Bad Brother
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What goes on between a bother and sister who don't understand their feelings for each other!

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Anal Sex  

I was only sixteen when it started. What my brother did to me was heartless, at least at first, but our subsequent rendezvous’ made me feel different.

He had moved away from all of us, he said he needed the solitude to begin his career as a writer. Mom and Dad understood, but I didn’t. All I knew was that my big brother Sean had left me alone.

I had stumbled onto his writings before he left. What he didn’t tell anybody was that he was writing smut. He threatened me to keep my mouth shut. He said he would go to mom and dad and tell them I was sleeping around with multiple boys. I believed him and was quiet the day he moved everything out of his room. Nothing was left, and I felt rejected as a younger sister.

I called him and he said, “Susan, leave me alone, or I will start the rumors I promised I would.” He hung up and I cried myself to sleep that night.

We had been so close for so many years. He would take me places mom ‘didn’t have time for.’ When the fair came to town, he took me, holding my hand the whole time. He was sixteen, and I was thirteen back then.

He even took me on the ‘love boat’ a slow-moving boat like vehicle floating through the water. It was for lovers, but he took me anyway. I remember feeling his hand on my back. It felt so good. There was a person taking pictures, and you could buy them if you wanted. I mugged for it, but Sean kissed me on the cheek. I should have known better, but he was my big brother. We bought the pictures and I still have them to this day.

We walked around the fair together, and we found a nice place to sit and watch everybody else. Couples, family’s, and even young children left on their own walked by.

I had yet to have a boyfriend, or even a boy I knew casually. I wasn’t terribly outgoing, but I seemed to come out of my self-imposed shell when Sean was concerned.

He teased me by saying, “If you need to learn how to kiss, I can help you,” but I was too afraid to let him do anything like that to me.

As we got older, he got bolder. Touching me on the shoulder, or putting his hand around my waist cradling his hand on my butt cheek. I would often call him a ‘Pervert, ‘ but he seemed to enjoy the nickname.

I sprouted from flat to a C-cup in the year I turned fifteen. He seemed to relish my curves. His occasional touch now included brushing his hand across my nipples to make them hard. He smiled when he did this, why I never said anything to our parents was because he would often say how much he loved me. You hear that enough, and you begin to believe it.

Then, I turned sixteen, and he had started college. He had classes all times of the day, and I was home at two pm, leaving us alone for a couple of hours on Tuesday and Thursday before either mom or dad would get home.

I would often change from my school clothes to more comfortable and loose-fitting tops and shorts. I was home and had decided to watch some TV before digging into my homework.

I heard the front door open and close. He walked into the living room, “Susan. You look really good in those shorts. Stand up and let me see you.”

I was and still am a sucker for a compliment, especially from my own brother. I stood up, and he asked me to turn around. I did and stood there for a moment. As I turned back to face him, he walked over to me and said, “You sure are beautiful little sister. You are also lucky I am your brother, or I would want you on your back, so I could get between your legs and suck your pussy then fuck you silly.”

Hearing that was really amazing. Although it was my own brother saying it, I felt my pussy getting wetter by the minute.

“Since I am your sister, what can you do for me?” I asked trying to play this game with him.

“Turn around for a minute Sue?”

I did, and I felt him against my back. His arms were under mine, and he whispered, “If I wasn’t your brother, I would do this.” He took hold of my breasts and pulled himself tight against me.

“What else would you do, if you weren’t my brother?” I asked wanting more.

He took one of his hands and went inside my pants, stopping at my pussy entrance. “That’s what I would do, if I was not your brother.”

I was slightly out of breath as his fingers moved very slowly, and I asked again, “Anything else?”

He had two fingers inside me making me even wetter. I was completely ready for anything he wanted from me.

“Let’s go to my room,” he said.


He removed his fingers, and we went upstairs into his room. He took off his clothes ... I did the same.

“Susan, please get on the bed?”

I did and got on my back. His bed was very comfortable. He climbed up, and I figured he would want to eat my pussy. He leaned down between my legs and spread them wide.

He put back in a couple of fingers, and I was amazed by how great this felt to me. He took them out and put them in my mouth. I had never done anything like this before, but I tasted good!

I thought he would go back and get some more, but he held down my arms and managed to get his dick at my pussy.

“No! Not that Sean, anything, but that. Please don’t?”

His answer was to push past my virginity and fill me up with his large penis.

“SEAN, DON’T, please don’t! I was staying a virgin until I get married.”

“You are my bitch, and if you tell anyone anything at all, I will start all kinds of rumors about who you slept with, and that you aren’t a virgin anymore.”

I felt him pull out and push really hard. It hurt so much and then it went from pain to lust. I lusted for my brother to fuck me. “Fuck me, Sean! Really pound me, fill me with all of your cum, please.”

He was not slow or nice at all. He pounded me, and pounded some more. It felt marvelous; every stroke he took felt amazing. I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant. Mom had put me on the pill when I was thirteen. Nobody tells you how good it feels to fuck; all they say is don’t do it with just anyone.

I wasn’t. I was doing it with my older brother, who loved me and called me his bitch. When he finally released inside me, it felt like nothing I had felt before. I loved him — I loved my big brother.

“Oh, Susan ... that was fantastic. You are my first virgin. That was something to remember, wasn’t it?”

“Oh god yes Sean, that was all I thought it would be and even more. I love you Sean!”

“Can we do it again on Thursday?” he asked.

“Yes we can. I need to take a shower. I feel all gooey inside.”

He pulled out, and I saw some blood on his dick. I knew that was what used to be my virginity. I grabbed my clothes and ran up the stairs to take my shower.

He dressed and was typing something on his laptop. When I walked up dressed, he closed it and said, “Susan, you are beautiful, and I love you. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?”

“Probably more,” I said.

“I have a paper due in a few days, so I can’t talk right now. We have a date for the same time on Thursday, right?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll remember. My pussy is a little sore, but it should be better by then.”

I was hungry, so I found something to eat, then went back to watching TV. Sean had left, giving me a kiss on the head as he walked out. I remembered I had homework and went upstairs to do it.

On Thursday, I came home from school. Fifteen minutes later, Sean came into the house. I turned off the TV, and we went into his room.

I stripped naked and he quickly did as well. I saw him putting some liquid on his dick; he told me to get on my hands and knees. Goodie. He wanted me doggy style.

I felt him putting some of the liquid in my pussy and my butt hole. He slipped into my pussy really easily. He was quickly getting me ready to orgasm, and then he pulled out and plunged up inside my butt.

“OOOOWWWWWWW, Sean – That’s hurts. Stop it. I said stop it! You’re too big. Oooowwwwwww!”

He was up inside my ass, and it really hurt. It took almost ten minutes before it stopped hurting. Every stroke he took felt like it was tearing me apart, but I still liked that he fucked me.

When he was done, including cumming inside my butt, he set up our next tryst ... the following Tuesday.

As much as I hated him for hurting me that afternoon, we had sex two times a week, pussy on Tuesday, ass on Thursday.

A couple of months later, I did catch him away from his laptop long enough to find out I was the star of his smut. I took the time to read a story or two. He had changed our names, but everything he wrote, was something that happened between us.

Another time, I found more stories, but with other girl’s names, doing things we never did, really sick and horrible things. I was going to tell him how I felt about what I found, but I was worried he would stop wanting to fuck me!

He posted them on under the pen name BadBrother!

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