Anniversary Fun

by tjasslover

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Bestiality, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Body Modification, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: An anniversary celebration turns into a night mare when this couple winds up sharing a booth with a group of men.

Faye and I had been married for 6 months tonight and I wanted to do something special for her. We had met just after my divorce and I couldn’t believe such a sexy young woman would be interested in someone over twice her age. She was 24 and I was almost 50. She had been working in a clothing department when we met and she agreed to go out to dinner with me that very night. It was magic since that first night and I couldn’t believe that she initiated sex with me on our first date. I guess the younger generation is more assertive and less reserved about sex. It didn’t take long for me to ask her to marry and I was shocked when she said: “Why did it take you so long? Of course I will marry you.”

I had made reservations at a nice restaurant and was so excited when she came out dressed in her short black dress with high heels, making her look as tall as me. Her skin is pale white and the contrast with the black dress just make her look incredible.

To describe her body is difficult. She has one of those unbelievable small waists with nice round hips and a fine ass. Her legs were thin and didn’t come completely together just under her shaved pussy. And then there are her big round breast that made her look like she just stepped out of a Playboy magazine. The best part of this low cut dress with the thin straps was that she couldn’t wear a bra and the sides of both her tits were exposed. I just stared at her when she walked into the room. She looked concerned and asked: “something wrong”.

“Yes Love. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. How am I supposed to be able to eat my dinner with you dressed like that?”

Faye laughed: “That’s the idea. And wait till you see my tiny panties. If you are lucky, maybe I will give them too you during our meal.”

We left, got to the restaurant and I watched all the men, from the valet, to the waiter enjoying the view as we talked, shared a bottle of wine and ate our meal. One of the most thoughtful things about my beautiful wife was that, even though she knew men were staring, she acted like she didn’t notice or pay them any attention. I got a hard on as the manager made small talk while she bent forward making sure he saw all of her ample breast. She stayed still while he moved to get a better view and even let one of her straps slid off her shoulder, allowing the manager an unrestricted view of her left breast. I kept hoping that he would lose control and grab it, but he didn’t. I did notice a rather prominent bulge in his slacks.

After we paid, we waited hand in hand for the valet to bring our car. As she stepped in, she spread her legs wide, causing her dress to ride up to her waist, exposing her thin white panties to the valet. After we got into the car, I mentioned a club I had heard about that was supposed to be a fun place. As we got there, it was obvious that on a Saturday night, it was going to be packed. We went in and the sound of the music was intoxicating. I asked the waitress if there was any place to sit and she said to wait and she would check. After a couple of minutes she asked if we would be willing to join another group at a large booth. Faye seemed game, so we followed her though the crowd to this double booth on the edge of the packed dance floor. There were 4 men waiting, looking to be in their mid to late 20s sitting together and had moved to one side of the booth. They each introduced themselves and you could tell by their stares, that they weren’t disappointed in the couple that was joining them, at least not one of us.

They had ordered us shots, so we both downed the tequila and Faye insisted we dance. So we forced our way into the very crowded dance floor and for the next three songs, saw dozens of hands “accidently” graze Faye’s ass or breast. The funny part was how incredibly turned on it made me. Finally I grabbed her hand and took her back to the table. As we arrived, two more shots were waiting, so after those, she announced that she wanted someone to dance with her. Tony, a tall very handsome black guy was first up and grabbed her hand and took her off. Jeff, who looked to be almost 30 came over and squeezed in beside me and began to engage me in conversation, touching on what each of the four of them did and every detail of our life that I was willing to share. I actually wasn’t surprised when he asked me if Faye was as good a fuck as she looked. I guess it was all the alcohol or the fact that I often couldn’t believe how incredibly lucky I was to have her, so only hesitated a few seconds before responding: “even better”.

“Man, that’s incredible. Does she give good head too?”

“She does everything good!”

“I bet with a fine ass like hers, she loves bending over and letting your fuck her ass?”

I realized the conversation was completely inappropriate, but couldn’t help myself: “She doesn’t love anal, but she knows her ass is to die for, so she loves to bend over and let me enjoy looking at her and lightly spanking her ass before fucking her.”

“I bet you like licking that big ass, don’t you? I can see your face between those fat cheeks. So is she on birth control or you trying to get the Bitch pregnant?”

He just called Faye a Bitch, but that’s how drunk guys talk, so I dismissed it, “She got off birth control about a month ago but the doctor recommended we wait about a month more before I came inside her pussy.”

“Does the Bitch shave her Cunt? Oh never mind, I can see it from here”.

I turned my head and found her on the dance floor with Tony behind her hunching her ass. He had her dress pulled up past her waist and her full ass was exposed and he was fingering her and rubbing her pussy. Her thin white panties were around one ankle. One strap of her dress was down and one of her tits was sticking right out. There must have been a dozen men and a few women standing staring at the show.

I tried to get up but Jeff put his hand on my shoulder: Jake, just relax and don’t make a scene. Faye seems to be having a great time. Look at her hunch Tony’s hand. I think the horny bitch is about to cum.”

“But she’s too drunk. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

“She looks like she knows exactly what she is doing.” Just then, some random guy walks right up to Faye, grabbed both straps and pulled them off her other shoulder, tugged on the dress and pushed her arms down to her side. With that, her dress dropped to the floor which elicited a huge scream from the entire dance floor. Again I tried to get up but was restrained by both Jeff and William.

“Don’t causes a scene Man. It’s all good”, said William.

As I turned back to Faye, the stranger had his hands around her head and their lips were locked together. It appeared that she was as engaged in the kiss as he was. As he pulled away I could see her tongue still out waiting to re-enter his mouth. Then without warning, he pushed her head down to his crouch. Without hesitation, I saw Faye unbutton and unzip his pants and his massive erect cock enter her mouth. This was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and if it wasn’t my young wife there, I would have been filming the event. But as I looked around, virtually everyone was already ahead of me and pointing their cell phones in her direction. I hadn’t noticed that Tony had his large black cock out and was now fucking my wife in front of hundreds of folks while she sucked on this white cock. I saw as he kicked her ankles to spread her wide and better enter her pussy. Her big tits were hanging down, bouncing back and forth, and looked incredible. It didn’t take long for Tony to cum inside of my wife’s beautiful pussy and after he pulled out, he grabbed her dress off the floor and wiped his cock off with it then threw it back to the ground. The guy in front pushed her to her knees and was fucking her face with his hands behind her head. I couldn’t’ believe that his entire cock was deep in her throat and his harry balls were slapping her chin. She had never had any problem taking my cock, but I was, at most 6 inches and this was probably 10. I was so drunk with the scene that I didn’t realize that the entire room was watching and chanting: “Fuck the Slut, Fuck the Slut, Fuck the Slut”. This chant included the three men at the table. “Come on Jake, Let me hear you. Fuck the Slut Fuck the slut. You know you want to, come on”

I know it wasn’t my voice that I heard saying, “Fuck the slut, fuck the slut” Just then the guy pulled his cock out and covered Fay’s face and tits with a huge load of cum. I thought it would never end and it was dripping from her face onto her tits while the room exploded. Another man had dropped on his knees behind her and was massaging her big tits, then started pulling on her nipples, stretching them out and pulling her tits out and making them look huge. Once the random man had zipped up, another cock replaced his in Faye’s mouth. She didn’t hesitate and I could see she was drunk with the sexual excitement. After a few minute of intense sucking, the man grabbed her head and filled her mouth with his cum. She apparently loved swallowing every drop. Then the man behind her pushed her head to the floor where her more than ample ass was up and he could enter her. Her head and tits were rubbing on the floor while he held her hips and fucked her to the enjoyment of all watching. When he finally came, he jumped up, holding his hands high in the air to signal his victory. The entire room erupted with applause and cheers.

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