Chapter 1

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Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a true story. Not my first experience but one that I will never forget.

Living in a small town is not always a good thing. Yes, almost no real crime and kids can play in the streets without worrying about shootings or anything like that but there isn’t a big pool of eligible girls to choose from. Let me give you a little history. I was 16, played on the football team, in good shape and good looking. I was a little bit of a band geek but will cover that later.

It was just after winter break at school. I noticed a new girl on campus. Who didn’t notice someone new when the high school had less than 300 kids?

“Hi, I’m Jacob” I said.

“Beverly” She replied.

“Today your first day?”

“Yeah, it went ok. Just trying to figure things out” She said. I could tell she was a little down, but didn’t want to pry too much. I had a hard time not staring. She was beautiful. She was a redhead, about 5’3” and nice round tits on her. She showed a little cleavage, but not over-done.

Of course, being a 16 year old my eyes kept drifting down to her chest. I couldn’t help myself. I could feel a stir in my pants.

We were at her locker and the day was over. We said out goodbyes and I started walking out to the parking lot. Even though I was 16 and had a car, it wasn’t much. It was an old beat up Honda. My parents were never the type to give things that weren’t necessary so anything above normal food and cloths I had to pay for, including the car.

I jumped in my car and started to pull out of the school and saw her walking along in front of the school. I rolled down my window.

“You ok”.

“I missed my bus. I think I went to the wrong area”.

“No problem. I can give you a ride. I don’t have anywhere to be”.

To my surprise, she smiled and immediately walked over and got in. It didn’t take long to get to her house. As I pulled up the conversation turned to her family.

“I’m here with my grandparents” she said. “My dad was abusive and my mom never around so my little sister and I ran away to my grandma’s”.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do?”

“You want to come in for a minute? I don’t even know if my key works.”

I walked with her up to the front door and were able to get in. Nobody else was home. She showed me around and eventually ended up in her room.

“I share this with my sister, but it is better than what it was like before” She said.

I looked around. There was a full size mattress on the floor with some simple bedding. 2 small dressers along the wall and a small TV. There were a couple suitcases with clothes spilling out of them in the corner.

As I looked around, I could feel her eyes watching me. I didn’t want to seem like I was snooping so I quickly brought my attention back to her. In just the few seconds I took looking around she had shed her jacket and bulky sweatshirt. They lay in a pile at her feet. I was right. She had nice tits. They were at least a D cup maybe more. The t-shirt she had on was tight against her and accented her figure nicely.

Being 16 I just stood there memorized. She giggled and smiled.

“My eyes are up here” she said. Snapping me back to reality.

“Sorry” I stammered.

“I’ll take that as a complement.” She replied as she slowly got closer.

I couldn’t resist. I moved closer too and leaned down and kissed her. She responded by wrapping her hand around the back of my head and pulling me in more. I could feel her tongue trying to dance with mine.

I slipped my hands around her waist and pulled her closer. She let out a little moan and grabbed my ass in return. I took that as a good sign. The kissing was becoming hot and heavy. I guess my morals were saying not to rush thing, we just met so my hands were not moving from her sides.

She had different plans for me. Only a minute or so of kissing and she reached down and lifted her shirt over her head. We had to break the kiss and I was treated to the view of her round tits in her tight bra. She reached behind herself and unsnapped it.

I was in fucking heaven. Her tits spilled out and were on full display. It took her only about 2 seconds to grab by belt and start undoing my pants. This was a good thing since my cock was rock hard and had nowhere to go.

I didn’t even move. She undid my pants and slid them down with my boxers to my knees in seconds.

“Holly Shit your big” She said.

Now I am no porn star size, but at 16, having a girl tell you this is a huge ego boost. My cock twitched and was finally free. Well, for a second anyways. She was down on her knees and her hands on my cock before I knew what was going on.

I could feel her warm breath on my cock as her hand was holding the base. Her tiny finger couldn’t even get all the way around. She brought it up to her mouth and licked the tip. I shuttered. Every nerve ending was electrified. She looked up at me and smiled. Never loosing eye contact she lick me from base to tip.

Up and down she ran her tongue. My first thought was she didn’t know how to give a blowjob. Man, was I wrong. I quickly realized she was getting it nice and wet. Once it was nice and covered with her spit, she opened her mouth and took me in. Holly shit. I almost came right there. She slid her tongue across the underside as she took me in and out over and over.

My hands gently went to her head and just rested in her hair as she bobbed on my cock. I had to concentrate not to cum. I could feel myself getting close. Hey, I was 16, just getting head for more than 10 seconds was a new record.

“I can’t hold on much longer” I said.

She squeezed the base and let my cock slip out of her mouth. She quickly sat up a little and placed my cock between her tits. She wrapped those jugs around my cock and started jacking me with them. I couldn’t hold on for more than a couple strokes. I shot my cum all over her tits and neck. Pulse after pulse of cum shot out of me. I could feel each shot launch out.

I looked down and saw the mess all over her. She had cum dripping from her neck and hair. I started to go into the post cum reality but she didn’t let me even go limp before starting to slowly jack me. My cock was super sensitive. I could see in her eyes she wasn’t done with me yet.

She continued to rub my cock as she stood up and kissed me. I really didn’t want cum on my shirt so I kind of leaned forward to avoid getting any on me. Not that I minded cum, just didn’t want it on my cloths.

She broke the kiss and started to unbutton her pants. My cock still at 2/3 mast really liked this. Not just a blowjob, we were moving on and I might get some pussy!

It only took her a few seconds to shimmy out of her jeans and drop her panties. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back. Her sweet pussy on full display. She gently started to rub her pussy and I wasted no time. I took of my remaining cloths and crouched down in front of her and brought my face to her pussy. I could smell her sweet aroma and see her wetness. I reached under her and used by thumbs to part her outer lips. I leaned in and slowly licked her clit. She had a strong taste, but I was so fucking horny, I loved it.

I worked on her clit and used my tongue to bring her to orgasm. She held onto the back of my head against her pussy as she came. I sucked on her clit as she powered through it. My face was drenched.

“Fuck me” She cried.

I wasted no time. I slid up her body. I didn’t care that my cum was still all over her tits. We locked lips and I could feel her heat pressing against my stomach. I could feel her slide her hand between us and grab my cock. She lined it up to her pussy and I started to slide in. I got about 1/3 the way on the first stroke. She was so wet and hot. I could feel her pussy wrapped around my shaft. As I started gliding in and out I could feel the heat engulf my cock as I got deeper and deeper. My tip hit her cervix and I was almost all the way in. I started fucking. Not a slow romantic speed. No, I was 16 and my cock was in a hot pussy. I was pounding away.

“Don’t Stop. Holly fuck. Keep fucking me!” She whimpered in my ear.

I wish I could say I had amazing staying power, but only a couple of minutes and I could feel my orgasm growing. She had her legs wrapped around my waist and was pulling me in with each thrust.

“Yes!!!” She cried out as her orgasm hit. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock even more.

“I’m gonna cum!” I said.

“Cum on my stomach” She replied.

I don’t know how but managed to pull out just as my cock let loose. Shot after shot up across her belly button and up to her tits. My balls resting on her clit. That had to have been one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. I just knelt there between her legs looking down at her cum covered body as I caught my breath.

She grabbed a towel and started wiping herself up. I took that as a sign to get dressed and get out of there. I backed off and my cock still at half-mast did a little wave to her. I heard something and started to panic. I am in a strange house with a girl I just met and fucked her. I quickly put on my boxers and started to get dressed. She just pulled a tank top on and her panties. I was dressed and started towards the door. I thought the door was closed when we started by it was now cracked open.

She led me out to the front door which passed the living room. I was shocked when I saw the TV on and her sister sitting on the couch. She was only maybe a year younger. Very different build though. Blond instead of a red-head and much smaller tits.

She smiled as we walked by. I was too dumbfounded to really do anything besides a quick nod. I got to the door and Beverly stopped me as I opened it.

“Thank you for the ride home. Maybe catch another ride tomorrow?” She asked.

“Sure”. I replied. Genius.

“Maybe tomorrow I can be on top” She said with a little smile.

What have I gotten into? Here was this beautiful girl in just her panties and a tank top that didn’t cover anything, standing at the door teasing me after just fucking then passing her sister. She gave a little wave then closed the door.

I walked to my car completely in a trance. Shit, I didn’t even know her last name.

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