The Edification of Mary Kate Bennigan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Size, Clergy, Caution, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mary Kate Bennigan fellates her twin brother Tommy after spying on their parents. Tommy confesses their sin to the priest. He demands that Mary Kate confess as well, after which the priest and a friend rape the young girl. She volunteers at a hospital in Men's Geriatrics where she finds that blowjobs settle crusty curmudgeons. Stunned by her success the hospital assigns her to Molly Mansfield, who sets her on the path for incredible success. Chapter Three tells Molly Mansfield's story

Many us of have been asked these questions:

“When did you begin to understand the meaning of life?”

“Did the worst thing that ever happen to you turn out to be the best?

“What is the secret of your success?”

Most of us, when asked these questions, have to search our minds for responses that would count as meaningful answers. Mary Kate Bennigan, on the other hand, could not only pull the answers out of the air, she could pinpoint exactly when they happened and where.

The answer to the first question is etched on her brain. It happened at 12:47 a.m. New Year’s Day, 2000, just forty-seven minutes after the Waterford Crystal Ball came down on Times Square.

Too young to be partying without parental chaperones neither Mary Kate nor her twin brother Tommy stayed up late that night. Mary Kate was dreaming of being in the crowd at Time’s Square, watching the ball come down. The crowd had just counted down to one and had begun yelling, “Happy New Year.”

She was awakened by sounds coming from downstairs. Her parents had gone to the traditional neighborhood New Year’s Eve party and must have just come home. She heard giggling then laughter then uncontrolled laughter. Having heard it before she was accustomed to her parents coming home from a party, tipsy from having too much to drink. She heard a loud thump like someone had fallen hard on the floor.

She heard her father cry out, “Oh my God Eileen!” Alarmed she looked at the clock which read 12:47, jumped out of bed, opened the door and darted down the hall toward the stairs. As she passed her brother’s bedroom door it opened and a yawning Tommy appeared.

Downstairs had turned silent, became murmurs then whispers that were shushed, followed by stifled laughter.

As the twins crept down the stairs Tommy whispered, “What do you think happened, Sis?”

With a confused foreboding Mary Kate said, “I don’t know Tommy, it sounded like Daddy might have fallen and hurt himself.”

Something moving caught her eye, it was her brother’s flopping penis, dangling out of his PJs. Mary Kate was amazed that it had become so much more substantial than the last time she had seen it. It wasn’t soft like she had seen it then either; it was half-way hard, jutting in a downward arc. And it was kind of red, like her brother might have been rubbing it.

The quiet downstairs was broken by their mother’s giggling. It grew to laughter which triggered their father’s. The kids heard, “That was so naughty Brent ... and while everybody else was kissing. I never believed that you would actually put that cork inside my pussy. You’re terrible!”

Looking at Tommy Mary Kate rolled her eyes. She couldn’t picture what her parents might have been doing when everybody else was kissing. With a careful peek around the corner she was shocked to see that both parents were naked. Her daddy was lying on the floor in the living room moaning. Mom was on her knees, apparently kissing her daddy’s penis.

As he joined his sister looking around the corner Tommy whispered, “Dad must have hurt his pecker when he fell.”

Laughing their mother said, “I’ll be damned Brent if you still don’t have that cork between your teeth.” (At the party at midnight, when everybody had been kissing, Brent had reached under Eileen’s skirt and plugged a champagne cork into her pussy).

Giggling their father said, “I know that pussy of yours needed some kind of attention Eileen.”

Having never heard the word “pussy” before she was confused at its meaning. Goggling her dad’s huge erection that was lancing the air, Mary Kate eyed its veiny shaft which led to the shiny, purplish knob. Wide eyed, Tommy ogled the same thing. Familiar with only his newly erected cock he couldn’t believe how massive his father’s was.

With confused wonder Mary Kate watched as her mother took their father’s huge penis into her mouth. It looked like she would swallow it but only about half of it was in her mouth. As her head bobbed on it a number of times, the organ became shiny with her mother’s saliva. While her head continued to bob she wrapped her fingers around the exposed part of his shaft and matched the stroke of her mouth.

Brent Bennigan was on his back moaning. He was holding something between his teeth. Opening his mouth he dropped what was in it on the floor. Mary Kate recognize that it was a champagne cork. Was it really inside Mom’s vagina? Her p ... pussy?

Feeling like a spy watching something she was unentitled to Mary Kate was uncomfortable. She felt guilty but was too magnetized by what was going on in the living room to stop looking. At the same time she felt a warm, wet substance seeping between her legs. Unconsciously she touched herself and tested the slipperiness in her groove. At her touch she realized how sensitive the node at the top of her vulva was, feeling a shock that sent waves throughout her body.

In the living room, as her mother’s head bobbed up and down in a constant motion on her husband’s thick, long penis he uttered, “Jesus Eileen you suck cock like a fucking professional.”

The impossible thing Mary Kate was witnessing was shocking enough, the profanity made it even more so. Brother’s and sister’s eyes locked, neither twin having heard such language in their house before. Mary Kate whispered, “What kind of a professional would make a living putting a man’s penis in her mouth?” Tommy was too enrapt to even consider an answer.

Taking her mouth off Brent’s cock Eileen, with a sultry chuckle asked, “And what do you know about professionals sucking cock, my dear?”

“That, my love, happened before we were married,” he replied.

“Like you expect me to believe that? I get such a kick out of you and your Knights of Columbus buddies Brent. Sometimes I think you’re all a bunch of perverts.” Quiet for a moment she chuckled and added, “But the thought of it excites me.”

Taking her husband’s cock back into her mouth she bobbed a few times. “Mm, mm, mm,” moaning, slurping loudly then sliding it back out. “You’re so fucking big Brent. I love your cock so much mm, mm, mm.”

Brent answered, “Who needs a professional cocksucker Eileen when I’m married to one like you?”

Stroking the exposed part of his shaft she bobbed with greater speed.

“Oh yes Eileen,” Brent begged, “Suck me. Suck me, yes.”

Glancing down at her brother’s fly Mary Kate saw that his erection was now rigid, pointing upward at a severe angle. Though nowhere near as imposing as her dad’s it was still quite substantial. With a mind of its own her hand reached for the swollen phallus.

“Geez Sis!” he hissed. Masturbation was still new to him but the feeling of his sister’s hand on his cock took his new-found sexual self-pleasure to a more sensual level.

Having discovered a new toy Mary Kate’s eyes couldn’t break away from what was in her hand. The loose out skin seemed to be sliding in her hand over the well-defined muscles beneath. It was beautiful and silky feeling, a hard yet soft pink shaft, defined by a dark blue vein that ran the length of the shaft then disappeared into the purplish head.

In a heightened state of libido Tommy hissed, “Jesus Sis, look!”

As she watched her dad’s erection coming out of her mother’s mouth, it was all Mary Kate could do to keep from gasping, “It’s so fat and long.” She marveled at how the filament of what she would learn to call precum was stretching from her mother’s mouth until it broke.

She watched as her mother rose to her knees and cadged to her father’s head. Lifting her right leg she swung it over his head, straddling his face. As she bent forward her breasts dangled, their nipples raking her husband’s abdomen. Completing the position that Mary Kate would learn to call “69,” Eileen took her husband’s chaffed erection back into her mouth.

At that moment Mary Kate had an uncomfortable thought about her brother. He was always confession family secrets to the priest. Looking over at Tommy’s gape-mouthed face she said, “This is a family secret Tommy. I hope you don’t go confessing this to the priest.”

Blushing, he said, “Nah Sis, no way.” But she was well aware of her brother’s proclivity foe obsessional piety. In her mind he was already mouthing Mea culpa.

Until this moment Mary Kate hadn’t even conceived of having sex. She certainly had no idea what the word “voyeur” meant. But watching her parents have sex was doing things to her body that she had never dreamed of. As her parents cavorted on the living room floor she thought, God I wish Tommy and I could be doing that.

What her mom and dad were doing on the living room floor was outrageous but she felt no shame in watching—touching herself just seemed to come naturally. Having never before been motivated to touch herself the enjoyment she was now getting from touching her button was ecstatic. As her other hand stroked her brother’s erect penis, the way she saw her mother stroking her father’s, the sensations were filling her with an all-embracing kind of pleasure.

Recognizing Tommy’s embarrassed disapproval Mary Kate wished she could continue to watch without the distraction of her brother beside her. His reaction introduced the thought, God, I hope Tommy doesn’t become a priest. I hate those guys.

Something on his knob altered her thoughts though, it was the clear liquid substance leaking from the slit, shining like some kind of clear oil. Touching it with her thumb she slid the aloe-like moisture around his smooth helmet-like knob. Watching Tommy’s eyes widen she smoothed the silky substance over his glans and used it to stroke him with lubricated ease. When curiosity demanded that she taste what was on her fingertips she touched it to her tongue then suckled it. It tasted strange, kind of sweet.

Ogling her parent’s naked bodies she watched as they laid on their sides and trapped each other’s heads between their legs. Both made passionate sounds as they writhed, their bodies shaking in strange kinds of spasms.

In her excitement Mary Kate didn’t realize how fast she was stroking her brother’s erection. Hearing him grunt she felt his organ recoil then spurt something as the warm substance gushed all over her hand (he did it three times).

Looking down she saw strange white lines along with globs and flecks of his discharge on the stair tread. The same white stuff coated her hand. As her eyes darted from Tommy’s cock to her hand she heard her father say, “Jesus honey, that was so fucking good.”

Peering back into the living room she watched as her mother took her mouth off her father’s penis, forming white strings of her daddy’s stuff that stretched from his sex to mother’s lips before sagging down her chin. “Oh Brent,” she gulped, “you taste divine.”

Looking at her semen-glazed hand Mary Kate whispered to Tommy, “Wow, that’s the same stuff that Mom just swallowed.” Instinctively she brought her hand to her mouth and licked off her brother’s cum.

After a few minutes of kissing and fondling the Bennigan parents got back on their feet. They embraced each other’s naked bodies and kissed again. Tugging at his sister’s hand Tommy hissed, “C’mon Sis, let’s get back upstairs before they come up.”

Quickly, tiptoeing up the stairs the two of them made sure they walked on the sides of the steps so they wouldn’t squeak. Stealthily they slipped back into their bedrooms. Just moments after Mary Kate snuggled under her blankets her door opened. It was her nude parents looking in on her.

Thinking their daughter was sleeping her mother said, “We’re so lucky Brent to have such children.”

Brent replied, “Yeah Eileen, but I would hate to think that they could have caught us in the act downstairs. Their getting older honey, we had better start being more careful.”

Accompanied by her husband’s quiet chuckle Eileen giggled almost silently and whispered, “That would have been something, huh?”

Wide awake Mary Kate would soon learn to explain her feelings in one word, “horny.” Not yet knowing the word it’s meaning the seed had already begun to grow. As her clitoris cried out for attention she rubbed the pulsating node.

After experiencing a releasing kind of spasm she waited for what she thought was long enough for her parents to be asleep. Having visualized what she saw her mother doing to her father she resolved, I’m gonna put Tommy’s thing in my mouth.

Waiting until she was sure her parents had gone to sleep Mary Kate stole into her brother’s room. Though she was totally unaware of it at the time, that New Year’s Eve and what followed as a result of it would permanently alter the direction of Mary Kate’s Bennigan’s life. Tommy, processing an incredible amount of guilt, could in no way stop the tidal wave that would overtake his own life. But Mary Kate’s pleasurable quest to suck her brother dry, would grow into and obsession.

Her first question, “When did you begin to understand the meaning of life?” had been planted into the soil of her life and would become part of its foundation.

Though her twin brother Tommy would be riven with guilt, he would not be able to withstand his sister’s penchant for continual oral sex. All-the-way sex though would have to wait though. As children of devout Catholics the twins had no access to condoms. In their absence hands mouths and fingers would have to suffice for their sexual pleasure. Mary Kate quickly persuaded her brother to eat her out, which Tommy soon learned to do skillfully. Being an activated youth though he would, again and again, try to put his cock inside his sister’s pussy. Too smart to chance an unwanted pregnancy though, Mary Kate wouldn’t allow it.

Tommy’s Confession

Tommy Bennigan and his sister had been having oral sex continuously since the eventful New Year’s morning. He knew it was wrong, certainly sinful in the eyes of the Church. He kept telling himself that he was going to stop but Mary Kate kept pressing the issue. He wanted more than just oral sex though, but his sister wouldn’t allow it. He was on the verge of forcing her to go all the way.

With this increasing load of sins and fears Tommy Bennigan stole into the confessional. Through the thin wall he heard the shuffle of feet and the thump of the Father McConnell’s corpulent bottom as he plopped down. When the small door high on the wall slid open Tommy could just make out the top of the priest’s shiny, pink head. He heard the high pitched Irish tenor voice saying words that always floated through the opening on a cloud of alcohol, “I’ve missed you Tommy me boy, what have you come to confess?”

“Bless me Father, I have sinned.”

“God bless ya. In what way have ya sinned my son?”

Though certain that his secrets would be kept inside the small booth, Tommy, not sure how to unload the heaviest of his sins, decided to lay it on the line. “I, I’ve had oral sex with my sister, Father.”

A long breath of air in the adjoining compartment was followed by silence before the priest said, “Do ya ... do ya talk often about sex with your sister, Tommy?”

Perplexed by the priest’s question he answered, “Well, um, we’ve been talking about it for quite a while Father.”

“I see.” The hidden priest paused then asked, “And how old is it that you are, my son?”

“I’ll be fifteen next month Father.”

“And how old is your sister, Mary Kate isn’t it?”

“Yes Father. Mary Kate’ll be fifteen also.”

“Twin’s, er, yes, yes I knew that,” the priest said.

After a long hesitation Father McConnell chuckled and said, “Twins,” It was as if he were trying to figure something out. “You should be careful my son. Talking about sex to a young girl could lead her into sinful ways. She could become aroused and defile herself by way of self-abuse; not to mention the fact that she could get herself and you into a lot of trouble.”

It was as if the man in the other side of the booth were rubbing his hands together. “Twins, heh, heh; and a fine looking lass your sister is Tommy.”

As if the priest was searching for the right words he hesitated before saying, “Sure it is that your intentions are pure Tommy me boy. But ya must not be doing any more oral sex talk with Mary Kate.”

As an afterthought he added, “And don’t ya be letting this lead ya into oral sex with other girls. That could bring about troubling circumstances that could ruin your life. Play sports Tommy, read, keep your mind pure for the time you’ll be marrying.”

Tommy wasn’t sure the priest was being serious when he heard him say, “Maybe ya should just let your mother, in her female wisdom, have oral sex with your sister.” Though Tommy would never think that a priest would entertain inappropriate thoughts he couldn’t help from thinking, is he jerking my chain?

In the boy’s eyes priests had wisdom far greater than ordinary mortals. Surely he wouldn’t be joking in the confessional. Embarrassed, Tommy thought, or maybe I didn’t say it right. Or maybe he thought I was joking. But the priest didn’t act like he had detected any disrespect. At the same time Tommy had the unsettling feeling that the holy man might be making fun of him. It seemed like he was detecting stifled laughter.

“Say three novenas, my son. Then go out and sin no more.” The priest said it like he thought Tommy was wasting his time. Or maybe he just didn’t want to deal with it. The booth rocked as Father McConnell stood up.

Panicked, the discomfited boy blurted, “Wait Father, wait!”

The door slid open again. In a huff the father said, “Be careful about sayin too much today about these sins boyo.”

Confused, Tommy blurted, “But Father, I have sinned, I mean really sinned.”

“Do I understand you to say, Tommy boy, that what you were saying was not some kind of piss-ant prank?” He sounded like he didn’t really want to hear what Tommy was trying to say.

Not recognizing the priest’s nonverbal warning Tommy stammered, “I, I...” He tried to phrase it in a way the priest would surely understand. “I think you need to know that oral sex means more than just um talking about sex Father.” Jesus, he thought, I’m fifteen and know about oral sex. How can he not know about it?

The answer came with forced anger, “Don’t be telling me about my business young man!” The older man’s breathing seemed more labored (the way his mother’s breathing sounded when she was upset and wanted to move on to another subject).

“B, b ... but Father, just listen to me and you’ll understand.” He hoped he would, and soon so he could leave these sins behind him and work on ones for the next confession.

The invisible man took another deep breath as if trying to calm himself. “Wait here for a bit, my son. I’ll be commin right back.” The small door closed and the booth shifted as the big man left.

Maybe he has to go to the bathroom, Tommy thought.

After a few minutes the booth rocked again when the priest thumped on his holy bottom again, his back hitting the wall and his feet clumping on the floor. The door slid open. “Go on my son,” the words wafting through the grille floated on a heavier breeze of alcohol.

“Well Father, my sister and I have been having oral sex for about four months. It began on New Year’s Eve after Mom and Dad came home from a party.”

His next words came with the kind of breath that made it sound like the venerable father was enduring some kind of tribulation. “Go on.”

What the boy didn’t know was that the often ogled his mother with lust in his heart. “They were making a lot of noise downstairs Father. Both Mary Kate and I heard them.”

“Your mother and your father?”

“Yes Father. They were making funny noises. When Dad said, ‘Oh my God Eileen, ‘ it sounded like he fell and hurt himself.”

“I might ask you Tommy, what were you and your fourteen year old sister doing in the same room together late on New Year’s Eve?”

“We were in our own rooms Father, sleeping. The noise of Dad falling on the floor woke us up. We sneaked down the stairs to see what happened.”

“I see. So was he hurt my son, your father?”

“Well ... er ... ah...”

“Go on.”

“Um, they were both um naked Father. It was embarrassing. Dad was lying on the floor. We thought he hurt his um, thing because Mom was on her knees rubbing it ... and it was getting um, all swelled up, I mean really big Father.”

“Oh my Lord,” the priest exclaimed, followed by a pregnant pause. Tommy heard labored breathing through the priest’s nose, an acknowledgement that was sibilant and accelerated.

“There was a noise that sounded like a zipper going down.”

“Yes, yes my son, go on, go on.”

“His thing must have been really hurt because Mom kept kissing it. She sucked on it like you would suck on a hurt finger.”

“Yes, I see.” The husky voice accepted. “And then?”

“And then the strangest thing happened Father. Mom turned the other way and threw one leg over Dad’s face like, like she might have been getting on a horse? It was kind of like a saddle, her bottom I mean. And it was right over Dad’s face!”

Sucking air in through his nostrils the priest hissed, “Yes Tommy I can see what you’re trying to explain.”

“Her knees were on either side of Dad’s head Father. And she lowered her, uh ... I didn’t believe it but she put her thing right down on Dad’s mouth!”

In an urgent whisper the priest said, “Go on.”

“Well Father, Mom and Dad were both licking and sucking on each other’s things. They were making strange sounds. And they were saying words that my sister and I are not allowed to say.”

The effect of telling the story was the same as when Tommy was watching with Mary Kate; his penis had become fully erect, pushing against his pants.

“Did ya stop watching Tommy—you and Mary Kate—and go back to your rooms?”

“No Father.”

“Shame on the both a yas!” came his stern reproach. “What they were doing was private, boy. You should’ve gone back to bed!”

“I know Father,” Tommy sighed, “but Mary Kate was giggling and pointing at my thing. It was sticking straight out of my pajama bottoms. I was so nervous at what I saw Mom and Dad doing that I never noticed that I had a boner.”

“A boner,” The priest chuckled as if he was remembering his youth, “A boner you say; and Mary Kate was looking at it?”

“Yes Father.”

“Go on my son.”

“Mary Kate moved closer to me Father. And while we were still looking at Mom and Dad she whispered, ‘Can I touch it?’”

The breathing on the other side of the grille became more pronounced. It was as if the priest’s lips were closed tightly and he was forcing air in and out of his nostrils. The irritation in his voice had been replaced with fascination. “Yes, yes, go on. I’m listening boy.”

“Not wanting to miss anything Father I was still looking at Mom and Dad. I told her it was alright to touch my thing. And when she did it tickled.”

“So, Tommy, your sister was touching your privates?”

“Yes Father. And I watched her move her finger around it like she was pointing to places on a map.”

“And you didn’t make her stop?”

“No Father, it felt good.”

The priest said. “Go on.”

“Mary Kate whispered to me, ‘It’s warm and shiny, ‘“

“It can get that way Tommy. And what were you feelin my boy?”

“I was confused Father. Mom seemed to be squeezing Dad’s head, and Dad’s thing was moving in and out of Mom’s mouth. Their bodies were wiggling like crazy. All of a sudden my sister was playing with my thing and Mom and Dad were moaning and making slurppy noises. My peter was as hard as a rock Father, and my balls were starting to ache. And the way Mary Kate’s hand was moving on my thing I thought I was going to explode.”

“So you were enjoying this sinning, is that it lad?” The priest’s voice seemed to be full of mirth.

Blushing in embarrassment Tommy answered, “Y, yes Father, I, I was.”

The priest’s whispered, contemplative words were not meant to be transmitted, “Little Mary Kate, huh?” Movement in the other side of the booth increased, making it seem to rock. With an urgently animated voice he said, “So what then boyo?”

“Mary Kate whispered, ‘This is so neat!’ She giggled as her fingers found new spots on the head of my thing.”

Through the grille Tommy could hear a kind of slap, slap, slapping sound and “Yes boyo, go on. Go on!”

“A kind of clear watery stuff filled my pee hole, Father.”

“Yes boyo I knew it would. And then, and then what?”

“Then Mary Kate giggled and whispered ‘ooh, kewl.’ I watched as she put her finger against the slit in the end of my boner. She rubbed a tiny circle on it and then took her finger away.”


“The gooey stuff made a string from her finger to my thing and then it broke away.”


“It was real slippery Father. She kept giggling as she continued slicking the goo over the head of my thing with her finger and thumb. Then Father, she did the funniest thing. She touched her wet finger to her tongue and said ‘Hmmm.’”

The booth vibrated harder and the priest’s words came out almost in a muted shout. “What was it she said boyo? What was it?”

“She said, ‘It tastes kind of sweet, ‘ Father.”

“And what did you think, my son, hmmm?” It was like he was trying to get at some kind of an accord.

“I didn’t know what to do Father. Mom and Dad were on the floor moaning and using dirty words. And my sister was playing with my pecker.”

“And just what was you’re pretty sister Mary Kate doin to your pecker, boyo, what?”

“Her fingers were wrapped around my, uh, boner Father. She was kind of, well, she was jacking me off.”

It was almost an afterthought when the priest censured, “That jacking off stuff is something that’s a sin boy.” Then a strange but urgent hoarseness took hold of the old priest’s voice. “Go on, go on.”

Tommy answered, “Mary Kate whispered ‘cool!’ She had a grin on her face and she started moving her hand up and down faster and faster when she said, ‘It feels so big and warm Tommy, ‘“

“The way you’re explaining it makes all the sense in the world,” Father McConnell said. “Go on, go on.”

“Mom’s legs stopped squeezing Dad’s head, their bodies got all wiggly. They were on the floor, shaking in some kind of fit. Dad’s legs looked like a frog stuck on its back, kicking. He let out a long cry; it wasn’t loud because Mom’s thing was still pressing hard on his mouth. When her thing came off for a second he yelled, ‘Oh yes honey!’”

“She yelled, ‘you taste so fucking good!’ I’m sorry Father but that’s what she said.”

In a tremulous voice the priest intoned, “I understand boyo. You had to say it, and thank you for sayin it the way your mother did.” (The confessional was rocking gently like a boat in the water).

“When her mouth came off Dad’s thing—and man it was big—I could see that it was all red and shiny. It had white stuff all over it, like j, jizz.” Leaning against his hand on the confessional wall Tommy sensed that the priest’s was leaning the same way with his hand pressing against the wall on his side as well.

“Before you go on with your confession Tommy, I have to tell ya that ya shouldn’t have been watching. But it’s important that you get it all out. So go on.” He paused then added, “And Mary Kate—was she enjoying it as much did you say?”

“Yes Father she was.”

“Lord Jesus!”

“I was watching what Mom and Dad were doing. And Mary Kate was moving her hand up and down on my pecker. It was real slippery. Watching Mom and Dad doing what they were doing made me all tickly and excited. My balls felt full Father, like they wanted to let off all kinds of um pressure. And boy did they ever! My goo—’jizz’ is what the boys call it Father—shot all over Mary Kate’s hand.”

As if being challenged the priest said, “I know about jizz Tommy Bennigan, go on.”

“And Mary Kate? What did your sister think about that?” His words came out in kind of a shuddering chuckle.

“She said ‘cool!’ then ‘eew, that’s gross!’ She wiped her hand on her PJs.”

The priest said, “And you allowed your little sister to do this to ya boyo? I’m shocked!” His comment was followed by a devilish chuckle, as if he were thinking boys will be boys.

Blushing, Tommy said, “She’s not my little sister Father, she’s my twin. And she was born first.”

“So what did you do when your mother and father were finished with their, ah, activities?”

“We tip-toed up the stairs so Mom and Dad wouldn’t know we were spying on them, and went to our rooms.”

“And that was the extent of your sinning, my son?”

“Um, well no Father.”

“D’ya mean there was more?” he said with an incredulous voice.

“I tried to go to sleep Father but...”

The priest interrupted with an urgent question. “You didn’t masturbate, did ya Tommy? Remember, that’s a mortal sin.”

Tommy was sure that what the priest was doing in the other booth was just that. He wondered if the man thought he was sinning also. “No, Father, I didn’t. But I didn’t feel like I needed to. I couldn’t sleep though.”

“Thank the Lord for small favors” the priest whispered. “So that was the end of it?”

“Well, ah, no,” Tommy replied “Mary Kate couldn’t sleep either. Actually, she came into my room and climbed into bed with me. She was naked Father.”

The priest whispered through clenched teeth, “Saints preserve us,” the booth started to rock again. “Ga, Ga, Go on my son,” he whispered, his words coming out in gasps.

“Mary Kate said, ‘I want to do what Mom and Daddy were doing.’ With that she climbed on top of me and put her thing right on my mouth. Then she bent forward and sucked my pecker into her mouth, just like we saw our parents doing.”

“That’s disgusting boy,” he blurted “An ya didn’t like it did ya?” The rocking beat of the booth increased its tempo.

“Well Father, I didn’t like it much then. But I like it a lot now. I never tasted anything like it before. I can’t even describe what it tastes like. But it’s good.”

“Lord,” the priest whispered, then gasped, “and then what?”

“Mary Kate’s bottom was wiggling on my face and I was licking and slurping. She grunted while she was sucking my thing. I was going crazy Father.”

Tommy was masturbating through the fabric of his pants, adding to the rocking of the booth. “I couldn’t stop myself Father, my balls exploded and my jizz shot inside Mary Kate’s mouth.”

“Uh, uh, uh” came from both sides of the booth, “Heaven be praised,” from the priest’s side. “Your sister actually swallowed?”

Tommy let out a quiet “geez,” As his hot semen spilled in his underwear, warming the bottom of his scrotum. He felt guilty, so guilty that he felt like confessing again. It was a mortal sin after all. But I’ll wait ‘til next time.

“Ah, that’s good my son,” he said, “Wasting seed is a mortal sin, ya know?” as he wasted his own.

Since the priest didn’t say anything more about masturbation Tommy hoped there would be expiation for his sister’s sin of seducing him.

The priest preempted his thoughts by asking, “You’re not lyin to me are you Tommy, about Mary Kate swallowing?”

“Oh no Father, she swallows all the time, says she really likes it.”

“Ah,” he said, seeming to be pleased. “Well now ... well now ... all the time, huh?”

There was silence in the confessional again. The sound of the organist practicing in the sanctuary seemed to echo off the hard walls. Tommy could hear the muddle of people waiting to confess their sins. They were coughing and impatiently moving around. The priest said, “Yes, my boy, you’ve sinned alright. That’ll be twenty Hail Mary’s and five acts of contrition.”

Tommy arose from his seat, his behind numb from sitting so long on the hard surface. The goo in his underwear was sticky, he needed a Kleenex.

As he pushed the curtain aside the priest called, “Wait Tommy.” The boy paused. “Before ya begin your penance go tell Father Kryzynski that I had an accident. Tell him to bring me a clean cassock; and a pair of drawers.”

As Tommy started to leave he heard “Hold on a second Tommy.”

The priest called again. “Mary Kate needs to confess too. Tell her to ask specifically for Father McConnell. Have you got that Tommy?”

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