My Submissive Mom
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A submissive mom and her son are abused by her new husband and wind up together.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Analingus   Hairy   Big Breasts  

Let me start by saying that my mom and I are both very sexual beings and probably submissive in nature. She’s 58 and looks it with dark slightly graying hair, wrinkles and a tired and somewhat abused face with false teeth that she doesn’t like wearing around the house. Without her teeth, she looks oh so slutty. She’s slim with nice tits that are a little saggy and a belly thats nice but has a lot of loose skin. Her butt is by far her best feature and you can tell it once was perfect. Now its a little saggy but jiggles in a very sexy way. Mom had me when she was 42, as the result of what she calls a “bar room rape” but knowing mom, it was probably a consentual gangbang. We live in a small town in Tennessee and not much is normal there. Everybody knows everybody and were considered “trailer trash”.

Mom married a guy 6 years ago when I was 10 and he was very abusive to us. He would hit her and me and make her do degrading sex acts with him and other men. I began to grow and hit puberty at about the same time. At about 13 or 14, my cock and balls were bigger than all the other guys in my class and I had thick pubic hair. I became very horny and jacked off 2 or 3 times a day, always shooting massive loads. I became aware of my step dads sexual abuse toward my mom. He would bring home 3 or 4 guys and against my moms protests, they would all fuck her. Somewhere along the way, my moms body would betray her and she would want it as much as they did. She would beg them to fuck her and piss on her and more or less degrade her. Hearing all this from my room, I would get horny and jackoff while fantasizing about helping them fuck her. I also began to grow physically, I’m now 16 and stand 5 ft. 11 inches tall and weigh about 170 lbs.

About a year ago, it all came to a head. I’d begun to talk back to my stepdad and he didn’t like it. That night he came home drunk with 4 older black men, and he pushed my mom into the bedroom. I listened as they all fucked her repeatedly. Ten minutes into it, I heard her encouraging them to “bring that big black cock over here” and “God I love your big black cock” and “shoot it all over my face” so I know she was loving it. In all, it lasted about 2 hours and then everybody shuffled out. As soon as they were gone, my stepdad started yelling at my mom for “loving nigger cock” and being such a slutty whore. I heard a slap and my mom groan so I headed out of my room to help her. Just as I got to their bedroom door, one of the black guys said “let me handle this” as he opened the door.

My stepdad was about to hit her when the big older black man punched him and said “that ain’t right, you brought us here and now your blaming her, if I hear about you hittin her again, I’m gonna come back here and whip your sorry ass, Do You Here Me ... well do you”. My stepdad was scared and mumbled “yeah I here you” as he stared at the floor. The black man said to me, “you let me know if he ever hurts either one of you again, I tend bar down the street at Burts Tavern, my name is Roy, and he left. All the while, my mom was standing there naked, covered in cum and crying. Mom said “its ok honey, I’ll be alright now”.

I glared at my stepdad before going back to my room. About 20 minutes later, he started back in on my mom. I didn’t wait, I rushed into the room and when he turned toward me, I hit him in the face. He fell backward into the window, breaking it with his arm. Mom was still naked and looked scared and for some reason, I got mad at her. I said “is this what you like, being treated like a whore, do you get turned on when men abuse you”. I started to leave when mom said “its better than being alone”. I said “God your sick, you fucking slut” as I looked over at my passed out stepdad. When I looked back at mom, she was trying to cover her tits although her very hairy pussy was covered in fresh cum and more cum was sprayed on her face and hair. It pissed me off that she was trying to hide her body from the only person who truly loved her.

I don’t know what came over me but my cock was already rock hard so I said “crawl over here and suck my cock”. Mom looked puzzled so I said “do it now you toothless old slut”. Mom got down and crawled over to me and looked up into my face as she undid my pants and let them drop. When my cock sprang up, she devoured it without breaking eye contact. I could tell she truly loved cock and knew just how to get the most out of one. I just had to have her so I lifted her by her arms and backed her to the bed where she just laid back and spread her legs wide. I ran my big cockhead up and down her old cummy slit until she said “please Mike, don’t tease mommy, you know I want it and need it, please baby fuck mommy with your big young cock”. I was still mad and buried myself into her creamy pussy and began banging away, trying to hurt her with it but she matched me stroke for stroke until we locked into a lovers kiss and came all over each other.

My stepdads gurgling noises brought us back to reality so I got up to check on him. He was laying in a pool of blood and upon closer inspection, I saw a large gash on his arm that was squirting blood. Me and mom got dressed and I called 911. When the police and paramedics came, I told them pretty much everything that happened except the part about me fucking my own mom. My stepdad had bled to death and the police wondered why it took so long to call them. I was arrested and charged with manslaughter and to be tried as an adult. Because of my age, they put me in a cell by myself.

The second day I was there, the big black guy named Roy came to my area to mop and clean up. I asked him what he was doing in jail and he said he was a trustee. He told me that the sheriff was his cousin and that he got out every day for work release at the tavern. He also said the sheriff was one of the guys at my house that night. He told me they had called him to testify before a grand jury and that he was going to help me get out. He said he talked to my mom and she was going to visit me on Sunday. I guess I was still a little mad because I asked him “did you fuck her while you were there”. He got a little defensive and said “hey, I don’t have to help you at all, I’m just tryin to do the right thing, if I get some free pussy, thats even better”. He said “you know your moms gonna fuck anything that comes over there so don’t get mad at me”. I said I was sorry and because I was now so horny for the same pussy, I asked “was it good”. He said you know it was, when the sheriff asked her why it took so long to call, she finally told us it was because you and her were fucking. I asked “did the sheriff fuck her again too”. Roy laughed and said “do you have to ask”.

Roy said “all this talks makin me horny and you know your gonna have to do me and the sheriff some favors for our help don’t you”. I said “sure, anything”. He looked around to make sure we were alone and then he outlined his big cock through his pants. He said “your mom sure loves this big cock and I don’t get out again til Friday. I figured you can take care of it during the week and she’ll take care of it on weekends”. My mind was going in circles, was he wanting me to suck him or fuck him or both. He reached in his jumpsuit and struggled to get it out. I was sitting on the bottom bunk next to the bars looking up at him. When he finally got his massive cock out, he just stuck it through the bars and let it rest on the crossbar. It was semi-hard and at least 8 inches long and as fat as my wrist. The head was long and flared and darker than the rest. I’d never seen a cock this close let alone a big dark black one. He reached through the bars to stroke it and it began to get even bigger.

He said “its growin because I’m thinkin of your moms mouth with her teeth out, God she can suck cock, especially big black ones”. Clear cum was now dripping on my leg as I watched him stroke it. He said “lick that cum off, your mom loves it”. I looked up at him and he smiled and nodded back toward his cock. I started to take it in my hand but he said “no hands, use your tongue”. I was under his control and his cock looked tasty so I just leaned over and licked it. At first, I jerked back but the taste and texture drew me back to it. I licked it again as Roy guided my mouth onto it. It wasn’t just resting anymore, it was sticking straight out and pulsing in my mouth. Roy moaned “God your mouth is hotter than your moms, I can’t hold out much longer”. For some reason I wanted this, I wanted to make him happy I wanted to feel his satisfaction explode in my mouth. I began sucking and licking the big cock in my mouth and then he began thrusting himself at me through the bars. His jumpsuit was on the floor now and his big balls and belly would hit the bars as my face and mouth would squeeze between them to get all I could of his wonderfull swollen cock. Suddenly, he was pressing my face between the bars as his big cock began to pump huge strands of his thick salty cum down my throat. He grunted loudly as his big cock delivered its hot load to my willing mouth. When it was over, I sat with his softening cock balls deep in my mouth.

Suddenly I heard a booming voice say “back to work Roy” and he pulled up his jumpsuit and left. Now the sheriff was standing where Roy had been. He said “you and your mom were fucking each other, how do I know you didn’t want your stepdad dead”. I said “we only fucked the one time because she was naked and I was mad at her”. The sheriff said “I believe you and Roy believes you so were gonna help you as long as you help us”. With that, he opened the cell door and stepped in. Once inside, he fumbled with his pants and let them drop. I was way turned on for more cock so I pulled him by his ass cheeks to me and guided another big black cock into my hungry mouth. The sheriff unbuttoned his shirt exposing his big hairy belly and I began rubbing it with my hands. When I squeezed his nipples, he moaned loudly and began to hump his big cock into my mouth. He was saying “you love a black mans cock don’t you, so does your slutty mom, does she know you like mens cocks, maybe you could take turns sucking us, hows that sound”. He groaned loudly and said “get ready, this big cock is gonna fill your belly with hot fresh cum”, then his first jet shot in my mouth as his cock jerked free, squirting the next 2 big loads on my face before we could both get it back in my mouth. He continued to pump 4 or 5 more big, hot, tangy loads down my throat before he began trying to pull my sucking mouth from his fully satified cock and balls.

Me and mom did our part and she came to see me every Sunday and put money on my books. She seemed to see me as her hero and doted over me constantly. When I finally went to court, the jury took only 40 minutes to find me “not guilty” by reason of self defense. I didn’t see Roy or the sheriff after that until they let me out of jail. When I walked out the side door, there they both stood. Roy said “come on, were gonna give you a ride home. When we got in the car, Roy said “your moms gotta big surprise for you” and we drove home. When we got there, they both walked in with me and straight to my moms bedroom. When Roy opened the door, I was greeted by my naked mom laying on the bed with her legs wide open. Her thick bush, her belly, and her face and hair were coated with or full of thick fresh cum.

The sheriff said “have fun, we’ll be back in 2 hours” as him and Roy left. I sat beside mom and leaned in and started licking the cum from her face and hair. We kissed and I tongued and licked her toothless gums, also tasting of fresh cum. I asked her how many men did it take to make this cummy mess and she simply said “a bunch”. I licked my way down her tits, then her belly until I knelt between her legs and licked what I can only describe as a bowl of cum soup. She was humping my mouth while holding my head until her whole body began to jerk. She began to moan and thrash all about until she went stiff and began to grunt as she came all over my face. I just lapped it up until she passed out.

While mom was unconcious I moved between her legs and began to fuck her. I watched my big cock go all the way in and I watched it pull her inner pussy lips out with it. Even unconcious, she humped back at me until we had a good rythym going. Slowly she came to and we looked at each other intently. She said “your shoving your big cock in your own mothers pussy, does it feel good, how long have you wanted to fuck me”. I said “ever since I heard you fuck the first one and I still love hearing you get fucked to this day”. I said “I can’t wait for the sheriff and his posse to get back and watch them take turns in you”. Mom was first, telling me she was cumming and I wanted to cum with her so I began really pumping her. We were sweaty, sticky and totally lost in our incestous fucking until she raised up and locked mouths with me. As she came we locked tongues and My cock pumped my very own sweet, sexually abused mom full of her own sons hot potent cum.

As we came down, we heard clapping and looked around to see maybe 15 naked guys watching. I asked mom if she was going to be up to it and she just said “as long as you take care of half of them”.

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