Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Ma/mt, Consensual, Size,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young Benny Selkirk was born with some rare and appealing qualities. His gentle, lovable nature and his unusually impressive sex tool open his world to many interesting and stimulating adventures. Everybody loves Benny.

The lady of the house, attractive, tall, and nicely put-together, was practically beaming as she opened the door. “Benjamin, thank you so much for finding time for me in your busy schedule.”

“Oh, it’s no bother, Mrs. Brothers. You know I’m always happy to do what I can.”

“Nevertheless dear, it’s good of you to come on such short notice. I know it’s not my usual day, but as you know, Mr. Brothers and I are leaving for London for several weeks stay and I just couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing you before we left. Please come in.”

Seventeen year-old Benny followed the elegant forty-something woman through the sky-lighted foyer, up the grand, sweeping staircase and down a broad, thickly carpeted hallway toward the master bedroom. The familiar suite looked like something out of a movie. There was a large elevated area along one wall, in the middle of which stood a massive bed complete with a blood-red velvet-draped canopy. As the handsome teenager hung his jacket on the back of a richly upholstered chair and pulled his sweatshirt over his head, Dianna Brothers stepped out of her fashionable mules and let her sheer blue peignoir slide from her shoulders and drop to the floor. Then, unable to contain her excitement for another second, she leapt onto the bed and crawled unceremoniously to the middle, flopping onto her back in a most unladylike fashion. A big smile split her pretty face and her aristocratic heart was already pounding in anticipation as she spread her legs wide and held out her arms to receive the boy’s supremely satisfying attentions.

Benny, as always, lived up to her expectations. And then some!

An hour later, they repeated their standard ritual: Mrs. Brothers asking if she could offer him a little something for his time and trouble, Benny politely refusing and she smiling as she tucked a hundred-dollar bill into the back pocket of his jeans in spite of his protestations. It would be added to the other tokens of gratitude that had been pressed upon him over the past three and a half years.

This would be the last time they’d ever enjoy each other’s bodies.

Benjamin (Benny) Edward Selkirk is an anomaly. In the opinion of just about everyone who has ever known him, he’s the perfect child. Well actually, now that he’s seventeen and soon to graduate from high school, it’s not accurate to call him a child any more. The reason he’s held in such high regard is that he is, and always has been, possessed of a most unusual quality. It seems that from the moment you meet him, you’re almost instantly infatuated and want nothing more than to take him into your arms and immerse yourself in his captivating aura.

Much of his appeal is that he’s so uncommonly selfless. He finds it difficult to say “No” to any reasonable request. If it weren’t for his superior intellect and his sound common sense, he might be quite easily and cruelly taken advantage of. Cynics may deny the existence of altruism, but Benny is one of those rare persons who feel an irresistible compulsion to make the lives of those around them better, more pleasant and fulfilled in whatever small way they can. You might even say it’s his mission in life. The boy is imminently and infectiously lovable.

It’s nothing he does consciously, mind you; there’s no pretense on his part. He doesn’t openly flirt or act in any way fawning or ingratiating. To the contrary, his affect is one of kindness and humility, almost to a fault. The effect he has on people seems to be the result of some innate quality that somehow ensnares one’s affections like a mega-dose of pheromones. Women in particular are instantly attracted to him and feel at the most primitive level a need to be close to him in the worst (or best) way, but even men who have never shown any homosexual inclinations find it difficult to keep their hands off him.

Benny has always been this way. When he was a baby in diapers, there were arguments over who would get to hold him. It’s probably a very good thing he’s an only child because any siblings would have been relegated to second best status and would have most certainly felt neglected.

He hardly ever fussed and cried as an infant. In fact he was so mild in temperament, so consistently contented that when his mother described his behavior to her pediatrician, it was recommended that Benny be evaluated for some possible mental or developmental aberration. An intense series of examinations showed only that the child was, by all appearances, strong, healthy, very bright, psychologically sound and physically normal in every way.

Well, in almost every way, two exceptions being that, psychologically, he didn’t seem to have the usual childish bent for being demanding and irritable, and physically, at birth, his penis was nearly an inch and a half long. That never failed to evoke stares from anyone who saw him naked for the first time. His mother was a little concerned about that peculiarity, but his father was immensely proud, even though, from all appearances, those genes didn’t derive from his side of the family.

The confluence of genetic material that became Benjamin Selkirk was rare on many levels.

But little Benny’s unusually pleasant qualities weren’t without some negative consequences. More than once as a toddler, he got bonked on his noggin with a toy by playmates feeling resentful because their mamas were fawning over Benny instead of them. He took it in stride, though. Of course he’d cry for a bit until it stopped hurting, but then he’d forget the whole thing and go back to playing with his assailant as if nothing had happened. Naturally, grown-ups would rush to sweep him up into their arms to comfort him while glaring at the aggressor as if he or she were the spawn of the devil.

In the looks department, he probably wouldn’t have won any beautiful child contests. Not that he was homely or anything; he wasn’t at all, but he didn’t have those striking, cherubic good looks like the little darlings one sees in baby and parenting magazines. (Isn’t it interesting how so many of them grow up looking like toads?) No, when you first looked a Benny, you’d probably think “cute kid” and leave it at that. But once you’d interacted with him in any way, you were hooked.

You’d probably think a kid with so much going for him would have grown up being spoiled rotten to the core, wouldn’t you? But he didn’t. No doubt he got more than his fair share of attention, but to this day he remains mild-mannered, friendly and quietly unassuming. If you were to venture a guess as to what the future held for Benny, his talent for instantly gaining one’s trust and love would suggest he might go far in the world of politics, except for one quality that is totally antithetical to politicians and politics; there is nothing disingenuous about Benny. He always says exactly what’s on his mind or he says nothing at all. If he lies, it is the silent lie, withholding comment for the sole purpose of sparing someone’s feelings.

While he’s never been a calculating person, he is quick to see the lay of the land. For instance, all through school, from kindergarten on, he understood it was best not to raise his hand too often or flaunt his considerably above average intelligence. His teachers were already strongly inclined to show favoritism toward him, making him an easy target for the ‘teacher’s pet’ epithet. While he was and is generally liked, even admired by his classmates, children are children after all and inclined to act out their frustrations and jealousies in childish ways. Benny’s self-imposed restraint has always served him well.

In short, Benny is destined to be successful in life.

Human frailties being what they are, some people were so drawn to him that they couldn’t seem to keep their hands to themselves, and because of that inordinate attraction, Benny’s introduction into things sexual began at a very early age, almost from infancy. Baby sitters, enthralled by his angelic sweetness and his one unusual physical attribute, would find excuses to dress and undress him like a doll so they could blow raspberries on his tummy and tickle his penis to make it stand up stiff like a little flag pole. Sometimes they got peed on for their trouble, and that always made him smile and giggle.

When he was three, one baby sitter fled the house in shame, never to return when he asked her straight out in front of his mother if she was going to put her mouth on his pee-pee again like she did the last time she took care of him. Little Benny was very perceptive in that he correctly interpreted her flight to mean he shouldn’t have mentioned that particular pleasure in front of his Mommy. He was sorry to lose that baby sitter because she played games with him and read stories to him. And he really liked it when she put her mouth on his pee-pee.

It’s likely most children endure a certain amount of inappropriate fondling as they grow up, but Benny attracted pedophiles like sugar attracts ants. Although to be fair, most of them wouldn’t actually have been considered pedophiles in the legal sense. For the most part, they were otherwise normal people who found themselves unable to resist doing things to him and with him that might be construed as sexual in nature. In his toddler years, for instance, when his Auntie Janet, his mother’s fifteen year-old sister babysat him, she’d often hold him in her lap at bedtime and get him to suckle her young breasts while she stuck her hand inside his Winnie-the-Pooh pajamas and played with his pee-pee as she sang lullabies. He found it very pleasant and nearly always fell asleep within a few minutes. Auntie Janet’s panties nearly always got soaking wet and she’d need a good rub-off after she got him tucked into his bed.

In spite of the fact that grownups couldn’t seem to leave him in peace, Benny’s physical and emotional development was as it should be in most respects. Even some people’s obsessive interest in his penis didn’t really bother him all that much because it happened so often.

As he reached school age, one aspect of his behavior did bother his daddy; Benny was just as happy playing dolls with little girls as he was playing cowboys with little boys. Try as he would, his daddy couldn’t steer his son away from activities that other fathers might consider, um, other than masculine, but Benny had no such prejudices. He was persistently and insistently an equal opportunity playmate.

One innocent but important episode in his sex education came at the age of seven. There was no shortage of little girls in his second grade class who wanted to claim Benny as their boyfriend, and one in particular, Becky Sue Anderson who lived two doors down thought she could lock in her claim if they could make a baby together. Anyone who thinks a seven year-old girl couldn’t possibly be that conniving has never raised one. She wasn’t completely sure of the particulars, but she’d seen her own mommy and daddy in the process of making her new baby brother, so she had a general idea of how it was done. One day she invited Benny up to her room and insisted he help her become a mommy herself.

Well, good-natured Benny was willing to try about anything, even though he was pretty sure his friend wasn’t nearly big enough to be carrying around a baby inside her tummy (he was very good at spatial relationships). He clearly remembered that Mrs. Anderson waddled around looking like she was hiding a huge watermelon under her dress before Becky’s baby brother came. But the girl was very insistent, so he shrugged and said, “OK but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“It’s real easy,” Becky assured him, “One time, after Mommy put me to bed, I heard Daddy ask her if she wanted to make another baby. I got out of bed and peeked in their room when they were doing it, and all you have to do is put your thing in me and rub it back and forth real fast. After a minute, you make some funny noises and the baby starts to grow inside of me.”

Benny, equally uneducated in this area, was skeptical. “How can putting my thing in you make you have a baby?”

“I don’t know,” she whined in exasperation, “It just does! We have to take off our clothes and then I have to put your thing in my mouth to make it stiff and then you lay on top of me. That’s how Mommy and Daddy did it.

Becky Sue would brook no more discussion on the matter (That commanding quality would serve her well in her professional life twenty years later). Benny was still skeptical but he did as she instructed and took off his short pants and underwear. Becky stripped naked and got down on her knees to make him stiff. It didn’t take long at all. At seven years of age, his soft penis was now over three inches long and as big around as your finger. When she started sucking on it, the foreskin retracted back over the head and it quickly grew to over four inches and even bigger around as it got stiff; quite a mouthful for a seven year-old.

“Ok, now what?” he asked, standing there with his pee-pee sticking straight out.

Becky lay on her bed and reached down to opened up her little cleft with her fingers. She said, “You have to put it in here.”

Benny bent down and looked closely. Shaking his head, he said, “I don’t see any place where it will go.”

“Just do it! I know there’s a place there because I can put my finger in it.”

“Well, OK, if you say.” He aimed his pee-pee where her fingers were spreading the slit apart and pushed in. At first he met a soft wall but as he poked around, it got kind of slick and eventually he felt his pee-pee sliding into something warm and moist. When he was only about an inch into her, he ran into another obstruction that made Becky catch her breath and say “Ouch!”

“Oops! Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“That’s OK. I think you must be at the end.”

Of course neither of them had a clue what a hymen might be.

She continued her instructions. “Now you have to move your thing in and out for a while.”

Again, he followed her instructions. Leaning on his hands, he began to move his hips up and down as he watched not much more than the head of his penis appear and disappear. It felt OK but not as good as when Auntie Janet played with it. After a few minutes, he was starting to get tired and called it quits. As he got off the bed and began pulling on his underwear, he said, “I hope that’s enough because I have to go home for lunch.”

For a while, Becky Sue was disappointed when she finally realized there was no baby growing in her tummy, but she eventually lost interest in the project.

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