Leela's Baby

by The Flaming Dodo

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Leela is a young faery that is blissfully unaware of how she got pregnant. Perhaps it was the dark ebony stranger that visited her in the knoll and made her insides so sticky. THIS STORY CONTAINS BIRTHING WHICH IS PRETTY OUT THERE FOR STORIEONLINE, METHINKS.

Leela was exhausted-- but that was nothing new. Her body had become so heavy that even a short flight across Waedyn Pond drained her strength. Every muscle in her tiny 19-year-old faery body burned under the weight of her swollen belly. She perched to catch her breath on a crisp, dead branch of a willow growing from the near center of the pond. She stretched her back and flapped her ruby red wings against the gentle spring breeze. It was a welcomed rest from her a full day’s search for food. The young faery’s appetite had been ravenous as of late, and it was all she could do to keep satiated. As she plopped her naked and fatigued frame on the crisp, dry wood, she clutched the bulge in front of her.

Leela pouted. She wondered why her body swelled so large. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened lately.


Leela wore a sheepish grin as she recalled the day she met him. The brilliant violet hues of the wildflowers bloomed on the knoll she called home. Leela took her time that morning sniffing the sweet petals when his brawny figured descended into view. His bronze, ebony skin seemed to glisten specks of gold in the high noon sun. His dusky brown wings folded neatly behind his broad, rippling shoulders. Leela experienced a tingle in her middle as he gently landed near her. She had seen no one like him. Was he a fae from another tribe? And what in heavens was the thick prod dangling between his legs?

The sight mesmerized her. Leela stood dumbly to meet his approach. She inched closer and soon fell beneath his looming shadow. The young girl smiled cordially. Poor Leela was an orphan and wasn’t afforded many benefits of educated and social graces. She bowed her head toward him. Leela had recalled seeing faeries use it as a greeting. The man gave a slight smile, then returned the gesture.

Leela felt a fire on her cheeks. The pinkish ivory skin on her arms and budding breasts had reddened under the piercing brown eyes of the mysterious figure. Such a strange tingle. She thought. She couldn’t stop smiling. It took all her effort to pull away from his gaze. She could still feel his eyes caressing every curve of her backside. Why is he so interested? She pondered again. Leela soon decided she didn’t care. The sensation was exhilarating.

She flew off, returning to her flower bed on the knoll, her attention caught by shimmering lavender plant peppered with yellow pollen. Her long fingers played up the shaft and came to rest on the soft purple tip. She pressed her thumb against the rough petals. The lavender overshadowed the faery by a few inches--so did every plant save the tiniest wildflowers and seedlings of grass. There were thankfully plenty of young buddings for her to ogle. She dropped to knees and planted her elbows in the moist, dew-soaked dirt to get a closer look at a glossy pink flower that caught her eye.

The brilliantly warm gradient of hot pinks and reds were mesmerizing to Leela. She became lost in the colors that magically blended into each other. Her eyes grew wide under the hypnotic sight. Leela grinned at the sight, an absentminded trance froze on her face. Then again-- that lovely tingle. Albeit delightful, Leela noticed a difference. The warm, fuzziness pulsed from between her legs. It was a tad uncomfortable, but the sensation sent her grin from ear-to-ear. Her long ears picked up heavy breathing. Leela’s vision blurred, and it wasn’t until her eyes refocused moments later before she realized it was her own breathless panting she heard. Her mouth hung open, a steady stream of drool formed and dripped from her pouting lips. Her mind raced-- panic filled her chest as her lungs heaved for air.

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