Pleasant Memories
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Brother, Sister, Polygamy/Polyamory, Anal Sex, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Looking back on my life as I get older. Starts off when I was a young lad and goes until the present day. Was I the world's greatest stud? NO. Did I have fun? YES. I hope you enjoy my reminiscences.

This little tale is a trip back to the days of my early life. It is mostly true the names and location are fictional. Set in Australia. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I hope you enjoy reading it and comments are welcomed

This story starts when I was 10 years of age.

My name is Paul, I have a sister Lynne, who was 6. Our best friends were Cheryl 9 and her brother Brian 7. They lived five houses away on the same side of the street.

At the other end of the street on the opposite side lived a family with 2 boys and a girl. Their names were Jimmy 17, George, 3 years younger 14 and Julie was 13, with parents who didn’t seem to worry about the kids or what mischief they got into.

So different to my parents and Cheryl and Brian’s parents, they were strict with us. Playing with the three down the street was forbidden, I can remember my mother’s warning, ‘Paul, you are not to play with those children, your father and I don’t want you to get into trouble. Those children are allowed to run wild and their parents don’t care.’ She would shake her head while telling me this. We however had to show respect to our elders and be good mannered, make sure our school work was finished, before we could play. We had rules to obey, if we didn’t, over the knee we went.

As we got older we were allowed to go to the local picture theatre on Saturday afternoons, I was in charge of Cheryl and Brian who went with Lynne and I. The theatre was close by, two streets away, tired and tatty but it was the one place where the local kids could meet. We had enough money to buy a packet of Jaffas (a local brand of chocolate centre balls covered by orange tasting, red coloured confectionary) they were the size of a small marble. We would roll them down the aisles on the wooden floors and laugh when they got down to the front of the theatre. All the kids did it, making it a ritual of sorts.

Every week the show would start by showing a picture of a huge world globe with a pair of hands holding it. Laurie London’s beautiful rendition of ‘He’s got the whole world in hands.’ featured. To this day I still get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. It is such a powerful gospel song sung by a young lad with a beautiful voice. He was 13 when he made that recording and retired from the industry when he was 19. I have always thought that was sad and a loss.

The four of us first started to mix with George and Julie at the theatre, but we made a pledge to keep it a secret from both sets of parents. Jimmy at this time had been sent to reform school for stealing and breaking into houses. He was due to be released when he turned 18.

This was in the late 1950s in an Adelaide suburb, things were tough after the war but the country was recovering slowly. There was very little organised sport for kids in the city. Our primary school didn’t have an oval, just asphalt so we made our own fun. Games of cricket were played with tennis balls and homemade bats, the wicket drawn on a wall with chalk. Everyone got a turn to bat and bowl.

When I was given a bike for my 13th birthday I felt so lucky, I rode it up and down the street and to the corner shop. Six months later Mum and Dad said I could ride it to high school rather than catching the bus.

That was great because Cheryl joined me the next year followed by Brian two years later. Poor Lynne only had the one year with the three of us. I was in my final year of high school when she started, Brian, like me went the whole five years, both of us wanted to go to university. Cheryl only lasted three years before leaving, managing to get a job as a clerk in an office. Lynne was like me, she finished the five years.

I decided to study engineering as I loved to pull things apart and see if I could rebuild them. Brian decided he was going to be a Dentist, while Lynne had her heart set on being a Teacher. George had managed to land a plumbing apprenticeship while Julie had found a job as an apprentice hairdresser. Jimmy was back in jail, he had robbed a garage using a gun. What a waste, he was given a ten years sentence but he was released after five. Six months after release he did it again, so was sent back to serve the remaining five years plus another fifteen years for the new crime. As far as I know he was killed in a fight in the prison shortly after.

High school was much more fun, during the breaks we could use the school’s oval and the tennis courts, and we had 2 table tennis tables in one of the lunch sheds. I quickly found I was useless as a sportsman so I spent a lot of time with Brian and Cheryl just talking together or reading in the library.

Cheryl and I became boyfriend and girlfriend, while Brian had decided Lynne was for him. We made some good friends we would meet them away from school when we could. Spectating local football games was now included for Saturdays as the local team’s oval was ten minutes walking distance from our homes. When it was too wet or cold we would go to the picture theatre.

The housing blocks were huge, a good quarter acre, most had sheds at the bottom of the back yard. A lot had two sheds with the kids commandeering one for their very own. Ours had a couple of beaten up old armchairs and a scrap of carpet on the dirt floor with a rickety card table for drinks. Cheryl and Brian’s shed was much the same but their chairs were better and they had an neat old valve radio as well.

George and Julie’s shed was even better, it had a wooden floor with half decent furniture. It was twice the size of the one we used. I used to sneak down to their place when I could. I had to wait until my parents and Lynne were out doing shopping. Shopping was the number one thing I hated to do, so I was allowed to stay home.

I had my my sex education broadened considerably when they were out for the day. Cheryl and Brian had gone with their parents as well, so that left George and Julie for me to visit, if they were home. Walking to their house, their parents drove past and waved. I didn’t see the kids in the car so I kept going.

Arriving at George and Julie’s house I was stunned with what I saw and stood still in shock. They were in a tight embrace and locked in a deep passionate kiss.

I didn’t know much about this stuff, Hell I was only a month short of turning 15, Dad had sat me down and explained how babies were made he also told me to use condoms, I looked at him and said, “What are they?” He showed me what they were and how to put them on and told me I was to use his supply if I ever wanted some. He was a great dad, always there for me when I needed him. This talk came after I had woken up with wet pyjama pants. A couple of days later he spoke to me, I wasn’t scared after having that chat. I had thought something was wrong with me, so reassuring to discover it was normal.

Getting back to what I was watching, I stood against the side of the house as George opened their shed door and ushered Julie into it. There was something about the furtive manner they were behaving in that made me stay where I was for the moment. George took a long look around the yard before entering himself. I heard the lock on the door click, so I moved closer and stood by the window of the shed with the curtains that were just a little short at the base. I could now see inside.

Wow, my eyes were having trouble coping with what I was seeing. They were in the process of getting undressed, when naked, they began to caress each other while still kissing. Neither of them were good looking, quite plain in fact, George had a wiry build due to his job but his frame was like Julie’s, skinny no way around it. Both were on the small size height wise. He was around the 5’6” mark and she would have lucky to be 5 foot. Their parents were small too.

He eased her down to the bed they were lucky to have one in there. I looked at his erect dick and thought, mine is a lot bigger than that. Julie had little boobs maybe the size of an apple but her nipples seemed to be long. They both had a lot of black hair in their groins to match the hair on their head.

Julie put her hand around his cock and started to slide it up and down rapidly, George seemed to be enjoying it because about five minutes later he suddenly shot white stuff out of the end of it. It landed on his tummy and then on her hand, she never stopped playing with it while the stuff was coming out.

George then lent up while she laid on her back opening her legs to give him access to her. He started to rub between her legs, she began making funny noises as two of his fingers disappeared inside of her, I saw an opening appear amongst the hair. She started to raise her hips off the bed to push against his probing fingers. Suddenly, she squealed and bucked her hips high in the air as she appeared to have a spasm attack. It passed and then they started to kiss again.

Getting to his feet he reached inside one of the pockets of his pants, retrieving a little foil packet. Bloody hell, it couldn’t be could it, it was! George tore it open and pulled out the latex sheath inside it. Julie was pulling on his dick trying to make it even harder. He rolled the condom onto his member making sure it felt right before lying down on the bed. Julie straddled him and reached down to hold his covered dick at the entrance to her opening before sinking down onto it.

I moved to get a better look then I heard a very loud metal sound, I had dislodged a stack of tins and now was the time to run for my life. Too scared to look back, I ran home all the way home.

A couple of days later I met George coming out of the local shop, he asked if he could walk home with me. I nodded nervously, fearing he would beat me up. He was great, we stopped and leaned against a couple of trees on the edge of the street and talked. He told me he had seen me running away through the window and wanted to know what I had seen.

I answered his questions and told him I was sorry for spying on them. He wasn’t mad at me at all which was surprising. He asked me to visit them following Sunday, his parents would be gone for the day. I told him I would see then then, I knew mine would be out with Lynne again they were going to a rehearsal for a pantomime she had a part in. I had already begged off.

The week passed by so slowly, even Cheryl coming over to spend time with me in the shed didn’t make it go any quicker. We did kiss a bit and I dared to put my hand on her little bud of a breast. She didn’t know whether she liked that or not at first, but eventually she started to kiss me harder and stopped trying to pull away. Unfortunately, Brian decided to come and see me, or probably his mother had sent him to find her, they left after a little while. Damn! It was just getting interesting.

Finally Sunday came, my parents left and I watched George and Julie’s folks drive by, so I rode to their place.

Knocking on the door of their shed, George opened the door and asked me in. Julie smiled at me saying how nice it was of me to come and see them. I was thinking, this is weird they should be upset with me for looking last week. This was not the case, both of them could see

I was hesitant and tried to put me at ease. I will try and describe what happened in the shed that afternoon, it was to play a pivotal role in my life. I still remember what was said and done to this very day.

“Sit down mate and we will tell you our story of how you came to see what you did last week, don’t worry, you are safe with us,” George said.

“Jimmy looked after us at school protecting us from the bullies, he was a great brother but when he died we really missed him. We found it hard to make friends at school or work, making us retreat into our own little world. Our parents ignored us, they did their own thing and we looked after ourselves.” I could see the underlying anger while he was telling me this. “We became loners apart from you four. Without your friendship, life would be terrible.”

I felt bad about hearing this, I told him. “Our folks don’t like yours and told us not to mix with you.” The four of us feel this is unfair and we like you, especially at the football games, you get right into it. Makes us smile that does, Julie does that that little hop skip and jump when she gets excited while you glare at the umpires.”

Hearing this, Julie got out of her chair and hugged me. I brushed a tear away when she let me go. George went to the old fridge and got us each a drink of coke and we toasted each other.

Looking at me he carried on with their story, “We have the normal urges of teens the whole world over but nobody, except ourselves, so it seemed to be a natural thing for us to experiment with each other. This led to us falling in love, not a brother sister love but a man and woman love.

The first time we did it was two years ago on her 16th birthday, he had just turned 17 a month before. It felt so right, Jimmy before he went back into prison told George all about the bird and bees and for him to look after Julie while he was away. He told us to make sure she went on the Pill, she did, but they still used condoms to make sure there would be no accidents.”

Our drinks finished, they looked at me and he asked, “Would like to watch us do it now you can see it all this week.”

“Of course I do, but why do you want me to watch?”

Julie’s reply stunned me, “It made us really excited when George saw you run off and we realised you had been watching us. We did it three times instead of the normal one or two times we normally manage. You can masturbate if you want.”

I didn’t know what that was so I asked them what it meant.

Again Julie came over to me and reached down to undo the button holding my shorts up. She pushed them and my undies down to my knees, standing up she lifted my tee shirt over my head throwing it onto the spare chair. Leaning down, she took my shoes and socks placing them neatly by the chair. Taking the shorts and undies completely off, they joined the tee shirt. I was naked. Then she took my cock in her hand, it wasn’t hard but started to grow. Holding it firmly, she started to pull on it with gentle strokes until it was a long as it was going to get.

Replacing her hand with mine, she told me all I had to go was to go as fast or slow as I wanted. Eventually I would shoot my goo out the head of it. They wanted to know if I had seen what they did last week. I told them I had seen right up until she sat on his dick, the bloody tins made that racket so I took off running. Laughing she said we will try and make it better for you this week.

With that they both stood up and kissed, he had his arms around her while she had hers holding his neck. That was the start of it, what followed was basically a replay of what I seen before. Meanwhile, I was gently stroking my dick and it felt great.

When she took him inside of her I was close enough to see how it all worked, the way his hard cock spread her hole, remember I didn’t know much about things at all, I suddenly started shooting my stuff everywhere. I tried to point my dick to the floor but I’m sure some landed on them, I was standing very close to the bed. I swear it never bothered them they continue on loving each other until he grunted followed by her squealing as she made that spasm thing again. They broke apart and rolled over to lie on their backs. We cleaned ourselves and the mess we had made.

Grinning at me George said, “Mate, that is what is called fucking, what you did is called masturbating, did you like it?”

“Sure did, sorry a bit went on you.” I replied.

“Don’t worry about it, listen would you grab us all another coke please.”

I bought the drinks to them and they were sitting in one of the chairs with her on his lap.

He started to tell me about the plans they had made for the future, he had six months until he had finished his apprenticeship making him a fully qualified plumber. She would be a hairdresser in two months. Both had been assured they had full time jobs with their current employers so they were going to save as much as they could for the next two years. After that they would move out of here and find their own house. They would live as man and wife.

My question was “What happens if your parents find out before you move?”

“Who cares what they think! They won’t know we will just say we want to be nearer our jobs, they couldn’t give two hoots if we were here or not. We stay right away from them, either in our rooms or out here. We hardly see them let alone talk, the only thing they worry about is getting the board money we have to pay them for staying here.”

I thought to myself, how lucky was I to have my parents? When I get home I will tell them how much I loved them.

Blow me down if they didn’t start to kiss and cuddle again in the chair, their breathing got heavier as their hands got busy again. He was playing with her bubbies and she was stroking him. She nestled her head into his neck as he rubbed them. Making little moaning noises her legs opened, his hand went to her thigh and rubbing it until he was brushing her thick hair. I watched entranced as his fingers started to rub the opening before they disappeared inside of her. My dick got hard again so I wrapped my hand around it.

Julie got up and found his pants and bought back another condom, I later learnt these were often called rubbers or French letters. This time she put it on George’s weapon and then turning to face me she sat down and held it placed as she lowered herself onto it. I could see it going into her now wide open hole (I found out later it was called a pussy, fanny or cunt) the last name was considered to be quite crude.

So there I was, watching as she rode him up and down, her eyes were mere slits, a look of sheer enjoyment on her face. His fingers were pulling her nipples as he plunged into her. She leant back into him and he whispered something to her, she mouthed yes to him before calling for me to come over to them.

Standing in front of her she reached for my dick, rubbing it for me, her hand felt so good on it. She knew how much pressure to apply and when to use long strokes mixed with shorter faster ones. George was still hammering his cock up her while this was going on. Bang, I was there again, I screamed to her I’m going to shoot my stuff. She pointed my now engorged cock towards her boobs while still stroking, I sprayed my stuff over them. I must have pulsed at least four times before it slowed to a trickle.

When I had finished she jumped off George and knelt down in front of him, ripped the condom off and took him into her mouth. He must have been close too because she was only there for a minute when he blew too. She was a Trojan she swallowed all of his goo. I looked at her and was amazed to see how lovely her boobs were covered in my white stuff.

I staggered back to my chair and more or less fell into it. I was wiped out. I think I must have had a little nap because the next thing I knew was George shaking me and offering another coke.

Asking me how I felt, all I could do was give them the biggest smile and my heartfelt thanks. They assured me I was welcome anytime, I was their best friend.

I left about ten minutes later because we weren’t sure of when my parents were due home. Julie gave me a hug then a lovely kiss while George hugged me and shook my hand. What a great day it had been.

Now don’t think I immediately tried to get up to mischief with Cheryl because I didn’t. She was still unsure of anything sexual, I wasn’t even sure her mum had had the talk with her yet. I kept to myself about what I got up to with George and Julie, we all continued to go to the theatre or the football, we enjoyed ourselves.

Life is strange, call it karma but about nine months after that Sunday, George and Julie’s parents were involved in a horrific car accident, both were killed instantly which was a blessing. No drink was involved, just bad weather and the other car travelling too fast. That driver survived for three days before succumbing to his injuries.

George and Julie were left in a great position financially, the parent’s house was paid off and they collected on a healthy life insurance policy. The wish of living as man and wife was realised. At 19 and 18 years of age it was a sobering position to find themselves in.

Cheryl, Brian and I asked our parents could we invite them to our houses because they needed us. Our parents being good people agreed and took on the role of being there for them. Here ends this early part of my life.

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