Dd4: Back in Ohio - When You Come to the Fork in the Road

by Uncle Micky

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This story picks up from the end of "My Princess" and is set back in Ohio. All of Micky's time in Florida had passed and he now lives in Columbus, while attending Thee university, and pursuing his Masters Degree. His involvement with the beautiful Melissa deepens and the temptation of fourteen year-old Kaeli strangely intensifies. Old habits die hard as he stalks sweet Olivia. IMHO, if you haven't read "My Princess," it would be a good idea to do so prior to reading this story.


I’ve lived many years, in many places, and had the love of a few good women. I’ve made many friends and acquaintances over the years and they have supplied me with many stories. I think they’re mostly lies, but who cares? Most of the stories have been told later at night, after the cards are put down and the bottles are emptying.Some stories are mine, others I’ve made mine.

Uncle Micky

“Back In Ohio: When You Come To The Fork In The Road...”

This story picks up from the end of “My Princess” and is set back in Ohio. All of Micky’s time in Florida had passed and he now lives in Columbus, while attending Thee university, and persuing his Masters Degree. His involvement with the beautiful Melissa deepens and the temptation of fourteen year-old Kaeli strangely intensifies. Old habits die hard as he stalks sweet Olivia. IMHO, if you haven’t read “My Princess,” it would be a good idea to do so prior to reading this story.

(Many thanks to my colleague Phil Gorman for his proofing and editorial assistance)

When You Come To The Fork In The Road...

Continued from “My Princess”

I drove back to Columbus on Sunday. When I got home, I had two messages on my machine. One from Melissa who, as sweet as could be, suggested that we have dinner at her place on Monday; the other message was from Kaeli Anderson, I could hear her father in the background as she invited me over to their house for dinner on Thursday. I unpacked my gear, sat down and picked up the phone.

My first call was to the Anderson household. Kaeli answered and we had a nice chat. She suggested I arrive at their place on Thursday around 6:00pm. I asked if I could bring anything and she lightly suggested some dessert. I asked if she meant real dessert or something else. She giggled and said, “For dinner, real dessert, something chocolate, OK?” Light-heartedly, I agreed and told her I was looking forward to our dinner.

My next call was to Melissa and it went to her voicemail. I told her I was all in for dinner on Monday; she just needed to send me the address and time.

I spent the day on chores and schoolwork before settling down in front of the TV for the evening. The TV was on, but my mind was elsewhere. My mind was a whirlwind of thoughts about Anna Maria, Kaeli, and Melissa. Two of them had already shared their treasures and one still had to fully open to me. As I contemplated my trio, thoughts of the two junior high cheerleaders I encountered on my drive stole into my thoughts. I picked up my phone and pulled up the information. Jenni DeMarco and Olivia Saunders!

I went to the computer and began my searches. After a half hour, I was examining images of both their houses. Olivia’s house appeared the most accessible and inviting. I saved the information I had collected and planned a short scouting trip for later in the week.

Shortly afterwards, Melissa returned my call. She was on a break at work and happy I called. Interesting thing, I had no idea where she worked or what she did. She gave me her house address and asked if 7:00pm was good for me. I readily agreed and then she asked how the weekend went. I told her it had been great and would tell her all about it when we met for dinner.

With a full week ahead of me, I had a lot of work to get done for my own classes and the class I taught.

Dinner With Melissa

Melissa’s house was easy to find. It was an older ranch-style place set back on a nice wooded lot. The place seemed too big for one person. She greeted me at the door with a nice kiss and hug. She dressed simply, but looked fantastic! Her hair was pulled back; she wore a simple pair of jeans and a black top. Her place was nice; well decorated, and simple. I joined her in the kitchen for a glass of wine as she finished the dinner preparations. We chatted away and I told her all about my trip to Dayton. I didn’t include my adventures with Anna Maria but did tell her the whole story concerning the death of Mark, Anna’s father. Melissa said it all sounded so terrible, and with my descriptions of the rest of the family it would be a wonder any of the kids would turn out normal. I did mention Anna a couple of times, though, and Melissa asked if she was my favorite. I admitted that I did favor her more than the rest, but that was because of Mark.

Dinner was served and Melissa took me on epicurean journey. We ate Tapas-style through eight courses. She made each dish herself. Between discussions about the food selections and preparations, she told me her story. She grew up in Slippery Rock and attended a rather well renowned culinary school in Miami. She worked at a prestigious golf club on Florida’s East coast for a year until her brother talked her into joining him in Columbus, where he had lined up an opportunity for her. She made the move, and while loving her current job at Elaine’s Bistro downtown, she still, as yet, didn’t feel settled.

I asked, “Tell me about your brother, is this place his?”

“Yeah, the house is his ... and his ... partner’s. They live here, my brother Nate, his partner Matt, and I have my own room. It’s actually very nice and we all get along. It’s not like living on my own, but I really like it here. They’re both so sweet to me and we have a lot of fun. Anyway, I’m saving my money. Matt, he’s a manager at Elaine’s, and I, we’ve been talking about opening our own place. If we’re careful with money we should be able to do it in a year or two. Nate said he would come in as a silent partner with his own investment when we’re ready.”

“Well, I am impressed. That is no easy row to hoe! What sort of job does Nate have?”

“This will seem so stereotypical ... but, he’s an interior designer. You like how this place looks? Well, you need to compliment him. He’s got such a perfect touch.”

I was really enjoying this. A whole new group of interesting people, plans, and hopes. Melissa started to clear the table and I joined in to give her a hand. When the table was cleared, I caught her by the waist in the kitchen, pulled her into me, and we kissed ever so lightly.

She pulled away and said, “Just a second, let’s have one of these first.”

She took two snifters down from the cabinet, uncorked a bottle of cognac, and poured a slight amount in each glass. We both swirled the liquid in our glasses, inhaled in the aroma, and took gentle sips of the liqueur. She took our glasses, set them on the counter, stepped up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

She purred, “Now let’s try this properly.”

She was right, the effect and taste of the cognac mixed with the other remaining dinner tastes was heady and sensuous. I was getting turned on very quickly. Our hands were moving all over each other. She had a wonderful feel to her as she reacted to my caresses and made her own moves on me as we kissed. There was a depth to this experience that I had only encountered one or two other times. I wanted to rush headlong into this but I had enough sense to tread carefully.

She broke away first, and said, “We need to take it easy. When I told Nate about you and how I needed the place for dinner; well, he got excited and told me to expect him and Matt back here early. He said something about me needing his approval and all.”

Looking down, she continued, “I really haven’t dated anyone since I moved here.”

I took her back into my arms and said, “You know what? Neither have I. Hell, I’m interested in seeing if he approves.” We both had a short laugh and got back to cleaning up the kitchen.

Melissa asked, “So, you have a brother Jimmy and he has a wife, Diane. Are there any others in the Dolan family?”

“Yes, of course there’s mom and dad, they’re still up in Cleveland, and considering retirement. I have a younger sister Lily who is still at home and in college studying medicine. I have another sister out in California ... Dena.” I braced for the eventual.

The light went on. Melissa turned, and excitedly said, “Dena?! Do you mean ... Dena Dolan? The beach-volleyball-babe-Dena? The Olympic medalist Dena? The Dena who told that reality show to go fuck themselves and walked out, Dena? Dena Dolan who is in almost every magazine? That Dena?”

“Yep, that’s my little sister.”

By now, Melissa was clutching my shirt.

“My God, I love her! Does she ever come visit you? Can...” at that point she collected herself, paused, and said, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I really do love her, she is just, just, so cool. I can’t describe it.”

“Let me tell you, she’s all that and more. I haven’t seen her in a year or so; so, who knows? Hey, maybe if she comes ‘round here, you could cook her a nice dinner.”

“I’ll start on the menu now!”

“Well, no promises or anything. As you can imagine not too many people can tell her what to do! Anyway, keep the Dena stuff to yourself, OK? It’s a lot better for me if it’s kept quiet.”

“Sure, I understand...”

Right then the front door opened and someone yelled, “Yoo Hoo, is everyone decent? We’re coming in whether you are or not!”

We went to the living room just as Nate and Matt entered. Nate was an impeccably dressed man, a ginger through and through with a stubbly beard and black rimmed glasses. He was the epitome of a hipster. Matt, on the other hand, stood about six foot four and looked like he could play for the Browns. He was as well dressed as Nate and had All-American looks. Introductions were made and Nate suggested some wine out on the back deck.

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