Fiddling With History
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Teenagers, Reluctant, Time Travel,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - "Um, yeah, I see your point, but what about all that crap about changing history. Wouldn't we have to be careful to avoid changing anything? If I got all the pussy I wanted in high school, would I still have gone to college and become an engineer?" "That's just the point of our project. We want to see what happens when we deliberately change the course of history."

I had just finished unpacking the last box of crap from my old apartment when the knock came on my new door. “Who could that be?”, I wondered. I was hot, sweaty and dirty, having been working all afternoon in stultifying conditions. The electricity was supposed to have been turned on yesterday, but was still off when I arrived with my crap.

The lack of air conditioning in an apartment that was not designed for comfort without it was a real bummer. I had stripped down to a loose pair of running shorts and a cut off t-shirt, running commando underneath. They were both soggy with perspiration and covered in dust, turning to mud, from the apartment I had not yet been able to vacuum.

I staggered to the door, to see who it might be. Probably a sexy neighbor, looking to borrow a cup of sugar--yeah, right. I opened the door to the sexiest woman I had ever seen and damned if she wasn’t holding an empty sugar cup in her hand.

My entire body sprang to attention. My dick unshriveled and began quickly running down the leg of my shorts, sort of like the way a horse’s cock slides out of the sheath. Hell, even my tongue got thick.

As my dick reached the end of the shorts leg, it began rising proudly, giving me another eye to appreciate my visitor with, from a lower viewpoint.

John Thomas was proudly looking her in the eye as she sweetly asked, “Mr. Public?”

“Buh, buh, buh,” I stuttered, while trying to get my words out around my swollen tongue. I made a futile attempt to force the stallion back into the stable, but realized I wound up only holding it tightly, as if offering it to her. I hoped to hell she wasn’t going to call the cops on me before I could get my wit together.

She kept smiling at me and admiring the difficulty I was having with trying the control The Monster. Apparently, cops weren’t her solution to the problem of an enraged prick.

“Buh, buh, buh,” I stuttered some more, still trying to get the words to flow.

She came closer and put her hands around mine. “Please allow me to help you with that. Perhaps it would be better to take it inside?”

She could have taken me anywhere and she knew it. After closing the door behind her, she gracefully sank to her knees and somehow managed to inhale the entire length of The Monster. How was that possible? Did her teeth fold in? Was my perception of my endowment somehow inflated? Did I misunderstand when I had asked a former girlfriend to suck it and she was looking straight at it when she said, “You monster”, and ran away.

Well, maybe she wasn’t really my girlfriend. I hadn’t known her all that long, perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes? I thought we connected, though, on a non-verbal basis. Verbally, she kept saying, “Where am I? What are you doing? Who are you?”, and shit like that. I guess those pills I put in her drink weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

At any rate, my new girlfriend was on her knees, bravely facing what that silly girl had run from. Not only bravely facing it, but face fucking herself on my painfully rigid third arm and apparently enjoying herself immensely. I know I was certainly enjoying it. She was also shedding her clothes as quickly as possible, without interfering with my enjoyment.

I leaned back against the kitchen counter and admired her luscious body, while trying to get the swelling in my tongue to go down.

If there is a cocksucking academy somewhere, she must have graduated Magna cum fucking laude. This child knew where it was at. Someone had taught her the intrinsic value of licking my balls while she had the head buried in her humming throat. Perhaps growling would be a better description. I was vaguely aware of having cum three or four times, already, and she was apparently waiting for my main member to subside a little so the ridge didn’t pop her teeth out when she pulled off.

Based on the way she looked and the skill she was applying, it might be a few more days before the subsiding started. I managed to steal enough blood to send to my brain that allowed us to sink down to the carpet and get her swiveled around. I wanted to see that pussy up close and personal.

It was everything I imagined it might be. Hell, I bet her ass tasted like candy. I would get to it later. Now that the pre-cums were out of the way, the dress rehearsal was over and we could get down to the main event. I still had no idea who the hell she might be, but my lack of knowledge was not going to prevent me from burying my nose as far as possible up this sweet gash. Her delicious fluids flowed as if from an ambrosial spring.

Heaven? Is this what heaven is like? Surely, my lifestyle had not qualified me for anything this heavenly, even if I had succumbed to some sort of stroke in my overheated condition.

She kept humming/growling and licking. I was whining like a hound stuck in a bitch with a knot the size of a basketball. How much more could I take?

By the time she had completely drained me, I was completely drained. Funny how that works, huh?

We were lying side by side (still head to toe), when she asked, “Are you able to speak, yet?”

“Nuh, nuh, hun uh.”

“Apparently not. Ok, just listen a bit and I will explain.”

I nodded my acceptance and swiveled around to suck on the gorgeous mounds that swelled from her chest. I am a sucker for tits that are as firm as apples and as big as grapefruit, with cherry red nipples on the tips that point toward the ceiling. She had it all, then some. I wanted to suck each one dry, while fondling the off tit. She squirmed as if it were her idea.

“First of all, I don’t come from around here.”

I whimpered a bit at the fear that this was a one-time deal.

“Don’t worry, you will be able to enjoy me as much as you like.”

She must have been reading my mind.

“Yes,” she said, but I didn’t see her mouth move.

“That’s right. We will be able to communicate from any distance. When you want to reach me, just think what you want to say. When you want to fuck me, just wish it.”

I had not been conscious of actually wishing it until she sat up and climbed on. Then I realized that I had never wished for anything more in my life.

“Is this what you wished for?”

Words seemed unnecessary, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do her justice. As much as I thought about sex and practiced with Maria and her four daughters and read stories that talked about advanced sexual techniques, I had never actually had the opportunity to apply them. What if I failed as her lover?

In answer to my fear, she began shivering and shaking uncontrollably, while a high keening sound from somewhere in her chest grew louder and louder and a river of aromatic fluids washed around my balls. Her stomach began clenching and unclenching, running ribbons of pressure up and down my painfully distended dick like I imagined a milking machine does to a cow teat.

“Feel better now, Lover?”, she asked, without losing a beat.

“Nuh, nuh, hun uh.”

“Ok, I can wait. Want me to bang my tits against your face while you keep fucking me senseless?”

She knew the answer to that one, I guess, because here they came.

“Mmmmhmmhmmmhhhmmhh”, I managed, as I opened my mouth as wide as possible so her nipples lashed across my tongue.

Long afterward and I suppose after a nap of some indeterminate length, I came to my senses, still buried to the root in her fiery snatch and still hard as her Kegels rippled.

“It appears that our intercourse will always result in intercourse of a particular type. Are you all right with that?”, she asked, while milking me a little harder.

“Darling,” I told her, borrowing (and misquoting) a line from a favorite movie, “Whatever pleasures you, just tickles the shit out of me”.

“Good, then let’s start over, now that you have regained the power of speech.”


“Mr. Public?”

“Yes, but you may call me John Q.”, I always like saying that.

“Do I have your undivided attention?”


“Have you enjoyed our intercourse, so far?”

“Honey, if I enjoyed it any more, I would explode.”

“Would you like to continue to enjoy it?”

“The possibility of losing you scares the shit out of me. I don’t ever want to let you go.”

“What if I provided you with dozens of women like me who dream of being with you and competing for your attention.”

“Bring’em on, but I don’t think that anybody could surpass your effect on me.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say. Does that mean that you would be willing to do me just a teensy, tiny little favor thingy to make me happy?

“Honey, if you can think it, I will do my damnedest to make it happen.”

“Ok, first we need to cut off your dick.”

“Uh, say what?”, I felt it start to shrivel in defense. Lose my manhood? On the other hand, all my manhood hod done for me until today was give me blue balls and wide-eyed insomnia during all those nights I had lain awake with such a tremendous hard on there wasn’t enough loose skin left over to close my eyes. As much as I loved my big dick, the memory of the uncounted hours of ecstasy we had shared today far overrode the sum total of my ecstatic experiences before today.

“Uh, maybe. Can we talk about it? How would we be able to continue what we have done today without my big dick?”

“Suppose that it was necessary to cut off your very adequate dick in order to replace it with a much bigger one?”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Suppose we needed you to do something for us that made it necessary for you to be a woman?”

“Whoa. This is getting seriously heavy. Can you do that? Can you change me any way you want me?”

“Do you think I was born looking like this?”

“If you were, I’ll bet the nurses were astounded.”

“No, Silly. I mean do you think I looked like this before I agreed to do this project with you?”

“Oh. Oh.”, I had to think about this a bit. “I don’t suppose you were a male?”

“Would it matter?”

“I don’t know. I never had to think about anything like that before. My background and training makes me recoil at the idea, but then your present form, both physically and emotionally is so perfect for me that I could probably accept anything in your past.”

“Suppose that both of us had the power to be anything we want, at any time and to change at will?”

“Now, that’s some powerful stuff there, little Missy. Does that mean that I could grow two dicks and fuck you front and center at the same time?”

“Yes, and it also means that I could grow a dick and bugger you while you fuck me. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Wow! You’re really throwing a lot of powerful shit at me while I’m still buried to the balls in your hot cunt and can’t possibly have more than 5-10% of the normal blood supply to my brain. If you can do all that, does this mean that you can manipulate time as well as space?”

“Why? Would you like to be fourteen again and have me in your bed every night?”

“Don’t torture me, woman. Is that actually possible?”

“It is if you agree to join our project.”

“Oh shit. I agree, I agree. I’ll do anything you want. Cut my dick off, make me a horse. If you can keep making me feel as you have today, I am yours to do with as you will.”

“Would you be willing to go back in time?”

“Why not? Can you do that?”

“Didn’t I promise you could fuck me four ways from Sunday as a 14-year old boy? We would have to go back in time to do that, wouldn’t we?”

“Um, yeah, I see your point, but what about all that crap about changing history. Wouldn’t we have to be careful to avoid changing anything? If I got all the pussy I wanted in high school, would I still have gone to college and become an engineer?”

“That’s just the point of our project. We want to see what happens when we deliberately change the course of history.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Why? We can always go back and unchange it, can’t we?”

“Hmmmh. I see your point. Just for starters, can we grow dicks on my knees and elbows, nose and toes and get some of those beauties over here you were talking about so I can learn how to multifuck?”

“Consider it done.”

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