Rogue Medicine
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Torture, Snuff,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dr. Marigold Bancroft didn't go rogue; she was born rogue. The psychiatrist's sexual dysfunction treatment methods were unconventional, immoral and illegal. She merrily told her two sons her patients' most intimate secrets. Showed them videos of what she did to each patient under hypnosis. The good doctor, surprisingly, actually helped the desperate women who faithfully attended every session. She was nationally recognized, had garnered many awards of excellence from her peers. Go figure.

Marigold Bancroft didn’t view life as most people did. For instance, she selected her younger brother to father her two sons. She told her mother, “Eric is bright, almost as smart as I am. Good looking. Big cock, those genes might play a contributing role if I have boys.”

Marigold was 14 at the time. Her mother, Meredith, had long ago given up trying to influence her strong-willed daughter. Meredith told her friends, “She’s done whatever she’s wanted for years. If I told her to wait to become pregnant, she’d just have more kids.”

Like her mother, Marigold had never considered getting married. Had never met anyone she’d remotely deemed husband material. By the time her second boy was born she had just turned 15 and had graduated from high school three years earlier.

She had also graduated from Princeton by then and was in her first year at Harvard Medical School.

Meredith bought her daughter a house in Boston within walking distance to the campus. It had five bedrooms, enough for Marigold, the boys, a nanny and a combination cook / housekeeper.

Since Marigold had told her friends that Eric had knocked her up, Meredith didn’t deny it to her own friends. Though the truth was that Meredith didn’t much give a fuck what people thought any more than her daughter did.

As for Eric, he didn’t have any say in the matter. He had grown up doing exactly what his older sister had told him to do. His mother rarely gave him any direction and he found it just easier to do whatever Marigold wanted. Including impregnating her as soon as he started producing sperm.

Both of Marigold’s babies were healthy, happy, playful. By the time Marigold was in med school, she had learned that her younger son, Hunter, was the alpha. Cameron wasn’t passive, in fact he was very active. But he bowed to Hunter’s will, just as Eric had to Marigold.

Marigold had decided to become a psychiatrist when she was eight years old, and that was that. By age nine she had chosen sex therapy as her speciality. She asked her mother to order textbooks, clinical studies, scholarly papers for her.

Not porn, she’d had access to that forever. Most of it bored her.

Marigold began reading about different theories of treatment and by the time she was 10, decided that new, experimental paths were going to be her primary method of practicing medicine.

Experimental drugs of course. And aphrodisiacs such as PT-141. But also different therapeutical approaches. None of this sitting in a chair behind a desk while a client lay on the cliched sofa.

Not a path less traveled, Marigold chose a path never traveled.

Marigold had favored her mother in looks and temperament. They both spent at least half an hour nude in front of full length, three-sided mirrors. Eric had grown up watching his mother and sister, brush their lush auburn hair, as they examined their bodies closely, looking for the slightest hint of a flaw.

Marigold was 5’ 10”, over 6’ in heels. Slender, with wide swimmer’s shoulders. Perky boobs, a waxed, little-girl pussy, tight butt, long, long, long legs.

Hunter and Cameron were now growing up watching their mother go through the same ritual. First in Princeton, then Boston. At Harvard, Marigold brought her nanny, but hired a different cook. One who actually knew her way around the kitchen.

She graduated from med school in two years instead of four. By the time she completed her four years of residency and could start her own practice, Marigold was 21 years old.

Marigold had purchased a small commercial building in Tribeca. Not on the Upper East Side. Not on the Upper West Side. Not even in midtown. Downtown. During her last two years of residency, she had had the six-story building remodeled to her specifications.

The basement was converted to a gymnasium with a sauna and steam room included in addition to locker and shower areas. Huge storage closets for her apartment renters. She also added a billiards room for her tenants. Street level was retail, the entire space was leased for five years to the hot new Japanese fashion house, Kondo.

She put her office complex -- reception area, patient office, examination rooms, two bathrooms, a private office -- in the north half of the second floor. Two rental apartments filled out the remainder of the space.

Floors three, four and five were converted to apartments -- four to each level. Marigold kept the top floor, with sole roof access, for her own home.

She spent an occasional weekend uptown to catch up with her mother and, sometimes, to fuck Eric. Mostly to catch up with her mother. Meredith would watch Hunter and Cameron when Marigold did decid to fuck her brother.

Meredith had lived on the Upper West Side for over 20 years. It was younger, hipper, cooler than the staid Upper East Side. So Meredith being Meredith, moved across Central Park and bought a penthouse co-op on Fifth Avenue. Bucking the trend.

Of course she kept her Central Park West penthouse. People at her level bought property, they didn’t sell.

Mainly Marigold’s uptown weekends were to talk. And much of the talk now centered around her new practice. Which had started slowly, but was gaining momentum through word of mouth. She accepted women, and only women, after a minimum of three interviews. She had to be fairly confident she could both manipulate them emotionally, sexually, physically. It would be a bonus if she were able to eventually help them as well.

She told her mother, “I’m specializing in women of course. These days, especially in New York, there are so many dysfunctional 20, 30 and 40-year olds. Sexually dysfunctional, a lot of them.”

“Why? It’s so easy to get laid today. All those apps. Hook-up bars. Online dating.”

“That’s mostly for single gals. I’m going to concentrate on married women. Unhappily married women with kids.” Marigold grinned, “I have some ... creative treatment ideas.”

Her mother smiled, “Such as?”

“Hypnosis. Turns out I’m a natural at it, quite effective, actually.”

Meredith said, “Remember Jenkins? I let him hypnotize me every once in a while.”


“Yeah. He’d put me into a light trance and tell me how hard I was going to cum. How big his cock was. Silly little stuff.”

Marigold thought back, “He is fairly well hung.”

“Not bad.”

Meredith didn’t flaunt her lovers, men and women. But she made no effort to hide them from Marigold and Eric. Both her children had grown up seeing naked people wandering around. Looking for coffee in the morning. Taking a rest break in the afternoon. Getting a fresh supply of whatever the drug of their choice was at night.

Marigold had learned early on that the mother might have one, two, occasionally three men at a time. But only one woman, never two. When she had a married couple over, Meredith invariably had another man or two to be included in the festivities. One man with two women? That algorithm simply didn’t work for Meredith.

Marigold had explained the birds and bees to her brother. The mechanics. How to. Not because Eric was slow, he certainly wasn’t. She was just older. And experienced.

Marigold said, “When I interview prospective patients, I tell them up front that their treatment will be unconventional. Will make them uncomfortable at first. Very uncomfortable.”

Meredith said, “That’ll screen some of the Nervous Nellies out.”

“It should. I hope it does. I have them talk on the first interview day. See which ones are gutsy enough to tell me what’s really bothering them. Then I’ll give them a complete physical. Keep them nude and bring them back to the interview room.”

Meredith nodded, “You’ll find some keepers that way.”

“Should do. But I’ll still make them go through three interview sessions. All nude. My current clients now just automatically start undressing when they walk in the room.”


“Conditioned and knowing they’re going to have a least one climax. Usually more. Many more, if I work on them.”

“Any complaints?”

“Just one so far. I expect a few more as I expand. I showed this one cunt the consent forms she’s signed and Betty had notarized. Then I kicked her out. Well, I wanted to. Actually, I gave her the name of another doctor and told her I was sorry it didn’t work out.”

“You can’t waste your time on silly twats.”

“Nope. Not when I’m improving the sex lives of one woman after another. You remember when I was in residency and I started hanging out in that Women’s Clinic?”

“Yes. The university one doing all that research on female aphrodisiacs.”

“Right. Well, they’ve developed a Viagra type pill that works on revving up a larger percentage of women. I’m using that in conjunction with PT-141, the nasal spray. I have some seriously horny women now. Horny and happy.”

“Let me try some of those new pills. I love that PT-141. What’s the scientific name? Breme-something?”

“Bremelanotide. Yep. I brought a supply of the pills with me. Here.”

“Thank you, I’ll test drive it tonight.”

“Where’s Eric? ERIC! Get your butt in here.”

Eric, 18-years old and three inches taller than his older sister, glided into the room. “Hi Goldie, I didn’t know you were here.”

He bent down and deep-kissed Marigold. Meredith looked on fondly.

Marigold held up the PT-141, “Strip, lab rat.”

Eric started undressing. Not because of a lifetime of obeying his sister, but because he loved her and this looked like fun.

Meredith hefted his soft, but fat cock, “When did you last cum, baby?”

Eric glanced at his watch, “About an hour ago. Jenny.” One of the maids.

He inhaled the drug, manufactured just across the Hudson. No hesitation.

Marigold asked her mother, “How old is Jenny?”

“She just turned 64. I’m retiring her.”

Both women glanced at Eric’s cock from time to time. After about five minutes it started to stir, then it was suddenly, rigidly, throbbingly, erect. Eric grinned, “Wow. I feel like I’m 12 years old.”

Marigold winked at her mother, “As you know, it goes directly to his little pea brain. With my clients, I give them the circulatory pill first. PT-141 hits most of them faster.” She patted her brother’s boner, “Just like with Eric.”

He held out his hand to his sister. Marigold smiled, “Sorry lab rat, more talking to do.”

Meredith smiled up at her son, throbbing in the streaming sunlight, “Cook should be free, honey.”

Eric’s 35-year old mother and 21-year old sister watched the tall, lithe boy stride away, tight buttocks rippling. He had the same slender build, wide shoulders, that Meredith and Marigold had.

They continued discussing Marigold’s growing practice.

Meredith smiled, “You still showing those videos to Hunter and Cam?”

Marigold laughed, “Yeah, the little jerk-offs really dig hearing those women talk about their sex lives. And watching me get them humping like crazy. Cameron especially. Hunter watches for a few minutes, then gets bored.”

“And your clients have no idea?”

“None. Although by now there are some I could tell about the hidden cams and they’d probably get a kick out of it.”

“But you won’t?”

“Nope. I prefer Tribeca to Rikers Island.”

“Speaking of violating the law and your own patients and just about every sense of medical decency, have you started on your family experiments yet?”

“No, not yet. Well, I have with one. Jane Dorfman is one of my horniest clients. And one of the most manipulable. Her husband travels a lot.”

“The perfect storm.”

“Almost. I’ve convinced her to have affairs with two guys who’ve been hitting on her. And now I’ve got her thinking about her son. Last week I had her get him erect after he was asleep.”

“How old is the boy?”

Marigold told her. Meredith nodded, “Certainly old enough for hard-ons.”

Both Meredith and Marigold had fucked boys that young and younger. For the fun of it.

At their class level, their wealth level, being in New York City, they had grown up with a privileged group of friends. One social tradition, which went back generations, was gifting their own children to their friends. To fuck.

Growing up, Marigold had seen many of her own little friends, boys and girls, being led by the hand back to her mother’s bedroom suite. Among Meredith’s inner circle, it was so common that none of the kids teased each other about becoming pussy. About being passed around to the same men and women for as long as they were wanted.

It was just the way it was. And had been and will be.

With Meredith though, it was different. Even that young, her daughter had taken charge of her own destiny. Marigold, and Marigold alone, decided whom she would fuck. Naturally she listened to her mother’s suggestions. Meredith had fucked everyone who wanted her daughter. It would be silly to ignore the voice of experience.

Likewise with Eric. It was Marigold who decided who could fuck him back then. After she took his cherry of course. She did ask her mother’s advice on which man to give Eric to for his first time.

Meredith said, “Jim Lassiter will be the most gentle. But Roger St. James will give Eric a better fuck. I’d let Roger keep him for a few days. After that Eric will enjoy whoever you give him to.”


A maid, Jenny’s granddaughter, came in and picked up Eric’s clothes.

Marigold asked, “Eric fuck her yet?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe.”

Dr. Marigold Bancroft had designed her suite of offices so that each client entered through the reception area. Once undressed, each married woman told Marigold about her past week. Sexual highlights. Fantasies. How the aphrodisiacs were working.

Marigold gave them PT-141 at each session. She alternated between the nasal spray version and subcutaneous injections. Kept careful notes. One version worked better on some women. The other, on others.

Marigold’s therapy methods had been in a constant state of flux as she experimented with the amount of time each session lasted, when to administer the aphrodisiacs, when to use hypnosis, how long to have her patients masturbate, etc.

She knew some elements worked better for certain patients so she tailored each session to maximize the effectiveness with various individual patients. Usually she divided each session into two one-hour segments.

Marigold thought of the first hour as foreplay. She eased her patient into the conversation, let them choose the subject, set their own pace. Nude and masturbating -- that was a constant.

A shower break, then the female Viagra, the PT-141, sometimes hypnosis. By the time each woman patient was at her horniest, Marigold steered the conversation to the most sexually intimate feelings, beliefs, fears.

Here, during the second hour, Marigold was most likely to touch her patients intimately. Some, the shiest, least experienced ones, she licked.

And, as her patients reached peak after peak, ... this was when Marigold gave them their instructions. Told them what they’d be doing that week, whom they’d be doing it with. She didn’t push their boundaries during every session. She paced scaring them to once every month or two.

There were a few patients that she forced into extremely uncomfortable sexual activities faster than others. Those were her most malleable patients, the ones easiest for her to manipulate. They also turned out to be the hungriest ones, the most eager to please her.

All the while, following Marigold’s instructions, her patients were masturbating openly. The bed was comfortable and placed so it was clearly visible from the three hidden cams. After the two hour session, Marigold’s junior assistants changed the bed linen for the next client.

The video was streamed to an NYU student who edited it for Hunter and Cameron to watch.

The client then left through the back door, showered in the guest shower room and descended through a different elevator than she had come up in. Marigold didn’t want the patients seeing each other, meeting each other, discussing the unorthodox treatments they were receiving.

It was fine for one of them to talk to her friends, just so she didn’t go into any details. Each had signed a contract pledging not to do so. But spreading the word of successful therapy among like-minded married women ... well, word-of-mouth advertising was the most effective for Marigold.

For her own amusement, although it turned out to be therapeutic in many cases, Marigold occasionally undressed and had sex with a client. She was particularly drawn to those who had never been involved with another girl. Although there weren’t that many of them.

Usually the sex occurred early in the treatment process. Before she dispensed PT-141 and the female Viagra. She would have sex durning the first hour. Shower. Marigold would then give the woman the aphrodisiacs, wait 20 minutes and then have sex again.

With very few exceptions there was a remarkable difference between the two experiences and the women usually gushed about it. The meds didn’t work with every client so Marigold moved on to more experimental drugs. Many of them still in the FDA testing pipeline.

With those few women Marigold couldn’t help, she referred them to another doctor, one who used more conventional methods. She wasn’t sure they’d be able to help either, but it was worth a try.

When Marigold went down on a patient, or fucked her with a strap-on, she covertly winked at this one camera, sending an ‘I love you’ message to Hunter and Cameron.

Once she had a client rippling into multiple orgasms, bucking up and down, really losing it, she smiled inwardly. Imaging her sons’ enjoyment.

That room was soundproofed for obvious reasons.

But direct sexual conduct was the exception. Marigold usually did it only early on in the consultation process. When she was first prescribing aphrodisiacs. After she had awakened a client, had demonstrated beyond any doubt that she was fully able to enjoy sex, Marigold preferred that the woman just masturbate.

Masturbate and talk. Talk and masturbate.

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