A Canadian Cum Loving Encounter
Chapter 1

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Young Adult Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young girl travels to Canada to experience the swinging lifestyle of an older couple. The couple welcomes her in and shows her how to sexually explore while fulfilling and sharing a creampie fetish with each other. The wife and girl fulfill their lesbian desires as the husband "drinks" it all in.

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Double Penetration   Analingus   Size   Nudism  

Patrick and I had been communicating through emails for several months. We had gotten to know a lot about each other and even though he was in his forties and about twice my age, I found myself drawn to him and interested in his lifestyle. He and his wife Karla, who have been married for several years, have a wonderful, open, swinging relationship. They chose not to have children so they can stay active, as they get out and travel, hike, meet friends, visit nude beaches, and attend open lifestyle parties. Before I had learned about Patrick’s life, his sincerity and naughtiness were his two top qualities that peeked my interest the most.

Patrick and Karla lived in the Vancouver area where the scenery can take your breath away with its beauty. Being from the west coast, I had always wanted to visit that part of Canada, so just recently, my boyfriend of a couple of months and I booked a flight for a weekend visit and to go out for dinner with the happy couple on that Friday. I had told Shane that I had met them when my girlfriends and I were hiking back in July. He had no idea they were a swinging couple but I thought it would be harmless for us all to meet, have dinner and eventually it would work its way into the conversation.

Shane owned his own business and that Thursday night, he had a problem with his store and had to cancel going on the trip. We had nonrefundable airline tickets, booked a chalet for two nights and he also knew how much I was looking forward to going.

“We are already going to lose money on one flight, why don’t you go ahead and go. You can shop, sight see, and live in luxury for the weekend,” Shane offered.

I had been anticipating the trip and I wanted to meet Patrick. The offer was tempting enough so I kissed Shane and packed my bag. The next morning, he drove me to the airport and because I was going to finally meet Patrick and Karla, I was feeling frisky. We parked in the parking lot, talking and saying our goodbyes. What started out as little pecks quickly transformed into a make out session. As I kissed his neck, I unzipped his jeans.

“What are you doing? There are cars and people everywhere?” Shane frantically asked.

I slyly answered but didn’t stop fishing his hard 8 inch cock out of his zipper, “Oh, nothing. You’re right. We can’t do this here.”

I then proceeded to lean across the seat, adjust the steering wheel upward and plant my lips on his protruding dick. Shane shivered when he felt my warm mouth slowly engulf his circumcised head. I ever so slowly, slid my mouth up and down making sure my lips pressed against the metal teeth of his zipper each time I bobbed. I knew my deepthroating skills would make Shane cum very quickly but I wanted his cock in my pussy before the 3 hour flight.

I was wearing the cutest denim skirt, a swoop neck white top over a cami, and my comfortable black strappy sandals. I lifted my head from Shane’s lap, glanced back and forth at the walkers to gage their attention on our car. I pulled the skirt up to my waist, climbed over the car’s middle compartment, straddled his lap, slid my pink panties to the side and lowed myself onto Shane’s hard dick poking out through his fly.

“We are going to get arrested. We better not...” Shane non-convincingly warned, especially when he felt my warm, wet vaginal walls grip his hard on.

Before the words had even escaped his lips, I was already rocking on his cock, feeling his pants rub my clit. At that moment, I didn’t care who saw us. I continued kissing his neck as I held the back of his head. He was gurgling into my ear, so overcome with pleasure. When I started bouncing up and down on it and nibbling his earlobe, that is when he lost all control and screamed!

“Oh ... augh! Augghhhhh! I’m cuuumin!”

While Shane blasted his spunk up me, I never slowed down my grind until I had milked every drop from those balls. He shuddered and slumped down in his seat. He had finished but the only problem was I hadn’t cum yet. I kissed him one last time, opened the car door, jumped out, situated my panties and shimmied my skirt back down into place. Because everyone was in such a hurry to catch their flights, I don’t think anyone noticed.

Shane was about to get out and help me with my luggage when I giggled, “Uh, I think you have forgotten something. You better put that thing away and zip up.”

After saying our goodbyes, again, the flight was uneventful. Patrick was picking me up at the airport and as the plane landed, I was excited to finally meet him but also a little nervous about the unknown. I was walking among the crowd when I spotted him. He was tall and handsome with his dark hair, and kept himself in good shape. He looked just like he did in the pictures he had sent me. I smiled when our eyes met.

As we converged, I greeted him, “Hi” before standing on my tip toes, wrapping my arms around his neck and giving him a big kiss. While we continued to embrace, I said into his shoulder, “I’m so excited to meet you!”

His hug was firm which I find very masculine and sexy. Like a gentleman, he carried my bag to the car. While we walked, I felt like I was dominating the conversation because I chatted about the flight, how I was anxious to see them, and wanting to see Vancouver. We were immediately comfortable with each other and I had felt like I had known him for a long time. Just as we arrived at his car located in the corner of the parking garage, my excitement led me to pull him in for a long, passionate kiss. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth for the next two minutes while Patrick slid his hands down to my butt. He gave my cheeks a tight squeeze and we groaned each other’s approval with our mouths still locked together.

As we sat on our respective sides in the car and thinking about our email conversations, I excitedly said, “I brought you a present! I sure hope you like it.”

Patrick smiled and replied, “You coming to visit is present enough for me. Ok ... what did you get me?”

I wickedly smiled, lifted my ass off the seat and pulled up my skirt to reveal a big dark wet spot on the crotch of my pink silk panties. Patrick reached over and felt the saturated area and when he moved his fingers across it, the sliminess caused the silky material to slide freely.

“Shane fucked me in the parking lot right before I got the plane. I pulled my panties to the side and when he was done I just covered my pussy back up. I know how much you like creampie, so I wanted to give it to you. It has been leaking out the whole flight and I was worried there wouldn’t be any left for you baby, but at least I have kept it warm in this oven. I hope you like it.” I cooed.

Patrick groaned in pleasure while slipping his hand under my panties to feel for himself. He slid two fingers inside my gooey pussy and pumped them a few times. It felt good and caused me to lay my head back and moan my own pleasure. He pulled his fingers out of me and offered them to my lips where I licked them clean. I could smell Shane’s sperm permeating the car and making me hornier. He went back for more and reinserted both saliva covered digits into my slimy hole. This time he sloshed them around before the thrusting continued. When Patrick pulled his hand away a second time, he brought his sticky, slimy fingers to his own mouth and sucked them clean. Oh, that was such a huge turn on for me, that my own juices were started to build on top of my boyfriend’s load.

I wanted to feed him as I scooped some of the mess out of myself and put my fingers in Patrick’s mouth. He groaned as he sucked before I crawled to him and gave him a long kiss. We shared Shane’s juices in our mouths while Patrick rubbed my now dripping pussy. He must have had the magic touch because as we swapped my boyfriend’s spunk, combined with my own juices, I orgasmed all over his rubbing fingers.

“Oh my, Brittni, please take off your panties for me so I can see it better,” requested an excited Patrick.

“Be my guest,” I offered as I lifted my tush off the seat.

Taking hold of the stringed elastic, Patrick pulled my panties down until they released past my feet. He put them up to his face, inhaled deeply, then groaned in pleasure while he exhaled. I watched him and my own excitement increased because he shifted his attention from smelling my cum-stained panties to licking them. Not only was the crotch wet, it was also sticky, but this didn’t faze Patrick from enjoying himself. After sucking up the juices, he held them for me to smell. They wreaked of sex!

“Britt, please lay back against the door. I want you to put your legs up for me,” Patrick invited.

As Patrick went down and planted his face into my slimy, swollen pussy, I closed my eyes and moaned my approval. My labia was used and messy which only encouraged Patrick more. I could hear little slurping sounds but his tongue was what stood out the most. He had told me through his emails, that eating pussy was his specialty and I was now experiencing it for myself. Slowly his tongue would start at my asshole, then lick up through my lips, back around, before finishing on my clit. When he increased his pace, my hips began to shake.

I held the back of his head and began talking dirty to get myself off, “Oh my God. Yea, baby ... Oh! Eat it baby. Eat all of Shane’ cum. Suck it out of me. I’ve been saving it for you. Oh yea, clean it up! Oh! Oh! Right there! Yeeeeesssss!” I tensed up and screamed.

I was having a powerful orgasm. Patrick was telling the truth about his oral skills. When my vagina had finished contracting, he raised up and smiled. His face and lips were glistening with my juices and that is when he used my panties to wipe his face and the corners of his mouth. Since I was now cleaned up with no more leakage, I told Patrick he could keep my panties as a memento of my visit.

“Did you like that? I hope so because I loved it! Just knowing I was cleaning up the results of you and your boyfriend’s love making makes me hard as a rock,” Patrick chuckled.

Just as I was about to reach over and take hold of his cock, he politely stopped me, “I want to save it for later. We better get going.”

The drive took a little over an hour and we took the scenic route so she could see how beautiful it was there. Just seeing the landscape was breathtaking. Patrick was a sweetheart as he invited me to stay with them and even called to cancel my chalet reservations. We chatted like old friends and in no time we were pulling into his driveway. Karla was home and waiting for us. Meeting me was all new for her because we had not communicated like Pat and I had done. She knew little about me and I could tell Pat was nervous about how well we would hit it off. I was equally nervous as well but I wanted to break the ice. I wondered if our large age difference would matter to her. I got out of the car and walked right up to Karla.

“Hi,” I said to her as I gave her a big hug and a kiss right on the lips. “It’s good to finally meet you. You are even prettier in person, I have been looking forward to the weekend and visiting. It’s so kind of you to welcome me into your home,” I added.

Karla was a little stunned from my lip kiss but quickly began to loosen up when she replied, “It is also nice to meet you. You are welcome here anytime. Would you like something to drink?”

We connected right away. We talked about our lives, my flight, Canada among other things while we sipped the margaritas Pat had concocted. I thought Karla was pretty and easy to talk with. She was in her 40s, had longer blonde hair, and also built very well.

From up my skirt, I could feel the air brushing my pantyless, smooth pussy. That is when I noticed my skirt had naturally risen up above my thigh. My crotch was on display for the couple to see.

When I noticed Karla sneaking a peek, I giggled, “My panties got wet on the plane and I had to take them off. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Whatever makes you comfortable, Britt. Patrick and I are very liberal,” Karla smiled.

I asked to take a quick shower and Karla showed me where the towels were located. As I showered, I wondered what the couple’s topic of conversation would be. Later when I got back home, Patrick emailed me and told me that Karla came out and asked him what expectations he had. Patrick just said that there were no expectations and that I was a very sexual person who was interested in meeting them and learning about their lifestyle. He also told Karla that I wanted to see where they lived. Before I arrived, Patrick had told Karla a bit about me, but he knew she needed to get to know me by herself.

I got out of the shower and dressed in my short turquoise sundress with no bra or panties. I wanted to be free spirited without any restrictions. My nipples were hard and poking through the material but I figured the happy couple wouldn’t mind.

When I came walking out, Patrick had mixed up another batch of margaritas and jokingly asked, “Did you find your panties?”

I sat down on the couch, lifted my knees while pulling up my dress and exposing my freshly bathed bald pussy before laughing, “I don’t think I need any ... do you?”

Karla and Patrick looked at each other and smiled in approval. Karla and I continued our “get to know you” conversation while drinking more tequila. Patrick cooked up a fantastic paella for dinner while we both began to get tipsy. Karla was very gentle and warm and we had found a good connection. I began feeling friskier as I became inebriated. Karla and I were laughing and I would reach over and touch her arm or leg as we conversed.

Dinner was ready and our drink of choice had switch to a nice bottle of red wine. We toasted to “new friends” and I began to get bold enough to ask questions about their open lifestyle. I had already known a lot about them from regularly exchanging emails with Patrick but I wanted to learn from Karla’s perspective. Karla would answer honestly to my questions while Patrick would offer his insight. I liked the fact they could have sex with other people but were in love with each other without jealousy or contempt. It all was so fascinating and much different compared to my predisposed idea of that lifestyle.

After dinner, Patrick was at the sink cleaning up when I came from behind, wrapped my arms around him and said, “I’m really enjoying myself. You were right. Karla is wonderful. Thank again for inviting me.”

Karla was sitting on the couch in the other room. Patrick turned around to face me and planted a long, wet kiss on my lips. I began to get wet as he slipped his hands under my skirt to first squeeze my ass then feel my pussy nectar flowing.

“Oh Britt. You are driving me insane with your wetness,” Patrick whispered. He then yelled into the other room, “Karla, come here and feel Britt. She is so wet and I think she needs you to feel.”

Without hesitation, Karla walked to me, caressed my cheek, and then kissed me. I was still in Patrick’s grasp, but turned sideways as though he was presenting me to Karla as a gift. While her tongue explored my mouth, her hand found its way up skirt. When the tip of her middle finger ran up my soaked labia, we both whimpered. We never broke our kiss when she lightly pinched my clit.

“You’re right, she is soaked,” Karla said as I shuddered in Patrick’s arms.

Karla had been with many women and I could tell that by her fingering skills. After rubbing my clit and caressing the inside of my pussy, Karla slipped a second finger deep inside, causing me to shake in orgasm. Patrick suggested we take it to their hot tub while filling our drinks.

We girls agreed and while walking outside, Karla playfully informed me, “We do have a rule around here and that is, swimsuits are not allowed.”

I giggled while pulling my dress over my head, “That’s ok, I didn’t bring one anyway!” I tossed the dress onto the ground, standing there completely nude, I spread my arms and added, “I’m ready.”

Karla and Patrick momentarily stared at me, then looked at each other and smiled before Patrick said, “I think she’s shy.”

All of us laughed as Patrick handed me a robe for when we were to exit the outdoor tub. We grabbed our drinks and headed out. I was feeling really good from all the alcohol and when I submerged into that warm water, I was in heaven. I started asking more questions about the swinging lifestyle. Both of them were telling me about some of their hot adventures. I was soaking up the stories just as much as the warm water.

Patrick reached over and pulled me toward him. I was sitting directly in front of him while resting against his chest. I could feel his cock was rock hard and resting in-between the top of my ass crack. Reaching around me, he was caressing my breasts and nibbling on my neck. His lips were soft and making me horny. Karla scooted over and began to stroke my legs while telling me the story of her getting gangbanged by several men at one of their swing parties. I was squirming with excitement as Patrick had moved his fingers to my nipples while Karla’s hand was slowly creeping up my inner thigh from under the water.

I was thoroughly enjoying being the meat inside their flesh sandwich when Patrick spun me around. I was now leaning against Karla’s nice breast when Patrick put his hands beneath the warm water and started massaging my feet. Oh, it was so exotic! He lifted each foot out of the water and licked and sucked every individual toe, concentrating on my cherry red nails. When finished with my feet, Patrick ran his hands up to my pussy while it was now Karla’s turn to play with my nipples. I sat back and enjoyed the attention.

Patrick’s hands found my vaginal lips and he softly stroked them along with rubbing my love button. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back just to enjoy the experience when I felt Karla put her hand down on my pussy as well. She replaced Pat by pulling my clit gently like she was stroking a small cock. Combined with the erotic atmosphere, all the playing with my smooth pussy from under the water was building me up toward another orgasm.

Patrick spun me again and I, instinctively, pulled Karla toward me for a long passionate kiss. Our hair was wet and our boobs were mashed against each other’s. As we made out, I lifted my leg, pressed ourselves closer until our legs interlocked, allowing our pussies to rub and grind together.

I could hear sloshing so I assumed Patrick was stroking his meat in the water. I was shuddering with every grind and trying to get myself off but Karla kept teasing me and would pull off just before I could cum.

Finally, Karla asked me in her sexy, seductive voice, “What do you want, Britt?”

I desperately moaned, “I want you two to make me cum till I can’t cum anymore!”

Patrick smiled at Karla and suggested, “I think we need to take this inside.”

Toweling off and with our naked bodies now dry, Karla and I continued our caressing and make out session on the couch while Patrick prepared the room. Moments later he returned, took both of our hands and pulled us into a three way kiss. He then led us to the bedroom where candles flickered, The Little Enigma music was softly playing, and their waterproof blanket was spread out over the bed. I knew it was this blanket because Patrick had told me in an email how much Karla squirted when they made love so their trusted blanket was essential.

Patrick enticed us to lay down, side by side on our stomachs. He retrieved the coconut oil, straddled our legs, and then proceeded to massage our legs and asses. As he slicked us up, we turned and kissed again. Sometimes she would stick out her tongue and I would suck on it and we would both moan. As Patrick’s fingers continued to probe, both of our eyes widened when his baby fingers slipped into our assholes. It surprised me but felt nice.

I broke our kiss just long enough to tell Karla, “I love my ass being played with!”

Patrick’s fingers went even lower and I felt him spread my lips. At that point, I was dripping wet again. My pussy seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. Patrick made the comment that Karla was equally as wet. He asked us to turn over and lay on our backs. When we flipped, Patrick massaged our front. He started with our clits then worked his way up to our belly buttons. He commented on how he loved my belly button ring. My nipples were so hard even before Patrick alternated sucking mine then Karla’s.

When Patrick’s mouth returned to my tits, he slowly worked his way down to my pussy. I was on fire and anxious to see if he was as good as he claimed. He inhaled and commented how good my pussy smelled before parting my labia with his tongue. He worked over the inside of my lips, the outside and even where my thighs connect to my leg before settling on my clit. I was almost there and close to cumming when Patrick stopped licking and began blowing his warm breath on my nub.

Karla looked down and said, “Uh oh, here comes Dr. Evil!”

She then tweaked my nipples until they were so engorged. Meanwhile, Patrick was licking up all my juices that had accumulated. I loved when he used the flat part of his tongue to take swipes at my now sensitive clit. He really amped up his skills when his tongue drifted downward and found my tight puckered butthole. I pulled my legs up to give him better access. His tongue was moving back and forth between rimming my asshole and flicking my clit when I felt two fingers slip inside my pussy and two more penetrate my sphincter. I felt full and wonderful.

Patrick began to fuck both my orifices at the same time while he blew on my clit. He would get me on the edge then slow down. When I could feel his fingers rub against each other through the thin membrane separating my asshole from my vagina, I screamed, “Please let me cum you bastard!”

Patrick looked at Karla and asked, “Should I?”

Karla smiled back and responded, “Oh, stop teasing and give it to her baby.”

Patrick then latched onto my clit like a baby sucking a bottle. While he sucked it hard, he finger banged my pussy and ass. He then flicked his tongue across my clit causing me to scream. My pussy quivered, then I tensed up like I was in a full body cramp. I arched my back, grabbed Patrick’s head and shoved his face as deep in my spasming vagina as it would go.

“Oh my God!” I screamed during my orgasm. “Augghhh! Oh! Oh! Auugghhh!” I felt like I was peeing but I knew I was actually squirting the biggest stream of my life. It was spraying Patrick’s face, causing it to splash all around. I was cumming so hard!

Finally, when the gush had ceased, I began to relax and calm down. My entire body felt so fulfilled. I was trying to recover but also wanting more.

I looked up at Patrick, then Karla and requested, “I want to watch Pat fuck you! I want to see that cock pound your sweet hole so bad. I’ll get him ready for ya.”

I got up on my knees and pushed Patrick back until he was sitting. I attacked his cock like I was starving. I sucked and deepthroated all 6 ½ inches until it was rock hard. As my mouth slid up and down, I slobbered all over it until it was slick with my spit and his precum. I once again resisted the urge to give a guy a blowjob because of an alternate motive.

I laid down on my back and ordered Karla, “Get on top of me. I want the perfect view of Patrick’s cock banging you.”

Karla crawled on top of me in a 69 position. I tasted her gooey pussy just before Patrick’s dick penetrated it. He was on his knees, holding her hips and fucking her doggy style while I clamped my lips around her clit. I sucked it until Karla’s pussy produced sweet white cream clinging sporadically all over his shaft. Her pussy smelled fantastic as the friction of intercourse brought out the fragrance.

Karla was eating my pussy as I began to lick her cream off of Patrick’s thrusting dick. I couldn’t get over how good it tasted. When I moaned, “Mmmmm,” Patrick began to periodically pull his cock out of her hole and fed it to me for a good cleaning before shoving it back in Karla. This didn’t last very long before Karla shook in orgasm followed quickly by a grunting Patrick cramming his shooting cock deep in her pussy. I lifted my head and took both of his balls into my mouth while he emptied them. I loved the twitching and jostling of those nuts with every spurt.

When Patrick pulled his deflating dick out of Karla’s pussy, a bead of cum landed on my cheek. Her entire opening was filled with thick slimy sperm. I couldn’t resist burying my face right between those folds. Pat’s seed oozed out of her vagina and into my mouth prompting Karla to raise up to allow gravity to help me suck it out. My creampie eating sent Karla over the edge as she climaxed again into my open lips. Patrick’s cum was so warm and thick. It took a few minutes to get it all out of Karla but I succeeded.

Karla fell to the side as Patrick moved in and kissed me. We shared the snowball kiss like a couple of cum sluts. We kissed and swapped the messy load back and forth. I think he might have actually swallowed more than me. We even took turns licking Karla the rest of the way clean.

We were satisfied and ready for a break. We all snuggled together while remaining naked, had another drink, and talked while rubbing each other. The three of us were just casually enjoying each other’s company and bodies. Not long after, I was getting horny again and began rubbing Karla’s shiny pussy. Patrick was excited and asked us if there was anything we wanted to do.

“I wouldn’t mind trying the magic wand you have told me about,” I requested excitedly.

Patrick brought it out and helped position us with our legs interlocked and pussies touching each other like we had done in the hot tub. He squirted the lube between our crotches and we grinded together with him to evenly spread it. Patrick then slipped the vibrating wand in-between us before turning it on. The vibration was electric. The muffled buzzing sound filled the room as the jolt was shocking both of our clits simultaneously.

Karla and I kissed as Patrick held it perfectly still in the right place. We were both struggling to maintain our composure before Karla’s pussy began to trickle and then squirt all over me. Her super warm stream was covering my pussy and stomach.

Patrick wanted in on the flowing liquid as he gently pushed us and ordered, “Lay down flat.”

We obeyed his command so he could get his face down into the squirt. He was catching it in his mouth. Patrick returned the favor and began to kiss me with a mouth full of Karla’s ejaculate. Once again we were sharing a kiss while transferring someone’s bodily fluid. The vibrating never stopped and the kiss caused me to gush as well. I exacted my revenge by shooting all over Karla’s pussy and stomach. Patrick was in ecstasy as he put his face down to enjoy all the liquid until fully drenched.

He shut off the vibrator and we all just collapsed in a heaping mess of wetness. The waterproof blanked held the liquid on top rather than allowing it to soak in so it was like all of us lying in a puddle. Karla and I were exhausted from all the orgasming.

We got partially dressed and Patrick put things back where they belonged. When he came back into bedroom, Karla and I were gently kissing like a couple of love struck teenagers. He crawled in between us and kissed us both. Not only had we all gotten to know each other on the first night, we still had two more days. All three of us drifted off together, smelling like sex in a mess of cum soaked sweaty bodies molded together as one.

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