Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Marek loses his job his girlfriend ditches him. Desperate for rent money Marek takes a job as a night security guard. At the start of his first shift the departing guard rags him about watching out for the ghost.

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“You wanna watch out for the ghost.” Sid said with a chuckle as he swung his bag up onto his shoulder.

“Ghost?” Marek answered confused by the older man’s comment.

“Yeah,” Sid grinned at him, “A couple of the night guards have said they had heard someone giggling when they were patrolling the upper floors.” With a final wave Sid was gone.

Marek sighed heavily as he watched Sid climb into his car, this was not how his career was supposed to go! Two months ago Marek was a department manager at a large online retailer, then with no notice they shut up shop and the receiver had been called in. About a week later Marek had received a letter from the firm that was handling the closure, it appeared they would be lucky to see ten percent of their outstanding wages. Two days after that Marek’s girlfriend of six years announced she wasn’t going to be tied to a loser and bailed.

So with the rent due on his flat and his savings dwindling Marek had taken this job as a night security guard at Imerion Enterprises. The job was simple enough, Marek would spend most of his time sitting in the security gatehouse. Once an hour he would have to walk a site patrol, on odd hours Marek would walk the perimeter fence and on even hours he had to check the offices. The company obviously didn’t trust their guards to actually carry out the patrols so there was a lock box halfway around the perimeter, Marek had to enter his pin number onto the keypad in the box within a half hour window. A similar box was located in a janitor’s cupboard on the fifth floor.

“Oh well,” Marek mumbled to himself, “it may be a lousy job but at least I will be able to pay the rent and eat until I can find something better.”

Marek put his lunch box in the fridge and put the kettle on, five minutes later he was settled in with a good book.

The 7 O’clock patrol was simple and soon enough Marek was back to his book. An hour later Marek was unlocking the door to the offices.

As he opened the foyer door he chuckled to himself thinking about Sid’s parting comments, he figured it was normal to razz the new guy, get him thinking about ghosts and soon the normal sounds of an empty building would be turned into ghostly noises in their head and before the night was out they would believe they were seeing ghosts.

Marek had allowed himself plenty of time for his first office patrol as he wasn’t too sure how long it would take him to get up to the cupboard containing the keypad. Everything was straightforward until Marek was halfway through the third floor, he had just entered one of the offices intending to check the windows were all locked when...

“Ohhhh, a young one!” The woman’s voice came from behind him and was followed by a giggle.

Marek span quickly around, his eyes searching the empty room. Three quick steps took him back out into the corridor, Marek looked both ways his ears straining to hear footsteps. Pulling himself together Marek laughed at himself, he knew that Sid’s comment would put ideas into his head, he had just forgotten how good his imagination could be!

Further on beside of the stairs to the next floor were the restrooms, Marek quickly checked out the men’s room before turning to the ladies. On the other floors, knowing he was alone in the building Marek had just walked into the ladies bathrooms, he felt very silly this time knocking before he pushed the door open. Inside Marek was surprised to find one of the cubicle doors was closed, the hairs on the back of Marek’s neck rose as the toilet flushed. The clack of the door latch opening made Marek jump, he stared rooted to the spot as the door swung open onto the empty cubicle.

Marek’s eyes darted to the sinks when one of the taps was turned on, the stream of water seemed to flow over a pair of invisible hands.

Marek watched as a couple of drips of water landed on the floor between the sink and the paper towel dispenser. Marek gulped as a green towel ripped itself from the dispenser. It crumpled before his eyes, the colour darkening as it absorbed water from somewhere. The towel wrapped itself into a ball and flew into the bin.

“You are a naughty boy aren’t you,” the voice breathed in Marek’s ear, “you shouldn’t be in here when ladies are, uh, powdering their nose.”

Marek felt a pair of soft cool lips brush his cheek, damp fingers touched the other side of his face. He felt a hand rub over his flaccid cock before his zip slid smoothly down, the hand reached in and cool fingers wrapped around his member.

“Mmmm, is this for me Master,” Marek was startled by the change in the voice, she seemed subservient now and he got the impression desperately lonely. “please master may this unworthy slave suck your cock, it’s been so long Master, so long.”

Marek felt his cock harden as the hand massaged him.

For the first time since he entered the room Marek’s fear subsided and allowed him to move, he looked down at where the crotch of his trousers were spread by the invisible hand.

“Yes.” He croaked his throat dry from his earlier fear.

Marek felt the invisible fingers loosen his belt then his trousers and boxers were dragged down to pool at his feet. His cock bobbed in the air for a moment before it was engulfed in a strangely cool invisible mouth. Marek groaned as his skin of his cock looked like it was being squeezed by the ghostly lips. The sensations were incredible as he watched his cock head squash out of shape slightly under the pressure from an invisible tongue. It had been a long time for Marek and it only took two minutes before he gasped as his sperm erupted into the invisible mouth.

As he recovered his breath Marek watched in fascination as he saw his cum coat the inside of the ghostly mouth, he saw the tongue coated in his essence swirling his juice around as if savouring the taste before she swallowed his spend, the viscose fluid visible in the throat for a moment before it faded from view. Although he couldn’t see her Marek was aware that the girl was still kneeling in front of him.

“Who, who are you?” he gasped at last.

“Master, this girl was called Heather before her last Master gave her the name Jade.” Marek suddenly realised that although it seemed that the girl was speaking to him her words were not actually coming through his ears but somehow just appeared in his mind.

“So, so which would you like to be called?” Marek asked confused.

“Sir this girl is happy to be called anything her Master wishes to call her.” Marek thought of something that puzzled him.

“Well, we will go with Heather for now and see how things go. I need to sign in upstairs, walk with me and we can talk as we go.” He told her.

“Yes Master.”

“Heather, how come when I first heard you in the offices and at first in the ladies toilets you sounded different than you do now?”

“Master this girl was frightened, this girl knows most of the office workers and can avoid them. She doesn’t know the people at night and gets scared, She has found that acting a little forceful can make them scurry away. This girl can’t help giggling when she sees fat old men trying to run to the top floor before the ghost can get them.”

“So why where you so different later?”

“Master, you didn’t run, and you weren’t old and fat, this girl hopped she might have found a new Master. But more importantly Master this girl felt a, a resonance from you that just felt right.”

“Mmmm.” Marek was thoughtful.

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