Sarah and Her Son
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A single mother entertains her son's perverted fantasies, and it leads to more.

Sam’s pulse raced as he approached his mother’s bathroom door. It was the first day of summer and he’d been walking down the hall when he’d heard her shower running and saw the gap that had been left open. He knew it was terrible, and he knew he was disgusting, but he’d come to terms with the fact that he was a pervert years before. His fetishes went beyond the typical horniness of a 14 year old though, and his computer was full of rape-fantasy porn, incest, bestiality, and anything else a person could think of, but his favorite fantasy of all was his mother.

Not that most people would blame him. At 34 years old, Sarah was gorgeous; standing at 5’7” tall and weighing a fit 110 lbs. Her beauty wasn’t typical for most Americans, but that was probably because she was born in the UK before her parents moved to the States at a young age. Sam was a major geek, and had always loved Dr. Who, so when the actress Jenna Coleman starred on the show he was shocked at how similar she was facially to his own mother, albeit Sarah had a slightly narrower face and taller forehead. The curious smile, cute nose, bright blue eyes and long dark brown hair, however, were the same. From the neck down, his mother left Jenna in the dust. Despite teaching full time and raising Sam on her own, she still managed to spend at least an hour exercising each day, and her body reflected it. She had a trim, hourglass figure, with a cute, round butt that was neither too big nor too small, a flat stomach with lightly defined abs, toned legs, and Sam’s favorite feature, a pair of 32D breasts that always looked phenomenal in the sports bras and bikinis that she wore.

But she was more than just a hot body, she was really his best friend. From an early age it had been obvious that Sam was more intelligent than the other kids, and before long he’d been bumped up a grade, and then another. So, despite being only 14, he’d just finished his Freshmen year of high school. Maybe if they’d lived in a more urban environment his intelligence would’ve been a social plus, but in the small town where were, being smart meant being a ‘nerd.’ Being so smart that he was two years younger than his classmates meant that he was a social outcast. But he didn’t care. Sure, life at school sucked, but Sarah more than made up for it. Whether it was playing video games, going on road trips, hiking nature trails, or just trips to the beach, she always seemed to have something to do to keep him entertained. He knew that was at least part of the reason he was so infatuated with her; she was the closest thing to a girlfriend that he’d ever had.

Despite having had a crush on her since before he even knew what sex was, though, he’d never seen her nude, and that day was his chance. He fished his cell phone out of his jeans pocket and activated the camera. Knowing where the shower was in relation to the door, he slowly slid it in and pressed the ‘record’ button. With any luck, the clear glass shower door wouldn’t be fogged up and he’d finally be able to jerk off to his mother’s naked body!

It had been a great run throughout the neighborhood, but the summer heat was already in full effect and Sarah was looking forward to a refreshing shower. She’d started the water and was just about to start undressing when she remembered that she hadn’t brought a change of clothes in with her. Leaving the water to warm up, but not wanting the moisture to seep into the bedroom, she pulled the door partly closed before heading across the room to her walk-in closet. She desperately needed to do laundry, which was just another item on her “Summer to-do list”, but eventually she found what she needed and headed back for her bathroom. Yet, as she walked out, she paused at the sight of Sam standing next to her bathroom door, clearly using his camera to try to spy on her.

Rather than being furious or disgusted, as most women would have been though, Sarah simply grinned to herself. Over the last year, she’d noticed Sam’s glances at her large breasts or cute butt when he thought she wouldn’t notice. Despite his best attempts to be discreet, though, it had been rather obvious. She was no stranger to being the object of guys’ crushes; after all, she taught grades 6-8, and she knew that given half a chance, any one of her male students would try to peep on her while she showered. The fact that Sam was her son only made it more understandable to her. It had been just the two of them since her much older husband passed away the month after Sam was born, and Sarah knew how much of a social outcast his intelligence, geekish interests, non-existent sense of style made him. It only seemed reasonable that he would gravitate to the one attractive woman who he got to hang out with day-in and day-out. Besides, he was a brilliant, straight A student who always treated others with respect and helped her out around the house in any way that he could. As a teacher, she saw first-hand the range of behaviors and personalities boys his age could have, so if a pervish, incestuous crush was the worst trait her son had, then she was happy to ignore it. Of course, she’d never caught him actually trying to spy on her, ‘but boys will be boys, ‘ she thought to herself. The last thing she wanted to do was humiliate him.

As she walked across the room, she greeted him with a smile.

“Hi sweetheart. Did you need something?” she asked, as if it wasn’t obvious that he was spying on her.

Sam’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest as he spun around, dropping his phone in the process.

“Mom! I ... I uhh, I was just...” he stammered as he bent down quickly to grab his phone, praying she wouldn’t see that the camera was activated. But he knew he’d been caught, yet as he looked up at her, there wasn’t even a hint of anger. “I was just going to see if you were done with the shower ... because ... I was going to see if you wanted to watch a movie tonight?” he asked, realizing how moronic it sounded even as he said.

“That sounds fun,” she said with a bright smile, acting as if he wasn’t behaving strangely. “I still need to take a shower, but why don’t you pick something out for us?”

“Sure, I’ll run look now!” he said, still shocked that she wasn’t angry, but also happy to have an out as his heart was still racing. As he started to walk towards the hall, he looked over his shoulder. “Any genre in particular?”

“Hmmm, let’s go with a comedy. Oh, and Sam? Could you close my door on your way out?” she said with a wry grin.

The message was clear. She knew he’d been spying on her, but she wasn’t mad. “Oh, yeah, definitely, mom!” he said with a smile as he pulled it closed behind him.

“God I’ve got the coolest mom ever!” he thought to himself as he paused outside her door, regaining his composure and reveling in the fact that his mom had openly caught him peeping and hadn’t even seemed to have minded!

In the bathroom, Sarah stripped naked and stepped into the shower. She could’ve put a stop to his crush right then and there, but it would’ve humiliated him and probably hurt the close friendship that they shared. But, she knew how kids his age could be. She had no doubt that since he hadn’t gotten into trouble, he’d try again the first chance that he got.

“But would it really be that terrible?” she thought to herself. She could always ‘accidentally’ leave the doors open and give him the opportunity to record her.

The taboo thought sent a thrill through her that she’d found herself feeling more and more often when she saw his eyes on her cleavage. She worked hard to stay in better shape than most 18 year old girls, yet she hadn’t been seen nude by anyone in 14 years.

“And no one would appreciate my body more than Sam,” she rationalized. But, he was her son. As she shut off the water and began to towel off, though, she realized that she hadn’t told herself ‘no.’ That was a first...

After dinner that night, they snuggled together on the couch as they watched a rented DVD. Sam knew that all the kids at school would make fun of him for spending a Friday night hanging out with his mother, but he didn’t care. It felt great to have her body pressed up to his under a blanket, and for the first time in his life, she’d even let him pick out an R-rated movie. Not that there was anything in it that he hadn’t seen or heard before, but for his mom to be ok with it was something new!

As they watched the raunchy comedy together, though, Sarah’s mind was focused more on the boy next to her than the movie itself. The thoughts from earlier in the day hadn’t gone away, and the more she dwelled on them, the more she began to think of her son in ways that she knew she shouldn’t. He was a little short for a 14-year old, and puberty was beginning to make its changes leaving him skinny and awkward. But facially wise, Sarah began to find herself increasingly attracted to his unconventional features, like a slightly long nose, fuller lips, and shaggy, unkempt brown hair. As she looked to his lap, where the blanket covered their bodies, she wondered what his penis looked like now. She remembered the thin, short member when he would bathe with her as a boy, and how similar it seemed to her pinky finger.

The fact that she was thinking about her own son in such ways was certainly unique, but the fact that she was finding herself attracted to a boy of his age wasn’t. Almost every week a new story broke from somewhere around the country of teachers like her having sex with boys as young as 11, and Sarah would be lying if she said she didn’t understand why. Attractive teachers had the unique pleasure of being the original crushes for most boys. After all, they spent hours of each day, five days a week, in a classroom with them. And, while some teachers hated it, it had always been a flattering experience for Sarah to have a room full of boys struggling to steal a glance down her shirt or up her skirt. Of course, she never would’ve jeopardized her future to do anything with any of them. But, Sam wasn’t just any boy ... he was her son ... and it wouldn’t be like he’d be trying to tell the world if he happened to see his mother nude ... The only question was ‘how.’ She could just leave the doors open, or walk through the house in a towel that just happened to slip, but both would seem too obvious, and with such a taboo subject as incestuous attraction, Sarah wanted at least a degree of deniability.

Only as the movie finished and she hugged Sam goodnight did she realize with a bit of a shock that her mind had shifted almost seamlessly from ‘if she should expose herself to her son’ to ‘how she should expose herself.’ Despite the realization, though, it didn’t stop her. Sam was without a doubt the best son a mother could hope for, and if his greatest desire was to see her nude, then he deserved that.

But still, the problem of ‘how’ wasn’t so easily answered. Sarah continued to think about it as she got ready for bed that night, but as she brushed her teeth in the bathroom she noticed that dust had begun to flow out of the large vent grate on the wall, leaving a dirty fan-like pattern on the tile floor.

She was just about to groan as it seemed like another task on her ‘to-do’ list when she suddenly realized that it was the perfect answer to her problem. The large grate was part of the old heating and air system that had been in the house when she and her husband first bought it. It was old and inefficient though, so he’d had it completely removed and had a modern one installed instead. However, the new system required an entirely different plan, leaving the old ductways empty, resulting in a miniature hallway that ran through the walls along the upstairs rooms. The contractors had done a terrible job of removing it though, and at least one part was still open to the elements, meaning Sarah had needed to clean it out every few years. She’d always entered through a small access hatch in one of the hallway closets and noticed, innocently at the time, that she could see clearly through the large vents in her son’s room, her room, and most importantly, her bathroom.

It would be just the sort of job that she usually had for Sam on his summer break, and it would certainly seem innocent enough. But Sam was a curious kid, and she knew without a doubt that he would see where the vents looked through. Her heart raced and a grin spread over her face as she realized that the disgusting, taboo act was finally doable.

Sam woke up early the next morning, eager for the day ahead. He knew his mom would have to go into work for a little while for end of the year performance reviews and other such tasks, but that she’d be home by the early afternoon. That meant that he’d have plenty of time to snoop through her hamper and hopefully find the thong that she’d worn to the gym the day before.

As he headed downstairs, he was surprised, in a good way, to see that apparently work would be casual since she was in a pair of tight black leggings and a light great spaghetti strap shirt. The sudden realization that she was going to go into a performance review looking like that stunned him. He knew the district’s budget was getting cut, but even though she was a great teacher, the thought that his mom was leveraging her sex appeal to get better ratings sent a thrill through him. His perverted mind immediately filled with images of her getting bent over the principal’s desk and rammed by the entire administrative staff.

Her son’s perceptiveness was spot on as usual. Although her husband had left her and Sam a sizable fortune, she enjoyed working at the school, and after the night full of anticipation for that afternoon, the thrill of showing off her body for better job security had been too enticing to pass up.

“Hi hun,” she said as she brought a plate of waffles and eggs to Sam at the table. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah mom!” he replied, desperately trying not to be too obvious as he checked her out. “How about you?”

“Oh, great! Although I’ll be way happier when this last week of work is done and we can hang out all day.” She said with a grin.

“Me too!”

“Oh, by the way, I hate to ask since it’s such a dirty job, but the ductways from the old air system are spilling dust into the rooms. Do you think you could sweep them out while I’m at work? The door’s at the back of the closet in the hallway upstairs.”

Sam nodded quickly. It would mean less jerking time, but he was always happy to help his mom out around the house, and he didn’t think it would take too long.

“Sure thing mom, I’ll get right on it. When do you think you’ll be home from work?”

“Well, I’m going to grab a quick workout after I leave the school, so probably about 1?” she said as she gathered up her purse and satchel.

“Cool, have a great day!” he said as he stood up to give her a hug, savoring the feel of the toned body and the press of her breasts against his chest.

“You too, sweetheart, and thanks for helping out,” she said as she gave him a kiss on the top of his head.

As soon as she was gone, Sam bolted upstairs and flung open her clothes hamper. Sitting at the top was just what he’d been looking for. The thong was still inside the shorts that she’d worn, and as he pulled it out, he lifted it to his nose, breathing in the smell of his mother’s pussy. He ran his tongue over the material that had covered her crotch, tasting the sweat and what he imagined must have been her juices as well. Moving on, he ran his tongue over the narrow strip of material that had been wedged in her ass, noticing, and savoring, the more pungent scent. He was a pervert through and through, and he knew that given the chance he’d gladly eat her ass too. He spent the next 30 minutes stroking himself to the thought of his mother being gangbanged at her school before finally cumming into the thin material of the thong.

With his sex drive temporarily sated, he put the cum-covered thong in the wash with a load of other clothes and then grabbed a broom, dustpan and a trashbag. He’d never noticed the door before, but as soon as he opened it he realized just how much the narrow corridor needed to be cleaned. There was a thick layer of dust and debris, and he was happy to find a light switch so that he could see better. Setting to work, he began to make his way from one end to the other. He was about a quarter of the way down the length when he noticed the first grate. It was roughly four feet tall, reaching from the floor board up to about his chest. As he knelt down slightly, he was surprised to see his bedroom. He only realized then that he’d never even thought that the vent led to an empty space. Almost as soon as he had the thought though, his heart leapt into his chest. If that vent looked-into his room, then...

He practically ran down the corridor to the next vent, and as he stared through it, he thought that there couldn’t possibly have been a better present on Earth than the task his mom had given him. The view was perfect. He could not only see the entire bathroom, but the tiled shower stall as well! He ran back into the main part of the house and into her bathroom. Just as he’d suspected, the dark corridor was practically invisible from the well-lit bathroom! His wish was finally going to be granted. He could watch his mother strip and shower, and he could even masturbate while he did. Without a doubt, he thought, it was going to be the Best. Summer. Ever.

For Sarah, it was the longest day of her life, and also the most thrilling. Knowing that she was going to expose herself that afternoon kept her pussy wet throughout the day, and the performance review only made it worse. The sight of the older, overweight men staring, often-times openly, at her body made her want to drop to her knees and service each of them in ways that their wives hadn’t in decades. Only the fear of earning a reputation as a slut who sucked off her bosses kept her from doing just that; yet her performance that year, as well as her flirtatious personality and complimentary attire earned her top marks from all of the reviewers.

As the sexual tension of each passing hour increased, Sarah began to have second thoughts. Not about exposing herself, but about only exposing herself. She wanted nothing more than to slip off to the bathroom and bring herself to an orgasm, but the thought of depriving herself until that afternoon and bringing herself to an epic climax for her son’s viewing pleasure grew and grew in her mind. Yes, she knew it was reckless, but so was stripping off her clothes when she knew her son would be watching.

By the afternoon she had convinced herself, and she noticed that the voices of doubt had fallen silent.

Sam, too, had been busy. He’d quickly and thoroughly cleaned the corridor, and then set to work preparing for the show to come. He wanted the memory to last, and just in case he never got the chance again, he prepared a “spy kit”, which included the camcorder his mother had bought for him the year before, a bottle of lotion, and a towel to cum into.

Sam was sitting in his room at 12:47 when he heard the door open downstairs. His heart raced as he heard her climbing the stairs, and then, to his excitement, she opened his door covered in sweat.

“Hi baby,” she said as she walked over to give him a kiss on top of his head. “Playing a game?”

“Yeah,” he said, trying to hide the anticipation he was feeling. “I used the money I won in the science project competition. It’s pretty cool so far, I think you’ll love it!”

“Well we’ll definitely have to play together then, huh?”

Any doubts that she’d had that he might’ve not seen the spy location evaporated as she saw the excitement on his face when he saw that she was sweaty, and almost as if to confirm, he glanced at her again.

“Did you have a good workout?”

“Oh, it was great. I mostly just worked out in the school’s gym since it’s empty now, but now I need a shower like crazy. I can only imagine how terrible I look.”

The thought seemed so ridiculous to Sam that he blurted before he even realized how inappropriate it could seem.

“What? No way mom, you always look gorgeous!”

But his mother’s reaction quickly erased any regret he had as she smiled at him.

“Awwww, that is so sweet, Sam.” She said before she leaned down and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. “I am seriously the luckiest mom in the world to have you.”

‘And I’m going to reward you with the best show of your life, ‘ she thought to herself as she leaned up.

“Well I’m lucky to have you too,” Sam said, half blushing as he savored the feel of his mother’s lips on his cheek before she leaned up again.

“Tell you what, why don’t you be thinking of what you’d like to do tonight while I run grab a shower.”

His pulse spiked as he realized that the time had come. “Ok, mom,” he said, nearly stuttering. “I’ll just be in here.”

As soon as he heard her bedroom door close, Sam grabbed his bag and ran into the hallway closet. Being careful not to be too loud, he quietly opened the access door and crawled into the corridor where he set up his camera. He’d just pressed ‘record’ when the moment he’d been longing for finally happened.

Sarah walked into the bathroom carrying a towel, a pair of dark blue panties and a t-shirt. Her heart was racing as she realized that this was it. Trying to act natural, yet knowing she had an audience, she walked over to the shower to start the water before turning to the full-length mirror mounted on the back of the bathroom door.

Sam couldn’t believe the view ... he could see everything clearly, and as he glanced at the camera, it was recording perfectly. Unbuttoning his jeans, he knelt down and slid them to his knees as he began to rub lotion over his hard cock, just as his mother gripped the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head. From the side profile view, Sam gasped as the large, firm globes jiggled as they fell free. She turned slightly towards him, giving a full-frontal view, and exposing that her breasts were topped by quarter-sized dark areolas with hard, pencil-eraser-like nipples. All of his expectations were being shattered as his mother was even hotter nude than he imagined. As she gripped her shorts, she bent over, pushing them down to her ankles before standing up. Her pussy was neat with a slight clam shell-like appearance. The lips were shaved, but above her cunt she had a closely trimmed bush of dark stubble. The sight was so intoxicating that he had to stop stroking himself out of fear that he’d cum too soon.

As Sarah turned back towards the mirror, she took in her body as the feelings of arousal spread through her. She’d heard his soft gasp, and she knew that at that very moment her son was almost certainly jerking himself off to her.

But now it was her turn. Running her hands over her firm stomach and up to her breasts, she watched as they wobbled as she rubbed them. The feeling felt incredible as she slightly pinched her left nipple while she ran her right hand down to her glistening wet cunt. She gasped slightly as she buried two fingers inside herself and then pulled them out, bringing them to her mouth where she sucked the taste of herself off of her fingers.

“Mmmmm, fuck you taste good,” she said softly to her reflection.

She opened the door and peaked into her room, giving the appearance that she was making sure her bedroom door was closed before she closed it once more and grabbed the towel. Spreading it out on the floor, she grabbed the hairbrush sitting next to her sink with a narrow, round handle.

In the corridor Sam stared in utter disbelief. He glanced at the camera, double-checking that it was recording as the unthinkable happened. His own mother had just tasted her pussy, and as he watched, she knelt down on all fours on the bathroom floor. From his vantage point he had a perfect view of her full ass and cunt, and as he watched, Sarah buried the full four inches of her makeshift dildo into her pussy with a deep moan.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned as she slid the handle out and then pushed it back in, leaving it covered in her juices each time. “Oh God, yesssss!”

The sensation was unlike anything she’d felt in years. She’d masturbated on occasion, but nothing compared to the thrill and the pleasure of fucking herself while her own son watched! She could only imagine how much he was enjoying the show, and that only made it all the better for her. As she masturbated, though, she began to imagine her son. She pictured his lithe young frame behind her. She fantasized that it was his small cock being buried in her cunt! She’d never gotten herself off to his thought before, and as terrible as it was, it was the hottest fantasy she’d ever had.

The more she thought of him, the more vocal she got, and she quickly found herself pushing boundaries that even by that day’s standard she knew she couldn’t cross.

“Oh God baby!” she gasped as she suddenly stood up and turned so that she was facing the vent, giving him a full-frontal view as she began to hold the brush against the floor and ride the handle like a cowgirl. She didn’t look towards his position, but instead watched herself in the mirror. Even she couldn’t deny how hot it looked as she slid up and down on the pole, impaling herself with it time and time again.

“Holy shit!” Sam whispered to himself as the most incredible show he could have ever imagined took place infront of him. For a moment he’d been terrified that she would look straight at the vent and see him watching her, yet he remembered how invisible the corridor was from that side.

As he looked on, though, he realized that he was witnessing one of the most intimate and private moments of his mother’s life. She was clearly fantasizing about someone as she rode her brush handle, and he wondered who it must be. The principal of the school? A coach? A janitor? One of her own students? Whoever it was, she clearly was mad about them, and as he watched she reached up quickly to grab her phone off of the bathroom counter. She put it in front of her and obviously began to scroll through her pictures until she found the object of her fantasy. Her pussy was so wet by that point that he could hear the makeshift dildo sliding in and out of her, like an arm fisting a pail of muck, and as she held the brush with her right hand, she reached up and began to fondle her left breast with the other.

Sarah moaned as she stared at the picture of her son and felt her orgasm growing within her. It was going to be every bit as epic as she planned, and she worried that she was going to be too loud when she came. But that was the least of her worries. A war was going on inside her mind between her conscientious self, and the depraved slut desperate to escape. Every moment that she inched closer to her orgasm, the deviant part of her nature gained the upper hand and reason slipped into the abyss.

In the corridor Sam’s lotion covered hand stroked his cock with a furious intensity. The sight of his mother moaning and fucking herself was so depraved, and he knew that she’d never looked so beautiful in her life. He was going to have to find out who his mom was so enthralled with as they were hands down the luckiest person on Earth to have someone like her so infatuated with them.

He was still wondering who it could be when she leaned forward and forced the handle deeper into her cunt.


Sam’s heart skipped a beat. She called them ‘sweetheart’? But she called him...

“Oh fuck baby! Fuck mommy’s tight pussy! Fuck me with your hard cock Sam!!!” she said as she moaned.

His entire world came to a screeching halt. His mother ... the woman who he loved more than anyone else ... the woman who was his best friend and his biggest crush ... was masturbating to HIM!?!?

In the bathroom Sarah’s resistance had evaporated. She’d done it ... she’d said what she knew she shouldn’t but she didn’t care. The feeling ... the thrill ... was unlike anything she’d ever felt. It was so forbidden and so intoxicating, and she knew her son would love it.

As she stared at the picture of him on her phone she felt the orgasm break inside of her and like a rolling wave it spread throughout her body.

“Oh God Sam yessssss! I’M CUMMINGGGGGG! Fuck I’m cumming on your hard dick baby! Cum in me! Pump your hot cum up mommy’s cunt! Cum in my tight, wet, whore CUNTTTTTTTTTTTT!”

Her body jerked and writhed as she came. She didn’t care anymore that she was being too loud. She didn’t care about anything other than the thrill and the thought of her own son fucking her.

Sam couldn’t hold back. His mother clearly wanted him and he’d wanted her for so long. He left the camera rolling without a thought as he stood up and walked down the corridor, tearing off his shirt and kicking off his pants and underwear as he went. He strode into the hallway completely nude, opening his mother’s bedroom door and then, without hesitation, he opened her bathroom door and walked in. She was still on her knees, clearly feeling the residual aftershocks of the most intense orgasm of her life.

At any other moment in time she might have been more reluctant. She might have even said no. But as Sarah watched her son walk in front of her, his lithe, thin body completely nude and almost entirely hairless, and present his hard, 4 inch cock, she knew she was powerless to resist.

“Mommy,” he said, his voice full of emotions such as fear, and lust, and love, and excitement. “Please suck my cock.”

She didn’t answer. She merely stared at him for a single breath, and then reached up, taking his hand and pulling him closer to her. As he stepped forward, Sarah did the unthinkable. In a single, smooth motion, she opened her mouth and wrapped it around her son’s penis. She savored the moment; the taste and feel of his cock, the smell emanating from his balls, the slight bush of light brown hair pressed against her nose ... and then she began to suck.

Sam moaned in forbidden pleasure as he felt a mouth on his cock for the first time. It was incredible, and he knew his mother had to be the best cock sucker on the planet. He looked down into her eyes as she stared up into his. She looked so beautiful with her lips wrapped around his penis, and he could see the love that she felt for him reflected in her eyes.

“M-mommy! Oh fuck mom that feels good!” he moaned as her head bobbed back and forth. He could feel her tongue licking the underside of his shaft as her hands slid up the back of his thighs to squeeze his butt.

He would have loved for the blowjob to go on for forever, but he’d already been close when he heard her moan his name, and now he knew he was past the point of no return.

“Ughhhh, unffffff ... oh fuck mom. Mom I’m ... mom I’m getting close!”

For a moment he was worried that she would take her mouth off of him and let him cum on her instead, but as he looked down into her eyes, he knew that there was no way that she was going to let her son’s first blowjob end in anything but a swallowed load.

Sarah’s pace quickened. She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth, but she wanted nothing more at that moment than to eat the semen from her son’s balls. As she looked up, his eyes suddenly rolled back in his head and she felt his hands rest on her hair.

“Mom ... I ... I’M CUMMMMMMINGGGG!” As he looked down into his mother’s beautiful face, he felt the first blast of hot, white jizz shoot into her mouth. One of the greatest fantasies of his life had finally happened.

Sarah felt the squirt of runny liquid spray over her tongue, followed by another and another and another. It had been years since the last time she’d eaten cum, but she could tell his was different. It had a salty taste, but it was blander than most loads she’d eaten. The texture and taste was more reminiscent of snot than anything else, and she found herself savoring it as his cock pumped more and more into her waiting mouth.

“Oh fuck mom!” he said as his body jerked. “Oh yes! Yes! YESSSSSSSSS! Oh God it feels so good!”

Sarah’s mouth was close to being full when she finally felt the last of his squirts leak from his cock. She carefully slid her lips off, making sure not to spill any as she leaned back and look up at her blissful son.

As Sam watched, she opened her mouth, revealing the pool of yellowish white cum, which she swirled around with her tongue for a moment before she closed her mouth. With a bit of a struggle, she swallowed, and then with a grin, she opened her mouth again revealing none of his semen remaining.

“Oh fuck, mom ... you ate it all!” He said as he dropped to his knees and wrapped her in a hug, savoring the feel of her heavy tits and hard nipples pressed to his bare chest. “I love you so much mom! You’re seriously the coolest ever!”

As he felt her hug him back though, he stopped and leaned back. “I’m sorry. I was spying on you and I heard you moaning my name while you masturbated. You were just so hot, and I’ve loved you for so long that I ... well, I couldn’t help it. I had to try.”

For a brief moment Sarah considered telling the truth, but she didn’t want him to know that it had been orchestrated. After all, it didn’t change the truth. She did love him and she had been masturbating to him.

“It’s ok,” she said with a smile. “I’ve known you’ve had a crush on me for a while ... but I just thought it was so cute and hot that I didn’t want it to stop. I love you so much, Sam, and knowing that my own son wanted to fuck me was the most flattering thing I think a single mom could experience. I’m just so glad you made the first move!” she said with a laugh.

“Well you’re seriously the hottest woman I know!” Sam said with excitement and relief. “And I’m like the biggest pervert, so you being my mom just made it hotter!”

As the intensity of the moment began to subside, Sarah realized that things could never be the way they were before. As she leaned back, resting her butt on her heels and her hands on her knees, she grinned.

“Well, we are still mom and son, but I don’t want this to be a one-time thing, Sam, and I’m guessing you don’t either. But since I already think of you as my best friend, too, I don’t see why we couldn’t just make this another aspect of our relationship? I could be your mom ... your best friend ... and your fuck buddy. What do you say?”

Sam hadn’t thought that the day could get any better, but he had heard the older students at his school talk about ‘fuck buddies’ before. He’d always been jealous of the people who were so popular that they had friends willing to hook up with them whenever they wanted. Now, his own mother wanted to do that for him?!

“I say I’m the luckiest kid on earth, and your new fuck buddy, mom!”

He wrapped her in a hug, and as she hugged him back, Sarah knew that she would never regret the decision she’d made that day.

As he let her go, she stood up and offered him a hand up as well.

“Come on, I still need a shower, and I want to hear about all of these ‘pervish’ things you’re into.”

Sam laughed nervously, but excitedly as she helped him up. “I don’t know mom ... they’re kind of extreme sometimes.”

Sarah grinned over her shoulder as she held the door to the shower open, indicating she wanted him to join her. “More extreme than a mother sucking her 14 year old son’s cock and eating his cum?”

He realized she was right. She’d already done the unthinkable, and done it willingly.

“Do you know what bestiality is?” he asked as he climbed into the shower with her.

Sarah had to admit that she was shocked by some of his fantasies, but turned on as well. As they talked and laughed and joked, both realized that it was going to be the greatest summer of their lives.

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