked.

“You bet, big tits” I said, waiting to see if she would object to being objectified as a pair of tits. In the past, she would have. This time all she said was “Thank you” before taking my penis into her mouth and beginning to suck.

What a refreshing change! Gloria had dropped her prissiness about dirty talk. I would have to experiment with this further some other time. Right now I was simply enjoying having my cock in my wife’s mouth. Gloria had always been a reluctant cocksucker before, but now she went at her job with real gusto. The irony of her former reluctance was in the fact that my cock fit into her mouth better than it ever had in any other girl’s. I’d had my share of blowjobs before. But some girls were too small in the mouth, or their teeth were not well placed for my penis to get comfortable, or some such. Gloria’s mouth had always been precisely the right size and shape to take my cock and make it happy. But she had always been reluctant to do it often enough, or long enough, or without complaints. And she hated to swallow. Now she was sucking with a passion. And she promised to swallow without complaint.

What’s more, she used to object if I put my hands on her head while she was sucking my cock. She didn’t want to feel forced. Now I put both hands on her head and pushed her head down onto my cock. I forced my cock to the back of her mouth and into her throat. She didn’t resist or struggle in any way. So I pushed harder, getting my cock as far into her throat as it possibly could go. Gloria cooperated fully. Her throat made swallowing motions to stimulate my penis most pleasurably.

I felt my passion and sexual arousal rising and rising. I pulled back from Gloria’s throat, putting my cock in the right spot of her mouth so that her tongue could do it justice. Then I thrust back into her throat again. I did this throat, mouth, throat, kind of face-fuck of my wife over and over. I kept fucking her orally. She kept up with me, using her tongue to pleasure my penis wonderfully. The faster I thrust into her mouth, the faster her tongue moved, and the faster she pumped her head. Gloria had never done this before. She was completely into sucking my cock!

“That’s it, big tits!” I said as my breathing and heart rate raced one another towards the finish line. “Yeah, big tits! Make me come in your mouth, big tits! Do it, big tits! Suck me off and swallow! Swallow my cum, big tits!” I practically yelled as I held her head tight. My balls felt like twin volcanoes sending a hot stream of molten cum through my cock straight into my wife’s mouth and throat.

I shot load after load of cum into Gloria’s mouth. She gulped it down as fast as I could ejaculate it.

“Mmmm! That was good” I said as I stroked her hair. In the past, Gloria would have pulled away and rushed to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Not this time. Now we lay together. My relaxed penis was simply resting in my wife’s mouth. Her tongue gently nursed my cock, being careful of its sensitive state after ejaculation.

“You know, Gloria” I said “that was the best blowjob you’ve ever given me. I want you to do it this way from now on.”

Gloria tilted her head to look at me with her grey eyes. She smiled and nodded her head, never allowing my penis to exit from her mouth.

“There’s something else” I said. “I like calling you big tits. That’s going to be my pet name for you from now on. Big Tits.”

Gloria smiled and nodded again. Her tongue pleasured the underside of my penis.

“Good. Even better. Big Tits is not your pet name. It’s your real name. Gloria is a fake name, a public name, just something to use with other people. I’m the person you’ve got to please from now on. And I declare that your true name is Big Tits. Isn’t that right, Big Tits?” I said.

Gloria allowed my penis to exit from her mouth. “Yes, of course, Steve. Whatever you say. I am yours. You can all me anything you like. If you say my real name is Big Tits, then that’s my real name.” Gloria tilted her head to one side. “May I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Big Tits” I said.

“What shall I call you? Just Steve? Or something else?” Gloria asked.

“You can call me Master from now on, Big Tits” I said.

Gloria smiled. “I was hoping you’d say that, Master” she said.

“Good” I said. “I told you before that we’re going to have sex more than once tonight. And we are. But we’re going to do some new things. You never let me touch your anus before. Well, tonight I’m going to do more than touch it. I’m going to fuck it. I’m going to fuck you up the ass, Big Tits. What do you think of that?”

Gloria shrugged. “I don’t know, Master. I’ve never done it before. But of course it’s your right to fuck me up the ass if you want to. I am yours to use, Master. I’ll do whatever you want.”

I smiled. “That’s right, Big Tits. You’re mine completely. I can do anything I want with you, from now on. You can never say No.”

Gloria nodded her head and smiled. “That’s right, Master. I can never say No to you. I’d never want to say No to you. My only wish is to serve you.”

“Well, your wish is going to come true, Big Tits. My wish already has” I said. “Now put my cock back in your mouth. I want to park it there for a while.”

Gloria obeyed. My cock rested in the warm, moist, friendly environment of my wife’s mouth. My cock was home.

I closed my eyes. Inside my head, I heard the bell again, followed by Anastasia’s voice. ‘Do you like the new, improved Gloria, Steven?’

I answered Anastasia with my thoughts. ‘Yes, I do. Were you the one who said and did all that? Or was it a new version of Gloria?’

Anastasia answered ‘It is a new version of Gloria. I guided her thoughts, words, and actions to begin with. I established a pattern. Then I slotted her into the new pattern. This is the new Gloria. She will never change back to the old Gloria. Unless you wish her to, Steven. The spell you have cast on Gloria through me is permanent. Gloria is forever in thrall to you now. She will do whatever you tell her. And like it.’

‘Perfect!’ I said in my thoughts. Then I asked ‘Did you get something out of this, Anastasia?’

‘Oh yes indeed’ said Anastasia. ‘I am your consort. When you had an orgasm, so did I. The more orgasms you have, the more I have.’

‘Well then’ I said to her ‘I hope you enjoy what’s coming next. In a little over an hour, my cock will be hard again. I’m going to have anal sex with Gloria for the first time.’

‘I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, Steven’ Anastasia said. ‘And whatever you enjoy, I will enjoy.’

‘I’ve always wanted to fuck her up the ass. I used to have a girlfriend who was really into anal sex. I miss that. So I know we have to be careful with anal, because shit can make you sick if you get it into a cut or into your mouth. But I’ve got to tell you, Anastasia, I’ve always wanted to have anal sex with a woman and then have her give me a dirty ass-to-mouth blowjob. Dirty ass to mouth is so extreme! Can you make it so that Gloria and I can do that safely, without anyone getting sick?’

‘Of course, Steven! That’s easy’ said Anastasia.

‘Wow! That’s great!’ I said. ‘I hoped it would be possible. But I didn’t know if you had that much power.’

‘You have no idea how much power I have, Steven’ Anastasia said. ‘You’ll find out soon though. Because my power will become your power, just as I told you. The more wishes you get fulfilled, the more magical power you will gain.’

I had been thinking about that. Anastasia told me earlier that it would happen. But after just one wish, I didn’t feel any different. In fact, I felt tired.

‘Anastasia, I want to take a short nap’ I said.

‘Of course, Steve. Take your rest. Gloria will continue to nurse your penis gently. I will monitor everything’ said Anastasia.

I drifted off to sleep and slept soundly for almost an hour. When I woke up, I found that Gloria was still lying by my hip, but I had withdrawn my cock from her mouth. She was sleeping. I stoked her long, thick mane of brunette hair. Gloria stirred. She took my hand and kissed it.

“Do you want another blowjob, Master?” Gloria asked. “Or do you want to fuck me in the ass now? I’m game for anything, Master. I’m yours, body and soul.”

“Roll over on your belly and spread your butt-cheeks for me, Big Tits” I commanded. Obediently, Gloria followed my command. She rolled over, reached behind her, took one pale white butt cheek in each hand and spread them. I grabbed a tube of lube from the night table drawer. After smearing some on my cock and on her anus, I climbed atop her. Pressing the head of my cock against her virginal anus, I said “This may hurt. But it’s what I want, Big Tits. Do it for your Master.”

My wife turned to look at me with her grey eyes. “Your pleasure is all that matters, Master” she said. Then she bit her lip.

“That’s right, Big Tits” I said as I used one finger to press the head of my cock against my wife’s anus. With a small amount of pressure, my cock went through that rear portal into my wife’s asshole.

“Ughhh!” she grunted. Gloria’s anal muscles began to clamp down, trying to expel my penis. I pushed onward, inserting my cock slowly but relentlessly up my wife’s ass.

“Your Master is taking his new slave up the ass. What do you say, Big Tits? What do you say, slave?” I asked as I buttfucked my wife.

“Ugh! Ow! Thank you, Master” Gloria managed to grunt out.

“Good slave!” I said as I pushed my cock further and further into Gloria’s formerly virginal asshole. I paused the advance of the anal invasion.

“Good. I am going to fuck your asshole brutally right now. After I’m done with your ass, I am going to pull my cock out of your rectum and put it into your mouth. I am going to shove it down your throat. And you are going to suck me clean. Then I will come in your mouth again, just like I did before, and you are going to swallow. Got it, Big Tits?” I said.

I had been holding my chest up by my arms. Now I lay down onto the pale white skin of Gloria’s back. I pushed my cock even deeper into my wife’s asshole, lodging it deep into her rectum. My lips were close to Gloria’s ear. “I am butt-fucking my property. What do you say to your Master, slave?”

“Thank you, Master” Gloria said between grunts and moans.

Then I really began pummeling her ass. She grunted more and cried out and bit her lip as I fucked her asshole with total abandon.

“Yes!” I yelled. “You’re all mine now, Big Tits! I will sodomize you any time I please. And you will suck me clean after every buttfuck using your pretty cunt-mouth. Right, Big Tits?” I said.

Gloria was in tears from the pain by this point. But she was already completely enthralled, under to spell that Anastasia cast upon her. Gloria had descended into a state of total sexual slavery. “Yes, Master” my big-titted wife said between her tears.

My hips seemed to be going a mile-a-minute as my cock pumped in and out of Gloria’s tender asshole, butt-fucking my new slave like there was no tomorrow. Every so often, I pulled my cock out entirely, just so I could inspect the results of my handiwork. Every time I did this, my wife’s anus gaped wider than before. It was redder and puffier and more misshapen. Every time I saw that, I beamed with pride. Buttfucking my wife’s virgin asshole gave me a special sense of accomplishment and pride.

The more I buttfucked Gloria, the closer I came to my own orgasm. Finally, the sensations in my balls told me that my sperm army was about to emerge. I pulled out of Gloria’s asshole. Then I issued my command. “Suck me clean, Big Tits! You move over here. I’m not coming to you.”

I lay down on my back. Gloria crawled over to me. She looked at my cock. It had small streaks and blobs of her light brown feces decorating it. Gloria’s pure white face stood in stark contrast to the mottled brown coloration now on my cock. I put one hand on her head. “Smell it, Big Tits. Give it a good sniff. Then tell me what you think. Be honest” I said.

Gloria sniffed at my cock. She wrinkled her nose. “It stinks, Master” she said.

I smiled. “That’s right, Big Tits. Now taste it. Give it a lick. Then tell me what you think. Be honest” I said.

Obediently, Gloria licked my shaft from base to tip. Then she made a face of disgust. “Yuck! That tastes terrible, Master” she said.

I smiled again. “That’s right, Big Tits. Now take it into your mouth as suck it clean. Eat your own shit off my cock, Big Tits. Don’t worry. You won’t get sick. I’ve got big mojo now. Eat shit to prove that you really are my slave.”

Gloria sighed in resignation. “Yes, Master” she said.

Just as she opened her mouth and was about to take my shit-covered cock into it, I grabbed her by the hair.

“What do you say, Big Tits? What do you say to your Master for the honor of being allowed to degrade yourself like this for your Master’s pleasure?”

Gloria gazed at me with her grey eyes. “Thank you, Master” she said. “Thank you for the honor of sucking my shit off your cock.”

I smiled. Resting one hand lightly on top of her head, I did not have to exert any pressure at all to prompt what came next. Gloria opened her mouth wide and engulfed the head of my cock. I felt her tongue licking and licking. I looked at her neck and saw her throat swallowing. Then Gloria began pumping her head up and down on my cock. I moaned with pleasure. I let her do the work of the blowjob on her own for a while. I gazed with pride and joy at how well my wife was learning the way of the sex slave.

But she hadn’t taken my cock into her throat yet. I decided to help her with that. “OK shit-eating cunt-mouth” I said. “I am going to help you become shit-eating cunt-throat.” Grasping her head with both hands, I forced my wife’s head down on my cock, pushing my penis to the back of her mouth and then around the bend into the throat. She began to choke and gag. That didn’t stop me. I did not let up. I throat-fucked her relentlessly. She cooperated fully.

“Yes!” I cried out. “Yes, Big Tits! I am going to come down your throat, Big Tits! You fucking whore! Your Master made you eat your own shit off his cock. Now I’ll reward you with the second load of your Master’s cum!” For the second time that night, I began to ejaculate into my wife’s mouth and throat. It seemed like I would never stop. Load after load of cum erupted from my cock in volcanic bursts. I held Gloria’s head down so that most of my cum went straight down her throat. Only towards then end, when the volcano was almost spent, did I deposit some gobs of cum into my new slave’s mouth.

I kept a tight grip on Gloria’s head. I wasn’t going to let my cock out of the bitch’s mouth until I was good and ready.

“That was good, Big Tits” I said. “Now that you are my complete slave, it’s time to talk about what comes next. I want your sisters. I want Kate and Marilyn to become my slaves as well.”

Gloria looked up at me. She smiled. She nodded her head slightly. She liked the idea!

“Here’s what we’ll do” I said as I began to plan for what we would do over the coming days. As I outlined my plan, Gloria continued to gently lick and nurse my cock in her talented mouth. Eventually, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and we discussed my plans in detail. Then, satisfied, we lay down next to one another with Gloria’s big tits close to my face, where I could suck and fondle them at will throughout the night.

Inside my head, I heard a bell. Then Anastasia spoke “Thank you for all that wonderful sex, Steven! I haven’t had that much fund in ages!’

I addressed Anastasia in my thoughts. ‘You heard the plans I discussed with Gloria for enslaving her sisters. What do you think?’

Anastasia laughed. ‘What do I think? I can hardly wait! Steve, you are a man after my own heart. I knew you would make a good consort. But I had no idea you would be this good! You and I make a perfect pair.’

I was the one to laugh now, although only on the inside where Gloria could not hear. ‘I think this is the beginning of a beautiful consortship” I said.

Kate and Marilyn didn’t know it yet, but they would soon become my sex slaves, with the assistance of their sister and my magical consort, Anastasia.

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